Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Israelis destroy their own Auschwitz

"Khiam" is the site of the El Khiam concentration camp, a brutal torture facility which Israelis directed under the management of their proxy "South Lebanese Army.” 

It was liberated by Hezbollah after the Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon. Almost all mention of El Khiam's existence, operation and history has been suppressed for years by the US media.

In 2006 the Israelis, obviously fearing that sooner or later the Lebanese would turn El Khiam's house of horror into a holocaust museum documenting Israeli atrocities, have wiped all physical trace of it away. The New York Times published the following notice without comment:

"Israeli jets also raided a detention center in the town of Khiam in south Lebanon today, according to local television. The prison, run by Israel’s Lebanese militia allies during its occupation of south Lebanon earlier, was destroyed.” — NYT, July 20, 2006

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Anonymous said...

A few weeks ago I wondered why all the pro-Israel, anti-revisionist comments have been declining, and now they seem to have ceased altogether.

I guess pictures do, as WW II taught us, work wonders in creating opinions on events.