Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Thursday, December 28, 2023

The First Edition of The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome

 Antiquarian and Rare Books

Collectors and Investors take note of this opportunity

For Sale: 

The magnificent First Edition of 
Michael Hoffman's

The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome

Your choice:

Sealed in the printer's original shrink-wrap

Just a few copies left of the first edition of 3,000, printed in 2017, very few of which were autographed; perhaps no more than 50. This is a rare book.

 The first edition is the only printing of this volume with the magnificent gloss plates, defined as: 

"Book plates are...illustrations, pictures, or photographs that are printed separately from the text of the book, but they are bound in during production. Platings add color, texture, and value to books, and they are often gorgeous and riveting. For certain titles, plates are only included in first editions or deluxe editions..." [Source: Biblio.com]

The "plates" (illustrations) in the first edition were beautifully printed on heavy gloss paper by one of America's premier academic printers.

The 42 illustrations in The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome are particularly important because they are integral to the author's thesis with regard to occult extremism under religious auspices. These are best viewed and examined on gloss paper with a color process which renders both the black and white and the color illustrations in a manner that more closely approximates how they appear in actuality, with many details sharply highlighted.

Here below are samples of both the color and the black and white "plates." Keep in mind that their reproduction on this blog do not do them justice. They are much sharper in the book itself and are reproduced here only to give you an idea of the first edition's  photographic treasures.

New, mint condition
Softcover. 723 pages. 6 inches by 9 inches. 2 lbs. 
(All weights and dimensions are approximate).

Table of contents: More Catholic than the Pope; Neoplatonic Hermeticism; The Serpent in the Garden of the Quattrocento; The Priest and the Platonists; Pope Alexander’s Wizard; Bonfire of the Verities; The Sorcerer Abbott; Reuchlin’s Revolution; Renaissance High Art: An Initiation; The Grand Egyptian Lodge of Vatican City; The Cabal’s Co-conspirators; The Moral Theology of Mental Reservation and Equivocation in the Church of Rome; Ecclesiastical Sodomy and its Root; The Hermetic Prince of the Second Vatican Council; Neoplatonic-Hermetic Kabbalism in the Modern Era; The Breeders of Money Gain Dominion over the Church of Rome; A Prophecy Fulfilled; An Occult Miscellany; The Influence of Neoplatonic Thought on Freemasonry.

A sampling of sections: The Protestant Isis and the Papal Isis; Advancing Satan’s kingdom with a wink and a nod; Vatican Council I—Pastor aeternus; Popes on Papal authority; When white is not white and black is not black according to the Jesuits; Revolutionary overthrow by pastoral means; Plato Hermeticised; The Magi: A Cautionary Tale; The Inquisition in Legend and Reality; Judaizing: Distinctions and Definitions; Origins of the Illuminati. The Pyramid and Obelisk Men; Michelangelo’s Conspiracy; Pornographic secrets of the Sistine Chapel; Ritual Murder at Bernini’s colonnade; Talmudic oath-breaking: a pattern for the Church of Rome; The Patron Saint of Liars and Thieves; Secret Approval for Contraception. The Cremona Conspiracy; Child oblation; Sodomy and the Natural Law; Scripture twisting; Occult reincarnation; Reuchlin’s papist denial of the Judaic curse on Christians; Henri de Lubac’s Renaissance-Kabbalist magus; The Hermetic “Traditional Catholic” movement; Tridentine Judaism; Contra the Money Power in the Arena Chapel; The Ten Lost Sermons of St. Anthony of Padua; The Scrovegni Penance; Brother Brandano’s Prophecy; Kabbalism in a Catholic Bible; Pa-pa Francis and his parrot familiar; and much more.

For price and ordering details please see here

Questions about the book itself? E-mail: rarebooks14ATmac.com (substitute @ for AT in the preceding address). Please read the descriptive text above and view all the photos before asking a question. Thank you.


Sunday, December 17, 2023

1599 Geneva Bible

Antiquarian and Rare Books

For Sale: 

1599 Geneva Bible

This is an original "1599 imprinted at London by the deputies of Christopher Barker” Geneva Bible. In spite of the preceding printer’s statement on the title page - and this is where it gets interesting - this Geneva Bible was actually printed in Amsterdam (in English, of course) around the year 1633, probably by J.F. Stam (John Fredericksz Stam) and Thomas Craffurt (a.ka. “Crafoorth”; 473 in Herbert*). 

This is one of the “Puritanical printings” without the Apocrypha. Some of the so-called “Puritanical printings” of the Geneva Bible (for Puritans in the low countries), began to omit the Apocrypha, while other editions retained them. The Geneva Bibles were printed without the Apocrypha in a covert arrangement with the partners and heirs (“deputies”) of Christopher Barker, who died in 1599.

It is a singular fact of the bibliographic record that Geneva Bibles published in the region of the Netherlands in the 17th century, bore the date “1599” and gave the place of publication as “London.” These printings are what the uninitiated term “black market editions” (unless the edition is a Herbert 247, one of the very few "Imprinted at London...1599" that actually were published in that time and place).

1599 is the year that “pirated” Bibles attributed to Christopher Barker's deputies in London, were first printed in Amsterdam for expatriate Puritans. The 1599 date would be affixed to Geneva Bibles published in Amsterdam as late as the 1640s.

I have qualified the terms “black market” and “pirated” in the preceding references to this traffic, because in my opinion this was officially sponsored pseudo-piracy; likely a false flag operation made possible by the pact between Dutch printers and the Crown's royal printing company in London (“the deputies of Christopher Barker”), whose mission it was to keep the fact of royal sponsorship of a Bible suddenly appearing without fourteen of its books (Apocrypha), unknown to the world at large. The title page reads: “Imprinted at London by the Deputies of Christopher Barker, 1599.” In fact, it was not, as noted above.

Dodd's Own Bible?

Rarity: Besides its age, the provenance of this Bible makes it rare, as does the fact that may have been owned by William Dodd. The first page of the Bible is signed: Rev'd. Dr. Dodd

Click on the photograph to enlarge it

Our search of 18th century British biography revealed only one cleric by that name. Here is his biography:

On June 27, 1777, the Reverend William Dodd (born 1729), “the Macaroni Parson,” Master of Arts and Doctor of Laws in the University of Cambridge; first Grand Chaplain of Modern English Freemasonry and sometime chaplain to King George III; Chaplain of Magdalen House, a “Public Place of Reception for Penitent Prostitutes”; proprietor of the Charlotte Street Chapel, and a principal sponsor of such other charities as the Society for the Release of Debtor, was hanged at Tyburn for forging the signature of his patron and former pupil, Philip Stanhope, fifth earl of Chesterfield, on a bond for £4,200. 

The hanging of Dr. Dodd

Dodd's trial, condemnation, and execution occurred despite massive efforts to procure a mitigation of the law's severity led by his friend, the literary giant Samuel Johnson. 

Dodd was the author of The Beauties of Shakespeare (1752). "This was the first and probably most influential of all Shakespearian anthologies, Lamb's Tales included. In its numerous subsequent editions, deluxe...and otherwise, it quickly became and remained a best-seller on both sides of the Atlantic...its conveniently arranged passages, arranged under such archetypes as "Hope," "Repentance," "Honor more Dear than Life," or "Punctuality in Bargains," probably did more than any other single agent to establish the actual parameters of the conventional Shakespearian canon and make it 'part of an Englishman's constitution.'

"Dodd indeed moved in Wilkite circles, and like (the radical) John Wilkes, he was drawn to Freemasonry, of which he became an enthusiastic advocate. Just over a year before his execution, and shortly before his troubles began, he had preached as Grand Chaplain of the Lodge of All England at the inauguration of the new Freemason's Hall in Long Acre, which was dedicated on May 23, 1776, with musical solemnities and oratorical pageantry on a scale which foreshadowed the great Handel commemoration of 1784 in Westminster Abbey.

"Dodd was a masonic enthusiast and publicist who occupied a position of Grand rank explicitly created to mark the dedication of the order's first permanent headquarters....Besides the simple fact that Dodd and Freemasonry seemed so made for each other that they were bound to rise or fall together, however, there were other circumstances which complicated the link between their fortunes... 

"Dodd's execution was widely regarded, not as the condign exemplary punishment of a scoundrel but as the unmerited suffering of a victim more sinned against than sinning who had been heartlessly sacrificed to the letter, not the spirit, of the law after a trial which turned on a confession obtained by trickery and on evidence obtained by highly improper means.

"In severe financial difficulty after years of raising cash on annuities, Dodd had induced Lewis Robertson, a broker, to procure funds on Chesterfield's purported bond by posing as the earl’s confidential agent. Robertson had negotiated with a Mr. Fletcher in the bank of Sir Charles Raymond. Fletcher and another partner signed on behalf of the bank. Robertson had doubts. Anxious not to lose his commission, however, he eventually countersigned when Dodd hinted that further enquiry would offend the earl and end the transaction. A blot on the bond, however, caused Fletcher's solicitor Manly, to get it re-executed by the earl. This gave the game away. 

Rev. Dr. William Dodd, chaplain to King George III

"Confronted by Manly, Dodd confessed, protesting that he had always intended to repay as soon as his temporary difficulties were over and before the earl even knew. He denied any intention to defraud, declared Robertson's innocence, repaid most of the bond at once gave security for the balance. He passed up an opportunity to burn the evidence when Manly left him alone with it. Assured that the matter would be laid to rest, he also let Manly leave his house with the incriminating paper still intact

"The following day, Manly swore an information for forgery before Sir Thomas Hallifax, the Lord Mayor and a prominent anti-Wilkite. Robertson was also charged as accomplice. To begin with, Chesterfield was reluctant to prosecute but he bowed to the arguments of Hallifax and Manly, who was anxious that his own client, Fletcher, should not bear the cost alone. A joint prosecution by Chesterfield and Fletcher was therefore entered. Neither showed much enthusiasm, however, and though newspaper speculation pointed to Sir Charles Raymond as the real driving force behind the case, it seemed unlikely that it would ever come to trial.

"Previous forgery trials had indicated considerable public sympathy for defendants in such cases. Moreover the crucial prosecution witness, Robertson, could not give evidence since he had also been arrested and charged. The defense argument—that there had been no malicious intent, that the money had been returned and securities given, and that the bond, now legally "blank," was being improperly held, either by Hallifax or by Manly, seemed strong enough to persuade the Middlesex Grand Jury to dismiss the charge.

"All this was changed, however, by Manly, who improperly secured Robertson's release by means of a falsely procured pass, thereby enabling him to testify against Dodd before the Grand Jury and giving him little choice but to do so in order to clear his own name. Without actually doing anything himself, in fact, Robertson had "been turned" king's evidence, not by any court, but by a trick played on an unsuspecting jailer by the prosecution's solicitor. Dodd was committed, and the critical question of the admissability of Robertson's evidence was left to be determined at the trial itself.

"To most lay opinion it still seemed that natural justice was entirely on Dodd's side. He had meant no harm, only to "borrow" the money for a short time. He had confessed, had redeemed the bond at once, and had not destroyed it when an opportunity to do so presented itself, only to be thrown off his guard by the assurances of designing men. Robertson's evidence had been illegally obtained; previous cases had been thrown out for less, and rumors were now beginning to circulate about Robertson's complicity in a deep conspiracy with Fletcher and his fellow bankers to frame both Chesterfield and his tutor.

"...On the ground that whatever they had done about Robertson, the Grand Jury had found a true bill against Dodd, the trial proceeded... Dodd had acted according to the manners of the time, whose he came to epitomize. This was particularly so with regard to the use and abuse of credit....Not only was Dodd a debtor himself; more important, he was conspicuously interested in the general problem. He preached on it in his own chapels in Pimlico and Bloomsbury; he supported the Thatched House Society, the principal existing debtors' charity; in 1772, he founded his own Society for the Relief and Discharge of Persons Imprisoned for Small Debts. He even tried to float a scheme for "the Loan of Money without Interest to Industrious Tradesmen.'...his own relief organization, which later became the Discharged Prisoners' Aid Society, freed over 3,200 victims during its first five years.

"...In some respects, the image of Dodd, benevolent, all too human, and martyred by the rigor of the law and the manners of the age, coincided with this. True, he had, in a moment of weakness and need, misappropriated the name of his patron. But if a noble name still carried with it some residual expectations of Good Lordship toward those who wore its livery, it might be plausibly argued borrowing was a venial breach of etiquette, not a premeditated crime, especially if noble patrons expected their inferiors to go on writing off their own notorious reluctance to pay their bills as a business. Besides, the merits of such a good and useful man should have been properly recognized and rewarded long before to such extremities."

Source: John Money, "The Masonic Moment; Or, Ritual, Replica, and Credit: John Wilkes, the Macaroni Parson, and the Making of the Middle-Class Mind" in Journal of British Studies 32 (October 1993): pp. 358-395.

If we knew for a fact that this was the personal Bible of William Dodd and autographed by him we would be asking ten times the price we are asking now. However, without a handwriting expert to verify the signature, William Dodd's ownership and autograph remain unverified. Let the buyer beware: we make no claim that this was his Bible, or is that it bears his autograph.

This rare, approximately 380-year-old Geneva Bible is in good condition for its age. All pages are present though there are some defects (see photos below).  It was rebound in leather at some point, my guess is in the 18th or early 19th century. There is quill-pen handwriting on blank endpages front and back, including the aforementioned Dodd signature (which appears to be in a different hand from the one that listed the registry of births in the back of the Bible)  None of this handwriting appears on any page of the Bible text itself which we checked (we did turn over every leaf). Some of the margin notes along the edge of some pages were trimmed off during the rebinding. There is also a small hole about one inch in diameter on one page. 

7 inches by 9 inches. 2 lbs. 11 ozs. (All weights and dimensions are approximate).

For price and ordering details please see here

Questions? E-mail: rarebooks14ATmac.com (substitute @ for AT in the preceding address). Please read the descriptive text above and view all the photos before asking a question. Thank you.

*Historical Catalogue of Principal Editions of The English Bible, 1525-1961 by A.S. Herbert (New York, 1968). This is the standard reference work.

Click on the photos to enlarge them. Please take the time to examine each carefully. 

Leather front cover

Leather back cover

Text block


Closeup of the tear on the leather of the front cover

Dodd inscription first page

Dodd signature close-up

IMPORTANT NOTE: Title page [above] -- this page photographed black on white on our cell phone camera, but it is actually age-tanned as are all the pages of this Bible. They all exhibit yellowing/browning from age, as seen in the next two photos, even when the photos look black and white.

This handwriting on the back page appears to be different from the hand-writing at the front of the Bible where "Rev. Dr. Dodd" is signed. The hand-writing on the page above appears to be from the 19th century.

This is the last page. If you click on the photo to enlarge it you can see where the text is starting to separate from the spine. All of the pages of this Bible remain bound to the spine but in cases like this one the fragile state of the binding is evident.

Many pages are dog-eared as shown in this photo above (what appears to be possible fire-damage is not -- the darkened area is darkened only from age and use).

This torn page is the only one we found. (We did not search every page of this Bible).

This partially missing page is the only one we found. (We did not search every page of this Bible).

Thursday, December 07, 2023

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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Churchianity’s Support for Israeli Genocide

 Churchianity’s Support for Israeli Genocide and “Cheers for the Talmud”

Analyzing Influential Conservative Pastor Douglas Wilson's new book, American Milk and Honey: Antisemitism, the Promise of Deuteronomy, and the True Israel of God


Excerpt (click to enlarge):

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Wednesday, November 22, 2023

King-Kill/33º: Symbolism, Psychological Warfare and Revelations in the John F. Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy


Symbolism, Psychological Warfare and Revelations in the John F. Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy



By Michael Hoffman 


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Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Ezra Pound: Poet and Reformer

Here's the link to Michael Hoffman's study on Substack: 

 Ezra Pound: Poet and Reformer 

A New History of his Life, Work, Persecution and Imprisonment

Note: Some of Substack's rivals on social media "shadowban" or otherwise reduce the audience for communications that contain Substack links, hence the need to refer people from social media to this blog in order to obtain the link. We wish it were otherwise. 

In the aftermath of his arrest over his broadcasts in Italy, Ezra Pound wrote in his Canto LXXIV, "Free speech without free radio speech is as zero." In 2023 we declare, in the same spirit, "Free speech without free Internet speech is as zero."

While you're here, you're invited to explore the hundreds of free articles, essays and reports in this "On the Contrary" blog, which are made possible by donations from Truth seekers who support our educational mission.

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Wednesday, November 08, 2023

The Theology of Israeli War Crimes

 The Theology of Israeli War Crimes

 Listen here:  



In this podcast Michael Hoffman, author of the banned textbook Judaism Discovered (1,102 pages), studies hate speech in the Talmud and derivative halachic texts, and their real world consequences for Arab civilians in Lebanon and Palestine. Hoffman’s empirical evidence is conveyed with compassion and charity for both Jews and gentiles. 

Hate speech in the Talmud is not a “canard” or an “anti-Semitic trope.” To achieve peace and justice all hate speech must be repudiated, not just certain politicized categories. To safeguard civilians in occupied Palestine and the Middle East, and for the advancement of human rights and knowledge in defiance of cancel culture, the influence and impact of Talmudic theology on the Israeli government, military and the settlers must become known and challenged by all people of good will. In studying Israeli violence, confining the analysis mainly to “settler-colonialism” seriously limits authentic understanding of the roots of the racist, ethno-supremacist forces at work.

It is 110 minutes in length which many people with attention spans damaged by frequent viewing of high speed video imagery, will find difficult to sustain, in which case those folks should listen in 15 or 20 minute segments, or whatever their powers of concentration can sustain.

The first part consists of a lapidary deconstruction of the claims of Talmudism to being Biblical. Fom there Michael proceeds to debunk the most popular, media-disseminated myths about Talmudism. Part two is a study of the connection between the Talmud of Babylon (and its sacred successor texts), and the real world harm to Palestinian civilians we are witnessing now. American “Conservatives" will have none of this because they have turned a blind eye toward the reality of hate speech in the Talmud and its malicious influence on the Israelis, while Leftists, as noted, tend to confine themselves to an analysis of Israeli war crimes almost exclusively in connection with “settler colonialism.” In both cases the Talmud is the missing key to understanding.

We hope you will not only listen to the podcast  in its entirety — a study based on decades of research —  but also help to publicize it as far as you can.

Mr. Hoffman’s work is made possible by the grace of God and the sale of his books, newsletters and recordings, as well as donations from truth-seekers.

The research is hate-free and offers charity and compassion toward Jews and gentiles alike. The advancement of knowledge is not "anti" anyone. Free speech campaigners should note that Michael's books on this subject are banned:


The unfortunate truth about hate speech in the Talmud, which the gatekeepers have concealed, is needed more than ever in the struggle contra Zionist racism and bigotry. Study and disseminate the suppressed scholarship in this podcast.

This is the information desperately needed to obtain a breakthrough in educating for peace between all people of good will, and preventing more massacres of the Palestinian.

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Thursday, October 19, 2023

The Disaster of Israeli Zionism

The Disaster of Israeli Zionism 

The Cryptocracy’s Covert Stratagem for the Destruction of the Jewish People 

The Secret Iniquity of Aryan Occultism



...From Tokyo to Dresden, from Beirut ‘82 to Gaza ’09 and ‘14, Allied and Israeli war crimes have been consigned to the lowest region of the Memory Hole. For the denizens of the United States of Amnesia, for whom recalling the identity of who’s buried in Grant’s Tomb is a tall order, mass murder committed by “The Allies,” doesn’t register. Arab terrorists — now there’s a meme they can wrap their heads around.

It may be necessary to think of revisionist history as an antidote to the coercive artifice of our media-saturated universe, wherein Andrew Roberts, Churchill’s hagiographer, along with the sad wreck of a man by the name of General David Petraeus, late of Afghanistan, the CIA and his mistress’s boudoir—to whom he surrendered the top secrets of the US government in exchange for her charms—condescend to explain to the rubes the extraordinary nobility of the Israeli military

In the Wall Street Journal of October 14 (p. C4), in the midst of the Israeli slaughter of hundreds of children in Gaza and the deliberate bombing of hospitals and apartment blocks, these macabre comedians wrote:

“Sending ground forces into Gaza…as Israel has every right to do, will inevitably result in substantial Palestinian civilian casualties…But however enormous the challenge, Israel must maintain its long-standing commitment to its ethical code of the ‘purity of arms’…

“Moreover, as major urban combat operations begin, the residents of Gaza—and the West Bank too—need and deserve a way forward. They must be told not only what Israel’s military objectives are but what sort of future they and their children can expect after the war. As the U.S. was reminded in the wake of capturing Baghdad and toppling the regime of Saddam Hussein, considerable thought and planning need to be devoted to the post-conflict phase…”

Israelis have “every right” to kill Palestinian civilians, and after they “inevitably” do so as a result of their “purity of arms,” the good-hearted Petraeus and Roberts solicit concern for the future of the survivors of the massacre.  They conclude their clueless “expert viewpoint” by citing Mr. Bush’s Iraq war as a model of how the Israelis should comport themselves, given that “considerable thought and planning” was “devoted to the post-conflict phase of the “capture” of the city of Baghdad.

Our most sardonic grin is reserved for their allusion to the Israeli military’s “purity of arms,” This is Orwellian hype from the Ministry of Truth in Jerusalem, fed like pabulum to doofuses in the media, along with that other tissue of absurdity, the Israeli killers in uniform hailed as “the most moral army in the world.” Is there anyone above the age of five who believes this? Yes, kindergarten is still in session in the U.S., where deceit is laughably diaphanous…

Read more at:


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