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Friday, April 03, 2020

Trump and the Media Collude to Destroy American Liberty

Trump and the Media Collude to 
Destroy American Liberty Using Coronavirus as their Pretext

By Chuck Baldwin

Editor’s Note: This is an excerpt from Rev. Dr. Baldwin’s April 2 essay.

...Due to their complete collapse into a state of fear and panic, most Americans seem oblivious to the fact that we are right now—RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE—living in what could easily be the last days of freedom. It happened in less than 30 days—and it is happening due to mass hyperbole and media manipulation. 

No, I am not saying that the coronavirus is not real. Neither am I saying that people have not died from the virus. But I am saying that the fear-mongering over the claim that corona has the potential to be a global pandemic akin to the Black Death is pure, unadulterated  poppycock. 

In this analytical report by John Rappoport he uses quotes from official sources about their own diagnostic tests to prove that the entire coronavirus scare is an “illusion” produced by “fake science.”
Rappoport shows: 

*A positive test doesn’t guarantee that the COVID virus is causing infection at all. 
*Some PCR tests register positive for types of coronavirus that have nothing to do with COVID—including plain old coronas that cause nothing more than a cold. 
*The idea of “asymptomatic patients” confirmed by the test is nonsense. And even though a positive test for COVID may not indicate the actual cause of disease, all positive tests must be reported—and they will be counted as “COVID cases.” Regardless. 
*All positive tests must be reported to government agencies, and they are counted as COVID cases. 

Let this sink in: The corona cold virus has been with us for almost forever. If we ever had the corona cold virus in our past, a PCR test could show us as being corona “positive.” And if a person dies from almost any cause—short of a car wreck or bullet wound—a postmortem test that reflects a positive reading for corona would require (by the demands of government) that the deceased be listed as having died FROM corona. But in many cases (if not most cases), the deceased died WITH corona but not FROM corona. 

In other words, these tests and statistics surrounding the coronavirus are wildly speculative and exaggerated. But they succeed in keeping the public in a state of fear and panic.  By the way, did you know that more people in Tennessee committed suicide than died from corona last week?  

Make no mistake about it: This is a planned event. The globalists—that the entire evangelical Christian and conservative Republican world kept telling us for the last three years that Donald Trump had on the run—are actually stronger than ever and have chosen this White House and this moment to launch an all-out attack against our Constitution, Bill of Rights and the Laws of Nature.  

No! Donald Trump was not a man of the people to take down the Deep State; he was always a puppet of the Deep State to take down the rights and freedoms of The People. State governors (Republican and Democrat) are taking their Police State cues from the White House, because they know that as long as Trump endorses the plan, Christians and conservatives will sheepishly go along. I’m telling you straight out: This all-out assault against our freedoms would not and could not be happening if a Democrat was in the White House. 

I’ve said it a hundred times: America loses far more freedoms when a Republican is in the White House than when a Democrat is in the White House. We lost far more liberties under G.W. Bush than we did under Bill Clinton, and we have lost far more freedoms under Donald Trump than we did under Barack Obama. And right now it looks like the loss of EVERYTHING we hold dear as a nation will occur under the Republican President Donald Trump.

This is not because Republican presidents are worse than Democrat presidents. It’s because both Republican and Democrat presidents are controlled by the same people, and when Republicans are in office, the real source of resistance—born-again Christians, “patriots” and conservatives within the GOP—becomes sheepish slaves of the Republican president and offers ZERO resistance. No! It’s more than that: They provide enthusiastic support for the Republican president—no matter how draconian his actions prove to be. 

In the past 30 days, Americans have lost—or should I say have willingly surrendered: 
*The free exercise of religion 
*The freedom to peaceably assemble 
*The freedom to travel 
*The freedom to work 
*The freedom to obtain a firearm (if you live in Washington State, New Jersey, New Orleans and other places) 
*The right of autonomy over one’s own property 
*The right of autonomy over one’s own money (try to withdraw a large sum of money right now and see what happens) 
*The right to buy and sell 

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. A county in Indiana recently declared books (which includes the Bible) to be “non-essential” goods and outlawed their sale. Checkpoints are going up. National Guard troops are checking temperatures at airports. Local governments are setting up networks for citizens to rat out each other. Medical care is being rationed. The list is endless.  

...It was only a few months ago when Christians and conservatives would often use this quote from Benjamin Franklin: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Hardly any of them are using that quote today. Instead, they are expressing enthusiastic endorsement for the assaults against their liberties—in the name of SAFETY from corona. 

More than that: They are frothing venom and hatred against anyone who dares to stand up for our constitutional liberties. These conveniently confused Christians and conservatives are regurgitating the very words and ideas that the Tories expressed toward our American patriot forebears. 

Recall that in the 18th century the great pastor who was champion of American liberty, the Rev. James Caldwell of New Jersey, was assassinated by a fellow American loyal to the tyrannous British Crown. Today we have modern Tories loyal to Trump and the mainstream media who would be happy to do the same thing to those preachers standing for freedom right now. I know, because I receive and hear their hate-filled threats almost daily. 

Do you not find it interesting that the same Trump-worshipping Christians and conservatives who for the last three years kept telling us that the mainstream media (MSM) was “fake news” are now aggressively attacking anyone who doesn’t buy what the MSM is saying about the coronavirus? Talk about blatant two-facedness!  

We are in the beginning of a war against our liberties that will not subside until the American people decide, AGAIN, that essential liberty is more valuable than temporary safety. As loudly as I know how to say it: FREEDOM IS NOT A NON-ESSENTIAL. 

 From The Ron Paul Institute For Peace And Prosperity website, Justin Pavoni writes, There have been 23,000 US deaths so far this year due to flu, 3,000 from coronavirus. Worldwide stats are roughly in parallel. Legitimate population samples and common sense show that the virus has infected way more people than reported by the immoral news organizations that make money off this hysteria. It is highly likely that REAL death rates are closer to .05 percent rather than the oft-emphasized 3 percent

Social Distancing makes people distrust one another. People that are afraid of each other are easier to control.  (As Dr. Frank Ulrich Montgomery noted, lockdowns and quarantines in Italy did NOT slow down the spread of the virus but actually caused it to spread much faster). I have already seen certain local governments posting websites for all of us to tell on each other for congregating in groups. 

My wife has had skeptical posts removed from Facebook. Sounds a lot like the secret police to me. Will they soon be forcibly vaccinating my whole family even though there’s a huge chance I’m naturally immune to this virus already? What if I don’t want the vaccine? What if I would rather develop a natural immunity? Am I going to be targeted (modern day witch hunt) as a bio-terrorist germ spreader if I want to contract the cold and let my body beat it on its own? 

Of course, since vaccines have all kinds of toxins in them and since they’ll also get rushed to market in the hysteria, there’s a huge likelihood making me take the vaccine would do more harm than good. Is anyone going to be held responsible for that if it were to happen? 

The First Amendment to the Constitution is supposed to guarantee the right of Americans to peacefully assemble with their fellow man. THAT IS, TO PEACEFULLY PROTEST AS A GROUP. What happens when I get together with > 10 people to protest this insane coronavirus lockdown that does nothing to stop the spread of a disease the government is likely 6 months behind?

 I would probably spend 6 months in jail and everyone would tell me I’m trying to kill their grandparents. INSANE! There is no provision in the Constitution that allows for this fundamental human right to assemble to be ignored during the coronavirus or at any other time

The government has no money. It has to steal everything it gets and since it’s in the red, it has to print the $2 trillion {actually $6 trillion} out of thin air. The one honest guy in the House of Representatives, Thomas Massie (R-KY), called this a huge wealth transfer from the masses to the rich with $1200 as the cheese in the trap. He is exactly right.  

I urge everyone to call Rep. Massie and encourage this courageous congressman. Almost everyone in Washington, D.C.—including Donald Trump—is excoriating this good man for his principled stand on the Constitution. Trump is calling for Massie’s expulsion from the Republican Party, and wealthy Zionists are heeding Trump’s call and are amassing money and personal opposition to Massie’s re-election

 Now they’re printing up more money to buy all the big companies. So soon the Fed will own all the businesses because who can compete with a printing press. Who needs a communist revolution when you have central banking? 

Welcome to 1984 in the central banking states of America. 

What’s going to happen during the next 30 days? An Internet shut down? Cash made illegal? Jail for people who question the media/government spin on the virus? What comes after that? Elections cancelled? Military courts taking over civil courts? An oligarchic politburo installed? 

 I was talking about the elitists’ plans for an unelected, oligarchic takeover of America via a Continuity of Government (COG) blueprint on my national radio talk show back in the 1990s. 

Even the CBS TV show Jericho (2006 - 2008) highlighted the existence of a Continuity of Government blueprint in its dramatic depiction of a conspiracy between giant corporations and government to destroy America’s constitutional liberties.  Even as we write these words, the U.S. military is prepared to implement COG Martial Law in America due to the coronavirus

He also said that a “national tracking system” is on its way for Americans. He said that “technology is nothing more than an upgrade on traditional cattle branding.” 

Obviously, Gates believes we humans are cattle—to be branded with HIS mark.  “It could never happen in America,” you say? 
A month ago, I seem to remember people saying that same thing about what is happening RIGHT NOW

Copyright ©2020 Chuck Baldwin 


Interview with Republican Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky:


Friday, March 27, 2020

Murder Most Foul: Bob Dylan conjures the ghost of JFK "33 times"

Murder Most Foul 
Bob Dylan conjures the ghost of JFK, "33 times

Dear Michael

Bob Dylan is in the news today with a newly released, seventeen-minute song about the JFK assassination, “Murder Most Foul."  After listening to it, it seems like he may have very well read "King-Kill 33.  

Curious that it is released during this time, though, when the psychic pressure cooker has been turned up.  

There are strange elements of twilight language surrounding the current Coronavirus outbreak.  

There have been claims that the fourth century saint, St. Corona, is a patron saint of plagues and that her relics are in a church in the north of Italy.  This story, however, doesn't seem supported by what one finds in the lives of the saints.  I couldn't find any mention of her being a patron for plagues.  And, there is some disagreement over whether she is actually buried in a church in the north of Italy.  

Additionally, this pandemic began garnering attention around the time of the Chinese New Year, which happens to be the Year of the Rat.  The subtext here, so it seems, would be the connotation of rats with the plague and, perhaps reaching a bit, the yellow flag hoisted as a universal sign for contagion on ships or in camps.  The color yellow also suggests the verse  in Revelation, "Behold a pale horse" and the release of a plague.  The virus emerges out of "the land of the Yellow Man" during the "Year of the Rat," bearing a name that, for some reason, has been associated with a St. Corona that, in reality, is not the patron of plagues and is not likely buried in Northern Italy   though both are claimed to be true.  We then have a surprise release of this song by Dylan that any reader of "King-Kill" will immediately recognize as full of twilight language?   Bizarre -- 

Best Regards, 

Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair

Dear Tim

Thank you for your thought-provoking analysis.

Dylan chose as the title of his JFK assassination ditty a line from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, “Murder most foul” (1.5:26), but the manifest parallels are with Macbeth (personified as Lyndon Baines Johnson in Macbird in the 1960s), wherein three bearded females pronounce a heads-is-tails reversal, “Fair is foul and foul is fair” (1.1:11). 

Another suitable title  also emanates from these “weird sisters”— “When the hurly burly’s done; when the battle’s lost and one.” This  refers to murder, and the energetic memories and investigations that so often follow in the wake of the crime, only to eventually fade. Then, in the burned out aftermath, it doesn’t signify that a CIA conspiracy killed President Kennedy, or that a “weapons of mass destruction” deception was mounted by President George W. Bush as a pretext for invading Iraq. When the smoke clears and "the hurly burly’s done and the battle is lost and won,” the perpetrators have committed a crime for which they are not punished. 

(In the case of Macbeth, this is true in the aftermath of his assassination of Duncan, King of Scotland, but not in the wake of his eventual murder of Banquo).

Here below is the section of Dylan’s lyrics that begin to approach a hint of King-Kill/33:

i'm never gonna make it to the new frontier 
zapruder's film i seen the night before 
seen it 33 times, maybe more 
it's vile and deceitful, it's cruel and it's mean 
ugliest thing that you ever have seen 
they killed him once and they killed him twice 
killed him like a human sacrifice

Leave it to Bob Dylan to taunt his public with this stuff, like a pre-pubescent ck tease, rather than give the public a straight decode.

He knows his fans will pour over every word of his new “cryptic” song, and his star will ascend again, temporarily, in the midst of his mystifying doggerel and these “plague" times.

Marilyn Manson, who has cultivated transgender/androgyne imagery and symbolism, has actually been more manly in disclosing, or at least insinuating, some of the truth in his"King-Kill/33" song of some years ago, while Dylan, who projects a mostly masculine Cagliostro persona, is a depleted wizard, exploiting President Kennedy’s death for the sake of generating headlines for his fading brand. 

If Dylan had written, “killed him like Downard said, a human sacrifice…” then we’d be getting somewhere. 

Then Dylan would actually be naming the person he alludes to as "the man with a telepathic mind…" 

Nosferatus like Dylan drain us; compounding our collective anemia. It’s part of America’s celebrity sideshow. Nothing is real unless a “star” endorses or confims it. Maybe by 2030 Bobby will get around to dropping a few more hints into the open mouths of his slavering lap dogs. Cant wait. Meanwhile, letbuy more from his streaming song catalog.

In the last two weeks we’ve watched “The People,” i.e. the post-modernist, virtual-reality immersed, “tech-savy futurists,” behave like sheeple always have throughout low tech “Dark Ages” of yesteryear, in this case swallowing the corrupt media’s Coroniavirus panic. Westerners are more passive and obtuse than ever, even as they imagine themselves to be “gods.” Perhaps it's all that time they spend staring at screens.

There is no major “celebrity,” or statesman or legacy media journalist with the testicular fortitude to go public and fully narrate James Shelby Downard’s decrypting of the Killing of the King, in the lodge that was Dealey Plaza, in masonic Texas, close to the Triple Underpass and the 33rd degree line of north parallel latitude, which runs straight to the Trinity Site on Mr. Downard’s subterranean map of the American psyche. 

The civic magic Artaud foretold has, since 2001, emerged largely undisguised, but we tell ourselves we cannot confirm its reality or act on it unless we see it reflected back to us in the media mirror. 

When someone builds his own jailhouse and imprisons himself within it, are his cries for help anything more than the plea of a masochist for further abuse?

Michael Hoffman

A pdf. file of King-Kill/33 (89 pages) by James Shelby Downward and Michael Hoffman is available by e-mail for $10.00. Send your name and e-mail address and we will e-mail you an invoice payable by credit card. After your payment has been processed at our secure online store, the pdf. will be e-mailed to you. E-mail: hoffmanATrevisionisthistory.org 
(Substitute @ for AT in the preceding address)

Hoffman is the author of Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, and its sequel, "Twilight Language," which will be published January 1, 2021.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

The Nazis and Abortion: What are the Facts?

The Nazis and Abortion
What are the Documented Facts?

By Michael Hoffman
Copyright ©2020 by RevisionistHistory.org

On St. Joseph’s Day (March 19), 2020 we wrote 1. A brief comment in our “Hoffman Wire column on the Coronavirus (below), for which we received 2. A rebuke from a reader (also reproduced below), which resulted in 3. The following excursus on abortion law and practice under the Nazis.

1.  Why is Coronavirus panic and disruption happening? 

According to the Guttmacher Institute, in 2017 alone, 862,320 unborn girls and boys were killed in the USA by abortion. That’s 2,363 murders per day. The shedding of this innocent blood is a curse on America. Jesus said, “Whatever you do to these, the least of my brethren, you do to Me.” (Matthew 25:40). 
Heedless utopians have imagined that America’s wealth and technology would shield it from the consequences of the mass murder of the most helpless and voiceless human beings, whose humanity is denied by neo-Nazi radical feminists and their enablers, just as Rabbi Moses Maimonides in his Guide of the Perplexed, denied the humanity of black people. 
According to the infernal praxis of dehumanization, America can slaughter thousands of children — “useless blobs,” every day— business as usual — and life will still be resplendent for the perpetrators and their tens of millions of accomplices in the corporate board rooms, government and the media. The Guttmacher Institute estimates that by the time they are age 45, twenty-four percent of all American women will have had an abortion. We reap what we sow. God is not mocked! He will purge this land of the blood of His millions of innocent ones who have been sacrificed to Molech.   “Hoffman Wire,” March 19.

2. On Mar 19, 2020, at 8:11, Brian Ruhe wrote:

Why do you write:
"neo-Nazi radical feminists and their enablers", below?
You know these are Jews and neo-communists. You know Hitler was opposed to abortion. Why do you undermine your credibility to those who have admired your work for so may years? Is there a motivation behind your reckless actions?

 Brian Ruhe

3. The Nazis and Abortion: What are the Documented Facts?

Dear Mr. Ruhe: Don't attempt to hoodwink with me with your irresponsible neo-Nazi propaganda. You haven't done your homework. You don't have the documentation and you lose the debate.

According to you, radical feminism is an entirely Judaic and “neo-communist” enterprise. Neo-Nazism is not involved. Wrong. The incessant immunizing of non-Judaics against culpability for the evils which they have massively condoned, aided and participated in, is a serious flaw in the thought processes of the far Right. Irish-American Margaret Sanger was a pioneer in the eugenics movement in the U.S., which is at the root of the Planned Parenthood abortion mentality, and which presaged and complimented the crime of Nazi sterilization of “inferior” people.  

The Nazi mentality is not limited to a time or a place. Wherever we discover a savage reduction of the humanity of any person there we find a revival of Hitler’s ideology, and abortion is the most heinous of all such savageries. Nazism is intrinsically marked by irreformable distinctions between humans and "sub-humans.”

There is a special component to Hitler’s National Socialism which is not negotiable or reformable: Nazism is founded upon a two tier system of human and less than human, and the criterion is racial. The less-than-human person can’t stop being Judaic or Slavic. Like the unborn baby in her mother’s womb, they are targeted because of what they cannot alter. In this important respect, radical feminism resembles Nazism.

With regard to the Nazi movement in Germany, are you aware of the existence of what the Nazis termed the Office for the Promotion of Population Policy and Racial Hygiene? On June 22, 1933, the Nazi Minister of the Interior introduced legislation for the forced sterilization of dehumanized persons.

On July 14, 1933 the Nazis enacted a law, which took effect, January 1, 1934 for the purpose of preventing the future propagation of "lives unworthy of life." 

Among the categories of persons “unworthy of life” subject to be sterilized were chronic alcoholics, epileptics, manic-depressives and the mentally retarded. Before you cheer the latter category, consider that Hitlers top aide, Martin Bormann, advised the hygiene courts that “political behavior be considered in making a diagnosis of mental retardation.” Implacable foes of the Nazis were thereby potentially subject to categorization as “retarded” and sterilization.  By 1937 Nazi authorities had sterilized approximately 225,000 "lives unworthy of life" inside Germany.

It is beyond ridiculous to suggest that Hitler's Nazis were not involved in the dehumanization of people: the mentally and physically disabled, Judaic and Slavic people. Dehumanization is the root and branch of abortion and the root and branch of Adolf Hitlerweltanschauung. Do not pretend you are not cognizant of this fact.

Now let us turn specifically to the Nazi laws and directives on, and practice of, abortion. The Nazi legal machinery was intended to protect "the Aryan race" from being aborted. The law had no other intent and certainly not, as you would seem imply, to protect all human beings from dehumanization and the scourge of abortion. 

For example, on September 8, 1933 the Nazi Berlin Council of Physicians stated that "proceedings will be taken against every evil-doer who dares to injure our sacred healthy race."

There were no “proceedings" legislated to protect "Jews," Slavs, or the mentally or physically disabled from being aborted. How could there be, when the disabled and “retarded” were to be sterilized.

Paragraphs 219 and 220 of the Nazi penal code, promulgated May 26, 1933 appear to refer to a universal ban on abortions in general. It is entirely deceptive. We know from the minutes of the meetings of the aforementioned Berlin Council of Physicians that a loophole was created whereby Nazi "medical specialists, appointed in each municipal district of Berlin, were to review every case in which an attending physician deemed an abortion necessary." 

If you had some knowledge of this history, you would know that Nazi permission for “abortions for eugenic indications” (the euphemism for abortion of Judaic and Slavic infants, among others), varied from one “hereditary health court” to another, and that certain hereditary health courts held that such abortions were “exempt from punishment.”  
Furthermore, following a Nazi legal ruling dated July 18, 1935, the dehumanization represented by sterilization was permitted to be combined with the dehumanization of abortion: sterilization and abortion could henceforth be performed concurrently. 

Dehumanized Judaic people were not protected by or included in the Nazi laws contra abortion. 

Their dehumanization had been legislated into German law by the Reichstag (passed unanimously) on September 15, 1935. The “Law for the Protection of German Blood and Honor” (so-called “Nuremberg Law”), banned marriages between German-Judaics and German gentiles. Judaic genes were officially deemed unfit for marriage with non-Judaic Germans.

In line with this officially legislated loss of fully human status, abortions among Judaic women in Nazi Germany were allowed under the rubric of “a racial indication,” consistent with National Socialist anti-Judaic ideology. By March, 1939, six months before Hitler was to invade Poland, a Nazi policy directive noted that “restrictions on abortion does not apply to Jews.” 

Repeatedly in Nazi law and jurisprudence we see that the intent of Nazi anti-abortion law was for one purpose alone: outlawing that which “impairs the vitality of the German volk” (cf. the law promulgated March 9, 1943, subparagraph 5 to paragraph 218). 

Nazi law contra abortion was never intended to apply to or protect unborn Judaic, Polish or Slavic babies from abortion. Russian and Polish women were often “persuaded” to request an abortion.

By Directive of March 6, 1941, Polish farm workers (male and female) were prohibited from sexual relations with Germans under penalty of death. Furthermore, women toiling in Nazi labor camps were permitted abortions (cf. the secret Circular from the Reich Health Ministry of April 5, 1943, allowing female Ostarbeiterinnen to procure abortions on demand).

Claiming that Hitler banned abortion is just the kind of precipitate generalization that gullible Right wingers have imbibed, “Wow, Hitler, was opposed to abortion. He couldn’t have been so bad after all.” 

If there is any mental incapacity nowadays it is among those Nazi-sympathizers who continue to believe only what they want to believe, and then become infuriated at those who pursue the path of revisionist history that demolishes their mythical notions with facts from the documentary record. My readers and supporters depend upon me to attempt, to the best of my ability, to furnish them with the truth, and by the grace of God, I will continue that endeavor without fear or favor.

Michael Hoffman is the author of many books, including The Israeli Holocaust Against the Palestinians, and Adolf Hitler: Enemy of the German People. He edits the periodical, Revisionist History®, published six times a year. 

Michael's essay, Documenting Hitler: Our Dissenting Enterprise is available online as a public service.

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