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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Contrasting Chuck Baldwin’s Montana church with the “Catholic” Church

Contrasting Dr. Chuck Baldwin’s country church in Montana with the “Catholic” Church

By Michael Hoffman

If one picture is worth ten thousand words, today we are offering you the equivalent of 20,000 words. The first is a photo (above) of nationally known patriot-Pastor Dr. Church Baldwin holding aloft from his pulpit a copy of my banned book, Judaism’s Strange Gods: Revised and Expanded. His church has sold hundreds of copies due to his testicular fortitude and vision. He’s a real mensch.

Long Island, NY Catholic Church bulletin, March 10, 2019
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Next we turn your attention to the wimps of the post-Renaissance “Catholic” Church. Reproduced above is a scan from a bulletin circulated at a “Catholic” church on Long Island, New York last Sunday, equating the “BDS” boycott campaign against Israeli murder and dispossession of the Palestinians, as well as Minister Louis Farrakhan and his two alleged supporters in Congress, with “evil” and "anti-Semitism.” Why doesn’t this “Catholic” treachery surprise us? Perhaps because the popes are in fact crypto-rabbis and many “Catholics” in the pews are the walking dead.

Moreover, yesterday, in the letters section of the Chicago Tribune, representatives of the "Illinois Holocaust Museum" attacked Farrakhan for hosting this writer: “...on Feb. 17, 2019, thousands rallied at Chicago’s United Center as Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam teamed up with a Holocaust denier and anti-Semitic ideologue to attack Judaism and blame numerous ills of modern society on Jews.

Lies and ever more lies. I don’t deny any holocaust, including the one transpiring now: the Israeli holocaust against the Palestinians

The truth they wont print: in Chicago Minister Farrakhan and this writer held out a hand of liberation and assistance to Judaic people enslaved by the Babylonian Talmud, offering them the love of Jesus Christ. The Holocaust was not mentioned. 

We pray and work for the day when The Holocaust of All Timethe Crucifixion of Jesus Christ on Calvary, will regain its rightful center place in the hearts and minds of our people.  

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Friday, March 08, 2019

Talmudic Hate Speech as the basis of the Genocide of Non-Jews

Talmudic Hate Speech as the basis of the Genocide of Non-Jews

By Michael Hoffman


It is forbidden to explore this topic. Those who do so risk censorship and de-platforming by the Tech Tyrants who oppose every form of racism with the exception of the most virulent institutionalized racism on earth. 

Talmudic-rabbinic racism is so virulent that writing or talking about it exposes the author or speaker to loss of career, reputation and perhaps even life itself. 

If a discussion about the Babylonian Talmud, Orthodox Judaism’s book of hate, were to actually to take place as a national conversation, almost immediately a Judaic cemetery would be vandalized or a synagogue spray-painted with swastikas. Then as a result, the conversation would end and hundreds of thousands would take to the streets in orchestrated parades denouncing “the rise of anti-Semitism and hate.”

By this ruse, unmasking hate becomes an act of hate and revelations are halted.

Like Adolf Hitler, who came under the influence of Kabbalistic occultism from 1919 onward (cf. “A Supernatural History of the Third Reich” in Revisionist History newsletter no. 100, January 2019), the neo-Nazi and alt-right groups are useful idiots in Zionist and Talmudist black ops, such as odious and reprehensible cemetery and synagogue vandalism, and similar ungodly attacks.

We have a Congress, White House and corporate media obsessed with hatred directed against Judaic people. No sane person of Christian belief advocates hating a sinner. We hate only sin, not the sinner — for we are all guilty of being sinners in one form or another. Jesus died for every sinner, whether Jew or non-Jew, who believes in Him. When you see vandalism against Judaic sacred places, understand that in many, if not most cases, this is a false flag operation intended to benefit Talmudism and the Israeli government, while silencing and discrediting thoughtful reporting of the Talmudic-rabbinic theology of hatred.

Orthodox Judaism consists of the dogma that non-Jews are lesser beings, more hominid that human. It is often alleged that only Judaic “extremists” hold such racist beliefs. In fact, Orthodox (Talmudic) Judaism is inherently racist and genocidal toward gentiles. This has played a significant role in the Israeli mass murder of Palestinians and Lebanese. Talmudic hate speech is the key factor. 

If the West understood the nature of this hate speech much of the oppression visited upon the Arab people might be curtailed. Instead, the very concept of "hate speech" has been appropriated by the western media and made synonymous with any research that documents the truth about rabbinic hate speech.

Occasionally a particularly candid demonstration of the true nature of the Talmudic creed surfaces above the sea of propaganda and misdirection. This occurred in 2009 with the publication of a representative Orthodox Judiac book authored by two Israeli rabbis.

Hate Speech Documented
Advocacy and Justification of Genocide of Non-Jews  

Torat Hamelech: Dinei Nefashot Bein Yisrael Le’Amim ("The King’s Torah: Laws of Life and Death between Jews and the Nations this book of hate by two Israeli rabbis, Yitzhak Shapira and Yosef Elitzur,  received the endorsement of Kiryat Arba-Hebron Chief Rabbi Dov Lior, Rabbi Ya’acov Yosef, Chabad-Lubavich Rabbi Yitzhak Ginzberg and many others. 

This 230-page halachic treatise published in 2009 cites sources from the Babylonian Talmud to argue that the lives of non-Jews are worth far less than those of Jews. 

Furthermore, the rabbinic authors advocate the killing of non-Judaic children if it is believed that these children will grow up to be enemies of the Jews

Anyone, men, women and children, who merely belong to the nation of the “enemy" are also considered an enemy. Torat Hamelech is a manifesto for genocide. Rabbis Shapira and Elitzur declare that individual Jews can make the decision to kill gentiles on their own initiative as a matter of halacha (Judaic law). 

Chapter Five of Torat Hamelech, "The Killing of Gentiles in War,” states: “There is a reason to kill enemy babies even if they have not transgressed the seven Noahide Laws, because of the future danger they may present, since it is assumed that they will grow up to be evil like their parents.”

Yitzhak Shapira, co-author of Torat Hamelech

 In a 2011 interview with Radio Kol Hai, an Orthodox Judaic radio station, Rabbi Shapira stated, “When you read Jewish law in many places, you might understand that gentiles can be killed freely without problems.” 

Shapira is the director of the Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva in the Israeli state. He learned Talmud and Kabbalah from Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsberg. Rabbi Ginsberg told New York's Jewish Week newspaper (April 26, 1996, pp. 12-13), “If a Jew needs a liver, can you take the liver of an innocent non-Jew passing by to save him? The Torah would probably permit that. Jewish life has infinite value,” he explained. “There is something infinitely more holy and unique about Jewish life than non-Jewish life.”

The Chabad-Lubavitch organization of which Ginzburg is a member in good standing, is politically powerful and influential among U.S. politicians, members of Congress and current and past US presidents, from Jimmy Carter to Donald Trump. Flattering portraits of Chabad-Lubavitch as emissaries of their love-filled faith often appear in the U.S. media and they are recipients of lavish financial support from American “evangelicals.”

If “hate speech” actually is a concern, why is Talmudic hate speech excluded from our national conversation? Why does Amazon.com ban the most effective scholarship documenting such hate speech?

 Why is the killing of Palestinians,which is often motivated by Talmudic hate speech, yawn-inducing, business-as-usual in the American media? No such routine killing of Judaic people would be met with this apathy. Here we see a function of the Talmudic praxis.

During the 2019 Super Bowl, the Washington Post, owned by Amazon-founder Jeff Bezos, broadcast a commercial spotlighting journalists who have been attacked and killed. The Israeli shooting of 39 journalists in 2018, and the death of two of those reporters who were shot by the Israeli army, were excluded from the Post’s virtue-signaling self-advertisement.

Does anyone imagine that if these casualty figures were for Judaic persons, that they would be a mere blip on the media screen, as they are now? They would in fact be incessantly reported as the “The start of another Holocaust! and “A wave anti-Semitic atrocities! We would hear about it, visualize it and study it every week for years.

Yet when it is Palestinian gentiles who are the victims, the documentation on the war crimes perpetrated by the Israelis at the Gaza border in 2018 are reported as the New York Times reported them  in the back pages of its February 28 issue  and then unceremoniously dropped, with no follow-up; no sustained investigation as to how the only democracy in the Middle East could perpetrate such bloodshed. 

There cant be a sustained investigation into the theology which motivates this contemptuous Israeli mass murder however, because it would inevitably lead to hate speech enshrined in Orthodox Judaism; said hate speech being protected at all costs including the cost of non-Judaic Palestinian lives.

Copyright©2019 by Independent History and Research

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Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Black leaders Proclaim Forbidden Truths about Israeli and Talmudic Lies

Defend the Holy Name of Jesus

Black leaders Proclaim Forbidden Truths about Israeli and Talmudic Lies

By Michael Hoffman • www.RevisionistHistory.org

At the end of February Somali-American Rep. Ilhan Omar (D.-MN) reiterated her concerns about Congressional allegiance to the foreign Israeli nation. Now Congress is considering her condemnation, led by Democrats from her own party.

There is much to disagree with in Rep. Omar’s domestic policies, but her views on the oppression of the Palestinians with US taxpayer support, and the malicious influence of the Israeli lobby in recruiting and seducing a Congress that has repeatedly put the Israeli agenda ahead of that of America (for instance, the U.S. war with Iraq was not for oil, it was for the Israelis) — is a revolutionary and welcome development.

In 2018 the women’s movement that helped elect Omar to Congress was ordered by Zionists and Talmudists to repudiate Louis Farrakhan due to his public exposure of the Talmud’s pornographic slurs against Jesus. In my speech to Mr. Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam in Chicago on Feb. 17 of this year, I asked, “When will the adherents of the Orthodox religion of Judaism be called upon to repudiate the racism and hatred in the Talmud? You can watch a one minute clip of that portion of my speech at this link.

Fact: Black people in America are in the lead in asking long suppressed questions about Israeli influence over American politics and the media. 

Fact: The love and respect this writer was accorded in Chicago is like nothing I’ve experienced in my lifetime. They repeatedly called me a man of courage and gave me honorary titles of “doctor" and “professor.” Their love was palpable. Some negative force has been keeping us from building an alliance with black people and indeed learning from them.

To those who say we have nothing to learn, I ask, what exactly is your white community doing to defend the Holy name of Jesus Christ against Talmudic blasphemy?

All I have seen of communities of conservative whites is a demand that we stop Sharia law from taking over America. These hypnotics imagine we are ruled by Islamic law. Their ignorance is abysmal. We are actually ruled by Halacha (Talmudic law) not Sharia, but few dare say so out of fear of the repercussions which Rep. Omar is suffering now, and Minister Farrakhan has endured for the past thirty years.

 I am weary of losing to the perpetui inimici. I am weary of Talmudic hate speech and halachic rule over America never making it onto the airwaves of Tucker Carlson, Hannity or in the pages of the “conservative" journals and websites. Blasphemy against the Holy Name has been rendered into marginalia.

Both the blasphemy of Christ’s name and the halachic subversion of our government, culture and media are “side issues” among Right wing whites because, despite being trained at Hillsdale College or some other “bastion” of “Christian” education, they are mis-educated. They have not received a classical education whatsoever. As we pointed out in Revisionist History issue no. 92, “Conservatives” timidly recoil from confronting the fount of the oldest institutionalized character assassination of our heritage—the Talmudic mentalityWestern Civilization cannot be separated from its heritage of challenging Talmudic Judaism without fatally weakening the West. This is our condition at present: fatally weakened   for this very reason.

When will Hillsdale College teach that Englands renowned Chief Justice Edward Coke decreed in 1608 that Christians could never be permitted to be slaves of Judaic masters for the reason that the Judaics blaspheme the name of Jesus? The Chief Justice wrote: Judeo Christianum nullum serviat mancipium, nefas enim est quem, Christus redemit blasphemum, Christi in servitutis vinculis detinere. (77 Eng. Rep. 397).

Coke’s words were English statute law, mother to the laws of America, woven into the fabric of our authentic western civilization, and yet rendered invisible by chicken-livered “Conservatives” who crusade like big shots against Farrakhan, the only American leader who has a large national following (other than Chuck Baldwin and Texe Marrs), who has the testicular fortitude to take Edward Coke at his word.

When there was a western civilization worth its salt, the protection of that Name that is above all Names, was paramount. Now it is a side issue for 99% of all "conservative” politicians, journalists, priests, pastors and ministers in the United States, Canada, Australia, Britain and Europe.

In 2019 every Christian in America is held in servitude to the blasphemers of Jesus Christ.

Earlier this week Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was contacted by the Zionist lobby and told to arrange for the Congressional condemnation of Somali-American Rep. Omar after she questioned loyalty to a foreign power above loyalty to AmericaYesterday the New York Times reported that this condemnation was about to be enacted until the Congressional Black Caucus stood up and said no.

Representative Ayanna Pressley, Democrat of Massachusetts, said she told leadership that there must be “equity in our outrage,” noting that Ms. Omar, a Minnesotan and one of the first two Muslim women elected to Congress, was being attacked for her faith. “Islamophobia needs to be included” in the anti-Semitism resolution, she told reporters on Wednesday. “We need to denounce all forms of hate. There is no hierarchy of hurt.”

The closed-door meeting, the weekly gathering of House Democrats at the Capitol, generally involves discussion of the legislative agenda and political strategy. Instead, according to multiple people present, it turned into a gripe session over the treatment of Ms. Omar by her own party. 

“What would be the appropriate level of punishment — a public flogging?” Representative Raúl Grijalva of Arizona, the chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee, asked in an interview after the meeting.  “...there is a double standard we have to be aware of. The level of condemnation on Ms. Omar has been really intense.” 

The resolution began as a response to Ms. Omar’s suggestion last week that pro-Israel activists were pushing “for allegiance to a foreign country,” a remark that her critics say played into the anti-Semitic trope of “dual loyalty.” 

Representatives Eliot L. Engel and Nita M. Lowey — both New Yorkers who lead powerful committees — and other Jewish lawmakers discussed the comment over the weekend, bringing in Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Hoyer; by Tuesday, a resolution condemning anti-Semitism was circulating on Capitol Hill, surprising lawmakers who had not heard about it. 

By Tuesday night, with members of the Congressional Black Caucus and the Congressional Progressive Caucus pushing back, it became clear to Ms. Pelosi that the measure would have to be rewritten.

Pelosi explodes

Representative Jahana Hayes, a Connecticut Democrat who is black, told Ms. Pelosi that she had “put us in a bad position,” and complained that she had learned of the resolution by watching television. As Ms. Pelosi was responding, Ms. Hayes began digging around in her purse; Ms. Pelosi, thinking Ms. Hayes was talking to another lawmaker in the room, grew visibly irritated, according to a second person present. (End quote from the NY Times. Read more at nytimes.com)

Notice Rep. Pressley’s words, "There is no hierarchy of hurt.” Whoa! This is a direct hit on the Talmudic concept that Judaic people are morally superior to everyone else and always occupy the highest position in the victim hierarchy.

Minister Louis Farrakhan continues to lead in efforts to fully apprise black leaders (and all Americans) of the racist, anti-black hate speech contained in the sacred rabbinic Mishnah, Gemara, Midrash and Maimonides. The more this knowledge is disseminated, the more blacks will lead the way in defying the Zionists and Talmudists and their theological and psychological hold over America. 


Michael Hoffman’s writing has appeared in the New York Times and the New York Review of Books. He is the author of the 1100 page textbook Judaism Discovered, and a condensation, Judaism’s Strange Gods: Revised and Expanded. Michael serves as editor of Revisionist History, published six times a year. He is the subject of relentless repression by the ADL, the Southern Poverty Law Center and the media they influence.

Friday, March 01, 2019

Amazon Bans Black History Books during Black History Month

Amazon Bans Black History Books during Black History Month

By Michael Hoffman

On Feb. 17 at the United Center in Chicago, before a cheering crowd of black Muslims numbered in the thousands — and who knows how many viewing around the world via webcast — this writer lauded the Nation of Islam’s three volume The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews as “magisterial revisionist history.”  

Nine days later, on February 26, after having been offered for sale on Amazon for several years, these three books were suddenly banned for “violating content guidelines,” an apparent euphemism for offending the Holy People. Coincidence?

Until such time as alternatives to Amazon (and independent libertarian platforms for podcasting) are created, the Tech Tyranny, as Ron Unz indicates (see below), will march on amid the stark media silence concerning the censorship of history books which Zionists and Talmudists detest. This is indeed a sinister Orwellian state of affairs. Public exposure of the censorship and the hypocrisy that informs it, is essential for the survival of freedom.

Jeff Bezos, who founded and owns a controlling stake in Amazon, also owns the Washington Post whose motto, flaunted in a virtue-signaling 2019 Superbowl commercial, is “Democracy Dies in Darkness” — the same darkness in which the Nation of Islam’s documented history of Judaic control of the black slave trade in the western hemisphere, has been consigned.

"First Amendment liberties are now being increasingly circumvented on the Internet by utilizing the corporate monopolies that control that means of communication"

During the 2016 presidential race, it was widely anticipated that Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush would be the contending nominees, fiercely battling each other on hot-button partisan issues while quietly standing together on War, Peace, and the Economy. Such a race would surely have been soporific and vacuous to the vast majority of the general public. The sudden and totally unexpected populist rise of both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump fractured this projected narrative, and Trump’s election shredded it. 

Although the most extreme Neocon elements soon regained control over the foreign policy of the Trump Administration, America’s ruling ideological establishment was horrified by the close call they had suffered, and began an unprecedented attack upon the Internet and dissident publications and writers, with mass bannings, harsh censorship, and widespread “de-platforming.” The most utterly ridiculous accusations—suggesting that Ron Paul was a Russian agent of influence—soon began echoing within the corporate media, and many alternative websites were cowed into trimming their dissenting sails lest they suffer severe consequences.

Many critics were jubilant over the recent closure of The Weekly Standard, the Neocon organ most heavily responsible for the disastrous Iraq War, they have misunderstood the reality of the situation. With so many similar Neocon ideologues now firmly ensconced on the editorial pages of the New York Times, the Washington Post, and every other major newspaper, Bill Kristol’s former publication no longer had any real role to play. I think a case can be made that with the exception of a few zealous Trump partisans here and there, the establishmentarian American media landscape is more totally unified than it has been for decades, especially with regard to foreign policy issues, and dissenting voices never so unwelcome. 

When a country’s ruling elites are highly unified but fearful of maintaining their continuing power in the face of popular discontent, harsh crackdowns are a natural consequence, and America’s widely enshrined First Amendment liberties are now being increasingly circumvented on the Internet by utilizing the corporate monopolies that control that means of communication. 

During the 1950s, any proposal to ban suspected Communists from making telephone calls, watching television, or having bank accounts would have been ridiculed as utter lunacy, but in today’s America, equivalent actions are steadily growing more frequent and more severe. 

With so many vibrant alternative publications having been brought into line and so many once raucous comment sections now strictly policed by strict identity registration requirements or eliminated completely, our webzine (www.unz.com) has gradually become a much bigger fish in the rapidly shrinking pond of free thought on the Internet.

We shall see whether the angry flapping of our contributing writers achieves any result before the “Powers That Be” complete their total evaporation of all remaining intellectual freedom in the Western world.

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Friday, February 22, 2019

ADL Head Caught Misrepresenting Hoffman’s Speech

Press Release

ADL Head Caught Misrepresenting Michael Hoffman’s Speech to the Nation of Islam

Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the ADL, circulated what appears to be a fund-raising letter to members and allies of his infamous thought control organization:

In that letter the ADL leader makes the following flagrantly untruthful statement about the speech of revisionist historian Michael Hoffman on “Saviour’s Day” February 17: 

"We can’t stop Farrakhan from spouting lies, but we can make it clear that language like this, and the Holocaust denial claims espoused by his fellow speaker that day, Michael A. Hoffman II, are not acceptable.”

 In point of fact, "on that day (Saviour’s Day event,” Feb. 17), I did not utter one word of so-called “Holocaust denial.” Watch my speech and see for yourself.

Here is a rare opportunity to expose as liars one of the most powerful Israeli propaganda outlets on earth, in the person of the CEO of the Anti-Defamation League who is now caught red-handed disseminating a demonstrable falsehood.

Mr. Greenblatt is a bigger fool than I thought.  In attempting to take the spotlight off the disreputable Babylonian Talmud with which my speech was concerned, he has dug a hole both for himself and the ADL with his laughable fake news about this writers February 17 speech to the Nation of Islam.

Here is a God-given opportunity to educate the world regarding the true nature of the unethical and deceitful Anti-Defamation League, which the corporate media touts as the “objective experts on the Talmud and the Nation of Islam.

 Michael Hoffman


Thursday, February 21, 2019

My Service to the Nation of Islam

My Service to the Nation of Islam

By Michael Hoffman

The Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan and Michael Hoffman

If you had asked this writer on February 5 if I would be flying to Chicago nine days later on the eve of the Nation of Islam’s national convention (known as “Saviour’s Day”), I would not have known what you were talking about. Yet by February 7 I had a plane ticket and a hotel reservation. Something approaching the miraculous clung to the whole of my peregrination among the black Muslims of America.

My relations with the Nation of Islam begin in the 1990s when I assisted a remarkable black scholar, Tony Martin, PhD. Dr. Martin was a native of the island of Trinidad where he was educated by Catholic clergy. He become a barrister in England and eventually Professor of African studies at Wellesley, the elite women’s college in Massachusetts which Hillary Clinton attended years before Dr. Martin arrived, and where the scions of wealthy Americans, including a notable percentage of Judaic parents, send their children.

Dr. Martin had the knowledge, oratorical ability and teaching expertise to have very likely climbed the ranks of black American academics and assumed a place next to or surpassing Henry Louis Gates, the current star of that firmament. During his ascent up the career ladder, Martin encountered the Nation of Islam’s two volume masterpiece, The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, which demonstrates the explosive revisionist fact that the holocaust against blacks in America, otherwise known as their epoch of enslavement on these shores, was a Judaic operation. Martin made the intrepid decision to introduce The Secret Relationship volumes to his students.

We hesitate to employ the shopworn cliche, “Then all hell broke loose,” but nothing else is so apropos to describe what happened next. The persecution of Professor Martin was underway. I recall him telling me how his Judaic students, out of the egoism which had been imparted to them (through no fault of their own) by their parents and culture, were shocked and incredulous in the face of the facts he presented. “We’ve never enslaved anyone! We’ve always helped African-Americans” was their refrain, which proved to be futile in the face of the truths which steam-rolled their illusions.

Too often what do Zionists do when truth confronts their dogma? They persecute and they censor. Dr. Martin recounts the ordeal in his classic book: The Jewish Onslaught: Despatches from the Wellesley Battlefront.  Over the course of many years he began to speak at mostly white revisionist history functions sponsored by Paul Fromm in Canada and at David Irving’s annual conference in Cincinnati, which is where this writer met him and we began to collaborate. In the course of our friendship Dr. Martin put me in touch with the Historical Research Department of the Nation of Islam, the eminent scholars responsible for The Secret Relationship books. The persecution of Dr. Martin lasted for years until finally, with his health declining, he took an early retirement and returned to his native Trinidad, where he died in 2013 at age 71. 

When it occurred to me that Providence was directing me to the Nation’s 2019 conference in Chicago, Feb. 15-17, I contacted a member of the Historical Research Department and he arranged for free passes to all convention seminars and workshops and a VIP seat at Minister Farrakhan’s keynote speech at the United Center, a large facility which is home to the Chicago Bulls NBA basketball team, among other events.

Here in my home base of Idaho I wrote a speech in advance, just in case, but there was no firm indication I would be a speaker. No one in the Nation of Islam had ever met me, so this was understandable. Security and prevention of sabotage are uppermost in the minds of those who guard and preserve the legacy of the organization, and the life of Farrakhan himself, who has been credibly threatened with harm on many occasions. When it comes to him, the Zionists and Talmudists are meshugganah (crazy).

I arrived in Chicago on Valentine’s Day, February 14. A chauffeured SUV worthy of the presidential motorcade met me at the airport. The efficiency and professionalism not only of the people assigned to protect my welfare and ensure my well-being, but also the average member of the Nation, was exceptional. In the course of interactions with the Nation of Islam throughout the weekend the degrading stereotypes about black people dissolved and what you saw before you was the fulfillment of the black potential which has been crushed down, as I have seen it also crushed in the very poorest white areas of America, where whites who regard themselves as “redneck white trash” sink deeper into the despair of drugs, alcohol and self-extinction. Tragically, poor white America has no national leader or healer comparable to Louis Farrakhan. 

A few hours later I received word that I would be dining with the Minister in his private residence. Although I cannot say with certainty, I believe this invitation was due in large part to the faith and trust of my principal friend in the Historical Research Department who I presume helped to arrange it.

 I had a gift for Mr. Farrakhan which I thought would be delivered by an intermediary. It was one of the last seven surviving copies of the first hardcover edition of my book Judaism Discovered. I also prepared for the Minister a dossier on the impact of Talmudic halacha (law) on American policy.

At the residence, we arrived at a foyer where about a half-dozen security men searched my briefcase and my person, after which the door to the entrance opened and there seated before me in the living room was a smiling Louis Farrakhan and approximately eight members of his inner circle. I presented him with my book and the dossier and he thanked me and asked me to take a seat.

Mr. Farrakhan is a more extraordinary individual than many people can imagine. Yes, I know of most of the malicious rumors about him: hater of white people and “Jews,” follower of Scientology, supporter of Donald Trump, blah, blah, blah.  Nevertheless, this is a most amazing man — a man who is a lover, not a hater. For some blessed reason he called me forth to dine with him and the overwhelming truth about him is his love. We had a good laugh about the “hater” label the Zionist press has pinned on him. This is rendered especially risible in light of the fact that due to my surname it was first assumed among Nation members that I was Jewish. How was this “Jew” treated? I was accorded the warmest respect. This was no less true when it was learned that I was a Christian, but for the several hours that I was regarded as a Jew the love did not lessen. If anything it increased. The respect was patent. This fact puts paid to the media lie that Louis Farrakhan hates Jews.

Minister Farrakhan proceeded to engage me in a serious discussion of theology, philosophy, science, politics and classical music (he is an accomplished violinist). His inner circle listened with respectful interest. For the first hour-and-a-half or so the evening consisted of an exchange between myself and the Minister.

Eventually we made our way to a well-appointed dining room and a feast prepared by Minister Farrakhan’s personal staff, based on healthful food principles pioneered in the 1940s by Elijah Muhammad, the first leader of the Nation. 

So what did I learn that night? I can say that I learned that the Islam of the Nation is not a carbon copy of Shia or Sunni Islam of Arabia, a point for which they have been criticized and dismissed as an ingénue phenomenon by some in the Arab world. The Nation is a reform of Islam. For example, for Minister Farrakhan, Islamic terrorism is always suspect in that it is believed to be of deep cover Zionist origin. He is not suggesting that every bomb exploded by a hothead was handed to the bomber by Mossad. He is saying that the extended terror operations witnessed in the ranks of ISIS for instance, are indeed Israeli black ops. This pseudo-Islamic violence is in contrast to the corps known as the Fruit of Islam, the Nation’s security and service wing whose members carry no firearms and yet managed to render many of America’s federal ghetto housing projects safe, until the Zionists forced the U.S. government to curtail or terminate security and safety contracts with Farrakhan’s organization.

The Nation of Islam is beloved in the inner cities not so much because the poor black residents know or care very much about the contents of the Talmud, but because the Muslims help to ensure their safety and operate programs which heal and restore seemingly incorrigible drug abusers and prisoners convicted of serious crimes. The Nation’s record in the field of behavioral science is remarkable and no amount of media libel will cancel that achievement in the minds of America’s most downtrodden black people.

The Nation of Islam’s view of Muslim theology is most refreshing. Over dinner Minister Farrakhan informed me of the reform of Islam. His is a broad view, rooted in the Koran surely, but with a desire to assist true Christianity (as opposed to the Zionist Churchianity practiced by a large majority of America’s so-called followers of Christ), and to liberate Muslim women from unnecessary and trivial restrictions on their freedom. 

Those who are suspicious will say, Hoffman you are so naive. This is all just a charismatic front. Farrakhan hypnotized you into thinking the Nation of Islam is a humane, tolerant organization.

Well, in point of fact, they are not tolerant of oppressors. They are not tolerant of liars. They are not tolerant of white liberals who claim to be “color blind” when it comes to race. I’ve lived long enough on this earth to know that example trumps precept. If Farrakhan’s precepts were at variance with the example set by his people, I would agree the Nation of Islam is a hoax. But in this case the way they live their lives matches their precepts. In other words, when it comes to that all important litmus test, they practice what they preach.

Anyone who has witnessed the agony of the black experience in America: the waste of talent, the waste of potential, the waste of what God intended these people to be, cannot help but be deeply moved, if not astonished, at their transformation under the leadership of Farrakhan. If you can find a more honest, upright, decent and respectful family-oriented person than the members of the Nation of Islam, tell me about it. I know of no group of people who surpass them in these qualities.

The Zionists have ensured that Farrakhan and the Nation are never humanized. We are not allowed to see their humanity. We are incessantly told that Farrakhan “is a hater” and the Nation of Islam consists of scowling, anti-white fanatics and so we execrate them. Furthermore, the Nation’s reform of Islam that the Muslim world should be heeding is in some cases going unheeded because it originates with black people.

Wait a minute Hoffman! What the Muslim world needs, is Jesus!

Which Jesus? I ask you. The Jesus of the money-grubbing, Israeli-army worshipping, Bible-nullifying television preachers? Where will the Muslim world find the real Jesus — among Khazar-idolizing mercenaries who staff many of the churches in America? 

The Jesus of the time-selling usury bankers of the post-Renaissance Church of Rome, and those Protestant so-called “Bible Churches” that guarantee that the love of money through the engine of the rental of money will continue to rule this nation — is this where the Muslims will find Jesus? 

I have a friend who is probably descended from the crusaders. His Catholic family has been in Syria for many centuries, living peaceably side by side with normal Muslims, though he was raised and educated in Lebanon. His father was a dedicated Catholic. When they would spend a morning making purchases at the souk (the Arab market), his father would steer him to the Muslim souk, and away from the Christian side. My friend, thinking it strange, once asked his father why. He told him, “It is so that we will not be cheated. These Muslims fear God more than our own people do.” 

There is a genius and a humanity to Louis Farrakhan about which people that do not know him have no idea. Minister Farrakhan did not attempt to convert me to Islam. He confirmed me in the path upon which I am embarked. He looked at me and said, “If you are a good Christian then you are a Muslim.”

One of his closest collaborators is a white Catholic priest. That priest and a handful of Chicago-area Protestant ministers were on the stage with him, seated in places of honor at the United Center. Farrakhan is not operating a black version of the KKK. He is endeavoring to show the world another, better way for all races to share this planet together, though he minces no words concerning what he believes are white people’s delusions, as for example white liberals who say they are “color-blind.” He destroyed that pompous conceit in his Saviour’s Day speech. 

In the last hour of our conversation, as the dinner was concluding, the other ministers of the Nation of Islam put forth questions to this writer about the Talmud of Babylon and Orthodox Judaism with the eager enthusiasm of university students. They did so in a manner to which I was unaccustomed. I have dealt with executives in publishing and I have met with businessmen and industrialists in my lifetime. Some were nicer than others, but almost all had that aura about them often termed “putting on airs,” which important people sometimes project, if only subconsciously, as a matter of habit, or as a result of the routine deference to which they have grown accustomed. Here I was among the Nation of Islam’s executives, yet they approached me as an equal, anxious to take advantage of a guest’s expertise, with no hint of a haughty manner. Here was real humility from Louis Farrakhan and his counselors.

In this relaxed ambiance, Minister Farrakhan spoke of his own life experience and how much he admired Judaic genius, and Judaic accomplishments in fields such as classical music. He mentioned with obvious pride that every one of his three violin teachers was a “Russian Jew.” They trained him well, because this is a musician who would have been in a symphony orchestra had he chosen a different path. 

We spoke of popular music and female vocalists. He volunteered that his all-time favorite was Barbara Streisand, with Celine Dion a close second. I’m not sure I can convey precisely the Minister’s abundant wisdom, wit and playful humor, his desire to make the other person look best and the close attention he gave to his guest’s every word. One stratagem of our enemies is to humanize themselves before the cameras so that we will believe that they are “just regular people” and “one of us” while they do all in their power to dehumanize Mr. Farrakhan, by turning him into a hate-vending machine by means of false editing and dishonest reporting that omits the human side and the modifying or clarifying statements with which he often accompanies his more austere statements. 

Enter into his presence and you will experience his palpable love. It may sound maudlin to say so, but I won’t shy away from opining that this was my life-changing experience, in the presence of this father-figure to the black man and woman and yes, by his own witness, to all of humanity.

Before I departed his residence, as the Minister was about to retire for the evening, from a door in the dining room entered his beautifully-arrayed wife and daughters. Four hours ago I was a stranger and now I was invited into the bosom of his family. This is the soul of hospitality and trust, to be included into a family circle. This is what I experienced time and again over the long Holiday weekend from every Muslim I encountered: kindness and respect.

The next day, Friday, February 15, a workshop convened in the Hilton Hotel ballroom, attended by several hundred people. It was titled, “Defending Farrakhan.” We heard from dynamic speakers, all of whom were skilled orators, most of them speaking without notes. I was particularly taken with the address of Minister Ishmael Muhammad, one of the 21 children of Elijah Muhammad. He spoke eloquently in defense of Pontius Pilate against the “new (philo-rabbinic) scholarship” that puts forth the canard that Pilate and the Romans were mainly to blame for the death of Jesus. He tore a hole in that deception and then proceeded to humble the men in the audience with a reminder of the much greater fortitude which Christ’s female followers displayed near the time of his death. The audience at the “Defending Farrakhan” seminar were also treated to vintage video clips of from Minister Farrakhan’s speeches and encounters with the media, including on the day in June, 1984 that the United States Senate voted 95-0 to condemn him

After a break so the people could assemble for Friday prayers which are part of the religion of Islam (and which as a Christian I did not attend), in the afternoon we gathered in a smaller hall. There I had the honor to address a history seminar consisting of some 200 people, some of them scholars and researchers from the Nation of Islam, among them professors and PhDs, on the subject of Talmudic and Kabbalistic Judaism. After my talk, along with a distinguished panel representing the Historical Research Department of the Nation, we fielded questions.

In my talk I pointed out that “The Root of Black Degradation runs from M to M — from Midrash to Maimonides.”  I learned about the stigmatizing of black people in the Midrash (an authoritative rabbinic commentary on the Pentateuch), from the Nation of Islam’s own history scholars. The Midrash on Genesis assigns a skin color to Canaan, the son of Ham who is cursed by Noah to be a hereditary slave. The Bible assigns no racial designation or color of any kind to Canaan. From the Midrash came the horrifying teaching that it is the divine destiny of black people to be slaves, thus assuaging the conscience of the slaveholders. After all, you can’t argue with God. But as Louis Farrakhan asks, “Whose God?” Those who are familiar with the texts of the Talmud of Babylon know that the religion derived from that book is centered on self-worship. So-called Jews are their own God, and they invent their own dogmas in God’s name and impose them on the goyim.

Moreover, Rabbi Moses Maimonides is the most admired rabbi, rivaled only by Hillel, in the eyes of the white liberal intelligentsia. He is their paradigm of the humanist, progressive follower of Moses. It matters not to these liberals that this most “distinguished humanist progressive” taught in volume two of the uncensored Shlomo Pines’ edition of his celebrated Guide of the Perplexed, that while black people cannot be called apes because they have the power of speech, they are nonetheless below the level of human. Once again, a rabbinic text became a justification for exploiting and chaining black people among Judaic and “Christian” slavers. Any society that has Maimonides on a pedestal, is a pathological satrap of the Sanhedrin.

A typical family in the Nation of Islam attending the convention 

The unique qualities of the Nation of Islam are many. It is not only a doctrine, not only social activism. It is also a community linked by a network of families. White supremacy nearly managed to destroy those family ties. The Nation of Islam has been dedicated to rebuilding the black family. Those wholesome families were ever-present throughout the halls of the convention center and the hotel. Here’s one example of the community’s responsibilities toward one another: one evening I was invited to eat at a Middle Eastern restaurant with a few hundred people of the Nation. I dined with Dr. Ridgely, an agronomist who directs the Nation of Islam’s farms in Georgia. After dinner, as many of us were leaving the building, a young Muslim man of about 16 was ahead of us with what appeared to be his girlfriend. The young fellow thoughtlessly walked ahead of the young lady through the door. The Nation of Islam guard at the door then admonished the teenager in a gentle whisper, “You don’t want to do that. Let her always go first.” The youth nodded and corrected the situation immediately. Minister Farrakhan told me that the expression, “The devil is in the details” was of the devil himself; that the observance of details is all important, as it is to every member of this community, on any point from deportment to theology. 

It is evident that the Nation of Islam puts a high priority on the family and the sanctity of marriage. Then there is the imago Dei (image of God) which they exhibit in their demeanor, posture, attire and behavior. They possess a dignity born not from a government handout or an affirmative action program, but from the self-esteem they have earned for themselves by their hard work, modesty and through maintaining separation from the La Cesspool Grande that is the United States of America in the 21st century.

Yes, one can find sterling family values at a conservative Catholic, Reform Presbyterian or Mormon convention just as easily. But can one truly say that in those venues for those churches, one will see an acute desire to know the identity and strategy of those who are oppressing us? Among all of those constituent factors which the Nation of Islam identifies with the white subjugator, they have singled out, correctly and astutely, Talmudic Judaism and Zionism as the chief culprits; not from a hateful motivation, but from the necessity of speaking truth as Jesus did. Jesus’ confrontations with the Pharisees are burned into the minds of the people of the Nation as if they happened yesterday. They live it and they breathe it. 

There were thousands of people at the conference and the vast majority were alert to these profound challenges. Can we honestly say that of any gathering just as large — of Catholics, Protestants or Mormons? The idea is preposterous. If those folks are agitated about anything external to their own religious piety, it will be the Islam that the Right-wing media have taught them to hate as the supposed enemy of Jesus. The authentic, number one enemy of Jesus, the Talmudic theology and its political, financial and cultural power, is relegated far into the background of these churches, if there is any consciousness of it at all. 

When I speak as a Talmudic scholar to the Nation of Islam, they are predisposed to hear me, to study my words and follow up by pursuing further education on their own initiative. This is priceless! This is what the Hon. Minister Farrakhan has inspired in his people. This is what makes the Nation of Islam unique among all theological institutions in America. I grant you that many Lutherans and Catholics of the last century were once alert to these issues, but that was long ago processed out of the thinking of their 21st century progeny. It cannot be processed out of the Nation of Islam however, because it is at the center of their thinking! They have a heart for study and book-reading. They yearn for knowledge like the man in the desert yearns for water. This is the legacy of the iron-willed Elijah Muhammad and of Louis Farrakhan.

It is sickening to think of how much time is squandered at “conservative” Catholic and Protestant conventions and seminars where the top enemy is identified as Islam. These white people have almost no teachers (there are honorable exceptions: Dr. Chuck Baldwin, Pastor Herman Otten, Texe Marrs, Rev. Fr. Christopher Hunter and a few others). If they had a teacher he would convey to them this simple test: find out who you can’t criticize and you will discover who rules over you. Muslims are bashed day in and day out in the Right wing media, but believe it or not there is one religion that cannot be criticized. Muslim nations are openly hated and threatened with war. But believe it or not, there is one nation that is immune from radical criticism. 

You can deny the sanctity of Christ’s Blessed Mother and the resurrection of Jesus from the grave, and not a single government in the West will penalize you for it. But deny “The Holocaust” in Europe and you may be fined or imprisoned. Deny it in the United States and your job prospects and reputation will be toast. Hence, we know from these facts what counts for nothing and what is held sacred in the non-Islamic West. 

So the Protestant and Catholic kiddies play the “Gospel” and “Bible” game because they can’t stand the heat that Jesus promised He would give us the grace to withstand, and which He prophesied that truth-tellers would inevitably encounter (John 15:20).

The pusillanimity of the modern churches is not found among the Nation of Islam. They are filled with a righteous indignation. They yearn for knowledge with a righteous hunger and they will confront the would-be slavemaster with every fibre of their being. Were that not the case, then the Nation would be a dying husk, Farrakhan a forgotten man and the Talmudic script for blacks in America — bondage to drugs, extra-marital sex and freakish perversions, shattered families and economic powerlessness — would pervade every corner of the community, except for those few plantation negroes who get to the top by permission of the master, in order to help that master create a facade of racial benevolence and “equality.”

On Sunday came the next highest honor other than dinner with the Minister. I was called forth to address the thousands of people gathered at Chicago’s United Center and chosen to be the final speaker before Louis Farrakhan came to the podium. Many other qualified Nation of Islam leaders could have taken my place. I had been with the Nation for 72 hours. Some had been there for a lifetime. Yet not once did I encounter an envious glance, or an insinuation that I had usurped someone’s place, or that I didn’t deserve to be on the podium. When it was said of this writer, “He is Minister Farrakhan’s guest,” it seemed to be all anyone needed to know about me. At dinner the Minister had said that the waste of talent was the worst form of dissipation and that envy was the most grievous vice. I witnessed neither in my time among these Muslims.

My speech was brief but it elicited a heartening response from fully alive human beings who are not accustomed to sitting on their hands when there are words of truth to be encouraged and acclaimed. My brief talk was a reaction: ever since I heard the words of Farrakhan from the 2018 Saviour’s Day convention, when he defended Our Lord and Redeemer Jesus Christ from Talmudic blasphemy, I wanted to thank him and what is more, I wanted to publicly verbally whip the merchants of the Gospel, as Jesus whipped the den of thieves, who scurrilously rebuke Farrakhan while acting deaf and dumb in the face of Talmudic evil. 

The transcript of my brief remarks is printed below, so I will not repeat my words here. Suffice it to say that as I listed all of the millionaire “Christian” preachers who have never uttered a word contra the Talmud, or its teaching placing Jesus in hell in boiling excrement (tractate Gittin 57a in the Steinsaltz edition), the cheers and applause from the crowd grew louder. When I borrowed a signature phrase from Minister Farrakhan, in stating that these preachers and Vice-President Pence himself, had not the testicular fortitude to contest Talmudic blasphemy, I couldn’t finish my sentence, so stentorian was the cheering of the people who Zionist America has taught us to despise. 

As Farrakhan the year before had shamed the ancient rabbis who wrote of Jesus in such ugly and ignominious terms, I had accomplished my mission of publicly calling out those among my fellow whites, from the Vice-President on down the branches of the money tree — Joel Osteen to Franklin Graham — who are held to be the notable representatives of American religion, while Louis Farrakhan is cast into the same hell where the “sages of Judaism” have cast Jesus.

As of this writing the media reaction to my speech has been shaped by an initial ADL report which other “evangelical,” Israeli and rabbinic news agencies have reprinted. 

The ADL’s screed is luridly titled, “Anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan Teams Up with Notorious Holocaust Denier” (this headline was crafted by the same people who are unabashed deniers of the Israeli Holocaust against the Palestinians). In an exercise in fake news, the ADL wrote that I had “suggested that ancient Jewish texts are equivalent to teachings ‘from the church of satan.”

What’s noteworthy about the ADL’s choice of words in the preceding sentence is that they decided not to report that I am an adherent and defender of an “ancient Jewish text,” specifically the Torah

The ADL chose not to report that my comparison of the invective against Jesus with the malice one might expect from the Satanic church, was a reference to a Talmudic text. The ADL’s avoidance of the word Talmud is highly instructive. It indicates that the reputation of the Talmud in the mind of the public, is already suspect. The ADL appear to have decided it is best not to report that Hoffman was referring to hatred for Jesus in the TalmudSomething like that would be too self-evidently true for the ADL to repeat to the news agencies of the world. It could backfire.

Consequently, with their familiar “tricknology,” the ADL muddied the waters and despicably insinuated that I was equating God’s Word in the holy Torah, with the Church of Satan. Not so! I indicted the Talmud by name and clearly compared its diabolic teaching placing the Messiah of Israel in hell, with the filthy trash talk that one would expect from the Satanic church. This is accurate and I stand by it.

As noted, Minister Louis Farrakhan followed this writer to the podium. He spoke for two hours about black history, the Talmud, the “white so-called Jews” (from Russia and Eastern Europe)—demarcating between true and false semites—exposing the Judaic masquerade, extolling the name Jew as divine, praising true Jews, and reminding his audience that the Holocaust of black enslavement is not allowed to be termed a Holocaust by the powers that be. Farrakhan has perfected podium performance as an art form. By this I do not mean to say that he is putting on an act. He gave up his increasingly successful show business career when he joined the Nation of Islam. He is utterly sincere when he speaks, and his addresses are in the category of classical oratory. He can tell a story, modulate his voice, gesture, shout, speak in a whisper, rise to a crescendo, for hours on end and with near photographic memory. Those of his enemies who reassure themselves that this is just the mesmerism of a skilled pitchman at a torchlit rally, are learning to their sorrow that this is in fact an inspired leader whose mind is suffused with truth. 

After my speech, for the rest of the evening and throughout Monday before my flight departed, I couldn’t walk twenty yards in the hotel or the courtyard, without being stopped and thanked by Nation of Islam people who were not ordered to do so. They wanted my business card and details about my books, but most of all they wanted simply to offer respect. None was more moving than the young man who could not have been older than 14 or 15 years-of-age, who offered me his gratitude with kindness and love in his eyes.

For thirty-five years I have worked and prayed for the opportunity to give a speech to many thousands of open-minded and open-hearted people around the world, and it did not come to fruition until a black man who is a Muslim offered me the invitation.

If we are seeking after an advanced model of humanity, the Nation of Islam is it. Those who are too prejudiced to accept a teaching from these exemplary black people because they are black, are to be pitied.

It is written, “A prophet is not without honor except in his own country” (Mark 6:4) I am, of course, not a prophet. Yet after more than 35 years in the trenches, it has become obvious that my own people have plugged their ears and shaded their eyes. By God’s grace, Louis Farrakhan embraced my work in the field of Talmudic exegesis. I will not vouchsafe to question and quibble, as some undoubtedly will, over what I consider an act of Divine Providence. 

Rest assured that I bore witness throughout my time with the Nation of Islam to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and was thanked, praised and blessed for it. To the extent that I can assist their educational endeavors in the future, I have promised to do so to the best of my ability. 

This essay is titled, “My Service to the Nation of Islam.” In medieval Catholic tradition, we revere the life of St. Francis of Assisi. In the year 1219, while the Fifth Crusade raged, Francis left his Catholic homeland in Italy and traveled to Al-massura, a military encampment outside the Egyptian port city of Damietta, to meet with the Sultan of Egypt, al-Malik al-Kamil Naser ad-Din Abu al-Ma’ali Muhammad, the fourth sultan of the Ayyubid dynasty. According to the first biographer of the saint, his contemporary Thomas of Celano, “Francis was treated very graciously by the sultan.” This too was how this writer was treated by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. Legend has it that St. Francis made it his life’s work to spread Christ’s maxim, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” In rendering service to the Nation of Islam, I have received much more than I gave.

Copyright©2019 by Independent History and Research

Revisionist historian Michael Hoffman is the author of the textbook, Judaism Discovered, and a condensed edition, Judaism’s Strange Gods: Revised and Expanded. He is a former reporter for the New York bureau of the Associated Press. His writing has appeared in the New York Review of Books and the New York Times. 

Website: www.RevisionistHistory.org  
Twitter: @HoffmanMichaelA

Transcript of Michael Hoffman’s 
Speech to the Nation of Islam

Chicago, February 17, 2019

I greet you in the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

To the true Jews of all nations I say, Shalom. Bracha Hatzlacha. Salaam Alaikum.

Thank you, Minister Farrakhan, for permitting me to speak at Saviour’s Day, and for your courage and vision.

In February of 2018 the Research Department of the Nation of Islam, the scholars who are responsible for producing the magisterial revisionist history titled, The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, alerted me to a segment of Minister Louis Farrakhan’s Savior’s Day speech concerning the Babylonian Talmud. In that speech he made the controversial claim that the Talmud, which is the holiest book of Orthodox Judaic believers, contained the teaching that Jesus, the Lord and Savior of the estimated two billion Christians on earth, was in hell, being perpetually boiled in excrement. This is a thing so foul that one encounters it in no other theology or creed on this planet unless it were to emanate from the Church of Satan. No other religion teaches anything approaching what the rabbis of the Talmud have so savagely and pornographically taught about the Messiah of Israel.

As I watched a clip from the video of Minister Farrakhan’s speech, I was most affected by his words as he concluded this part of his address: “This is what they say about your Jesus.”

It was then that the impact of his words struck me. Here was a Muslim leader who is derided and castigated and dragged through the mud by the corporate media, who was pointing out what the prominent Christian leaders, such as Mr Franklin Graham, the son of Billy Graham, with all his million followers and millions of dollars, has not dared to say. What Christian leader Joel Osteen with millions of followers and millions of dollars dares not to say. What Mike Huckabee, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell Jr. and Joel Beeke have not dared to say in public to all the world. What Mike Pence, the so-called “evangelical Christian” Vice-President of these United States has not had the testicular fortitude to state openly in a public forum.  

Only Louis Farrakhan, a Muslim leader who is pilloried, libeled, disdained and denigrated by these so-called Christians, had the audacity to stand up to the powerful advocates of the Babylonian Talmud and broadcast to the world their disgrace and their shame, in blaspheming the Holy name of Jesus by placing him in a cauldron of boiling hot feces, forever, in what is known in Hebrew as גֵּי בֶן־הִנֹּם and in ancient Greek as Gehenna, and what we know as hell. 

They order the women’s (movement) to repudiate Minister Farrakhan, but when will the followers of the Orthodox rabbis be asked to repudiate the Talmud?

This is the power of truth for which they have no answer. What they have instead of the truth, is the machinery of libel by which they endeavor to destroy the reputation of whomever dares to speak the truth by stigmatizing us as “anti-semites” or as “haters.”

Let us never accept that designation! We are lovers, not haters! We are the lovers of the Judaic people because the word Jew is a holy name. The Scriptures say, “Salvation is of the Jews.”  The Judeans.

We are willing to speak the truth about the beliefs of Orthodox Judaism, and that is an act of love, not hate. The haters of the Jews are the ones who keep them enslaved to the Talmud; those are the haters.

The best friend of the true Jews on this earth is the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.