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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Should We Honor Thanksgiving and the Pilgrims in 2021?

  Should We Honor Thanksgiving and the Pilgrims in 2021?

By Michael Hoffman


The Orwellian Left aspires to create a Year One blank slate for its revolution, similar to the calendar of the Jacobins, who launched the infamous terror in late 18th century France. It was the ambition of Robespierre and Danton that time itself would be made subject to their dogmatic conceit.

In our day, not only turkeys but the American celebration of Thanksgiving is headed for the chopping block, should the Left prevail in stripping the calendar of our cherished traditional holidays. Toward that objective, it has been decided by the overlords of consensus reality that the Protestant dissidents who founded the commonwealth of Massachusetts and much of New England were “genocidal” toward Native Americans. On the foundation of that hoary accusation alone, offering “thanksgiving” to the God of Israel by those who believed they were founding a new Israel in the American wilderness, is viewed as a criminal enterprise by contemporary virtue signalers and putative human rights advocates, who have lots of problems with the Pilgrims and Puritans and none with the infanticidal abortion of late term infants. The hypocrisy is breathtaking. Due to recent advances in pre-natal testing, Down syndrome babies are increasingly targeted for abortion. In some European countries the birth of those children has been reduced by 90% or more. To speak the truth of this genocide to the powers leading the attack on America’s earliest founders is to invite ridicule and scorn.

The Missing Element in the Charge of  “Genocide”

“Woke” history, for all the support it receives from mighty organs of mass opinion like the New York Times, in many of its most basic assumptions and tenets is ludicrously ignorant and simplistic. For example, why are we made to believe that the history of genocide on the North American continent began with the arrival of white people? From a survey of the anti-Columbus and anti-Pilgrim polemics, we find that this rudimentary question is seldom, if ever, posed. This leads us to wonder whether discovery of the chronicle of the past is the authentic issue. It would appear that the point of the harangue against Thanksgiving is to defame the Christians whose plans of government, such as the Mayflower Compact, form the backbone of the republic that evolved from it. If the cause of justice for Native Americans was the actual business at hand, then the history of genocide would commence with the buried history of the slaughters perpetrated by Indian tribes against rival tribes, long before any Englishman stepped on Plymouth Rock.

The Iroquois confederacy was dedicated to the wholesale extermination of the Huron, a loathsome feat they nearly managed to achieve. In the far west, the Blackfeet attempted to impose genocide on the Flathead people, and the Cayuse were the bloodthirsty enemies of their native neighbors. The Pilgrims were entangled in internecine conflicts by the tribes of the northeast that had been underway decades before 1620. This entry of whites into the civil wars of the natives is the “genocide” for which the founders of New England are indicted, while the genocide perpetrated by Native Americans on one another is censored or absolved. In its place a myth is promulgated in defiance of the historical record, of pre-Pilgrim peace and solidarity among the Indians. This imposture can only have credibility by ignoring the annals of Native civil wars. Moreover, when the Wampanoag were pursuing war with the Puritans they were facing not only them, but the Indian allies of the Puritans: Pequots, Niantics, Mohegans as well as Wampanoag people who had converted to Christianity. 

In 1675 the resulting King Philip’s War was instigated by the Wampanoag with the aid of their former enemies, the Narragansetts. Due to a dream that Wampanoag shamans shared, they counseled that their warriors should commit inflammatory acts to provoke the New Englanders into firing the first shot. The medicine men dreamed that the Wampanoag would only be victorious if they goaded the whites in this manner. Consequently, houses of Puritans were looted and wrecked, their cattle killed. On June 23 the Wampanoag’s self-fulfilling prophecy was realized: a Puritan farm boy shot a marauding Wampanoag who had been plundering his family’s farm. With 24 hours Wampanoag warriors were ambushing whites. Nearly a dozen were killed, including the farm boy and his father. In the early skirmishing colonial militiamen were picked off, their bodies dismembered, mutilated and displayed in gruesome arrangements intended to intimidate survivors. Thus began King Philip’s War, whose violence is now laid entirely at the feet of the settlers, with any admission of right and wrong being present on both sides of the conflict summarily dismissed as “white supremacy.”

The tragedy was not inevitable. In the early years of Plymouth Plantation there was respect and a degree of concord between Indians and Pilgrims, which is what is commemorated at Thanksgiving — the crossing of the racial gulf in the search for mutual understanding and harmony. One of the most heavily enforced doctrines of political correctness is the prevalent contempt for Christian missionary efforts. Yet it is worth noting that it was Christian linguists who helped to preserve what were entirely oral Indian languages, through the laborious process of translating the Bible into native tongues.  

A few decades after King Philip’s War, David Brainerd was born. He was a Puritan burdened with poor health who was orphaned at age fourteen and subsequently expelled from Yale. He overcame his disadvantages and physical frailty to give his life to leading Native Americans to Jesus, dying at the age of 29 from exhaustion and “consumption” (tuberculosis). His diary was published by theologian Jonathan Edwards and remains a signal inspiration to missionaries crossing oceans and racial divides to toil in the vineyard of the gospel and racial healing, even unto our day.

Contra Criminal Politics

Prejudice toward Pilgrims and Puritans (the former sought to separate from the official Anglican Church, the latter worked to remain and “purify” it), predates “woke” hatred. These brightly dressed, hard-drinking, hard-living Calvinists who were known to usually quickly remarry after the death of a spouse, have been routinely portrayed by literary giants from Hawthorne to Mencken as happiness-hating prudes who prohibited love, life and alcohol.

Actually, their principal concern in England and a reason they were driven from their birthplace, was their intolerance of the criminal politics practiced by a monarchy and aristocracy knee-deep in the familiar lip service paid to Yahweh’s scriptural standards, including weighty matters of economic justice and courtroom jurisprudence. The Puritans worked to enforce God’s laws against avaricious bankers and merchants, usurious interest rates, and sham trials consisting of convictions for capital crimes that lacked the obligatory two witnesses, protesting the perjury that was common due to ignoring God’s prescribed punishment (the sentence the perjurer sought to inflict on the innocent was to be inflicted on the perjurer). In the Bible, imprisonment is only for battle captives and those awaiting trial and not to be employed as a form of punishment. 

These were among the many practical Biblical reforms Puritans sought to enforce in order to crush criminal politics and bring about the kingship of Christ. Undoubtedly the Puritans were far from perfect and their unjust persecution of Catholics and Quakers (among others) would lead Roger Williams to found Rhode Island as a sanctuary for dissenters.


The modern world has sought to indelibly stain the Puritan founders of our nation with a solitary cudgel, the Salem Witch Trials, erasing the achievements of early New England by means of the fate of the innocent of Salem and one judicial episode which was, on balance, contrary to the general order of justice which their courts typically adjudicated. 

Salem has been rendered into a cartoon due to the fact that its most instructive context has been suppressed. The false witness put forth by the crazed girls at the Salem witch trials was in many instances not a matter of Puritan theology and Bible belief, but rather of post-traumatic stress at a level of intensity that resulted from the horrors of Indian attacks which they had survived — rape, abduction and watching their siblings and parents tortured to death in the course of the Natives’ slaughter of Puritan villages and farms. Cornell University Prof. Mary Beth Norton pioneered the unearthing of these revisionist facts in her indispensable book, In the Devil's Snare: The Salem Witchcraft Crisis of 1692.

In terms of the founding of our nation, the Mayflower Compact is a simple document, revered not for its eloquence or genius, but for the equal standing in the eyes of the law which it affirmed for everyone, from the wealthiest would-be entrepreneur to the lowliest indentured servant, a harbinger of Thomas Jefferson’s recognition in the Declaration of Independence that human rights are endowed by our Creator, not any government of men.

Fanatics with a hidden agenda denounce Pilgrims, Puritans and Jefferson for failing to practice their principles with perfect consistency. In bad faith these zealots smother the towering achievement of the Founders: that by establishing the great antidote to tyranny, the recognition that human beings are the image-bearing creatures of God (imago Dei), they bequeathed to us a patrimony of liberty which over time, incrementally lifted all boats and endowed all races and colors with fundamental human rights. 

This is what ennobles our national holiday on the fourth Thursday of November, and causes us to offer our gratitude to our heavenly Father, and the ancestors who kept faith with His will for us and our posterity.

Michael Hoffman is the author of ten books of history and literature and the editor of Revisionist History, a research newsletter intended for scholars and activists. He resides with his family in northern Idaho.

Copyright©2021 by Independent History and Research

Box 849, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83816


Thursday, November 18, 2021

Two pages from Twilight Language book and a Christian question

Our 2021 book Twilight Language, the sequel to Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare which was published twenty years ago (prior to Sept. 11, 2001), continues to grow in popularity.

Concerning its theses and revelations, we have been interviewed thus far four times on major outlets since its publication in July; two of those interviews being broadcast almost back to back this month (nationwide on Ground Zero radio with Clyde Lewis, and in New York on WBAI-FM with Bonnie Faulkner).

For those of you who have not yet acquired Twilight Language, two representative pages have been posted at our Twitter feed.  You need not be signed into Twitter to view them at this link.


From our e-mail:

Should a Christian Submit to Government Fingerprinting in order to serve the people?

On Nov 18, 2021, at 7:59, Brian <xxxxxx@gmail.com> wrote:

Hello Mr. Hoffman,

I am writing to ask for your advice.  I converted to Christianity recently (thanks in large part to your work), and as a part of that, I have been trying to find ways to serve others, as Jesus commanded.  One thing I've been trying to do is volunteer at a local children's hospital here in xxxxx. I was offered a volunteer position today, but was disappointed to learn that volunteers need to get fingerprinted by the FBI.

I'm sure I don't need to tell you that the FBI is a pretty nasty organization that has helped commit and cover up many crimes.  The FBI has even framed people for crimes before, so it seems like the last organization you would want to submit biometrics to.  I am concerned that if I try to live a virtuous life following the teachings of Jesus, I might even end up in direct conflict with the FBI at some point in my life.  I really don't think it would be the right thing to do to submit my fingerprints, but then I won't be allowed to help the sick at the hospital.

I was wondering if you had any thoughts or advice about this dilemma that you'd be willing to share.

Thank you so much for your time,



Dear Brian

Congratulations on becoming a believer in Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, His death on the Cross for our transgressions, and His defeat of the awful power of death by His Resurrection!

By way of an answer to your query, we have a relative who is a nurse at a large metropolitan hospital and this person probably had to be fingerprinted as well (we haven’t asked). This relative is a very competent, conscientious, high intensity individual who works in perhaps the most demanding part of the hospital and saves lives almost daily. What if, out of fear of man, our relative did not undertake this vocation? We wonder if lives would have been lost and “the least” of His brethren made to suffer? We are to fear no one but God.

True, an FBI fingerprinting could be used against you some day. Who knows?

On the other hand, if Joseph and Mary had detoured from Bethlehem to avoid the required tax, would not God’s will for Christ’s birth in “the city of David" have been thwarted?

All Christians are to live fearlessly with faith in God’s grace and providence. Yet our faith does not cancel the exercise of prudence regarding the predominant tyranny of our time. You have liberty in Christ and the choice concerning the fingerprinting is yours.

If I were you I would pray about it, asking for divine guidance in the name in which personally, we always pray, The Most Holy Name of Jesus.

In His Service,

Michael Hoffman



Monday, November 08, 2021

The Backlash Against Our "Hitler's Talmud" blog

The backlash against our work is tremendous whenever we raise historical issues not friendly to Hitler-enthusiasts. It’s underway again

Dear Mark Elsis

Re: "Just Published: Hitler’s Talmud by Michael Hoffman"

Thank you for publicizing in your online “Earth Newspaper," our blog containing research on Adolf Hitler and the publication of the Goldschmidt Talmud in NS Germany. You have an open mind.  Too many of those who criticize the Left for lacking one have not peered into the mirror of late —  the backlash against our work is tremendous whenever we raise historical issues not friendly to Hitler-enthusiasts. It’s underway again.

Generally, Hitler's fans don’t debate, they denounce, and usually not directly, but with a malicious whispering campaign which has reduced our support, as if that will deter us from our research. If Zionists, with far more resources, have not been able to intimidate us, why do Hitler partisans imagine their slander will succeed? If people won’t read our books or newsletters because we uncover inconvenient facts about Hitler, then we are happy to bid them farewell. We don’t want to trade one-track Left wing minds for Right wing versions of the same conformism. The datum that Hitler permitted the publication of a superb edition of the Talmud from a rabbinic publishing house which flourished in Germany’s capital city at a time when he was banning conservative Christian books and other dissenting history and literature, should be newand prompt questions. And this would occur if there was a healthy alternative movement that truly was an exception to the pressure to conform at either pole of the political antipodes. Instead, our breaking news has been stomped into near oblivion.

We seek to offer a winning strategy for our people, including keys to decrypting the Twilight Language control-process of the Cryptocracy —  for overcomers who desire victory, rather than addiction to a pattern of dictatorial egomania and self-worship that ended in the most resounding defeat for the German people in their history. No amount of calumny or cancellation will keep us from fulfilling our revisionist duty to discover history.

Revisionism is an intellectual, taboo-shattering, dogma-overthrowing adventure, or it is nothing. That overthrow includes pro-Hilter dogma and taboos that prevent people from considering facts independent of shuttered mentalities. Nietzsche warned against becoming what we oppose. Many Hitlerites have minds slammed as tightly shut as those of Orthodox rabbis. For example, nothing else that we have pioneered in the field of white slaves history, secret societies and the occult, usury, the forensic study of Talmudism, the Israeli holocaust against the Palestinians —  matters — it’s all canceled in their eyes, sent down the drain —  when we deflate the Führer cult with documentation from the shadow side of the chronicle of the past. 

Are people aware of the extent to which the American “far” Right is compromised by sub-rosa Hitler allegiance? Of how much our work is obstructed by it? At present we are researching and writing the December issue of the Revisionist History® newsletter. The subject is Queen Elizabeth I’s black slave empire, which formed an essential part of the occult rule of this monarch, who fulfilled the esoteric goddess archetype for the diabolic powers of her age — she who was the “Isis” of her time — as Edmund Spencer acknowledged. Her slave kingdom was synonymous with the planning for the the rise of the British empire concept, as propagated by Richard Hakluyt and John Dee, which was built on the backs of black and white slaves. Is this untold history at all important in comprehending contemporary events, such as the child molestation empire in Britain that was maintained by Prince Charles and Ronald Reagan’s celebrated “conservative” crony, Margaret Thatcher? Or would it be preferable that our work dissolved into Orwell’s infamous memory hole  — marking a well deserved termination of worthless scholarship deserving of boycott, all because we dare to arraign Hitler’s record and thereby impede the neo-Nazi movement being gradually revived inside the “populist” Right wing?

Very truly,

Michael Hoffman


On Nov 6, 2021, at 18:18, Mark R. Elsis | EarthNewspaper.com <mark@earthnewspaper.com> wrote:

Hitler’s Talmud

The enigma of the book-banning dictator permitting the publication of the Goldschmidt Talmud

We have referred to the “mystery" of Adolf Hitler’s support for the publication of the Goldschmidt Talmud. At present it remains just that. We don’t pretend to have plumbed the depths of his decision to permit its public debut and publication in Germany (about which there was nothing covert), rather than having the Nazi secret police suppress it. This is a subject deserving detailed investigation by a scholar fluent in German and with access to the archives, which is an apt description of Sefaria’s Rothschild-funded personnel. To the best of our knowledge however, thus far they have scrupulously avoided any such inquiry. This is queer, given the fact that it is the most striking aspect of the case, after Lazarus Goldschmidt’s prodigious accomplishment in translating the entire Gemara (Babylonian Talmud), from Aramaic to German.

by Michael Hoffman



Thursday, November 04, 2021

Hitler's Talmud

 Hitler’s Talmud

The enigma of the book-banning dictator permitting the publication of the Goldschmidt Talmud 

By Michael Hoffman    www.RevisionistHistory.org

Since the publication of our book, Adolf Hitler: Enemy of the German People, neo-Nazis have been as vicious toward us as the Zionists (including issuing death threats and calumniating our Truth Mission far and wide). They are not going to appreciate that today we are once again fulfilling our duty to revisionist history by raising the issue of the mystery of Adolf Hitler’s support for the publication of the Babylonian Talmud in Nazi Germany, at a time when he had banned hundreds (if not thousands) of books, including volumes authored by German Christian Conservatives.

We have long been aware that Lazarus Goldschmidt’s "Judischer" verlag (publishing house) operated without obstruction under the Nazis, and that in Berlin in 1935 Hitler permitted the printing and general distribution of Goldschmidt’s multi-volume Talmud translation (view a photo of one of the volumes at this link). In the event anyone would deny it, a few years ago we purchased an original printing of one copy. We let the matter rest there and proceeded to other projects.

Now there has been a development. Sefaria.org is the premier online publisher of the Talmud Bavli in the West, as well as cognate sacred rabbinic texts (offered entirely free of charge and backed in part by the Rothschild Foundation). This year Sefaria debuted all of Goldschmidt’s German Talmud online. To announce the event, Sefaria produced a lengthy video to discuss the Goldschmidt Talmud and interview researchers and surviving members of Mr. Goldschmidt’s family. What piqued our interest was that in the course of the video all of the speakers avoided discussing how it came to pass that the book-banning Führer permitted the Talmud to be published, in a sturdy hardcover edition for mass circulation in German-speaking lands.

This is not unprecedented. Something like it occurred in 16th century Italy where a putative foe of the Talmud secretly sponsored it. In our book, The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome, we offer evidence testifying to the support which anti-Lutheran Medici Pope Leo X gave to the publication, in Venice, of the Bomberg Talmud. Though gullible Catholics imagine this pope to have been anti-occult, he actually was responsible for the publication of the Talmud in the finest edition ever printed up to that time. Pope Leo X was indubitably part of the occult movement which had captured the papacy from the time of Marsilio Ficino and Pico della Mirandola, after the rise of the Medici’s Platonic Academy in Florence in the fifteenth century. 

As with the beguiled believers in the integrity of Leo X, Hitler’s naive acolytes imagine that he was anti-occult. But as we demonstrated in Adolf Hitler: Enemy of the German People, he was a creature of the occult Thule society from the earliest days of his post-First World War career as a political spy, and then as a leader of the fledgling National Socialist movement. Yes, he interdicted his occult rivals among the Freemasons and similar organizations, in the same way that General Motors seeks to crush Ford. But few among us would be so puerile as to mistake the rivalry between Ford and GM as representing the objective of the abolition of cars. Because Hitler obstructed rival occult groups it does not compute that he himself was free of the eternal pagan psychodrama and its clandestine manifestation on the Right. The Führer was an occult agent. It was occultism according to the “Aryan” gnosis in which he had been indoctrinated. If you doubt it, take the time to read our book.

Michael Hoffman with his personal copy of an original volume of the German Talmud published in Nazi Berlin in 1935 (click on the photo to enlarge it)

We have referred to the “mystery" of Adolf Hitler’s support for the publication of the Goldschmidt Talmud. At present it remains just that. We don’t pretend to have plumbed the depths of his decision to permit its public debut and publication in Germany (about which there was nothing covert), rather than having the Nazi secret police suppress it. This is a subject deserving detailed investigation by a scholar fluent in German and with access to the archives, which is an apt description of Sefaria’s Rothschild-funded personnel. To the best of our knowledge however, thus far they have scrupulously avoided any such inquiry. This is queer, given the fact that it is the most striking aspect of the case, after Lazarus Goldschmidt’s prodigious accomplishment in translating the entire Gemara (Babylonian Talmud), from Aramaic to German.

In attempting to unravel the mystery, one lacuna that ought to be factored are statements by revered Orthodox gedolim, such as Grand Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson and the powerful spiritual leader of the Israeli political party Shas, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef (both of whom are recently deceased). In their theological discourses they asserted that Hitler was an avenging angel sent by God to punish German Judaics who had abandoned submission to the Talmud. 

The documentation for the largely recondite fact of qualified rabbinic esteem for Hitler will be found in our banned textbook Judaism Discovered (pp. 59-61). Judaic-Germans were among the most elite Judaics in the world, engaged in teaching and advancing mathematics, physics, chemistry and philosophy. Most had served honorably and patriotically in the German military during the First World War, and most were becoming ever more estranged from the Talmud and Talmudic rabbis — increasingly seeking to assimilate — which is a horrible moral transgression in Talmudism; infuriating to its leaders and adherents.

Then Hitler comes to power and lumps the increasingly secular and assimilationist Judaics who are in many cases making major contributions to Germany, with the benighted followers of the troglodyte halacha —largely extruding and extirpating the former (the majority) — hence, the encomium, divine “avenging angel” bestowed upon him by leading post-war Talmudists such as Yosef and Schneerson, and their epigones.

It’s our job to study these questions and bring them to your attention, and it’s the reason why you read what we write. We don’t confine our scholarship to a claustrophobic wing of the political spectrum. We defy taboos established by partisan ideologues on either side of the Judean/gentile divide. One measures a circle beginning anywhere. We choose to measure it at the point where knowledge, however inconvenient to fanatics, is advanced to the highest degree of incandescence.

Michael Hoffman is a former reporter for the New York bureau of the Associated Press, the editor of Revisionist History® newsletter, and the author of ten books, three of which have been banned by Amazon. The sale of Mr. Hoffman’s work was canceled by Paypal in 2017. He was banned from YouTube on August 26, 2019. As an independent scholar without institutional affiliation, his work is made possible by donations from truth-seekers and the sale of his books, newsletters and recordings. 

The backlash against our work is tremendous whenever we raise historical issues not friendly to Hitler-enthusiasts. It’s underway again

Copyright©2021 by Independent History and Research, Box 849, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 83816 USA

Website: www.RevisionistHistory.org  •  Follow Michael on Twitter: @HoffmanMichaelA


Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Reader's react to our column on Dave Chapelle

  Here is a representative sample of reactions to yesterday’s On the Contrary column, “Alchemical Process and the Revelation of the Method in the ‘Conservative' Reaction to Netflix’s Dave Chapelle” 

On Oct 18, 2021, at 10:15, Ryan G. <xxxxx@yahoo.com> wrote:


I have not written to you for several years, but was prompted to write after reading this.  I thank God for your clarity of thought today more than ever.  The "lying wonders" have been released from the abyss and it seems that only those who were alert prior to such release have any chance of surviving.  Thanks to your writing in substantial part, I'm alert and I've been able to at least lead my wife and children to be alert to the pitfalls, snares, flaming arrows and numerous temptations that swirl all around.  The genius behind the occult processing is most certain beyond the ability of any man or group of men.  Only the discernment that God gives to those who ask in faith and fear of God is all that can possibly overcome it.  I trust that it is not ultimately you, but our God and Savior Jesus Christ who is using you to be a spokesman for the truth.  Thanks be to God that he has preserved a remnant of leaders who have not bowed the knee from every part of the body of Christ.  You are most certainly in that crowd of witnesses.  



Louisville, KY


Dear Ryan

Thank you for your inspiring words.  Helping people like you build and sustain strong families is a principal objective of our Truth Mission. Without such families we have no chance to achieve a future free of diabolic suzerainty.

Very truly,

Michael Hoffman


On Oct 18, 2021, at 10:06, ALAN D. <xxxxxxx@hughes.net> wrote:

Kevin MacDonald, as you may now be aware, posted a comment on David Chapelle and his expression "Space Jews".




I would love to hear your comment on this.

Alan D., PhD.



Dear Dr. Alan

In his column Kevin MacDonald is a neutral observer of Chapelle’s porn patter, which is a kind of qualified support (silence = consent; this type of support has also been extended to Chapelle's show by "Christian Conservative" Rod Dreher). 

Because Chapelle has attracted resistance from some Judaic people as well as the “Trans” tribe, Dr. MacDonald reports Mr. Chapelle's sewer of a "comedy show" without disapprobation of any kind. In fact he has only kudos: 

"People who tell the truth on sex and gender are canceled. But it’s interesting that there are some exceptions. Black comedian David Chappelle seems to have survived a torrent of abuse...And he’s rather unrepentant...And not only that, he got off the reservation on...(amazingly) Jews...Jews taking over the world. Not a good idea for someone in show business to be pushing...So far, Netflix is standing by Chappelle. I suspect that he feels he has enough money—Netflix’s budget for “The Closer” was $24.1M and I very much doubt that his live-performance audience will desert him. Of course that raises the question of why other wealthy, famous people don’t get off the reservation. Very few do. So Chappelle definitely has balls.” (End quote from Kevin MacDonald).

This is on par with the favorable reaction Dave Chapelle has received from “Conservatives" because he has objected to, in certain respects, the “Trans” movement.

In each instance this is a case of taking the sucker bait. It is evidence of the extent of the advance of the incremental dissolution of the lucidity and moral fibre of the people who are said to be leaders in the struggle to restore our civilization.

I repeat what I wrote in The Hoffman Wire October 18. Twenty or so years ago, in the minds of conservative Americans of that time, Chapelle’s filth would have canceled any supposed good things he had to say. They would have discerned the fact that no great lie or deception is put forth without including some partial truth sprinkled into what is otherwise demonic talk.

Satan is happy to have our youth indoctrinated in the association of the epithet “bitches” with almost every woman to whom Mr. Chapelle alludes, which reminds us of the ubiquity of that other diabolic phrase, “MotherF—ker,” which has become an everyday expletive whose dishonorable meaning is obscured and rendered insipid by the fact of its widespread infiltration of our culture’s public discourse.

Satan is gratified to hear Chapelle’s “comical" recounting of a prayer relating the name Jesus to toilet parts of the human anatomy, and to have a disgustingly perverted act of oral sex between a boy and a pedophile preacher rendered ordinary by its introduction in a “comedy" venue. Failing to detect the impact of this unconcealed, in “plain sight” degeneracy, is a disastrous failure of vision. Humanity is being processed to accept this — and guess what? They are —  thanks to endorsement by “our Conservative leaders.”

Even in the late  20th century it would not have taken a watchman on the ramparts to spot these glaring signposts of evil. Chapelle’s snare would have been readily seen for what it is. Human alchemy's Solve et Coagula entails the union of opposites on the tessellated game board of temple arcana.

We have been a voice crying in the wilderness concerning the occult processing of humanity, which is now in its terminal "Revelation of the Method" phase, as delineated most recently in our book Twilight Language and prior to that in Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare.

The defeat of our enemies will begin with the defeat of their Hermetic-Alchemical process. To achieve that victory one must know what it denotes, how it arose, and how it gains ever more firm purchase in the West.

Michael Hoffman