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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Catholic Journalist Killed by Israeli military

 Catholic Journalist Killed by Israeli Military

By Michael Hoffman

www.Revisionist History.org 

Shireen Abu Akleh (sometimes spelled Aqleh) was assassinated by an Israeli sniper in Jenin this week (according to Palestinian eyewitnesses). The Israeli government, as they almost always do when caught red-handed murdering Palestinians, are blaming the Palestinians for her death. 

Israeli witness testimony cannot be impeached. To do so is “anti-Semitic.” However, it is deemed perfectly permissible, even warranted, for Palestinian eyewitness testimony to be discounted. We believe the Palestinians

The media are not generally reporting that Shireen was a Catholic born in Jerusalem. The right-wing Neocon tall-tale sold to gullible ignoramuses at Dispensationalist Protestant churches, is that Muslims despise Catholics.

A generalization like that is beneath contempt because it fails to ask the question, which Muslims? The church-banning, Salafist Saudis with their blood-drenched 18th century heretical theology which inspires ISIS (and the one with which Uncle Sam and Donald Trump are allied— Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner sent $2 billion in Saudi money to Israeli companies this week).

The Sunni Islam practiced by a majority of Palestinians views Christians such as Shireen Abu Akleh who did not wear a head-covering and who reported for Al-Jazeera, as their sister.

Say what, Hoffman? Muslims regard a Catholic as their sister? 

You read that correctly. She was revered when alive and now too, in death.

Unlike the emigrants from Brooklyn and eastern Europe occupying the land of Palestine, Shireen Abu Akleh was a Jerusalem native.

Beware the Right Wing

In general, with certain exceptions, we appreciate the good work Tucker Carlson is doing on Fox News. However, last night for several minutes he was involved in an exercise in cringe-worthy mediocrity — interviewing a witless clown described as a “comedian.” While he was thus trivially engaged, rival cable news outlet MSNBC, normally not a purveyor of truth, was broadcasting a serious exposé of Israeli lies and deception related to the ongoing Israeli murder of journalists like Shireen. MSNBC basically said the Israelis can’t be trusted to investigate these assassinations and pointed to the fact that almost no Israeli sniper is ever severely punished for killing journalists, or any Palestinian civilian for that matter.

Let us see how many Catholic news outlets report and investigate Shireen’s death. Thus far we have seen no special emphasis or interest. This is in keeping with the track record of Israeli mouthpieces such as Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, and Raymond Arroyo of both Fox News and the EWTN Catholic network. 

Yesterday was Minister Louis Farrakhan’s 89th birthday. We recall his intrepid 2019 talk at St. Sabina Catholic Church in Chicago. Minister Farrakhan, though an American Muslim, has had a life-long devotion to Blessed Mary the Mother of God, going so far as to name the central mosque of the Nation of Islam, “Mosque Maryam” (Mosque Mary).

At St. Sabina he passionately defended the holy names of Jesus and Mary against Talmudic defamation, documenting his words with accurate quotes from the Babylonian Talmud. Shortly thereafter, St. Sabina was nearly shut down by Chicago's “Catholic” Cardinal Blase Cupich. 

Arroyo and Ingraham obviously did not listen to the video of Minister Farrakhan’s remarks at the Catholic Church. They only regurgitated the ADL press release that was issued through NewsMax and other Israeli lobby assets. They condemned a black man for speaking a Catholic truth which almost no Catholic priest or bishop dares to utter

This is the state of Right wing media today: usually excellent on domestic issues such as opposition to abortion, integrity of the US border and the 2nd Amendment, and abysmally supine in the face of whatever coverup or whitewash Zionists demand concerning Israeli apartheid racism and state-sponsored terrorism.

You won’t read too many headlines like ours naming this murdered reporter as a Catholic. Your favorite Right wing media fear the wake-up call such a headline would trigger — the awareness that a majority of Muslims in Palestine are allied with Christians of good will

How do they define good will? Being fair  not turning a blood eye to the relentless theft of Palestinian land and the dispossession and mass murder of the people of Palestine.

Light a candle to the memory of Shireen Abu Akleh who knew she was targeted for death and reported anyway. May we all possess her courage in the cause of what is right and true.

Michael Hoffman

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Saturday, April 30, 2022

Twilight Language Notes on “The Shining Girls” [Apple -TV television series]

 Twilight Language Notes on

 "Shining Girls” [AppleTV+ television series]

By Michael Hoffman
Author of Twilight Language; Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, and The Occult Renaissance

This blog post was begun on St. Walpurga's Eve, April 30, 2021 during a solar eclipse over the southeastern Pacific ocean. 

Updated May 13, 2022  


An eight part thriller series debuted April 29 on “AppleTV+” about a serial killer who butchers women with supernatural impunity. Although the production is staffed with alleged feminists we are concerned not only about the Twilight Language snippets we’ve detected, but also the degree to which the violence against women is being portrayed in an exploitative manner.

While thus far these television suspense dramas do not bear the mark of a major manifesto of the Cryptocracy, “Shining Girls” does seem to form part of the occult “background noise” proliferating throughout American pop media and for that reason is worth studying in order to track the mass conditioning and sub-rosa signaling that may be at work.

This is installment 2.0 in these notes on Twilight Language similarities, synchronicities and Fortean inklings which, in our opinion  are present in these television shows. There will be weekly updates, usually posted on Saturday.

Caveat: No accusation of wrong-doing, criminal, moral or otherwise is herein directed at anyone connected with "The Shining Girls." Twilight Language synchronicities, symbolism and anomalies possibly present may be coincidental, accidental, unconscious or otherwise benign. 


Apple Computer's AppleTV+ series “Shining Girls”  is based on a 2014 novel of the same name by Lauren Beukes. "Shining Girls" was adapted for television under the supervision of Silka Luisa.

In episode no. 2 of (of a total of eight) — broadcast April 29, 2022
Kirby Mizrachi is the alias of a Chicago "newspaper archivist."

Mizrachi is a female serial killer-victim who survived the attack and goes to work for the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper. She lives in “Wicker Park near Monroe.” Wicker is an alternate name for the New York-based Son of Sam killers (“Wicked King Wicker”). The word 
"wicker" appears three times in the novel, on pp. 91, 118 and 330.

Monroe is the county in upstate New York where one of the Son of Sam-affiliated killers “raped and suffocated” young girls (the "Double-Initial Murders").

Mizrachi is the name of an influential rabbinic-Zionist movement founded in 1902 that is powerful in the Israeli state today.

Kirby is a video game created by HAL Laboratory and marketed by Nintendo concerning a pink puffball named Kirby who protects a pentagram-shaped planet from aliens. (HAL was a computer that revolted against its human controllers in the Stanley Kubrick movie, "2001 A Space Odyssey").

In episodes 1 and 2, the violence depicted against women in "The Shining Girls" is thankfully not too graphic, though it is more graphic than necessary. We adhere to the standard set by Alfred Hitchcock in all of his movies with the exception of his final two. In Mr. Hitchcock's films prior to the 1970s, violence is artfully suggested, sometimes in a manner more effective than if it were portrayed outright. (With "Frenzy" in 1971 Hitchcock in his dotage began to conform to the prevailing loathsome objectification of women in post-modern "thriller" cinema, in which they're depicted as little more than murder manikins; moreover, for the first time in his career, in "Frenzy" the murders of the women are seen from the point of view of the killer, not the victim).

In "Shining Girls" the murderer, "Harper Curtis" (played by actor Jamie Bell) projects an aura of cool confidence, invincibility, omniscience and power. In episode 2, with sly panache he nonchalantly allows himself to be interviewed by "Dan Velazquez*," the investigative reporter assigned to the murders. Even when he gives an obviously wrong answer to the reporter's question about his employment, he exudes a bemused self-assurance grounded in his sense of his own invulnerability, rather than endeavoring to cover his erroneous reply with false bravado or arrogance. This is the profile of a master player within the Cryptocracy. The potency displayed by Harper will prove attractive to some audience members. Is this a recruitment device? Insiders (ie. those "inside" the Cryptocracy) are typically protected from capture and prosecution. They work for the people who have ultimate power over reporters, police, and corporate television and movie producers.

In the aftermath of the meeting between reporter Velazquez and killer Harper there is a "hole" in the script. I won't spoil it for those who haven't viewed the episode, consequently I will only say that after  Velazquez converses with Harper, audio evidence turns up that links Harper's distinctive hypnotic voice to the voice of the killer and the reporter doesn't notice the similarity, which would be hard to miss in reality. 

The most famous individual in America bearing the name Harper is the late Harper Lee, a graduate of Monroe County High in Alabama and author of the 1960 novel, To Kill a Mockingbird. In 1959 Harper served as an investigative researcher for Truman Capote in his study of the murder in Kansas of four members of the Clutter family: In Cold Blood (1966).

 In episode no. 3 of "Shining Girls," numerous graphic photos of women slaughtered by the serial killer are shown. This is still photography, albeit staged, but in terms of clearly displaying gory cadavers of murdered women, it pushes the envelope, nonetheless. Photos of this nature should be reserved for medical examiners, police and investigators, and not gratuitously disseminated for public viewing, which risks providing titillation for misogynists.

 There is a disturbing trend in certain Hollywood thrillers to portray in grisly detail repeated acts of gruesome violence against women likely to arouse pathological gratification among haters of women

One such film is “Midnight in the Switchgrass” which debuted last year. It was written by “Alan Horsnail” and starred Bruce Willis as a detective, and Lukas Haas as the woman-detesting serial killer, who receives his comeuppance briefly, only at the conclusion of the film, before which the viewer had sat through scene after scene depicting the prolonged agony of women. The killer's quick death is not agonizing, though it can be cited to provide cover for the portrayal of excruciatingly detailed violence against women by pointing out that in the end the perpetrator also dies. We are not deceived, however. The film's calculus is grotesquely tilted in favor of more screen time devoted to scenes that can provide stimulation to those who derive pleasure from watching women severely harmed and degraded for minutes at a time. This despicable pattern was also present in the 2018 movie The Clovehitch Killer, written by Christopher Ford. This flick features a home invasion in which the dreadful terror experienced by the quaking female victim is graphically portrayed and prolonged, while the death of her victimizer in a later scene is a painless and hasty denouement.

As of episode 3, "Shining Girls” has not acted out the bloodshed in detail, but the extent to which the gruesome photos were broadcast in this entry in the series presents an opportunity for viewers to indulge in deviant voyeurism of a sadistically prurient nature.

Also in episode 3 is a scene in a Chicago convenience store that has seating for customers. From his seat, Harper the killer observes an underage girl approach a clerk at the cash register with alcohol she intends to purchase with fake ID. The clerk notes that her identification document is bogus and demands that the adolescent woman return the alcohol to the shelf, to which she defiantly replies: “You do know nobody cares, right? Like, this isn't f**king Idaho or anything."

Episode 3 uses various gimmicks for highlighting the newspaper reporter's home library, including having the killer tamper with the arrangement of the books on Velazquez's shelf, which include works such as The Turn of the Screw and various studies of murder by Ann Rule, Colin Wilson (The Encyclopedia of Modern Murder) and Barzun Taylor. The latter author's revised and expanded 1989 edition of A Catalogue of Crime (a massive guide to mystery and crime fiction), is shown shelved next to Nick Taylor's book, Sins of the Father (concerning Mafia turncoats). The viewer is also afforded a peak at Elliott Roosevelt's volume Murder at the Palace, and Robert Payne's appreciative 1964 biography of Russia's Communist mass murderer, titled The Life and Death of Vladimir Lenin

Episode no. 4, broadcast May 6

 With a couple of noteworthy exceptions this is a standard suspense thriller, nicely photographed and well-acted. The Twilight Language clues are slight. The previously mentioned Idaho reference (in episode 3) was personally of interest to this writer since Idaho is my principal home. The allusion to Idaho may be of interest to you in that it establishes a synonym: uptight law-abiders = Idaho. 

Another Twilight clue spoken in this fourth show in the "Shining Girls" series is too close to home to mention outright. I've created a mnemonic so I can recall it in the event its relevance becomes evident later: prudente sacre coeur philanthropie.

Episode 1 opened with Kirby in her early childhood receiving a gift of a tiny figure of Pegasus from a stranger who is later shown to be Harper, the man who attacked and nearly killed her years later, when she was a grown woman. 

He attacks Kirby again in this episode and invokes the Pegasus toy he bestowed on her as a child. She only recalls that it was a plaything in the shape of a tiny horse. Harper corrects her, stating with emphasis that it was a figure of Pegasus. In mythology this was the flying horse created from the blood of the severed head of Medusa, after Perseus, son of Zeus, decapitated her. Medusa was one of three sisters who had snakes for hair and were known as gorgons. The Tres Hermanas mountains in Luna County, New Mexico had Fortean significance for James Shelby Downard. In Macbeth the three "wyrd sisters" are witches who possess clairoyant powers and are linked to various calamities and killings.

According to the myth, at the sight of the Medusa, men were turned to stone. However, it was the radical feminist philosopher Mary Daly who flipped that patriarchal legend on its head. Prof. Daly held that the original story as retailed in matriarchal circles was that whoever refused to gaze upon Medusa was turned to stone. 

The blood of Medusa gave life to a flying horse. Harper sheds the blood of many women over the course of time. The contours of his bizarre Twilight timeline begin to emerge in episode 4.

What makes this particular teleplay in the series notable is its welcome portrayal of Kirby, armed with a knife, fiercely and effectively repelling the deadly man Harper's now second attack. One can't help but cheer at this break with the "helpless female stereotype" that litters the thriller cinema genre, typically concluding with the inevitable murder of a woman. Not so here. Harper the would-be killer is depicted shorn of his cool—he's momentarily confused and vexed.  Kirby meanwhile, makes good her escape from him and out to the street. At this juncture, she turns to look back at the interior where she was attacked and sees that it has unaccountably and instantly been transformed. It's a Twilight zone moment.

Episode no. 5, broadcast May 13

This 50 minute episode, written and directed by women, opens with a welcome scene of the once formidable serial killer incapacitated in a hospital bed after Kirby defended herself and stabbed him with her knife. He has sutures on his face and as he heals the resulting prominent scar will make him readily identifiable in the future. A tendon in his leg has been cut and he is exceedingly weak. The big shot killer is now shown to be as vulnerable as a kitten. Breaking the usual Hollywood practice, in episodes 4 and 5, misogynists in the viewing audience are deriving no kicks from "Shining Girls." This is a victory for women and those who love them.

This episode introduces some of the supernatural themes which will become more prominent as the series continues to its conclusion, three episodes hence. 

Though very weak, Harper, the killer, is frantic to get out of the hospital and  back to "The House" where he resides and from which he derives his strength (he succeeds in doing so). 

The time travel theme receives more play in this episode, although viewers are left in the dark concerning the anomalies in space/time that Kirby perceives. When she talks of them she can appear to be schizophrenic (she says she hasn't lived with her mother in years yet an early episode shows her recently doing just that; regarding the black man who is her husband she reports never having married him, etc.).

In a conversation with a woman astronomer who is another target of the serial killer (and who after a number of warnings unaccountably fails to arm herself), the astronomer attempts to explain to Kirby some of what might be happening as an invisible thread consisting of actions having an impact across vast distances in both space and time. Without saying as much, the script at this point is referencing the quantum physics concept of"entanglement."

There is also a brief reference to ancient Egypt, the home of the nine measures of sorcery, as the Talmud Bavli terms those kingdoms in Kiddushin 49b: "עשרה קבים כשפים ירדו לעולם, תשעה נטלה מצרים [ואחד כל העולם כולו" ("Ten measures of sorcery descended to the world; nine were taken by Egypt and one by the rest of the world"). 

In episode 5 there's a reference to bees in the Egypt of antiquity who were, "thought to carry messages from the heavens." All of the bees in this television series have had their wings removed. Thus, it would appear that an analogy is being made between the women who are about to "shine" and are prematurely cut down by the killer, and the wingless bees.

One poignant scene features a young man confined to an institution for dementia patients, though he suffers from an alleged bipolar condition, rather than senility. He has been visited several times by Harper. Kirby interrogates him sternly. We learn he is a veteran of the First World War. Consequently he should be an old man. Photos on the wall of his room show him part of a platoon that fought in Tripoli. The man is a lost soul caught between epochs, a notion which has a certain frisson.

Too often in these streaming mini-series installments there is padding in the script. Only a writer of the caliber of a Charlotte Brönte or a Charles Dickens could render every moment significant over the course of a bloated, approximate cumulative length of 360 minutes. In episode 5 there are scenes of very minor interest extended for the sake of sustaining the pre-assigned 50 minute duration of the program. To deliberately build tedium into a script reminds us of another killerthat killer of art known as commerce.

 To be continued...

Appendix 1 "*Velazquez"

Our colleague Tim K. of Minnesota, contributes the following: "In the 'Shining Girls' the journalist who interviews the serial killer and investigates his crimes is named Velazquez. It brings to mind the famous painter Diego Velazquez and one of his works, 'Las Meninas,' which has intrigued critics ever since he created it in 1656. The title of the painting may be relevant to the mini-series as it translates as, “The Ladies in Waiting.”  

"The first chapter of Michael Foucault’s The Order of the Things, takes up this subject and is titled, “Las Meninas.”  On Amazon.com click on the book for a preview,and scroll down until you get a selection of chapter one to get a sense of what Foucault is writing about.

"It’s been too many years since I’ve read Foucault but if I remember correctly, he focuses on the apparent lack of a ground, or origin, with respect to the viewer of the painting.  At this link is an article which provides a more detailed account.

"If there is a 'Las Meninas' connection in 'Shining Girls,' perhaps it is the play of not knowing 'what’s on the  canvas.' Is Velazquez painting the painting that we’re looking at in the frame, or is he painting something else?  In other words, is the intent to make the 'image' somehow 'real' by bringing us into the work itself?  Like Hitchock’s film 'Rear Window,' are we voyeurs akin to protagonist Jimmy Stewart, who enjoys the mediated world from a safe distance only to have that safety disrupted when the 'image' (the killer) sees him and enters his “real” space?  Is this what 'Shining Girls' is going for?"

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Friday, April 01, 2022

Situation Ethics is the Law of the Post-Renaissance Papal Church

Situation Ethics is the Supreme Law of the Post-Renaissance Papal Church

By Michael Hoffman


This essay has been published in a much enlarged, extended study in the April, 2022 issue of Revisionist History® newsletter no. 119.  

It is available for purchase at this link


Friday, March 25, 2022

March 25 : The central turning-point around which all time and space revolves

 March 25 :  
“The central turning-point around which all time and space revolves”

By Michael Hoffman


The Lily Crucifixion from the Llanbeblig Hours manuscript (circa 1390), courtesy of Eleanor Parker, the Clerk of Oxford

We often hear the term “medieval mind” employed as a calumny by the enthusiasts of modernist change-for-the-sake-of-change, and devotees of  scientism (as distinguished from science; note the difference). Some Protestants are also guilty of imagining that the “medieval mind” connotes a woeful ignorance of Holy Scripture and an inclination toward superstition, which may have been true in its fading years, but not at its height, and it is to that promontory that we draw your attention.

The Middle Ages was an epoch that spanned the 900s to the early 1400s and across those five centuries there was much that was altered (think of the degree to which America has changed in less than half that time, 1776 to 2022). The early medieval period was fiercely opposed to the Money Power as personified by the example of Saints Edward the Confessor, Francis of Assisi, Anthony of Padua, and the lay poet Dante Alighieri. The Bible was the central chart of spiritual navigation and daily life; the latter with an impact we can scarcely imagine today, in part because we have lost the sense of the pageantry of “the holy days,” wherein we awaken ourselves to a perennial reality.

All days are sacred, New Age believers will respond. But if that claim is anything more than psychobabble, we say, prove it. Are each of your days consecrated and set apart in all their twenty-four hours? The medieval mind being far less utopian understood that the charge in Genesis that Adam would earn his bread by the sweat of his brow, signified that much of our daily routine would be consumed with labor that is not always edifying. For this reason many civilizations set aside holy days as particular times. First, for calling to mind the event that hallowed the time, and then through contemplation and commemoration “slowing” time during the sacred period, to dwell within the memory that had marked it and thereby render it a lived experience.

What remains of our holy days now — reduced to Christmas and Resurrection Sunday (“Easter”) — has decayed, and as many have lamented, been “commercialized.” In some cases souls are so put upon during “the holidays” that the sacred period becomes more a source of depression than renewal and blessing.

The medieval calendar was chock-a-block with a plenitude of sacred times of the season, now forgotten. One of those was observed today, March 25, as “Lady Day” (the Feast of the Annunciation).

Eleanor Parker, an Oxford University medievalist, recounts Lady Day and its paradoxical counterpart, Good Friday, coming as it did in the midst of Lent, the cycle that re-lives the 40 days of Jesus in the desert, as well as His “Passion,” His arrest (Holy Thursday), execution (Good Friday), sojourn in Hades (Holy Saturday—which in Greek denotes the underworld of the grave, not “hell”)—and His Resurrection (“Easter”), on the First Day of the Week, henceforth forever The Lord’s Day.

Lady Day is not a rival or competition for the Lord’s Day, though much that is profound and blessed is lost when it is subsumed, as it was by the Reformation. In our day it has been eclipsed to the point of invisibility by a secularized Churchianity in which the Ecclesia has abandoned its mission as a militant counter-culture — a Sign of Jonas held aloft in the face of a mad age of murder and carnality cloaked in the Jim Dandy platitudes of humanism and “luhv.”

Eleanor Parker: “In patristic and medieval tradition, March 25 was considered to be the historical date of the Crucifixion.”

As noted, March 25 was also regarded as the date of the Annunciation, when the humble Israelite woman Mary responded to the Angel Gabriel’s offer to become the mother of the Lord of Creation. To which she responded, “Be it done unto me according to thy Word,” and with that fateful obedient assent, conceived the Christ child by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Parker continues, “The conjunction of the two dates (the Crucifixion and the Annunciation) was considered to be both deliberate and profoundly meaningful. The date of the feast of the Annunciation was chosen to match the supposed historical date of the Crucifixion…in order to underline the idea that Christ came into the world on the same day that he left it: his life formed a perfect circle. March 25 was both the first and the last day of his earthly life, the beginning and the completion of his work on earth. The idea goes back at least to the third century. Augustine explained it in this way:

“He is believed to have been conceived on the 25th of March, upon which day also he suffered; so the womb of the Virgin, in which he was conceived, where no one of mortals was begotten, corresponds to the new grave in which he was buried, wherein was never man laid, neither before him nor since.” (End quote from St. Augustine).

“According to some calculations, 25 March was also considered to be the eighth day in the week which saw the creation of the world, as well as the date of certain events from the Old Testament which prefigured Christ’s death, including the sacrifice of Isaac and the crossing of the Red Sea. It is the single most significant date in salvation history, and for that reason has also made it into some fictional history too: those of you who are Tolkien fans will know that the final destruction of the Ring takes place on 25 March…

“(I)t’s the link between the Annunciation and the Crucifixion which has most fascinated theologians and artists over the centuries. Here's one beautiful passage from the Old English Martyrology, in its entry for March 25, explaining what was by the ninth century the common understanding of the date: ‘On the twenty-fifth day of the month Gabriel first came to St Mary with God’s message, and on that day St. Mary conceived in the city of Nazareth through the angel’s word and through the hearing of her ears, like trees when they blossom at the blowing of the wind…’

“At the Annunciation Mary becomes like the blossoming trees in spring, and like the tree which became Christ’s cross: she bears new life to the world. The parallel reflects the ancient tradition which links Mary with scriptural images of the tree or the vine, frequently used in the liturgy on feasts of the Virgin…She is the root of Jesse from which grows the rod…most honored among human beings and closest to Christ, as the tree of the cross is the most honored among creatures of the natural world.

“With Mary’s Ave from the angel at the Annunciation, began the work of redemption completed on Good Friday; and so, as many medieval writers note, her answer makes her the inverse of Eva, the means by which Eve’s sin is turned to good.

“…The traditional pairing of the Annunciation and the Crucifixion means that the two scenes are often depicted together in medieval art…The first example from England is probably the one found on the eighth-century Ruthwell Cross, where a depiction of the Crucifixion was added directly below the Annunciation scene…Some six hundred years later, artists were still finding new ways to explore this conjunction.

“Towards the end of the fourteenth century, the idea inspired the development of a distinctive and beautiful image found almost uniquely in English medieval art: the lily crucifix. This iconography combines the Annunciation and the Crucifixion by depicting Christ crucified on a lily amid an Annunciation scene. The lily is the symbol of Mary, of course, and is often referenced in depictions of the Annunciation and in poetry about the Virgin; this idea grafts that flower imagery into the tradition which links Mary to the root of Jesse and the tree of the cross. (T)here’s a gorgeous example of a lily crucifix from a Welsh manuscript, the Llanbeblig Hours, made at the end of the fourteenth century…”

Although the Annunciation and the Crucifixion are closely linked, they don't often occur on the same (calendar) day. Good Friday last occurred on March 25 in 2016. Counting from 2022, it will not occur again for 135 years, in 2157 A.D.
Good Friday fell on March 25 in 1608, when John Donne wrote a poem on the occasion: “Upon the Annunciation and Passion Falling upon One Day 1608,” from which we extract this excerpt:

“All this, and all between, this day hath shown,
The abridgement of Christ’s story, which makes one
(As in plain maps, the furthest west is east)
Of the Angel’s Ave and Consummatum est.”

Parker: “The overlapping cycles of the church's calendar offer many such conjunctions, which change every year as the fixed cycle intersects with the variable one…(W)ith the kind of approach Donne exemplifies here (these coincidences) can be read in meaningful…ways. Through such eyes, a meeting of feasts…is not exactly a coincidence, but perhaps one of those ‘occasional mercies’ of which Donne writes elsewhere: ‘such mercies as a regenerate man will call mercies, though a natural man would call them accidents…’

“(T)hese coincidental graces can be found, as beauty and meaning are produced by the changing juxtaposition of feasts and fasts, the fixed and the moveable seasons. Lent, Easter, Ascension Day, Whitsun (Pentecost) — all can at various times coincide with different fixed occasions, different stages in the seasons of spring and summer, and the experience of each can accordingly change from year to year. As the cycles intersect in different ways, familiar texts and images breathe new life into each other, and bring forth new and different fruit (to borrow the Old English Martyrology’s metaphor for Mary’s having conceived by the Holy Spirit). In such ways the interlocking wheels of the calendar give cosmic meaning to the cycle of our own days, months, and years.”

There has been much publicity for the “wonders of the Mayan Calendar” and comparatively little for the cosmic Christian calendar and its mysteries and wonders, a species of neglect and oversight which has stunted our vision and impoverished our walk on earth in this, the time of our lives.

“On the seventh day God ended his work (that is, on 24 March),…The eighth day…was 25 March. That day was marked out in God's providence. On that day the angels were created; on that day the archangel Gabriel was sent to St Mary…” And on March 25 Jesus died for the salvation of humanity.

This calendar is richly woven with the history of our people. The 18-25 of March holy days were observed in early medieval England, partly due to the influence of  the early Anglo-Saxon historian, Venerable Bede, who lived circa 673-735. He penned a textbook on the subject which is worthy of study: The Reckoning of Time (Liverpool University Press [1999] translated by Faith Wallis).

Eleanor Parker: “25 March was…the central turning-point around which all time and space revolved….The exactness of this date might raise a smile, and it’s a way of thinking about time which is foreign to a modern secular mindset; the day derives its meaning not only from a historical event but also from its place in the interlocking cycles of lunar, solar, seasonal…calendars, which were all understood to be imbued with purpose by the divine Creator who was their source. The complexity of the calculations (much more intricate than I can attempt to describe here) is so impenetrable that you can understand why today people prefer to believe that the date of Easter was just ‘stolen’ from some equinox-loving pagans — a much more immediately accessible explanation, if unfortunately wrong!

“Scripture and science are in harmony here; every aspect of the natural world is filled with meaning, and reveals God's creative purpose. This is a view of the world which sees nothing — no date, no rule, no custom — as meaningless or random, for those who have the will to understand…

“It strikes me (once again) that however many people today, in their ignorance of all but the broadest stereotypes about the Middle Ages, stigmatize the medieval church as…rigid, and oppressive, it was in some ways immeasurably more humane and creative than its modern successors….it was able to articulate a belief that material considerations, convenience, and economic productivity are not the highest goods, and not the only standards by which life should be lived.”


Pope Francis chose today, March 25, to "Consecrate Russia and Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary." Coincidence?
This stunt is by the pontiff who certified Joe Biden, who supports legalization of abortion up to the ninth month of pregnancy (i.e. infanticide), as a "good Catholic." 

For Further Research

Eleanor Parker’s “Clerk of Oxford” blog entries for the following dates are profusely illustrated and contain additional valuable information

For March 25, 2017:


For March, 2016:

Eleanor Parker can be followed on Twitter:


Also cf. Benedictine Abbot Dom Guéranger’s multi-volume, The Liturgical Year

Rev. Alban Butler’s Lives of the Saints (caveat: editions after 1956 may be redacted)


Michael Hoffman is the author Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not (2013) and the editor of Revisionist History® newsletter.


Thursday, March 10, 2022

Why is One War Crime Worth More than Another?

Why is One War Crime Worth More than Another?

By Michael Hoffman 

March 10, 2022 • www.RevisionistHistory.org 

In Memory of Herman Aihara and John Hvosda

We write these words in the midst of the type of microscopic examination of war crimes in Ukraine that we have often longed for in regard to the ongoing war crimes perpetrated in the Middle East—in Lebanon and Palestine —where the Israelis pulverized Beirut and Gaza into the dust with bombs, missiles, artillery shelling and even cluster bombs—and Yemen, where Israeli de facto ally Saudi Arabia has starved and bombed civilians in the hundreds of thousands.

None of these acts of mass murder have ever elicited from the newly minted humanitarians of the American media anything remotely comparable to the coverage of what the Russian military under Vladimir Putin has perpetrated in Ukraine.

For decades Soviet Russia's crimes against Ukraine, from the 1930s onward, were denied by the New York Times and minimized by Left-leaning media well into the 1980s. I first learned of this myopia from John Hvosda, my Ukrainian-American Professor of Political Science. Dr. Hvosda was himself relentlessly criticized while a graduate student at Syracuse University for his “Ukrainian nationalism.” What form did his sin take? His protest and remembrance of Soviet crimes against his homeland. In the 1960s Ukraine was not the darling of the western press that it is today. 

“They gave him a terrible time.” That was the view of another of my professors, the Palestinian political scientist Faiz Abu-Jaber, who, I learned, had been Dr. Hvosda's roommate at Syracuse. Hvosda was no Russophobe. He loved Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and Russian anti-Communists in general. But he was infuriated by the Stalinist hangover that afflicted American university faculties in the 1960s and '70s, where studies of the extent of Soviet atrocities and the lessons to be learned from the evils of coercive collectivism, were derogated and obstructed. 

At Hobart College this writer crossed polemical swords in 1978 with Prof. Walter Ralls, who proudly displayed a large photograph of the Bolshevik homicidal maniac Vladimir Lenin on his office wall. The Jacobins were running amok in U.S. academia well before the dreary Age of Political Correctness we now inhabit.

The capitalists are not far behind. In class, Prof. Hvosda would on occasion refer to Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev as “the butcher of the Ukraine.” Throughout the 1930s, as Joseph Stalin's executioner in that land, Khrushchev murdered tens of thousands of Ukrainians and shipped hundreds of thousands to concentration camps where they died of privation. In the March 9 Wall Street Journal, columnist Holman W. Jenkins Jr. displays grotesque amnesia in the course of informing us that this despicable mass murderer earned the well-deserved thanks of the world:

“Six decades ago, Khrushchev lived in the real world. He'd held many administrative jobs under Stalin and participated in the defense of Stalingrad. When he understood the depth of his Cuba miscalculation, he concentrated on avoiding nuclear war, earning the world's thanks…”

Administrative jobs? What happened to the years Khrushchev led Stalin's Murder Inc. operation in Ukraine? The slaughterhouse he erected appears now to be via col vento.

The horror over Putin, the 21st century's butcher of Ukraine, coupled with the warm praise showered on NATO butchers of Serbia like General Wesley Kanne Clark, leads one to believe the whole argument reeks of hypocrisy (to borrow a phrase from Murray Rothbard).

In 2022 the New World Order has been reborn as the defender of the Ukrainian people's human rights and aspirations, against the Russian behemoth. Does anyone believe this defense is sincere? That the U.S., British and German cryptocracies actually care about what happens to Ukraine and their expendable Ukrainian assets? How can their professed sympathy be honest and true when it is corrupted by a conspicuous selectivity?

On May 12, 1996 Madeleine Albright, the U.S. Secretary of State, informed Leslie Stahl of CBS News that the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children as the result of U.S. sanctions “was worth it.” These are the words of one of the honored ambassadors of 'Team Humanity” now showcasing their supposed humanitarian angst in the face of the carnage in Ukraine.

On Purim 2003, President George W. Bush, in an act of naked aggression, invaded the sovereign nation of Iraq. The Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal declared aggressive war to be “the supreme international crime, differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole.”

Key principals in that “supreme international crime,” former Vice-President Dick Cheney and former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, have lately been recipients of praise and laurels. Mr. Cheney was rapturously applauded in Congress on January 6, and Miss Rice is a regular guest on television news shows seeking “expert insight into the crimes of Russia.” The crimes of Cheney and Rice are studiously ignored by the "humanitarians."

Washington D.C. bureaucrats and the New York media have contempt for the piles of innocent bodies which Saudi and Israeli bombs and shelling have produced. The roots of that contempt run deep, derived from the seldom-discussed doctrine of the alleged "collective guilt" of civilians for the war crimes of the government that rules them.

It was upon the foundation of that odious postulation that the United States government unleashed unparalleled savagery upon the civilian populations of Germany and Japan during a Second World War that has been branded “The Good War,” an inferno that cremated 500,000 “collectively guilty” German civilians — fried to ashes by the air forces of Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt — those monsters of iniquity for whom post-war encomiums are circulated with monotonous regularity. When mass murderers are the subject of panegyrics, we know that their victims are less than zero on the scale of ersatz brotherhood ostentatiously exhibited by our virtue-signaling politicians.

Today, March 10, is the 77th anniversary of what may be the most unconscionable war crime perpetrated in modern history.

Anyone sincerely outraged by what is happening in Ukraine would also devote themselves to kindling the memory of the mass murder that took place in 1945.

Peruse the pages of your daily paper and the coverage of your television news and corporate media websites for March 10 and see how much (if any) time or space was accorded the mass slaughter of civilians, after the armed forces of the United States government turned the residential sections of Tokyo into a gargantuan human barbecue pit.

If “Never Again” are the watchwords in the noble campaign to prevent future holocausts, should not the incineration of Tokyo's civilian population be remembered on the date it occurred, and its lessons imparted to all the people, in our schools, Congress and the cathedrals of media?

Yes, that would be the case if the media pronouncements and communiqués pouring forth daily from Ukraine concerning Putin's victims, were indeed genuine and not a cynical show. But they are transparently just that—a tool of the information warfare the West wields as the hammer they are betting will help drive Putin from power, and install a regime in Moscow friendly to the agenda of the NATO assassins of Gaddafi in Libya and the thousands of Christian civilians NATO burned alive in Serbia; crimes committed with the enthusiastic approval of those now execrating Putin.

Six Hours in the Fires of Hell

  On March 10, 1945 hundreds of thousands of napalm explosives were dropped from three hundred B-29 Superfortress bombers on the residential sections of the city of Tokyo, intentionally setting afire 16 square miles of densely packed wooden dwellings mainly inhabited by women, children and men too old to fight. In a single morning at least 100,000 people were killed, and one million were made refugees.

In a candid assessment by the the United States Strategic Bombing Survey, U.S. officials stated, “probably more persons lost their lives by fire at Tokyo in a six-hour period than at any time in the history of man.” 

Testimony of First Lieutenant Richard Gross, 874th Bomb Squadron, 498th Bomb Group, U.S. Army Air Force: “I was a navigator. At the time, you just didn”t think about those things. We had a job to do and we did it. We were burning houses, but we didn”t think about the people.”

Testimony of Second Lieutenant Jim Marich, 869th Bomb Squadron, 497th Bomb Group, U.S. Army Air Force: “You could smell, I”m sorry to say, burning flesh in the airplane…We safely went on with the mission and went on with lesser-known missions. But by then, the Japanese fighter response was practically nil.”

Testimony of Technical Sergeant Ed Lawson, 882nd Bomb Squadron, 500th Bomb Group, U.S. Army Air Force: “My job was to stand by the open bomb-bay doors and throw chaff out — these long strips of aluminum foil to confuse Japanese radar. Can you imagine standing in front of an open bomb-bay door and smelling a city burn up? It was terrifying. At low altitude like that, I didn”t wear an oxygen mask. All I can say is that the smell was nauseating. I”ve never smelled anything like it since, and I don't want to…When we did the firebombings, we were killing civilians.”

Firebombs dropped by the United States in  a total of sixty cities  killed hundreds of thousands of Japanese people prior to the atomic bombs that wiped out Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and spread carcinogenic radioactive sickness among the population. 

Our Japanese-American teacher, Herman Aihara of Oroville, California, became a pioneering specialist in lessening the severity of radioactive cancers through the use of traditional Japanese medicinal foods such as miso and sea vegetables, and the avoidance of a diet high in protein, as well as sugars and sweeteners of all types, all of which he believed contribute to the growth of cancer tumors. 

Herman was a lover, not a hater, and while he deeply mourned the loss of civilian life in his native land, he was a proponent of gratitude to America for its Constitution and the opportunities afforded to immigrants like him. He understood that there were more questions than answers in this life and that it behooved human beings to maintain humility in the face of that reality.

If they had known each other I surmise that Sensei Aihara and Dr. Hvosda would have been friends, and I like to think they would have asked the same questions which this writer is asking of the media, Congress, and the Biden White House:

Why do you employ accusations of mass murder as a weapon to distract from the mass murders you commit with impunity? 

Are the people of Japan, Palestine, Serbia and Iraq lesser humans than Ukrainians, Israelis or Americans?

If perpetual reporting of Putin's bloody aggression were to inspire revulsion and remembrance for all of the war crimes against humanity of recent history, then the repetition of the themes and talking points we see on television and online would represent a commendable cultivation of human conscience.

At present however, the 24/7 atrocity reports constitute not much more than a tool of a retrograde Orwellian jingoism, the chant of the Neanderthal: “Our crimes good, your crimes bad!”

How tragic is the refusal of the American political class to learn the lessons of their previous quagmire forays in utopian, “nation-building” and war —in Vietnam, Iraq and during twenty futile years in Afghanistan. Defiance of this memory is a  self-willed dementia which mocks America's righteous trumpeting of lofty claims to morality in comparison with the Russians. 

We observe the pompous parade of passionate concern for Ukraine while in Palestine and Yemen the routine murders of civilians perpetrated by the Israeli and Saudi governments is a reality of daily life. Unlike this year's Ukrainians, these victims are expendable and the atrocities committed against them are diminished to the level of the infinitesimal, down to a business-as-usual that scarcely attracts our attention.

America's “staunch Israeli ally in the Middle East” is guilty of war crimes funded by U.S. taxpayers, while the Saudi onslaught in Yemen has been enriched by oil revenue and American banking. This double standard leads us to ask, in the midst of the wall-to-wall Ukrainian coverage, why the sufferings of one people are more deserving of our attention and remonstration in this vale of tears than that of the Palestinians or the Yemenis?

Who decides where our indignation will be focused? 

Who determines what we will protest and detest, and what we will overlook and forget? 

Why is one war crime worth more than another?

 Historian Michael Hoffman is a former reporter for the New York bureau of the Associated Press and the editor of the periodical Revisionist History®. He is the the author of ten books, including Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare; Usury in Christendom, and his latest, Twilight Language.


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Thursday, February 24, 2022

NATO War Criminals Have No Moral Standing: Statement of Historian Michael Hoffman on Ukraine and Russia


Statement of Historian Michael Hoffman on Ukraine and Russia 

February 24, 2022


President Biden has declared that Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine will bring about a “catastrophic loss of life.” That’s what George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Condoleeza Rice perpetrated in Iraq from 2003 onward. 

Mr. Cheney was enthusiastically applauded in Congress as recently as last January 6. 

Mr. Bush has been passionately embraced in public by former First Lady Michelle Obama. 

Condoleeza Rice is a well-paid “expert” commentator on Russia and Ukraine featured prominently in the US media that proudly employ her. 

Joe Biden fully supported the bloody war crime invasion of Iraq, a nation that had not harmed America. Mr. Biden and the US ruling class are corrupt hypocrites. Putin will not be lectured or morally blackmailed by mass murderers pointing fingers at him. 

Moreover, 32 years ago this month the George H.W. Bush administration promised the Russian government that if Russia surrendered East Germany, NATO would not “expand one inch eastward.” 

That trick was played on the Russians by the cunning US Secretary of State James Baker, the Jimmy Savile child molestation facilitator Margaret Thatcher of Britain, and West German Chancellor Helmut Kohl. With supreme treachery, Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush subsequently pushed for the maximal expansion of NATO, in violation of the promise given to Russia. This is a major source of Putin’s grievance at present. 

Another root of his casus belli can be traced to 1999, when, with the avid assistance of President Bill Clinton, the NATO we are expected to believe is the guarantor of lofty virtue and blissful peace, carpet-bombed the Christian nation of Serbia for two and one-half months, bombing churches, schools and the civilian centers of Serbian cities, and refusing a humanitarian cease fire even for Easter (see here, here and here). Inflicting so-called "moderate suffering" on the civilian Orthodox Christian population suited NATO planners, as well as Mr. Clinton, and NATO's US commander, Wesley Kanne Clark.

In 2011, at the urging of US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, NATO bombed the African nation of Libya and facilitated the torture-death of Muammar Gaddafi (sodomized with a bayonet), to the delight of Mrs. Clinton who expressed joy over the sadistic savagery

"Secretary of State Hillary Clinton shared a laugh with a television news reporter moments after hearing deposed Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi had been killed. “We came, we saw, he died,” she joked when told of news reports of Qaddafi’s death by an aide in between formal interviews." [Source: CBS News, October 20, 2011] 

Near total amnesia about NATO's horrific war crimes and the depraved American and European malefactors who perpetrate them has been induced by the corporate media. The Russians have not forgotten, however. 

The historical illiteracy of Americans is cringe-inducing. On Fox News on the evening of February 23 the host of the program stated that Russia's entry into Ukraine was tantamount to Canada invading the American Midwest. Madame, the midwestern United States was never part of Canada, but the Viking Rus did found the Russian nation more than 1,000 years ago, in Kiev. Ukrainians and Russians have mutual interests and kinship across centuries. An alien wedge has been driven between these kindred peoples by an Anglo-American/European Babylon fronted by Brussels and NATO, and fueled by CIA and MI6 misinformation, infiltration and subversion. 

At present Ukraine is a CIA/Biden family-ruled satrapy where the pro-Russian, democratically elected government was overthrown in a CIA-instigated coup in 2014. Planning for the imminent placement of US missiles in Poland, 100 miles from Russia’s bordersomething the US almost went to war over, when the Soviets did it to us in Cuba, in 1962—has been underway for years.  

Christians!  let us remember that in 2015 President Barack Obama was conspiring with Syria’s al-Qaeda affiliate, Jabhat al-Nusra ("Nusra Front"), whose fighters were receiving medical treatment in the Israeli state before being returned to the battlefield   to conquer Syria and finish off the regime of Bashar al-Assad, which would have resulted in the certain massacre of the minority Christian and Alawaite population in Syria. At that point Putin intervened, dispatching the Russian air force and army to defend the Christians and Alawites and prevent their annihilation, thereby checkmating the diabolic scheme to further expel and diminish the Christian population of the Middle East, as George W. Bush managed to do in Iraq, and the Israelis have nearly accomplished in Palestine. 

The bottom line for the land we love is the ongoing massive invasion on America's southern border with Mexico. Until Mr. Biden obeys the Constitution and secures our border, the talk about guaranteeing the sovereignty of Ukraine and its borders is infuriating. We have no patience with this corrupt double standard, nor do we wish to see a dime of our taxpayer money sent to Ukraine until the massive invasion to the south of these United States is stemmed. 

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