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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Churchianity’s Support for Israeli Genocide

 Churchianity’s Support for Israeli Genocide and “Cheers for the Talmud”

Analyzing Influential Conservative Pastor Douglas Wilson's new book, American Milk and Honey: Antisemitism, the Promise of Deuteronomy, and the True Israel of God


Excerpt (click to enlarge):

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Wednesday, November 22, 2023

King-Kill/33º: Symbolism, Psychological Warfare and Revelations in the John F. Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy


Symbolism, Psychological Warfare and Revelations in the John F. Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy



By Michael Hoffman 


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Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Ezra Pound: Poet and Reformer

Here's the link to Michael Hoffman's study on Substack: 

 Ezra Pound: Poet and Reformer 

A New History of his Life, Work, Persecution and Imprisonment

Note: Some of Substack's rivals on social media "shadowban" or otherwise reduce the audience for communications that contain Substack links, hence the need to refer people from social media to this blog in order to obtain the link. We wish it were otherwise. 

In the aftermath of his arrest over his broadcasts in Italy, Ezra Pound wrote in his Canto LXXIV, "Free speech without free radio speech is as zero." In 2023 we declare, in the same spirit, "Free speech without free Internet speech is as zero."

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Wednesday, November 08, 2023

The Theology of Israeli War Crimes

 The Theology of Israeli War Crimes

 Listen here:  



In this podcast Michael Hoffman, author of the banned textbook Judaism Discovered (1,102 pages), studies hate speech in the Talmud and derivative halachic texts, and their real world consequences for Arab civilians in Lebanon and Palestine. Hoffman’s empirical evidence is conveyed with compassion and charity for both Jews and gentiles. 

Hate speech in the Talmud is not a “canard” or an “anti-Semitic trope.” To achieve peace and justice all hate speech must be repudiated, not just certain politicized categories. To safeguard civilians in occupied Palestine and the Middle East, and for the advancement of human rights and knowledge in defiance of cancel culture, the influence and impact of Talmudic theology on the Israeli government, military and the settlers must become known and challenged by all people of good will. In studying Israeli violence, confining the analysis mainly to “settler-colonialism” seriously limits authentic understanding of the roots of the racist, ethno-supremacist forces at work.

It is 110 minutes in length which many people with attention spans damaged by frequent viewing of high speed video imagery, will find difficult to sustain, in which case those folks should listen in 15 or 20 minute segments, or whatever their powers of concentration can sustain.

The first part consists of a lapidary deconstruction of the claims of Talmudism to being Biblical. Fom there Michael proceeds to debunk the most popular, media-disseminated myths about Talmudism. Part two is a study of the connection between the Talmud of Babylon (and its sacred successor texts), and the real world harm to Palestinian civilians we are witnessing now. American “Conservatives" will have none of this because they have turned a blind eye toward the reality of hate speech in the Talmud and its malicious influence on the Israelis, while Leftists, as noted, tend to confine themselves to an analysis of Israeli war crimes almost exclusively in connection with “settler colonialism.” In both cases the Talmud is the missing key to understanding.

We hope you will not only listen to the podcast  in its entirety — a study based on decades of research —  but also help to publicize it as far as you can.

Mr. Hoffman’s work is made possible by the grace of God and the sale of his books, newsletters and recordings, as well as donations from truth-seekers.

The research is hate-free and offers charity and compassion toward Jews and gentiles alike. The advancement of knowledge is not "anti" anyone. Free speech campaigners should note that Michael's books on this subject are banned:


The unfortunate truth about hate speech in the Talmud, which the gatekeepers have concealed, is needed more than ever in the struggle contra Zionist racism and bigotry. Study and disseminate the suppressed scholarship in this podcast.

This is the information desperately needed to obtain a breakthrough in educating for peace between all people of good will, and preventing more massacres of the Palestinian.

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Thursday, October 19, 2023

The Disaster of Israeli Zionism

The Disaster of Israeli Zionism 

The Cryptocracy’s Covert Stratagem for the Destruction of the Jewish People 

The Secret Iniquity of Aryan Occultism



...From Tokyo to Dresden, from Beirut ‘82 to Gaza ’09 and ‘14, Allied and Israeli war crimes have been consigned to the lowest region of the Memory Hole. For the denizens of the United States of Amnesia, for whom recalling the identity of who’s buried in Grant’s Tomb is a tall order, mass murder committed by “The Allies,” doesn’t register. Arab terrorists — now there’s a meme they can wrap their heads around.

It may be necessary to think of revisionist history as an antidote to the coercive artifice of our media-saturated universe, wherein Andrew Roberts, Churchill’s hagiographer, along with the sad wreck of a man by the name of General David Petraeus, late of Afghanistan, the CIA and his mistress’s boudoir—to whom he surrendered the top secrets of the US government in exchange for her charms—condescend to explain to the rubes the extraordinary nobility of the Israeli military

In the Wall Street Journal of October 14 (p. C4), in the midst of the Israeli slaughter of hundreds of children in Gaza and the deliberate bombing of hospitals and apartment blocks, these macabre comedians wrote:

“Sending ground forces into Gaza…as Israel has every right to do, will inevitably result in substantial Palestinian civilian casualties…But however enormous the challenge, Israel must maintain its long-standing commitment to its ethical code of the ‘purity of arms’…

“Moreover, as major urban combat operations begin, the residents of Gaza—and the West Bank too—need and deserve a way forward. They must be told not only what Israel’s military objectives are but what sort of future they and their children can expect after the war. As the U.S. was reminded in the wake of capturing Baghdad and toppling the regime of Saddam Hussein, considerable thought and planning need to be devoted to the post-conflict phase…”

Israelis have “every right” to kill Palestinian civilians, and after they “inevitably” do so as a result of their “purity of arms,” the good-hearted Petraeus and Roberts solicit concern for the future of the survivors of the massacre.  They conclude their clueless “expert viewpoint” by citing Mr. Bush’s Iraq war as a model of how the Israelis should comport themselves, given that “considerable thought and planning” was “devoted to the post-conflict phase of the “capture” of the city of Baghdad.

Our most sardonic grin is reserved for their allusion to the Israeli military’s “purity of arms,” This is Orwellian hype from the Ministry of Truth in Jerusalem, fed like pabulum to doofuses in the media, along with that other tissue of absurdity, the Israeli killers in uniform hailed as “the most moral army in the world.” Is there anyone above the age of five who believes this? Yes, kindergarten is still in session in the U.S., where deceit is laughably diaphanous…

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Monday, October 02, 2023

Did Europeans Steal America from the Indians?

 Did Europeans Steal America from the Indians?



Not Stolen: The Truth about European Colonialism in the New World


By Jeff Flynn-Paul (Bombardier Books, 2023). Softcover, 397 pp. 

Reviewed by Michael Hoffman

Not Stolen is a unique, though embryonic, defense of the European-American enterprise of discovery and settlement. It is not an academic book. It is intended as a popular work for the masses. Its thesis is correct: generally speaking with some exceptions, indigenous Americans were not above ritually torturing, murdering, kidnapping, brutally enslaving and even eating their fellow Natives in rival tribes. 

The notion that Ithaca, New York’s Cornell University (and a hundred other institutions of higher learning equally contested), is situated on land “stolen from Native people” is a hoax, given that in the case of Ithaca, the Iroquois themselves expropriated the land from other tribes. 

The benighted omission of the history of Native American civil wars is the foundation upon which the cries for Cornell to be “returned” to the Iroquois (to cite one instance), are put forth. Lost in the folds of dainty political correctness are the facts of the ferocious inter-tribal warfare of the Natives... 

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