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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Trump’s January 6 Gift to the Deep State

By Michael Hoffman


On January 6 Donald Trump's puppets acted their scripted part in the Cryptocracy's theatre 

With a door barricaded with furniture, capitol security officers point hand guns as a pro-Trump mob storms Congress

The costumed figure alleged by the media to be "Jake Angeli, a QAnon supporter," was among those who crashed the Senate.

Make no mistake: the Cryptocracy
allowed Trump's followers into the Senate deliberately, for the bad optics, so that all patriot Conservatives will be viewed as terrorists and Fascists

I have visited the US Senate gallery and watched the senators at work from that vantage. The security was intense. In order to enter the gallery I stood for a half hour in a line policed by officers with automatic weapons and with orders to shoot to kill at any sign of violence. More heavily armed officers were stationed in rooms adjacent to the senate, ready to burst forth and confront Islamic, domestic or any other terrorists. 

In Congress on January 6 all we saw were a few security people with hand guns. This is a charade, ladies and gentlemen.

Many of Trump’s hardcore Right-wing fans are worshippers of the Zionist state of counterfeit “Israel.” They are followers of the light, love and peace of Jesus Christ in name only. In other words, they are workers of iniquity. They behave not like Christians, but like Israeli settlers who pattern themselves after the ancient zealots (sicarii) of Jerusalem, who sought to terrorize the Romans. Those zealots ended badly in 70 A.D., and were annihilated under the idiot leadership of Bar Kokhba, in 136 A.D. In January in our nation’s capitol MAGA zealots acted out the agenda of an equally moronic leader. 

Trump has fallen into his own trap. 

He is a prize fool. 

His disgrace will not soon be erased. 

The media’s false narrative that patriots are terrorists and Fascists was exponentially strengthened and propelled on January 6, to the delight of the national security deep state that has been handed a prime pretext for disarming, imprisoning and crushing dissident Conservatives, in the name of “combatting Far-Right extremism.” 

Four days prior, on Saturday, January 2, Trump conveyed to the Republican secretary of state of Georgia his fantastic delusion that 50,000 Georgians had shown up at the polls in November and had been turned away because someone had already voted using their names. That’s one out of every twenty voters that appeared on election day. If that had indeed occurred, there would have been crowds of irate Georgians outside the polls demanding to know what happened and why they couldn't vote. In fact, no such thing took place, except in Trump's imagination. Who fed him this nonsense about the 50,000? Giuliani? Sidney Powell? Lin Wood? Which one of these agents of the Cryptocracy on his team, was responsible? How could he believe it? 

On January 6 Mr. Trump gave an 80-minute speech in front of the White House, inciting tens of thousands of people to march to the Capitol and show strength. Don’t show weakness, he said, and he threatened his own loyal vice president unless he perpetrated an unconstitutional act. 

The followers of the chief of the executive branch of the Federal government subsequently broke through police lines and barricades and attempted to take control of the legislative branch of the Federal government, after which Trump termed these riotous traitors to the Constitution, special people and told them he loved them. 

Trump Loses the Senate 

His post-election tantrums hand the government to the Left



Republicans lost both Senate races in Georgia on Tuesday, losing control of the Upper Chamber...

If you want to win, don’t tell voters that their votes don’t matter. Don’t have a President tell his voters that the last election was stolen, that Georgia Republicans were complicit in the theft, that GOP Senate leaders don’t care, and then expect those same voters to turn out in the Senate runoffs after a rally and a few tweets.

Donald Trump cost Republicans the Senate by making the two Georgia runoffs a referendum on himself. The races should have been a referendum on blocking Democrats from controlling all of Congress and the executive branch... 

The Georgia election details prove this point. Turnout was down from November as expected in most places. But it was down more in Trump areas than in Democratic strongholds. 

In November Republican Perdue beat Democrat Jon Ossoff by some 88,000 votes and nearly avoided a runoff. 

...Trump gave away control of the Senate to the Democrats with acts of political egotism. And that’s the generous interpretation. The more cynical one—and plausible given his political character—is that Mr. Trump wanted Republicans to lose the Senate to show they couldn’t keep power without him.

Trump...picked the fights that divided Republicans and dominated the news. Polling began to turn negative for Georgia’s two GOP Senators in late December as Mr. Trump escalated his intra-party brawling. By his destructive behavior, especially since his defeat, Mr. Trump has erased much of his own legacy. (End quote from wsj.com)

Rudy Giuliani encouraged Trump to initiate the fiasco. In his speech in the morning of January 6, Giuliani urged the crowd of Trump believers to engage in “trial by combat.” As mayor of New York City in 2001, Giuliani  covered up for the perpetrators of the 9/11 terror attack. He tampered with evidence by being among those who advocated the rapid dismantlement and removal of the post-attack rubble, before a complete independent forensic investigation could be conducted. He adamantly denied and suppressed vital testimony about how the Twin Towers actually fell and who really was responsible. This is the grotesque conspirator who Trump chose as his “personal lawyer” and chief vote fraud strategist in supposedly fighting a conspiracy. Here we observe an occult circus replete with clown-like mockery.

The Wheels Have Come Off Trump's Chariot

Lastly, in spite of the patina of Christianity with which his followers have anointed him, Donald Trump's behavior since the November election has been noticeably lacking in Biblical fidelity or wisdom. Perhaps he has spent too much time among the disciples of the Talmud of Babylon, which is a veritable fount of nullification of Scripture. Trump's campaign against vote fraud was steeped in carnality, oblivious to the counsel in 2 Corinthians 10:3:

"For though we walk in the flesh, we are not waging war according to the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but have divine power to destroy strongholds." 

When by your actions you declare yourself independent of God's law and His counsel, all the wheels are going to come off, like on pharaoh's chariots.

Michael Hoffman is the editor of the periodical Revisionist History® and the author of nine books of history and literature.

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Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Constitutional Remedy for Big Tech Censorship and Cancellation

Robert Goodfriend's remedy for draconian online censorship by Silicon Valley tyrants ought to be passed by Congress without delay to ensure the survival of freedom and the advancement of knowledge, in accordance with our liberties as guaranteed in the Bill of Rights

"I agree with Rick White that 'Laws Governing Online Speech Need Reform, Not Repeal' (Wall Street Journal op-ed, Dec. 23). 

"Outright repeal of Section 230, which grants immunity from liability to internet platforms for content posted on their sites by third parties, would prompt even more censorship. The social-media companies would try to protect themselves from litigation over all kinds of potentially offensive or illegal content that users post. 

"Since the First Amendment is a well-litigated line between permissible and impermissible speech consistent with the values of a free society, it offers the best solution for regulating the social-media companies. 

"The government should condition the grant of immunity under Section 230 on a pledge from the platforms not to censor third-party content unless it falls outside the protections of the First Amendment, such as libel, threats to overthrow the government, direct threats of physical violence and certain types of indecent material. 

"Censoring 'hate speech' or content suspected of originating with hackers couldn’t meet this standard because such speech is within the protection of the First Amendment. 

"Any internet provider that refused to adopt this policy would lose the protections of Section 230 entirely."

Robert Goodfriend