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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Attacks on Jesus and Mary are timed for Christmas and Good Friday

Hate speech attacks on Mary and Jesus are timed to coincide with Christmas and Good Friday

By Michael Hoffman | Christmas Eve, 2014

The Cryptocracy has a proclivity for timing the publication of heavily publicized speeches, “news” articles and books that dishonor and defame Jesus and Blessed Mary close to Advent and Lent —  observances which some Protestants and Mormons disparage as meaningless or even pagan, but which the Cryptocracy knows are archetypal sacred seasons linked to the people’s image of Christ, presenting an opportunity for demon-possessed individuals to ritually insult and traduce them. 

Eight days prior to Good Friday 2014, Laurie Goldstein pimped a hoax about a papyrus “proving” that Jesus had a wife (cf. NY Times, April 10). After the damage was done, the tale was shown to be a fake. 

We have witnessed this hateful phenomenon occur in the corporate American media like clockwork year after year.

Tarico is supposed to be a liberal “atheist," but as my colleague Maurice Pinay points out, she exempts Judaism from the focus of her contempt.

Christmas-themed hate-speech targeting Jesus and Mary was also aired by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in Great Britain on December 21, 2014. In this instance, the program’s script hewed to the Talmudic depiction of Mary in Sanhedrin 67a and Shabbath 104b as having conceived Jesus after sexual relations with a Roman soldier (named Pandera  — also spelled Panthera); cf. Judaism Discovered, pp. 400-413.

Newsweek magazine timed its January 2, 2015 issue — casting grave doubt on the authenticity of the New Testament and the doctrine of the Trinity — for Christmas time reading (nationally circulated periodicals typically appear ahead of their official publication date. The Newsweek essay appeared online Dec. 23 in spite of its Jan. 2 cover date).

How many of us will militantly protest these outrages and expose them, by demonstrating their roots in unending rabbinic hatred for Jesus and Mary, as easily documented in the Babylonian Talmud, Mishneh Torah, Toledoth Yeshu and numerous other authoritative texts of the rabbis? Failure to do so ensures the continuation of the Talmudic defamation of Christ and Mary every Good Friday and Christmas season henceforth. 

I realize that on Christmas Eve we are supposed to be engulfed in nothing but warm fuzzy feelings of “good cheer,” but with modern Herods still very much afoot and spreading their errors, there never is a time not to defend Christ and His Mother, and I make no apologizes for doing so on Christmas Eve.

I don’t know about you, but I can only attain a state of peace and serenity after I have assured myself that I have done my duty by working at the jobs that I know need to be done before I can relax. I find myself at that juncture on this holy eve. 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

One Candle in the Darkness

Reflecting on our book catalog, which was published here yesterday, Mr. N.G. writes from Ireland: 

"What a truly remarkable collection of publications. I suppose unique in their way, for instance in the number of different subjects they cover in depth."

We propose to add to those publications and recordings in 2015 with books on the "Occult Renaissance Church of Rome" and a sequel to Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, as well as Revisionist History newsletters exploring subjects as diverse as an in-depth examination of the heretofore obscure Black-African business empire that sold their fellow Blacks to gentile and Judaic slave-traders; a revisionist biography of the greatest female saint of the Christian Church (her canonization is banned by the popes and she is among the three human beings most hated by the rabbis of anyone in history); as well as a study of this writer’s discovery of an encyclopedic rabbinic repository of anti-Christian hate speech compiled by 13th century German-Judaics.

We are the largest English-language publishers of truthful books, pamphlets and newsletters on the Talmud, Kabbalah and Judaism on earth. Does that have significance or value for you?

By the grace of God, we have accomplished some extraordinary things on a shoestring budget. There is no fat in our operations; it is all lean. 

We answer questions from inquirers as far away as China, Russia and Iran; some of them are university professors and government officials. 

Needless to say, the National Endowment for the Arts does not fund us. We receive nothing from any foundation or corporation. For revenue we are solely reliant on the sale of our educational publications and recordings, and donations from mostly working class and middle class truth-seekers. If we don't have adequate revenue for 2015 we cannot proceed with some or most of our projects; our work will lie fallow and God's enemies will continue to enjoy success among the Western nations, free of serious contradiction from any knowledgeable dissident voice.

Thus far in 2015 we are scheduled to give speeches in Lansing, Michigan (April) and Sandpoint, Idaho (June). An organizer in England is attempting to arrange for our appearance at an anti-usury conference in London in the spring.

In France, our book The Great Holocaust Trial is being translated into French, and while the publisher cannot afford to pay our way there for the launch of the book, we relish the thought of staging an electrifying news conference in France to publicize it and truly shake up the powers that be in Europe.

We seek to educate the young through lectures on DVD and CD, and of course through our publications, as well as future dreams of summer educational conferences organized for college-age youth and precocious high-schoolers here in the free speech redoubt that is Idaho.

We will take our Campaign for Truth as far as our resources allow. We eat, sleep and drink this Mission, as we have done for more than 30 years. We believe it is a commission given to us by God, and partnered with you, we know that we can move mountains. True, we are just one candle in the darkness — but what a candle we aspire to be!

It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness, especially at this time of year when we commemorate and give thanks for the incarnation of Jesus Christ, the Light of the World. Light your candle!

Michael Hoffman
Independent History and Research
Box 849 • Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83816 • USA

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Texas Christians Protest Chabad’s Hanukkah

For Immediate Release

Frisco, Texas, December 16, 2014  Friends of Michael Hoffman, a scholar who has written extensively on the dark side of Judaism, held a demonstration on Hanukkah Eve at a Chabad Lubavitch menorah lighting event and at the home of a prominent Chabad rabbi.

Chabad-Lubvitch is the most politically connected, wealthy and powerful Orthodox Judaic group in America, often consulted by Presidents and “family values” Republican politicians and office-holders. Chabad is a radical Zionist group which termed Baruch Goldstein, the mass murderer of 40 Palestinians, a “Tzaddik” (saint). In the Tanya, Chabad’s canonical text, all gentiles are declared to be super-abundant trash. This is Chabad’s view of Arab people in particular.

The American media consistently report on Chabad in the most cosmetic and friendly terms; seldom giving any hint of its racism and hatred.

Concerning Hanukkah, Hoffman says, “It’s a Talmudic festival of Judaic self-worship presented as a Biblical commemoration of the Maccabees. John 10:22-23 refers to the Feast of the Dedication which celebrates the rededication of the Israelite temple in December 164 B.C., after its desecration by the pagan ruler Antiochus.” According to Hoffman, “1 Macc. 1:41-59 shows that, like the rabbis of our time, King Antiochus forbade the true worship of Yahweh and the correct use of the Scriptures. The attendance of Jesus at the Feast of the Dedication in no way implicated him in the perverted Talmudic Hanukkah, which came centuries later and which is dedicated to Judaic idolatry of themselves in defiance of Yahweh. Judaism mimics the religion of the Bible. It has a Moses, a Noah, and an 8 day festival. But these are not the Biblical Moses or Noah or 8 day festival,” Hoffman concluded. 

At Chabad’s “giant menorah lighting” staged Dec. 16 at the Frisco Heritage Center, local Christian activist Mickey Henry and associates distributed flyers on the true nature of Orthodox Judaism, contrary to the fantasies about Judaism promulgated by Protestant fundamentalists, neocon Catholics and the corporate media. Mr. Henry reports that “Judaics from all over the Dallas metroplex were there.” He and his group also “distributed the flyer to 24 houses on the rabbi’s street, including the rabbi’s...house itself.”

The media were contacted concerning the protest but complete suppression of all news concerning the counter-event seems to be the order of the day. Mr. Hoffman stated, “It is essential to the Talmudic power structure in the U.S. that news of a Christian educational movement to tell the truth about Judaism and its Hanukkah should be censored, lest it grow by leaps and bounds. May God richly bless Mickey Henry and his cohort. I hope many other Christians throughout our nation will emulate his fine example.”

The flyer disseminated by Henry’s group is available as a pdf file for copying and distribution  see this link. It also reproduced below. 

Mr. Henry can be contacted at: christiansforconversionofjewsATgmail.com 
(substitute @ for AT in the preceding address)


 Does the Talmud Agree with Moses? 

Alexander McCaul, in his book The Talmud Tested (alternative title, The Old Paths), answered this question with a resounding, “No!” McCaul examined 40-odd topics, comparing the teachings of Moses with the teachings of the rabbis. In each case, he found the rabbis to be at odds with the authoritative written Torah of G-d. He then compared the teaching of the Christian New Testament on these same topics and found total agreement. 

Christianity, properly understood, does not do away with the Law of Moses (see Greg Bahnsen’s Theonomy in Christian Ethics). Through the grace and righteousness applied to us through the sacrifice of the True Passover Lamb, Jesus the Messiah, the Law’s just punishment for sin has been satisfied. But the Law of Moses still applies as the rule of life for all Christians (see R.J. Rushdoony’s The Institutes of Biblical Law). Just as McCaul made clear, the New Testament is the correct expositor of Moses! 

The prophet Isaiah foretold that Messiah must suffer for our sins: 

Surely our griefs He Himself bore, And our sorrows He carried; Yet we ourselves esteemed Him stricken, Smitten of God, and afflicted. But He was pierced through for our transgressions, He was crushed for our iniquities; The chastening for our well-being fell upon Him, And by His scourging we are healed. All of us like sheep have gone astray, Each of us has turned to his own way; But the LORD has caused the iniquity of us all To fall on Him. ~ Isaiah 53:4-6 

The most famous student of Rabbi Gamaliel proclaimed this good news to the Jews of his day: 

“And we preach to you the good news of the promise made to the fathers, that G-d has fulfilled this promise to our children in that He raised up Jesus, as it is also written in the second Psalm, ‘YOU ARE MY SON; TODAY I HAVE BEGOTTEN YOU.’

As for the fact that He raised Him up from the dead, no longer to return to decay, He has spoken in this way: ‘I WILL GIVE YOU THE HOLY and SURE blessings OF DAVID.’ “Therefore He also says in another Psalm, ‘YOU WILL NOT ALLOW YOUR HOLY ONE TO UNDERGO DECAY.’ 

“For David, after he had served the purpose of G-d in his own generation, fell asleep, and was laid among his fathers and underwent decay; but He whom G-d raised did not undergo decay. “Therefore let it be known to you, brethren, that through Him forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you, and through Him everyone who believes is freed from all things, from which you could not be freed through the Law of Moses. “Therefore take heed, so that the thing spoken of in the Prophets may not come upon you: 

‘BEHOLD, YOU SCOFFERS, AND MARVEL, AND PERISH; FOR I AM ACCOMPLISHING A WORK IN YOUR DAYS, A WORK WHICH YOU WILL NEVER BELIEVE, THOUGH SOMEONE SHOULD DESCRIBE IT TO YOU.’” ~ Acts 13:32-41 We share this Good News with you out of a concern for your souls and a genuine desire to glorify  God. As Michael Hoffman has shown in his book, Judaism’s Strange Gods, the Talmud repeatedly blasphemes Jesus the Messiah, calling Him the idolatrous (Sotah 47a, Sanhedrin 107b) bastard son (Kallah 51a) of a whore (Sanhedrin 106a) who practiced sorcery (Sanhedrin 43a) and is currently boiling in excrement (Gittin 57a), and treats Gentiles as refuse (Kerithoth 6b, Yebamoth 98a, Sanhedrin 58b, etc.). In spite of this, we reach out to you, desiring that you should bring glory to G-d in belief and action. Isaiah taught that Messiah would be a light to the Gentiles (Isaiah 11:10, 42:6, and 49:6). We beg you, share in that light with us: set aside Talmudic blasphemies against Jesus the Messiah, repent and trust in Him for the remission of your sins, and live life in submission to His Lordship through His Law. 

North Texas Society for Promoting Christianity Among the Jews 
Mickey Henry: ChristiansForConversionOfJewsATgmail.com 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

As a Symbol of Hanukkah Obama Opens the Door to Cuba

By Michael Hoffman

In 2003 President George W. Bush launched the invasion of Iraq on Purim, the religion of Judaism’s unholy Talmudic season of revenge on the goyim


In 2014, President Obama chose the first 24 hours of Hanukkah, the religion of Judaism’s unholy Talmudic season of self-worship, to announce a major policy change in favor of Communist Cuba. 


As part of Obama’s deal with Cuban President Raul Castro, Alan Gross, a Judaic-American intelligence asset of the US government, was released from a Cuban prison and is being lionized in the media as a cross between a saint and a mensch of inestimable worth.

Masquerading as a rabbi, the President of the supposedly secular United States of America, gave a sermon today in the synagogue disguised as the White House, wherein he stated that Hanukkah commemorates “victory over oppression” and “the redemption of captives.” This “redemption” does not apply to Palestinians detained without trial for years, or World War II revisionists such as  David Irving and Ernst Zundel who languished in prison for months, and in Zundel’s case for years   at the insistence of the same Hanukkah hellions who Obama regards as paradigms of liberty.

Jerry Brown in his capacity as Governor of California, celebrates Chabad's Hanukkah

Rick Perry in his capacity as Governor of Texas, celebrates Hanukkah with Chabad

There is no separation of synagogue and state in these United States. Church and state, yes. Synagogue and state? Obviously not. We are ruled by Talmudism.

Take “Education Day USA” as an example. It is a Federal Law recommending the enactment of the Talmudic Noahide Laws, as promulgated by Chabad Grand Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson. Chabad’s founder, Shneur Zalman, taught that gentiles are super-abundant trash. The Talmudic Noahide Laws (which have nothing to do with the Biblical Noah, other than purloining his name), stipulate that idolaters are to be executed. The Babylonian Talmud, as well as the supreme legal authority in Ashkenazic Orthodox Judaism, Rabbi Moses Maimonides, decree that worship of Jesus Christ is idolatry. Hence, according to the Public Law, true Christians will be subject to execution once Hanukkah, Purim and the rest of the rabbinic dogma is completely supreme over our nation. With Presidents like Bush and Obama, and a Congress that is Israeli-occupied territory, bloody repression of Christ’s people is just over the horizon.

Consequently, it’s not an abstruse intellectual exercise when this writer reveals what Hanukkah actually represents, as we did on December 16, producing a flyer intended for mass distribution by activists, so as to educate and inform Americans and make it less likely that Bush Republicans and Obama Democrats can turn a dark and hate-filled religion of tyranny and vengeance into a liberty-loving, warm and fuzzy “festival of light.”

In reality, the light from Hanukkah beckons from the spotlights of the concentration camps of the future, that await Christians who did nothing about rising Talmudic supremacy, when they still had the chance.

It’s a wonderful thing to still be free to tell the truth about these matters, unlike so many Conservatives who feel the need to mince words and daintily tiptoe around subjects that pertain to Judaism. Tomorrow I will report on friends and colleagues of this writer who courageously organized in Texas yesterday, what was, to my knowledge, the only anti-Hanukkah protest in America.  

The late Canadian free speech attorney Doug Christie observed that rights written on paper guarantee nothing unless we are willing to militantly contend for them in the public square. My Texas friends deserve their freedom because they are fighting for it. I wish that could be said of every Christian who reads these words.

Obama Ties American’s Release to the Meaning of Hanukkah

NY Times online, Dec. 17   The annual Hanukkah party at the White House has become so popular in recent years that the Obama Administration has doubled down, holding events in the afternoon and evening to allow more Jewish leaders to celebrate the festival of lights with a president. 

But this year’s party on Wednesday had an unexpected twist: As hundreds of Jews were traveling to the White House for the affair, news broke of the release of Alan P. Gross, an American government contractor who had been held in Cuba for five years. 

Mr. Gross had been active in the Jewish community in Maryland and had gone to Cuba to provide communications equipment to Jewish nonprofit groups. Mr. Obama took the occasion not only to acknowledge how Jewish advocacy groups had taken an interest in Mr. Gross’s case, but also to connect his release to the holiday and to Jewish teaching. 

“I’m told that in the Jewish tradition, one of the great mitzvahs is pidyon shvuyim,” Mr. Obama said, using the Hebrew phrase to describe a commandment urging the redemption of captives. “And that’s what we’re celebrating today.” 

Noting that Hanukkah commemorates a victory against oppression, Mr. Obama said, “I can’t think of a better way to mark this holiday, with its message that freedom is possible, than with the historic changes that I announced today in our Cuba policy.” Among the estimated 550 guests at the afternoon party on Wednesday was Gwen Zuares, Mr. Gross’s sister-in-law.


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Hanukkah Hoax

Counterfeit-Israel ascends as the Holy Family and 
Nativity scenes descend 
By Michael Hoffman

Advent, 2015Christmas is a problematic time for Orthodox rabbis and their followers since it celebrates the birth of the Jesus they hate. The rabbinic term for Christmas Eve is Nittel Nacht, a night they regard as accursed. 
There is a rabbinic tradition of refraining from marital relations on Nittel Nacht. According to Rabbi Baal Shem Tov, the founder of Hasidic Judaism, to conceive a child on Nittel Nacht will result in the birth of either an apostate or a pimp. 
The most prominent rabbinic custom commonly observed on Christmas Eve is to abstain from “Torah” (Talmud) study. There is an anxiety that one’s Talmud study may unwillingly serve as merit for Jesus’ soul, corresponding to the teaching that Talmud study gives respite to the souls of all the wicked.
Refraining from Talmud study on Nittel Nacht also serves as a sign of mourning, corresponding to the rabbinic belief that Jesus “was a false messiah who deceived Israel, worshipped a brick, practiced the magic he learned in Egypt” (Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedrin 107b); and “was born of a harlot who conceived while she was niddah (menstruating)” (Babylonian Talmud, Kallah 51a).
There is a Talmudic custom of eating garlic on Nittel Nacht. The reason for this is attributed to the odor of the garlic which is reputed to repel the demonic soul of Jesus, which is supposed to wander on Christmas Eve like Scrooge’s dead partner Marley (cf. the rabbinic text Nitei Gavriel Minhagei Nittel). Another widespread rabbinic custom in Orthodox Judaism is to make toilet paper on Christmas Eve, a practice made popular among Hasidic Judaics by the Chiddushei Harim (cf. Reiach Hasade 1:17).
Contrast these grostesque Nittel Nacht mockeries from the lowest septic tank in hell, with the heavenly story of the Holy Family in Bethlehem: the radiant Virgin and Christ child, humble shepherds, and angels offering glad tidings of peace on earth to men of good will. Frankly, there is no comparison between Talmudic Judaism and true Christianity, and those who attempt to assert that Christianity has ecumenical similarities with the religion of the Talmud are more deluded than the degraded practitioners of Nittel Nacht themselves. 
This year Christmas Eve falls on a Thursday. Nittel Nacht and its blasphemies and toilet-paper construction will take place on December 24 as usual. Pray for the Talmudists engaged in this crazed, hate-filled anti-Christian bigotry which the mainstream media will not report or denounce. 

What is Hanukkah? 
Hanukkah is a Talmudic holiday that is a burlesque of the Biblical account of the Maccabees. Hanukkah is celebrated cursorily in the Israeli state and observed in the  United States as competition for Christmas, in order to symbolically assert the supremacy of Klal Yisroel (the Judaic people) over the rest of humanity. The secret of Hanukkah was disclosed by Rabbi Levi Isaac ben Meir of Berdichev (renowned as “the Kedushat Levi” after his eponymous treatise), a prominent eighteenth century halachic (legal) authority. 

Rabbi Meir revealed a secret known only to a few: that lighting the Hanukkah menorah does not commemorate the victory of the Biblical Maccabees.  The arcane traditional doctrine of Chazal (i.e. the “sages” of the Talmud) concerning Hanukkah is that it commemorates God’s “delight in the Jewish people” themselves, and their vainglorious celebrations.  The secret teaching of Hanukkah is that God supposedly provided a mythical eight days of oil not as a means of facilitating a victory, or of guaranteeing the successful completion of a sacred duty, but rather as a sign (halacha osah mitzvah), of His continuing adoration of the Judaic people, which all the rest of us are supposed to emulate, as we in fact do, whenever we allow a menorah to be erected where a Nativity scene is banned. 
Hanukkah is Talmudism’s principal weapon for injecting the religion of the Talmud into the civic life of our nation during the month of December, at a time when Christianity and its symbols, such as Nativity scenes, are increasingly marginalized or banned completely from the public square, in favor of menorah lightings, “Sanny Claws” and the collective jingle of cash registers. The lower Jesus, Mary and Joseph are made to descend during the Christ Mass season, the higher the Menorah and the Judaic self-worship it represents, rises.
In the religion of Judaism, the Hanukkah menorah is the symbol of the supreme position which Talmudic People supposedly occupy in God’s eyes. The Hanukkah menorah is not a symbol of a Biblical occurrence. Hanukkah is a man-made Talmudic tradition intended for self-idolatry. It represents the victory not of the Maccabees over the pagans, but of the selective memory of the rabbis over history. 
Hanukkah is an enduring commitment to the dark racial and religious conceit of the rabbinic and Zionist Judaics, disguised as holiday light and cheer for all, and as such it is a kind of abbreviation for and summation of the strange god of self-adulation which is the central idol of the votaries of Orthodox Judaism, and the central violation of the First Commandment of Exodus 20:3: לא יהיה־לך אלהים אחרים על־פני.

Michael Hoffman is a former reporter for the New York bureau of the Associated Press. He is the author of Judaism’s Strange Gods, and Judaism Discovered, and the editor of Prof. Alexander McCaul’s The Talmud Tested and Johann Eisenmenger’s Traditions of the Jews.



Texas Christians Protest Chabad’s Hanukkah

Thursday, December 11, 2014

More details on “psychologist” thugs who devised CIA torture

Yesterday's NY Times has a rather thin account of the civilian contractors (James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen) who are alleged to be architects of the CIA’s torture program. Here’s a more in-depth exposé from a local newspaper in Spokane, Wash. where the “psychologist” thugs were based. It deserves national syndication.

$80 million paid to Spokane firm for enhanced interrogation

Shawn Vestal
The Spokesman-Review (Spokane, Washington) December 10, 2014

It’s long been known that a pair of former Fairchild Air Force Base psychologists helped develop and personally implement the CIA torture program following the 9/11 attacks. 
A new Senate report details how much money they made doing it.
More than $80 million in taxpayer money went to Mitchell, Jessen & Associates, the Spokane company formed by James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen to carry forward the work of waterboarding, mock burials and other so-called “enhanced interrogation” techniques the United States adopted starting in 2002. The Senate report said the firm had a contract for up to $180 million, but the interrogation program was disbanded in 2009. 
The new report – a blistering and controversial critique of the Bush-era torture program that paints a picture of a sloppy, poorly run program propped up by consistently false claims that torture produced useful information or prevented attacks – spends a lot of pages detailing the participation of Mitchell and Jessen. 
The two are former Fairchild survival school psychologists who formed their Spokane company in 2005 to continue their interrogation work as paid contractors. Their central role in developing and promoting the torture techniques has been a matter of public record for years. The men took the survival techniques taught to soldiers and airmen to learn how to resist illegal torture and “reverse-engineered” them as techniques to produce intelligence. The Senate report is the latest of many evaluations that conclude the approach was, in addition to being illegal and inhumane, ineffective.
An experienced interrogator and former Fairchild colleague of the men, Col. Steven Kleinman, has said they were in over their heads. “I think they’ve caused more harm to American national security than they’ll ever understand,” Kleinman said in 2012.
The new report includes details about Mitchell and Jessen’s role that have not been previously reported, including their involvement in an interrogation that left a prisoner dead and in the “reckless” waterboarding of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Their consistent claims that their work had disrupted terror plots and provided crucial information was among the information CIA officials and others have used in claiming the torture was effective; the Senate report examines each of these instances closely and concludes that the program was “not an effective means of acquiring intelligence.”
The report never names Mitchell and Jessen, instead using the pseudonyms Grayson Swigert and Hammond Dunbar. But it is clear from the context – and compared against a past Senate report as well as reporting by several other journalists – that they are the psychologists in question.
The report reveals that deep concerns about Mitchell and Jessen’s involvement were debated from the start of their involvement, in 2002. The men, who had no firsthand interrogation experience, were considered by some on the front lines to be ill-equipped for the job. One email from a CIA staff psychologist said “no professional in the field would credit” their judgments. Another said their “arrogance and narcissism” led to unnecessary conflicts in the field. The director of interrogations for the CIA called their program a “train wreck” and complained that they were blending the roles of doctor and interrogator inappropriately.
A medical officer painted a stark picture of a grotesque conflict-of-interest inherent in their roles, saying “the same individuals applied an (enhanced interrogation technique) which only they were approved to employ, judged both its effectiveness and detainee resilience, and implicitly proposed continued use of the technique – at a daily compensation reported to be $1,800/day.”
Attempts to reach Mitchell and Jessen were unsuccessful. The former number of Mitchell, Jessen & Associates now rings to another company. Jessen was appointed as a bishop in his Spokane ward of the Mormon church but resigned soon after the news of the appointment was reported. Mitchell has apparently moved to Florida. In an interview with the Guardian of London earlier this year, he said, “I’m just a guy who got asked to do something for his country by people at the highest level of government, and I did the best that I could.”
The pair issued a joint statement defending their work several years ago, insisting their work was legal and ethical, and saying, “We resolutely oppose torture.”
The executive summary of the Senate report is a long, detailed examination of the torture program, and it is comprehensively sourced and footnoted. Among the report’s comments about Mitchell and Jessen:
• When the CIA was developing its interrogation program in early 2002 and considering harsh interrogation techniques, the only research used was an analysis of an al-Qaida manual by Mitchell and Jessen. “Neither psychologist had experience as an interrogator, nor did either have specialized knowledge of (al-Qaida), a background in terrorism, or any relevant regional cultural or linguistic expertise.” 
• The men pushed for the adoption of the techniques. A footnote in the report says, “the CIA did not seek out (Mitchell) and (Jessen) after a decision was made to use coercive interrogation techniques; rather, (Mitchell) and (Jessen) played a role in convincing the CIA to adopt such a policy.” A past Senate report describes the men as “pitching” their program to government officials. 
• Neither man had any direct experience with the waterboard, as it was not used in Air Force survival training. Nevertheless, they described it as an “absolutely convincing technique” that was needed to overwhelm a suspect’s ability to resist. 
• In 2002, the interrogation program was being developed in a rush, built around the capture of Abu Zubaydah, an al-Qaida member who was caught and moved to a secret prison in Thailand. FBI interrogators worked with Zubaydah initially, and would later claim that their rapport-building techniques produced the most useful information. The CIA took over from the FBI and began using the “enhanced techniques” proposed and personally employed by Mitchell and Jessen, months before any training or guidelines – let alone formal approval – were in place. Among the tactics used, Zubaydah was isolated for 47 days. 
• CIA headquarters approved waterboarding on Aug. 3, 2002, under the conditions that only Mitchell and Jessen “were to have contact with” Zubaydah, and CIA officials would simply observe. Over the next 19 days, Zubaydah was subjected to enhanced interrogation on a “near 24-per-hour-per-day basis.” He was slammed against walls, struck, hooded, placed in a coffin-like “confinement box” – and waterboarded for hours on end. By the sixth day, CIA officials decided that the techniques were not producing the information about future attacks and were not likely to. The interrogations continued. Observing these sessions run by Mitchell and Jessen had a “profound” effect on CIA personnel, “some to the point of tears and choking up,” the report quotes one CIA employee saying. Zubaydah was eventually waterboarded 83 times. The report concludes the interrogations were “brutal and far worse than the CIA represented” to officials and the public. At one point, the report says, Zubaydah became “completely unresponsive, with bubbles rising through his open, full mouth.” 
• At the end of the interrogation, the CIA concluded Zubaydah did not have information about terrorism threats after all. The committee report concludes that virtually all useful intelligence came from the FBI interrogations, without the use of torture. Mitchell and Jessen concluded in a memo that their techniques were useful, not because Zubaydah provided information on terror threats, but because he did not: “We additionally sought to bring subject to the point that we confidently assess that he does not … possess undisclosed threat information.” 
• Jessen assisted in the November 2002 interrogation of Gul Rahman, a suspected Islamic extremist. The interrogation included a wide range of harsh techniques. Jessen left the detention site and offered suggestions to the CIA officer about how to use further “enhanced measures.” Rahman was shackled in a way that required him to sit on a concrete floor wearing only a sweatshirt; he was discovered dead the next day of likely hypothermia, a CIA autopsy suggested. 
• The men also assisted in the 183 waterboardings of Mohammed in 2003, perhaps the most well-known of all the torture cases. Among the assertions in the report is that the two men threatened the lives of Mohammed’s children on the first day of their interrogations. At one point, as the intensity of the waterboarding sessions increased, they used their hands to maintain a 1-inch pool of water around his mouth. At another stage, they would wait for him to begin speaking, then pour water into his mouth. 
• The report concludes that the waterboarding provided no useful intelligence – contrary to oft-reported claims by the CIA and administration officials. 
• In January 2003, Jessen arrived at a detention site where another detainee had been interrogated unsuccessfully. He developed an interrogation plan including waterboarding and said this would require additional support from Mitchell. The CIA’s chief of interrogations told several colleagues that he had “serious reservations” about the program and its effect on the detainee, and would be retiring. He wrote, “this is a train wreak (sic) waiting to happen and I intend to get the hell off the train before it happens.” His superiors chose to go forward. 
• The CIA outsourced almost all of its “enhanced” interrogations by 2005, and most of those contracts went to Mitchell and Jessen. In June 2007, the men briefed Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on the interrogation program in an attempt to win her support. 
The report describes the scope of Mitchell, Jessen & Associates’ enterprise. The number of employees at the firm was blacked out in the report, but it says the firm hired former CIA workers. The firm provided interrogators and security personnel at black sites – secret prisons; it served as intermediary between the governments of other countries and the CIA; it worked on a project to identify the “terrorist mind set.” The firm’s contract also called for “writing the history of the CIA’s Detention and Interrogation Program.” 
• The CIA also authorized payments for Mitchell, Jessen & Associates – identified as “Company Y” in the report – for “countersurveillance” of its officers when the program was being written about in the press, and for a $5 million indemnification contract, which included expenses associated with any criminal prosecution. The CIA spent $1.1 million on legal expenses for the men between 2007 and 2012. “Under the CIA’s indemnification contract,” the report says, “the CIA is obligated to pay Company Y’s legal expenses through 2021.” 
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ROTM: Rot ‘em

ROTM: Rot ‘em 

The CIA and The Process of Mind Rot  Then and Now

By Michael Hoffman

“...the heirs of the conspirators are now so powerful they can afford to openly tease us with evidence of their guilt.” 

Among the discounted books offered nationwide this holiday season by Costco Wholesale we find, The Day Kennedy Died: 50 Years Later LIFE Remembers the Man and the Moment.

This volume is distinguished by two large, close-up color photos of President Kennedy’s limousine traveling in the motorcade through Dealey Plaza in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963, completely unprotected. There are no Secret Service agents on the back of the car; the handles for them to grasp and hold while they are positioned in the rear of the president’s vehicle are ominously empty. A police motorcycle escort is uselessly behind and not along the side of the Kennedy limousine. These motorcycle officers are protecting the occupants in the vehicle behind the president, while Mr. Kennedy and his fellow passengers are left as pitifully easy marks for any expert gunmen. 

Though I have seen these photos before, LIFE’s The Day Kennedy Died offers the opportunity to view them with these revealing details starkly highlighted. I can think of no other single piece of evidence that so powerfully testifies to an assassination conspiracy on the part of the security agencies pledged to protect our president. The photos in The Day Kennedy Died are mute testimony to the fact that he was a sitting duck as his driver slowed down for the dog-leg turn near the Texas School Book Depository and the Grassy Knoll, just prior to the lethal shots being fired.

The only significant reply from the coverup artists to this photographic evidence has been the claim that as a politician President Kennedy had ordered his protection withdrawn so he could be seen better by the people lining the streets, an allegation repeatedly refuted by rank-and-file members of the Secret Service, who have stated that Kennedy trusted his alleged protectors completely and never interfered with security arrangements. With this in mind, these photos represent a Revelation of the Method (ROTM) of how JFK was murdered.

On p. 162 of the LIFE book, one finds a partial reproduction of an iconic photograph of “three tramps” under police escort in Dallas in the aftermath of the assassination. This photo is nothing like most of the others in the book. The editors for some reason chose a grainy photo, with the “tramps”partially obscured, when there are much finer and more detailed ones extant. The one they chose to publish creates an air of ambiguity. Here we are not looking forensically at suspects, but mythically at ghosts haunting a scene.

This writer has published studies of the masonic concept of the “three unworthy craftsmen,” which this famous “three tramps” image would seem to symbolically represent. Similar references or symbolism appeared in the assassination by non-Mormon Freemasons of Masonic-Mormon Joseph Smith, and in the Jack the Ripper serial murders in Victorian England, perpetrated by the masonic royal physician, Sir William Gull. 

With this in mind, let us entertain the likelihood that there is a high probability that a Mafia contract-hit man, rifleman Charles Harrelson, father of actor Woody Harrleson, was one of the three assassins who killed Kennedy.

The American media and its corps of well-funded investigative reporters showed little interest in Charles Harrelson while he was alive, imprisoned for life for the assassination of a federal judge in Texas. With my limited means I did all I could to attempt to interview Harrelson in prison, including meeting with his famous son in San Francisco, to discuss arranging access; a meeting that proved to be traumatic for the actor.

On page 162 of The Day Kennedy Died there is ROTM again: one of the “three tramps” photographed in Dealey Plaza on Nov. 22 is identified by LIFE as possibly being “Woody Harrelson’s father.”

The Kennedy and Bush-Era CIA is one and the same creature

The CIA was the prime mover in the murder of Kennedy, assisted at the highest levels by the US Secret Service, military officers assigned to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and with the connivance of Vice President Lyndon Johnson. J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI played a key role in the subsequent coverup.

A mere eighteen days after the 51st anniversary of the spectacular assassination conspiracy in Dallas, the media are crying crocodile tears over reports of CIA “torture and deceit” with regard to the treatment of Islamic terror suspects in the wake of the most psychically damaging, game-changing conspiracy since King-Kill / 33 the 9/11 attacks in New York and on the Pentagon. 

The uproar over the CIA in this month of December is little more than a dog and pony show. It cannot be a surprise to anyone who knows the facts, that the CIA is an evil organization comprised of murderous traitors, and that this has been the CIA’s legacy for more than five decades. Who among those “in the know” can honestly be shocked or appalled that “our” CIA tortured Muslim suspects, lied about it and manipulated the media?

Are we really going to “reform” or “render accountable” a secret intelligence bureau that murdered the President of the United States and got away with it? 

Until the CIA is charged with the killing of Kennedy the pus that infects its sinews and corpuscles will continue to fester, infecting all who come in contact.

The cowards and careerists in the American media are complicit in the Kennedy assassination and will remain so until they use their resources to fully expose that which LIFE magazine puts on display as a kind of occult tease — photographic clues and name-dropping hints intended to rot our minds (ROTM) with the sense that yes, there was a conspiracy to kill the president and the heirs of the conspirators are now so powerful they can afford to openly tease us with evidence of their guilt. 

In 1979, another arm of Congress, the House Select Committee on Assassinations, issued its final report determining that there had been a “probable conspiracy” to assassinate JFK. One of the lead investigators for the House Committee was the late Gaeton Fonzi, author of the indispensable and highly recommended volume, The Last Investigation: What Insiders Know about the Assassination of JFK (2013).

The murder of our President is now more than a half-century in the past and the Cryptocracy is counting on the mustiness of the crime to anesthetize us, even in the presence of blatant cues and clues dropped by the perpetrators themselves, which would have energized and activated an angry American people circa 1963 or 1964, but in 2014 serve only to further rot our numb and heavily processed minds.

The hoopla this December about the CIA is being conducted in a virtual memory-hole vacuum, which ensures that what should be a boiling storm of protest and outrage so intense and sustained that it leads to the conviction and imprisonment of the CIA’s leadership and the abolition of the agency, will dissolve into a tempest in a teapot, according to the storied Solve et Coagula process of human alchemy, of which JFK, 9/11 and the present hubbub, are but constituent elements.



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