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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Testimonials for Hoffman’s book on Usury

Encomiums for Michael Hoffman’s new book:
Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not

(New review added on March 30, 2013)

Endorsement by Rev. Fr. Christopher Hunter, SSPX:
“For 1500 years the Church of Rome unequivocally condemned usury as one of the worst of evils; then it suddenly starting teaching that ‘moderate’ usury was permissible. Hoffman’s book challenges Rome to explain the contradiction.

“Rome needs to explain why, after 1500 years of solemnly teaching that usury is one of the worst of evils, it suddenly said it was permissible as long as it was not ‘excessive.’

“Usury in Christendom challenges the Catholic hierarchy to explain how it changed its traditional opposition to usury into permission to practice it. This book needs to be read in Rome.

“Usury in Christendom will remain the definitive textbook on the topic of the Church and usury until such time as Rome discloses why it reversed its 1500-year-old teaching.

“Little wonder the Church of Rome overturned the traditional Latin Rite of Mass if it would overturn its age-old teaching on usury.”

Fr. Hunter is a noted historian of the American Republic. He is the pastor of St. Therese Chapel in Klamath Falls, Oregon and a teacher at the schools of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX).


"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing the book, Usury in Christendom. I have written in the Bible in the front cover the places that deal with interest or usury. I did that 30 years ago. You’re right on every issue that I can see. Creating money out of thin air and charging interest is the greatest evil that the world has ever seen.”

May God bless you, 
—Linus E.
North Dakota 

Book Review by Pat Flanagan, M.D. (Wisconsin):

This book takes a while to read, because it is packed with useful  information which the interested reader is advised to read slowly and deeply.  It will be especially important for those Catholics who tend to refer to themselves as Traditional in terms of attending the Latin Mass for their ordinary custom of worship.  I say this in order to prepare this type of reader for some rather startling news that usury is not from the Jews or the Protestants but rather comes from the wealthy Catholic families in Italy and Germany.  And, brace yourselves, the popes since 1515 have said it is OK as long as the interest rate is not excessive!  So forewarned is forearmed.

Simply put, (and not trying to be funny), this book by the author Michael Hoffman promises to do for usury what Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky did to adultery—it will give it a bad name.

I took great enjoyment in reading this book for two reasons: (1) it is myth exploding actually exculpating the Protestants and Judaics from the blame they falsely took for so many centuries for their part in the interest-bearing debt racket and laying the blame squarely on the Catholics who started it and the Roman Catholic Church who authoritatively condoned since the 1500’s; and, (2) it is going to be a sort of cutting board separating Catholics who lust after the Truth no matter how harsh it may sound and those lickspittle Trads whose religion is based on who and not what informs them of their doctrinal teachings.  It is a given that those who still accept the official and approved version of 9-11 and the Holohoax as irreformable historiography are not going to make it past the first few pages.

Hoffman is a true scholar who has been studying this issue of Church approved usury since around 2000 publishing his findings serially in his newsletters right up to the present, so that much of what I have already learned in those publications has been included in the book.   This prompted me to dig them out of my files because he was not able to include all this information in the book due to cost concerns.  But just reviewing this old material helped to further reinforce its importance in my learning experience.

We can never be too casual with avoiding the First Principles of any topic.  As one traditional Catholic who was wont to mechanically associate  the usury industry with the Money Power of the Protestants, specifically the pilgrim Puritans who landed at Plymouth rock in 1620, and the Khazar Talmudists whose experience in this despicable business is legion, it was a real epiphany to me to read that the thesis of Max Weber, the German Catholic of the early 20th century, had falsely ascribed the onus of money profit-making on the Protestant mentality of worldly success being used as a sign of predestination.  If Weber had actually gone back in his research another 200 years he would have discovered that the original Puritan divines of 16th century England based their teachings on the utter immoral nature of usury on earlier Catholic patristic writings and the Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas and not on Calvin who actually had made peace with the financial elitists of his day in approving loans at “modest” rates to those who could afford to pay the extra interest on the principal.  And this was certainly news to me where the name Max Weber had become synonymous with sound Catholic scholarship.  Hoffman went back further dredging up First Principles amongst the Catholic families in Florence—the Medicis—and the Fuggers in Germany.

All of this would have meant absolutely nothing had not a pope given it his blessing, and that happened with Pope Leo X at the Fifth Lateran Council in 1515.  From that point on every pope and theologian has given the practice of loaning not above the going legal rate a pass in the Catholic world. Actually now, according to the Catholic Encyclopedia (1913) “The Holy See puts its funds out at interest, and requires ecclesiastical administrators to do the same.”

Mike Jones of Culture Wars and his contributors never tire of bringing up Vix Pervenit, the encyclical of Pope Benedict XIV (1745).  A closer reading of this Hegelian-like document does anything but condemn the practice of usury as a huge loophole inserted into its midst undoes the initial proscription of this fiendish practice and instead goes on to describe approvingly of “…just and legitimate reasons…to demand something over and above the amount due on the contract….”  Check it out for yourself as it is the 30th edition of the Enchiridion Symbolorum by Denzinger, edited by none other than Karl Rahner, S.J.

Followers of the Austrian School of Economics in Auburn, Alabama, capitalists down to their boots, would say this of Hoffman and his book, “Flee for your life from the man who tells you money is the root of all evil.  That sentence is the leper’s bell of an approaching looter.”  Well, here is news for you guys who preach Free Enterprise and making lots of money is what America is all about—Our Lord never tired of preaching to “Lend expecting nothing in return” (Lk 6:35).  Did He not put his money where his mouth was when he ran the money changers out of the temple, not once but twice, by furiously lashing them with a whip of knotted cords that he especially made for the occasion?  And, yes, He really did foresee the evils of unbacked paper money and unchecked interest on loans in the modern world.  So He meant it back then to continue up to the present.

This book is easily readable and bound neatly in soft cover.  It lacks an index which would be extremely helpful for study, but if you really apply yourself diligently as a good student reading a textbook, which it is, then the index is dispensable.  The bibliography is very impressive showing the effort made in getting down to the origins of this massive criminal syndicate that has been devouring the lifeblood of the remnants of Christendom for these last 500 years.

This is a book that should be read by all people, especially Protestants and Judaics, who might feel a little bit after doing so to chortle, “There, we’ve been trying to tell you that for years!”

—Pat Flanagan

 I finally finished your superbly written book in the predawn hours this morning.  What comments I am going to share with you now couldn't have been made by me three days ago with only about two-thirds of the book read.   The book is manifestly a scholarly work on the subject of usury.  I say this because the information in the book "squares" with what I have studied and learned from others and examined on my own.  But for me, the undercurrent theme of self-examination of the one's conscience in all things, is the most important.  I'm thinking this was powered by the "mini biographies" and "sermonettes" that are found in just the right places throughout the pages of this book. Your book is a call to repentance of not just the sin of usury but all things that would remove us from His Kingdom here on earth.  May we all be blessed by what you have written!

Gratefully yours,
—Mark Layne

I finished reading Usury in Christendom...I have been saying for several years that from a Christian standpoint we must back out of the banking, debt-based currency, fraudulent monetary/usury system. It is the basis of the preponderance of evils we face today. I had never put two and two together to realize that usury as Divine Law and cannot be revised by the Church. You have laid bare the dreadful fact that all popes since 1515 have promoted this abominable heresy. No wonder the Catholic Church and Faith is nearly destroyed and the world is filled with war, tyranny, and poverty!  Your research can only be described as incredible and bares the signs of Divine assistance. My favorite part is John Jewel's sermon castigating usury and usurers. What a treasure!  I have begun to select about a dozen individuals who I deem to be appropriate to be the recipients of the flier you provided and a recommendation for purchase. ...Those Catholics who cannot tolerate the truth about the Church can only stand in the way of Her restoration. One cannot walk the line. We must either be with Christ or we will be against Him and His Church.   May God bless you in your courageous efforts to overcome the Money Power and just do the right thing despite the consequences, which were, no doubt, foreseen.                                                                         

Respectfully yours, 
--Susan Trelease Nasoni 
DuBois, Pennsylvania 
Thank you for your tireless efforts to defend the simple teaching of Scripture regarding counterfeit and godless increase.  Thus you are an alien and stranger in this present evil age, and your enemies are members of your own household.  Take heart by another passage of holy Scripture: "And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart."  Ironically, in battling against counterfeit increase that comes from the hand of Mammon, you are promised in this Scripture and elsewhere true increase that comes from the hand of God, an increase that makes the most usurious schemes pale in comparison, being even 100 fold from the Author of Life, if you do not lose heart.  In this, Satan himself knows he has been defeated. He will pay particular attention to those whose aim is to publish the facts of this defeat.  But the one in you is greater than this one in the world.  Do not lose heart.  

— R. G. 
Louisville, Kentucky


Monday, December 10, 2012

Hoffman Talks About Usury

Our new book, Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin That Was and Now is Not, has been published and is in print. If you purchased a copy in advance of publication, your book is either in transit or may have already arrived. If your copy has not yet arrived, please be patient. Books to US residents ship by US Postal Service "Media Mail," which can be slow at this time of the year. Shipments to Canada and overseas are sent by air mail but are subject to the vicissitudes of a foreign nation's particular customs office. While supplies last (there is no guarantee of a second printing), Usury in Christendom may be purchased from our online store here, or from Amazon.com here. We are also offering a new DVD:

The author of the book Usury in Christendom gives a passionate talk in a private home on interest on debt in light of Biblical doctrine and western history. Production values are not high on this DVD, but the content is! 34 minutes. $16.95 plus shipping. The DVD may be purchased online here.

It is too early to offer an assessment of how Usury in Christendom is being received. Preliminary reactions have ranged from hostility (including, from former friends and supporters, promises of economic retribution and revenge against the author), to appreciation. We have yet to receive enough feedback, however, to offer an accurate and representative spectrum of reaction. It would be a mistake to draw any conclusions at this stage.

We have not managed to raise the funds for an advertising budget for the book, but we did set aside a batch of review copies which are being mailed to a broad swath of newspaper, magazine and newsletter editors, economics professors, theologians, philosophers and anti-debt activists, in the hope that one or more of them will rescue Usury in Christendom from obscurity and publicize or review it; otherwise, until our circumstances change, we are wholly dependent on word-of-mouth and the publicity we ourselves generate in our Hoffman Wire column, at our website (www.revisionisthistory.org), on Twitter (@HoffmanMichaelA), in our blog (http://revisionistreview.blogspot.com) and to our mailing list, via the Post Office.

The book was written Soli Deo Gloria. In our straitened circumstances, my attitude toward its promotion is the same attitude I have taken toward the basic needs of my children when I was pressed for resources. I went to God in the knowledge that ultimately they were His children; asking, on that basis, would He please provide for them. He never failed to do so. It is my opinion (I grant that I may be deluded in this respect) that God wanted Usury in Christendom written, and while any mistakes in its pages are my responsibility alone, it is His book, and He will move those He needs to move to assist in its dissemination, according to His will.

The Money Power in the Middle East

Everywhere I turn I see the Money Power obstructing revival and restoration. We learned last week that Obama and Romney each spent the staggering sum of approximately one billion dollars in seeking the presidency. We find that even the heavens are being merchandized: a private corporation is endeavoring to offer flights to the moon, including a walk on its surface, for $750 million per passenger.

Our fellow Americans are slaving under an immense debt burden, both personal and national. The Republicans who are eager to cut the social safety net out from under the poor, sick and elderly, don't emphasize that a considerable portion of the Federal deficit is due to America's role as world policemen, with the military-industrial complex reaping the profits. One of our friends is a low-ranking, frontline grunt in the U.S. military. Men such as this man -- the proverbial cannon fodder -- are most certainly not enriching themselves from America's endless foreign wars, which are so lucrative to the upper echelon of the Cryptocracy, which has turned a blind eye toward the operations of the Nusra Front ("Jabhat al-Nusra”) of  Syrian rebels  — an arm of Al Qaeda in Iraq -- which has killed American troops. If this Nusra Front organization had been linked to Iran we would be hunting it with drones and sanctioning their sponsors. But Al Qaeda's Nusra Front in Syria is part of the ordained overthrow of the Assad government, as protected, funded and armed by the fabulously wealthy kingdoms of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. In the wake of this outrage, there are few if any saber-rattling howls of indignation from the Right wing members of Congress who are based in the Deep South.

The killers of American troops are seizing power in Syria, and this suits the Israeli network that seeks perpetual war by building up enemies which they then shape and secretly control at the highest levels (it was the Israelis who helped to found Hamas).

Only after these enemies are in power, Senators like Lindsay Graham and John McCain will call for a multi-billion dollar military crusade to dislodge them -- only after elements of Al Qaeda are part of the new ruling coalition in Syria. A similar scenario unfolded in Libya with the "Allies" helping to put Al Qaeda type elements in power and now screeching about the assault on our embassy and the death of our ambassador.

From whence comes this cowardice, treason and duplicity, and the apathy of our people in the face of it? There are many symptoms, yet only one root: the love of money, and the power that comes to those who control oil, the greatest material prize of our age, or the Money Power's core power plant: compound interest on debt.


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Why the Israelis Didn’t Win in Gaza

Why Israel Didn’t Win
By Adam Shatz
London Review of Books 
December 6, 2012, pp. 3-5 
The ceasefire agreed by Israel and Hamas in Cairo after eight days of fighting is merely a pause in the Israel-Palestine conflict. It promises to ease movement at all border crossings with the Gaza Strip, but will not lift the blockade. It requires Israel to end its assault on the Strip, and Palestinian militants to stop firing rockets at southern Israel, but it leaves Gaza as miserable as ever: according to a recent UN report, the Strip will be ‘uninhabitable’ by 2020. And this is to speak only of Gaza. How easily one is made to forget that Gaza is only a part – a very brutalized part – of the ‘future Palestinian state’ that once seemed inevitable, and which now seems to exist mainly in the lullabies of Western peace processors. None of the core issues of the Israel-Palestine conflict – the Occupation, borders, water rights, repatriation and compensation of refugees – is addressed by this agreement. 
The fighting will erupt again, because Hamas will come under continued pressure from its members and from other militant factions, and because Israel has never needed much pretext to go to war. In 1982, it broke its ceasefire with Arafat’s PLO and invaded Lebanon, citing the attempted assassination of its ambassador to London, even though the attack was the work of Arafat’s sworn enemy, the Iraqi agent Abu Nidal. In 1996, during a period of relative calm, it assassinated Hamas’s bomb-maker Yahya Ayyash, the ‘Engineer’, leading Hamas to strike back with a wave of suicide attacks in Israeli cities. When, a year later, Hamas proposed a thirty-year hudna, or truce, Binyamin Netanyahu dispatched a team of Mossad agents to poison the Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal in Amman; under pressure from Jordan and the US, Israel was forced to provide the antidote, and Meshaal is now the head of Hamas’s political bureau – and an ally of Egypt’s new president, Mohamed Morsi.
War in Gaza as a means for the Israelis to test their new rocket defense shield, Iron Dome
Operation Pillar of Defense, Israel’s latest war, began just as Hamas was cobbling together an agreement for a long-term ceasefire. Its military commander, Ahmed al-Jabari, was assassinated only hours after he reviewed the draft proposal. Netanyahu and his defense minister, Ehud Barak, could have had a ceasefire – probably on more favorable terms – without the deaths of more than 160 Palestinians and five Israelis, but then they would have missed a chance to test their new missile defense shield, Iron Dome, whose performance was Israel’s main success in the war. They would also have missed a chance to remind the people of Gaza of their weakness in the face of Israeli military might. The destruction in Gaza was less extensive than it had been in Operation Cast Lead, but on this occasion too the aim, as Gilad Sharon, Ariel’s son, put it in the Jerusalem Post, was to send out ‘a Tarzan-like cry that lets the entire jungle know in no uncertain terms just who won, and just who was defeated’.
Victory in war is not measured solely in terms of body counts, however. And the ‘jungle’ – the Israeli word not just for the Palestinians but for the Arabs as a whole – may have the last laugh. Not only did Hamas put up a better fight than it had in the last war, it averted an Israeli ground offensive, won implicit recognition as a legitimate actor from the United States (which helped to broker the talks in Cairo), and achieved concrete gains, above all an end to targeted assassinations and the easing of restrictions on the movement of people and the transfer of goods at the crossings. There was no talk in Cairo, either, of the Quartet Principles requiring Hamas to renounce violence, recognize Israel and adhere to past agreements between Israel and the Palestinian Authority: a symbolic victory for Hamas, but not a small one. And the Palestinians were not the only Arabs who could claim victory in Cairo. 
In diplomatic terms, the end of fighting under Egyptian mediation marked the dawn of a new Egypt, keen to reclaim the role that it lost when Sadat signed a separate peace with Israel. ‘Egypt is different from yesterday,’ Morsi warned Israel on the first day of the war. ‘We assure them that the price will be high for continued aggression.’ He underscored this point by sending his prime minister, Hesham Kandil, to Gaza the following day. While refraining from incendiary rhetoric, Morsi made it plain that Israel could not depend on Egyptian support for its attack on Gaza, as it had when Mubarak was in power, and would only have itself to blame if the peace treaty were jeopardized. After all, he has to answer to the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas’s parent organization, and to the Egyptian people, who are overwhelmingly hostile to Israel. The Obama administration, keen to preserve relations with Egypt, got the message, and so apparently did Israel. Morsi proved that he could negotiate with Israel without ‘selling out the resistance’, in Meshaal’s words. Internationally, it was his finest hour, though Egyptians may remember it as the prelude to his move a day after the ceasefire to award himself far-reaching executive powers that place him above any law.
Israelis fear Arab democracy
That Netanyahu stopped short of a ground war, and gave in to key demands at the Cairo talks, is an indication not only of Egypt’s growing stature, but of Israel’s weakened position. Its relations with Turkey, once its closest ally in the region and the pillar of its ‘doctrine of the periphery’ (a strategy based on alliances with non-Arab states) have deteriorated with the rise of Erdogan and the AKP. The Jordanian monarchy, the second Arab government to sign a peace treaty with Israel, is facing increasingly radical protests. And though Israel may welcome the fall of Assad, an ally of Hizbullah and Iran, it is worried that a post-Assad government, dominated by the Syrian branch of the Muslim Brothers, may be no less hostile to the occupying power in the Golan: the occasional rocket fire from inside Syria in recent days has been a reminder for Israel of how quiet that border was under the Assad family. Israeli leaders lamented for years that theirs was the only democracy in the region. What this season of revolts has revealed is that Israel had a very deep investment in Arab authoritarianism. The unravelling of the old Arab order, when Israel could count on the quiet complicity of Arab big men who satisfied their subjects with flamboyant denunciations of Israeli misdeeds but did little to block them, has been painful for Israel, leaving it feeling lonelier than ever. It is this acute sense of vulnerability, even more than Netanyahu’s desire to bolster his martial credentials before the January elections, that led Israel into war.
Hamas, meanwhile, has been buoyed by the same regional shifts, particularly the triumph of Islamist movements in Tunisia and Egypt: Hamas, not Israel, has been ‘normalized’ by the Arab uprisings. Since the flotilla affair, it has developed a close relationship with Turkey, which is keen to use the Palestinian question to project its influence in the Arab world. It also took the risk of breaking with its patrons in Syria: earlier this year, Khaled Meshaal left Damascus for Doha, while his number two, Mousa Abu Marzook, set himself up in Cairo. Since then, Hamas has thrown in its lot with the Syrian uprising, distanced itself from Iran, and found new sources of financial and political support in Qatar, Egypt and Tunisia. It has circumvented the difficulties of the blockade by turning the tunnels into a lucrative source of revenue and worked, with erratic success, to impose discipline on Islamic Jihad and other militant factions in the Strip. The result has been growing regional prestige, and a procession of high-profile visitors, including the emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, who came to Gaza three weeks before the war and promised $400 million dollars to build housing and repair roads. The emir did not make a similar trip to Ramallah.
Hamas’s growing clout has not gone unnoticed in Tel Aviv: cutting Hamas down to size was surely one of its war aims. If Israel were truly interested in achieving a peaceful settlement on the basis of the 1967 borders – parameters which Hamas has accepted – it might have tried to strengthen Abbas by ending settlement activity, and by supporting, or at least not opposing, his bid for non-member observer status for Palestine at the UN. Instead it has done its utmost to sabotage his UN initiative (with the robust collaboration of the Obama administration), threatening to build more settlements if he persists: such, Hamas has been only too happy to point out, are the rewards for non-violent Palestinian resistance. Operation Pillar of Defense will further undermine Abbas’s already fragile standing in the West Bank, where support for Hamas has never been higher.
Does Palestine have a right to defend itself?
Hardly had the ceasefire come into effect than Israel raided the West Bank to round up more than fifty Hamas supporters, while Netanyahu warned that Israel ‘might be compelled to embark’ on ‘a much harsher military operation’. (Avigdor Lieberman, his foreign minister, is said to have pushed for a ground war.) After all, Israel has a right to defend itself. This is what the Israelis say and what the Israel lobby says, along with much of the Western press, including the New York Times. In an editorial headed ‘Hamas’s Illegitimacy’ – a curious phrase, since Hamas only seized power in Gaza after winning a majority in the 2006 parliamentary elections – the Times accused Hamas of attacking Israel because it is ‘consumed with hatred for Israel’. The Times didn’t mention that Hamas’s hatred might have been stoked by a punishing economic blockade. It didn’t mention that between the start of the year and the outbreak of this war, 78 Palestinians in Gaza had been killed by Israeli fire, as against a single Israeli in all of Hamas’s notorious rocket fire. Or – until the war started – that this had been a relatively peaceful year for the miserable Strip, where nearly three thousand Palestinians have been killed by Israel since 2006, as against 47 Israelis by Palestinian fire.
Collective guilt of Gaza: the Israeli warrant for genocide
Those who invoke Israel’s right to defend itself are not troubled by this disparity in casualties, because the unspoken corollary is that Palestinians do not have the same right. If they dare to exercise this non-right, they must be taught a lesson. ‘We need to flatten entire neighborhoods in Gaza,’ Gilad Sharon wrote in the Jerusalem Post. ‘Flatten all of Gaza. The Americans didn’t stop with Hiroshima – the Japanese weren’t surrendering fast enough, so they hit Nagasaki too.’ Israel shouldn’t worry about innocent civilians in Gaza, he said, because there are no innocent civilians in Gaza: ‘They elected Hamas … they chose this freely, and must live with the consequences.’ Such language would be shocking were it not so familiar: in Israel the rhetoric of righteous victimhood has merged with the belligerent rhetoric – and the racism – of the conqueror. Sharon’s Tarzan allusion is merely a variation on Barak’s description of Israel as a villa in the jungle; his invocation of nuclear war reminds us that in 2008, the deputy defense minister Matan Vilnai proposed ‘a bigger holocaust’ if Gaza continued to resist.
But the price of war is higher for Israel than it was during Cast Lead, and its room for maneuver more limited, because the Jewish state’s only real ally, the American government, has to maintain good relations with Egypt and other democratically elected Islamist governments. During the eight days of Pillar of Defense, Israel put on an impressive and deadly fireworks show, as it always does, lighting up the skies of Gaza and putting out menacing tweets straight from The Sopranos
 The Israelis, not Hamas, are the region’s pariahs
But the killing of entire families and the destruction of government buildings and police stations, far from encouraging Palestinians to submit, will only fortify their resistance, something Israel might have learned by consulting the pages of recent Jewish history. The Palestinians understand that they are no longer facing Israel on their own: Israel, not Hamas, is the region’s pariah. The Arab world is changing, but Israel is not. Instead, it has retreated further behind Jabotinsky’s ‘iron wall’, deepening its hold on the Occupied Territories, thumbing its nose at a region that is at last acquiring a taste of its own power, exploding in spasms of high-tech violence that fail to conceal its lack of a political strategy to end the conflict. Iron Dome may shield Israel from Qassam rockets, but it won’t shield it from the future.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Finkelstein: Israeli army “most cowardly on earth"

There are many reasons Israel can't invade. The most obvious is, this time there are lots of foreign journalists in Gaza.  The IDF (Israeli army) is the most cowardly army on earth. They don't attack without first destroying everything in front and to the sides of them, which of course means massive civilian casualties.

 This time they can't do this because the operation was largely spontaneous, unlike Operation Cast Lead (in Gaza 2008-2009), so they weren't able to seal the borders.

There's even a NY Times reporter in Gaza, and she's plainly not happy with what she's seeing.  The Times even made an “error" yesterday and referred in the headline to the Israeli attack on "civilian buildings."  A few hours later they referred to "government buildings.”  But today the Times led with the deaths of 11 people, five women, four children (killed by the Israelis Sunday, Nov. 18; the victims are now said to be 12).

Of course, Israel can't be thrilled with this, and they know that in the event of a ground invasion, it'll be scores of civilians killed, not just because they like to kill civilians (which they do) but also because that's the only way the know (how) to fight: destroy everything in your path for miles around.  They can't do that now, but also Netanyahu can't risk significant IDF casualties.  (It would be a) Disaster with an (Israeli) election looming.  So, I still say, no invasion. --Norman Finkelstein

New York Times online, Monday Nov. 19, 2012


Monday, November 12, 2012

Policy wonk talks of how to start a war with Iran

This is Revelation of the Method from a policy wonk at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy that would have been unheard a few decades ago.

Why are these revelations made? In part because the revealers are confident we have such an insufficient love of peace and truth, that we won’t care that these elitists are seeking ways to trick Iran into attacking us or, failing that, launching an attack on ourselves and blaming Iran.

The revelation in this video is predicated on their own high level assessment that we the people have a depraved indifference to the truth.

History buffs and Lincoln-cultists: listen closely to the speaker’s (truthful) claim that Abraham Lincoln goaded the South into the war (as many other U.S. presidents deceived America into war, as noted in this brief video).


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Stone in the Synagogue's Shoe

By Michael Hoffman
(French translation follows below)

 Bishop Williamson

Below we reprint a report detailing the pleasure the World Jewish Congress has derived from news of the dismissal of Bishop Richard Williamson from the SSPX priest's fraternity.

Pope Benedict XVI does not dare to intervene in Talmudic affairs, such as, for example, to publicly chastize Shas "spiritual leader" Rabbi Ovadia Yosef for calling for the extermination of the Palestinians. The Vatican has surrendered to Orthodox Judaism and only maintains sufficient disagreement to bolster the facade that it represents the Church of Jesus Christ on earth.

Meanwhile, the Zionists have no compunction against shaping and influencing the Catholic Church through their power over the western media, and the chutzpah which fuels their conviction that they have the right to sanctimoniously lecture the gentiles.

As the following declaration makes clear, Bishop Fellay has done the will of the Talmudists in expelling Bishop Williamson.

True, Mr. Ronald Lauder, the billionaire scion of the Estee Lauder cosmetics firm, and Ronald Reagan's former US Ambassador to Austria, is not yet satisfied. It seems that the SSPX has not done enough. This is consonant with the rabbinic ideology concerning the goyim -- the incomplete nature of the soul of the gentile renders the actions of the gentile incomplete even when, with the best of intentions, they bow to the synagogue in abject submission.

The goyim, the pope and Bishop Fellay included, lack that special soul with which morally and racially superior Judaic persons are endowed. If you don't believe it, observe the fate of the thousands of sub-Saharan African immigrants in the Israeli state who are bound for indefinite detention in concentration camps in the Negev, precisely due to their alleged inferiority to the Holy People. No western nation on earth could get away with such draconian barbarity without earning international opprobrium and sanctions, yet the concentration camps for Blacks in "Israel" is not an issue in America, for Obama or Romney, or the media. This is in keeping with the Talmudic dictum: one law for the "Holy People" and another for everyone else.

Bishop Fellay may speak of Bishop Williamson's "disobedience" to Fellay, but philosophically that claim is bankrupt, since Fellay himself continues to defy the pope by refusing to submit to the jurisdiction of the local ordinaries in the dioceses where SSPX churches, schools and seminaries are located. Archbishop Lefebvre, the founder of the SSPX, taught that the salvation of souls, and not obedience to wayward authority, was the highest priority. Salvation of souls is Bishop Williamson's mandate. How then can Fellay, who is disobedient to the pope,  accuse Williamson of disobedience? The obedience issue is a smokescren which conceals a larger truth. This truth is most transparent in the German precincts of the SSPX.

Bishop Fellay is mirroring the idolatry and despotism of the German SSPX, which labors under Germany's  Muslim-like blasphemy laws, which protect the sacred relics of Holocaustianity from forensic examination, skepticism and ridicule. The means of this protection are Germany's dungeons, where heretics such as publisher Ernst Zundel, and erstwhile Max Planck chemist Germar Rudolf, have rotted for years. Consequently, the SSPX conforms to the demands of the false religion of Holocaustianity, and does not contest the holocaustolatry of its relics, id est, the “gas chambers." Consequently, Bishop Williamson, who blasphemed those relics, represented what Mafiosi term, "pietra di la scarpa," the stone in the shoe. The stone had to be removed from the synagogue's shoe.

Lauder: Williamson dismissal from Pius Brotherhood "too little too late" and not credible

The head of the World Jewish Congress (WJC), Ronald S. Lauder, has welcomed the expulsion of Bishop Richard Williamson from the Catholic breakaway group Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) but said it should have been done years ago and “it does nothing to restore the credibility of this organization”.

Lauder declared: “It’s good that the hatemonger and Holocaust denier Williamson has finally been sent into the wilderness, but this is a decision the SSPX leadership should have taken years ago, when the cleric openly denied the existence of gas chambers. It is too little too late. The reasons now given for Williamson’s dismissal do not mention the damage this man has caused by spreading invective against Jews and others, be it from the pulpit, via his weekly newsletter and in his statements to the media.”

In a 1989 speech at Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes church in Sherbrooke, Canada, Williamson had claimed that “There was not one Jew killed in the gas chambers. It was all lies, lies, lies”. In an interview with Swedish television conducted in Germany in late 2008, he reaffirmed his view.

The WJC president said that although not all members of the SSPX were anti-Semites like Williamson, the group had yet to deal with the issue of anti-Semitism in its ranks and part ways with those “who continue to regard the Jews as the embodiment of the anti-Christ.” Lauder thanked Pope Benedict XVI and Cardinal Kurt Koch, the Vatican official in charge of relations with the Jews, for their unequivocal condemnation of anti-Semitic tendencies in the church. “We know where the Vatican stands on this. What we don’t know is whether the SSPX leadership agrees with it. Until the Pius Brotherhood takes a clear stand they should not be readmitted into the fold of the Catholic Church,” Ronald Lauder pointed out.

The SSPX said in a statement issued on Wednesday: "Monseigneur Richard Williamson, having distanced himself from the leadership and the government of the Saint Pius X Society over a period of several years and refusing to show respect and obedience deserved by his legitimate superiors, has been declared excluded."

The fraternity of traditionalists who broke away from the Vatican more than two decades ago over its reforms said the decision had been reached on 4 October 2013. Williamson was one of four bishops who were consecrated by Bishop Marcel Lefebvre in Econe, Switzerland, in 1988 against the orders of Pope John Paul II, who later excommunicated them. In January 2009, Pope Benedict XVI lifted the excommunication of the four.

“Thank Goodness the Williamson saga will soon be behind us, once the Regensburg court has decided on his conviction for Holocaust denial,” said Lauder.

For Further Research:

Lu sur le site du révisionniste américain Michael Hoffman
(traduction TRES rapide):

La pierre dans la chaussure de la Synagogue

Ci-après on trouvera un article faisant état du plaisir éprouvé par le
Congrès juif mondial à l'annonce du renvoi de l'évêque Richard Williamson de
la Fraternité St Pie X [nous ne traduisons pas l'article en question: on le
trouvera sur le site indiqué ci-dessus]. 
   Le pape Benoît XVI n'ose pas intervenir dans les affaires talmudiques
comme, par exemple, réprimander publiquement le "chef spirituel" du Shass,
le rabbin Ovadia Yosef, quand ce dernier a appelé à l'extermination des
Palestiniens. Le Vatican a capitulé devant le judaïsme orthodoxe et
entretient juste ce qu'il faut de désaccord pour maintenir son apparence de
représentant de l'Eglise de Jésus-Christ sur la terre. 
   En revanche, les sionistes n'ont aucun scrupule à façonner et à
influencer l'Eglise catholique grâce au pouvoir qu'ils ont sur les médias
occidentaux et grâce à leur chutzpah [leur culot] qui fait d'eux des gens
persuadés d'avoir le droit de donner, mine de rien, des leçons aux gentils.
   Comme il appert dans les déclarations ci-dessous [voir le site], Mgr
Fellay a accompli la volonté des Talmudistes en excluant Mgr Williamson. 
   C'est vrai, Mr Ronald Lauder, rejeton milliardaire de la firme de
cosmétiques Estée Lauder et ancien ambassadeur américain de Ronald Reagan en Autriche, n'est pas encore satisfait. Il semble que la Fraternité n'en ait pas fait assez. C'est ce qui correspond à l'idéologie rabbinique relative
aux goyim : la nature incomplète de l'âme des gentils rend les actes de ces
gentils incomplets même si, avec les meilleures intentions du monde, ils
s'inclinent, dans une soumission abjecte, devant la synagogue. 
   Les goyim, le Pape et y compris Mgr Fellay sont dépourvus de cette âme
spéciale dont sont dotées les personnes juives moralement et racialement
supérieures. Si vous ne le croyez pas, voyez le sort des milliers d'immigrés
africains sub-sahariens qui, en Israël, sont condamnés à une détention sans
fin dans les camps de concentration du Negev, précisément du fait de leur
infériorité présumée par rapport au Peuple Saint. Face à une barbarie aussi
cruelle pas une nation occidentale sur terre ne pourrait s'en tirer sans
recueillir l'opprobre de toutes les nations et sans être l'objet de
sanctions, et pourtant ces camps de concentration pour Noirs en "Israël" ne
sont pas un problème en Amérique pour Obama ou pour Romney, ou pour les
médias, ce qui est en conformité avec le dicton talmudique: une loi pour le
"Peuple Saint" et une autre pour tous les autres. 
   Mgr Fellay peut bien parler de la "désobéissance" de Mgr Williamson,
mais philosophiquement cette allégation est nulle, puisque Fellay lui-même
continue à défier le Pape en refusant de se soumettre à la juridiction des
ordinaires locaux dans les diocèses où sont situés des églises, des écoles
et des séminaires de la Fraternité. Mgr Lefebvre, fondateur de la
Fraternité, a enseigné que la première des priorités était le salut des
âmes, et non pas l'obéissance à une autorité rebelle. Le salut des âmes, tel
est le mandat qu'a reçu Mgr Williamson. Mais alors comment Mgr Fellay, qui
désobéit au Pape, peut-il accuser Mgr Williamson de désobéissance? La
question de la désobéissance est un écran de fumée qui cache une vérité plus
grande. Cette vérité-là est plus que transparente dans les circonscriptions
allemandes de la Fraternité. 
   Mgr Fellay reflète l'idolâtrie et le despotisme de la Fraternité
allemande, qui oeuvre péniblement sous la férule des lois allemandes sur le
blasphème analogues aux lois musulmanes, qui protègent les reliques sacrées
de l'Holocaustianisme contre tout examen médico-légal, tout scepticisme et
toute dérision. Les moyens d'une telle protection, ce sont les cachots
allemands, où des hérétiques comme l'éditeur Ernst Zündel et le chimiste,
ancien du Max Planck Institute, Germar Rudolf ont moisi pendant des années. 
En conséquence, la Fraternité se conforme aux exigences de la fausse
religion de l'Holocaustianisme et ne conteste pas l'idolâtrie de ses
reliques, c'est-à-dire les "chambres à gaz". En conséquence encore, Mgr
Williamson, qui avait blasphémé ces reliques, représentait ce que les gens
de la Mafia appellent "la pietra della scarpa", la pierre de la chaussure.
Cette pierre, il fallait l'enlever de la chaussure de la synagogue.

+ + +

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

BOOK: Usury in Christendom - Pre-publication Sale

Pre-publication Sale. Reserve your copy

The Mortal Sin That Was and Now Is Not

416 pages. Illustrated. Quality paperback

For most of the first 1500 years of Christianity usury, the lending of money at interest, was unanimously condemned by the Fathers of the Early Church, and by popes, councils and saints, as a damnable sin equivalent to robbery and even murder. Any interest on loans of money, not just “exorbitant” interest, was defined de fide as a grave transgression against God and man.

This pioneering study of the rise of the Money Power in Christendom confronts the reader with a startling datum: the overthrow of magisterial dogma and the approval of scripture-twisting heresy occurred inside the Church centuries before the Enlightenment and the dawn of the modern era, culminating in the overthrow of divine truth; an epochal act of nullification.

Usury in Christendom resurrects the suppressed biblical, patristic and medieval Catholic doctrine on interest on money, provides new information on the record of early Protestant resistance to the usury revolution, and the discernment, by Dante and other visionaries, of usury’s sub-rosa connection to a host of abominations that continue to plague us today.

Western civilization was profoundly disfigured by the exculpation of the charging of interest on debt. The result has been a pursuit of usurious profit unconstrained by the Word of God, the dogma of His true Church, and the consensus patrum of fifteen centuries.

Hoffman's history of how a den of thieves robbed the followers of Christ of their patrimony is grounded in an extensive study of rare and primary sources, and represents a landmark revisionist history of how the breeders of money gained dominion over the West. 

Table of Contents: Introduction. Biblical, Patristic and Magisterial Teaching. Precursor: Usury banking in Catholic Florence. Usury and Simony in Catholic Germany. The Reformation: Usury Pro and Contra. A Faithful Irishman Persecuted by the Hierarchy. Agents of the Money Power. Quality of Life. “Jewish” Usury. St. Anthony of Padua at the Usurer’s funeral. John Jewel Smites Usury. Timeline of Papal Usury. Dogma of the Council of Trent. Glossary of Terms. Bibliography.

Comprehensive List of Contents: Double-Talking Encyclical. King Edward’s Act Against Usury. Critical Distinction Between Ger and Nokri. Christ’s Parable of the Talents, and the Mammon of Unrighteousness. Leviticus Jubilee. Root and Branch of the Money Power. Escape Clause for Mortal Sin. Usury and the Fathers of the Early Church. Unanimous Medieval Struggle Against Interest on Money. The Dogmatic Third Lateran Council. Council of Lyons II. Council of Vienne. Usury in Medieval Canon Law. Magna Carta’s Bishop. Confessors’ Manuals Classifies Usury as Mortal Sin. Christian Economics of Thomas Aquinas, Dante Aligheri, Ezra Pound, Wendell Berry, Arthur Penty, Vincent McNabb, John Ruskin. The Canker that Consumes the Conscience. The Unholy Trinity of Florence. The Usurer’s Dilemma. The Usurer’s Fire. The Usurer’s Indulgence. The Ciompi Insurrection. Manifest and Occult Usury. Mortal Sin for a Worthy Cause. The Den of Thieves Returns to the House of God. Catholic Origins of Usury Legalization. Usury Unites With Simony. The Catholic Roots of Protestant Capitalism. Casuistry and Usury. Early Years of the Protestant Campaign Against Usury. Biting and Profitable usury. Some Myths of Max Weber. Early Puritan Resistance to Economic Secularization. Permission for Usury in Late Stage Puritanism. A Capitalist Summa: Ludwig Von Mises & Ayn Rand. Misdirection from the Right. Judaizers and Judaizing. Primacy of Gentile Usury. Breeding of Money. 1917 and 1983 Codes of Canon Law, and much more.

Pre-publication Sale in the USA: $17.50 plus 3.50 shipping: Send $21.00 total 

3 books for $55 postpaid • 5 books for $80 postpaid.  Idaho add 6% sales tax. 

Please note for your records: Publication date is Dec. 15, 2012 
Delivery by Christmas cannot be guaranteed. 
Order earlySale is subject to stock on hand. Offer good only while supplies last. 

Or send your check or money order to:
Independent History and Research • Box 849 • Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 83816
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Catholic Palestinian-American Murdered by Zionists

Updated October 11, 2016
American Citizen Killed in California by Zionist Terrorists - Perpetrators Remain at Large

The murderers of this courageous Christian-Palestinian American can't be brought to justice because of the Israeli terror lobby. Yes, there are many Israeli terrorists. Counterfeit "Israel" was founded by terrorists of the Irgun and Stern gang. Where are Fox News, the Wall Street Journal and the rest of the media when it comes to the murder by terrorists of this American citizen? Apparently he's of the wrong religion and national origin to merit publicity, outrage or the prosecution of his killers by "our" government.

On October 11, 1985, Alex Odeh was killed when a powerful pipe bomb exploded as he unlocked and opened the door of his office in Santa Ana, California. In addition to killing Mr. Odeh, the bomb injured several bystanders.

October 11, 2016 marks the 31st anniversary of this unsolved terrorist attack.

Odeh was was a U.S. citizen, a Palestinian native and a Roman Catholic, from a family of priests and nuns. He immigrated to the U.S. in 1972.  At the time of his murder he was the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC)’s Southern California Regional Director and a lecturer of Arabic Language and Middle East history at Coastline College in Santa Ana, California. Mr. Odeh was a tireless peace activist. He dedicated his life to the defense of civil liberties at home, and civil and human rights abroad. He is survived by his wife Norma and their three daughters.

Americans continue to demand that those responsible for his murder be brought to justice. ADC sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder urging the Department of Justice to renew their efforts to resolve the case. ADC has made a formal request for a meeting with the attorney general to discuss the case.

The FBI investigation into Alex Odeh’s murder remains open, with a reward of up to $1 million for information leading to an arrest and conviction. However, no arrest has yet been made in spite of the fact that press reports have stated over the years that the FBI identified members of the Jewish Defense League (JDL) as suspects. None of the identified JDL individuals has ever been charged or prosecuted in connection with the murder, and some have fled to the Israeli state where they have haven from prosecution.

ADC President Warren David called the murder of Alex Odeh "an injustice to his family, the Arab American community and to all Americans. After 27 years we are still outraged. We demand that the Justice Department and the FBI bring closure to this heinous act immediately."

ADC and the Arab-American community are deeply troubled that the perpetrators have been at large for nearly three decades, despite all the available leads to resolving Alex’s murder. The lack of closure of Alex’s murder by the FBI and the Department of State has been viewed as a sign that the life of an American civil rights advocate with Palestinian roots is not valued by the U.S. Government as much as other American lives.

We ask that the FBI, the Justice Department and the State Department show good faith by redoubling  efforts and allocating necessary resources for bringing to justice, once and for all, the terrorists who killed an American citizen.

A young Alex Odeh in Palestine, with his Catholic family, including his sister, a nun.


Thursday, September 06, 2012

Top Rabbi calls for extermination of the Iranian people

(The New York Times, as of Sept. 6, has yet to report this Aug. 25 event)

Recovered from the Media Memory Hole:
Top Rabbi calls for extermination of the Iranian people 

Michael Hoffman’s Note: This is not the first time that Sephardic Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, a powerful Israeli politician who has members of his party in top positions in the Israeli government, has called for the extermination of entire nations of people. 

On April 9, 2001, in a sermon prior to the start of Passover, Yosef declared, "It is forbidden to be merciful to (the Arabs), you must give them missiles, with relish - annihilate them. Evil ones, damnable ones. May the Holy Name visit retribution on the Arabs' heads, and cause their seed to be lost, and annihilate them, and cause them to be vanquished and cause them to be cast from the world.” 

The American media have amnesia about the horrific hate speech of this extermination advocate. His latest genocidal declaration has, likewise, been given almost no publicity in the U.S. Now, if Yosef had been a Christian leader and called for the extermination of...well...you know the degree to which the 'fit would have hit the shan' in that case. But rabbinic hate speech is protected speech. Goyim are not supposed to know about it, discuss it or study its connection to Orthodox Talmudic theology.

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, spiritual leader of the Israeli political party "Shas," during evening prayer in his synagogue in Yefe Noff, Jerusalem. Yosef determines all major policy positions for the party (cf. Jerusalem Post, Aug. 26). Israeli Interior Minister Eli Yishai is among the government officials who get their orders from the rabbi.

An Israeli bus displays a campaign poster for the Talmudic "Shas" party and its "spiritual leader," Rabbi Ovadia Yosef.

Rav Ovadia Yosef: We Must Pray for the Destruction of Iran 
By Jacob Edelist, The Jewish Press, Aug, 26, 2012

With the approach of Rosh Hashana, Rav Ovadia Yosef said on Saturday night (Aug. 25, 2012) that when we eat the traditional holiday symbolic foods, whose names or shapes have a symbolic connection to our supplications to Hashem, especially when we make the blessing over the dates, t’marim, and pray that our enemies be obliterated, we should focus specifically on Iran, the wicked nation which is threatening the State of Israel. “May the good Lord obliterate them, destroy them…”

Tractate Kritut in the Babylonian Talmud teaches that we should eat on Rosh Hashanah, among other fruits, a date – “tamar” – which contains the syllable “tam” or ended, and after eating a portion of it we should say, “May it be Your will, our God and the God of our fathers, that all our enemies and haters and all who plots against us be terminated.”

Also, when we eat a leek (“kreti”) we should appeal to God that our enemies and haters along with anyone who plots against us be destroyed, the Rav clarified that we should focus on the Hizbullah and Iran“May God destroy them and wipe them off the face of the earth,” said the Rav and quoted many sources in Psalms referring to the Almighty’s salvation in the face of enemy threats. “They go by chariot and on horseback and we will go in the name of Our God. They bowed and fell, and we got up and persevered.”

During discussions throughout the previous week, Rav Ovadia referred to the Iranian threat, saying, There are evil people, the Iranians, waiting to destroy us . . . .we must pour out our hearts in prayer to the Holy One, blessed be His Name. . . .We are in danger, we are all in danger. . . .We have no one to rely upon, except our Father in Heaven. We must pray from the heart with deep concentration.”

The Haredi website Kikar HaShabbat last week reported that General (Res.) Yaakov Amidror, Chief Advisor for National Security, came to Rav Ovadia’s house and briefed him with information of Iran’s nuclear plan.

[End quote from the The Jewish Press - emphasis supplied]


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Rabbi refuses to testify based on Talmudic law

Rav Moshe Zigelman jailed for refusing to testify against Spinka sect

Rabbi Moshe Zigelman, a 64-year-old devout Hasid, who was ordered to jail for his refusal to testify before a federal grand jury against fellow Jews, which he believes is forbidden by his faith.

An orthodox rabbi who refused to testify before a federal grand jury, saying his religious beliefs prohibit informing on fellow Jews, was ordered jailed Friday by a District Court judge for contempt of court.

Moshe Zigelman, a 64-year-old Hasidic rabbi, was ordered to report Wednesday to a federal detention center in Brooklyn. Until he chooses to testify, he will remain behind bars up to a maximum of 18 months, according to federal prosecutors.

Zigelman has previously pleaded guilty and served a prison sentence for his role in a tax-evasion scheme by his Brooklyn-based orthodox sect, Spinka. After his release, he was subpoenaed to testify before a Los Angeles grand jury continuing its probe into the scheme.

Citing an ancient Jewish principle, Zigelman refused to testify, telling a federal judge forcefully during a contempt hearing through a Yiddish interpreter: “Because the transgression of mesira is so dire, my mind won’t change until I die.”

The rabbi had asked that he be allowed to enter custody after observing Passover, in April. Prosecutors objected, saying March will mark one year since Zigelman was first called to testify and additional delays will require extensions to the grand jury’s term of service. Morrow ordered him to surrender to the prison March 21. [End quote]

Michael Hoffman's Afterword: "Citing an ancient Jewish principle”
The halachos of mesirah (mesira), stipulate that a Moser (anyone who informs on a rabbi or fellow Talmud-true Judaic), has the status of rodef, i.e. someone subject to immediate execution without benefit of trial. (Sources: Shach CM 388:53. Shach citing Shulchan Aruch YD 2:9. Shach citing Shulchan Aruch YD 281:3. Even Ha’Ezer Siman 123: Get Pashut #7 s.v. le’inyan mumar u’malshin, and Yeshuos Ya’akov (short) #9, cited in Pis’chei Teshuvah #4. Tosafos Bava Kama 22b s.v. zos omeres, Rosh ibid. Ch. 9 Siman 13 and Bava Basra Ch. 2 Siman 17, Mordechai Bava Kama remez 119, Kuntres Dina D’Garmi of Ramban, and Resp. Terumas Ha’Deshen I:315. Bava Kama 117a).

Zigelman would rather go to prison than be killed.


Another Israeli assault against the Name of Jesus

Romney and Obama are silent concerning this outrage 

The Vandalized Abbey of Latroun

The walls of the Abbey of Latroun, just a stone’s throw from Jerusalem, have been desecrated with an insult written in Hebrew

La Stampa (Italy) • Sept. 5, 2012

Last night, the words “Jesus is a monkey” in Hebrew were graffitied onto the wall next to the entrance of the Benedictine Abbey of Latroun, two steps away from the highway that connects Jerusalem to Tel Aviv. The culprits responsible for the offensive gesture and for setting fire to the abbey’s wooden door are extremist Judaic right-wing groups with ties to the colonial (settler) movement (which is bankrolled by American Protestant fundamentalists - Hoffman).

The Judaic assailants themselves gave away their identity by writing the word Migron under the insult, which corresponds to the name of a settlement in the West Bank which Israeli law now considers illegal...and which was evacuated on Sunday.

The Israeli police had already announced imminent attacks by violent vigilante settler “Price Tag” groups who make Arabs pay the "price" every time the Israeli government does something they consider to be against th settlers. Unfortunately, the list of mosques that have been set alight in Palestinian villages is long.

But over the last few months settlers have started specifically targeting Christians. In February, the message “Death to Christians” appeared on the walls of the Monastery of the Cross in Jerusalem, and about a week later a Baptist Church was vandalised as well. Then on August 20, 2012 there was the violent attack by a group of young settlers who vandalised a Christian residential complex in Betfage.

When the Ordinary Assembly of Catholics of the Holy Land learned the news about the hate crime in Latroun, it sent out a declaration strongly denouncing the incident. It recalled that the monastery of Latroun is visited by many Jews and that Benedictine monks are engaged in promoting Jewish-Christian dialogue according to the teaching of the Catholic Church. Catholic bishops also raised some concerned questions about what is going on in Israeli society. “Why are Christians being targeted?" they asked. “Those who sprayed their hateful slogans expressed their anger at the dismantlement of the illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank.  But why do they vent this anger against Christians and Christian places of worship?... And why are the culprits not found and brought to justice?... The time has come for the authorities to act to put an end to this senseless violence and to ensure a “teaching of respect” in schools for all those who call this land home,” the Assembly’s declaration concluded.


Michael Hoffman’s Afterword 

This desecration of the Name of Jesus Christ, before which every knee shall bow on earth and in heaven (Philippians 2:10), is the Talmudic mentality at work.  'Christian conservatives' have nothing to say about it. Romney and Obama have nothing to say either, just as they were mute in the face of the barbaric Israeli bigot and member of the Judaic parliament who tore up a copy of the New Testament last July and called it garbage

These aren’t hate crimes, however.  How dare anyone think that! They are perfectly understandable expressions of anguish exhibited by tormented and persecuted Survivors of The Holocaust and the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of The Survivors of The Holocaust, who still feel the wounds of "Christian anti-semitism” intensely, as it has burned into their innocent souls for 2,000 years — wounds inflicted because of the religion founded by that “monkey.” Let us all bow to the Talmudic settlers, beg their forgiveness, make certain they are given the entire land of Palestine, and that America bombs Iran as soon as possible. Perhaps by these means we can make restitution for the sins of our forefathers for their having believed that Jesus Christ was the Son of God and the Messiah of Israel, when in fact, as the always truthful Talmudic Israeli settlers have made clear, we should know that He was only a monkey.

(The preceding satire is really not, since it approximates the beliefs of some “buckle of the Bible belt,” Hagee and Robertson-style idolaters who worship the Israelis unconditionally and call themselves “Christians" at the same time. Some neocon Catholics are also of this frame of mind in accord with the theology of “Blessed” Pope John Paul II and the current pontiff).

In response to our appeal yesterday to help support Michael Hoffman while he finishes his book on the origins of the ascendance of the Money Power in the West -- “Usury: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now Is Not” — and to help defray the costs incurred from the purchase of rare texts containing primary documentation which he has had to acquire in the course of his research, we received three donations: two from England and one from Canada. Thank you J.B., S.R., and J.D.


Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Latest News: progress on the Usury book


I am continuing my work on my forthcoming book on the history of the rise of the Money Power in the West, "Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not."

This book was due to be sent to the printer right about now. We could not do that however, because, thinking the book was finished and just needed a final proofreading, God afforded me the grace to stumble upon an extensive body of original material related to early usury practices in the city-state of Florence, and I could not pass it by and maintain my faith with God -- I do not consider myself in charge of my writing or publishing -- that will strike some as mystification or self-delusion. Critics are free to call it what they choose (Matthew 5:11). I soldier on, in the belief, mistaken or otherwise, that God wants this book written and He wants it done right. Consequently, I am in the midst of adding a substantial section on the roots of usury in Florence in the period after Dante and before the ascendance of the Medicis. This research is doubly important from the point of view of my thesis of the Talmudic-Kabbalistic penetration of the Roman Catholic Church by Renaissance neo-Platonists who used Florence as their base of operations. The banking operations of the Florentine Money Power preceded the "Christian" Kabbalism which, in later decades, Medici-sponsored Catholic intellectuals would successfully seed inside the Vatican.

In the past couple of weeks we have had to spend hundreds of dollars to purchase rare texts containing primary documentation on usury in Florence (it also flourished in Venice). Some of these have arrived, others are in transit. I am working night and day to incorporate this material as quickly as I can so that we can get a page count for the book and offer it in a pre-publication sale while it is at the printers. We need to raise funds soon. A pre-publication sale is the most reliable means by which we can pay the printing bill and hopefully pay off some of the deficits incurred while I was writing and researching the book. You will be notified when the book is offered at a discounted price ahead of its publication date. In the meantime, if anyone can help us at present we would be most grateful.


In between writing the book, we have been battling harassment from Amazon.com. Readers who have been with us since 2008 will recall the embargo Amazon placed for months on the sale of our large hardcover book, Judaism Discovered, after a rabbi submitted a complaint. Now we have been battling Amazon in two areas. Since June 20 Amazon has prevented us from adding book reviews to the Amazon web page that offers our 2011 book, Judaism's Strange Gods. We contacted them immediately in June and they have replied by giving us a number of responses, such as, that the reviews are blocked because of a "legacy issue" (?), a "technical issue," or alternately, claiming that the problem is fixed and we could re-submit the reviews, which we have done repeatedly since June 20, to no effect. Obviously, having favorable book reviews by third party reviewers on the Amazon web page for Judaism's Strange Gods would increase our sales. As it is, sales of Judaism's Strange Gods are fairly robust without the reviews and despite the fact that Amazon will not sell the book at a discount, as it does for hundreds of thousands of other volumes it markets below retail.

Amazon has also been interdicting this writer's reviews of other people's books. In June of 2011 we posted what is, I think it is reasonable to say, a fairly devastating critique of the book Genocide Denials and the Law -- a tome authored by some of the Cryptocracy's most highly placed judges, attorneys and other inquisitors, dedicated to jailing those who doubt the homicidal dimensions of the most sacred relic of the otherwise agnostic West, the "gas chambers." Genocide Denials and the Law is intended to serve as a template for lesser fry among legal beagles worldwide, to guide them in instituting their own repressive laws and jaundice toward those skeptics who dare to cast doubt on some aspect of the enormous corpus of allegations made against the German people grouped under the Orwellian Newspeak term "The Holocaust." 

My June 2011 review of Genocide Denials and the Law was eventually taken down by Amazon. For quite a while I could not spare the time to address the issue, but on Sept. 2 I sent in the review of the book again. It was rejected on the basis that tipsters informed Amazon that I had used "excessive quotes" from the book to make my points, and "excessive quotes" were not permitted in a review. (Care to place a wager concerning the identity of these ever-vigilant tipsters?). Yesterday I submitted to Amazon another version of the review, with many of the quotes censored, as Amazon indicated. The review is now online here. (Readers who would like to read the entire, uncensored review as it first appeared in print can purchase a copy of Revisionist History newsletter no. 57 here [scroll to the issue titled “Criminalizing Doubt"). It is worthwhile to review books at Amazon, in so far as time permits. The potential audience is vast and one has the rare opportunity to directly challenge the buncombe of some of the grandest poobahs in the pantheon of political correctness; a forum afforded a revisionist gadfly nowhere else before so large a potential audience.

We're under constant attack from various quarters. The Amazon imbroglio is only one part of the adversary's offensive.


In the wake of the Republican Money Power gala in Tampa, we put together a digest of the news of the week and it's available for your perusal hereTopics include: Taxpayers foot the bill for Republican billionaires; Republican 'Patriots' for China; Romney's sister: "A ban on abortion is never going to happen in a Romney administration"; Mark Potok's Media Immunity; Feminist Shulamith Bath Shmuel Ben Ari Feuerstein - Prophetess of Artificial Insemination; and: Bernanke intends to print more money.