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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Henry Herskovitz, Righteous Judaic

A progressive American is mostly a jerked puppet who’s outraged solely at preselected triggers. At his Deir Yassin Remembered website, lifelong Ann Arbor, Michigan resident Henry Herskovitz explains:
Jackie Robinson and Jewish Power
Emotions naturally flare at watching the PBS special shown on MLK day of the career of baseball icon Jackie Robinson. Who could not grow emotional when reminded that Jackie and wife Rachel were bumped twice from the planes carrying them to a spring training camp in Florida? What outrage is felt by viewers recognizing that this discrimination they experienced came merely because of the color of their skin and nothing else!
Yes, we get it. And we feel for the Robinsons; their plight was genuine. Racial discrimination still exists in America.
But what about Muhammed Ali, my friend and sandwich shop operator in the Balata refugee camp near Nablus, Palestine? Muhammed grew up in Haifa, graduated high school there and earned a technical degree before being bumped, not just from an airplane, but from his home town. Yes, he cannot return to Haifa and swim in the Mediterranean the way his family did before him. He cannot even travel to the Haram esh-Sharif/Noble Sanctuary to practice his religion. Like Jackie Robinson, Muhammed is the wrong “color”: neither ethnic Jew, secular Jew, nor religious Jew.
Isn’t there a story here as well, PBS? Perhaps even more compelling than Robinson’s, because Muhammed has yet to break his “color” barrier. Hello, Hollywood, isn’t his story worthy—at least—of a two-hour documentary?
Born Jewish, Herskovitz soured on his tribe after a trip to Israel. He saw firsthand the gross brutality of the illegally founded terror state. Back in Ann Arbor, Herskovitz wanted to give a presentation to his synagogue, Beth Israel, but the rabbi nixed the idea. Outraged, Herskovitz has staged an anti-Israel protest outside Beth Israel each Saturday for 13+ years. Though Herskovitz loves to ride his motorcycle long distance, he always come back in time to stand with his signs. A small band join him.
Last year, I visited Herskovitz at home and saw anti-Israel messages everywhere, including on the salt shaker, the fridge, the car, the garage and even the fireplace’s ember screen. To some neighbors’ dismay, Herskovitz paid to have “STOP US AID TO ISRAEL” and “LIBERATE PALESTINE / END ISRAEL” incised into the sidewalk outside his house.
Herskovitz routinely wears an anti-Israel T-shirt and baseball cap, and on his car are several anti-Israel stickers.
In 2015, Herskovitz and his allies paid for a billboard in Detroit, “AMERICA FIRST NOT ISRAEL.” Herskovitz:
The strategy behind this billboard’s statement, ‘America First, Not Israel’, is to drive a wedge between those who feel American interests are not served by fighting wars for Israel, and the Israel-firsters in this country who manipulate our leaders into the false premise that Israel is the ally of the United States.
Charges of anti-semitism quickly flooded in, and the message was taken down, so it was put up at another, more out of the way spot, until this second billboard company was also pressured to remove it. Henry:
Jewish Power Never Sleeps
Like Michigan rust on vehicles, Jewish Power remains relentless at getting its way. Just when Witness for Peace was to announce the installation of a local billboard—sponsored by sister organization Deir Yassin Remembered and carrying our message “America First, Not Israel”—we get “the call”. The billboard […] was taken down by Adams Outdoor Advertising one week after installation, effectively terminating a three-month contract.
That’s how long it took for Jewish Power to pressure Adams’ executives into seeing things their way. The call came from General Manager Mike Cannon, who admitted to receiving phone calls asking that the billboard be taken down. Mike claimed he was not the one who made the decision, and provided the phone number of Vice President of Human Resources Brian Grant to field my questions.
Brian developed a mantra for the conversation we shared: “the decision to remove the billboard was a collective decision and was made because the message did not meet Adams’ company standards. We removed the billboard and refunded your money. And that’s all I can say.” Brian fell back on this mantra at least a half dozen times during our 20-minute discussion. And reminded me that, since a clause in the contract allowed Adams to terminate at any time, there was no “breach of contract”.
Q: What were the company standards?
A: [Brian was not going to go into that.]
Q: How do you square the fact that the message was initially approved by Adams?
A: It should not have been approved; due diligence was not applied.
Q: Who were the people complaining about the billboard?
A: [Would not answer that.]
Q: What were the organizations calling for the billboard to be taken down?
A: [See above.]
Q: Would the decision to pull the billboard have been the same had the message been simply America First?
A: Well, you’re asking a hypothetical.
Q: You mean Adams would NOT run a billboard saying America First?
A: [No answer.]
And so it goes. By deception shall you make war. DYR and WfP lose the round; Jewish Power wins. We move on.
When Russia Today reported on this billboard controversy, the first commenter said, “Calling Americans to put interest of America ahead of Isreal is branded as anti semitic. That goes to prove how much the Zionist wants the Americans to be brain dead!”
Brainwashed, Americans also cringe at “Jewish power,” but it’s OK so declare and celebrate “black power,” “Latino power,” “gay power” or “women’s power,” etc. Aren’t AIPAC, the flushing of the U.S.S. Liberty down the memory hole, the abject kowtowing of DC politicians to Tel Aviv and our endless war against Israel’s enemy all examples of Jewish power?
But you’re dead wrong, anti-semite! As eternal victims everywhere, Jews are always powerless, so only Jew haters would dare to suggest otherwise.
“Are you a Jew hater?” I asked Herskovitz. His answer:
“Hate” is a term used by my opponents, not by me. “Hate speech” is used by the Hasbara folks as an epithet thrown at their perceived enemies. Like “Holocaust Denier,” the users of these terms do not define them, but merely slime those whose voices they want to silence. I’m a “hater” because Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center says I am. Could Mr. Potok be a child molester because I make the claim?
I try not to play defense. My experience in these matters tells me that once I start down the slippery slope of “denial,” or defending my position, this tactic merely fuels opponents’ appetite for further questions. It answers nothing. The best defense is a good offense.
Even if I were to admit a hatred of an ethnic/religious group, an interesting question arises. Assume this group was Irish Protestants, and I said I hated them. Who would care? But admitting to hating Jews is another story altogether. Perhaps the phrase “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” makes sense when used in this context.
And the question becomes rather ludicrous when you consider that I love my sister, her children and grandchildren; ditto for my Virginia cousins, their children and grandchildren. I’m even scheduled to attend a Bat Mitzvah of one of these kids this summer. If you were to tell this group I’m a Jew hater, you would not be believed.
So no, Herskovitz has no beef with ordinary Jews, or he would have to disown his entire family, but haven’t Jewish policy makers, media masters, opinion shapers and bankers used their disproportionate sway over the makeup and direction of this country to harm not just their Muslim enemies, but ordinary Americans?
In putting up the billboard, “AMERICA FIRST / NOT ISRAEL,” Herskovitz merely wants our country to serve its own citizens, and not be distorted, corrupted, discredited and destroyed by a foreign agenda, and I, as an American, can’t help but concur.

Disraeli's stratagem of misdirection

Disraeli's stratagem of misdirection

As an inducement to readers of this column to subscribe to our printed Revisionist History newsletter, with its exclusive subscriber content, we are publishing this excerpt from a recent issue (thanks to Henry Makow for reminding us of its relevance and significance). Here we point out a stratagem of misdirection, which Rothschild agent Benjamin Disraeli aimed at the Right wing, and which has managed to seduce many on the Right ever since, resulting in the occlusion of our ability to perceive the actual enabling force behind Zionist power in gentile nations.


Where in Coningsby, with its elucidation 
of Disraeli's "insider" revelations ascribed
to a Rothschild-like character, is there a 
depiction of the gentiles' responsibility 
and culpability for Sidonia's power?

Excerpted from an extended study in Revisionist History newsletter, no. 85. To subscribe:

by Michael Hoffman 

….Judaism is the mother of racism and it is always a shame when other nations of people adopt that which is in its essence, rabbinic. By racism we do not signify concern for marrying one's own kind, which is the natural law. We refer to the racism that exhibits a need to disrespect, castigate, humiliate and oppress other races, while denying them equal rights before the law, which is the Talmudic attitude in a nutshell. Let us return to Coningsby. Are the declarations Disraeli has his character Sidonia put forth entirely pure revelation, or is there in this stew a pinch of misdirection?

bd (1).jpg
While the novel is out of fashion now (no major press has kept it in print, though other novels by Disraeli have never been out of print in the catalog of major publishing houses), it was very much in favor during the 19th and early 20th century among gentile conspiracy researchers. They took it at face value, which was a blunder. It has been the objective of the Cryptocracy since at least the past six hundred years, to create among occult-watchers and conspiracy theorists the idea that it is, "the Jews primarily" who are responsible for wars and revolutions, as Disraeli wrote:

"The first Jesuits were Jews; that mysterious Russian diplomacy which so alarms Western Europe is organized and principally carried on by Jews; that mighty revolution which is at this moment preparing in Germany, and which will be in fact a second and greater Reformation, and of which so little is known yet in England, is entirely developing under auspices of Jews..."

By implanting this meme of a nearly exclusive conspiratorial role for Judaic persons, Disraeli (and the Right-wing conspiracy researchers who took their cues from his books), distracted attention from the gentiles who were the partners of the Judaic conspirators. In some cases Judaics were subordinate to those gentile conspirators (whether masonic, or as was the case in the Vatican, neo-Catholic). Without these non-Jews, the Judaic malefactors could not have advanced an inch in nations such as England, where their rise in the 19th century was spectacular, as it was in Rome, when Rothschild loans began to be made to the papacy not long after Aug. 18, 1830, when Pope Pius VIII, in Datum in audientia, abolished the last remaining ecclesiastical penalties for taking a profit on loans. Henceforth, unrepentant Catholic usurers engaged in the criminal trade were welcome at the Communion rail (and remain welcome today).

The Cryptocracy has a record of concealing the extent of the history of the gentile partnership with the Judaics. They preferred to propagate
myths, such as that usury in the early Renaissance was mainly in the hands of "Jews," when the opposite was the case, or that the Rothschilds simply sailed into Britain with their vast wealth and took over.


The English aristocracy could have consistently obstructed Rothschild bankers in the land had they resurrected back into force the ruling of one of the most esteemed legal authorities in the chronicle of their nation, Sir Edward Coke, [1551-1634] Lord Chief Justice of England. Coke had reaffirmed that "the Jews" were "perpetui inimici" ("perpetual enemies"), and that the possibility of their sincere conversion to Christianity was only remota potentia (a remote possibility). "Hence between them and us, as between us and the devil," declared Coke, "there can be no peace, for as the Apostle saith, 2. Cor. 6. 15, Quae autem conventio Christi ad Belial, aut quoe, pars fideli cum infedeli?" ("What covenant has Christ with Belial? Or what has a believer to do with an infidel?").

Standing on this ancient summation of the legal relations in England between Judaics and Christians, Queen Victoria and her subjects would have had every legal right to bar the Rothschilds from conducting banking and commerce. It was in their power to anoint or suppress the Rothschilds, Montefiores and Disraelis. Instead, in all cases and many more not cited here, by way of their gentile co-conspirators Judaics were granted pathways to power and rulership over the Christian population. Where in Coningsby, with its elucidation of Disraeli's "insider" revelations ascribed to a Rothschild-like character, is there a depiction of the gentiles' responsibility and culpability for Sidonia's power?

Disraeli's Coningsby burdened the Right wing with more than a hundred years of faulty conspiracy history that rendered the gentile role in the evil, as either almost non- existent, or an anomaly on the part of a mere handful of renegades. This writer is a witness to the psychology in America in 1973 when the majority of the over-50 generation found it almost impossible to believe that gentile President Nixon could have committed crimes in the course of the Watergate scandal. They believed it about the Judaic Henry Kissinger, but not about Nixon. We have analyzed this Cryptocracy-seeded phenomenon in our booklet, The Role of the Merchants of Venom: The Trend Toward Shadow Play in the Resistance to Judaism and Zionism.


After Coningsby, the Sidonia character appears again in Disraeli's novel Tancred, set in the Middle East. Like its predecessor, this book also contains copious Rothschild references, as well as Disraeli's advancement of the blasphemous occult thesis that both Jesus Christ and the Jews who had him killed "fulfilled the beneficent intention" of God, and "saved the human race."

An Irish member of Parliament, Augustus Stafford O'Brien opined, "Must I cheer Disraeli when he declares there is no difference between those who crucified Christ and those who kneel before Christ crucified?” 

Human Alchemy depends on the 
union of irreconcilable opposites

Thomas Power O'Connor identified the distinctive characteristic of magical occultism manifested by Disraeli: "One of the stratagems which may be traced in all his writings and speeches from the very commencement of his career...is to so mix up opposing principles as to make them appear identical...here, in religion, we have seen how the belief that Christ was an impostor and the belief that He is God, form exactly the same faith." 14

Tancred is otherwise packed with soothing conservative platitudes about patriotism, intending to show that "Jews" were its champions. The book's treatment of race is genuine, however. Disraeli has Sidonia say, "A Saxon race, protected by its insular position, has stamped its diligent and methodic character on the century...All is race; there is no other truth."

Disraeli has another character, the woman "Eva," daughter of a Judaic banker, argue at length that Jews are not guilty of deicide, and that of all the superior races on earth like the Saxons, the "Jews" are above them, since God had been "endowing them with faculties superior to those of the nations among whom they dwell..."

This is the masonic formula for world dominion "on the Level and the Square," superior Aryans on the level with the even more superior "Jews," in an invincible racial imperium that's absolutely a "square deal." 

As circumstances require, chameleon Judaism manifests on the race-denying Left and on the racially-conscious Right. The latter fact is missed by many who don't discern the dynastic nature of the alliances that have been made in capitalist nations of the West between the Khazar-Judaics and Sephardim on the one hand, and upper class and plutocrat Caucasians….

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