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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Monday, July 24, 2006

Israeli Youths Write Hate Messages on Bombs Meant for Lebanon

A series of photos show Israeli youths writing comical and bloodthirsty messages on bombs meant for targets in Lebanon. 

Questions over the photos' authenticity have been put to rest by Israeli authorities that were present during the incident, which occurred on July 17, 2006 near the northern border. The mostly local Israeli children had been brought to admire the bombs by their parents. They wrote messages in colorful scribbles. An Israeli army officer was present.

Online, the photos are being called "horrifying," "disgusting" and "despicable."

"I still cannot understand why or how anyone would allow their young children to walk up to missiles or other explosives. The militarization of children is always a crime," said one user by the name of "aviv2b" on the Guardian Web site, which ran a lengthy discussion about the photos.

The photos were first taken by professional photographers from AFP, Associated Press, and Haaretz.


Anonymous said...

This is as sick as it gets.

Anonymous said...

History tells us that the Nazis had their "Hitler Youth"; I guess this is Israel's version: the "Zionist Youth".

C.S. Barrios said...

"kaganettes" at play...