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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Anti-Black Rabbis in American History

The publication in our "On the Contrary” blog of this excerpt from an essay by Mr. Jackie Muhammad, is published herein to stimulate research, investigation and debate outside the narrow confines of what the Establishment gatekeepers of information regard as permissible.


The Role of Prominent Rabbis and Slavery Explored

by Jackie Muhammad

Excerpted from Nation of Islam Research Group  
Volume 2, Issue 20, 2011

One of the world’s best-known rabbis was Moses Maimonides, a twelfth-century Rabbi who is considered one of the greatest thinkers in medieval European thought. He evidently was not thinking when he said that Black people were “biologically inferior” and that Black Africans were “lower than the ranks of man but higher than the ranks of apes.”

It is very interesting that Rabbi Maimonides would make these observations when Black Africans, known as the Muslim Moors, exercised economic, political, intellectual and cultural hegemony over most of Western Europe. Rabbi Maimonides was considered “the symbol of the pure and orthodox faith,” and his writings are considered “the greatest work of Jewish religious philosophy.”

However, when we move beyond Orthodox Judaism and encounter Reform Judaism we are faced with the same disturbing concerns regarding the role of the Jewish rabbis. Reform Judaism maintains that the religion and Jewish traditions should be modernized and be compatible with participation in the surrounding culture. Many aspects of Reform Judaism hold that Jewish law should be interpreted as a set of general guidelines rather than as a list of restrictions whose literal observance is required of all Jews.

Reform Judaism was founded in America by Isaac Mayer Wise. Wise was a rabid, recalcitrant, racist rabbi who referred to Jesus as a “near lunatic,” and, like his predecessor Maimonides, considered Black people as subhuman. Rabbi Wise openly boasted that White Jews gave Christians a God and a religion. According to the landmark publication The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Vol. 2, Rabbi Wise’s students were some of the “most notable Jewish clerics in American history.” Among them were Max Heller, Morris Newfield, Isidore Lewinski, Max Raisin, David Marx and Moses Jacobson, all of whom served in the south.

A troubling alliance developed between racist rabbis and members of the Confederacy. This alliance led to a symbiotic relationship between and among members of the southern slavocracy and the Jewish religious leadership. One example is that of Rabbi James Gutheim, the New Orleans Rabbi and ideological student of Rabbi Wise, who in 1862 encouraged Southern Jews to support the Confederacy, and prayed to God to bless the Confederate slaveholders. When desegregation of the New Orleans school system was proposed, Rabbi Gutheim came up with an alternative: he founded a Hebrew school in protest.

Among the Jews and southern slave owners, it was an open secret that rabbis owned and rented slaves. Rabbi Morris Raphall of New York, the nation’s highest paid clergyman, defended slavery and like others of his coreligionists claimed that God Himself had sanctioned slavery. Rabbi and historian Dr. Bertram W. Korn, an acknowledged expert on nineteenth-century American Jewry, was not shy in stating that “Jews participated in every aspect and process of the exploitation of the defenseless blacks.”

Wise, Maimonides, Raphall and other Jewish rabbis used the Talmud to justify their concept of racial superiority over Black people. In the southern Jewish ethos Blacks were scapegoated and demonized so that Jews could develop without the impediment of racism. The rabbis played a crucial and strategic role of supplying “spiritual air cover” for racist Jewish and Gentile slave owners to justify their dehumanization of Black people in the institution of American slavery.

The Holy Qur’an calls out the rabbis and the doctors of law like the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Associate Dean Rabbi Abraham Cooper and the Center’s Dr. Harold Brackman when it asks why don’t the rabbis reprove the unrighteous and aberrant behavior of the recalcitrant, racist Jews. 

“Why do not the rabbis and doctors of law prohibit them from their sinful utterances and their devouring unlawful gain? Certainly evil are the works they do.” –Holy Qur’an 5:63

The reason is that the rabbis have benefited financially from the enormous profits gained from our enslavement. Indeed, it was the rabbis who invented the Curse of Ham Myth, which enabled and facilitated the enslavement of the Black man. Therefore, this conspiratorial relationship between the rabbis and their slave-dealing co-religionists benefited the entire Jewish nation in America and throughout the world. A part of this conspiratorial relationship included the deafening silence of those Jews who knew what was happening to the Black man was wrong but chose to be as silent as synagogue mice.

For example, what accounts for the entire absence of Jews from the abolition movement? They did, however, participate in the Civil Rights Movement whenever their self-interests coincided with our Black interests. But we were used as the battering ram, while they benefited from our knocking down legal barriers.

More important, however, was their control of the Civil Rights Movement through their control of the civil rights organizations. There is hardly a Jew who would not agree that the Jews used their financial wealth, legal expertise and public- relations skills to start, organize and manipulate the direction and issues that organizations like the NAACP, the Congress of Racial Equality, and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee adopted.

Further, leaders like the great W.E.B. DuBois were exploited as figureheads, promoted by them to give the appearance of independent Black leadership. Jews used their wealth, power, and influence as board members, board directors and presidents of our organizations to steer these organizations in the direction they desired to see them go, not in the direction Black people wanted to see their organizations go.

Ask yourself these questions: how many Black board members, board directors or presidents of B’nai B’brith have you ever heard of and do you know? Have Black people ever been in charge of Jewish organizations?

...With the documented historical past of hundreds of years of discrimination against Black Americans and African people documented in The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews Vol. 1 and 2 and in Jews Selling Blacks, is there any wonder there is such great reluctance to openly discuss these issues?

Jackie Muhammad is a former presidential appointee, member of the Oxford Round Table and educator. He can be reached at jacrb519@aol.com

For more information on this topic, visit http://www.noi.org/hrd or join the conversation @ http://twitter.com/BlacksandJews

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Apostle Paul has been kicked out of the Roman Catholic Church

The Excommunication of St. Paul the Apostle by the Inmates of the Asylum known as the Post-Conciliar Roman Catholic Church

By Michael Hoffman • www.revisionisthistory.org

Catholics "cannot hold" to  St. Paul's declaration in 1 Thessalonians 2: 14-16 "without falling out of communion with the Catholic Church"

— United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), May 24, 2011


USCCB News Release


May 24, 2011

Jewish-Catholic Dialogue Examine Sources of Authority, Beatification of John Paul II, Middle East Uprisings

WASHINGTON (May 24, 2011)—The National Council of Synagogues and the Committee for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) discussed “Sources of Authority in Catholicism and Judaism” at their semi-annual consultation in New York City on May 17. Archbishop Wilton Gregory of Atlanta, Chairman of the Committee for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs, and Rabbi Alvin Berkun of Pittsburgh, Chairman of the National Council of Synagogues, presided.

Father James Massa, executive director of the USCCB Secretariat for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs, spoke on the “sources of authority” in the Catholic theological tradition. He noted both similarities and differences between Catholic and Jewish ways to interpret sacred texts and pass on religious beliefs and practices.

“One of the obvious differences between our two faith communities is that while no one rabbi or religious body can speak for all Jews, the Church has a ‘Magisterium’ made of bishops in communion with the pope, whose interpretation and application of the word of God can be binding on all Catholic believers,” Father Massa said.

His presentation highlighted the levels of authoritative teaching in the Church, to which are owed corresponding degrees of assent. Father Massa noted that some teachings on Jews and Judaism found in Nostra aetate, the Second Vatican Council’s Declaration on Non-Christian Religions, reaches the level of dogma or defined doctrine. “One cannot hold to the charge that the Jewish people, either in the first century or at any other time, are responsible for the death of Jesus (the so-called charge of deicide) without falling out of communion with the Catholic Church. It contradicts both Vatican II (1962-1965) and the Council of Trent (1548-1563), not to mention a proper reading of the New Testament,” Father Massa stated. 

Father Massa suggested that when Blessed John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI affirmed that for Catholics the Jewish covenant remains a living and positive reality today, they were not speaking on the same level as an ecumenical council like Vatican II. “However, their teaching reflects the deeper impulses of the council, which were directed at laying to rest the teaching of contempt (that God had rejected the Jewish people) and at putting Jewish-Catholic relations on a new course of friendship and shared commitment to healing the world. Such authentic teaching could achieve—God willing—an even more authoritative and solemn expression by some future pope or council,” he noted.

Rabbi Avram Reisner, professor of ethics at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, presented on sources of religious authority in Judaism. “Everything begins with the Torah, viewed as the revealed word of God,” Reisner said. When it comes to normative religious practice, the interpretations of prophets, sages, and rabbis whose judgments gave rise to the Mishnah (2nd century C.E.), and later the Talmud (completed in the 7th century C.E.), would be decisive in mediating the word to subsequent generations, he said.

At only one point in Jewish history did Judaism ever have a body of authoritative teachers that approximates what Catholics mean by a Magisterium. Reisner pointed out that this was the period of the Sanhedrin (200 B.C.E.—70 C.E), the Pharisaical council that ruled on matters of the Torah from Jerusalem. “Is it any coincidence that the Christian community emerges from Judaism precisely at the time when such a body of authoritative teachers is in place for the parent religion?” Reisner asked.

Throughout the medieval period and into the modern age, authority in Judaism resides in majority practice and in the judiciary. Reisner spoke about the importance of the responsa in forming schools of interpretation. Local rabbis would make a ruling on a particular religious ritual or obligation, and then solicit a confirmation of the ruling or a better opinion from other legal scholars. Over time the “responses” to these inquires were collected and formed the great legal codes of Maimonides (d. 1204) and Joseph ben Ephraim Caro (d. 1575), which remain classic sources of religious rulings till this day.

Reisner also examined different contemporary approaches to religious law and ethics within the various denominations of Jewry. The Orthodox view the first five books of Moses as “God’s literal word” having divine authority, he noted; whereas the Conservatives place the Torah within a tradition of unfolding interpretation that includes modern historical perspectives. For the Reform and Reconstructionists, Jewish history and law inform religious practice but in a manner that allows for a wide degree of interpretation based on contemporary needs.

The group also discussed recent uprisings in the Middle East. Members expressed concern for the large Christian minorities in Egypt and Syria, where the situation is volatile. Regime change in many of these countries poses particular challenges for Israeli security and peace efforts with Palestinians, they noted.

The beatification of the late Pope John Paul II on May 1 was acknowledged as a cause for celebration for both Catholics and Jews. The late pope made extraordinary gestures of friendship, culminating in the historic visit to the Wall in Jerusalem where he asked pardon of God for past sins committed by Catholics against Jews. 

Catholic participants at the consultation also included  Bishop Basil H. Losten, former bishop of Stamford for Ukrainians; Auxiliary Bishop Denis Madden of Baltimore; Christian Brother David Carroll, former associate director at Catholic Near East Welfare Association; Atonement Father James Loughran, Graymoor Ecumenical Institute; Msgr. Guy Massie, Ecumenical Office of the Diocese of Brooklyn, New York; Father Dennis McManus, special assistant to Archbishop Dolan; Father Robert Robbins, Ecumenical Office of the Archdiocese of New York; and Jesuit Father Drew Christiansen,America Magazine.

Jewish participants included Rabbi Jerome Davidson, Rabbi Emeritus of Temple Beth El, Great Neck, New York; Rabbi Lewis Eron, Cherry Hill, New Jersey; Judith  Hertz, NCS Advisor; Rabbi Richard Marker, chairman of the International Committee for Jewish-Christian Consultation; Rabbi Joel Meyers, executive vice-president emeritus of the (Conservative) Rabbinical Assembly; Mark Pelavin of the Reform Action Center, Washington; Rabbi Jonathan Waxman, Temple Beth Sholom, Smithtown, New York; Rabbi Jeffrey Wohlberg, past president of the (Conservative) Rabbinical Assembly; Rabbi David Straus, Central Conference of American Rabbis; Rabbi Gilbert Rosenthal, National Council of Synagogues; Jack Fein, United Synagogue ofConservative Judaism; Rabbi Richard Hirsh, Reconstrucionist Rabbinical Association; Rabbi Moshe Birnbaum, Rabbinical Assembly.
Keywords: National Council of Synagogues, Commission on Relations with the Jewish People, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, USCCB, “Sources of Authority in Catholicism and Judaismm,” dialogue, Archbishop Wilton Gregory, Committee for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs, Rabbi Alvin Berkun, Father James Massa, Secretariat for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs, Rabbi Avram Reisner

(End quote from the USCCB. Emphasis supplied)

The following New Testament Scripture has been nullified by the the Second Vatican Council, two popes (one "Blessed" and the other still reigning), and the current bishops of the United States, in a manner similar to the way in which the rabbis have nullified the Old Testament:  "...the interpretations of prophets, sages, and rabbis whose judgments gave rise to the Mishnah (2nd century C.E.), and later the Talmud (completed in the 7th century C.E.), would be decisive in mediating the word to subsequent generations."

"For you, brothers, became imitators of the churches of God in Christ Jesus that are in Judea. For you suffered the same things from your own countrymen as they did from the Jews, who killed both the Lord Jesus and the prophets, and drove us out, and displease God and oppose all mankind by hindering us from speaking to the Gentiles that they might be saved — so as always to fill up the measure of their sins. But God's wrath has come upon them to the utmost.” 1 Thessalonians 2: 14-16


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Talmudic Chabad Offers Continuing Education Credit for Missouri Lawyers

Racist Rabbis Operate Missouri Bar-Accredited Continuing Legal Education Talmud Training for Lawyers

www.revisionisthistory.org • May 19, 2011

In the “seminar accredited for Continuing Legal Education (CLE) by the Missouri Bar” reported in the press release below, St. Louis, Missouri lawyers who attend will be schooled by Chabad rabbis in the Babylonian Talmud, a handbook on lying, deceit and wrong-doing which desecrates the name and memory of Jesus Christ (Sanhedrin 43a; Gittin 57a), and His Blessed Mother Mary (Sanhedrin 106a; Kallah 51a), permits sex with children (Sanhedrin 69b in The Talmud: The Steinsaltz Edition [Random House, 1999] vol. 19, p. 13; also cf. Ketubot 11b and Sanhedrin 54b) and teaches that Judaic males are above God (Bava Metzia 59b). 

Chabad (also known as “Chabad-Lubavitch") is a Hasidic faction of Orthodox Judaism that derives its halacha (law) from the pagan-occult Zohar (Kabbalah), and the Babylonian Talmud, along with the sacred texts of the founder of Chabad, Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Lyady. One of Rabbi Zalman’s texts, Tanya, teaches that the souls of gentiles "contain no good whatever” (Opening the Tanya, p. 43).

Chabad-Lubavitch supports Judaic racist-terrorist “settler” groups in the Palestinian occupied territories. Individual Chabadniks have promoted Baruch Goldstein, the mass murderer who slaughtered forty Palestinians while they knelt in prayer in the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron, on Purim, 1994.  

Chabad-Lubavitch Community Center and United Lubavitcher Yeshiva hosted a U.S. speaking tour for one of Chabad’s rabbis, Yitzhak Ginsburg, president of the racist Od Yosef Chai yeshiva in the violence-prone West Bank settlement of Yitzhar, and the author of a text praising Goldstein, which is titled, Five General Religious Duties Which Lie Behind the Act of the Saintly, Late Rabbi Baruch Goldstein.

Tea Party golem and their leaders in Congress are running amok over the alleged possibility of Islamic Sharia law being implemented in the United States, while Babylonian Talmudic law continues its deep penetration of American jurisprudence without a peep of protest from these “Constitutionalists" who shriek alarms from coast to coast about the horrors of “Sharia.”

The state of Missouri requires attorneys to be members of the Missouri Bar in order to practice law in Missouri. The Missouri Bar was created in 1944 by order of the Supreme Court of Missouri. Talmudic institutions like Chabad, which are authorized to offer Continuing Legal Education credits to lawyers are thereby accredited by the state of Missouri through the Missouri Bar. 

In the United States of America in 2011 it would appear that the Constitution provides for separation of Church and State, and Mosque and State, but not Synagogue and State.

Copyright ©2011 by Michael Hoffman

(Hoffman is the author of the 1100 page textbook, Judaism Discovered and operates the blog, Truth About the Talmud.)


Chabad Presents 

The 17th Conference on Talmud and Contemporary Law
Wednesday, June 1, 2011, 12:45 pm – 5:15 pm
The Center of Clayton, 50 Gay Ave., Clayton, Missouri (directions below)

St. Louis, Missouri — Chabad of Greater St. Louis will host its annual Conference on Talmud and Contemporary Law on June 1. The seminar has been accredited for Continuing Legal Education (CLE) by the Missouri Bar since its inception 16 years ago, and will be held at the Center of Clayton. It is open to the entire St. Louis legal community.

The conference was designed to provide a forum for the comparative analysis of legal, ethical and public policy issues under Jewish and secular law. It offers modern legal minds the opportunity to explore age-old Jewish legal principles and their relevance to current law and public policy.

Participants will be addressed by prominent scholars at the intersection of Talmudic and secular law.This program is offered by Chabad of Greater St. Louis in partnership with the Cardoza Society of the Jewish Federation of St. Louis.


SAMUEL J. LEVINE is Professor of Law and Director of the Jewish Law Institute at Touro Law Center. Previously he served on the faculty of Pepperdine University School of Law in Malibu, California. He has published more than forty law review articles and has lectured widely in the areas of legal ethics, criminal law, law and religion, Jewish law, and constitutional law. Professor Levine graduated cum laude from Fordham Law School and with highest honors as a James Kent Scholar from Columbia Law School.

RABBI SHLOMO YAFFE applies his prodigious mind and booming voice to the mastery and teaching of Talmudic law and Chassidic philosophy. A prolific writer and speaker, he received his Rabbinic ordination from the Central Chabad Rabbinic Academy in New York. He is the Dean of the Institute for American and Talmudic Law, and lectures nationwide to appreciative audiences. He currently serves as the Scholar-in-Residence at Chabad of Harvard University.


THE BIN LADEN KILLING: EXTRA JUDICIAL EXECUTION, INCARCERATION AND OTHER SANCTIONS IN JUDAIC LAW - What are the factors distinguishing between the prosecution of warfare and the need for legal procedure? We will examine the highly developed sense for the role of the extra judicial in Talmudic law, and compare this with contemporary American and International Law.

LAWYERLY ADVICE: VIGOROUS COUNSEL OR SUBORNING PERJURY? - One of the most troubling "grey areas" in the practice of law is the ethical question of where a lawyer’s advice crosses the line from helping the client make a good case into providing a recipe for perjury. We will examine both precedent and practice regarding this thorny issue in the American legal system, and we will explore the means that Judaic law uses to address this ethical problem.

EXAMINING AMERICAN CODES OF PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY THROUGH THE PERSPECTIVE OF JEWISH LAW AND ETHICS - A critique of the American Bar Association's Model Rules of Professional Conduct, arguing that the rules leave too many ethical decisions to the discretion of the legal professional. We will highlight principles in Jewish law which impose defined ethical obligations that are mandatory rather than optional.

TALMUDIC CITATIONS IN AMERICAN JUDICIAL OPINIONS: A CRITICAL ANALYSIS - A survey of judicial citations to Jewish and Talmudic law in several complex and controversial areas of American law. Through a careful analysis of these judicial opinions we will explore the accuracy and relevance of these citations, and their application to the legal issues at hand.

The Center of Clayton is located on Gay Ave., just south of Maryland Ave., east of the I-170 Ladue exit.

To register please complete the online registration form below. Payment can be made via the online registration form or by mailing a check. Checks should be made payable to Chabad of Greater St. Louis and can be mailed to 8124 Delmar Blvd. 63130. For additional information or late registration please email CLE@showmechabad.com or call 314-725-0400.

5.2 MCLE Credits, including 2.6 Legal Ethics Credits

COST: $175*
*Please indicate in the comments section if you are a Cordoza Society Member to receive $50 discount

For secure online reservations and additional information, visit www.ShowMeChabad.com/CLE or call Chabad at 314-725-0400.

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Michael Hoffman’s research is funded solely by donations from truth-seekers and the sale of his books, newsletters and recordings.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer: "The Talmud teaches us"

Justice Breyer Recalls Legal Lessons of the Holocaust

By Jess Bravin | Wall Street Journal | May 17, 2011

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer on Tuesday, May 17, capped the National Days of Remembrance, the congressionally mandated commemoration of the Holocaust, by focusing on a legal legacy stretching from the Nuremberg Tribunal to present-day efforts to hold war criminals accountable, such as the International Criminal Court.

Supreme Court Associate Justice Stephen Breyer attends a reception hosted by President Barack Obama in honor of Jewish American Heritage Month at the White House, Tuesday.

“I come here as a judge and a Jew,” Justice Breyer said at a Capitol ceremony sponsored by the Holocaust Memorial Museum, in part to remember “that the Holocaust story ended with a fair trial.”

Justice Breyer recalled that the late Justice Robert Jackson called his service as chief prosecutor at Nuremberg, which tried 24 surviving Nazi leaders for crimes against humanity, “infinitely more important than my work on the Supreme Court.” Justice Jackson had opened his case by telling the world that “the wrongs we seek to condemn and punish have been so calculated, so malignant and so devastating, that civilization cannot tolerate their being ignored because it cannot survive their being repeated.”

While Justice Jackson aimed to defuse Holocaust deniers by building a “drab case” on the Nazis’ own records of their crimes, Israeli Attorney General Gideon Hausner “sought out survivors of the Holocaust to bear witness” in the 1961 trial of Nazi official Adolf Eichmann. With the trial televised internationally, “for the first time many people heard the Holocaust survivors tell their stories with their own voices.”

“Both trials had a role to play,” Justice Breyer said. “The documented record prevents history from doubting what was done; the compelling personal stories help prevent the future from forgetting the victims themselves, their stories and their humanity.”

Justice Breyer linked those trials to more recent efforts to establish accountability for genocide and war crimes. He mentioned the European Court of Human Rights, the United Nations tribunals for Yugoslavia and Rwanda and the International Criminal Court, whose prosecutor this week said he would seek to try Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi for crimes against humanity. (Justice Breyer makes no mention of Israeli massacres in Gaza, or of Israeli war crimes in Lebanon, in Beirut in August, 1982; at the El Khiam concentration camp, or in Qana against a United Nations refugee camp (twice). There has been no accountability for any of these atrocities perpetrated by “the Jewish state” — they are unpunished by international courts. Elie Hobeika, a former Lebanese ally of Ariel Sharon, was mysteriously rubbed out gangland style shortly before he was to testify against Sharon in a proposed European war crime trial that collapsed in the wake of Hobeika’s murder.  - Hoffman).

Such institutions are “imperfect,” the justice said. “We need only look around today’s world to see that the rights, rules, and obligations that the law sets forth are no more powerful than the human will to enforce them.

“The Talmud teaches us ‘it is not incumbent upon you to complete the work,’” Justice Breyer said. “’But neither are you free to evade it.”

A webcast of the event, "Justice and Accountability in the Face of Genocide: What Have We Learned?" is here. Justice Breyer’s address begins at 55:35.

[End quote; emphasis supplied]


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Revisionist writer’s life in peril in New York

Terror Alert

by Michael Hoffman

New Yorker Michael Santomauro, an indefatigable revisionist writer and activist who resides, improbably enough, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, is being targeted by a Zionist terror organization. The misnamed "Jewish Defense Organization" headed by the violent psychopath Mordechai Levy, has been terrorizing revisionist writers with impunity since at least the 1980s.

In 1989, Levy was charged with attempted murder for shooting at three people who were standing outside Mr. Levy's home in New York, one of whom was trying to serve him with court papers in a California slander suit. A 69-year-old man was wounded in that shooting, and Mr. Levy, then age 30, was convicted of first-degree assault. After conviction he was released from prison in record time. Even after the shooting, the Zionist New York Times gave favorable coverage to Levy:

New York: Manhattan: Protest Over Holocaust Skeptic
New York Times | October 25, 2004

About two dozen protesters chanting "evict the Nazi" rallied yesterday in front of the Upper West Side apartment building of a man who has questioned historical accounts of the Holocaust. Some of the two dozen or so demonstrators, who were watched by a similar number of police officers, -- said that the man, Michael Santomauro, had been holding meetings with his supporters in the building, on 72nd Street near West End Avenue. ''We have to take a stand on this hatred being brought into the community,'' said James Vrettos, 55, a sociology professor at Yeshiva University.

Mordechai Levy, above, of the Jewish Defense Organization, said he organized the rally after hearing that Mr. Santomauro had held a gathering at a nearby church last month. A doorman in the building, Jay Roman, said that he knew of no meetings. Mr. Santomauro, who founded a roommate matching service in 1979, could not be reached for comment yesterday, but in an article in The New York Times in 2003, he called himself an ''amateur Holocaust revisionist." (End quote)

Notice that there is no reference in the preceding New York Times report to the fact that Levy is a convicted gunman who has shot people. Almost everywhere Louis Farrakhan speaks, the media report that decades ago he once referred to Judaism as a “gutter religion,” while with Levy, the media have amnesia concerning his record of violence.

Mr. Levy has scheduled a "protest" against Santomauro for May 15:

Jewish Defense Organization (JDO) rally against Michael Santomauro for May 15, 2011

Statement to all media outlets by Michael Santomauro

"Like any American, I have the right to host meetings, distribute information, and inquire into subject matters as part of our first amendment.  As a free rights activist, I feel that no subject matter should be taboo or criminalized and that especially when a subject matter is controversial and sensitive, like the Holocaust, it deserves even more attention, inquiry, debate and discussion in a respectful manner.

"Like me, the Jewish Defense Organization has a right to free speech, but what they are saying is untrue.  I am not a Nazi, and oppose all that Nazism stands for including all other schools of fascism such as Zionism, which the Jewish Defense Organization supports. Why would the Jewish Defense Organization support an apartheid state who seeks a racially pure state? The Jewish Defense Organization is racist! No decent American would or should support the racist government of Israel, unless you are a racist like the Zionist Jewish Defense Organization--they are the Nazis!

"Also, the Jewish Defense Organization is not correct, in that I do not sell Nazi materials or hold Neo-Nazi meetings, or anything of the sort from any location.

"The location they are targeting has nothing to do with my work, so clearly the Jewish Defense Organization is mistaken. The Jewish Defense Organization obviously has a right to rally, as they have in the past at my home on the Upper West Side.

"And nope! I don't pay the Jewish Defense Organization to rally so I can sell more books!"


Michael Santomauro
253 West 72nd St
New York, NY 10023
Call anytime: 917-974-6367

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Hans Krampe says Hoffman’s opposition to Nazism is “calumny"

Editor’s Note: This essay by Hans Krampe was published in Power newsletter, June 1, 2011, Issue Nr. 387, pp. 2-6, by Mrs. Ingrid Zündel, who prefaced it with the following remarks: “Michael Hoffman... will pass judgment on Hitler without so much as a blink of an eye...it always makes me ashamed to see him do that - because the criticism leveled at Mike below by Hans ...is in my opinion richly deserved.”

A few weeks before Mrs. Zündel published Mr. Krampe’s attack on this writer, I sent her a copy of my reply to him (see below). She chose not to publish it. There is undoubtedly a number of WWII revisionists who view the revisionist movement mainly as a means for rehabilitating  the reputation of the murderous tyrant, Adolf Hitler. Ergo, revisionists who expose Hitler as the gravedigger of the German people are, as Mrs. Zündel writes, shameful. It’s appalling and self-destructive, but there you have it.

I am the author of an account of the first trial of Ernst Zundel, The Great Holocaust Trial, which was reprinted this year after being out of print since 1995. 

Rebutting Michael Hoffman

by Hans Krampe
May 5, 2011

“...in keeping with this hate mongering propaganda against Adolf Hitler, that demonstrably began in 1933 and never ceased, YOU ARE TELLING A GIANT UNQUALIFIED LIE."

"By obstinately adhering to the officially promoted view of Nazi-Germany, you find exactly what you’re looking for, easily obtainable CALUMNY, dressed up as fact.”

Dear Michael

I have read with great interest your exchange with Prof. Robert Faurisson and Horst Mahler, “Human Rights not Reich.” Some aspects in your responses, however, became very irritating to me and here is why. I am a German Canadian, born during WW II, who for his first thirty years was raised and educated in both, East- and West Germany. During my elementary schooling in East Germany, from grade one through grade three - my most formative years - I was INTENSIVELY indoctrinated with the glorification of communism and anti-Nazi hate propaganda in the form of grammar, textbooks, and STORIES palmed off as history.

The East German educators managed to weave the post WW I treacheries, subversions and crimes of the Moscow dominated communists into the degenerate and chaotic history of the Weimar republic, only to pass it off as having somehow been the product of Nazism. Of course, this re-enforced my positive attitude towards communism and my rejection of Nazism.

It formed a solid foundation for my continued anti-Nazi brainwashing (“education”) in the West. As it turned out, East and West brainwashings occurred entirely to Zionists’ specifications and under their control. In it the holocaust loomed large; not only in ours, but in all histories of WW II. Worldwide, the above versions have been a roaring success!

Grade four saw the continuance of my indoctrination in West Germany, again in the form of anti-Nazi “history”, only now with anti-Communism added to it. The word “Nazi” was always hissed with a disgusted sneer of political correctness to emphasize its nasty nature. The intended guilt and shame to be a German materialized somewhat, but only to a very faint extent.

Additionally, my anti-Nazi indoctrination was positively re-enforced throughout, and beyond, my education into a more or less solid conviction of its truth by the West German media and the book publishing industry.

My grandfather was - and remained to the end of his life - a dedicated communist, chairman of the communist chapter of Wanne Eickel during the 14 years of starvation, hell and hopeless misery of the Weimar republic (democracy performing according to views of Alexis d’Toqueville). While this nurtured in me a sympathetic attitude towards communism, it also served as another positive anti-Nazi re-enforcement even in my family.

My grandfather spend most of WW II working underground as a coal miner; which turned out to be somewhat of a blessing for him. My father and my uncles, though, were soldiers of the Wehrmacht and, luckily, survived.

My parents were sympathizing with National Socialists and admired Adolf Hitler; which contrasted with my education at school and caused me to suspect them of a somewhat deranged and obstinate fanaticism. Needless to say, my relationship with my parents was often less than harmonious on that account.

Initially, the “product” of my “education” nestled firmly within my belief system…until the Internet came about. Until then I was never aware that I had been brainwashed. I felt vaguely ashamed of Germany because of its Nazi past, but innocent of any personal guilt. I considered this onerous subject as having been dealt with, ad nauseam, and closed.

At age thirty I immigrated to Canada and many Canadians (and Americans) I got acquainted with revealed in polite conversation a warped, if any, perception of Germany’s history of WW II, often constructing bizarre, if not downright ridiculous, impromptu embellishments and excesses in their effort to appear “knowledgeable” and getting somewhat testy when they were failing to obtain my unequivocal endorsement. It made me wonder what the hell they had been taught in school.

I couldn’t help noticing a very subtle and deep-seated hostility towards Germans suspected of less than utter rejection of Nazi Germany’s past, which surfaced either as strident and patronizing condescension or ridicule. As a consequence, I began to develop a pronounced annoyance with the popular perception that the Nazis - and Germans by extrapolation - had been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be a malignant breed and would henceforth serve as THE ULTIMATE STANDARD OF EVIL, and therefore had also deserved every atrocious horror that had been inflicted on them as well…and more.

Thus it became clear that in the minds of North America, with few exceptions, Nazis and Germans seemed to appear as synonymous, equivocating rhetoric to the contrary; with WW II Germans as actual humans only grudgingly trotted out to obscure the profoundly nasty hypocrisy, if not ignorance as it turned out, of North American versions of “historical knowledge”.

Oddly to me, this was especially noticeable among academics and the intelligentsia who, with dismissive arrogance, give Germans like me to understand that my indoctrinated convictions WERE NEITHER SOLID NOR NASTY ENOUGH. They knew much better.

In other words, as a German I became suspect of nursing sentiments of Nazi sympathies and therefore incapable of assessing my country’s history correctly. I was advised to open my mind to the much more realistic perceptions of “North American experts”, the only ones deemed to have the requisite detachment, by distance in time and space I suppose, to know and appreciate the full extent of the evil of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis; which they seemed to accept as a form of divine truth manifested as earthly fact, based on “exhaustive investigations” and “incontrovertible data”…convincing examples of which I have yet to find anywhere.

Of course, they were (inadvertently) correct in pronouncing my inability to assess the Nazi history correctly, but completely unconvincing, in that they were far more debilitated and misguided brainwashees than I. Although this increasingly grated on my nerves, I tried to accept it as an understandable attitude, considering my country’s past. Beginning with the U.S. war in Viet Nam, and its aggressive interventions in Chile, its horrifying operations in Central America, all supported and approved of by lyin’ Brian Mulroney who had become prime minister of Canada in the 80s– not to mention the ever more subversive and sociopathic idiocies of successive administrations in the name of globalization, privatization and free trade - I became far more politically informed and aware than I had ever been before, realizing in the process my deplorable ignorance in terms of historical accuracy, which kept me dangling at the end of my rope in debates. Yet I kept learning by reading, and by debating in writing. I became a critical observer, wrote letters and was actively committed to demand and defend such elusive concepts as truth, human rights and justice.

I increasingly noticed, that whenever something evil needed to be emphasized in public discourses, the “Nazis” and “Hitler” and the “SS” had to rush hither to lend a habitual hand when any other derogatory term wouldn’t suffice to reach the desired level of malice. This increasingly annoyed me to such a degree, that I eventually felt compelled to look for the flip side of the anti-Nazi coin to see for myself what’s what. In short, I had it up to here with the constant German bashing. On the Internet I searched for, and found, all kinds of factual and documented accounts, illuminating in their detailed historical context, and therefore generating an ever more understanding and sympathetic perception of Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists. They also confirmed the anecdotal events that my parents, my grandfather and uncles had been talking about - which I had so far ignored - as more or less plausible. I now was forced to accept their first hand experiences of the twenties, the thirties, the war and the post war period as largely founded on real experience. Thus began the gradual COLLAPSE OF MY ENTIRE ANTI-NAZI HOUSE OF MANIPULATIVE CARDS; making short shrift of my brainwashed convictions.

Though I sometimes found these accounts on white supremacist websites (often in downright racist contexts) to lend an air of respectability to themselves, they actually were based on REAL and EXHAUSTIVE investigations, conducted at great personal sacrifices and at great danger and expense to the investigating revisionists. Well, you know all about it.

As I progressed with my Internet researches, I realized, that Canadians (and equally Americans) through their educational, info and entertainment systems have been subject to a just as intense and sustained anti-Nazi indoctrination than myself, if not more so…FOR OVER SIXTY YEARS! But, unlike me, they obstinately insist, with a nasty form of self-righteousness, on their perceived prerogative to pass judgment on something about which they only know hate propaganda; so much so, that any unbiased form of critical questioning has become anathema, if not offensive…in their minds.

At this point let me clarify something important. I differentiate between Nazis and neo-Nazis. The only thing the latter have in common with Adolf Hitler and the Nazis are the accoutrements and symbols, which are ignorantly used as an expression of the nasty propaganda image with which they associate themselves. Nothing could be further from what the Nazis were all about.

When you state, willy-nilly, that you are “all for defending human rights, but refuse to support any attempt to defend or resurrect the “Third Reich”, then it behooves you to explain why. Standing by itself, it’s a dead give-away of a blinkered view, not to mention political correctness. And when you state that you never called Germans criminal except those directly associated with the Nazis of the time then you have stated a contradiction. You accuse ALL Germans of criminality, indeed, because all Germans were more or less Nazis, by your definition, as you will see below. I therefore seriously question whether you have actually made, or even been capable of, an UNBIASED investigation of what the Third Reich ACTUALLY was, did and why. Judging by your tendency to view everything Nazi as evil, your “knowledge” is based on literally billions of tons of entirely negative distortions, spin and lies that Western historical literature is teeming with on this subject. This makes your “knowledge” irrational, fictitious and mendacious.

The insidious nature of a brainwashed mind, particularly as it pertains to National Socialism and Adolf Hitler, is such that it presents a solid barrier to even WANTING TO BEGIN searching for the truth, as opposed to the much more socially rewarding and easily obtainable confirmation of its alleged evil. In your case, one can’t fail to notice it clearly in your exchange with Prof. Robert Faurisson and your reaction to Horst Mahler (Rights not Reich). I suspect, that this stance accounts for the fact that you are still at large and never had your face rearranged like Prof. Faurisson..

My point is to show you on my own example that YOUR MIND IS AS BRAINWASHED AS MINE ONCE WAS, and how this came about, and that it corrupts your search for truth. After all, you’re about the same age as me and you did receive your education from the same North American institutions that imposed their version of the Nazi era on the Germans, not to mention the rest of the world, since 1945.

You refuse to find out what National Socialism actually was; presumably having proceeded in your lackadaisical "research" under the faulty assumption that enough has been said about Adolf Hitler and the Nazis (all negative) and that any further scrutiny on your part would be superfluous. It’s a common attitude, especially among the intelligentsia. Any positive facts of Nazism can thus be dismissed as mere WHITEWASH. This, I suggest, is THE most common modus operandi in the efforts of the proponents’ of anti-Nazi/German hate, to prove the uniqueness of the Nazi/Hitler “evil” as a uniquely one-sided “truth”. To this end everything needs to be revised in minute detail, EXEPT THE COMMON PERCEPTION OF NAZISM. The reverse of it seems to be in essence what you find annoying about Horst Mahler. Thus let me remind you: What's good for the gander is good for the goose.

Concerning the history of German National Socialism, neither the period BEFORE WW I, nor that war itself, nor the EXTREMELY IMPORTANT interim period between 1918 and 1933, nor the period between 1933 and the outbreak of WW II can be avoided if one truly wants to know and understand, WITH AN UNBIASED MIND, what moved Adolf Hitler and the Germans/Nazis, as well as their choice of methods. All of it is inseparably interrelated. PRACTICALLY ALL GERMANS WERE NAZIS BECAUSE THE REICHSTAG VOTED IN 1933 UNANIMOUSLY TO GRAND HITLER TOTAL POWERS FOR FOUR YEARS. After those four years ALL Germans approved him to carry on by voting 99% in a plebiscite, INTERNATIONALLY SUPERVISED. SUCH A VOTER TURNOUT AND SUCH A VOTE IS UNEQUALLED IN WORLD HISTORY.

As a result, Germany, under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, was quickly becoming a socially more equitable, more just and more humane alternative to the sociopathic and predatory capitalist establishments of war mongerers, scheming and conniving within the home bases of Germany’s enemies. The National Socialist alternative increasingly undermined the criminal nature of capitalism’s global economic hegemony by positive example. It also inspired the basest and most sadistic instincts of capitalist bullies, who were planning the biggest genocidal holocaust in the history of the world AGAINST GERMANY, always prodded and needled by Jewish usurpers from behind the scenes. As a historian you have to be deaf, dumb and blind to overlook this glaring fact.

Needless to say, THAT THIS GENOCIDE TOOK PLACE AS PLANNED IS IRREFUTABLE. The evidence consists of reams of photographic and diplomatic documentation, if one only looks for it with open and unblinkered eyes. Comparing the Weimar republic’s performance (and that of every other contemporary “democracy”) with that of the National Socialists, under the conditions of the Versailles Treaty, in terms of the common indicators used to evaluate a regime -- homogeneity, prosperity and health as a nation; standard of living; justice; freedom; integrity of government; the general disposition of the people; the maintenance of peace and order; and diplomatic efforts in relation to other nations -- have to be ALL taken into account IN THEIR ENTIRETY to produce a fair and comprehensive record of either performances as a government.

The Nazis will emerge from such a comparison with flying colors. What the Bolsheviks promised to the German communists, but actively prevented by violent subversion, namely SOCIALISM, Adolf Hitler and the Nazis delivered, in spades and without violent bloodshed. National Socialism was, and remains, the most significant unbloody revolution to have taken place in history. To demonstrate its unbelievable effectiveness, consider the following: While EVERY COUNTRY ON EARTH was suffering a deep depression during the Dirty Thirties, including Roosevelt’s raw “New Deal” for the USA, NAZI GERMANY WAS ENJOYING UNHEARD OF HIGHTS IN ITS STANDARD OF LIVING, UNSURPASSED TO THIS DAY; with scarcely any resources of her own, yet without needing to rob distant colonies of their resources. That seems to be something the detractors of National Socialism have a hard time digesting…including you.

The picture that you ASSUME to be the truth is a chimera of the nastiest kind imaginable. Murderous Nazi Germany under the dominance of a vile dictator (i.e. 99% of all German speaking people; plus, millions of supportive sympathizers from other nations who were inspired by it, including Russia, Hungary, Ukraine, Belgium, France, even England, ALL NAZIS) has to remain evil incarnate in order for the “truth” to be salacious enough for you.

By obstinately adhering to the officially promoted view of Nazi-Germany, you find exactly what you’re looking for, easily obtainable CALUMNY, dressed up as fact.

Nastiness happens in every country, to a more or lesser degree, but nowhere was, and is, it as prevalent and monstrous as in your own back yard. Ignoring THIS fact endows you with the prerequisite lack of humility in becoming an overbearing judge who enjoys condemning a victimized nation. Revisionism doesn’t need to be revised; in your case IT NEEDS TO BE UNBLINKERED. What does need to be revised is the meaning of the term NAZI. It’s been grossly distorted, abused and misused for decades and has ossified into a malignant burr within your reason.

Whether you like it or not, in keeping with this hate mongering propaganda against Adolf Hitler, that demonstrably began in 1933 and never ceased, YOU ARE TELLING A GIANT UNQUALIFIED LIE.

I challenge you to produce evidence of a more popular, benign and efficient system of social organization, of any nation and its regime, anywhere on Earth, at any time in history, with a higher approval rating by its people and a greater popularity than Adolf Hitler’s. Hitler must have been a funny “dictator”, because he put every major decision to the people, in referenda, supervised by international committees, and got consistent approval ratings of just short of 100%; including the Anschluss of Austria – presumably an “invasion” in your mind...right up until the outbreak of WW II. WW II was the beginning of the end in the development of a great and promising nation.

National Socialism was a nascent system, extra-ordinary, and developing in circumstances that couldn’t have been more excruciatingly difficult in its beginning stages. Nevertheless, things were looking good for Germany in every way from 1933 on. Contrary to allied hate mongering Germany had no reason to go to war and Adolf Hitler demonstrably made every effort to avoid it. It’s amply documented.

The Zionist dominated allied-to-be governments unabashedly proclaimed their intent to DESTROY GERMANY AND THE GERMAN PEOPLE – not Adolf Hitler or the Nazis, mind you - while clandestinely working out, IN ADVANCE, the details of the phony SHOAH story, featuring NAZI GERMANY as the villain, set up as justification for a Jewish state in Palestine, and Germany’s reduction to a future cash cow. Most of this homicidal conniving and scheming took mainly place in your country.

Had the war gone on somewhat longer, and had the allies had the wherewithal, it is absolutely no stretch to know that they would have dropped atomic bombs on all of Germany and its people without batting an eye…enthusiastically applauded by intellectuals like yourself, no doubt.

The arming up, getting only underway just before 1938, and then necessarily with increased intensity, of Germany’s practically non-existent armed forces; and every military action since 1939 that Germany undertook, was an answer to the allies’ intentions the knowledge of which Adolf Hitler passed on to his people. Every German knew that Germany was going to be FORCED to fight for its very life, mortally threatened by a world bent on its merciless genocide. Historical evidence has more than amply confirmed this as well.

The homicidal demons, as I see it, were not the Nazis but THE ALLIES, including the Bolsheviks, but especially the Americans and the Britons who have a long history that has never stopped their murder, rape and pillage within and without their own borders. If you feel the need to get down to the nitty-gritty of evil you haven’t far to look. It’s right where you sit.

As to your critique of Horst Mahler’s use of the words GERMAN REICH…it’s ridiculous nitpicking and word fencing about some non-existing PR-strategy. The GERMAN REICH is what Germans used to call their country BEFORE THEY WERE TRAINED BY THEIR GENOCIDAL MURDERERS TO BE ASHAMED OF IT. Just for that reason alone it’s more than appropriate to INSIST on re-invoking its name. At this point, as a German, I wouldn’t care a farthing what you, or any foreigner, might think in this regard. Your argument is similar to me telling you that, “the U.S. is hated right now, worldwide, so when you travel abroad just call yourself a Canadian, as a PR measure.” Though it may be STRATEGICALLY EXPEDIENT it’s also cowardly. All it does is undermine your self-respect as an American.


I agree with Robert Faurisson’s stance of openness, simple language and confrontational style (in the Celinian sense) because at this stage you can’t avoid confrontation. It’s obviously being forced upon any dissent anyway. What’s more than anything convincing is PERSEVERENCE a la Faurisson. Yet, I agree with you that PR savvy is more than indicated at this stage. But I’m afraid it’s lost on ordinary mortals whose understanding and support is needed for revisionism to be successful. One of Hitler’s secrets of success was his PR savvy, when he spoke about the people’s concerns, loudly and clearly, in their language…CONFRONTATIONALLY. Horst Mahler’s style of rhetoric I find sometimes hard to follow, and generally he seems to dwell too much on the spiritual aspect of nationhood. But he has a brilliant mind and a strong backbone; and he has a more correct, comprehensive and sympathetic understanding of National Socialism and Adolf Hitler than you do. Therefore he has the courage to envision the possibilities of such a model in the future.

As to his statement about all Jews being at the forefront of the attacks against Germany HE IS ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. Name ONE Jew who does reject the holocaust as an historical fact. If you can, it will be a miraculous exception.

By the way, an atheist Judaist is an oxymoron. Noam Chomsky is an atheist with Zionist proclivities, not a Judaist.

You may argue in your defense that you’ve done massive amounts of research and know what you’re talking about, and that you don’t deserve to be lectured by an amateur such as me. To that I answer, yes, you’ve obviously done a lot of research. But so have I. On the issue of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis you seem to have wasted some fleeting glances with an extremely biased attitude; looking for, and finding, the entirely corrupted “evidence”.

In conclusion I suggest that you become MORE revisionist in your revisionism in order to achieve some semblance of truth, preferably nothing but...

Hans Krampe


Dear Mr. Krampe

Thank you for writing. You are most certainly welcome to challenge my theses. I would not dismiss such a challenge based on the notion that I am an alleged expert who has "done massive amounts of research" and you are an “amateur." Such an argument is from the professor-caste.  I do not subscribe to the pretensions of that artificial aristocracy. Moreover, the military and political history of World War II is not my speciality. With regard to the persecution of Judaics and the alleged mass murder by poison gas, my area of study is the psychology and epistemology of the last truly believed state religion of the West, Holocaustianity.

I will not repeat the arguments I offered in the exchange with Mr. Mahler and Drs. Toben and Faurisson. I stand by what I wrote at that time.

I will only add that one avenue of research I am pursuing is the claim that Adolf Hitler enjoyed the support of the majority of the German people from his rise to power until 1945. I do not believe that to be the case.

Your letter seems to equate a low opinion of Hitler with a low opinion of the German people. Needless to say I have considerable esteem for the German national character and have, for most of my life, opposed the collective guilt assigned to the Germans and their resulting mass murder by fire in the Allied bombing holocaust of their cities.

As someone reasonably conversant with the doctrines and dogmas of Orthodox Judaism, it seems to me that Hitler’s behavior and ideology are remarkably rabbinic in nature; particularly in his race-worship and emphasis on revenge and war. Perhaps that is why Mr. Hitler permitted the publication of  Der Babylonische Talmud in Berlin in 1935, at a time when he was strictly prohibiting the publication of hundreds of other books. Hitler danced to the Cryptocracy’s occult piper almost from the beginning of his political career. Certain Israeli leaders have much in common with him.

Please read my study in Revisionist History Newsletter No. 39: "The Russian Roots of Nazism - From the Protocols of Zion to the Judeo-Bolshevik Holocaust.”

Michael Hoffman

Revisionist History Newsletter No. 39: "The Russian Roots of Nazism - From the Protocols of Zion to the Judeo-Bolshevik Holocaust. ”An extraordinary revaluation of the source of Nazism and the secret model after which it patterned itself. Why Hitler was suckered and self-deluded almost from the beginning of his career. Pioneering conspiracy research and essential reading for anyone who wants to grasp the deeper points of Hoffman's original historical theories and revisionist  history. Sections include: Learning lessons from the Bolsheviks; Impact of the holocaust in Russia on Germans; Christian Russia - Spiritual Powerhouse; Nazism and the Cryptocracy's Protocols Gambit; Behind the scenes manipulation by the occult "Thule Society" and Dietrich Eckart; Mein Kampf and the Protocols; Conspiracy most fateful: the Nazis omit Eisenmenger's indisputable Entdecktes Judenthum in favor of the disputed Protocols