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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gas chambers in Roman Catholic legend and lore

To: E. Michael Jones, Editor, Culture Wars

Whenever I get my issue of Culture Wars I flip to the table of contents to quickly review the subject matter and the authors. Of course the Letters section is always informative and I may even start there before turning to a feature article. Culture Wars for the Catholics of this country, in fact for the entire English speaking Catholic world, is like a crusading knight off to fight the enemies of Holy Mother Church, and he is not taking prisoners.

My eagerness is even more so piqued when I see the name of Professor Iwo Cyprian Pogonowski, a native-born Pole who by his own accounts spent five years as a prisoner in Sachsenhausen during World War II. Typically I can also expect to find in the very next issue passionate rejoinders from Joe Rocco and Otto Mueller, (Lo! their footsteps are even now nigh at the door!) Being an amateur student of history myself since my adolescence having grown up in the years immediately after WW II, (born 1951), and listening to the stories of my male relatives who served in the military, I always like to read authors who had personal experience during those years. Pogonowski has never failed to shed some of his brilliance on this subject. I have tended to regard him as sort of infallible—right up until his last article in the April 2011 issue of Culture Wars, “Holocaust Profiteering by Literary Hoax”.

Too bad he wrote what he did, because he failed to study what many a revisionist historian considers as the most salient point of the era and how our very future hangs by dint of this issue by a Damoclean thread.

To be sure I have no problem with the major thrust of his piece which is to expose certain Jewish authors as taking poetic liberty with historical facts in order to viciously calumniate Polish Catholics as anti-Semitic monsters which, of course, they certainly were not, as they themselves were horribly victimized by the Jewish-dominated Soviet occupation forces who took over after cessation of hostilities.

But what we really changed my mind was his casual mention of “gas chambers” in two places (p. 13). There he was going along defending the valor, integrity and noblesse oblige of the unfairly benighted Polish people when out of the blue he mentions “(m)ass execution of the Jews in Nazi gas chambers” in 1942, and the other place speaking “of Jewish victims in Poland…bound for the gas chambers.”

 Whoa, boy! This really flattened me. So here is an authoritative eye witness writer testifying in his presumed irrefutable capacity, a prisoner of the Nazis in Sachsenhausen for 5 years, who still believes in the homicidal gas chamber myth. To the Jewish world, it is the Shoah—The Holocaust—the pivotal event in Jewish history which even now is constantly brought before the public’s attention in such a way that the alleged murder of The Six Million is being used to supercede Our Lord’s Crucifixion on Mount Calvary as the most seminal turning point in the history of the human race.

Who’da thunk that a man who spent time in a real concentration camp could still believe in junk history? Didn’t he hear the initial reports after the war that even the camps in Germany were “killing camps”? But quickly it became evident that mass murder did not take place there in German camps in the Allied Occupation Zones—only in camps in Poland controlled by the Soviets which were placed off limits to inspection by the free press. So one would think he would have been put wise to the ruse being foisted off on the public by World Jewry, backed by Soviet aggression, that at least 4 million Jews were killed by hydrocyannic gas then incinerated into ashes at Auschwitz-Birkeneau. The world’s tabular data on ethnic population numbers did not tell of 6 million Jews dead, and there was a distinct dearth of physical evidence—bones and tons of cremated ashes—that did not exist. Where there is no physical evidence, you cannot prove a crime.

All kinds of evidence to the contrary began to pour in after on opening expose by Dr. Paul Rassinier wrote The Lie of Ulysses (1961) which was further developed by the American Electrical Engineer from Northwestern University Prof. Arthur Butz (1976) The Hoax of the 20th Century.

This changed the whole texture on the matter, and the rush was on to bury the atrocious lie that the Holocaust had become and to sterilize its aura of a quasi-religious Holocaustianity which insidiously infected teaching institutions, religious seminaries, theatres, books and the very air itself until people began to believe that the only reason the United States sent men to war was to free the Jews. An annually recurring reminder occurs every June 6th, when some American plenipotentiary stands shoulder to shoulder with Elie Wiesel or some other world class fraud and gives public thanks for the courage of the “Best Generation” for having spent its blood and treasure to make sure God’s Chosen People was not completely wiped out.

Every March I wonder why the same is not done in South Vietnam because in March 1965 Battalion Landing Team 1/9, (a former Marine never forgets either), charged ashore on Red Beach. It didn’t have the fireworks of Omaha Beach, but the courage of the men carrying out an amphibious landing was nevertheless just as virtuous. But there were no concentration camps or homicidal gas chambers in Vietnam, nor in Korea, so we don’t like to memorialize them. Actually we would rather fortget them since we were fighting against the very political system that characterizes our cultural existence at the moment. Then, too, notwithstanding the millions of Vietnamese, Koreans and Americans who died for no good cause other than they were taking their orders, still they were only kelipot goyim*, certainly not the Chosen of God.

I think I made my point. When someone on Pogonowski’s caliber falls short of the mark and doesn’t take the time to study the issues, then how can we be expected to believe anything else he’s reporting? It all gets shrouded in an incredulous aura. And the only way out of this darkness is for the author to report the truth. And if there is a question, go back to the documents. We deserve to get the whole unvarnished Truth. That’s why I read this magazine, and I believe I can speak for everybody in its reading audience. We like it because it allows us Catholics to hit back at the antichristian culture trying to make us lose our eternal salvation.

The subject of the homicidal gas chambers has just got to be be studied. And you have to go outside of the mainstream print and broadcast media to find the sources. But they are there. And I have a strong feeling the professor knows the Holocaust to be a lie, but for some personal reason, he’s keeping mum about it.

Nevertheless! Yea, the footsteps of Joe Rocco and Otto Mueller are nigh, even at the door.

Pat Flanagan, M.D.
Waukesha, WI

* Dr. Flanagan’s reference is to the statement of the founder of Chabad-Lubavitch, Shneur Zalman of Lyady, the “Alter Rebbe,” in his sacred text, Tanya, concerning the goyim: "The souls of the nations of the world, however, emanate from the other, unclean kelipot which contain no good whatever.”


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Does anyone remember The Great Holocaust Trial?

Late last year we raised the funds to reprint "THE GREAT HOLOCAUST TRIAL," a book which had been a bestseller for the Institute for Historical Review 25 years ago. Many people have approached this writer over the years to say they became a revisionist as a result of having read it.

This book is the only report in print on the first of the two trials in Toronto of German-Canadian publisher Ernst Zundel. Some people regard his second, 1988 trial as the really important one because it was there that the Leutcher Report was first presented to the world.

For this writer both trials are of tremendous significance; the first, in 1985, no less so, for the reason that it represented one of the first times in history that so-called "Holocaust Survivors" were cross-examined by an adversarial attorney (barrister Doug Christie) for the defense.

As a result, every single "infallible eyewitness to the gassings," including one of the super-stars of survivordom and eyewitnessdom, Rudolf Vrba, author of I Cannot Forgive were shown to be very fallible indeed.

The top "Holocaust" scholar at the time, Dr. Raul Hilberg, author of the monumental tome, The Destruction of the European Jews, also testified. (Hilberg went on to become Norman Finkelstein's mentor; Dr. Finkelstein has nothing but praise for Hilberg, notwithstanding Hilberg's assistance to the prosecution in a case aimed at sending a book publisher to prison).

Hilberg was cut to shreds by Christie's cross-examination, which was fueled by the French revisionist historian Dr. Robert Faurisson, a member of the defense team. It was actually a debate between the two academics, with Mr. Christie acting as Faurisson's polemically-skilled mouthpiece.

Consequently, with the 1985 Great Holocaust Trial we have two astonishing landmarks: the collapse of supposed "eyewitness" testimony of homicidal gas chambers in Auschwitz, and the defeat of the most prominent "Holocaust" historian in the world.

The book has been out of print for fifteen years. A whole generation of new recruits to revisionism have never read it. We could not afford to print a huge print run. We went the frugal, print-on-demand route and published several hundred copies. We gave away what we could afford to -- a few dozen -- to reviewers and prominent revisionists -- in order to stimulate publicity, reviews and distribution.

Thus far this book gathers dust. We have sold perhaps 90 copies. The apathy is incredible. I knew revisionism was in rough straits with the collapse of the Institute for Historical Review (IHR), but I had no idea it was this sunk in paralysis and indifference.

Every major revisionist contacted has either said nothing or mentioned it in the briefest possible way. A few fulfilled their "duty" by briefly alluding to Dr. Faurisson's reflection on the fate of Fred Leutcher which jogged his memory after having read this writer's new introduction to the book; that's been the sum total of the matter.

The big revisionist news is Samuel Crowell’s The Gas Chamber of Sherlock Holmes which we have mentioned here. (Buy it here: http://ninebandedbooks.com/?p=312)

In fact, we not only included ordering information, we drew attention to a lengthy and highly interesting interview with Mr. Crowell which the book's backers did not ask us to promote.

Crowell's book is an important contribution. I hope the generation of revisionists that has been recruited in the past ten or fifteen years will study it and I hope they will do the same with The Great Holocaust Trial.

We have no ego-investment and not much financial investment in The Great Holocaust Trial. It was a bestseller for the IHR throughout the 1980s and heavily promoted around the world. Anyone who promotes it now is welcome to omit my name from any review or advertisement.

We would have liked to have published it at a price lower than $19.95 (plus shipping). But to do that we would have had to publish at least 1,000 copies. With that quantity the economy of scale creates a lower production cost; but the venture capital was not there. We saved our "nickels and dimes" and approached a print-on-demand publisher. When you print four hundred books rather than a thousand, you pay a lot more and those costs, unfortunately, raise the price of the book.

So this is not a get rich quick scheme or an ego trip. I'm not sure why I even have to say as much, except that I cannot comprehend how the only revisionist account of Mr. Zundel's world historic trial in 1985 is being allowed to slide down the memory hole. It's inconceivable.

I've had some folks who don't know what kind of dynamite this book represents, ask why they can't buy it online from an online store. I forgive your naiveté. Ernst Zundel was imprisoned for seven years in six different prisons in three separate countries, having been released in Germany only a year ago under a draconian gag order that silences one of the most eloquent voices of defense of the German people.

If we discard the Canadian and German government alibis, we discover that Mr. Zundel was imprisoned all those years because he knocked so gigantic a hole in the gassings tale that the "never forgive, never forget" crowd sought vengeance. And they achieved it.

Furthermore, I cannot set foot in the native Germany of my ancestors because I will be jailed within hours or days for the “crime" of having written The Great Holocaust Trial.

If it was sold online, the online store would be closed in short order (except for Amazon which is too big to be shut down - see below).

The vengeance of the enemies of truth will be doubled or tripled in exacerbating impact if we allow Zundel's struggle to be forgotten; part of his heroic struggle is recorded in The Great Holocaust Trial.

I'm a writer. I'm not an impresario, p.r. man or three-ring circus coordinator. Sometimes I wish I were because that kind of flash and energy can make the difference between circulation and oblivion. I rely on others to get the word out, set up the distribution networks and get behind something truly worthwhile.

To the average guy with curiosity about the unofficial and damned side of World War II history I can only say, "Buy a copy."

To the full and part-time revisionists who have ignored this book I can only wonder to myself aloud, how do they imagine we will ever build a movement with so little unity and so much ennui?


The Landmark Battle for the Right to Doubt the West's Most Sacred Relic

Large format (7 x 10) illustrated, quality paperback. 181 pages.

This title can be ordered at this time only by postal mail or from Amazon

$19.95 PLUS shipping: $3.50 shipping in the U.S.A. 
ADD $8 shipping to Canada. $12 shipping overseas. 
Orders without correct payment shipping added cannot be mailed.

Payment: U.S. check, U.S. or international money order in U.S. funds from a U.S. bank.
VISA or Mastercard (include account number, expiration date, your name as it appears on the card and the last three numbers on the back of the card).

Wholesale rates in the United States:
3 books for $55 postpaid (USA only). 10 books for $165 postpaid (USA only).

Order from:

Independent History and Research
Box 849
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83816 (USA)


Monday, April 25, 2011

Latest CD and newsletter from Hoffman

Latest items from Michael Hoffman

Revisionist History Newsletter no. 56: "Bolshevism and the 'Jews' -- The latest findings by a leading Russian-Orthodox Christian Scholar." Also the Judeo-Communist Spy Ring that Caused the Deaths of Thousands of American Soldiers in Korea and Vitenam. And more.

Spiritual Israel Or Carnal Israel: Hoffman On The RBN Radio Network with Deanna Spingola: Michael Hoffman takes up the perennial debate over who are God's chosen people -- spiritual Israel or carnal Israel. Topics including filtering apostle Paul through the words of Jesus, the synagogue of Satan, Romans 11 and much more on Judaism, Talmud, etc. WARNING: there is some audio clipping and  beeping sounds on the second CD. 83 minutes. 2 CD set.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Zionist lobby stifles free speech at Hastings College of the Law


Pressure on Law Conference Threatens Free Speech

by Cecilie Surasky / April 23rd, 2011 • Dissident Voice

The Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee and the Bay Area’s Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) interfered in an academic conference last month called “Litigating Palestine: Can Courts Secure Palestinian Rights?” at the UC Hastings College of the Law.

They pressured the Hastings Board of Directors into an emergency meeting in which the board decided to “take all steps necessary to remove the UC Hastings name and brand” from the conference. Frank Wu, dean and chancellor, was barred from giving a welcoming talk; a major foundation withdrew funding.

Professors dislike academic intimidation, and this case is no exception. Nearly all of UC Hastings’ tenured professors signed a letter warning that the board’s capitulation to outside pressure on academic freedom risked “great damage to Hastings’ reputation.”

The elected student government, joined by 30 student organizations, charged the board with “stifling their academic freedom” and “prospectively chilling free speech” at future academic conferences. They are right, of course. But there are bigger issues at stake.

Why were these mainstream Jewish organizations so troubled by the academic pursuit of legal approaches to securing Palestinian rights and freedom?

Perhaps for the first time in U.S. history, there is an aggressive challenge to a one-sided narrative that covers up or justifies ongoing Israeli repression of Palestinians, and U.S. culpability for that repression. The center of that challenge is on campuses, which is why those who have traditionally adopted knee-jerk defenses of Israeli policies are attempting to stigmatize or shut down alternative viewpoints.

In this case, the conference in question was about the legal rights of Palestinians. Its lead convener was former San Francisco public defender and Hastings law professor George Bisharat. He was joined by numerous legal scholars and human rights lawyers, including many Jews, from the United States and Israel.

Yet JCRC head Doug Kahn dubbed the conference, which was focused on nonviolent legal strategies to address the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, “anti-Israel.” He’s right, however, only if you regard Thurgood Marshall’s efforts on behalf of the civil rights movement to be “anti-American.”

Tammi Rossman-Benjamin, a lecturer at UC Santa Cruz, indicated in a letter of complaint that UC Hastings could lose federal funds if the conference proceeded.

Rossman-Benjamin, who has long tried to silence speakers and academics who are critical of Israeli policies, many of them Jewish and even Israeli, recently filed a complaint about alleged anti-Semitism at UC Santa Cruz focusing on educational programming related to Israel and Palestine.

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights, the target of a multi-year campaign to criminalize pro-Palestinian student activism led by the Zionist Organization of America, began an investigation. Ominously, such moves suggest that legitimate criticism of Israeli policy is being conflated with anti-Semitism.

If this is allowed to happen, then serious debate on Israel’s illegal actions in the Palestinian territories will be shut down. That is a threat not just to academic freedom but to American free speech and our ability to help secure the rights of everyone in Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.


Monday, April 18, 2011

New book debunking extermination “gas chambers"

Samuel Crowell's magnum opus, The Gas Chamber of Sherlock Holmes is now in print

Read a recent interview with Mr. Crowell here


"Censure anti-Semitic teacher, Italian Jewish leaders say"




«Quell'insegnante è negazionista e antisemita». Ispettori dal ministero

Avrebbe definito, tra le altre cose, la Giornata della memoria «una forzatura» e l'Olocausto «un mito»

MILANO - Respinge ogni accusa. Proprio non ne vuole sapere di passare per «negazionista e antisemita». Perché sono addebiti «campati per aria che non credo neppure di dover prendere in considerazione». Scoppia la polemica su Barbara Albertoni, una professoressa del liceo linguistico Manzoni che nel suo blog «cloro al clero» avrebbe definito, tra le altre cose, la Giornata della memoria «una forzatura» e «l'Olocausto un mito». Poi ancora altri «post» ritenuti «offensivi». Il mondo politico, da destra a sinistra, condanna la vicenda. E intanto il ministero dell'Istruzione vuole inviare un'ispezione per fare chiarezza.
L'assessore comunale alla Scuola, Mariolina Moioli, ha chiesto «una relazione sui comportamenti dell'insegnante e sulla base di quanto emergerà verranno presi gli opportuni provvedimenti». E difende l'istituto dove «è ben salda e convinta l'adesione ai principi e ai valori costituzionali». Ma la docente trova la situazione «assurda». E le accuse sono «parole grosse di una persona che nell'ambito professionale violerebbe la Costituzione in modo grossolano perché significherebbe che vede la vita in modo razzista, quindi discrimina e discriminare vorrebbe dire violare la Costituzione, appunto».
Inoltre, sempre dalle colonne del suo blog, promette battaglia: «Ho 30 anni di carriera nella scuola come insegnante di storia e fior di testimoni che mi aiuteranno». E afferma anche che «la lobby sionista ha campo libero, evidentemente anche sui giornali, al fine di stroncare le voci di dissenso soprattutto sulla questione palestinese».
Redazione Cronaca di Milano
15 aprile 2011

Censure anti-Semitic teacher, Italian Jewish leaders say

April 17, 2011 • http://tinyurl.com/3qhbvj7
ROME (JTA) -- Italian Jewish leaders have called on Italy's education minister to take action against a Milan high school teacher accused of Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism.
A statement by the president of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities, Renzo Gattegna, and the president of the Milan Jewish community, Roberto Jarach, said the teacher in question, Barbara Albertoni, had "spread historical falsehoods, also on the Internet, which insult the memory of the millions of innocent victims of barbarism and savagery of the Nazis and fascists, and also illicitly carries out an action aimed at distilling prejudice, racism and hatred." 
Controversy over Albertoni erupted after an article in the La Repubblica newspaper described her as a Holocaust denier and anti-Semite. The newspaper based its description on her posts on her anarchist and pro-Palestinian blog that made "repeated attacks on Jews and Israel," and pictures and cartoons showing the Israeli flag with a swastika. It quoted her in one post as calling the Holocaust "the founding myth of Zionism."
Albertoni rejected the accusations. Some of her words were taken out of context, she said, but she added that the "Zionist lobby" was behind efforts "to cut off the voices of dissent, above all on the Palestinian question." (End quote from JTA)

“Con quale paura!Perduto tra due milioni di pazzi,eroici e scatenati e armati sino ai denti (…) cacciati sotterra come in un manicomio, per distruggere tutto (…) tutto cio’ che respira,più arrabbiati che cani,adorando la loro rabbia(…)"  -L.F. Celine    
(From the blog, cloro al clero)

Marco Pasqua: un cretino qualsiasi,che solo in un contesto come il nostro puo’ essere pagato per scrivere

Cioè…sono assurta alle cronache di “milano-Repubblica”  NIENTEPOPO’DIMENO che come professoressa “negazionista”" e “antisemita”. Parole grosse, di una persona che nell’ambito professionale violerebbe la costituzione in modo grossolano perchè significherebbe che vede la vita in modo razzista, quindi discrimina e discriminare vorrebbe dire violare la costituzione, appunto. Quello che Repubblica ha lasciato scrivere è la prova evidente del suo essere un giornale guerrafondaio e carta veramente da culo atta ad impacchettare solo la merda.

Con questo articolo di questo Pasqua ,che in parte estrapola frasi dal mio blog senza dimostrare neppure di saperle leggere (su Faurisson scrissi che era vile avergli alzato le mani e che al negazionismo bisogna opporre  argomenti  di portata scientifica e non botte) e in parte s’inventa periodi che non ho mai scritto. In quanto al mio negazionismo (avrei scritto che l’Olocausto è “un mito”) è un’accusa così campata per aria che non credo neppure di doverla prendere in considerazione: ho 30 anni di carriera nella scuola come insegnante di storia e fior di testimoni che mi aiuteranno a far ricacciare in gola al Pasqua i suoi insulti a suon di migliaia di euri .

In realtà si sa che la lobby sionista ha campo libero (vedi Giorgio Israel, patron didattico della gelmini), evidentemente anche su giornali come Repubblica, al fine di stroncare le voci di dissenso soprattutto sulla questione palestinese. L’ultimo diverbio che ho avuto coi sionisti pochi giorni fa è stato su Facebook, a proposito di Vittorio Arrigoni, un amico continuamente dileggiato e calunniato perchè “osa” mandare informazioni di prima mano agli italiani sul lager di Gaza, che negli ultimi giorni ha subito bombardamenti assassini la cui conta è di circa 10 persone la settimana.

 Per il resto che altro dire? Che credo sia un onore trovarmi nelle fila dei Finkelstein, dei Pappe’, dei Caracciolo e di tutti coloro che sono stati perseguitati ingiustamente per le loro opinioni. Infamie che trovano fondamento nell’ingiustizia strutturale del presente. Un periodo storico nel quale pochi potenti decidono di buttare uranio impoverito sul popolo libico mentre la gente muore in Palestina nel silenzio complice di politici e media. Tra le varie inquisizioni del nostro tempo c’è questa: l’intento è intimidatorio, ma come scrissi tempo fa ad un’altra persona che mi diffamò, sono figlia di un valoroso italiano che servì nella seconda guerra mondiale come artificiere ad El Alamein e che s’è fatto le sue “belle” prigionie e torture da parte degli “amici” inglesi. Il conflitto mi carica. Se poi mi porta soldi, ancora di piu’. Certo non vinceranno, per quel che mi riguarda, dal lato della paura e della persecuzione perchè, nonostante possa sembrare un target di semplice esecuzione (madre single, prof di liceo ecc…) l’ho sempre spuntata contro chi voleva farmi del male e sarà così anche questa volta. Come filosofa temo solo la morte che, come si sa, puo’ sopravvenire in ogni momento, nessuno ne è immune. C’è gente che soffre per molto meno (per esempio Pasqua quando fa le figure di merda) ma io non faccio parte di quella categoria.

ps quasi tutti i link sono roba mia, cosicchè chi passa di qui possa farsi un’idea del mio “antisemitismo” nonchè “negazionismo”. Se si dicono robe del genere bisogna dimostrarle con una certa puntualità, non con l’astio vendicativo di un articolo a suo carico, mal digerito, covato per piu’ di un anno, poi uscito per essere stato maltrattato nel facebook di arrigoni. E chi ha orecchie per intendere intenda, chi no, in roulotte. Perchè la casa l’ha persa….

so che il paragone è forte, ma…lo schema è il medesimo di quello rappresentato…uno schema che si è fermato lì, ancora oggi nel 2011. E forse con piu’ crudeltà di quanto facessero allora. L’illuminismo per ‘sta gente, non è mai esistito…

This information is courtesy of Michael Hoffman • www.revisionisthistory.org
"Against all odds"


Monday, April 11, 2011

When the victims are unworthy then holocaust denial is approved

Editor’s note: The denial of the Israeli massacre of Palestinians at Deir Yassin and the complicity of Elie Wiesel, is part of the holocaust denial of Deborah Lipstadt and the brahmins of the Zionist establishment, who, together with their American news media, cry out with Talmudic fury whenever anyone dares to question the magnitude of Judaic victimhood in World War II, but who are themselves party to denying the holocaust of Palestinians in places like Deir Yassin, which they hope will be blotted out from memory.


Forget Deir Yassin -- Its Victims were “Unworthy”

By Professor Daniel McGowan
mcgowan@hws.edu | April 9, 2011

Sixty three years ago today Palestinian civilians were massacred at Deir Yassin on the west side of Jerusalem. The terrorists were Jews from The Irgun and the Stern Gang. The village buildings still stand within clear sight of Yad Vashem, the most famous “Holocaust" memorial.

There is no marker, historical plaque, or even a sign post to commemorate the Deir Yassin massacre, which was the most pivotal event in the Naqba, the 1948-49 dispossession of Palestinians and the beginning of the brutal ethnic cleansing that continues today, largely with American support.

The “Holocaust" Industry ensures that Jewish victims are worthy of remembering. In countless films, memoirs, novels, articles, museums, memorials, and educational programs Jewish victimhood is recounted over and over again. Professional victims like Elie Wiesel cast and recast the “Holocaust" narrative so that the world will “never forget” and consequently will ignore the apartheid conditions imposed on over half of the population living within the borders Israel now controls.

 The irony that Wiesel worked for the terrorist Irgun and steadfastly refuses to apologize for the massacre his employer perpetrated is never exposed in our Israeli-centric media.

No comparable organization or dedication exists on the Palestinian side, partly because the power of “worthy” victimhood is not recognized and partly out of fear of charges of "anti-Semitism."

When Sarah Palin put on her Star of David necklace and toured Yad Vashem three weeks ago she pandered to Jewish power and to the memory of “worthy” victims. Had Palin visited Deir Yassin or even mentioned its name, she would have ended her career in American politics.

 The same has been true of all obligatory visits by American politicians including Clinton, Giulani, Huckabee, and Romney.

Judaism's unscriptural "Passover" text: the Haggadah

We are being inundated in the media with pious tales of the supposed Biblical foundation of Judaism's "Passover" holy days, the yom tov of the People of the Book — but which book — the Pentateuch or the Talmud? The claim that Judaism commemorates the Passover of the Old Testament is as nonsensical as the one that asserts that Judaism's "Noahide Laws" are based on Noah, the Biblical patriarch who is mocked and degraded in Orthodox Judaism. Like the ersatz Talmudic Noah, the bogus rite in Judaism misnamed “Passover" is derived from the Talmud — using the Bible as a prop. Here below is information on Judaism's foundational Passover text. Surprise, surprise, it's not the Old Testament but rather the Haggadah, a thoroughly Talmudic work.

—Michael Hoffman, author of the 1100 page textbook, Judaism Discovered.


Passed Over  
By Richard Poplak | Walrus magazine (funded by the government of Canada) | May 2011

..."Haggadah" means "telling." Reading it fulfills the scriptural commandment in Exodus to "tell your son" about the Israelites' liberation from slavery in Egypt, and its recitation kicks off the week-long festival of Passover. In the Diaspora, the Seder takes place on the first two nights of the festival, and the Haggadah serves as the manual...

The Haggadah doesn't tell the story of Exodus so much as it depicts five rabbinical sages exegetically parsing it via Deuteronomy. Rabbis Eliezer, Yehoshua, Elazar ben Azariah, Akiva, and Tarphon spice up the biblical tale of the flight from Egypt by arguing over the minutiae of the Passover rites, which were originally compiled in the Talmud, the Jewish book of religious laws.  We'll avoid the scholarly bickering about when this occurred (very roughly, 200 CE), but one thing remains certain: the Talmud, and the Haggadah along with it, was a response to a catastrophe so great it threatened to destroy a people.

In 66 CE, when the Roman general Vespasian swept into Jerusalem, Judaism was a cultic, oral religion, with Herod's massive temple as its lodestar. Everything happened in the temple complex. Four years later, Vespasian's son Titus razed it to the ground. "Where was God under the rubble?" wondered the Rabbis. "How to praise him now that the temple was gone?" The sages agreed: Jews would have to become a people of the book, or they would disappear.  

In a dazzling feat of spiritual and scholarly bravura, they compiled the Talmud, the text that has defined Jewish life for almost eighteen centuries.  It meticulously redacts generations of oral religious injunctions, explains them, justifies them... The Talmud's first compilers, the early rabbinical scholars (were) called the Tannaim...

The first extant version of the Haggadah was ... unearthed in a manuscript of a siddur (prayer book) compiled by Saadia Goan in the tenth century. Before this, the liturgy came to us from the Talmud.

...No doubt about it, the Haggadah is a problematic text. It tells Jews that they are exceptional, and it puts a premium on Jewish life over the lives of others...

(Emphasis supplied)


Saturday, April 09, 2011

New Jersey Rabbi used religious charity to launder nearly $1 million

“...an underground money transfer network that stretched from Brooklyn all the way to Israel.”

"Also arrested was a man charged with brokering the sale of a human kidney.”

Rabbi Fish “...would not use the word cash, but instead referred to laundered money as ‘gemoras,' a reference to part of the Talmud...”

Orthodox rabbi pleads guilty to using religious charities to hide $1M for Solomon Dwek

By Ted Sherman | The Star-Ledger (New Jersey) | April 9, 2011 

Rabbi Mordchai Fish, left, admitted Friday that he let FBI informant Solomon Dwek, right, use his charities to channel $900,000 in illegal funds.

Of all those targeted in what became the biggest FBI sting operation in New Jersey history, Mordchai Fish was among the most secretive.

He changed cell phones constantly. He spoke in code, using Talmudic references to set up meetings to exchange cash. He constantly worried aloud about electronic bugs and had cash couriers all over Borough Park.

On Friday, the tearful, 58-year-old Orthodox rabbi from Brooklyn pleaded guilty in federal court to a money laundering scheme that used religious charities to hide nearly $1 million in funds he thought had come out of a massive bank fraud and a counterfeit designer handbag operation.

Fish was one of 44 people initially charged in the widespread sting, which came to light in July 2009 with the arrests of three mayors, two legislators, five rabbis and dozens of public officials and candidates for office. Also arrested was a man charged with brokering the sale of a human kidney.

At the center of it all was failed Monmouth County developer Solomon Dwek, an informer who entered into a cooperation deal with federal prosecutors after he was arrested for trying to pass $50 million in bad checks at a bank drive-through window.

With the politicians, Dwek posed as a corrupt developer by the name of David Esenbach, who gave out FedEx envelopes stuffed with cash to anyone who would help expedite a series of phony real estate deals concocted by the FBI. More than a dozen have already pleaded guilty to corruption charges.

Separately, using his own identity, Dwek arranged to launder millions of dollars in a series of tax scams using religious charities — a scheme in which money was given to charitable funds and religious schools, and then kicked back in cash, minus a 10 percent cut.

Dwek, in setting up Fish and others, repeatedly told them that he was looking to pull cash out of his bankrupt real estate empire and from a "schnookie" bank deal gone bad. Later, he claimed he had profits he was trying to hide coming out of a counterfeit, high-end designer handbag business.

Last week, another rabbi caught in the same sting, Saul Kassin, the 89-year-old spiritual leader of the nation’s largest Syrian Sephardic Jewish congregation, pleaded guilty to one count of operating an unlicensed money-transmitting business.

In court Friday (April 8) before U.S. District Judge Joel A. Pisano in Trenton, Fish, who broke down repeatedly, pleaded guilty to an information charging him with money laundering conspiracy.

Fish admitted that he began meeting with Dwek in early 2008, and agreed to a series of transactions that were funneled through several community charities known as "gmachs," which Fish controlled.

Prosecutors said the checks were deposited into bank accounts held in the names of the charities, and Fish would subsequently arrange to make cash available through an underground money transfer network that stretched from Brooklyn all the way to Israel.

According to criminal complaints filed in the case, Fish was among the most furtive of those caught on surveillance video. He would constantly change cell phones and speak in an amalgam of English, Yiddish and Hebrew, to set up meetings.

The transcripts show he would not use the word cash, but instead referred to laundered money as "gemoras," a reference to part of the Talmud — the collection of Jewish law and tradition that explains the Five Books of Moses.

Among the transcripts included a recording of Fish and Dwek together in a car on their way to pick up cash in Brooklyn. As they drove, Dwek would mention the cross streets to which they were headed.
"I’m nervous now," Fish was heard on the surveillance tape. "Don’t even say the street in this car."

Dwek, who was wired for sound and video with a hidden miniature camera, assured Fish there was nothing to worry about. He had the car swept, he said.

"Swept, shmept," replied Fish.

He told the judge Friday he engaged in approximately 15 money laundering transactions with Dwek, helping convert approximately $900,000 in checks into more than $800,000 in cash, after receiving his cut.

Fish’s attorney, Michael Bachner of New York, said it was a difficult day for his client. "After due consideration with his family and loved ones, Rabbi Fish decided that it was proper and right to acknowledge his behavior," said Bachner. "He is looking forward to putting this matter behind him so that he can continue to engage himself in the work he has always dedicated himself to, which is the care of troubled youth in the community.”

Fish is scheduled to be sentenced July 28, when he faces a maximum of 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine, although under federal sentencing guidelines is likely to be exposed to anywhere between 33 months to as much as five years. In addition, Fish agreed to forfeit approximately $90,000.


Friday, April 08, 2011

Top aide to Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto tied to Pornography network

Editor’s note: A top aide to Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto, a Sephardic Kabbalist with influence among the Israeli political and business elite, is alleged to be the former owner of a wholesale pornography operation.


Top Pinto Aide Tied to Porn Sales and Legal Troubles
By Josh Nathan-Kazis | Forward (Zionist newspaper) April 6, 2011

In early 2005, porn producer and actor Ashley Gasper realized that someone was bootlegging his films. Counterfeit copies of “Jules Jordan’s Flesh Hunter 6” and “Jules Jordan: Feeding Frenzy 2,” among other titles, were showing up among the DVDs being returned to his distributor.

According to a recent decision issued by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, Gasper soon learned that a Montreal firm was making illicit copies of the movies and selling them to wholesalers. The primary client of the Montreal bootlegger was a New York-based company called Direct Distributors, Inc., run by a young Israeli named Ben Zion Suky.

Suky, now a real estate developer, isn’t just another businessman involved in two litigious industries. He’s also the right-hand man to a powerful Sephardic kabbalist rabbi with growing influence among Israel’s political and business elite and in the American Jewish community.

So close is Suky to Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto that he owns property with the rabbi’s wife. He is the rabbi’s translator, gatekeeper and conduit to the outside world in America.

But while Pinto is revered in the United States and Israel for his financial advice, especially in real estate, Suky’s own real estate business has faced a string of lawsuits, foreclosures and legal judgments. And while Pinto is an ultra-Orthodox rabbi, his adviser’s involvement in the pornography industry would seem to run counter to the tenets of modesty espoused by traditional Judaism.

Suky did not respond to three requests for comment about this story. A telephone call to Suky was disconnected after a reporter identified himself, and a subsequent call was not answered. Efforts to ask Pinto how these revelations would impact his relationship with Suky were unsuccessful after e-mails and phone calls to the public relations firm representing the rabbi went unanswered.

One evening in February, Suky stood in the foyer of the rabbi’s Manhattan townhouse, watching as Pinto stepped haltingly down the stairs from the building’s second floor.

As the rabbi reached the ground floor, Suky and another Pinto follower each took one of his hands, bent and pressed them to their lips.

Suky is 33 years old, though he looks younger. Raised in Petah Tikva, an Israeli city near Tel Aviv, he moved to the United States 17 years ago. He has been associated with Pinto for a decade, and for the past year he has been “next to him all the time,” in his own words.

In fact, Suky — whom Pinto calls “Bentzi,” a diminutive of Ben Zion — appears to be Pinto’s closest adviser in the United States. Suky and another adviser serve as the administrators of Mosdot Shuva Israel, Pinto’s Manhattan yeshiva, according to an employee of the organization. An agent at a public relations firm that represents the rabbi identified Suky as the firm’s point of contact with him. Suky serves as the rabbi’s translator. At a recent evening lecture at the yeshiva, Suky stood behind Pinto while the rabbi spoke, and then helped regulate access to the rabbi as followers approached for blessings.

Pinto’s bearing is of a person with little engagement in the mundane business of everyday life, but Suky is every bit the modern operator. Though the two are relatively close in age — Pinto is only 37 — they could hardly look more different. The rabbi wears the black hat and dark coat of the ultra-Orthodox; Suky a jacket over an open shirt in the modern Israeli style. The rabbi has an unruly black beard; Suky wears a light stubble on his baby face. The rabbi makes intermittent eye contact and speaks little English; Suky is fluent, effusive and earnest.

Their lives seem particularly intertwined, even for a rabbi and his close disciple. In 2006, Suky and the rabbi’s wife, Debora Rivka Pinto, together purchased an apartment in a condominium on East 83rd Street. Both of their names appear on the deed. The rabbi’s wife signed power of attorney over to Suky in all matters relating to the property, which was purchased for $979,047. It’s unclear whether either ever lived in the apartment. Since the purchase, the board of the condominium has twice placed small liens on the property for failure to pay common charges.

In an interview with the Forward in February, in which Suky translated and expanded on Pinto’s pronouncements, Suky said: “The rabbi’s personal life is very, very, very Orthodox and very, very —let’s say, right [-wing].” But, as for others, he continued, “The rabbi believes one thing: that you must respect every person for what he lives and what he [is] and how he lives his life.”

That sort of laissez-faire attitude toward his disciples’ actions may be particularly relevant in the case of Suky. Until 2008, Suky was a principal of Direct Distributors LLC, a Manhattan-based wholesaler of pornographic DVDs.

In 2004, Suky bought thousands of adult DVDs from the Canadian supplier that was accused by producers and distributers of adult videos of bootlegging. A June 2004 invoice from the supplier filed as an exhibit in a case in U.S. District Court in the Southern District of New York gives a sense of what he was distributing: 71 copies of “Only the Best of Seymour Butt 8,” 250 copies of “Taboo 1,” 150 copies of “Natural Wonders 13,” among tens of thousands of other titles. The order totaled $14,308.

Direct Distributors’ location on West 36th Street is now shuttered. An employee at a retail store that specializes in adult videos and is located down the block from Direct said that Suky’s firm specialized in cheaper, lower-end DVDs — what the employee, who gave his name as Nick Pere, called “catalog titles,” as opposed to new releases.

In fact, some of Direct’s low prices could have been due to its relationship with Alain Elmaleh, owner of the alleged bootlegger of adult films in Montreal.

In a 2006 deposition filed in a case in U.S. District Court in New York’s Southern District, Suky described meeting Elmaleh and a colleague in New York. Elmaleh told Suky that he had “a lot of movies” and “novelties” to sell. Later, Suky would place orders over the phone and they would be delivered by van to his Manhattan office. In the deposition, Suky said that no one ever explained to him why Elmaleh’s DVDs were so cheap, and that he never asked.

Direct Distributors was named as a defendant in civil cases brought by John Stagliano, Inc., the company that distributed Gasper’s films, and by Studio A Entertainment, Inc., another producer of pornographic films, for its role as a distributor of the bootlegged pornographic DVDs. All cases appear to have ended in settlements.

A brief filed in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals by attorneys for Gasper’s production company, Jules Jordan Video, Inc., states that Direct Distributors was erroneously told that Elmaleh’s firms owned the rights to the DVDs they were selling. But in one 2006 filing in a case against Elmaleh, Suky and others by Studio A Entertainment, Elmaleh, his firms and a colleague allege in a cross-claim that Suky and Direct Distributors “knew or reasonably should have known” that the DVDs were bootlegs. The district court’s online case docket does not show a response by Suky or Direct Distributors to the cross-claim.
A jury eventually awarded a multi-million dollar judgment to Gasper and Jules Jordan Video, Inc., portions of which have been overturned by successive rulings. An August decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit reinstated part of the verdict and referred another part back to a lower court.

The bootlegging cases weren’t Direct Distributors’ only legal problems. A 2010 case against Suky and the firm, brought by TD Bank, N.A. over an unpaid debt of $73,840 plus interest, ended in a settlement.
And in July 2008, a state court issued a $46,000 judgment against the firm following a complaint claiming a debt by Pure Play Media, Inc., a large pornography producer. Soon after, a newly created distributor of pornographic films called New Media, Inc. set up shop in the former offices of Direct Distributors. Pure Play attempted to collect its debt from New Media, saying that Direct Distributors had simply changed its name. But New Media principal Chaim Cohen argued that he had no relationship with Direct, and a New York State Supreme Court judge agreed with him.

New Media has since closed the West 36th Street storefront, but a company with the same name is now producing its own pornographic films. Adultdvdempire.com, an online retailer of adult films, lists 72 titles produced by New Media in the past few years. New Media maintains records at an address in Chatsworth, Calif. — the epicenter of the American porn industry — that’s also been listed as an address by other companies owned by Cohen.

Though a court determined that Cohen had no involvement with Suky’s wholesale DVD company, the two were business partners in a number of real estate ventures throughout Manhattan. Involved in the same real estate deals is Pinto supporter Yossi Zaga, who donated the Manhattan townhouse where Pinto lives.

A number of properties that Suky developed in the heady New York real estate boom just before the economic collapse have gone bust. Cohen and Zaga were involved in some of those deals.
Among the most troubled of the partners’ properties is a condominium that Suky developed in 2007 at 215 East 81st Street. An online real estate listing for the property, which was marketed as The Duplex, described it as a luxury development, a “boutique 8 floor New Condominium conversion” with two-story apartments that “will feature top of the line finishes.”

In recent years, East 81st LLC, the company created to develop The Duplex, and Suky, Zaga and Cohen, have been the subject of two foreclosure actions and numerous other lawsuits regarding the building.

In May 2009, Suky, Zaga, Cohen and others were named as defendants in a foreclosure suit filed in state court by Bank of America after East 81st, LLC defaulted on a loan of which the three men were guarantors. In a court filing, East 81st, LLC, Suky and Zaga challenged the bank’s claims, arguing, among other things, that the bank breached its fiduciary duty to the defendants, that its claims are barred by fraud and that the bank failed to act in a “reasonable and commercial manner.” The current disposition of that case is unclear.

In November 2010, a firm called Petermark II, LLC sought to foreclose on the building following a default on a $2.5 million debt. In a filing in that case, Victor M. Metsch, an attorney for the building’s board of managers — which is also a defendant — alleges that Suky and Zaga did not complete promised work on the building, did not address Fire Department and Department of Buildings violations, and did not pay common charges owed on certain units in the building in November and December 2010. No response to those allegations appears in the court’s online docket for that case. That case is still pending.

In a third case relating to the building, a firm called Capital Construction Management of New York, LLC won an $899,000 judgment against East 81st, LLC after checks written by the developer to the construction management firm failed to clear. In a March filing in that case, the attorney for Capital asked that the court hold East 81st, LLC in contempt of court for failing to comply with a subpoena, and that it order Suky to appear for a deposition for which he had previously failed to appear. Suky’s attorney responded with a date in late May by which Suky would appear for deposition.

In a fourth case, the board of managers of the condominium at the troubled building brought an action against Suky, Zaga, Cohen and East 81st, LLC, alleging that the sponsor had failed to keep up the building. The defendants disputed the board’s characterization of the condition of the property. A stop-work order was placed on the property in January 2010 by the Department of Buildings, and the court eventually appointed a monitor, who issued a May 2010 report that broadly condemned the developers. Among other things, the report stated that East 81st LLC “retained weak development professionals or no professionals at all,” including “an expeditor who was not able to expedite.” The monitor characterized the developer’s failure to respond to questions as “bizarre.” A receiver was also appointed by the court. That case is ongoing.

Suky’s attorneys, Israel Goldberg and his partner, Robert Rimberg, could not be reached for comment.
In an unrelated March 2010 judgment, Suky, Zaga and Cohen were ordered to pay $318,786 plus interest by the New York State Supreme Court after a real estate firm operated by Suky, called Livorno Properties, LLC, failed to pay rent on its East 52nd Street office and then failed to pay a $138,000 settlement with the landlord, an entity called Plaza 52, LLC. Plaza 52 could not be reached for comment.

Back in Pinto’s dining room, Suky sat close to the rabbi. Focused and self-possessed, there was no sense that the disciple translating for his boss — the business adviser to real estate magnates — was himself tangled in millions of dollars of lawsuits over real estate deals gone wrong. But Suky himself was aware, and the rabbi’s words that evening might have brought him some comfort.

“Life is like a circle,” Suky said, translating for the rabbi. “Sometimes a person can be on the bottom of a circle and sometimes a person can be on top of the circle, and when you’re on the bottom of the circle you should hold on to it, because when a circle goes up[,] you’re going to go up with the circle.”

Contact Josh Nathan-Kazis at nathankazis@forward.com


Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Judaism’s Passover: Biblical or Talmudic?

Judaism’s Talmudic Passover

Research by Michael Hoffman ©2020

The goyim and crypto-rabbis such as the current and recent popes of Rome imagine or teach that “Passover"as observed in rabbinic Judaism is “Biblical." All kinds of statements about rabbinic Judaism’s Passover by these "well-wishers,” addressed to the rabbis in April, from the goyim of the worldly steeple-houses of Judeo-Churchianity, as well as pontiffs past and present, will be framed in Biblical references and terms. 

The truth is something else, however. Passover as observed in Judaism is Talmudic Passover, not the Passover of the Bible. Take for example the "Four Questions."

The Four Questions
What makes this night different from all other nights?

1. On all nights we need not dip even once, and on this night we dip twice!
2. On all nights we eat leavened bread or matzah, and on this night, only matzah!
3. On all nights we eat various vegetables, and on this night, bitter herbs!
4. On all nights we eat sitting upright or reclining, and on this night we all recline!

The Four Questions Talmudicized

We find many different versions of the Four Questions in the various manuscripts of the Talmud—not only in the order of the questions but in the number as well. Some versions, for example, omit the question about bitter herbs, others omit the question about the Paschal lamb even in Temple times.

The above would seem to indicate that initially there were various acceptable versions, or perhaps no fixed version at all. This was because according to Jewish law one need not ask all the questions.

As the Talmud relates, when Abbaye as a child saw the table being removed from before Rabbah, he exclaimed: “We haven’t eaten yet—and they come and remove the table from before us?!” Rabbah turned to the child and said: “You have exempted us from having to say the four questions”(Pesachim 115b, see Tosfot ad loc.).

At some point, however, the Sages of the Babylonian Talmud consolidated the various customs and instituted a universal practice of reciting all the questions so that all of Israel would follow the same custom.

Another example of this sort of development is the way we blow the shofar:

The requirement is to blow a wailing sound, called a teruah, preceded and followed by a simple blast, called a tekiah. According to Rav Hai Gaon (cited in Beit Yosef, Orach Chaim 59049), for many centuries the definition of the “wailing” teruah remained unfixed, with various communities performing it in their own way. Some Jewish communities performed it as heavy groans. For others, it was very short“cries,” and yet other communities performed it as a combination of both.

In Talmudic times, the Sages sought to unify all of Israel with a universal custom. They therefore instituted that all Jews blow the shofar in a manner that included all three customs. 

(Source: The Rebbe’s Haggadah).

The Order of the Questions

This order of the questions—(1) dipping, (2) matzah, (3) bitter herbs, (4) reclining—is the order found in the version of the Mishnah as it appears in the Jerusalem Talmud, Alfassi, and Rosh (though the last two questions do not appear there). This is also the order found in the Siddurim of Rav Amram Gaon and Rav Saadiah Gaon, Rambam, Tur, Avudraham (by implication, since his commentary addresses the question about dipping before the others), Abarbanel, Pri Etz Chaim, Siddur of the Arizal, Mishnat Chasidim, and others. It is also the order found in the first printed Haggadah (Soncino, 1485).

SOURCE: The Passover Haggadah: With Commentary from the Classic Commentators, Midrash, Kabbalah, the Hasidic Masters and the Haggadah of the Lubavitcher Rebbe (the late Grand Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson).

Michael Hoffman is the author of the 1100 page textbook, Judaism Discovered

For additional research, cf. Baruch M. Bosker, The Origins of the Seder: The Passover Rite and Early Rabbinic Judaism