Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

UFO over Coeur d'Alene

A witness saw a UFO in the southern sky this morning at around 6:00 am. (it may have been a few minutes earlier).

It was traveling from east to west.

The witness was standing on his front porch west of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, looking at a constellation after retrieving the morning newspaper from the driveway, and suddenly he saw what first appeared to be a meteor but was traveling much slower than a meteor -- it resembled more a white particle beam with a white head on it. (Also, he says there was no fireball).

It took about eight to ten seconds for the speeding light beam to get past the horizon and out of sight. There was no sound.

Fairchild Air Force base is approximately 40 miles west of the location where the light was seen.

He doesn’t know what it was, but he has seen many meteors and he insists this was no meteor. (The strange light is being explained away as a meteor with reference to another alleged object seen today).


Monday, October 28, 2013

Thought cop Cass Sunstein “reviewing" the NSA for Obama

The White House Intelligence Review Will Come by Year's End 
By Matt Vasilogambros | The National Journal 
October 28, 2013

The United States is reviewing the way it gathers intelligence. This has now become a tired and oft-repeated phrase coming from the Obama administration, as disclosures continue to reveal the far-reaching extent to which the U.S. spies on its allies....

While U.S. officials have been summoned to explain themselves to different European leaders—Spain being the latest—aides to President Obama, from press secretary Jay Carney to Secretary of State John Kerry, have said there is currently a review underway to determine where the American spying program should go in the coming years....

Speaking on Monday (Oct. 28), Carney was vague about the current review and said he would not specifically address the latest disclosures from Edward Snowden.

Still, Carney said there's already been progress as the U.S. contemplates spying agreements with some of its allies, including Germany. "Even as that work is being done, some decisions have been made that reflect the president felt desire to find the proper balance," Carney said at his daily press briefing.

There are currently two reviews ongoing. One is within the White House, run out of the National Security Council, which is what Carney is referencing. The other is an outside group, consisting of members that were appointed by President Obama—including the former acting director of the CIA, Mike Morell, and Cass Sunstein, the husband of U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power and former head of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs... (end quote; emphasis supplied).

Michael Hoffman's Afterword:

Cass Sunstein is leading a review of police state practices in the NSA for President Obama? Is this a misprint or a joke? Sunstein is the thought cop who, in 2008, co-wrote Harvard Public Law Working Paper No. 08-03, "Conspiracy Theories," advocating that the Federal government suppress and "cognitively infiltrate" conspiracy theorists.

Sunstein wrote, "Some conspiracy theories create serious risks. They do not merely undermine democratic debate; in extreme cases, they create or fuel violence. If government can dispel such theories, it should do so....We have suggested...that government ...enlist... independent groups to supply rebuttals, and by cognitive infiltration designed to break up the crippled epistemology of conspiracy-minded groups...” (end quote)

A tyrant who wants the government to suppress certain thoughts, and forms of intellectual expression, is now going to advise the White House on where the NSA should go in the coming years? A travesty!


Thursday, October 24, 2013

U.S. drone killings of civilians in Pakistan have WWII precedent

Long before American drones were murdering civilians in Pakistan, American pilots were committing similar war crimes in Germany

In a 1985 autobiography by the American who was the first pilot to break the sound barrier, the author described how, while serving in the US armed forces during World War II in the autumn of 1944, his fighter group was attacking Germany and "...assigned an area fifty miles by fifty miles and ordered to strafe anything that moved...We weren't asked how we felt zapping people. It was a miserable, dirty mission, but we all took off on time and did it ... We were ordered to commit an atrocity, pure and simple, but the brass who approved this action probably felt justified because wartime Germany wasn't easily divided between 'innocent civilians' and its military machine. The farmer tilling his potato field might have been feeding German troops.”

Chuck Yeager, Yeager: An Autobiography (New York: Bantam Books, 1985) pp. 79-80.


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Monday, October 14, 2013

Tolerant Pope Francis?

October 14, 2013 — "Rome's archdiocese made it official Monday," the AP reports, saying Erich Priebke's lawyer could hold the funeral in his home "in strict privacy." The news agency adds that Pope Francis' vicar for Rome, Cardinal Agostino Vallini, forbade any church in Rome from holding the service.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

“Parkland” movie whitewashes JFK assassination conspiracy

The 2013 movie "Parkland" is certainly not a "just the facts" docudrama.

This Hollywood mega-bucks production supports the Establishment myth that there was no criminal coverup in the hospital's trauma room on Nov. 22, 1963.

"Parkland"ignores the testimony of the president's surgeon at Parkland Hospital, Dr. Charles Crenshaw, in his important 1992 book, JFK: Conspiracy of Silence, as well as James Douglass' astute investigative reporting in JFK and the Unspeakable (pp. 307-311).

Don’t be hoodwinked!

Monday, October 07, 2013

Rabbi Ovadia’s Record of Hate Speech Sanitized by the Media

Updated March 5, 2020

Dossier on Israeli Rabbi Ovadia Yosef’s Bigotry, Racism and Incitement
Which the controlled Media minimize or omit 

This documented hater of goyim has been proclaimed גדול (godol) — “greatest of the generation,” and פוסק (posek the one who determines rabbinic halacha (law)

By Michael Hoffman 

In a speech on June 24, 1984 upon his return to America from Libya, Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Chicago-based Nation of Islam, referred to Judaism as a "dirty religion." (The media often claim that he said Judaism was a “gutter religion”). His statement is from 36 years ago, but if Minister Farrakhan were to visit your town tomorrow and deliver a speech  or plant a tree or donate a check to a charitable organization  the Associated Press, the New York Times, FOX News, CBS etc. would remind the world that Farrakhan was tainted and reprehensible because he once said that Judaism was a dirty religion. 

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, the “Torah sage” of the extremist Israeli political party Shas, has died at age 93. Isabel Kershner, foreign correspondent for the New York Times writes:

 “Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, a fiery figure in Israeli politics who, as the spiritual leader of the ultra-Orthodox Shas Party, fought for the interests of Jews of Middle Eastern and North African origin, died Monday in Jerusalem...Clad in his distinctive uniform of turban, gold-embroidered robe and dark glasses, Rabbi Yosef embodied a particular blend of religion, tradition, populism and ethnicity. As the leader of a Sephardic council of Torah sages that founded Shas in the early 1980s, he harnessed the underdog sentiment of many non-European Israeli Jews, restored their pride and turned them into a potent political force... Awarded the prestigious Israel Prize in 1970 for Torah literature, he wrote Talmudic commentaries and volumes of answers to questions on religious law.”

The October 7, 2014 Associated Press obituary: “Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, the religious scholar and spiritual leader of Israel's Sephardic Jews who transformed his downtrodden community of immigrants from North Africa and Arab nations and their descendants into a powerful force in Israeli politics, died on Monday... Yosef was often called the outstanding Sephardic rabbinical authority of the century. His prominence helped boost the confidence of his community, which makes up roughly half of Israel's population...”

The New York Times tells us that Rabbi Yosef stood for the “underdog” and restored the pride of “non-European Israeli Jews.” 

The AP says he “transformed his downtrodden community” and was “the outstanding Sephardic rabbinical authority of the century.” 

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu heaped lavish praise on Rabbi Yosef as “one of the great halachic authorities of our generation. Rav Ovadia was a giant in Torah and halacha (Talmudic law) and a spiritual leader for tens of thousands," Netanyahu said. "He worked hard to glorify the heritage of Israel.”

While Louis Farrakhan and others like him are hounded for the rest of their lives by any comment about “Jews” or Judaism seen to be derogatory, one would never know from reading these media reports that Rabbi Ovadia Yosef was anything other than a humanitarian campaigner for the “underdog” and the “downtrodden,” as well as a brilliant scholar.

What the hypocrites in the establishment media have concealed is that Rabbi Ovadia Yosef hated women. 

He hated gentiles. 

He hated Judaics who rejected the Talmud. 

He called publicly for the extermination of the Palestinians. 

He didn’t hate all gentiles, however. Rabbi Ovadia made an exception for Adolf Hitler. 

When he wasn’t busy fabricating magic amulets to give to superstitious Israeli voters who promised to vote for his Shas political party, Ovadia’s kabbalistic Judaism revealed to him that the liberal Judaics who were killed by Hitler’s armed forces were “reincarnated sinners” and for this reason the rabbi declared Hitler to be an avenging angel sent by heaven. This is apparently how Ovadia Yosef “glorified” the “heritage of Israel.”

The New York Times, the Associated Press and the rest of the corporate media have accorded widespread publicity to stories of Muslim clerics and heads of state in the Middle East allegedly referring to Judaic people as “pigs and dogs.” But when an “illustrious” Israeli rabbi’s career is examined after his death — a career dedicated to denigrating women, Palestinians, gentiles and even his own people if they rejected the Babylonian Talmud, there is hardly a whisper about the teachings of this depraved hate monger, which he imparted to the Sephardic nation in the Israeli state, and to Judaics around the world via satellite broadcasts. 

Rabbi Ovadia Yosefs Hate Speech 

Women are equivalent to dogs and pigs:

 "A man must take care not to walk between two women or between two dogs or two pigs, and men should also not allow a woman or a dog or a pig to walk between them.” 
— Sermon, 2006. cf. Haaretz, Dec. 30, 2011

Judaic persons killed by Hitler were reincarnated sinners:

 “An eminent rabbi who heads Israel's third biggest political party sparked an uproar in Israel for saying that 6 million Jews perished in the Holocaust because they were reincarnations of sinners. Rabbi Ovadia Yosef was speaking in his weekly Saturday night sermon that is broadcast over the party’s radio stations and is beamed overseas by satellite. 

"He said the six million Holocaust victims ‘were reincarnations of the souls of sinners, people who transgressed and did all sorts of things that should not be done. They had been reincarnated in order to atone.’  [Associated Press, Aug. 6, 2000].

 Yehoshua Mashav told Israel Radio that “in plain language (Rabbi) Yosef was saying that Hitler...‘was simply the messenger of God sent to give the Jewish people their just desserts.” 
— The Independent (UK), Aug. 6, 2000

Arab people should be exterminated:

“May the Holy Name visit retribution on the Arab heads, and cause their seed to be lost, and annihilate them. It is forbidden to have pity on them. We must give them missiles with relish, annihilate them. Evil ones, damnable ones.” 
2001 Passover sermon. Cf. Haaretz, April 12, 2001

Gentiles likened to donkeys; they exist only to serve the Jews:

“Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel...With gentiles, it will be like any person – they need to die, but [God] will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money. This is his servant... That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew. Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat. That is why gentiles were created.” 
Jerusalem Post, October 18, 2010

The mainstream media cannot recall what Rabbi Ovadia Yosef taught in the past few years as formal halachic doctrine, but they will never forget two words that Louis Farrakhan uttered in 1984. The infantilized American public are indoctrinated by a thoroughly rotten and corrupt media that presume to lecture Russia, Iran and China on journalistic ethics. 

The media would never publish an obituary for Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad without emphatically stating that he allegedly "denied the Holocaust" and "pledged the destruction of Israel." But prominent Israeli haters get a free pass. 

This corrosive hypocrisy is intended to convey the impression that “hate" is chiefly the domain of the opponents of Judaism and Zionism. For chutzpagh it would be hard to top the New York Times which, on October 15, eight days after whitewashing Rabbi Ovadia’s record of hatred, published a column titled, "How Palestinian Hate Prevents Peace.” It was authored by Israeli Minister of Intelligence Yuval Steinitz. He wrote:

 ...the celebrated Egyptian poet Hisham al-Gakh, author(ed)...a famous hit proclaiming that 'our enemy is the fork-tailed Zionist devil.’...in July, the program “Palestine This Morning” featured two sisters reciting a poem referring to “sons of Zion” and “barbaric monkeys” and “wretched pigs.” These are but a few of the thousands of examples of Palestinian incitement against the Jewish state and the Jewish people....Instead of being schooled in the 'culture of peace,' the next generation of Palestinians is being relentlessly fed a rhetorical diet that includes...the demonization of Jews...The fact that this anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic indoctrination persists...constitutes a huge obstacle on the road to peace....Palestinian leaders must.. immediately and fully halt... their encouragement and sponsorship of hatred.”

"Ovadia was laid to rest in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Sanhedria, with some 800,000 mourners converging from all over the country to attend what became the largest funeral in Israeli history.” — Times of Israel, Oct. 7, 2013

Meanwhile, an estimated 700,000 − 800,000 Israelis turned out to help Israeli leaders encourage and sponsor the memory of the rabbi who called for the extermination of the Arab people. We ask Yuval Steinitz and other self-righteous Israelis, what “culture of peace" are you being schooled in? 

Orthodox Judaism and Zionism inculcate an arrogant supremacist ideology in their followers whereby they believe themselves entitled to freely stigmatize the nations of the goyim with negative racial stereotypes, without having to fear the sort of international outrage and condemnation which would arise if this bigotry were directed at Israelis. When the bigotry is expressed by Rabbi Yosef, Undersecretary of State Sherman, or the New York Times, it is exempt from critical scrutiny and protest of the type Yuval Steinitz directs at the Palestinians.

The documented racism of a Zionist Undersecretary of State, and the New York Times, toward the people of Iran:

Wendy Sherman

“We know that deception is part of the DNA”

The Oct. 3, 2013 Los Angeles Times reported that Undersecretary of State Wendy Sherman, the State Department’s third-ranking official, testified to the US Senate about the Obama administration's negotiating strategy with the Iranians: "Sherman said officials wouldn't lift major sanctions 'any time soon...The fundamental large sanctions that we have in place should not disappear anytime soon, unless all of our concerns are addressed by the Iranians,' she said...She said of the Iranians: 'we know that deception is part of the DNA.”

“...there is a precedent for lying to protect the Shiite community”

"Complicating matters further, some analysts say that Ayatollah Khamenei's denial of Iranian nuclear ambitions has to be seen as part of a Shiite historical concept called taqiyya, or religious dissembling. For centuries an oppressed minority within Islam, Shiites learned to conceal their sectarian identity to survive, and so there is a precedent for lying to protect the Shiite community."

— James Risen, "Seeking Nuclear Insight in Fog of the Ayatollah's Utterances," New York Times, April 14, 2012, p. A4. (This was a news report, not an op-ed; emphasis supplied). 

None of the Zionist hate speech resonates with the corporate media. Instead they publicize Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu accusing the Palestinians of racist defamation of Israelis:

 "Mr. Netanyahu and several of his ministers have blamed...violence on incitement against Israelis and Jews in the Palestinian Authority-sponsored news media and schools. 'The main obstacle for peace is a horrible incitement that became really a culture of hatred...sponsored by the Palestinian Authority, not just by some zealots or some members of Parliament here and there,' Yuval Steinitz, the Israeli minister of strategic affairs, said...'If we want to give peace a chance, this horrible incitement should be ended, terminated immediately,' he said. (NY Times online, Nov. 13, 2013).

Yet it is Netanyahu who lauded Rabbi Ovadia without qualification! 

Ending the kind of “incitement” and hate speech represented by Ovadia Yosef is nowhere on the agenda of these Talmudic one-track minds. 

The outrageous hypocrisy of the self-righteous Israeli government and their allies in the U.S. media is a marvel to behold.

Because of the influence of Talmudic supremacy throughout much of Western society, rabbis who preach hatred of gentiles and Arabs in particular, are generally accorded cosmetic biographies and obituaries, and canonization.  

In the case of Rav Avraham Yitzchak HaKohen Kook (1865-1935), the pioneering religious-Zionist ideologue who was behind the justification for the dispossession, subjugation and dehumanization of the Palestinians, Yale University Press is publishing, Rav Kook, Yehuda Mirsky’s hagiography of this rabbinic racist hater who is disgracefully described in Yale’s advertising for the book as a “great-souled rabbi” (NY Review of Books, Dec. 19, 2013, p. 41). 

Rabbi Kook’s hate speech, bearing the Yale imprimatur, is sanitized, whitewashed and offered for the approval of the human rights liberals, in a manner similar to the whitewashing of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef. 

Susan Benesch

The partisans of Talmudism and Zionism have politicized the issue of hate speech by presenting it as  mostly a Nazi/Far Right or Iranian phenomenon. 

Susan Benesch, a fellow of the US Holocaust Museum, founded and directs the “Dangerous Speech Project.” In a column in the Wall Street Journal (Dec. 18, 2013, p. A15), Benesch and her co-author, Michael Abrahamowitz (a US Holocaust Museum director), offer as examples of hate speech-purveyors, Nazis, Buddhists, Greek Rightists, and those Iranians who refer to Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu as a "rabid dog.” 

Benesch and Abrahamowitz offer not a word of disapprobation concerning influential rabbis such as Ovadia Yosef who are guilty of incitement for declaring their desire to annihilate the Arab people and subjugate the goyim.  

Benesch and Abrahamowitz mirror the American media doctrine that hate is spewed mainly by one broad class of miscreants tracked and exposed by high-minded Judaic persons morally positioned to judge the alleged offenders and exempt the rabbis

From the Flatbush Jewish Journal,  Dec. 19, 2013, page 40: high praise for the bigot Ovadia Yosef 

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Friday, October 04, 2013

Hobby Lobby store under attack for not stocking Hanukkah items

Christian-owned Hobby Lobby stores under fire for not stocking rabbinic Hanukkah and Passover items

Michael Hoffman's Note: Hanukkah and Passover as celebrated in the synagogue are not Scripturally-based holy days. They have been filtered through the distorting prism of the Babylonian Talmud and have emerged as rabbinic falsifications of Old Testament events. No Christian is required to believe or support rabbinic myths. The religion of Judaism is implacably opposed to Jesus Christ the Son of God and the historic Christian teaching of the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures (Old and New Testaments). Why then would any Bible-faithful Christian store be compelled to sell or promote paraphernalia related to Talmudic holidays, thereby seeming to endorse or facilitate those holidays? Jesus Christ is the only Way to God. If we love Judaic people we will not help to delude or sidetrack them from their sole path to salvation.

"Religion News Service" is initiating national publicity for what it calls a "Hobby Lobby Hanukkah controversy.” One must inquire whether “Religion News Service” and the formerly obscure “New Jersey blogger” it has raised to national prominence, are campaigning for a boycott and pressure to be exerted on Eichler's Judaica store (http://www.eichlers.com) for refusing to sell items relating to holidays celebrating the Incarnation and Resurrection of Jesus Christ? Is there an Eichler’s Christmas Controversy? Of course not. The media uphold Eichler's right to be exclusively faithful to the Talmud Bavli and Chazal, while disparaging Hobby Lobby's choice to be exclusively faithful to Jesus Christ. Here is the media's defintion of "ecumenical relations": Christianity must be Talmudized, while Judaism's discrimination against Christianity must be supported. This is an insidious double standard that deserves to be exposed.

Christian-owned Hobby Lobby boycotting Hanukkah?
By Lauren Markoe
Religion News Service
October 3, 2013 

Hanukkah comes early this year. But it apparently never comes to Hobby Lobby.The national craft store owned by conservative billionaire Steve Green seemingly refuses to carry merchandise related to Hanukkah because of Green’s “Christian values,” and some Jews are taking offense.

“I will never set foot in a Hobby Lobby. Ever.” wrote Ken Berwitz, the New Jersey blogger who brought the Hobby Lobby Hanukkah flap to light in a Friday (Sept. 27) blog post.

Berwitz’s outrage has spread to other bloggers who are taking Hobby Lobby to task as a store that courts the general public, but refuses to stock anything related to Judaism — even in communities with significant Jewish populations. “If they want to sell all over the nation then they must include all people within that nation,” wrote a Jewish visual artist named Abbey on a blog post entitled “Is Hobby Lobby Anti-Semitic?”

In response to questions about its lack of Hanukkah items — no paper dreidels, menorah-making kits, greeting cards — Hobby Lobby emailed the following statement to Religion News Service:

“Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. is currently working with our buyers over our merchandise selection. Our customers have brought this to our attention and we are currently evaluating our Holiday items and what we will carry in the future.”

Green owns more than 550 Hobby Lobby stores nationwide, including locations in Utah, all of which are closed on Sunday, the Christian Sabbath. He is also known for his lawsuit against President Obama’s health care law, which he says tramples on his religious liberty by forcing him to insure employees for medical services he objects to on religious grounds. Many legal experts agree the case has a good chance of landing at the Supreme Court.

He’s also known for holding one of the country’s largest collections of ancient biblical artifacts, including what’s believed to be the oldest known copy of a Hebrew prayer book. In unveiling the book on Thursday, Green dated the item to 840 C.E., declining to use the more Christian-sounding 840 A.D. so as not to offend Jews.

The Hobby Lobby Hanukkah controversy began when Berwitz learned that on a recent shopping trip his wife’s friends could not find anything related to Hanukkah at their local Hobby Lobby store in Marlboro, N.J., though it was stocked with Christmas items.

According to Berwitz, one of the women asked about bar mitzvah cards, and a Hobby Lobby salesperson replied: “We don’t cater to you people.”

That story prompted Berwitz, who own a market research company and writes the “Hopelessly Partisan” blog, to call the Marlboro store and ask why it seemed to be ignoring Hanukkah, the eight-day Jewish festival of lights, which begins on Nov. 27 this year. He wrote that he received the following response: “Because Mr. Green is the owner of the company, he’s a Christian, and those are his values.”

Berwitz told Religion News Service that he then called Hobby Lobby’s corporate headquarters in Oklahoma City, and the company confirmed that it does not stock items for Hanukkah, and did not give a reason. When he asked whether the company carries Passover merchandise, he was again told no.

“As someone with a great many Christian friends and acquaintances,” Berwitz wrote, “I can honestly say that I don’t know even one who would see the intentional exclusion of Jews as having anything to do with their religious beliefs.”

Rabbi Donald A. Weber of Marlboro’s Temple Rodeph Torah says Hobby Lobby has the right not to stock Hanukkah items, and everybody else has the right not to shop there. His advice for people looking to buy Hanukkah goods: Start with the congregation’s sisterhood group, which sells Judaica.

“Then try any of the local stores which recognize and respect our traditions including, believe it or not, the Christmas Tree Shops in Freehold,” he wrote on the Reform synagogue’s website. “And if you want to buy items that are sold in Hobby Lobby, it’s your choice whether to go there or somewhere else. Personally, I’ll go somewhere else.”

Hobby Lobby’s Vince Parker, who said he “takes the owner’s phone calls and e-mails” at the company, also sent the following to Religion News Service: “Alleged comments made by employees are currently being investigated and will be addressed accordingly. These comments are in no way indicative of Hobby Lobby culture, the owners and the operators. Marlboro is a great city and has wonderful people and we are blessed to be a part of the community.” (END QUOTE)

Contact owner Green online concerning the need to maintain fidelity to Christ and the Bible: 

Or write: Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc., 7707 S.W. 44th Street,
Oklahoma City, OK 73179



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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

From Hell: the moral teaching of the Pope in "La Republica"

Excerpts from the pope's statements, from an English translation of the 4,500-word interview, published Oct. 1 in the Rome daily La Republica, with Eugenio Scalfari, a co-founder and former editor-in-chief of the newspaper: 
Pope Francis to La Republica: "The real trouble is that those most affected by this (narcissism)  -  which is actually a kind of mental disorder  -  are people who have a lot of power. Often bosses are narcissists...Heads of the Church (popes) have often been narcissists...” (end quote)

This is a remarkable admission and as far as we are concerned, all too true, in light of the popes of usury and the occult who have ruled since the Renaissance. How has this narcissism affected their "infallible, ex cathedra" pronouncements? It seems that the very notion that a human being cannot err in matters of dogma would engorge that person's narcissism, which is really another word for the deadly sin of pride.

La Republica: "Your Holiness, you wrote that in your letter to me. The conscience is autonomous, you said, and everyone must obey his conscience. I think that's one of the most courageous steps taken by a Pope."

Pope Francis: "And I repeat it here. Everyone has his own idea of good and evil and must choose to follow the good and fight evil as he conceives them. That would be enough to make the world a better place.” (end quote)

A few years ago here in Idaho we had a child molesting killer from the midwest who hammered to death the mother of two children and then kidnapped the children. He tortured them both and killed the little boy. He was apprehended at a Denny's restaurant before he could kill the deceased boy's sister. Before he was captured, this killer had operated a blog, "The Fifth Nail," in which he saw himself as an aggrieved nobleman who was following his conscience.

Many abortionists, when they destroy a seven-month-old baby in the third trimester of a pregnancy, believe they are dutifully following their conscience in defying the protests and threats of "right wing crazies," so as to afford women “the right” of abortion on demand.

Yes, Pope Francis is a darling of the world’s media and of the world itself. And the counter-cultural aspects of his papacy -- a slight reform of the Vatican Bank, and his spartan lifestyle -- are welcome. But much of the rest of his public pronouncements are pablum and some of his liberal image is false: he has suppressed the Tridentine Mass among a Franciscan order. This move smacks of the old style Vatican repression, but the media don’t remark upon it.

We might want to recall Christ’s words -- that if we obey Him we will be despised by the world. Francis might wish to compare his high standing in the polls with the cautionary words of Jesus. Christianity is inherently counter-cultural and by this we mean in defense of the most vulnerable, unborn children in the womb.  I’m for austere living and humility, but let’s be sure it is not of the Uriah Heep variety. And let us not mistake the pop bromides of modernity that tickle our ears and comfort us in our sinning, for the teaching of the New Testament which, when openly articulated, the world seldom applauds.

Tragically, the theology of Pope Francis is depraved. He makes infantile statements about conscience and gives a blank check without qualification. This establishes a catastrophic moral standard in a post-modern, apocalyptic age beset by usurers and killers who often do their wicked work self-righteously. In our time, when conscience is so poorly formed or so badly warped as to serve as little more than a self-aggrandizing support for the sins and crimes of psychopaths and God-haters, the teaching of Pope Francis is from hell itself.

"Those who are at present so eager to be reconciled with the world at any price must take care not to be reconciled with it under this particular aspect: as the nest of the Unspeakable."[1]
 —Thomas Merton

[1] “The Unspeakable” - an evil whose depth and deceit go beyond the capacity of words to describe it.

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