Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

One vital question you need to be asking about Syria

From the New York Times online, Aug. 28: 

Syria’s ambassador to the United Nations, Bashar Jaafari repeated the Syrian government’s denials that it had ever used chemical weapons in the conflict with the insurgents, and said the accusations were a conspiracy by Western nations acting on Israel’s behalf.

The ambassador rejected assertions by the United States, Britain and other Western allies that there was persuasive evidence of Syrian government culpability in the use of the banned weapons.

Mr. Jaafari added a new level of complexity to the issue on Wednesday, Aug. 28, announcing that he had submitted evidence of three previously unreported instances of chemical weapons use in Syria, which he asserted had been carried out by Syrian rebels. Mr. Jaafari said the Syrian government had requested that the United Nations investigators expand their inquiry to include those events as well.

Michael Hoffman:

The Syrian ambassador is correct in stating that the threats of an attack on his government are part of the Israeli geo-political strategy. The Israelis, with their symbiotic allies the Saudis, seek the overthrow of the governments of Syria and Iran. The war fever being unconscionably generated in the U.S. buttresses the role of America acting as proxy for Israeli interests.

Notice that the corporate media are not reporting the estimated financial cost of a U.S. attack on Syria in the midst of the “sequester” cut-backs, and the looming shut down of the government in October due to the on-going budget crisis. For some perverse reason, the budget-busting aspect of the rumored, forthcoming Obama-Kerry military adventure in Syria is not being reported in any significant way.
Hammer home to your favorite blog, local newspaper editor, or talk radio host this one vital question: How much is it going to add to our budget deficit to fund a U.S. attack on Syria?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Russian Orthodox Church: US seeking to act as “executioners" in Syria

Moscow Patriarchate:

Acting as "international executioners," the US is sacrificing Muslims and Christians in Syria

August 27, 2013 - Moscow (AsiaNews) - As Western military intervention against the regime of Bashar al-Assad appears increasingly likely, the Russian Orthodox Church expresses "strong concern" about possible developments of the crisis, this following US charges that the regime used chemical weapons against civilians.

"Once again, as was the case in Iraq, the United States is acting as an international executioner", said Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, head of the Department for External Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate.

Speaking to AsiaNews, the representative of the Russian Orthodox Church strongly criticized the US position, which is "completely one-sided."

"Without the endorsement of the United Nations, they want to decide the fate of a whole country of millions of inhabitants."

"Once again," Hilarion warned, "thousands of lives will be sacrificed on the altar of an imaginary democracy;" among them, according to the Metropolitan, there are, first of all, "Christians, about whose fate no one cares."

They are at "risk of becoming hostages to the situation and the main victims of radical extremist forces, who, with the help of the United States, will come to power."

"The international community," he concluded, "must do everything to avoid that events develop in this direction." 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Listen now to today's Hoffman call-in radio interview

My interview by journalist Mark Anderson on his call-in radio program has been archived and is available for listening online free of charge, as a public service. The program is approximately two hours in duration. It is centered on a discussion of the book, Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not.

Saying the broadcast is "free of charge" is somewhat misleading in that my appearance on the program was made possible by donations from truth-seekers whose gifts fund our research and public activism. Without those donations I could not afford to take two hours to speak on a workday morning analyzing the revolutionary history of how the just relations among human beings that Jesus Christ instituted have been sacrificed on the altar of avarice and situation ethics.

Click on the link to listen:


Ten years after WMD hoax in Iraq, US government spins another one in Syria

Who could believe that only ten years after the last US government WMD hoax centered on the government of Iraq, we have John Kerry, instead of Colin Powell, pushing a weapons-of-mass-destruction claim against the government of Syria on the evidence of what — trial by media? One’s “conscience”?

 Why the rush to judgment?

Why the need to bomb a sovereign nation and intervene in Muslim civil wars, even as “our ally” Egypt killed 1500 people with no response from the US other than the cancellation of joint military exercises?

Of course, the junta in Egypt is little threat to Israeli suzerainty over Palestine, whereas the Syrian government is actively opposed, hence Assad must go, and his exit will be paid for by the US treasury that we are told is too depleted to sustain Social Security for much longer.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Michael Hoffman on the radio Monday Aug. 26 talking about Usury in Christendom

Radio program: Hoffman to discuss Usury 

Your editor will be discussing the thesis of his book Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not, on the American Free Press radio network beginning at 10 a.m eastern time, on Monday, August 26.

The program is hosted by  journalist Mark Anderson.

The show will be heard online at this link:


Friday, August 16, 2013

Questions for Hoffman concerning his book about usury

Questions on Usury for Michael Hoffman

From D.L., Omaha, Nebraska:

I have just completed reading your excellent book Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not, and am re-reading and researching various sections for further clarity. Here are questions and comments which I hope you can assist me with in whatever spare time may allow.

1. If the popes from 1515 were manifest heretics on the issue of allowing, condoning and promoting the practice of usury in any form whatsoever, from the standpoint of it being mortally sinful, then the Catholic Church was absent of s valid papacy all these centuries.  Exceptions most likely, would be popes who served brief reigns e.g.: Adrian VI, Marcellus II, Urban VII, Innocent IX and Leo XI.

2. Pius VIII served only 20 months and near the end of his office was troubled by revolutionary activities in France and Italy.  Could these events have led to a hasty and not well thought out decision given to the Bishop of Rheims?  Perhaps those advisors in the Curia advised him falsely, and through ignorance and bad trust/judgment he sinned lacking due diligence, but not by way of heresy?

3. Do you see exceptions of heresy with regard to Pius VI and Pius X?  The Church cannot err in Canonizations which would violate Her principle of Indefectibility.

4. Trent and Vatican I would have been promulgated by two antipopes, Pius V and Pius IX.  Do you see these councils partially or entirely illegitimate?

Dear Mr. L:

I write history. I am not a theologian, nor do I contemplate the theological consequences of my historical research, which is based solely on the pursuit of truth wherever it leads, on the basis that where there is truth there is Jesus Christ. If my book Usury in Christendom is true, then it is of Christ.

Remaining faithful to the True Church of All Time, the ecclesia of SS. Basil, Chrysostom, Aquinas, Anthony of Padua, King Edward the Confessor, Pope Innocent IV, etc., does not make one a traitor. Treason to traitors is no treason. The Catholic Church cannot nullify sacred dogma, or betray Christ, but rather, the post-Renaissance Church of Rome, or "newchurch," as some term it, appears to have done so. The bane of Christian society is their situation ethics, their substitution of human financial standards relative to the circumstances and context of the times, for immutable divine law against interest on loans. No pope after Leo X reversed the tide of usury in the Church. Even the famous Vix Pervenit encyclical of Benedict XIV consisted of toothless semantics. It had no provision for enforcement. It left a loophole for certain types of usury. Usury among “Catholics" flourished in the wake of it.

• Any pope after Leo X had the power to enforce the immemorial Catholic dogma on what usury is and the mortal sinfulness of it. 

• Any pope after Leo X could have promulgated the following as law, as it had been law for fifteen hundred years: 

"All interest on loans of money is a grave transgression against the law of God. In order to obtain absolution, reception of the Eucharist and a Catholic burial, all usurers must confess their mortal sin, avoid the near occasion of sin by halting their involvement in usurious trade and operations, and make restitution for the interest they took. Impenitent, practicing usurers are not to receive the Eucharist and are to be refused a Catholic burial. In Catholic nations, the civil authorities are urged to seize the assets of usurers after death to repay interest to debtors. Obstinate usurers are excommunicated." 
No such restorative statement of enforcement of the eternal Law of God (or anything approximating it), has ever been issued in the past 500 years (1515 to 2015) by any pope since usurious operations were incrementally empowered beginning with Medici Pope Leo X's Bull, Inter multiplices of May 4, 1515. 

Ergo, despite whatever pious, nostalgic or sentimental feelings one may have for any pope from Leo X onward, it grieves me to say that whatever good those popes may have done cannot override their condonation of the worst of all sins. By their papal permission (by silence, inaction, apathy or active conspiracy) for the love of money that is usury --said love being, according to the Gospel the root of all evil (as it is, by its sterility and the plague of situation ethics that must accompany it in order to justify it) they acted as wolves, not shepherds .

We cannot say "he was a good pope but he permitted adultery. He was a good pope but he permitted idolatry. He was a good pope but he allowed for robbery." Any papal relaxation of the divine law against those grave transgressions renders the pontiff involved a devil in the shape of a pontiff.

This  is true as well as for the centuries of gradualism which resulted, in 1830 in the pontificate of Pius VIII, in de facto permission for the root of all evil, the love of money as weaponized by interest on loans of money, which is what very obviously motivated the Renaissance Church of Rome in letting the “Catholic" usurers ply their trade.

Moreover, in the wake of the exposure of the child molestation rings in the Catholic hierarchy, which predate Vatican II, we must wonder about the extent to which even supposed "hero" popes of the past may have shielded malefactors by means of the terrible secrecy in which the Vatican bureaucracy and curia have dwelled these many centuries. Many questions are now being raised of the extent of sodomy in the hierarchy of Rome long before Vatican II. The true history of the papacy from the Renaissance onward, has yet to be written.

As for Pius X, recall that the Code of Canon Law of 1917, which permitted usury, though promulgated by Benedict XV, was largely composed during Pope Pius X's papacy. As for the infallibility of canonizations, I wonder. Alphonsus Liguori argued for the rights of those who charge interest on loans, and advocated a most devious form of lying, and he is esteemed by "traditionalists" as one of the most eminent and holy of all Catholic saints.

The winds of truth are only beginning to blow through the Church of Rome. Let us hope that the sum effect is more than the Cryptocracy's notorious Revelation of the Method.

Michael Hoffman
Copyright © 2013 and 2015. All Rights Reserved

For Further Research:

500 Years Ago the Reign of the Loansharks Began

Independent History and Research

Box 849 • Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 83816 USA

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Video of civilian gunned down in Cairo while helping a wounded man

According to the Wall Street Journal of August 14, 2013, top members of the Egyptian military junta now ruling that nation after the coup are Israeli assets.

The U.S. media are not calling the murder of more than 500 protestors a massacre because the killers are Israeli allies.

In the eyes of the American media, everything that happens in the Middle East is weighed on the Talmudic scale of whether the action or event benefits or harms the Israeli government.

Morsi was an ally of Hamas, therefore the military that overthrew Morsi, a man elected in a democratic vote, cannot be that bad. Hence, it’s not a massacre but a “crackdown.”

Israeli tactics are being employed against Egyptian civilians. The recent massacre is a typical Israeli tactic. It can only breed more violence. Many Israelis despise Arabs. They love to see them die. The Egyptian civil war being stoked by Israeli agents in the Egyptian military and al Qaeda agents on the street fulfills the Talmudic bloodlust.
Michael Hoffman

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What are the repercussions from the refusal of Jesus Christ?

Benjamin Keach (1640-1704) on those who reject Jesus
"But here is sad News to such who slight this Salvation, and refuse Jesus Christ -- great will their condemnation be: the Men of Nineveh shall rise up in judgment with this Generation, and condemn it, because they repented at the preaching of Jonas; and behold a greater than Jonas is here. 
The greatness of this Savior who preaches the Gospel to you, and is come to save you, will aggravate your condemnation. What was Jonas to Jesus Christ? 
Also our Saviour says, The Queen of the South shall rise up in Judgment with this Generation, and shall condemn it; for she came from the uttermost parts of the earth to hear the Wisdom of Solomon; and behold a greater than Solomon is here.  
Solomon was a mighty King, and for wisdom exceeded all that went before him. But alas, what was Solomon to Jesus Christ, who is the wisdom of God itself, and the express Image of the Father's Person, and the Brightness of his Glory? 
"Oh, know you, Sinners, this Day, that Jesus Christ, this glorious King, and Prince of the Kings of the Earth, this mighty Saviour is come to your door: Behold, I stand at the door and knock: Will you not open the door, nor cry to him to help you to open to him, to enable you to believe in him? What do you say, shall the Son of God stand at your doors, and you not so much as ask, Who is there? Who is at my door?
Shall Christ be kept out of your Hearts, and stand at your doors, while Sin commands the chief Room, and has absolute Power over you, and rules in you? How will you be able to look this Blessed Savior in the face another day? Is he come through a Sea of Blood to offer his Love to you, and to espouse you unto himself for ever, and will not you be persuaded to break your league with the old lovers, who will at last stab you at the very heart, and betray your soul into the hands of Divine Wrath? 
"Nay, they have done it already: what are your lovers but your lusts, your pride, your earthly-mindedness, your sinful pleasures, profits and honors? Resolve to desert them. They otherwise will damn your souls for ever, and expose you to the torments of Hell-Fire:
And to deliver you from them, and from that wrath which is due to you for them, (I mean, for your sins) is Christ come, and this great Savior is offered to you. The Lord help every one of you to consider of this, and to lay it to Heart."
Benjamin Keach, A Golden Mine Opened: Or, The Glory of God's Rich Grace Displayed in the Mediator to Believers: And His Direful Wrath Against Impenitent Sinners. (London: Printed, and sold by the author at his House in Horse lie-down, and William Marshall at the Bible in Newgate-street, Anno Domini 1694), 386-387.

Hoffman’s book on usury reviewed in “Culture Wars” magazine

The July-August issue of Culture Wars, a Catholic magazine published by E. Michael Jones, PhD., has an extensive review of Michael Hoffman's book, Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not.

The review, titled "Has the Catholic Church Changed Her Teaching on Usury?" is authored by Anthony Santelli, PhD., a fomer professor at George Mason University and the founder and hedgefund manager of AES Capital.

The 19-page review is on pp. 30-49 of the July-August issue. A pdf. of the issue  may be purchased online for $4.00 at this link: http://www.culturewars.com/  (Look for the "Buy Now" button highlighted in yellow).

Michael Hoffman has submitted a 2300-word letter to the editor of Culture Wars in reply to the main points of contention in Dr. Santelli's review.

"I will not release my letter in advance of Dr. Jones publishing it, unless it is heavily redacted or refused publication," Hoffman said.

Hoffman's book may be purchased here:

A YouTube video of Hoffman talking about the Money Power is available here:


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Book review: The Talmud Tested, and Found Wanting

Book Review 
Alexander McCaul’s “The Talmud Tested”
Reviewed by Mickey Henry

The Talmud Tested, and Found Wanting

“Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein.”  Jeremiah 6:16 (KJV)

Alexander McCaul’s The Talmud Tested, a book originally published in the 19th century under the title The Old Paths, Or The Talmud Tested By Scripture; Being A Comparison Of The Principles And Doctrines Of Modern Judaism With The Religion Of Moses And The Prophets, has recently been republished by Independent History & Research with an all new introduction by Christendom’s foremost living scholar of rabbinic Judaism, Michael Hoffman.  This consistently Christian critique of Judaism is a very important work of scholarship in a field that, with the exception of Hoffman and a handful of others, has been almost entirely neglected by the modern Church.

Style and Divisibility of the Book

The chapters comprising the contents of The Talmud Tested were originally written by McCaul as a series of 60 individual weekly installments.  In each installment, a particular topic is selected and dissected in a formulaic manner:
1. The topic is introduced.
2. The position of modern Judaism is detailed from authoritative Judaic sources.
3. The position of the Old Testament is stated.
4. The position of Judaism is shown to be in violation of the Old Testament.
5. The position of the New Testament is stated, and shown to be in agreement with the Old.
6. The installment is summarized, and the superiority of Christianity as the proper interpreter of the Old Testament is further established.

The book is topical or episodic in nature, and the reader may choose to interact with as little or as much of the book as he chooses, generally without regard to order.  At nearly 700 pages, this tome is outwardly intimidating to the slow reader or the novice, but in actuality is effortlessly divisible without loss of comprehension.  My suggestion:  read Hoffman’s introduction and the first two chapters, then read as few or as many of the topics as interest you, and finish with the summary and restatement of the core argument in the final chapter.

Stylistically, even though this book was written at a time known for its stilted language, the weekly installments making up its chapters were originally employed as missionary tracts for general consumption. Its scholarship is considerable, but McCaul is nevertheless eminently readable.

Topics Covered by the Book

The following is a list of topics covered in The Talmud Tested (a few of the topics are discussed in multiple installments):
1. Rabbinism not a Safe Way of Salvation
2. Implicit Faith not due to the Rabbis
3. Rabbinic Injustice to Women, Slaves, and Gentiles
4. Rabbinic Intolerance towards other Nations
5. Talmudic Intolerance contrasted with the Charity of the Bible
6. Compulsory Conversion of the Gentiles
7. The Feast of Purim
8. Rabbinic Contempt for the Sons of Noah
9. Christians cannot be reckoned amongst the “Pious of the Nations of the World”
10. Rabbinic Washing of Hands
11. Rabbinic Artifices respecting Leaven at the Passover
12. The Passover a Type of Future Deliverance
13. Severity of the Rabbinic Ordinances
14. Severity and Artifice
15. Sabbath Mixture
16. Intolerance of Rabbinic Prayers
17. Rabbinic Legends
18. Rabbinic Magic
19. Astrology
20. Amulets
21. Charms
22. Sabbatic Laws
23. Fast for the Destruction of the Temple
24. Rabbinic Excommunication
25. New Year’s Day
26. Justification
27. Day of Atonement
28. Feast of Tabernacles
29. Prayers for the Dead
30. Almsgiving
31. Priests and Levites
32. Rabbinic Ideas of the Deity
33. Title of Rabbi
34. Sanhedrin
35. Contempt for the Female Character
36. Polygamy
37. Divorce
38. Rabbinic Laws concerning Meat
39. The Birth of Messiah
40. Slaughtering of Meat
41. Laws concerning Meat with Milk
42. Rabbinism oppressive to the Poor
43. Gentile Wine
44. Mourning for the Dead
45. Dispensation from an Oath
46. Meritoriousness of Circumcision
47. Cruelty to the Unlearned

A “Safe” Book on Judaism

McCaul wrote with a missionary intent:  to draw the Judaic peoples away from the yoke of rabbinic oppression and works righteousness to salvation in Jesus Christ.  The Talmud Tested is frank and unrelenting in its assessment of the Talmud and the other authoritative texts of Judaism, but McCaul treats the Judaic peoples themselves with charity.   There is nothing in this book similar to Old Right “Jew hate”, and that makes it an ideal candidate for a church library, a homeschool course on comparative religions, or for those who, due to the almost universal sentimentalism of our age, find such blistering polemics unattractive.

It’s refreshing to read a book critical of Judaism that does not assent to its central lie:  the fiction that modern Judaism is the religion of the Old Testament.  For Judaism is not the religion of the Old Testament, but is the evolution of the Pharisaic system as authoritatively stipulated by the Talmud.  When reading authors like Douglas Reed, it is difficult to take them seriously as astute critics of Judaism when they openly subscribe to its biggest lie.  McCaul wrote with utter fidelity to the New Testament as well as the Old; a claim that may only rightly be made of a handful of others, such as Hoffman, Elizabeth Dilling, and Johann Andreas Eisenmenger.

Christianity Better Comprehended

The study of comparative religion has the rewarding effect of drawing out the distinctions in one’s own beliefs.  I found McCaul to be an able and clear-minded theologian, and would recommend reading The Talmud Tested on the basis of Christian studies alone.  But because modern Judaism is the evolution of Phariseeism, studying Judaism in particular has an illuminating effect on many New Testament passages.  The difficult “you’ve heard it said” passages of the Sermon on Mount (Matthew 5) are immediately clarified when you realized that Christ was attacking specific Pharisaic perversions of God’s Law that denied the role of the Law in the life of the mind and turned sanctification into nothing but a rigid, entirely externalized observation of a set of rules.  I found especially instructive McCaul’s explanation of the parable of the Good Samaritan as a pointed condemnation of the Pharisaic oral law teaching that a Jew may do nothing to save the life of a Gentile in distress.

Why Purchase this Edition?

A moment’s search will quickly reveal that other facsimiles of this book are available, so why purchase this edition?  The reasons are threefold:

1. Independent History & Research, Hoffman’s imprint, was painstaking in the preparation of this reprint.  A fine original was used as the source, and professionally scanned.  There are no missing or misaligned pages, no underlining or margin notes, no stains or unintelligible words.  The print is crisp and easily readable.

2. Hoffman wrote an excellent 20-page introduction to this edition.  I found the context he provided very helpful.  Further, an extensive extract from a historical work detailing McCaul’s labors with the London Society for Promoting Christianity Amongst the Jews provides much useful background.

3. Christendom has all but forgotten its scholars.  Purchasing this edition supports the continued work of Michael Hoffman.

The Bottom Line:

Highly recommended.  Buy it from Independent History & Research, read it, and purchase additional copies to pass on to your church elders and other serious Christians.

The Talmud Tested may be purchased directly from Independent History and Research here:


Monday, August 12, 2013

Latest Talmud book from Independent History and Research

The Talmud Tested

A Comparison of the Principles and Doctrines of Modern Judaism with the Religion of Moses and the Prophets

By Alexander McCaul
Professor of Hebrew and Rabbinic Literature at Kings College, London 

With an introduction and bibliography by Michael Hoffman

“...unparalleled knowledge of Jewish history, religion and Hebrew...the foremost gentile expert on Jewish matters.”—John J. Moscrop, Measuring Jerusalem

"An apologetic and polemic almost without rival." —Walter Riggans, Biographical Dictionary

Partial list of Contents
Judaism’s perversion of Moses • Rabbinic injustice to women, slaves and gentiles • Rabbinic intolerance toward other nations •Hatred in the Talmud contrasted with charity in the Bible •Compulsory conversion of gentiles •Judaism’s ‘anti-semitic’ attitude toward fellow Jews regarded as am ha’aretz •Impoverished Jews whipped for accepting help from Christians •Converts to Christianity to be killed •Rabbinic contempt for sons of Noah • Intolerance of rabbinic prayers •Rabbinic lies and legends •Judaism a heathen religion: astrology, charms and amulets •Excommunication in Judaism •Synagogue system based on the oral law •Members of the Sanhedrin had to be skilled in magic •Polygamy •Divorce •Judaism’s oppression of the poor •Propaganda techniques and tricks of rabbinic deceit •Judaism as moral and intellectual slavery. •Rabbinic authority exalted above all others •Jews forbidden to love their gentile neighbors •Rabbinic permission to violate God’s commands •The rabbinic criminal code • The impenitent Jew at the tribunal of God’s judgment • and much more.

What is unique about this book?
Alexander McCaul reproduces on page after page of this volume, passages from the Babylonian Talmud and other sacred rabbinic texts in their original Hebrew and Aramaic, and then translates them into English, so there can be no question of misquoting, or “taking out of context.” The Talmud Tested offers incontestable documentary proof that Judaism leads it followers to mental and spiritual bondage in this world and eternal damnation in the next. Michael Hoffman writes: “This is the most convincing and comprehensive Christian textbook on Judaism since Eisenmenger, and it has the advantage of being in English, in clear, modern type. Open-minded persons who study it from cover to cover are unlikely to be deceived by the rabbis to any considerable degree ever again. Dr. McCaul’s phenomenal scholarship effectively inoculates his readers against the epidemic of Talmudic confusion engulfing our nation.”

A Personal Note from Michael Hoffman
"It has long been our objective to publish Alexander McCaul’s masterwork. He was the Victorian Eisenmenger (though he sometimes disparaged his German predecessor for the often caustic and satirical tone Dr. Eisenmenger adopted; Prof. McCaul was sensitive in how he approached potential Judaic converts). What is best about the McCaul book, besides being in English, are the numerous Hebrew citations printed on many pages and then translated into English, which he uses to convict the rabbis, by their own words, of deceit, guile, malice, idolatry etc. This edition of The Talmud Tested  from Independent History and Research represents the clearest and most readable McCaul facsimile on the market, and it is supplemented by the new introduction, wherein readers learn of the extent to which “Jews” were considered the natural object of missionary zeal, when Christianity was still worthy of the name. If thousands of copies of this book were to be circulated among Christian leaders and open-minded persons of good will, we could see something wonderful develop."

Sample from the book:
Documented on pp. 236-237: "The fabulous exaggerations of the Talmud...this subterfuge”


Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Operation Ouroboros: Boston suspect linked to newspaper that exposes false flag operations

Once and Future Terrorism
 ©2013 by Michael Hoffman

In a front page story in today’s edition of the Wall Street Journal, the alleged Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev is linked to the populist, right wing newspaper, American Free Press, a national weekly which exposes government black ops.

Strange that a terrorist would be subscribing to a newspaper that warns its readers that terrorism is too often a US government false flag operation against its own people.

The report, in the August 6, 2013 Wall Street Journal, titled "Bombing Suspect Steeped in Conspiracies," brings us full circle, with the serpent consuming its own tail by pointing to its unmasking in the pages of the American Free Press -- daring us to act on the directional signal it is providing about itself -- and if we do not, then the serpent's coils are made exponentially tighter as it grips our hearts and minds.

This fateful revelation-of-the-method psychological warfare challenge was decreed in alchemical "Once and Future" time, as well as in "space" -- on the "Truth or Consequences" 33rd degree of north parallel latitude.

In the occult physics of a ruling Cryptocracy which is "stepped in conspiracies” — "time relations among events are assumed to be first constituted by the specific physical relations obtaining between them.”

Hoffman is the author of Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare

Dear Mr. Hoffman

I am writing today because I read your essay "Operation Ouroboros."  Let me see if I understand this. We are being dared to act on the directional signal. The Regime is revealing its methods. Only some of us are aware to the best of our ability that this is what it does, it reveals itself. What this brings about to me is more freedom of thought and spirit. But this is indeed a lonely experience. One is a stranger in this place. Which of course takes a certain amount of perdurance and courage. 

Aside from that personal admission, are you saying that for those who do not act, their hearts and minds will become tighter within the grip of the creature that devours its own tail perpetually and always? If so, then you are referring to most human beings from what I can observe. This is so esoteric they'll never get their brains around it. 

So is the Regime Revealing its Method for the fun of it since most people don't get it at all? Or is there another reason that is to come that includes grip tightening? 

Sincerely, Christine

Dear Christine

For those who are paying attention, the Cryptocracy is increasing the psychological warfare pressure. In the case at hand the message is: we, the perpetrators, are going so far as to point you to the source for our own unmasking, and you will not bother to look at the evidence and then act to bring us to justice. Therefore, now we have you ever more under our criminal thumb.

Yours truly,
Michael Hoffman