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Monday, October 31, 2022

Pelosi Home Invasion: Conspiracy or Psychodrama?

The Pelosi Home Invasion

Conspiracy or Psychodrama?

On October 17 on Twitter, this writer predicted that before Election Day the Cryptocracy would dispatch a patsies or patsies to attack a prominent Democrat. Here is documentary evidence that I made the prediction two weeks ago:  https://twitter.com/HoffmanMichaelA/status/1582235672991387648

Paul Pelosi, it turns out, was selected to play the victim and a patsy named DePape to act the part of the perp  

By Michael Hoffman • Copyright ©2022

My longtime associate Bill H. has written to offer the revelation that vitiates the Cryptocracy's script:

On Oct 30, 2022, at 10:46, William H. <xxxx@yahoo.com> wrote:

This was no break in, obviously. The husband of the 3rd in line individual for the US Presidency living in a home totally unprotected, with no alarms etc. The media will peddle this narrative to the “sheep,” however. 

Correct as usual, Bill. 

I bring up Bill’s insight to draw your attention to a psychological warfare point. In the wake of the murder of President Kennedy in Dallas in 1963, the lone nut script was threadbare almost from when it was first floated. The American people had a strong intuition in the following months that there were more involved in the public execution just after High Noon, of the Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America, than just one punk. Since then, many of the details of the conspiracy have been documented (see my book, Twilight Language, pp. 175-232).

In October 2022 a similar intuition is present: there is far more to the Pelosi intruder-attack tale than the controlled media have let on. The notion that the husband of the Speaker of the House of Representatives was residing in an unlocked, unguarded mansion lacking functioning surveillance cameras in crime-ridden San Francisco, is of piece with the Tooth Fairy.

This fact is available to you on the Internet in various conspiracy theory forums, and my intent is not to merely repeat them here. Rather, I want to impart something about the mind control I first elucidated in Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare. Let’s call it deliberate nose-thumbing. It’s also known as The Revelation of the Method. One could also term it demonic defiance of the humanity our Creator endowed us with as His image-bearing beings.  

Our would-be Masters were fully cognizant, way back in Dallas ’63,  just as now in San Fran ’22,  that the Lone Nut story was going to be disbelieved in the substrata of the sub-conscious of the American people. That disbelief was the Cryptocracy's objective — to convey Satan's self-advertised immunity, the defiant message that his minions don’t care what we think. The conclusion to be drawn from Hell's memo to the Group Mind, is the judgment that we are too obtuse, apathetic, weak, timid and distracted to act on what we intuit to be true, even as we spot the fraud.

When the "Method" is revealed  and We the People never manage to prosecute, try, convict and punish those who are behind the crimes and hoaxes, our bondage to the Cryptocrats is rendered ever more certain and fixed. 

Pay attention to this truth: our enslavement is founded on our own volition. In the spook stories of yesteryear, a man signed a contract with the devil for the sale of his soul. 

In our time this is the contract we have signed: knowing what the Enemy is doing to us, by our inaction we demonstrate our submission to the Enemy as an autonomous act of our own choosing. We have signed the contract. This psychological warfare is the most potent of all forms of mind control.

The account of the invasion of the Pelosi home is full of holes. It is fraudulent on its face, and yet it maintains cachet as the Officially Approved Police and Media Narrative. We are left to mumble and grumble on the sidelines as the emperor parades with no clothes, which, considering David DePape’s profile as a nudist, is perhaps something of an esoteric indicator of that very fact.

The fable of the assault on Paul Pelosi is more than conspiracy. It’s psychodrama.

Michael Hoffman is the author of ten books and 122 issues of Revisionist History® newsletter. He is a former reporter for the New York bureau of the Associated Press. His work is supported by donations from truth-seekers and the sale of his publications and recordings.


Tuesday, October 25, 2022

The Double Standard: Kanye and Adidas

 The Double Standard  

Kanye and Adidas 

Schwebel and Zara

“Adidas Ends Ties With Kanye West, Saying It Doesn’t Tolerate Antisemitism. The German sportswear giant is the latest company to cut ties with the rapper and designer after his recent antisemitic outbursts and other provocations.”— New York Times, October 25, online

Joey Schwebel, director of the Israeli branch of Spain's international fashion house “Zara,” recently hosted Arab-hating racist Itamar Ben-Gvir at Schwebel's home as part of the current Zionist election campaign. Ben-Gvir is an Israeli lawmaker and the head of the genocidal Otzma Yehudit (“Jewish Power”) party—yes, that’s its actual name—which is allied with Binyamin Netanyahu’s Likud party. 

Itamar Ben-Gvir and Otzma Yehudit's hatred of Palestinians is so depraved they have openly honored mass murderer Baruch Goldstein who, in 1994, during the festival of Purim, slaughtered forty Palestinians in a Hebron mosque while they were at prayer. 

The ADL and the New York Times have demanded that German fashion house Adidas dump black entrepreneur Kanye West, while for Schwebel and the Spanish fashion house Zara, it's hands off —they're immune. This is the usual profile of two-faced racism and hate speech” coverage in the American media. 

In the U.S. hate speech by leading politicians in the Zionist colony is barely reported, or presented cosmetically on the rare occasions when it is mentioned, even though Israeli racism and hatred on the part of the nation's leaders results in real world violence and death for Palestinians, while a dissident like Kanye offers opinions which no police force or army enforces or imposes, yet he’s the bad guy and Schwebel and Ben-Gvir are barely a blip on the radar screen of the corporate media and their self-appointed hate speech detectors. 

The Talmud of Babylon, the Zionist colony’s holiest book, is the begetter of hate speech, but those like Itamar Ben-Gvir who spew its malicious bigotry are not canceled or boycotted. This grim state of affairs is due in large part to the cowardly nature of “Conservatism” in America, as well the Neocon “Catholic” and Protestant churches that are unequally yoked to Israeli bloodshed and blasphemy. 

Michael Hoffman

For the Advancement of Knowledge in defiance of cancel culture

Hoffman, a former reporter for the New York bureau of the Associated Press, is the author of the banned textbook Judaism Discovered (1,102 pages), and a condensation for the general public, Judaism’s Strange Gods: Revised and Expanded (381 pages), which is also banned. 

The 122nd issue of Michael's Revisionist History® newsletter was published this month


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Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Winston Churchill: Enemy of Western Civilization

 Winston Churchill: 

Enemy of Western Civilization

With deliberate forensic steps, revisionist scholar Michael Hoffman uncovers the monstrous crimes and moral rot of racist mass murderer Winston Churchill, Conservatism's revered icon. 

This is a devastating and carefully documented deflation of the bloated cult of Churchill idolatry. 

This broadcast is excerpted from Michael Hoffman's study, published in the hard copy journal, Revisionist History®, issue number 122, October 2022