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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

A Tricknology Synthesis

 Tricknology, n. The techniques of deception and manipulation employed by a dominant group (Oxford English Dictionary

A Tricknology Synthesis

Published July 14, 2021

7 + 14 + 21= 42 (degrees)

By Michael Hoffman

U.S. General George C. Marshall ensured Communist victory in China. US is now on a war footing with the the Chinese Communists. 

In the 1980s the CIA built, funded and trained the Taliban, then the US fought them for 20 years. 

January 6, Capitol police left the doors open for Trump’s rioters. Now they’re hunted, prosecuted and jailed.

Thesis: Create your enemy. 

Antithesis: Demonize your enemy. 

Synthesis: Fight perpetual wars with your contrived enemy, in the name of achieving perpetual peace, while channeling huge profits to Bechtel, Raytheon, Carlyle etc. and the usury banks that charge rent on the national debt. (Taxpayers still owe trillions for Geo. W. Bush’s Iraq war which invaded a nation that never did America any harm). 

Saudi Salafist terrorists are set to gain power in Libya with Congressional backing. The US government fights them when they unmask and appear as ISIS and al Qaeda in France, Britain and the US. Obama and Biden back al Qaeda forces in Syria at the risk of annihilating the Christian population protected by Assad and Putin.

 The US government slaughtered hundreds of Christians under NATO auspices in Serbia and tens of thousands more Christians in Iraq. 

Choose one: The US government is —  

❑ The friend of the American people

 ❑ The Leader of the Free World 

❑ The Antichrist

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Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Threatening letter received due to Hoffman's anti-Hitler book

 The following letter was sent through the mail and was postmarked June 30, 2021. 

It was received by our office on July 6. The sender is from Texas. 

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In this letter Michael Hoffman is referred to as "a race traitor."  The author states, "still can't believe you wrote that book about Hitler...covered in what deception you use. But, usually at a real inappropriate time the coat is turned and the true colors fly."

The letter further states, "...you transmogrify into the enemy...

"Now enemy of all men, particularly the white." 

"Drink deep - enjoy while you can."


Michael Hoffman's response: Threats from Zionists, and since my book Adolf Hitler: Enemy of the German People was published,  from neo-Nazis as well, have been a part of my life. They do not intimidate me. I will not be silenced.

No one has overturned my facts concerning Hitler's iniquity. I only wish I could double the size of the book. I have enough new material to do so but it has not been a best-selling volume. One aim in writing it has been to deter young men and women in the West from going down the Hitler path to disaster -- a danger not only to themselves but to innocent Judaic people and many others. 

Hitler was an occultist who murdered the anti-usury campaigners in his own ranks after he gained power. His regime executed the Polish priest Maximilian Kolbe, the leading anti-masonic campaigner in the West. Hitler slaughtered Judaic and Slavic civilians on the basis of their race. He tyrannized the German people and sacrificed them and their posterity on the altar of his own ego. These facts need to be stated by a revisionist and I am that person. Young people beware -- agents of  the Cryptocracy seek to launch you again on the Hitlerian path of hate and mass suicide. 


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