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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Documenting Hitler: My Dissenting Enterprise

Documenting Hitler
Our Dissenting Enterprise

By Michael Hoffman

On Feb 27, 2020, at 3:17, J.A. <@gmail.com> wrote:

Dear Mr. Hoffman,

I must read your book about Hitler. Your opinions are always valuable, even though one may not agree with them. And I have the advantage of having been born in a neutral country and having access to books and documents from both sides and in various languages.

May I make a brief comment? Hitler as the enemy of the German people may be, as Oscar Wilde would say, a pleasing paradox, but I do not set very high store on it as an axiom. One could also say that Churchill was the enemy of the British people, for having destroyed the Empire and being responsible for an economic crisis which lasted until the 1960s. I would even venture that Hitler was only the enemy of the German people because he lost – but that, of course, is just my reasoned judgement.

But please don't be discouraged for any hate mail you may receive. You have the right – and I dare say the duty – to express your opinions. And if you ever think I may be of some use to your work, by all means do let me know.

Best regards

J.A., PhD.

Dear Dr. J.A.

I almost hesitate to reprint your e-mail in my column because my brief revisionist history book on Hitler’s career, Adolf Hitler: Enemy of the German People, has resulted in so many unfounded accusations and reproaches, as well as such  hatred, that it almost inspires the fear that, if it continues, it will be the end of our truth mission and thus, perhaps my silence would be best for the greater good of the overall survival of our enterprise.

However, one could say the same about the false accusations, reproaches and hatred directed against us by the Zionist and Talmudic community. For more than 35 years, by the grace of God, we have managed to overcome both the fear of Israeli and rabbinic power and their direct assaults; and here we are in 2020 continuing onward. Therefore, I do choose to persevere in publicly defending my Hitler book from what have been thus far, with a few exceptions like your own welcome note, obtuse regurgitations of propaganda lines fed to true believers who imagine themselves revisionists when they don’t even grasp the epistemological adventure which revisionism represents, in contrast to their profoundly anti-revisionist dogmatism. 

The revisionist praxis has been misused and exploited to promote the rehabilitation of Hitler’s reputation. Generally, this has been an exercise in propaganda, not historiography. The talking points against my book for example — or should I say the talking point — is almost always the same monotonous, mynah bird refrain, as evidenced by the most recent “review” of the book at Amazon, wherein the critic opines:

Stalin was preparing to launch a surprise attack of Nazi Germany at the end of summer of 1941, and Operation Barbarossa was, therefore, a preemptive strike by Hitler, and really the only option to gain the initiative against overwhelming odds. Just read Icebreaker, a masterful book with written by the Soviets who actually planned it!!!” 
(End quote from a review at Amazon.com by someone signed "1984AD" posted February 23, and still online as of 3:40 p.m., Feb. 27).

If I had a dollar for every time this tune has been parroted, I could afford to buy myself all the doppelbock lager I need to get through Lent!

As I argue in my book, it ("Operation Barbarossa") was not “the only option.” The fact that this “1984AD person, and many other of Hitler’s defenders will not address is that, aside from whether or not Stalin was about to launch an invasion of Germany and personally, Icebreaker by an author who is a British intelligence-connected asset, did not persuade this writer Germany could have fought a defensive war from its own supply lines, rather than a delusional, suicidal invasive march across the vast distance of the Russian interior

Hitler gambled the lives of hundreds of thousands of German youth that he would conquer Russia in five months! It was a reckless, demented gamble with no foundation in reality. This is a major thesis of my book and it is scrupulously avoided by Hitler’s defenders.

You suggest that perhaps “Hitler was only the enemy of the German people because he lost (the war).” With all due respect, if your suggestion were to be accepted, it would constitute a serious misreading of what Hitler personified: an anti-Christian dictatorship that denied the sanctity of the individual human being who bears the image of God, and who derives his or her individual rights not from rulers or governments, but endowed by their Creatoras Jefferson wrote in the founding document of our republic, the Declaration of Independence—and consequently irrevocable.

Hitler’s template for governance was the model of a secular messiah who is above humanity, uniquely qualified to dictate his will to the people. This megalomania, which has a great deal in common with the rabbinic mentality evinced in the Talmud and in the micromanagement of the lives of its adherents, is the original sin of totalitarianism. As early as 1921 Hitler demanded that he become the “No. 1 Chairman with dictatorial powers” of the NSDAP (Nazi Party).

In October of 1923 he repeatedly called for the establishment of a dictatorship in Germany. In an interview with the Daily Mail on October 2, he drew a significant parallel with Mussolini: “If a German Mussolini is given to Germany, people would fall down on their knees and worship more than Mussolini has ever been worshipped.” 

Twelve days later, at a Party meeting in Nuremberg, Hitler stated, “...a real dictator does not depend on anyone; the nation depends on him...not relying on anyone else but only on my immense resolve and with it and through it either gaining victory or going down to defeat.”

During his speeches leading up to the Reichstag election of 1930 (to be held Sept. 14), Hitler stated, “At moments of crisis,” nations should look “always to dictatorship and never to democracy.” 

The German people, the culture-bearers of Europe, the people of Bach and Beethoven, the most advanced scientific nation on earth, were so retarded that they required a one-man dictatorship to lead them to liberty and peace? 

Catastrophe is inevitable under such an arrangement, whether or not success at arms has been achieved. The crucial question is: does the government, as the elected representative of the people, recognize and enforce the God-given rights of the individual to self-rule? Such a right was the ancient patrimony of Germany. Hitler’s messianic occult tyranny wreaked havoc upon it. This is another truth my opposers dodge.

Isn’t it interesting that no credible member of the revisionist fraternity will confront the research in my book in a public forum? There is a concerted effort to ignore it, treating it with the silence for which the Zionist media are notorious. 

The silence is nearly total, and thus far support for the free discussion of my theses has come not from the revisionists with whom I have worked since I reported the Zündel trial from Toronto in 1985, but rather from freethinkers like the Muslim-American academic Dr. Kevin Barrett, who interviewed this writer on his “Truth Jihad” program, and about which revisionist editors, publishers and writers are almost entirely silent. Does not this silence signal that these individuals do not have sufficient confidence in their own arguments to entertain mine?

We mentioned Hitler’s denial of the God-given rights of the individual. I wish to briefly address his attitude toward the Christian faith and the cynical and deceitful pose he maintained in 1932 and early 1933, to present himself as a conservative leader in the illustrious tradition of German-Christian statesmen, as well as to gull President Paul Von Hindenburg, who had repeatedly refused Hitler the Chancellorship out of anxiety that he would become Germany’s tyrant. From private correspondence of November, 1932 we know that Hindenburg feared “...that any cabinet under your (Hitler’s) leadership, ruling by Presidential decree, would develop into a party-dictatorship...”

February 1, 1933, shortly after gaining power, while his hold was still tenuous, Hitler broadcast on national radio his “Appeal to the German People.” In it he hypocritically articulated common conservative Christian themes as being “the eternal foundations of our morals and our faith,” and declared, “Christianity as the basis of our whole morality” (Franklin D. Roosevelt feigned a similar Christian conviction). These statements by Hitler and other malarkey like them, are what the führer’s dupes point to when they allege he had a fundamental Christian orientation. That’s a lie. He frequently dismissed the role of religion in the hearts and minds of the people and the destiny of Germany in his orations to the Nazi Party in the 1920s. In Munich in 1929 he informed the Party faithful, “Religion is the least of a nationalist’s concerns.”

Was it a reflection of Hitler’s supposed Christian orientation and consequent respect for the dignity and rights of the individual when he told the commanders of the Reichswehr two days later (Feb. 3, 1933), “...it is our task to seize political power, ruthlessly suppress every subversive opinion and improve the nation’s morale.” Was this the friend of the German people speaking? By what right do Hitlerdefenders today protest Zionist suppression of opinion when suppression of freedom of speech was the founding principle of Hitlers regime?

Moreover, it was at this February meeting with Germany’s military leaders that Hitler announced his “probable” plans for war with Russia. He declared that the military would be rebuilt with: “...the goal of extending the German people’s living space by force of arms. The objective will probably be the East.” He said that, since it was “possible to Germanize only the land” and not people, in the course of the conquest they would have to “ruthlessly expel several million people.” 

Allow me to anticipate the farcical neo-Nazi retort: “When the Israelis said this about the expulsion of the Palestinians in 1948, and say it again now in the settlements, it was and is, a horrible war crime, but when Hitler said it about the Slavs it was understandable.”  

In 1933, where was “Stalin’s imminent invasion” as the alibi for Hitlers dispossession of the Slavs? 

From early in his career Hitler had been set on the path of “ruthlessly” extruding the Slavic people from their land, no alibi about a Stalinist invasion being necessary. 

At the end of 1922, he was already planning an attack on Russia as well as “colonizing the East. In a secret conversation in December with financier Eduard Scharrer (an Anheuser-Busch heir through marriage, and co-owner of the "Müchener Neueste Nachrichten" newspaper), Hitler stated that Germany should aim for the destruction of Russia with the aid of England. Hitler told him:

"Germany’s future lay in the east, the destruction of the Russian empire and the distribution of its land and property, which will be settled by German settlers and exploited by German power. There are vast areas there for us to colonise. But not by way of land reform à la Damaschke. The solution is to smash Russia, and to win land and real estate for the Germans to settle and cultivate. After successfully invading Russia the newly powerful Germany could deal with France without any intervention by Britain. 

Again we ask, this time in 1922, where was “Stalin’s imminent invasion” as Hitler’s alibi for the dispossession of the Slavic people? 

Winston Churchill and Roosevelt were, like Hitler, also enemies of their people. The “Blitz” and the “Battle of Britain,” about which Hollywood waxes eloquent in dozens of movies and docudramas, was Churchill’s doing. As we have seen, Hitler in the 1920s and '30s was exceedingly naive about the masonic ruling class in Britain. He had no designs on England and was among the nation’s most fervent admirers. Peace was proposed to Britain by the Germans as late as 1940. Rather than peace, Churchill proceeded to have his people killed in another fratricide. Roosevelt was even more culpable in this regard.

I appreciate the civil tenor of your letter. Most of the responses I receive are similar to the “reviews” at Amazon, replete with eloquent witticisms such as “Your book is garbage!!”

I will not importune you with another notice of the threats and boycott underway. One does however, smile at the timing of the ADL’s attack in August on our work (getting YouTube to ban videos of my talks after more than ten years on YouTube and 178,000 views). Then in the following month Hitler’s enthusiasts initiate a whispering campaign, which continues to grow, alleging this writer is a “Jewish agent.” This scurrilous rumor is accepted by more than a few concerning the author of what are generally regarded as the two most potent deconstructions of Orthodox Judaism in the English language

To my mind, the most prominent “Jewish agent” in modern history is the fellow who is the object of my detractors’ veneration. Perhaps someday, in the fullness of time, we shall have an authentic debate on these vital controversies in revisionist history. Meanwhile, young radicals in the alt-right movement and elsewhere, are convinced that America and the West need “a new Hitler to lead us to freedom.” Here we observe the hidden hand of the Cryptocracy, scripting another defeat another dead end for our people.

Michael Hoffman

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Monday, February 24, 2020

Hoffman contra neo-Nazism and Hitler in radio interview

Hoffman contra neo-Nazism and Hitler in radio interview

Revisionist historian Michael Hoffman was a guest on Dr. Kevin Barrett's “Truth Jihad” radio program Friday, February 21. It is an approximately one hour conversation deconstructing the Right-wing movement to rehabilitate Hitler. 

Here is Dr. Barrett's synopsis:

Michael Hoffman, author of the new book Adolf Hitler: Enemy of the German People, recently elicited over 600 comments with his Unz Review post mourning the victims of the firebomb holocaust of Dresden. (Read “The People Who Were Burned to Ashes on Ash Wednesday.”) A fair number of comments espoused a pro-Hitler position. The uproar continued as Hoffman received hate mail objecting to his strong disagreements with the neo-Nazi current.

In this interview Michael Hoffman explains: “I recognize that there are plenty of decent people who are confused, or have been spoonfed disinformation—and some of my fellow revisionists are partly responsible, though probably not consciously—that they can be led to believe that Hitler was…what’s circulating right now, the latest propaganda line to recruit people, is that Hitler was the savior of Europe, because had he not invaded the Soviet Union in June 1941, then Stalin would have rolled over Germany and taken possession of Europe. It’s a fairy tale…once you’ve been introduced to it, then you’re escorted to other aspects of the mythology about Hitler, which my book Adolf Hitler: Enemy of the German People (debunks)…”

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Hoffman’s remarks are “radically counter-productive” and “untruthful"

Hoffman’s remarks are “radically counter-productive” and “untruthful”

The following is a reply from a reader to our note on Hate Mail 

Hoffman's rejoinder follows the critic’s e-mail

On Feb 19, 2020, at 9:31, E.P.G. wrote:

"rising attacks on Judaic people and synagogues by mentally fragile persons who have proven susceptible to the whitewashed image of Hitler"

For what it is worth, these attacks you're speaking about are almost uniformly carried out by African Americans in New York city.  I'd be surprised if any of them knew who Hitler was or admired him.  And if any do, I think you have the causation backwards: these people are not attacking Jews because Hitler and neo-Nazis told them to; rather, they like Hitler or sympathize with neo-Nazis because they have personal experience with Jews.  The attacks on orthodox Jews in NYC are in all likelihood motivated by run-of-the-mill ethnic tensions that arise where one ethnic group encroaches, expands or takes over previously diverse communities or communities previously the exclusive preserve of another ethnic group.  

I'm entirely sympathetic to your critiques of National Socialism and Hitler, but the idea that the black individuals attacking orthodox Jews in New York City are being influenced by neo-Nazis or Hitler whitewashing is frankly preposterous.  Even occult processing, methinks, requires a certain level of sensitivity and intelligence that many diverse New Yorkers are fundamentally lacking.  

As it relates to broader instances of "anti-semitic attacks" against Jews, these are almost entirely fabricated by the ADL and SPLC, as you are well aware.  Any time a person posts a flier with the innocuous phrase "its OK to be white" the ADL chalks that up as an "anti-semitic attack." 

 I think it is radically counter-productive (not to mention untruthful) to lend credence to the idea that Jews in America are a threatened or persecuted group.  

They are the most powerful, privileged and secure ethnic group in America.  Of course it is always unfortunate and legitimately deplorable when an innocent person - Jew or Gentile - suffers retribution for the actions of another just because they belong to the same group, however to the extent that Jewish individuals are persecuted in America, it is almost entirely because of the perceived collective behavior of Jews as a group, not because of the influence of "neo-Nazism".  So if you are legitimately concerned about the safety of Jews in America, you should go back to putting the blame where it belongs: on Jewish behavior, not on long-dead and moldering ideologies like Nazism. The only bona fide "neo-nazis" in America are hollywood actors and federal assets.  

Dear Mr. E.P.G.

Your timeline for synagogue attacks is captive only to the most recent events of the past few months. 

It seems you have forgotten the attack on the Overland Park Jewish Community Center in Kansas. There was also the Poway, California synagogue shooting, the Pittsburgh synagogue mass murder, as well as the attack on the synagogue in Halle, Germany. These tragedies are not exactly ancient history.

Not to mention untruthful” allusions, accusing this writer of generalizations, such as saying that "Jews in America are a threatened or persecuted group” — an inexactitude I have never stated. You may traffic in sweeping enormities about “Jews in America.” I do not have the luxury of ill-defined categorizations.

Why not deal with the realpolitik at hand? Because of a few, very high profile atrocities against Judaic people, the perception of the American people is that Judaic people are under siege. It is the perception that is at issue, assuming you are interested in analyses that advance our cause in the face of what has been almost relentless defeat. 

You wrote:

“...you should go back to putting the blame where it belongs: on Jewish behavior”

How the rabbis savor your expression, in all its imprecise, approximate grandeur: “Jewish behavior.” Not Zionist behavior, or Talmudic behavior, but Jewish behavior. Here is your indictment of the whole people, including all those endeavoring to escape Zionism and the Talmud. Thus you confirm an oracle of the rabbis, who impart to Judaic youth the following doctrine: 

"Halacha b'yaduah, ‘Esav sonei es Yaakov.” (“It is a universal law, ‘Goyim [“Esau”] will hate the Jew [“Jacob”] — [no matter what he does]. Hence, according to this rabbinic augury, there is no escape from being a Jew. However benign the Jew tries to become, in the eyes of the goyim, his behavior will always be subject to group libel. This is the teaching of the rabbis of Orthodox Judaism to Judaic youth: you will be hated no matter what you do, so stay loyal to us. 

Hitler served as fulfiller of the rabbinic prophecy. He acted that role with virtuosity. You are doing the same. I have been revealing the blowback from this for almost 20 years, while beseeching our people not to succumb to the Hitlerian stupidity that empowers it. Yet the same hateful, self-sabotaging generalization about Judaics continues to be used by people who imagine they are defying the rabbis, when they are actually being out-witted by them, by obtusely acting parts in their Talmudic theater.

Most people don’t seem capable any longer of engaging in deep study and sustained thought. Social media and cell phones have reduced our cognition to sound bites, videos, slogans, tropes, and memes—compact segments of truncated mentation that enervate our spirits and degrade our powers of reason by offering the illusion of thought and an appearance of fact, while confining us to traversing a perpetual circle of paralysis and self-defeat.

Nazism, you say, is a dead, moldering ideology? Really? Is the movement to rehabilitate the image and reputation of its leader also dead and moldering? To take but one glaring example, can you be unaware of the escalating campaign online by significant websites, web personalities and columnists backed by more than one deep-pockets’ donor, to paint Hitler as the “savior of western Europe” due to his attack on Soviet Russia? That’s only the introductory line in their Hitlerian catechesis. From that absurdity, they proceed to escort the would-be initiate to the revelation that poor, pitiful Adolf was a victim who was not responsible for the apocalypse that befell Germany on his watch, during his murderous dictatorship. 

I wrote a book about the disaster for the German people that was Hitler’s invasion of the USSR, so I need not recite the details in e-mail. You can read it; or not.

If, as you allege, there are few, if any, followers of Hitler outside of Tinseltown and “Federal assets,” who has written and published for more than a decade a glossy magazine promoted by a nationally known populist newspaper that features, on a regular basis, panegyrics to Hitler and his NSDAP?

Who has penned the numerous negative diatribes on Amazon for Adolf Hitler: Enemy of the German People

Who has sparked a whispering campaign since the book came out, alleging that this writer is a “Jew” who is working for the Zionists, and no longer worthy of support? 

Who has boycotted our Truth Mission, canceled subscriptions to our newsletter and stopped assistance since the book was written? 

Who are the editors online who eagerly published our work back then, i.e. prior to the distribution of Enemy of the German People, and are giving us the silent treatment now? Is this a coincidence?

This writer’s life has been a battle from the beginning. There’s nothing unique in that. Many people have a similar experience. When threatened, I work harder. When told to sit down, I stand up. I will not be silenced. The ADL has learned that fact. Now it is time for Hitler’s contemporary promoters to learn it too: by the grace of God, we will issue, in a year or less, a much expanded edition of Adolf Hitler: Enemy of the German People.

In February 2020 the accelerating revival of the Hitler template permits no debate and brooks no dissent—no more than Hitler did 87 years ago in February 1933 from the KDP or the Center Party. If the revival continues to grow, it will spell the continuing negation and defeat of the life-and-death struggle for our rights and a future for our children. Why? Because in the fullness of time, Hitlerism is a self-exploding Kabbalistic mechanism. The people who will mock this esoteric verity are the same goyim who fulfill the rabbinic prophecy of Halacha b'yaduah, ‘Esav sonei es Yaakov.’

Michael Hoffman 


Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Hate Mail

Hate Mail

For those who may care, and for the record, we make public the following:

On February 18, 2020 we received hate mail, written in cursive longhand and signed with the author's actual name, from a suspected agent of the Cryptocracy who termed this writer “another Molech” for having written the book, Adolf Hitler: Enemy of the German People. (Molech was the name of the monstrous Canaanite god of child sacrifice; cf. Leviticus 20:2 and Jeremiah 32:25).

I recognize the letter-writer as being affiliated with at least one of the unindicted 1995 Oklahoma City bombing suspects (there are more than a dozen co-conspirators who were never prosecuted; see here and here)—as well as the mysterious dispersion of the Zündel library in Tennessee.

Since I wrote Enemy of the German People last year, much has changed for our Truth Mission. Other than Zionist and rabbinic attacks, the whispering campaign, boycott, termination of friendships and alliances, and threats we have received, are among the most relentless and intense we have faced in our entire writing career of more than 35 years. These facts and others have led this writer to the detection of a loosely organized neo-Nazi reticulation inside the anti-Zionist Right wing. 

We are witnessing in the U.S. a powerful recruiting effort underway online, through various sophisticated white nationalist and “conservative” front groups, to rehabilitate Hitler and his policies and depict him as a “savior” of Europe against Stalin. 

We wrote the book partly as an antidote to this movement and the rising attacks on Judaic people and synagogues by mentally fragile persons who have proven susceptible to the whitewashed image of Hitler that increasingly prevails in some corners—though by no means all—of the anti-Zionist Right (for how could any sincere opponent of the Nazi-like Israeli state be sympathetic to Nazism?).

It is important to observe that the antidote to extemism and hate online is education and enlightenment, not censorship and de-platforming by self-appointed thought cops who only exacerbate the grievances of marginalized persons, further fueling resentment and violence at the sight of a politically correct monopoly being imposed on an Internet that originally served as a liberating alternative to the legacy media’s tunnel vision. 

Furthermore, the barely concealed unfairness and politicization of the censorship of social media is infuriating, in that seldom do thought cops such as the ADL or the Southern Poverty Law Center work to ban or cancel instances of Talmudic hate speech, or the legion of pro-Israeli spokesmen who espouse the dehumanization and subjugation of Palestinian and Lebanese Arabs. We ought to consider whether the intent of the flagrantly unjust application of censorship is intended as a sub-rosa means for stimulating the anger and hostility of aggrieved nationalists, and pushing them over the edge after dialogue and reason have been shut down.

If the hate mail we received February 18 was supposed to be a warning, it has had no effect whatsoever. By the grace of God, I will continue to research and write in the time allotted me in my tour of duty on this earth. 

Americans who desire peace and freedom for the United States and the restoration of our Republic and its Constitution will never find it in any revival of Jew-hate and Hitler’s murderous dictatorial model of rule.

We devoted a large part of the January issue of Revisionist History® to the fact that "Old Politics Cannot Defeat 21st Century Evil." We teach that, “A genuine movement for liberating the American people from Zionism and Talmudism should be deeply and truly founded on an abiding love and desire to see Judaic people free of the bondage of negative ideologies. This must be a well-publicized, very high profile aspect of our movement’s identity as a peace-loving fellowship.”

Nothing could be further from the spirit of loser-Hitlerism than the preceding path to victory. The last thing the Cryptocracy wants is to see our people victoriously regain the promise of America kindled in 1776, which is why shadowy forces continue to move against this writer and defame, interdict and threaten our Truth Mission. 

Michael Hoffman

In response to this column, a reader has sent e-mail stating that our remarks are “radically counter-productive” and “untruthful.” Here is the reader’s critique, followed by our rejoinder

Friday, February 14, 2020

We’ve been attacked for writing about Dresden

Due to our Writing on Dresden
There has been an Attempt to Suspend or Deplatform our Twitter Account

As some readers may know, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (ADL) and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), among other powerful thought control lobbies in the U.S., are working overtime to cancel our presence on the Internet.

 They have successfully had us banned from Google’s YouTube after our history lectures were viewed by 178,000 people over more than nine years. 

 We have been banned by the credit card processing giant Paypal even though our customer satisfaction rating at Paypal was among the highest possible. 

• Amazon has interdicted three of our history books.

Now, in response to our writing about Dresden, which we publicized on the social media news forum Twitter, a complaint was filed with Twitter against our fifth installment in the series, “The People Who Were Burned to Ashes on Ash Wednesday.”

Twitter contacted us February 14  as follows:


We have received a complaint regarding your account, @HoffmanMichaelA, for the following content.

Tweet ID: 1227727600702746624

Tweet Text: Dresden Holocaust Remembrance Day 5: “The People Burned to Ashes on Ash Wednesday” Churchill and Roosevelt tossed a match into Dresden as casually as a drooling meth addict would torch an apartment building for revenge on the landlord who had evicted him. [https://revisionistreview.blogspot.com/2020/02/dresden-holocaust-remembrance-day-5.html]  

We have investigated the reported content and could not identify any violations of the Twitter Rules (https://support.twitter.com/articles/18311) or German law. 

Accordingly, we have not taken any action at this time.



This time Twitter resisted the attempt to suspend or ban our access to our 6,500 followers. What will happen next time?

Notice at the end of Twitter’s message it says our tweet has not violated any German law. Michael Hoffman is a citizen and resident of the United States, but his Twitter communications must conform to the laws of the government of the foreign nation of Germany, which apparently has jurisdiction over tweets composed and transmitted in America?

Our situation is precarious. Pressure is regularly being applied to suppress our Truth Mission online. The enemies of the advancement of knowledge have no answer to our work: they can’t refute it and they fear debating us, so they continue to chip away at what access remains to us on social media.

 Don’t let them render us invisible! Your donation helps us fight back. Please consider sending a financial gift today for the survival of our Truth Mission. Thank you.

Michael Hoffman