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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Contrasting Chuck Baldwin’s Montana church with the “Catholic” Church

Contrasting Dr. Chuck Baldwin’s country church in Montana with the “Catholic” Church

By Michael Hoffman

If one picture is worth ten thousand words, today we are offering you the equivalent of 20,000 words. The first is a photo (above) of nationally known patriot-Pastor Dr. Church Baldwin holding aloft from his pulpit a copy of my banned book, Judaism’s Strange Gods: Revised and Expanded. His church has sold hundreds of copies due to his testicular fortitude and vision. He’s a real mensch.

Long Island, NY Catholic Church bulletin, March 10, 2019
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Next we turn your attention to the wimps of the post-Renaissance “Catholic” Church. Reproduced above is a scan from a bulletin circulated at a “Catholic” church on Long Island, New York last Sunday, equating the “BDS” boycott campaign against Israeli murder and dispossession of the Palestinians, as well as Minister Louis Farrakhan and his two alleged supporters in Congress, with “evil” and "anti-Semitism.” Why doesn’t this “Catholic” treachery surprise us? Perhaps because the popes are in fact crypto-rabbis and many “Catholics” in the pews are the walking dead.

Moreover, yesterday, in the letters section of the Chicago Tribune, representatives of the "Illinois Holocaust Museum" attacked Farrakhan for hosting this writer: “...on Feb. 17, 2019, thousands rallied at Chicago’s United Center as Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam teamed up with a Holocaust denier and anti-Semitic ideologue to attack Judaism and blame numerous ills of modern society on Jews.

Lies and ever more lies. I don’t deny any holocaust, including the one transpiring now: the Israeli holocaust against the Palestinians

The truth they wont print: in Chicago Minister Farrakhan and this writer held out a hand of liberation and assistance to Judaic people enslaved by the Babylonian Talmud, offering them the love of Jesus Christ. The Holocaust was not mentioned. 

We pray and work for the day when The Holocaust of All Timethe Crucifixion of Jesus Christ on Calvary, will regain its rightful center place in the hearts and minds of our people.  

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Friday, March 08, 2019

Talmudic Hate Speech as the basis of the Genocide of Non-Jews

Talmudic Hate Speech as the basis of the Genocide of Non-Jews

By Michael Hoffman


It is forbidden to explore this topic. Those who do so risk censorship and de-platforming by the Tech Tyrants who oppose every form of racism with the exception of the most virulent institutionalized racism on earth. 

Talmudic-rabbinic racism is so virulent that writing or talking about it exposes the author or speaker to loss of career, reputation and perhaps even life itself. 

If a discussion about the Babylonian Talmud, Orthodox Judaism’s book of hate, were to actually to take place as a national conversation, almost immediately a Judaic cemetery would be vandalized or a synagogue spray-painted with swastikas. Then as a result, the conversation would end and hundreds of thousands would take to the streets in orchestrated parades denouncing “the rise of anti-Semitism and hate.”

By this ruse, unmasking hate becomes an act of hate and revelations are halted.

Like Adolf Hitler, who came under the influence of Kabbalistic occultism from 1919 onward (cf. “A Supernatural History of the Third Reich” in Revisionist History newsletter no. 100, January 2019), the neo-Nazi and alt-right groups are useful idiots in Zionist and Talmudist black ops, such as odious and reprehensible cemetery and synagogue vandalism, and similar ungodly attacks.

We have a Congress, White House and corporate media obsessed with hatred directed against Judaic people. No sane person of Christian belief advocates hating a sinner. We hate only sin, not the sinner — for we are all guilty of being sinners in one form or another. Jesus died for every sinner, whether Jew or non-Jew, who believes in Him. When you see vandalism against Judaic sacred places, understand that in many, if not most cases, this is a false flag operation intended to benefit Talmudism and the Israeli government, while silencing and discrediting thoughtful reporting of the Talmudic-rabbinic theology of hatred.

Orthodox Judaism consists of the dogma that non-Jews are lesser beings, more hominid that human. It is often alleged that only Judaic “extremists” hold such racist beliefs. In fact, Orthodox (Talmudic) Judaism is inherently racist and genocidal toward gentiles. This has played a significant role in the Israeli mass murder of Palestinians and Lebanese. Talmudic hate speech is the key factor. 

If the West understood the nature of this hate speech much of the oppression visited upon the Arab people might be curtailed. Instead, the very concept of "hate speech" has been appropriated by the western media and made synonymous with any research that documents the truth about rabbinic hate speech.

Occasionally a particularly candid demonstration of the true nature of the Talmudic creed surfaces above the sea of propaganda and misdirection. This occurred in 2009 with the publication of a representative Orthodox Judiac book authored by two Israeli rabbis.

Hate Speech Documented
Advocacy and Justification of Genocide of Non-Jews  

Torat Hamelech: Dinei Nefashot Bein Yisrael Le’Amim ("The King’s Torah: Laws of Life and Death between Jews and the Nations this book of hate by two Israeli rabbis, Yitzhak Shapira and Yosef Elitzur,  received the endorsement of Kiryat Arba-Hebron Chief Rabbi Dov Lior, Rabbi Ya’acov Yosef, Chabad-Lubavich Rabbi Yitzhak Ginzberg and many others. 

This 230-page halachic treatise published in 2009 cites sources from the Babylonian Talmud to argue that the lives of non-Jews are worth far less than those of Jews. 

Furthermore, the rabbinic authors advocate the killing of non-Judaic children if it is believed that these children will grow up to be enemies of the Jews

Anyone, men, women and children, who merely belong to the nation of the “enemy" are also considered an enemy. Torat Hamelech is a manifesto for genocide. Rabbis Shapira and Elitzur declare that individual Jews can make the decision to kill gentiles on their own initiative as a matter of halacha (Judaic law). 

Chapter Five of Torat Hamelech, "The Killing of Gentiles in War,” states: “There is a reason to kill enemy babies even if they have not transgressed the seven Noahide Laws, because of the future danger they may present, since it is assumed that they will grow up to be evil like their parents.”

Yitzhak Shapira, co-author of Torat Hamelech

 In a 2011 interview with Radio Kol Hai, an Orthodox Judaic radio station, Rabbi Shapira stated, “When you read Jewish law in many places, you might understand that gentiles can be killed freely without problems.” 

Shapira is the director of the Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva in the Israeli state. He learned Talmud and Kabbalah from Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsberg. Rabbi Ginsberg told New York's Jewish Week newspaper (April 26, 1996, pp. 12-13), “If a Jew needs a liver, can you take the liver of an innocent non-Jew passing by to save him? The Torah would probably permit that. Jewish life has infinite value,” he explained. “There is something infinitely more holy and unique about Jewish life than non-Jewish life.”

The Chabad-Lubavitch organization of which Ginzburg is a member in good standing, is politically powerful and influential among U.S. politicians, members of Congress and current and past US presidents, from Jimmy Carter to Donald Trump. Flattering portraits of Chabad-Lubavitch as emissaries of their love-filled faith often appear in the U.S. media and they are recipients of lavish financial support from American “evangelicals.”

If “hate speech” actually is a concern, why is Talmudic hate speech excluded from our national conversation? Why does Amazon.com ban the most effective scholarship documenting such hate speech?

 Why is the killing of Palestinians,which is often motivated by Talmudic hate speech, yawn-inducing, business-as-usual in the American media? No such routine killing of Judaic people would be met with this apathy. Here we see a function of the Talmudic praxis.

During the 2019 Super Bowl, the Washington Post, owned by Amazon-founder Jeff Bezos, broadcast a commercial spotlighting journalists who have been attacked and killed. The Israeli shooting of 39 journalists in 2018, and the death of two of those reporters who were shot by the Israeli army, were excluded from the Post’s virtue-signaling self-advertisement.

Does anyone imagine that if these casualty figures were for Judaic persons, that they would be a mere blip on the media screen, as they are now? They would in fact be incessantly reported as the “The start of another Holocaust! and “A wave anti-Semitic atrocities! We would hear about it, visualize it and study it every week for years.

Yet when it is Palestinian gentiles who are the victims, the documentation on the war crimes perpetrated by the Israelis at the Gaza border in 2018 are reported as the New York Times reported them  in the back pages of its February 28 issue  and then unceremoniously dropped, with no follow-up; no sustained investigation as to how the only democracy in the Middle East could perpetrate such bloodshed. 

There cant be a sustained investigation into the theology which motivates this contemptuous Israeli mass murder however, because it would inevitably lead to hate speech enshrined in Orthodox Judaism; said hate speech being protected at all costs including the cost of non-Judaic Palestinian lives.

Copyright©2019 by Independent History and Research

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Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Black leaders Proclaim Forbidden Truths about Israeli and Talmudic Lies

Defend the Holy Name of Jesus

Black leaders Proclaim Forbidden Truths about Israeli and Talmudic Lies

By Michael Hoffman • www.RevisionistHistory.org

At the end of February Somali-American Rep. Ilhan Omar (D.-MN) reiterated her concerns about Congressional allegiance to the foreign Israeli nation. Now Congress is considering her condemnation, led by Democrats from her own party.

There is much to disagree with in Rep. Omar’s domestic policies, but her views on the oppression of the Palestinians with US taxpayer support, and the malicious influence of the Israeli lobby in recruiting and seducing a Congress that has repeatedly put the Israeli agenda ahead of that of America (for instance, the U.S. war with Iraq was not for oil, it was for the Israelis) — is a revolutionary and welcome development.

In 2018 the women’s movement that helped elect Omar to Congress was ordered by Zionists and Talmudists to repudiate Louis Farrakhan due to his public exposure of the Talmud’s pornographic slurs against Jesus. In my speech to Mr. Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam in Chicago on Feb. 17 of this year, I asked, “When will the adherents of the Orthodox religion of Judaism be called upon to repudiate the racism and hatred in the Talmud? You can watch a one minute clip of that portion of my speech at this link.

Fact: Black people in America are in the lead in asking long suppressed questions about Israeli influence over American politics and the media. 

Fact: The love and respect this writer was accorded in Chicago is like nothing I’ve experienced in my lifetime. They repeatedly called me a man of courage and gave me honorary titles of “doctor" and “professor.” Their love was palpable. Some negative force has been keeping us from building an alliance with black people and indeed learning from them.

To those who say we have nothing to learn, I ask, what exactly is your white community doing to defend the Holy name of Jesus Christ against Talmudic blasphemy?

All I have seen of communities of conservative whites is a demand that we stop Sharia law from taking over America. These hypnotics imagine we are ruled by Islamic law. Their ignorance is abysmal. We are actually ruled by Halacha (Talmudic law) not Sharia, but few dare say so out of fear of the repercussions which Rep. Omar is suffering now, and Minister Farrakhan has endured for the past thirty years.

 I am weary of losing to the perpetui inimici. I am weary of Talmudic hate speech and halachic rule over America never making it onto the airwaves of Tucker Carlson, Hannity or in the pages of the “conservative" journals and websites. Blasphemy against the Holy Name has been rendered into marginalia.

Both the blasphemy of Christ’s name and the halachic subversion of our government, culture and media are “side issues” among Right wing whites because, despite being trained at Hillsdale College or some other “bastion” of “Christian” education, they are mis-educated. They have not received a classical education whatsoever. As we pointed out in Revisionist History issue no. 92, “Conservatives” timidly recoil from confronting the fount of the oldest institutionalized character assassination of our heritage—the Talmudic mentalityWestern Civilization cannot be separated from its heritage of challenging Talmudic Judaism without fatally weakening the West. This is our condition at present: fatally weakened   for this very reason.

When will Hillsdale College teach that Englands renowned Chief Justice Edward Coke decreed in 1608 that Christians could never be permitted to be slaves of Judaic masters for the reason that the Judaics blaspheme the name of Jesus? The Chief Justice wrote: Judeo Christianum nullum serviat mancipium, nefas enim est quem, Christus redemit blasphemum, Christi in servitutis vinculis detinere. (77 Eng. Rep. 397).

Coke’s words were English statute law, mother to the laws of America, woven into the fabric of our authentic western civilization, and yet rendered invisible by chicken-livered “Conservatives” who crusade like big shots against Farrakhan, the only American leader who has a large national following (other than Chuck Baldwin and Texe Marrs), who has the testicular fortitude to take Edward Coke at his word.

When there was a western civilization worth its salt, the protection of that Name that is above all Names, was paramount. Now it is a side issue for 99% of all "conservative” politicians, journalists, priests, pastors and ministers in the United States, Canada, Australia, Britain and Europe.

In 2019 every Christian in America is held in servitude to the blasphemers of Jesus Christ.

Earlier this week Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was contacted by the Zionist lobby and told to arrange for the Congressional condemnation of Somali-American Rep. Omar after she questioned loyalty to a foreign power above loyalty to AmericaYesterday the New York Times reported that this condemnation was about to be enacted until the Congressional Black Caucus stood up and said no.

Representative Ayanna Pressley, Democrat of Massachusetts, said she told leadership that there must be “equity in our outrage,” noting that Ms. Omar, a Minnesotan and one of the first two Muslim women elected to Congress, was being attacked for her faith. “Islamophobia needs to be included” in the anti-Semitism resolution, she told reporters on Wednesday. “We need to denounce all forms of hate. There is no hierarchy of hurt.”

The closed-door meeting, the weekly gathering of House Democrats at the Capitol, generally involves discussion of the legislative agenda and political strategy. Instead, according to multiple people present, it turned into a gripe session over the treatment of Ms. Omar by her own party. 

“What would be the appropriate level of punishment — a public flogging?” Representative Raúl Grijalva of Arizona, the chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee, asked in an interview after the meeting.  “...there is a double standard we have to be aware of. The level of condemnation on Ms. Omar has been really intense.” 

The resolution began as a response to Ms. Omar’s suggestion last week that pro-Israel activists were pushing “for allegiance to a foreign country,” a remark that her critics say played into the anti-Semitic trope of “dual loyalty.” 

Representatives Eliot L. Engel and Nita M. Lowey — both New Yorkers who lead powerful committees — and other Jewish lawmakers discussed the comment over the weekend, bringing in Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Hoyer; by Tuesday, a resolution condemning anti-Semitism was circulating on Capitol Hill, surprising lawmakers who had not heard about it. 

By Tuesday night, with members of the Congressional Black Caucus and the Congressional Progressive Caucus pushing back, it became clear to Ms. Pelosi that the measure would have to be rewritten.

Pelosi explodes

Representative Jahana Hayes, a Connecticut Democrat who is black, told Ms. Pelosi that she had “put us in a bad position,” and complained that she had learned of the resolution by watching television. As Ms. Pelosi was responding, Ms. Hayes began digging around in her purse; Ms. Pelosi, thinking Ms. Hayes was talking to another lawmaker in the room, grew visibly irritated, according to a second person present. (End quote from the NY Times. Read more at nytimes.com)

Notice Rep. Pressley’s words, "There is no hierarchy of hurt.” Whoa! This is a direct hit on the Talmudic concept that Judaic people are morally superior to everyone else and always occupy the highest position in the victim hierarchy.

Minister Louis Farrakhan continues to lead in efforts to fully apprise black leaders (and all Americans) of the racist, anti-black hate speech contained in the sacred rabbinic Mishnah, Gemara, Midrash and Maimonides. The more this knowledge is disseminated, the more blacks will lead the way in defying the Zionists and Talmudists and their theological and psychological hold over America. 


Michael Hoffman’s writing has appeared in the New York Times and the New York Review of Books. He is the author of the 1100 page textbook Judaism Discovered, and a condensation, Judaism’s Strange Gods: Revised and Expanded. Michael serves as editor of Revisionist History, published six times a year. He is the subject of relentless repression by the ADL, the Southern Poverty Law Center and the media they influence.

Friday, March 01, 2019

Amazon Bans Black History Books during Black History Month

Amazon Bans Black History Books during Black History Month

By Michael Hoffman

On Feb. 17 at the United Center in Chicago, before a cheering crowd of black Muslims numbered in the thousands — and who knows how many viewing around the world via webcast — this writer lauded the Nation of Islam’s three volume The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews as “magisterial revisionist history.”  

Nine days later, on February 26, after having been offered for sale on Amazon for several years, these three books were suddenly banned for “violating content guidelines,” an apparent euphemism for offending the Holy People. Coincidence?

Until such time as alternatives to Amazon (and independent libertarian platforms for podcasting) are created, the Tech Tyranny, as Ron Unz indicates (see below), will march on amid the stark media silence concerning the censorship of history books which Zionists and Talmudists detest. This is indeed a sinister Orwellian state of affairs. Public exposure of the censorship and the hypocrisy that informs it, is essential for the survival of freedom.

Jeff Bezos, who founded and owns a controlling stake in Amazon, also owns the Washington Post whose motto, flaunted in a virtue-signaling 2019 Superbowl commercial, is “Democracy Dies in Darkness” — the same darkness in which the Nation of Islam’s documented history of Judaic control of the black slave trade in the western hemisphere, has been consigned.

"First Amendment liberties are now being increasingly circumvented on the Internet by utilizing the corporate monopolies that control that means of communication"

During the 2016 presidential race, it was widely anticipated that Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush would be the contending nominees, fiercely battling each other on hot-button partisan issues while quietly standing together on War, Peace, and the Economy. Such a race would surely have been soporific and vacuous to the vast majority of the general public. The sudden and totally unexpected populist rise of both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump fractured this projected narrative, and Trump’s election shredded it. 

Although the most extreme Neocon elements soon regained control over the foreign policy of the Trump Administration, America’s ruling ideological establishment was horrified by the close call they had suffered, and began an unprecedented attack upon the Internet and dissident publications and writers, with mass bannings, harsh censorship, and widespread “de-platforming.” The most utterly ridiculous accusations—suggesting that Ron Paul was a Russian agent of influence—soon began echoing within the corporate media, and many alternative websites were cowed into trimming their dissenting sails lest they suffer severe consequences.

Many critics were jubilant over the recent closure of The Weekly Standard, the Neocon organ most heavily responsible for the disastrous Iraq War, they have misunderstood the reality of the situation. With so many similar Neocon ideologues now firmly ensconced on the editorial pages of the New York Times, the Washington Post, and every other major newspaper, Bill Kristol’s former publication no longer had any real role to play. I think a case can be made that with the exception of a few zealous Trump partisans here and there, the establishmentarian American media landscape is more totally unified than it has been for decades, especially with regard to foreign policy issues, and dissenting voices never so unwelcome. 

When a country’s ruling elites are highly unified but fearful of maintaining their continuing power in the face of popular discontent, harsh crackdowns are a natural consequence, and America’s widely enshrined First Amendment liberties are now being increasingly circumvented on the Internet by utilizing the corporate monopolies that control that means of communication. 

During the 1950s, any proposal to ban suspected Communists from making telephone calls, watching television, or having bank accounts would have been ridiculed as utter lunacy, but in today’s America, equivalent actions are steadily growing more frequent and more severe. 

With so many vibrant alternative publications having been brought into line and so many once raucous comment sections now strictly policed by strict identity registration requirements or eliminated completely, our webzine (www.unz.com) has gradually become a much bigger fish in the rapidly shrinking pond of free thought on the Internet.

We shall see whether the angry flapping of our contributing writers achieves any result before the “Powers That Be” complete their total evaporation of all remaining intellectual freedom in the Western world.

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