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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Monday, June 27, 2022

The Talmud has affirmed LGBTQ doctrine for millennia

The Babylonian Talmud has affirmed LGBTQ doctrine for millennia

What your priest or pastor doesn’t know (and most would not tell you even if they did):  

Rabbi Yirmeya ben Elazar: "...when the Holy One created the first human, He created him as an androgynos (having both male and female sexual characteristics). "

This is confirmed by Mishnah Bikkurim 4:1 (and numerous other authoritative texts).

For the rabbis of the Talmud Bavli, the androgynos was a recognized legal category. 

The term appears no less than 32 times in the Mishnah and 283 times in the Talmud. 

Most of these citations are not variations but rather legal submissions that undertake how rabbinic law (halakhah) applies to one who has both male and female sexual characteristics.

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This information is courtesy of Michael Hoffman

Truth campaigner and educator

“A voice crying in the wilderness”

These facts are published with love for Judaic people and all people captive to the counterfeit Torah sheBeal peh

"Salvation is of the Jews" (John 4:22)

Anti-semitism consists in deceiving Judaic people into imagining they can remain faithful to the Talmud Bavli, the antecedent of which Jesus excoriated in Mark 7 and Matthew 15, and still have salvation. There is no greater bigotry or misdirection. Our mission is compassionately dedicated to the salvation of all people in Christ.



Monday, June 13, 2022

Coeur d'Alene “Patriot Front” White Nationalist arrests

Another Cryptocracy Charade

Coeur d'Alene “Patriot Front” White Nationalist arrests

By Michael Hoffman • Copyright ©2022


I have been asked to comment on the tempest in a teapot here in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho concerning the preemptive detention of thirty-one “white nationalist” so-called “Patriot Front” members on June 11, which has been reported across America and throughout the western world

The players arrested fall into the category of (mostly) unconscious servants of the Leftist-Soviet imperium which is rapidly developing in the U.S. These "extras" from Central Casting help to Sovietize America by acting parts in the Cryptocracy’s script, like the patsies in Michigan ("Wolverine Watchmen") who were lured into the FBI’s plot to kidnap the Democratic governor of that state.

Apparently there is an endless supply of useful idiots and patsies willing to act out the Federal government's entrapment theatre, thereby further empowering the Far Left change agents who conspire to paint Idaho as a white racist redoubt (only one of those arrested was an Idaho resident), and further empower the LGBTQ ideology. They succeeded on both counts.

There are other issues at play: the rush to judgment on the part of a media that shreds the standard of innocent-until-proven-guilty — the storied pillar of American jurisprudence, as well as the preemptive nature of the arrests on difficult to prove “conspiracy” charges, which will probably be dropped months from now when the cameras and microphones are focused elsewhere. 

If those arrested have connections to lawyers they can probably sue the city of Coeur d’Alene for a large sum and deliver a painful lesson in civil liberties to those who perpetrated the preventive detention of individuals who had broken no laws (we would say the same if Leftists or anyone else were treated in this unconstitutional fashion by the Kootenai County District Attorney's office). 

However, the nature of these government-infiltrated patsy groups is such that they operate at a level that is one magnitude above mental retardation. The Patriot Front is not anitfa. I suspect the members of the "Front" have zero legal resources. It may be that they extricate themselves from legal jeopardy solely due to the flimsy nature of the conspiracy charge against them, but we don’t see them having the wherewithal to litigate their arrests in civil court.

Why does the Cryptocracy target north Idaho with these charades? Because we are a Christian Constitutionalist demographic and overwhelmingly so. 

Ours is not a racist region. It is a place where Americans of all races are welcome to come and enjoy freedom to home school or enroll their children in multiple charter and private Christians academies. We are a state highly resistant to mask and vaccination mandates. We do not appreciate interdiction by Soviet-style bureaucrats who have made life miserable for freedom-seeking Christian families in places such as New York, Chicago, Seattle and Los Angeles.

Yes, there was an LGBTQ “pride” parade in Coeur d’Alene on June 11, sponsored by US Bank, Numerica Credit Union, Idaho State Police District 1, a local Methodist and a local Lutheran church, and the Temple of Satan, which operates 400 miles south. (Yes, Temple of Satan was an official co-sponsor— Revelation of the Method). This phenomenon is media and capitalist driven. The corporate media are mostly owned and run by diabolic liars intent on the human alchemy that erases traditional society in order to remake it anew, according to a revolutionary template, like the Jacobins in France in Year One (September 22, 1792), or the Bolsheviks in Russia (October, 1917). 

The business lobby in Idaho, with many honorable exceptions, consists of capitalist buccaneers. Our state's weakness and that of its churches, is that it pays little or no heed to Gospel economics. Hence, heinous 400% rates of usury are legal, and so too is largely unchecked development which avariciously crowds an unsustainable number of houses on tiny plots of acreage.  Our Rathdrum prairie is being consumed by this cancerous growth. The deluded Right wing imagines that if we protest this profanation of God's earth by the developers we are "socialists."

As in other states, Idaho corporations have decided that the LGBTQ movement is the Next Big Thing and they hop on the money-minting bandwagon without regard to what the Bible teaches and commands. That’s what capitalists do (free enterprise is distinguished from capitalism by its foundation in higher laws than the market and profit).

Alas, there’s no heaven on earth, not even in Idaho. Families do have a much better chance to thrive here than in many other areas of our nation, but media-induced amnesia and apathy remain at work in Idaho as elsewhere, as part of the larger processes of mind control which we delineated in our 2021 book, Twilight Language.

From now until the 21st of June we experience the longest, most wondrous, light-filled days of the year. After that, every day the sun will set a little sooner and the light of day will be shortened, until December 21, when this divine cycle of nature repeats itself. I trust you will be mindful and immerse yourself in the peak light that casts its splendor and illuminates our lives this week. God forbid we surrender our attention to the media cacophony while ignoring the beauty our Creator has deigned to bestow upon us.

As we look to the heavens for light and solace, let us ponder the words of Jesus in Matthew 15, when He rejected the mumbo jumbo traditions of men that are not entirely dissimilar from those of the arrogant media. Like the press in 2022 infuriated by our Christian family values and Biblical standards, the Pharisees were outraged by Our Savior's politically incorrect rejection of their anthropomorphic gnosis:

 "Then the disciples came and said to him, 'Do you know that the Pharisees were offended when they heard your saying?’ He answered, 'Every plant that my heavenly Father has not planted will be rooted up. Let them alone; they are blind guides.” (Matthew 15: 12-14).

Be of good cheer and have confidence, dear brethren. 


Historian Michael Hoffman is a former reporter for the New York bureau of the Associated Press and the editor of the periodical, Revisionist History®.



Wednesday, June 01, 2022

The Jubilee of Elizabeth II: The Queen of Depravity

 The Jubilee of Elizabeth II 

The Queen of Depravity

By Michael Hoffman


June 2 marks the start of celebrations in Britain for the Jubilee of 96-year-old Queen Elizabeth II. The media have enthusiastically joined in the hoopla, extending a blank check endorsement of the System's approved agent.

The queen has played host in the past to numerous blood-drenched communist dictators like Tito and overseen the most rapid dissolution of Britain in its entire history. The  mysteries surrounding the death of her daughter-in-law, Princess Diana, remain unanswered. 

Sir Jimmy Savile, OBE KCSG

The queen's son and heir apparent, Charles, Prince of Wales, was a known co-conspirator with Jimmy Savile, the demonic child molester who operated at the top of the British pyramid of power, while MI5 British Intelligence, which briefs Elizabeth and Charles, was fully apprised of his hundreds of child victims. While bestowing a gift upon Jimmy for his 80th birthday, Prince Charles told him, “Nobody will ever know what you’ve done for this country, Jimmy. This is to go some way in thanking you for that" (cf. Twilight Language, p. 311). 

Savile's decades-long, horrendous orgy of predation upon helpless children was shielded and enabled by Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Home Secretary Leon Brittan and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. MI5 and MI6 (whose Deputy Director, Peter Hayman was accused of pederasty by Geoffrey Dickens; Hayman was known to possess child pornography), repeatedly blocked investigations of Savile. (Cf. The Guardian, April 9, 2013).

Savile's sex ring provided children to the patricians of British society and government, including members of Parliament, the House of Lords, the Anglican Church of England, the aristocracy, and big business, some of whom were members of the "Pedophile Information Exchange," which quietly lobbied for the age of consent for sex with children to be abolished. (Twilight Language, pp. 312-313).


Savile either personally raped or facilitated the rape of at least 328 children, even though by the 1980s Savile's horrors were becoming public knowledge. Rock singer John Lydon was interviewed by the British Broadcasting Service (BBC) in 1978 wherein he accused Savile and stated, "We all know about it but we're not allowed to talk about it." The interview was never aired and he was temporarily banned by the BBC. "Sir Jimmy" died a multimillionaire in 2011, respected and honored by Queen Elizabeth, who knighted him in 1990. Throughout his life this ghoul enjoyed total immunity from arrest, prosecution and imprisonment.

As if all this were not sufficient to uncover enough rocks to indict the British royal family for these crimes and their coverup, it turns out that Queen Elizabeth's son, Prince Andrew, was part of the notorious Jeffrey Epstein sex ring. 

In February the prince paid Virginia Giuffre, the sex slave furnished to him by Epstein, $16 million in return for her dropping her lawsuit against him. The next month, on March 29, the queen chose Prince Andrew for a place of honor in her royal entourage as she commemorated the anniversary of the death of her husband, Prince Phillip, defiantly selecting Andrew for the high profile role of her escort in Westminster Abbey, knowing the photo of that escort would be published around the world, thereby demonstrating her contempt for the victims of her son and his crony, Epstein.

Elizabeth enjoys good press like her namesake Elizabeth I, who was steeped in the occult of her astrologer royal, Dr. John "007" Dee. The first Queen Elizabeth  is portrayed in Hollywood films as a paragon of decency, like the current monarch, who enjoys the unalloyed adulation of the media. Child molestation among the royals? Don't let it bother you, peasant.

The Cryptocracy has seen to it that the masonic Crown and royal house of England survived, while other hereditary monarchies were destroyed. In issue no. 117 of our newsletter Revisionist History®, the occultism and slave-trading activities of Elizabeth I and the prophecies for the longevity of the aristocracy of England are detailed. 

Elizabeth made a fortune from the slave trade which her personal pirate, John Hawkins, pioneered under her commission. 

She employed an expert torturer, Richard Topcliffe to dispatch as agonizingly as possible, dissidents who questioned the legitimacy of her rule. She tortured to death hundreds of them. 

Furthermore, she made it a crime punishable by imprisonment to attend the Latin Mass upheld even by her father, King Henry VIII.  Attendance at the liturgy which her Church of England promulgated was mandatory. Absence was punishable with confiscatory fines.  (Revisionist History® no. 117, "The Pirate Queen's Slave Traders: Elizabeth I and the Conjuring of the British Empire," can be ordered here - scroll down to issue no. 117). 

As the overcrowded little island of Britain drowns in a sea of immigration and its historic Christian faith is subsumed in a melting pot of other creeds often hostile to it,  as their freedom of speech is increasingly subject to draconian repression, it is more important than ever to "keep up appearances." 

Hence, the bamboozled British people are treated to a revival of the spectacle of royal pageantry. By staging these elaborate ceremonies, a hypnotic impression is conveyed, reassuring the people that despite all the indices of decay, destruction and masonic oppression, "Things aren't as bad as they seem." 

In the Society of the Spectacle, illusion predominates. There is no society in the West more spectacular than England when it fans the feathers of its "glorious" monarchy, enacting a ritual splendor intended to conceal the rot. 

Michael Hoffman is a former reporter for the New York bureau of the Associated Press and the author of ten books of history and literature.


Wednesday, May 25, 2022

To President Joe “Herod” Biden in the Aftermath of the Ulvade Massacre

UPDATE MAY 27: Columbine mass murderers: Eric Harris was taking the antidepressant Luvox. Dylan Klebold was under the influence of Paxil & Zoloft. Luvox, Paxil and Zoloft are mild-altering drugs known as Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs). Congress must pass a law mandating blood tests and blood samples be taken from accused mass murderers to determine if they were under the influence of anti-depressants or other mind control-type medications which deaden the conscience—and identify those who prescribed or otherwise furnished the pharmaceuticals. 

UPDATE MAY 26: Were police under orders to allow the shooter to achieve maximum casualties? He was left untouched while shooting outside the school for 12 minutes. He was then allowed to maintain uncontested control inside the school room for 40 minutes while numerous police officers lingeredoutside waiting for bullet proof vests, sniper rifles and other "resources and supplies." Parents begged police to intervene and stop the slaughter, to no avail. 

Joe “Herod” Biden in the Aftermath of the Ulvade Massacre

Michael Hoffman • May 25, 2022

Copyright ©2022


President Biden is implicated in the abortion-slaughter of countless unborn human beings whose human rights he denies and whose dehumanization in the womb contributes to violence and marginalization of human life outside the womb. 

The pretense is that this carnage does not register in the souls of Americans. The blood and viscera of the murdered infants may not be seen, but  they are felt as a psychic wave that translates into America's skyrocketing rates of suicide and the killing of family members. The perpetrator in Ulvade personified all of those characteristics. He killed his own grandmother and then the children of his own heritage and he did not expect to emerge from the school alive.

Like Herod of old (Matthew 2:16), the nearly invisible abortion of the most helpless and vulnerable of all human beings doesn’t register with Biden, just as it has no impact on the corporate media. Shamelessly, Joe had the impudence on the evening of May 24 to appear on national television and quote from "Scripture" in order to lend his iniquity a patina of godliness. 

Never once in the course of his sanctimonious hectoring did he cite the psychic rot induced by Hollywood and New York's popular culture, crammed with the degenerate, violence-steeped multi-billion dollar "shooter" video games that put virtual mass murderers in the driver's seat of high tech fantasy bloodbaths. 

Equally denied are the  twilight language subliminals embedded in in mass communications promoting homicide, diabolism and death. 

Moreover, Biden is part of the environmental death cult in which the birth of children is seen as a curse and the world is prophesied to end in ten years as a result of global warming. In this nightmare visualization, life becomes meaningless and self-annihilation a path out of a hell on earth.

The signposts of America's depraved and hopeless thanatos "culture" are ignored. In the course of his imperious scolding of gun owners Biden took no notice of these factors which contribute to the decay of the spiritual and mental health of millions. Biden the automaton limited himself strictly to the Democrat party line — the disarming of the people by any means necessary.

The president blamed a firearm, a technological tool, for the depredations of the shooter in Ulvade who was in thrall to Satan. After Darrell Brooks allegedly used a sports utility vehicle to kill six people and injure sixty-two others last November in Waukesha, Wisconsin we saw no pleas for a ban on SUVs. The very thought is too ridiculous. But rifles and pistols rather than demonic humans and the profoundly sick society that produced them, get the blame after every massacre.

In the aftermath of the Ulvade horror Mr. Biden asserted that “AR15 assault" rifles are “only for killing” and must be banned. In reality, he wants to make such weapons illegal for the American people to possess. Those guarding Biden and other members of the ruling class will undoubtedly continue to possess assault rifles. 

From this day forward let us put to Biden the following question: Mr. President, will your guards be legally compelled to give up their assault rifles after you make them illegal? 

We know what tyranny looks like. It consists of a two-tiered legal system in which there is one law for politicians and oligarchs and another for everyone else. 

The president and Dr. Jill, Kamala and Mrs. Pelosi, and many thousands of other grandees are now and will be in the future, protected by AR15s and similar weapons. 

Why not the American people? 

Why, Mr. President are only you and your chosen elite permitted this defense? Why do you demonize the protection which those firearms afford when we the people seek to exercise the same right of self-defense as you and your cronies?

Historian Michael Hoffman is a former reporter for the New York bureau of the Associated Press, the author of ten books, and the editor of the periodical Revisionist History®.

The Hoffman Wire is reader supported.

Independent History and Research

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Monday, May 23, 2022

The Shekinah Etiology

 LGBTQ+ in the Kabbalah

By Michael Hoffman ©2022


Denying easily verifiable scientific differences between human beings possessed of xx and xy chromsomes is fundamentally a matter of occult intervention in human affairs. It is our mission to make this truth better known by providing the source documentation.

“God’s Shekinah glory.”

We’ve tracked the entry of that non-biblical term into Protestant theology over the past three centuries (it having entered rarefied precincts of Rome’s theology even earlier—see “The Sefirotic Tree of the Ten Emanations” [Shekinah is the 10th emanation], in The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome, pp. 350-351 and 637-641). 

Strictly speaking, Shekinah is a concept most closely linked to and derived from the Kabbalah, specifically the Zohar, wherein it signifies the energy of the goddess manifesting as the feminine sefirah of Malkhut

One glimpses the roots of LGBTQ+ ideology in medieval (and earlier) Zoharic esoterica. In this case, the Zohar’s trans-feminization and fluid gender identification of King David with the Shekinah. 

This memesis of femaleness caused the Kabbalists to refer to the study of their ersatz oral “Torah" (Torah sheBeal peh, i.e. the Talmud, Kabbalah, Mishneh Torah etc.) as a “womanly male” activity. In that oxymoron we espy the Solve et Coagula of the human alchemy operant for centuries in the revolutionary social engineering which others term “mind control.” 

Shekinah is freighted with intentional occult change-agency and it has entered the churches, albeit with more benign-seeming connotations. But why employ it at all? 

Granted, these facts may appear far-fetched perhaps to those not acquainted with the theurgic recesses of the Zohar and cognate Kabbalistic texts. Yet they are seeded throughout mystical Orthodox (particularly Haredi) rabbinic praxis. 

For instance, a pillar of the Kabbalah is the notion that without the mediation of the tenth sefirah—“without the mediation of the Shekinah, there can be no Presence of God in this world at all, since she alone is the link in the chain of divinity that joins the two realms.” 

(Cf. “King David as the Shekhina in the Zohar: A Theological Revolution,” in Ruth Kara-Ivanov, The Feminine Messiah [Brill, 2021, p. 41, emphasis supplied]). 

The main Kabbalistic texts related to this aspect of Shekinah will be found in the first four volumes of the Zohar translated and published uncensored in English by Stanford University Press.

The theology is also present in less explicit form in the Talmud of Babylon (cf. Sanhedrin 96b, 98b, 104b, 107a, Berakhot 4a, 7b, 10a; Shabbat 30a, 55b, 56a, 152b; Eruvin 13b, Eruvin 96a, etc.).

There is nothing new about the psychosis of terming a human being possessing xx chromosomes as exactly the same as a human who possesses xy chromosomes. The denial of so stark and fundamental a biological reality distinguishing female and male requires nothing short of an occult transvaluation of all values. This is the missing link in the attempt to discern the roots of the LGBTQ+ movement and its current ascendance.


This alchemy has a very long Kabbalistic pedigree which “conservative Christians” either cannot or will not credit. Consequently the key of knowledge is lost and Conservatives are left in the dark, hostage to futile writing and chatting about what are in fact mere symptoms, rather than etiology.

The anti-Christians who say they are “Torah-true” have been counterfeiting God’s word for two millennia. Sadly outmatched “Conservatives” desperate to believe a lie so as to maintain their careers, reputations and bank accounts, permit themselves to be seduced by the cheat. 

The faux oral “Torah" (Torah sheBeal peh) is the recrudescence of the occult science of Egypt and Babylon. One of its numerous manifestations in our time is the tragic derangement of trans-sexuality which began to be heavily propagated as far back as the 17th century by the Kabbalastically inspired network known as the Rosicrucian Fraternity, which promoted the image of the human body as an androgyne possessed of male and female genitalia  (cf. Twilight Language, pp. 247-253), which is the yet-to-be fulfilled objective of genetic Frankenscience.

Michael Hoffman is the author of a 1,102 page textbook for specialists, Judaism Discovered, and a condensation for the general reader, Judaism’s Strange Gods (381 pages), as well as eight other books of history and literature. He is the editor of the periodical, Revisionist History®.

8th graders to be charged with sexual harassment under Title IX

"Malicious misgendering" 

Rick Esenberg and Luke Berg report:

May 23, 2022—Wisconsin’s Kiel Area School District, in...Manitowoc and Calumet counties along the western shore of Lake Michigan, has uncovered a new form of harassment. On April 25 they accused three eighth-grade boys of sexual harassment—and launched a Title IX investigation—for something called “mispronouning.”

These children used “her” to refer to a classmate who wants to be called “them.”

...The boys’ parents first heard about the charges when they received a call from the district that their sons were about to be charged with sexual harassment under Title IX. There had been no prior warning or discussions with the families about pronoun use at school, nor did the district initially explain what the boys had done to warrant being investigated for a violation of federal law. When the families were finally informed that the alleged sexual harassment—the boys’ potential federal offense—was “using incorrect pronouns,” terror quickly turned to bewilderment...

The district appears to believe that once a student announces different pronouns to others, any subsequent use of the biologically and grammatically correct pronouns—even when not directed to the student—may be punishable as sexual harassment under Title IX...

A school board in Virginia is reportedly considering adding a policy to prohibit “malicious misgendering.” The Biden administration is about to unveil its long-awaited update to Title IX regulations and, given the president’s pronouncement that transgender discrimination is the civil-rights issue of our time, it wouldn’t be surprising if the new rules call for the policing of pronouns. All of this may soon be coming to a school near you. (End quote) 

Read more at: www.wsj.com/articles/the-pronoun-police-middle-schoolers-sexual-harassment-title-ix-nine-mispronouning-transgender-lgbtqia-free-speech-pronoun-11653337766


Thursday, May 12, 2022

Catholic Journalist Killed by Israeli military

 Catholic Journalist Killed by Israeli Military

By Michael Hoffman

www.Revisionist History.org 

Shireen Abu Akleh (sometimes spelled Aqleh) was assassinated by an Israeli sniper in Jenin this week (according to Palestinian eyewitnesses). The Israeli government, as they almost always do when caught red-handed murdering Palestinians, are blaming the Palestinians for her death. 

Israeli witness testimony cannot be impeached. To do so is “anti-Semitic.” However, it is deemed perfectly permissible, even warranted, for Palestinian eyewitness testimony to be discounted. We believe the Palestinians

The media are not generally reporting that Shireen was a Catholic born in Jerusalem. The right-wing Neocon tall-tale sold to gullible ignoramuses at Dispensationalist Protestant churches, is that Muslims despise Catholics.

A generalization like that is beneath contempt because it fails to ask the question, which Muslims? The church-banning, Salafist Saudis with their blood-drenched 18th century heretical theology which inspires ISIS (and the one with which Uncle Sam and Donald Trump are allied— Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner sent $2 billion in Saudi money to Israeli companies this week).

The Sunni Islam practiced by a majority of Palestinians views Christians such as Shireen Abu Akleh who did not wear a head-covering and who reported for Al-Jazeera, as their sister.

Say what, Hoffman? Muslims regard a Catholic as their sister? 

You read that correctly. She was revered when alive and now too, in death.

Unlike the emigrants from Brooklyn and eastern Europe occupying the land of Palestine, Shireen Abu Akleh was a Jerusalem native.

Beware the Right Wing

In general, with certain exceptions, we appreciate the good work Tucker Carlson is doing on Fox News. However, last night for several minutes he was involved in an exercise in cringe-worthy mediocrity — interviewing a witless clown described as a “comedian.” While he was thus trivially engaged, rival cable news outlet MSNBC, normally not a purveyor of truth, was broadcasting a serious exposé of Israeli lies and deception related to the ongoing Israeli murder of journalists like Shireen. MSNBC basically said the Israelis can’t be trusted to investigate these assassinations and pointed to the fact that almost no Israeli sniper is ever severely punished for killing journalists, or any Palestinian civilian for that matter.

Let us see how many Catholic news outlets report and investigate Shireen’s death. Thus far we have seen no special emphasis or interest. This is in keeping with the track record of Israeli mouthpieces such as Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, and Raymond Arroyo of both Fox News and the EWTN Catholic network. 

Yesterday was Minister Louis Farrakhan’s 89th birthday. We recall his intrepid 2019 talk at St. Sabina Catholic Church in Chicago. Minister Farrakhan, though an American Muslim, has had a life-long devotion to Blessed Mary the Mother of God, going so far as to name the central mosque of the Nation of Islam, “Mosque Maryam” (Mosque Mary).

At St. Sabina he passionately defended the holy names of Jesus and Mary against Talmudic defamation, documenting his words with accurate quotes from the Babylonian Talmud. Shortly thereafter, St. Sabina was nearly shut down by Chicago's “Catholic” Cardinal Blase Cupich. 

Arroyo and Ingraham obviously did not listen to the video of Minister Farrakhan’s remarks at the Catholic Church. They only regurgitated the ADL press release that was issued through NewsMax and other Israeli lobby assets. They condemned a black man for speaking a Catholic truth which almost no Catholic priest or bishop dares to utter

This is the state of Right wing media today: usually excellent on domestic issues such as opposition to abortion, integrity of the US border and the 2nd Amendment, and abysmally supine in the face of whatever coverup or whitewash Zionists demand concerning Israeli apartheid racism and state-sponsored terrorism.

You won’t read too many headlines like ours naming this murdered reporter as a Catholic. Your favorite Right wing media fear the wake-up call such a headline would trigger — the awareness that a majority of Muslims in Palestine are allied with Christians of good will

How do they define good will? Being fair  not turning a blood eye to the relentless theft of Palestinian land and the dispossession and mass murder of the people of Palestine.

Light a candle to the memory of Shireen Abu Akleh who knew she was targeted for death and reported anyway. May we all possess her courage in the cause of what is right and true.

Michael Hoffman

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