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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Amnesty International: Israeli war crimes in Gaza Dec. 08-Jan. 09

Amnesty International Confirms Israeli War Crimes

On 27 December, as 2008 drew to a close, Israeli jets launched an aerial bombardment of the Gaza Strip, where 1.5 million Palestinians live, crowded into one of the most densely populated areas of the planet. In the following three weeks,
more than 1,400 Palestinians were killed, including some 300 children, and some 5,000 were wounded

Israeli forces repeatedly breached the laws of war, including by carrying out direct attacks on civilians and civilian buildings and attacks targeting Palestinian militants that caused a disproportionate toll among civilians.

Israel said it launched the attacks in order to stop Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups firing rockets at towns and villages in southern Israel. In 2008, seven Israeli civilians were killed by these mostly homemade, indiscriminate rockets or in other attacks by Palestinians from Gaza; three Israeli civilians were killed during the three-week conflict that began on 27 December.

The sudden conflict followed an 18-month period in which the Israeli army had subjected the inhabitants of Gaza to an unremitting blockade, preventing virtually all movement of people and goods in and out of the territory and stoking a growing humanitarian catastrophe. The blockade throttled almost all economic life and led growing numbers of Palestinians to become dependent on international food aid; even terminally ill patients were prevented from leaving to obtain medical care that could not be provided by Gaza’s resource- and medicine-starved hospitals.

(Emphasis supplied)

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Let us not forget the business-as-usual element. The Israelis have slaughtered thousands of innocent Arab civilians in Lebanon and the occupied territories but nothing substantive is done to prevent future massacres and war crimes. We in the West continue our leisure and recreational activities while fellow humans in Palestine are in desperate circumstances. The Palestinians are carted off to concentration camps (the Israelis did this through proxy forces in Lebanon at the El Khiam concentration camp which was eventually liberated by Hizbollah). Palestinians are killed; they are starving for food and medicine, and we're going about pursuing our lovely, lavish lifestyles. If these were "Jews" who were dying, starving, denied medicine and medical care, the most demanding moral question of the Age would become, "What did you do while the 'Jews' suffered and died in 2009?!" The Palestinian gentiles, who are less than human, as Orthodox Judaism has always taught, do not merit any such pressing, haunting concerns. The burning question of the Age is sixty-five years old and still being forced down our throats, "What did ____ [fill in the blank: the Catholic Church, Pope Pius XII, President Franklin Roosevelt, the Red Cross etc.] FAIL TO DO during The Holocaust?" 

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In France: Growing Recognition of the Shoah Religion

Famous French sociologist Alain Besançon discovers “the religion of the Shoah”

by Robert Faurisson

When in the late 1970s, I struck the first heavy blow against them, the historians of “the Holocaust” (which today is often called the “Shoah”), exhibited their disarray. Whereas I had placed myself on scientific ground to demonstrate, in a way that admitted of no rebuttal, that their alleged homicidal gas chambers were technically inconceivable, they were reduced --abandoning reason for faith -- to replying with a pitiful formula: 

“It must not be asked how, technically, such a mass murder was possible; it was technically possible, since it happened.”  (“La politique hitlérienne d’extermination: une déclaration d’historiens,” Le Monde, 21 Febuary 1979, p. 23. For further details on that controversy of 1978-1979, see my book Mémoire en défense contre ceux qui m’accusent de falsifier l’histoire, [La Vieille Taupe, 1980, p. 69-101]).

Consequently, as early as May 3, 1980, in a letter to Jean Daniel [i.e. Jean-Daniel Bensaïd, founder and executive editor of the weekly Nouvel Observateur] I spoke of “the new religion” and “the upholders of the Holocaust religion,” and concluded: “No sudden change will arise when it becomes apparent that ‘the Holocaust’ is a historical lie. Besides, religions disappear only very slowly, to make way for other religions. As it happens, I myself prefer to go on from faith towards reason” (ibid., p. 261-263). 

I had perceived that, for want of any ability to resort to technical, scientific or historical argument, the other side was bound to seek a way out in religious-style mystification, along with reviving the modern equivalent witchcraft trials. The result is that these days, in 2009, the existence of a “Shoah religion” has become an obvious fact. 

Recently, an article in Le Monde by Gérard Courtois dealt with “the Shoah” being “built into a ‘State religion" by French President Nicolas Sarkozy” (April 4, 2009, p. 26). 

In a study on “Benedict XVI and the fundamentalists” (“Benoît XVI et les intégristes”, Commentaire n° 125, Spring 2009, p. 5-11), from the pen of the famed Roman Catholic sociologist Alain Besançon, the following remarks are to be found: 

"On the scale of sacred things, there is nothing today that can challenge the Shoah for first place" (p. 9 A). "At the top of scale, we have the Shoah. It may be assigned, going by external criteria, a near-religious rank" (p. 10 A). "Having become universal [this religion] maintains the Jewish people’s standing as chosen, with the choosing done by the diabolical will of Hitler and not by the benevolent decision of God. It offers them up to the sympathy, in the strongest sense, of the Christian world. Ensuing from all this are changes in the scale of dignity, in the list of objects that can be touched only with trembling hands, in the hierarchy of values and in the prestige of those who defend them. Thus, ranking first, undeniably, is the Shoah" (p. 10 B).

"One is tempted to state that the religion of the Shoah and the humanitarian religion, in their various combinations, form the civil religion of the Western democracies [...] The heroes of the Shoah religion, followed by those of the humanitarian religion [Abbé Pierre, sister Emmanuelle...] find themselves at the top of the scale" (p. 11 B).

In the last two pages of his study (pp. 10-11) Besançon uses the expression “religion of the Shoah” seven times.

Born in 1932, having belonged to the Communist Party from 1951 to 1956, Alain Besançon is a member of the prestigious Institut de France and director of studies both at the Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales and the Institut d’histoire sociale. Raymond Aron, who founded the journal
Commentaire in 1978, was — he tells us — his “teacher.” On December 13, 2004, Besançon paid a vibrant tribute to the memory of the late Chief Rabbi Jacob Kaplan, at an exceptional gathering of the Académie des Sciences morales et politiques. Besançon is the author of a number of books and studies in which, in particular, he deals first with the “woe of the century,” caused — according to him — by Communism and Nazism, and then with “the uniqueness of the Shoah.” Condemning the "fantasies" of "Holocaust denial" ("négationnist"), he attacks “those who deny the Shoah and reject the overwhelming mass of positive evidence of its reality” (p. 6 A and 7 B).

But he does not bother to cite, by way of example, a single one of those alleged fantasies, or provide a single bit of "overwhelming" evidence. Not for an instant does he explain how and why, in such a short span of time, the Jewish version of Second World War history has become a religion and, more precisely, the religion of the whole of the Western world. He does not tell us how it is that in the 21st century the sensitive elements of that triumphant and domineering religion “can be touched only with trembling hands.”

Why did a sociologist of the calibre of Alain Besançon remain mute for so long concerning the existence of this extraordinary social phenomenon whose birth, in the late 1970s, he had been unable to discern at the time? And why does he persist, now in 2009, in holding back from explaining its prodigious growth in these past 30 years?

Jean-Marie Le Pen remarks, correctly, that today we have arrived at the point where the Second World War itself has, in a way, become merely a detail of “the Shoah.” Why and how did such an aberration come about? How is it possible that the zany, hair-raising stories of Father Patrick Desbois of “the Shoah by bullets” and “the Shoah by suffocation [under cushions]” become, in 2009, with the unction of Nicolas Sarkozy, Simone Veil and the Catholic bishops of France, material for catechism in our middle and secondary schools, both public and private? 

Any being endowed with reason can only blush on reading the phantasmagoria spouted by this devil of a prankster Rev. Father Desbois in his book The Holocaust by bullets: A Priest’s Journey to Uncover the Truth Behind the Murder of 1.5 million Jews (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2008; 233 pages.). Martin Gray and his ghost writer, Max Gallo, authors of For Those I Loved, have been outdone.

On August 7, 2008, I composed an essay on the phenomenon of Shoah fraud and gullibility entitled “The secular religion of the Holocaust, a tainted product of consumer society." In it I suggested a rational explanation for the mounting success enjoyed, especially since 1980, by the new “Holocaust” or “Shoah” religion. 

Now that, in his turn, he is finally discovering this religion, will Alain Besançon decide to explain its "mystery" to us rationally? If he did so, he would discover that the revisionists, far from engaging in “fantasies,” have accumulated “an overwhelming mass of positive evidence” to support their findings. But in order to become aware of this he would at least have to start by reading their work. Having awoken in 1956 from the effects of the Communist opium, might Besançon also one day rise from the torpor into which the “Shoah religion” has sunk our thinking faculties -- this religion he is discovering now, nearly 30 years after the revisionists first exposed it?

“The religion of the Shoah” tolerates other religions, particularly the Roman Catholic religion, only insofar as they accept subordination to it. Benedict XVI knows this, as he prostrates and humiliates himself before it. Especially lie-ridden, the “Shoah religion” calls for hatred and crusades. In this respect, repeating the image used by Jean Jaurès regarding capitalism, it can be said of the new religion that it “bears war within it just as thick clouds bear a storm.”

[Editor's note: Dr. Faurisson (PhD. The Sorbonne) is a former Professor of Literature at the University of Lyon. He has been repeatedly physically assaulted, and prosecuted and fined in French courts. In Toronto in 1985 he was the chief consultant to the legal defense team during the show trial of publisher Ernst Zündel, against Norman Finkelstein's hero, the late "Holocaust" historian Prof. Raul Hilberg, who testified on behalf of the government prosecutor's attempt to imprison Zündel for fifteen months. Thanks to Faurisson, Hilberg was reduced to near incoherence, testifying at one point, "I'm at a loss" (cf. Hoffman, The Great Holocaust Trial [Torrance, Calif., 1985]).

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Synagogue Bomb Plot" - Latest Zionist Publicity Coup

Copyright ©2009 by Michael Hoffman

The round-up of patsies in the FBI/police-provoked "synagogue bomb plot" (the ersatz weapons and explosives were, as per usual, furnished by the cops themselves), is only the latest Zionist publicity coup, timed to coincide with the hyping of the Iranian missile launch, the visit of assassin-master Binyamin "Bibi" Netanyahu to the White House, and Jeffrey Goldberg's Holocaustomania-drenched apologia for Netanyahu's murderous racism, in the pages of the oh-so hip-and-humane New York Times.

Dim-witted news anchors across the television and radio air waves and satellite rays have confidently repeated the account of the NY synagogue bomb plot exactly as told to them by "the police and the FBI." Nary a dollop of skepticism do the media offer to salt this goose, in spite of the fact that it is has been conclusively documented that the Federal government from Bush and Cheney to Condi and Colin lied to us big time concerning Saddam Hussein's supposed weapons of mass distraction. 

Loud mouth Cheney, who has taken a cue from the rabbis and decided that the best policy is the chutzpagh tactic --  of lying outrageously with a straight face about "enhanced interrogation" and the "threat of terror" -- lied most outrageously during his time in office, by claiming Saddam was mixed up with with Al Qaeda in the 9/11 attacks. In reporting Cheney's recent speeches defending torture, nowhere have the major media reminded the people of Cheney's most easily documented big lie -- about Saddam/Al Qaeda. 

The little shadow play in Mayor Bloomberg's New York, with the-suckers-who-would-be synagogue bombers (James Cromitie, Laguerre Payen, David Williams and Onta Williams), is a harbinger of our through-a-glass-darkly future, wherein any sustained rejection by the American people of the Israeli sodomy of Uncle Sam, will be met by a backpack-detonated nuke in downtown (pick your radioactive poison): Seattle, Chicago or Houston; said backpack to be detonated by an A-rab suicide bomber whose passport will miraculously drift down from the mushroom cloud, and land intact at the feet of Sean Hannity. The media will report this mother of all terror acts exactly as the covert terrorists --which is to say U.S. and Israeli intelligence --will want it reported, and that will end the peace and populism movements, as well as the Bill of Rights as we know it.

The Cryptocracy permits us the safety-valve, playpen simulacra of what we imagine to be petition, exposé, voting, organizing and protesting, but since It owns the major broadcast and print media, and commands the loyalty of the time-serving, mercenary bureaucrats in law enforcement and intelligence, anytime it begins to look as though We the People will actually revolt and seriously alter U.S. policy toward the Israeli war machine, or the Carlyle Group's military-industrial profit-complex, or the bankster's speculative ability to raise oil prices in a time of falling demand for oil, then the whole Yankee Doodle Spirit of '76 townhall populist pitchfork rebellion will be locked down and locked up in a two-pronged motion made possible by one big repeat of 9/11.

This can happen mainly because the scum of the earth, i.e. "news" executives at the six main TV networks (CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, FOX and PBS), and at National Public Radio and the newspaper chains, are all disproportionately staffed by agents and mouthpieces of the police and security apparatus of the Zionist Occupation Government (ZOG) itself.

As the curtain rises on today's comically contrived, off-Broadway synagogue bombshow, confirmed and repeated with a sober and straight face by a turkey flock of reporters and news execs, we are seeing our future in microcosm - captive to the secret agents of the state who fuel, feed, arm and direct the "antisemitic terrorists" and "jihadists" who will bomb us to smithereens if we don't loyally submit to the Dick Cheney apocalypse-now paradigm of Zionist-goodness vs. Third World-wickedness -- the perpetual war for perpetual peace dystopia.

Top Priority: The loudest alarm we should be sounding every day of our lives, in every imaginable forum and street corner, if we would have any hope of halting this black op, false flag, Arlington Road process, is the clarion alert to all Americans that every domestic "terror" plot or actual attack should always first be assumed to be a U.S. government covert action, until proved otherwise.

The sad little rehearsal with the four patsies today in New York, preceded by the Air Force One flyover Manhattan stagecraft, are intimations of a government-orchestrated terrorist spectacular in our future that will end the Bill of Rights as we know it, if we fail to boldly call the media on its mouthpiece status as a servile publicity arm of American "security forces." 

We must reinstate the sleuthing reporter's vocation of uncovering hidden works of darkness by bigshots in high places, not the Cryptocracy's "right" to lock us down --and up-- due to a depraved "news" media that's part of the play


Hoffman is the author of Judaism Discovered, the only book about Judaism ever banned by Amazon.com

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cereal Murder and the Group Mind

A researcher contacted me today for access to an accurate transcript of the following interview. In making it available to him I decided to post it here as well. (Please keep in mind that this is copyrighted material).

From the year 2000: 
Joan d'Arc Interviews Michael Hoffman for Paranoia magazine

The Scapegoating of Ted Kaczynski 
Cereal Murder and the Group Mind

Joan d'Arc: Michael, in your excellent on-line article entitled "The Scapegoat: Ted Kaczynski, Ritual Murder and the Invocation of Catastrophe," (now available in the book Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare) you write that the Unabom case has been "rubber-stamped in newsrooms with the logo of the FBI." As you explain, a very un-American collusion between the media and the FBI from the beginning primed the public for Ted Kaczynski's guilt without due process and trial. Have we been witness again to a 'lone nut' in the making?

Michael Hoffman: Yes, this is the point I make in my essay, "Profiling the FBI's Unabom Charade." It fits the classic profile from Oswald to Arthur Bremer to Tim McVeigh. The tip-off is when you see, at the height of the investigation, that the chief suspect is apprehended and yet there is no search for accomplices. This was true with "Son of Sam" and with Kaczynski. How was the FBI so certain Kaczynski had zero accomplices? Because they had Kaczynski under surveillance for years. They were shepherding him. Unabom is a Federal government operation.

d'Arc: As you state, the nomenclature of the "Unabom-er" was concocted by the FBI. You state that no credible evidence has actually linked Mr. Kaczynski to all or even most of the bombings. In addition, the most well-known sketch of the alleged "Unabom" suspect depicts a hooded man with sunglasses, a mustache and curly red hair. Strangely, the "Unabom Manifesto" alludes to the existence of potential accomplices in the mail bomb attacks for which Kaczynski is now famous. Yet there has been no investigation or follow-up of various leads, nor has there been media curiosity about this possibility. How does this fit into the 'Trial by Media" scenario?

Hoffman: I am a former reporter for the N.Y. bureau of the Associated Press so I know the media. People have this idea that reporters for big outlets are these super-hip, highly educated people. They're not! They are mostly low-grade careerists who eat junk food and have filled their heads with conformist crap since they started college. They are rubber-stamped from a mold. They have little curiosity because real curiosity is dangerous -- just ask the late reporter Don Bolles who got car-bombed by Barry Goldwater's pal Kemper Marley. Bolles was a very curious reporter!

I think the local reporters on the Kaczynski scene in Montana, from the Great Falls, Helena and Missoula papers and TV stations, knew that something intense was happening involving the "Power Brokers" and they backed off. The first question a good reporter would ask of the Feds is, "Why are you so certain Kaczynski acted alone? You haven't even searched for any accomplices even though the 'Unabom Manifesto' mentions other members of the FC club?" There are hundreds of questions. I'd start there.

d'Arc: You point to the fact that nobody other than the Feds were allowed anywhere near Kaczynski's cabin during the search and seizure of property, where the media reported that "truckloads of evidence" were taken from a tiny structure less than 200 square feet. What in your estimation is wrong with this picture?

Hoffman: It's the same picture as in Oklahoma City where the Murrah building was demolished before any real investigation could begin. This destruction of evidence- a felony - is committed by the felons in "our" own government.

d'Arc: Michael, you write that a few days after Ted Kaczynski's apprehension, on April 11, 1996, you got his attention by holding up a cardboard poster at the window of the Helena jail. You indicate that via sign language Kaczynski expressed an interest in a visit from you in jail, and that you entered the jail on that day. Can you describe what you saw in the jail that day. Were you his only visitor and were you able to see Mr. Kaczynski?

Hoffman: It was eerie. The jail was deserted except for a couple of local people visiting some other prisoner. This was the day Kaczynski was the most famous man in America. This was the day Time and Newsweek came out with Kaczynski on the cover. Yet there were no environmentalists at the jail drumming support, singing, chanting so Kaczynski could hear them. No environmentalists trying to visit him. Just me, one lone investigator and that was it. The environmentalists were massaging their computer keyboards at the time. There was wild speculation and gossip flying all over the Internet. But for some reason no one bothered to go to the scene - beyond virtual reality to reality. Except for me, Kaczynski was totally alone. It was spooky, given the fact that he was the most famous man on the planet at the time.

d'Arc: You also state that one of the media/FBI myths about Ted Kaczynski was that he was "a reviled kook who reeked of body odor, dressed abominably and was paranoid." Can you tell us how you have arrived at the belief that this is a contrived story and what you think is behind it?

Hoffman: I went to Lincoln where Kaczynski has lived for years and talked to everyone I could. Some of the locals I spoke with said that when the media came across a person in Lincoln who spoke positively about Ted K., the interview was never broadcast. The townfolk told me that the people who spoke the most negatively were people who hardly knew him. But they're the ones who got the most sound bites on the nightly news.

I got to befriend one lady, a town official, who knew Ted fairly well. He had helped her son with homework and visited her irregularly. She said that when Ted was around his cabin digging in his garden, etc. he was dirty. That's when the Feds grabbed him - in his work clothes. But when Ted went to town he cleaned up, put on decent clothes, was friendly etc. Originally this lady and several others wanted to testify on Ted's behalf at his trial. But then his lawyers practically said he was guilty and Ted did little from his jail cell to counter that impression and this demoralized his friends in Lincoln severely.

d'Arc: You note that Kaczynski, an alleged "publicity-obsessed serial killer," was peculiarly reticent at his sentencing. At this opportune time, with the media spotlight on him, Kaczynski only stated that his opinions had been distorted and he would make a statement later. What did you find strange about this? Do you think Mr. Kaczynski was immediately put on a pharmaceutical such as Prozac, or has had a mind control implant of some sort, and remains under the influence of such?

Hoffman: I really have no idea what he was on. My essay on Unabom was published in Apocalypse Culture II (Feral House) in edited form. They even printed words I never wrote, including that I assert that Kaczynski definitely ingested a "drug soup." I never wrote that. What I actually wrote is that when the judge only asked Kaczynski at his sentencing if he had taken any medication in the "previous 24 hours," that the time frame cited was too narrow and that the effects of long-term use of such drugs as Prozac and Luvox (the drugs of the Columbine killers and Kip Kinkel) take longer than 24 hours to subside, if indeed Kaczynski had been ingesting them. I point out that Kaczynski's behavior during his pre-sentencing incarceration may have been the result of government-imposed medication or even as you suggest, an implant. But I have no evidence to prove that.

d'Arc: You write, "the need to convict Kaczynski and to cover up any connections to other individuals and organizations who may have been associated with him, is a pattern found in several cases involving spectacular crimes, tremendous publicity and the imprinting of the Group Mind." Can you discuss this "pattern" as it also applies to the creation of "lone nuts" like Lee Harvey Oswald, Arthur Bremer, Sirhan Sirhan, Tim McVeigh, David Berkowitz and James Earl Ray?

Hoffman: Like James Earl Ray and Son of Sam David Berkowitz, Kaczynski had no trial. He just copped the usual plea in such cases and was whisked into his living tomb.

d'Arc: You write that in the observance of a ritual working, we should find a pattern of relevant synchronicities in the days following the "Unabom" attacks which would perform as Group Mind imprinting and would have a "message for the masses." You state such messages would affect the Group Mind like a billboard on Broadway. Michael, can you read the Unabom billboard for those of us who are unable to see the writing on the wall?

Hoffman: A lot of people acknowledge that Charles Fort was correct when he said that everything is connected. New Age seminars have been emphasizing the truth of this as well. Yet when it comes to crime, politics and government, it's as though a rationalistic filter is imposed on our perception and we go back to the same old mundane habits of mind as the sleepwalkers around us.

The missing element in studying true crime or occult crime or "cereal" killers is the story aspect. Above all else these are stories, like a bedtime story or a fairy story or a Shakespeare play. I'm not saying they are fiction. I'm saying they are speaking to the eternal verities and themes that are common to powerful literature and to the tales which have imprinted people to such an extent that they are passed down from generation to generation.

A story is a message told with words and other symbols, invoking familiar images from the subconscious, which then generate an internal dialogue between our conscious and subconscious. In a benign sense this is how much useful knowledge is imparted, but in a malignant sense this is how people are programmed. The Cryptocracy doesn't so much seek to program us by tampering with our high school textbooks as by the spinning of tales that are as electric and golden as anything from the realm of King Arthur or the Arabian Nights.

If one wishes to see this in action one studies the Unabom outrages and then what happens during them and immediately after them because that's part of the story! Not just the isolated data itself but the whole fabric of Group Mind consciousness as it is driven by the ritual in the Media-Infotainment universe of the modern world. I point out in my Unabom study that there were some ecological catastrophes seemingly triggered by Unabom. There was also twilight language play by the media itself, including USA Today. Government assets in the media were making vague allusions to the trickster element of the "hunt for Unabom."

So a story was woven and it consisted of a great deal more than the particulars of the Unabom case itself. People who read my study will see what I mean. For this writer the story of Unabom is the story of a scapegoat ritually bound to a blackening (not a greening) of the earth, as part of the trickster process at work. One could cite here the Hellfire Club's spirit of occult jesting. Probably a number of your readers are fans of Dashwood's Hellfire Club. I am not one of them. There is an occult nose-thumbing at the bottom of many of these twilight language cereal murders, such as Jack the Ripper - poking fun at the investigators and the public because so many don't get the black comedy at the heart of it. It's a feeling of superiority magnified exponentially.

d'Arc: You report that Kaczynski's surrender to his captors on April 3, 1996 occurred in the geodetic realm at the following nodal point: The Scapegoat, at Lincoln, Montana, the Scapegoat Wilderness and the Scapegoat Eatery. You describe Ted Kaczynski as a human scapegoat, "an Atlas whose 'shrug' continues to reverberate in the consciousness of the Group Mind of America mystica." Is this part of the meaning of the billboard?

Hoffman: Yes, in the sense that this "Scapegoat" element is there for everyone to see and they do see it. Our subconscious does anyway. But then they dismiss it as being too weird. Most investigators in this field are vastly out-classed by the perpetrators, because the investigators limit themselves only to the prosaic "facts of the case": the murder weapon, the motive, the suspect, etc. Ask them to look at a US Forest Service map of where Kaczynski lived and spot "Scapegoat" staring out at them like a beacon and they'll respond by saying, "You're discrediting your case by this weirdness." Actually they discredit their own investigations by failing to factor in the weirdness -- which the FBI's Behavior-Mod squad has built into it.

d'Arc: You have also asserted that the "Unabom ritual" is a "masonic psychodrama" for the processing of humanity. You further explain that in such occult crime rituals, a synchronistic work of literature usually appears before the crimes are perpetrated, which serves as a "virtual script." Can you discuss this virtual script with regard to the Unabom psychodrama?

Hoffman: Yes, it's my contention that these are occult rituals and that like the Rosicrucian Manifestos of the early 17th century they are accompanied by anonymous statements of intent like the original Unabom manifesto, as well as scripts that precede the ritual, just as the book "Black Abductor" preceded the Symbionese Liberation Army Phoenix rite and in Kaczynski's case, it was a story by Joseph Konrad.

d'Arc: You also point out that the Hollywood film, "U.S. Marshals," starring Tommy Lee Jones, debuted in theatres across the country during the days leading up to Ted Kaczynski's arraignment. Can you delineate this film's connection to the Unabom charade?

Hoffman: It's all connected, we just need to hone our holistic vision to the point where we can see the whole cobweb. Look at the movie "The Matrix" in the wake of Columbine. Look at "The Wicker Man" movie in the same time frame as Son of Sam. The themes of the killings are in the movies. The consciousness and secret gnosis of the killers is there too.

The processing is almost all out in the open in this era of the Revelation of the Method. Al Gore's pal Tommy Lee Jones did a movie called "US Marshals" in the aftermath of the capture of Kaczynski. In the movie there's a US Federal agent named Kaczynski (I don't know how they spell it in the screenplay but that is the exact sound of the agent's name in the film. Rent the DVD and you'll see what I mean). Kaczynski, the government agent in the movie, is at the center of an incredible double-cross.

When Chevie Kehoe slaughtered William Mueller and his whole family in Arkansas, he eliminated the last material witness who could have connected Tim McVeigh to the US government and the US government's own pseudo-neo-Nazi terror gang, the "Aryan Republican Army." When Kehoe perpetrated the killings he was wearing an FBI tactical command jumpsuit.

Revelation of the Method concerns mind control in the last stages and at a high level. When you tell someone what you are doing to them - murder, mayhem, kidnap, rape, you name it - and they do nothing to stop you or protect themselves, you have created a doubly enslaved subject.

This is part of the motivation for the occult processing of America through ritual murder etc. The Cryptocracy carries out "cereal" murder crimes attended by archetypal signs and symbols which the dreaming mind of the Group Mind groks at a certain level. Next they confess in the Videodrome that it is the police and the authorities who are behind the crimes. Then they let the whole stew percolate into the psyche of the masses until the next covert sting operation.

This is partly why we have the least revolutionary and most passive population in recent memory. I'm not advertising the invincibility or genius of the Cryptocracy. They are succeeding by default and by dint of their great gambler's instincts. It's a huge risk to reveal to people what you've done to them. Somebody who can decode this for the masses can short circuit it and turn it against the Cryptocracy.

They guard against this by seeding all kinds of X-files style "noise" into the ranks of conspiracy students - all intended to mislead and to muddy the waters so that one clear voice of discernment, one vision for decoding the story, can't be seen or heard amid the competing din. That's what has happened thus far, but I believe that it is inevitable that my work is going to gain more currency. Give me two hours with any group of average intelligence and I'll have them reading twilight language and decoding occult rituals for the rest of their lives.

When that happens the Cryptocrats become transparent and they're in quite a spot of trouble if you ask me, because all they have is this Oz game -- of the man behind the curtain. It's a huge con. I am synchronizing people with reality and there's power in that because reality is truth.

"What is truth?" asked Pontius Pilate. Truth is what the universe operates on. It's what fuels the sun and makes the galaxies spiral. It can be known and it can be surfed, and it can help and heal us all because it's the motive force of what brought us here in the first place.

The Cryptocracy can be diminished and shifted out of the way with this power of truth. But to use this power people have to love truth. Most conspiracy researchers these days don't love truth. They love novelty. They love to contemplate a million fantasy scenarios and theories rather like an enchanting flower garden. The Cryptocracy has got those people right where it wants them. For such people my ideas will be merely the latest strange novelty. I will fascinate them for as long as it takes for someone else to come along and hypothesize about Martian vampires infiltrating Microsoft.

But my work is not a hypothesis and I'm not seeking to entertain or divert. My work is for those who can bear the full glare of reality; whose heart and mind and soul have been sufficiently cleansed that when certain truths are articulated these truths "speak" to that person in a profound way. Such truth is discarded for the next novelty only at the peril of the person who received this gift sinking back - perhaps irretrievably - into the chaos and confusion which is the hallmark of one of the many virus memes seeded by the Cryptocracy during the final stage of the alchemical "Must Be" - the Making Manifest of all that is Hidden.

Copyright ©2000 by Paranoia magazine and Michael Hoffman 


Monday, May 11, 2009

For the Record: Nuremberg standards don't apply to US

Torture Memos Will Not Result in Prosecutions

George W. Bush Justice Department torture facilitators John Yoo, Jay S. Bybee and Steven G. Bradbury will not face prosecution or jail time for permitting torture by the CIA. Mr. Yoo is now a law professor at the University of California at Berkeley and Mr. Bybee is  a federal appeals court judge in Nevada. The trio wrote secret memorandums authorizing brutal torture of suspects.

See New York Times, front page of the print edition, May 6, 2009, from which the headline above is taken. (The online version of the article by David Johnston and Scott Shane has eliminated the headline "Torture Memos Will Not Result in Prosecutions," and substituted for it a more cosmetic headline, "Interrogation Memos: Inquiry Suggests No Charges". You will have to have a hard copy of the print edition to note the disparity and once hard copies are eliminated in a paperless future world, no one will be able to document the cheat).


For the Record: Israeli Nazis Used Poison Gas in Gaza

United Nations Rebukes Israel for Gaza Attacks

NY Times | P. A13 |May 6, 2009

A United Nations report released Tuesday (May 5) condemned Israel for attacking United Nations schools and other facilities during its military campaign in Gaza in January. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said a United Nations investigation found conclusively that Israeli weaponry, some containing white phosphorus, was “the undisputed cause” of attacks on several schools, a health clinic and the organization’s Gaza headquarters.

(Emphasis supplied)

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Today's Talmud Lesson: Evil Eye in Rabbinic Judaism

A Religion of Superstition

The Evil Eye in Rabbinic Judaism
The rabbis gives dissidents and doubters the evil eye and magically transform them into piles of bones

 The Babylonian Talmud relates three rabbinic killings by cursing people with the evil eye. The first is found in Brachot 58a. A supposedly "blind" rabbi --Rabbi Sheishet-- travels to see a king's procession. A dissident challenged the rabbi as follows: "Whole pitchers go to the river; where do broken vessels go?" 

The reference is as follows: Whole pitchers are able to collect water from the river; broken pitchers are useless in this regard. By the same token, it is useless for a blind man to attend a royal pageant for he is unable to see. 

Rabbi Sheishet proved his ability to see the pageant and to delineate between the king's party and the monarch himself. The Talmud relates this sarcastic dissident's fate. Rabbi Sheishet gave him the evil eye and the mocking dissident became a heap of bones. 

The second account of the rabbinic practice of the evil eye appears in the story of the revered Rabbi Shimon ben Yohai, in B.T. Shabbat 33b-34a: After using hate speech against the Romans, an informant recounted the rabbi's words to the officials and Rabbi Shimon ben Yohai was sentenced to death. Forced to conceal himself, he first hid in the house of study. 

When that place was compromised, he lived to a cave with his son, where the pair miraculously lived for years only on water, carob beans and Talmud and Kabbalah study. When the threat from the Romans subsided and Rabbi Shimon ben Yohai was able to come out in the open, he came upon the informant whose testimony had resulted in the Roman death sentence that had forced him into exile. Encountering the informant in a public place, Rabbi Shimon ben Yohai declared: "How is it that he is still alive?" Rabbi Yohai gave this this man the evil eye and the Talmud relates that the informant was instantly reduced to a pile of bones. 

Another account in the Babylonian Talmud, in Bava Batra 75a (also cf. B. Sanhedrin 100a), states that Rabbi Yohanan taught that G-d will one day produce enormous jewels and pearls that will measure 30 cubits by 30 cubits. From these huge precious stones, G-d will cut openings of 10 cubits by 20 cubits and He will place them at the gates of the city of Jerusalem. 

A skeptic laughed at this: "Nowadays we cannot find jewels and pearls that are even the size of an egg or of a small bird; how can stones of such immense proportions ever be found?" 

Time passed and the skeptic was on a ship. There he saw  angels cutting the precious stones as described by Rabbi Yohanan. The skeptic turned to the angels and asked, "For who are you making these?" The angels replied by exactly repeating Rabbi Yohanan's teaching. The skeptic returned to Rabbi Yohanan and exclaimed: "Master, speak! For you are right to speak, since just as you described it, so I have seen it!" 

Rabbi Yohanan was unimpressed by the former doubter's new enthusiasm. The rabbi declared, "You worthless one! Had you not seen it yourself would you have doubted it! You are guilty of mocking the words of the sages." Rabbi Yohanan then cursed the erstwhile skeptic with the evil eye. The skeptic then died and was instantly was transformed into a heap of bones.