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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Thursday, August 17, 2006

National Public Radio (NPR) Broadcasts Zionist Delusions 8/16

33 days of bombing Lebanon by Israelis is turned by tax-supported National Public Radio (NPR) on its Aug. 16 afternoon newscast into “the fighting between Hezbollah and Israel.”

NPR on Aug. 16 also featured Jeffrey Goldberg of The New Yorker for a ten minute uninterrupted Israeli commercial about “anti-semitism” and Arabs who hate “Jews.” Goldberg was completely delusional and he was blaming the victims; as though after 34 days of bombing, any anti-Judaic sentiment by the people of Lebanon would be wholly illegitimate and criminal.

Of course there was no reference whatsoever to the anti-Arab racism that motivated a super-power to collectively punish an entire civilian population of Arabs and kill 1,000 of them.

Goldberg was supported in his crazy chauvinism by the female NPR interviewer who sounded and acted as if she were Ariel Sharon’s niece, instead of an objective reporter charged with challenging the dogma of her interview subjects. This lengthy NPR segment reminded me of a Nazi broadcast wherein two Hitlerite reporters are decrying anti-German sentiment among the Poles they had just bombed and invaded.


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Orthodox Judaism's Support for Israeli Warfare

Israeli holocaust against Lebanon compared to "Moses' war against the Midianites"

Rabbi says Israeli warfare will "will bring redemption to the world at large"

Study-and-Warfare Project Seeks Soldiers
by Hillel Fendel

The study-and-sword partnership has gained momentum, but organizers are concerned that many soldiers have not yet signed up for a study partner to pray and study in their merit. Project "Safra VeSayfa" - literally, book and sword, or study and warfare - was formed for the express purpose of linking individual yeshiva students with specific IDF soldiers. The student "adopts" the soldier by studying Torah in his name and praying for his safety. Rabbi Simcha HaCohen Kook, the Chief Rabbi of Rechovot, as well as the Bostoner Rebbe, Rabbi Levi Yitzchok Horowitz of Har Nof, Jerusalem, have seconded the call for such partnerships.

Rabbi Kook contacted the National Council of Young Israel on this matter, explaining the seriousness and gravity of the situation. He noted the Medrashic teaching that in Moses' war against the Midianites, Moses drafted 1,000 pairs from each tribe. Of each pair, one fought in the war - and one prayed specifically for him. The Torah later teaches that the Israelites did not suffer any losses.

"By connecting the soldier to Torah study and prayer," says Maayan Ohr of Tekoa, founder of Safra VeSayfa, "the yeshiva student lends strength to the soldier on the battlefield, who then transforms this force into defending and saving our homeland." In addition, she says, "We hope to increase the sense of mutual responsibility, build a deeper connection and encourage a spirit of cooperation within our people. Unifying their strengths will bring redemption to the world at large."

For more information on the program, including how it started as a graphics project for a teacher who originally requested "nothing to do with politics or religion," click here.

Maayan says that in light of many requests from Jews around the world to pray for soldiers, it is vital to spread word of the program as far and wide as possible so that more soldiers can sign up. She also emphasizes the importance of signing up Jews from all around the world, "as the time differences will allow people to study and pray on the soldiers' behalf even while here in Israel many are sleeping." Soldiers and students who wish to participate are asked to sign up by email, at "safravesayfa@email.com".


Monday, August 14, 2006

The Ku Klux Judaism of David Mamet

The catchall solution: First blame the Jews
By David Mamet | Baltimore Sun | August 10, 2006

Twelve hundred years of European anti-Semitism, murder, rape and theft may be laid in large part, at the foot of the Gospel of John. ("He would not go about in the temple, because the Jews sought to kill him," John 7:1. "You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father's desires," John 8:44, etc., New Oxford Annotated Bible.)

Now, any and every religion has some portion of its foundation text that is morally and ethically repugnant: Jewish morning prayers, where the man "thanks God that he was not created a woman," or in Deuteronomy 21:18-21, "the rebellious child must be taken outside the camp and stoned to death." The Gospels did not cause anti-Semitism, but they licensed it, to Christian Europe. 

(End quote from Mr. Mamet)

Michael Hoffman replies:

Mamet is a Hollywood script-writer, director and playwright. He also dabbles in ritual and stage magic and Kabbalah with his factotum, the magician Ricky Jay. In his first paragraph, Mamet offers the familiar indictment of the Gospel of John as "licensing 'anti-Semitism." What this con-artist will not tell his readers is that the Old Testament also contains powerful anti-Jewish pronouncements by Yahweh's Prophets. Is it “anti-semitic”?

To gauge Mamet's dishonesty, examine how he deliberately garbles the Morning Prayer of Judaism: "where the man 'thanks God that he was not created a woman." Actually in that prayer the Judaic male thanks the god of the Talmud for not making him "a slave, a gentile or a woman."

The deceitful Mamet won't quote that part of the prayer because it might cause his readers to put two-and-two together and come up with the source of Israeli contempt for the lives of non-Judaic Arab civilians: rabbinic law and the prayers of Judaism.

Mamet's column in the Baltimore Sun is an ignorant, chauvinist rant that parrots the same shopworn cliches, "The world hates us. We are blameless.” 

This from a supposedly sophisticated progressive who, in his books and plays, "nobly" exposes the underside of traditional Southern Christian culture. Mamet is an extreme manifestation of Talmudic-tribalism and Ku Klux Judaism who has made it his vocation to self-righteously deflate American Christian tribalism.

For our last laugh, dig this line from Mamet: "And much of the liberal West, thrilled to have a victim to worship, nods along." He's criticizing any solidarity with Arab victims of Israeli massacres on the basis that such solidarity constitutes a morbid liberal victim cult.

Yet Mamet is a card-carrying member of the biggest victim-worshipping cult of them all: Holocaustianity.

Copyright©2006 by RevisionistHistory.org


Nazi Israelis


Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Ho-Hum Holocaust



Hannah Arendt called it the banality of evil and here it is on the front page of the New York Times. 25 Arabs snuffed today. 

No big deal, no war crimes trials, no mournful holocaust-talk of “ t's happening again;" just another day full of dead Arabs.

The dogs bark and the Israeli slow motion genocide caravan rolls on.

Israelis Bomb UN Convoy

"...In one overnight airstrike (Aug. 12), a convoy of some 500 vehicles carrying civilians and Lebanese security forces, escorted by United Nations peacekeepers and fleeing north from Merj' Uyun with permission negotiated with Israel, was struck near Shtaura in the Bekaa Valley.

"Witnesses and hospital officials said at least six people were killed, including a Lebanese Army officer. The Israeli military said the convoy was fired upon because of a 'suspicion' it might contain Hezbollah fighters. TV images showed wrecked cars, a woman's shoes and other belongings scattered across the road.

" ...Aid convoys from the United Nations and other relief agencies have been unable to get help to the countryside for days. Relief workers say they must phone the Israeli Embassy in Washington to ask for permission for convoys to travel and it is rarely granted.

Source: John Kifner and Greg Myre, "After U.N. Accord, Israel Expands Push in Lebanon," NY Times August 13, 2006.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Terror "Plot" Pays Big Dividends for Bush and Blair

by Michael A. Hoffman II
Note the last item in the column from the front page of this morning's online New York Times: "Arrests bolster GOP as Election Nears." Lebanon is off the front pages of the British newspapers and Republicans are back on top in American politics, all thanks to a mouthpiece media that accepts at face value the conspiracy claims of US and British governments that believe that in wartime truth is so precious it must be protected by a bodyguard of lies. Deception in wartime is a staple of US and British intelligence. This is an axiom about which the US media are unwilling to breathe a word.

Bush and Blair lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but they would never lie about a terror "plot" in England? Yeah, right.

Historically, the mission of journalists is to be skeptics and adversaries of Big Brother, probing and investigating government pronouncements, and testing their veracity, but not any more. Now the media is an echo chamber for an "infallible" government. When it comes to pronouncements about "terror attacks," Bush and Blair enjoy the status of the pope.

When Republicans in the US are low in the polls or Israeli war crimes are focusing world-wide horror and revulsion on Zionism, along comes an Al-Qaeda-"linked" terror attack or terror "plot" in time to rehabilitate Bush, Blair and "Israel."

Merely a coincidence?

Moreover, even if this "shampoo" explosives tale were true, why does the West react to it as if we are all innocent little lambs minding our own business in our neck of the woods, rather than allies of Israeli mass murder in far-away Lebanon, where we have no business? Do we imagine that we will assist the Israelis in blowing Arab grandmothers and infants out of their beds and there will be no nasty repercussions?

The Israelis and Americans have taught the Arabs that collective punishment is a legitimate form of warfare. Collective punishment is official Israeli policy. The Israelis have declared that since the people of Lebanon tolerate Hezbollah, they too are rightful targets of bombs, missiles and cluster weapons.

If and when the Arabs turn that logic upon us, and target American and British civilians for tolerating Bush and Blair, suddenly it is a monstrous evil; "Islamic fascism" at its devilish work.

George W. Bush and Tony Blair are deliberately inciting war with the Muslim world by such actions as funding, arming and approving Israeli genocide in Lebanon. The problem with war, aside from its obvious crimes and sins, is that the resulting war fever tends to close the minds of the citizens who are being drummed into lock-step, "patriotic" formation behind "their leaders," so that clear thinking is the first casualty.

The first President Bush helped to rehabilitate war as an instrument of US policy in the first Iraq war. Bill Clinton furthered that rehabilitation in the name of the "good cause" of waging war against "Serbian evil."

Clinton and NATO fought that "evil" so effectively that their bombing killed an estimated 10,000 civilians. Geoge W. Bush has pushed the envelope to where we are now: perpetual war against a dehumanized foe, with all the tools we used vis a vis the far more sinister atheistic Soviet Communists -- diplomacy, trade, negotiation -- cast on to the neo-con's junk heap of history.

But if we sift through that heap we will find that history teaches that war is almost always an instrument for swelling the size of government, curtailing civil liberties, enlarging the police forces and spy apparatus, enriching the military-industrial complex and killing the innocent by the thousands and the millions.

None of this has to happen. America can pull out of the Middle East. Without the American Goliath to back their killings and land thefts, the Zionists would have to make peace with their neighbors and the billions spent on the "war on terror" could go to making the US energy-independent.

To have for President of the United States, a depraved, secret society retard and murderer like George W. Bush can only be a curse on us for our sins: our selfish refusal to have large families, our rampant materialism and our vicious, buccaneer capitalist economic system based on shylock interest rates.

The Republicans are up in the polls? If this is true, and I trust pollsters about as far as I can throw them, it signifies that Americans are up for a Judaic war of annihilation against dehmanized native people; that our children and our grandchildren will still be fighting this war; a war that will see the imposition in the US of identification papers, preventive detention of dissenters, the suspension of the Constitution, the rise of a president-dictator, the enactment of the Talmudic Noahide laws and the death of the liberty for which generations of Americans have fought and died.

Never was a revolution more necessary in these United States.

Copyright©2006 by RevisionistHistory.org

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Deconstructing Aug. 10, 2006 Wisconsin Speech by Bonesman Bush

by Michael Hoffman 

THE PHOTO: Note the sense of sterility and isolation in this photo. The "masses of people" from whom Bush allegedly derives his mandate are nowhere to be seen. Only spook-like figures in black suits and another black-suited man at a microphone. The aircraft in the background is supposed to connote the threat to aviation posed by terrorists, but it is more likely to summon the image of the bird of prey used by Israeli (state) terrorists to bomb Lebanon. Kennedy purported to impart a vision of "the New Frontier" and Johnson "the Great Society." The vision furnished by Bonesman Bush, as evinced by this staged photograph, is of a nightmare world drained of all life and subject to one man rule backed by secret agents.

THE VIDEO: The video of this speech shows Bush delivering "his" words with little passion or conviction. With a couple of exceptions when his voice rises slightly (for example, when delivering this line: "It is a mistake to believe there is no threat to the United States of America"), Bush recites his statement in a drone-like monotone, rather than speaking with animation. There is a zombie quality of the ventriloquist's dummy, which Bush only half-heartedly attempts to conceal.


TWILIGHT LANGUAGE KEY WORDS: stark reminder | nation at war | Islamic fascists | will use any means to destroy those of us who love freedom | this venture was excellent | there are people that still plot | people who want to harm us for what we believe in | we have given our officials the tools they need | we will take the steps necessary | we live in a dangerous world | our government will do everything we can | to protect our people | from ...dangers

DECRYPTION OF SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE: I repeat, we fascists are making war on Islam. We will use any means to destroy those who love freedom. This venture was excellent. We still plot to harm those who do not believe in us. Officials have the tools and will take the steps necessary to make the world we live in dangerous. Our rulers will do everything to protect officials from danger.

Copyright©2006 RevisionistHistory.org

President Bush Discusses Terror Plot Upon Arrival in Wisconsin
Austin Straubel International Airport Green Bay, Wisconsin

Aug. 10, 2006. 10:54 A.M. CDT THE PRESIDENT: The recent arrests that our fellow citizens are now learning about are a stark reminder that this nation is at war with Islamic fascists who will use any means to destroy those of us who love freedom, to hurt our nation. I want to thank the government of Tony Blair and officials in the United Kingdom for their good work in busting this plot. I thank the officials in Washington, D.C. and around our country who gather intelligence and who work to protect the American people. The cooperation on this venture was excellent -- cooperation between U.K. and U.S. authorities and officials was solid. And the cooperation amongst agencies within our government was excellent. This country is safer than it was prior to 9/11. We've taken a lot of measures to protect the American people. But obviously, we're still not completely safe, because there are people that still plot and people who want to harm us for what we believe in. It is a mistake to believe there is no threat to the United States of America. And that is why we have given our officials the tools they need to protect our people. Travelers are going to be inconvenienced as a result of the steps we've taken. I urge their patience and ask them to be vigilant. The inconvenience is -- occurs because we will take the steps necessary to protect the American people. Again, I appreciate the close cooperation between our government and the government of the United Kingdom. The American people need to know we live in a dangerous world, but our government will do everything we can to protect our people from those dangers. Thank you. (End quote)


I am at War with Fascist Judaism

by One of the 7,000*

Statement of Michael Hoffman on President George W. Bush's declaration of war with a particular religion, "Islamic fascism"

Jesus Christ was not attacked by "Islamic fascists" but by the ideological heirs of today's rabbis. The modern creed of Orthodox Judaism is the same traditional Mishnaic religion as that of the ancient Pharisees who hounded, hunted, stoned and murdered Jesus Christ.

Today, rabbinic fascists are at war with God and all those who love Jesus. One of Judaism's seven "Noahide" laws for non-Judaics prescribes the death penalty for "idol worshippers." Adoration of Jesus Christ constitutes idol worship according to the highest legal authority in Judaism, the Mishneh Torah of Rabbi Moses Maimonides.

Islam is a Christian heresy, the most extreme of all such heresies, but it is still Christian, whereas Judaism is the declared enemy of Jesus Christ and has been since A.D. 33.

Bush is a member of the Judeo-masonic secret society known as Skull and Bones. As such, he is spiritually an appendage of Judaism and he will do the bidding of the rabbis in shedding blood and making war, so that counterfeit "Israel" may continue to plunder land and murder civilians without limit.

In declaring war on the religion of Islam on behalf of racist, murderous Judaism -- the world's most dictatorial, freedom-hating tyranny - Bush has unleashed the darkest demons from Gehanna onto planet earth.

The mad Judas in the White House has made certain that for which Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton laid the groundwork: war without end, and the transformation of America from a Christian Republic into a rabbinic dictatorship that will make Orwell's 1984 look like Mr. Rogers' neighborhood.

May all lovers of freedom continue in the God-ordained struggle against the Chief Priests and their modern heirs, the rabbis of fascist Orthodox Judaism.

To George W. Bush I declare, Caesar had his Brutus and Charles the First his Cromwell, and may you profit from their example.

We will have no King but Jesus!

Michael Hoffman 

*One of the 7,000 of I Kings 19:18


Christians in Pakistan Offer Memorial to Victims of Israeli Holocaust in Lebanon

Aug. 10, 2006--At St. Anthony's Church in Lahore, Pakistani Christians light candles during a special prayer service for the victims of Israeli bombings in Lebanon.

Once Upon a Time...

by Michael A. Hoffman II

Once upon a time a dragon was burning cities to its north and committing mass murder on an unimaginable scale. Now this dragon had previously been able to present itself as a lovable curmudgeon, but when the creatures of the western forest saw in their magic mirrors the burned corpses and the cries of the women and children whom the dragon had incinerated, they began to doubt the dragon and question their support for him.

Now the dragon was more subtle of all creatures, and it cast a spell as follows, "British authorities said today that they had thwarted a terrorist plot to blow up multiple airliners traveling between Britain and the United States and cause mass murder on an unimaginable scale."

By the dragon's enchantment the attention of the forest creatures of the west was shifted from the real life victims of his fire, to the imaginary contours of his fairy tale, and thereafter the dragon breathed his fire with renewed vigor and impunity.

Copyright©2006 RevisionistHistory.org

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hoffman Deconstructs Jackie Mason's Defense of Mel Gibson


(Mason's remarks follow Hoffman's column)

by Michael A. Hoffman II

The following remarks in defense of Mel Gibson, by the comedian and former rabbi, Jackie Mason, are making the Internet rounds and garnering the kind of unqualified elation that makes me shake my head at the superficial nature of online mentation.

Not that Mr. Mason doesn't make some important points: that Gibson has never done a thing against Judaics or their empire. Quite true.

That Abe Foxman's job requires him to invent racism where there isn't any. Also true. So should we stand up and cheer for Jackie Mason, the fair-minded Judaic?

Well, that's one of the reasons why Mason has been allowed his high profile cheer for Gibson. As the prestige of Judaism plummets in the wake of the Israeli holocaust against Lebanon, the inevitable charm offensive begins. The Cryptocracy wants us to believe that Judaism produces some good and decent people, like Jackie Mason.

The Cryptocracy wants us to continue to believe in Judaism, to some extant at least. Like Joe Sobran, who is cognizant of some of what the Talmud teaches but was moved to praise Rabbi Moses Miamonides anyway, for his supposed monotheistic rectitude.

It wouldn't do for Americans to despise Orthodox Judaism the way they've been taught to despise radical Islam, as wholly and irredeemably evil.

So the Jackie Masons, the Daniel Lapins and the "Torah True" anti-Zionist rabbis are trotted out center stage to keep us believing that Judaism is in some way our elder brother in the faith, with good-hearted folk in its nooks and crannies.

Second point: Judaics respect power, not blogs, chattering classes and pundits, and Mel Gibson wields the power of cinema, with which Judaics have shaped America in their image and likeness since they first managed to steal the medium away from its gentile pioneers, Thomas Edison, D.W. Griffith and Walt Disney.

If Gibson had the nerve, he certainly has the means -- technical, financial and artistic -- to produce a riveting two hour epic film demolishing the homicidal gas chamber hoax. Or he could make a film on the truth about Judaism as a crime syndicate that calls itself a religion. Movies like that could permanently damage--even threaten to scuttle--the entire scaffolding of the hypnosis that sustains the pulsating core of the Cryptocracy.

Mel Gibson has power and the Cryptocracy is not going to allow him to be attacked from every side and driven thereby into the arms of "radical extremists" like Michael A. Hoffman II, Arthur Butz or George Galloway.

So, while the berserk Zionists are allowed to pummel him and make him eat crow, another wing of the Cryptocracy is there to shield him, soothe him and keep him in the fold. Enter Jackie Mason.

Mason is a Judaic of Judaics but he says Gibson has never harmed the Judaics in all of his career. That career includes the movie "The Passion," which has been mistaken for some enormous blow to Judaism. Celebrity and star-power are wondrous things. "The Passion" is actually a hate-the-Romans flick. "The Passion" has the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary played by a homely Khazaress, while Satan is played by a beautiful Aryan type.

"The Passion" has Christ say "Father forgive them" as the camera pans to show the Chief Priest of the Pharisees. Jackie Mason, a Judaic of Judaics, can find nothing offensive in "The Passion." Others rabbis have concurred.

Mel Gibson has never done a thing against Judaism. Mason is telling a truth Christians and especially traditional Catholics, have denied and blocked from their consciousness.

Jackie Mason makes much of the virtue of decency. He calls Gibson decent because Mason says Gibson never harmed Judaics. Aw shucks, that's sweet of Jackie to say that. It gives us all a warm fuzzy feeling, the we're-all-in-this-together vibe that Judaic Hollywood has been promoting since it first took over as storyteller to the nation.

The problem is that Mason has not followed his own advice and cannot by any stretch of the imagination be considered a decent fellow himself.

Rabbi Meir Kahane was the founder of the misnamed Jewish Defense League or JDL, which bombed its way across America and was listed as a terrorist organization by the FBI. In the Israeli state, JDL member Baruch Goldstein slaughtered 40 Palestinians in Hebron in 1994.

Rabbi Kahane advocated the forced expulsion of all Arabs, Christian or Muslim, from Palestine. Who backed Kahane and his blood-dripping terror gang? None other than our avuncular quondam rabbi and awarder of certificates of human decency, Jackie Mason, who now, thanks to his favored position in the Establishment media, is placed in the role of arbiter of Hollywood deceny.

Sure, it's enjoyable to hear the truth about Abe Foxman and the ADL, and about parasitic tinsel town losers who resent a success like Gibson, and how alcoholic intoxication is a Jekyll and Hyde phenomenon rather than an accurate reading of the content of one's soul.

But my job is to raise my readers above the level of puppets and robots, and I ask you to react to Mason's remarks about Gibson beyond those prescribed, degraded parameters.

Jackie Mason is not decent, he's not one of us and he's not speaking out for Mel out of the goodness of his heart.

Like Rabbi Lapin and the Talmud-True anti-Zionist rabbis of Neturei Karta, Mr. Mason is trying to salvage for Judaism a measure of its prestige, to snooker us into continuing to buy the discredited notion that Judaics are part of western civilization, rather than aliens utterly hostile to it and forever seeking its overthrow by one means or another.

The boobs in our ranks will uncritically applaud Mason, because they have no memory. They forget the innocent victims of the JDL, Mason's favored terror gang (known in Israeli territory as "Kach").

Still, I admit that Jackie has retailed one valuable, suppressed truth about Mel Gibson: he has never in his life done a thing to harm Judaism or its leadership.

May this truth not be forgotten.

Copyright©2006 RevisionistHistory.org


Jackie Mason defends Mel Gibson, Ridicules Hollywood Judaics and ADL

Fox News: Your World

Cavuto:  Why are you so forgiving?

Mason: I'll be honest with you. It's not that I'm so forgiving, it's that all these people are very sick. They get a vicious, sick, perverted, sadistic thrill out of this whole thing. Look at the glee in them. Look at the happiness about catching him. Because they're all basically failures or they never amounted to anything. Oh, they're actors who are struggling to make a living and they've always been bitter and envious of a guy who makes such a huge success. So now they found an excuse…

Cavuto (interrupts): But he did say a lot of nasty things. As a Jew, how do you feel about it?

Mason: Let me be very honest with you. Nobody could excuse these remarks, but do you ever take it so seriously when a guy is drunk and stupid, laying on the floor, and he says some ridiculous things. People curse their own mother in a state like that. They tell their whole family to drop dead. I mean, the whole family would be going to a cemetery by Thursday.

Cavuto: But never the less, they say it's a truth serum. You don't buy that?

Mason: They say it's a truth serum. You gotta be a moron, you gotta be the phoniest, wretchedest fraud in the world to claim that it's a truth serum.  If it's your family or your friends and they say something in a drunken state, you say he's drunk and you forget about it. In a drunken state you might bang your head against the wall. Does that mean you wanna break your head?  You might go into a car…

Cavuto: (interrupts) You're not bitter toward Mel?

Mason: I wanna ask you a question. Do you ever notice how people beg a guy not to drive when he's drunk and he drives anyway cause he doesn't even know he's drunk and he doesn't even know he shouldn't be driving and he doesn't even know that ten seconds later  he's dead?

Cavuto: That's a very good point.

Mason: If you wanna kill yourself, does that prove yourself that really if you gave him a gun he would kill himself? If you gave him a gun I don't think he'd kill himself. He's too sick and drunk to know that he's about to kill himself. I wanna ask you a question. These people are attacking him. They're all saying the same thing in Hollywood, "I would never work with him again." These are all failures that have never worked with him before. He never asked them to work with him, he don't need them. He makes a fortune, but they can't get a job. But they're threatening him that they won't work with him again.

Cavuto: So you think a lot of this is jealousy?

Mason: Jealousy and hate and contempt for a guy who's doing too good. Also with this guy Abe Foxman, this head of the ADL. Another fake from top to bottom.  I don't talk about people, it's not my nature, but he's a total fake. Let's be honest about it. Anybody who makes a life out of fighting racism in effect has to blow-up racism in order to justify himself and the job he has, otherwise he'd have to go to work. Otherwise he'd have to get up in the morning and get a real job.

Cavuto:  Jackie, let's look at this. ABC has already cut plans to co-produce his holocaust special, so that's out. Is he going to have any ill effects from all of this in Hollywood?

Mason: He might have ill effects, because people love burying a guy who's big. If a guy on a bicycle breaks down, you cry for him. If he breaks down in a Rolls Royce, you applaud. People who make a living from fighting ant-Semitism, like Al Sharpton, and from fighting racism, they have to convince themselves there's racism everyplace and that every minute they're about to blow up every Jew in America, because otherwise they'd have to go to work for a living. He fears a job a lot more than he fears Anti-Semitism. That he might have to get up in the morning is an amazing fear that Foxman has. And all of the sudden he made himself the judge and the jury of this man.

Cavuto: Well, a lot of people have. There was that Rabbi who suggested that maybe Mel Gibson should apologize to his congregation on Yom Kippur.

Jackie: You know why?  Because nobody knows who this Rabbi is. Who cares who he is? All of the sudden he becomes a producer. All of the sudden he's producing a show with him and Mel Gibson. He'll become the star of the show. Then you'll see it in the newspapers, "Starring Rabbi Schwartz with Mel Gibson". He'll get second billing, because it's another Rabbi looking for attention. They decided they're the judge and jury of this whole situation. They've become a personal mafia now. Because who knows who they are, who would pay attention to them?  Foxman and this other guy are loving it. They're threatening him everyday about how he should apologize…

Cavuto: Jews who are speaking out against… There are some Jews who aren't in that camp who are legitimately offended. You say they should get over themselves?

Jackie: They're nuts if they're offended. His life has been a mecca of decency all of his life. He never afflicted a Jew in his life personally. How a guy lived for fifty years is what should count, not one remark when you're drunk. He never joined a club that was anti-Semitic. He never refused to give a guy a tip at a restaurant because he found out he was Jewish. His house doesn't have a sign in front of it that says 'no Jews allowed'. What did he ever do that was anti-Jewish in his life?  A whole 50 years of decency doesn't count because you made one remark? Now they say apologize, but he didn't apologize enough. He should apologize a little higher. He should apologize in the morning, he only apologized at night. …. He was apologized but he was sitting… He should have got a note to apologize… He should apologize at least two more times, four times, thirty-two… now they want him to get circumcized

Cavuto: Enough already… It's a family show…

Jackie: It's a family show, but we should have decency. It's more important if we brought decency into this world and stop attacking people because you're never amounted to anything…

Cavuto:  Jackie, you're yelling at me too.

Jackie Mason, thank you very much.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

"Nazi Holocaust" Moralists Have No Compassion for Lebanese Victims of Israeli Terror

by Michael Hoffman 

Increasingly we are seeing that those like Elie Wiesel, Steven Spielberg and Daniel Jonah Goldhagen, who wring political currency and moral mileage for the Israeli regime from perpetual "Nazi Holocaust" memorials, monuments, commemorations, classes and movies, are siding with Israeli absolutists, for whom the security of the Zionist state and the total depravity of Islam, are a priori doctrines contravening humanitarian concern for the civilian victims of indiscriminate Israeli bombings.

One of these frauds is Harvard University's Prof. Goldhagen, who can be found mouthing off in today's Los Angeles Times, espousing the Israeli tunnel vision --outrage and horror that anyone would want to destroy the Israeli entity -- even as Goldhagen calls for the destruction of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Judaic zealots are incapable of perceiving the hypocrisy of this "morality" of theirs, whose sole yardstick is the welfare of Judaics first.

Goldhagen, Wiesel, the New York Times and legions of others like them seek to confer blamelessness on the Israelis through perptual Nazi "Holocaust" obsession.

Talmudic racism and Zionist Judeo-racial supremacy are prevalent among those who have made a career out of hating and stigmatizing the Germans as hereditary "executioners," even as the accusers are complicit in the Israeli holocaust in Lebanon, going so far, as Goldhagen does, to urge an extension of that holocaust to Syria and Iran.

This tends to show that "Nazi Holocaust" propaganda is essentially a cynical exercise in generating further guilty solidarity with the Israeli war machine and its "moral capital" of dispossession and murder of indigenous Arabs.

Remember that fact the next time some "Holocaust Survivor" comes to your school or community. Ask them what they did to stop the Israeli holocaust against Lebanon. If they can't give a cogent answer, give them the bum's rush. These disgraceful Ku Klux Zionists use the suffering of the innocent during World War II, to prop up Israeli mass murder in our time.

The victims of World War II deserve spokesmen and representatives of integrity, who fight for all marginal, voiceless and oppressed people of any race or religion, rather than partisan bigots who see the world solely through Israeli eyes.

Those who seek to destroy the Islamic Republic of Iran while claiming that any similar ambition with regard to "Israel" is some kind of cosmic crime, expose a chauvinism that has strong parallels to Master Race ideology.

It's time to defy these sanctimonious "Holocaust" frauds in every forum where they presume to impose their Israeli jingoism.

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Haaretz August 9, 2006 | The Associated Press

LOS ANGELES - A foundation created by filmmaker Steven Spielberg will donate $1 million to relief efforts in Israel as it battles with Hezbollah. The Righteous Persons Foundation will make an initial contribution of $250,000 to the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles Israel Crisis Fund. The foundation will then follow up with gifts to the New Israel Fund and other organizations that are providing relief to those evacuated from northern Israel, said Marvin Levy, foundation spokesman. The Jewish Foundation will use its donation to support emergency efforts for evacuated children, install shatterproof glass in Haifa's three hospitals and provide emergency assistance at the Nahariya hospital, he said. The New Israel Fund will use its donation to set up crisis hot lines and provide food and other emergency supplies to families in northern Israel, Levy said.

Browse an extraordinary collection of Michael A. Hoffman's books, pamphlets, newsletters, speeches and films: http://revisionisthistorystore.blogspot.com/2010/03/michael-hoffmans-online-revisionist.html

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

NY Times Performs Damage Control for Israel and Lowers Qana Death Toll to 29

In an article ostensibly oozing sympathy for civilians in Lebanon, we caught the NY Times lowering the death toll for Sunday's Israeli massacre in Qana, to 29 (see the last sentence in the screenshot above, taken from the Times's website on the evening of Aug. 2 PDT).

Authorities in Lebanon have said that the death toll in Qana was at least 57-60, with dozens of children killed. But the newspaper of record is doing damage control for the Israeli killers by arbitrarily lowering the number of their victims.

How is the NY Times able, on Aug. 2, a mere three days after the bombing in Qana, to arrive at a total number of deaths at Qana at 29? The Times does not say "an estimated" 29. It fixes the figure at 29 without qualification or reference to its revisionist source. In other words, this is "history" by New York Times fiat. This is the zionist mentality.

Has the Times sent a forensics team to Qana?

I think not. I think we are seeing the maufacture of history, holocaust-denial, and tampering with the documentary record, before our very eyes.

Something similar happened twelve years ago, in the wake of Baruch Goldstein's massacre at the mosque in Hebron on Purim, 1994. The 40 Palestinians he killed magically became 29 in the US media, and that phony figure has been the official death toll in Goldstein's massacre ever since.

"...the Lebanese government and the Lebanese Red Cross said they had confirmed 57 deaths in the attack and they stood by their figures....'It's confirmed that there are 57 bodies,' said Elias Diab, an official in the Lebanese Red Cross operations room in Beirut. 'Twenty-seven of them are children." Chicago Tribune, Aug. 3, 2006.

The Israeli invasion of Lebanon "has killed more than 900 people and wounded 3,000, with a third of the casualties children under 12, Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora said in a video message to the Organization of the Islamic Conference in Malaysia." [Reuters, Aug. 3. 8:33 a.m. EDT].

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Christians and Qana

Qana is believed to be the site of the Miracle of Cana. 2006 years ago Jesus turned water into wine at a wedding, in the very same place that the Israelis turned 37 children into corpses on Sunday.

"Four out of five Lebanese Christians support Hezbollah in the current conflict, according to a poll conducted last week by the independent Beirut Center for Research and Information." (Jefferson Morley, Washington Post, Aug. 1, 2006).

All for the Dollar: While Lebanon burns, Saudis Launder Billions for Bush

by Ahmed Amr

Behind Condi Rice's cult-like smile, lurks a crazed neo-con fanatic immersed in apocalyptic fantasies. It remains to be seen just how many Lebanese mothers will lose their babies while she entertains her demonic hallucinations...Not to be outdone, the demented war criminal who pollutes the corridors of the White House has vetoed UN cease-fire resolutions and derailed an Italian effort to end the hostilities in Lebanon. To assure the success of his war-mongering obstructionist policies, Bush dispatched Paul Wolfowitz to the gathering in Rome. Just to rub it in, the architect of the Iraqi war was all smiles as he pressed a handshake on the visibly distraught Lebanese Prime Minister.

As Karl Rove will tell you, the path to victory in November depends on rallying the Armageddon-worshipping, end of time Protestants who drool every time a Palestinian or Lebanese family is blown to smithereens. In their estimate, every crisis in the Middle East brings us one step closer to the rupture. Pray for the end of times and pass the ammunition.

Given their dismal poll numbers, Bush and the Republicans can hardly afford to alienate Israel’s amen corner at the New York Times. Neither can the Democrats afford to lose the affections of militant Likudnik operatives at CNN and FOX. Until the polls close in November, both parties will be competing to determine who can best lick the boots of Ehud Olmert.

In America, Israel is a domestic affair. The ethnic Zionist lobby gets what it wants or sets off brigades of media hyenas to eat the raw flesh of any politician who displays squeamishness about wasting Arab lives. Witness the ‘anti-war’ Howard Dean accusing anyone opposing Israeli war crimes of ‘anti-semitism.’ He can’t have forgotten that he lost his White House bid when he called for a more ‘even-handed’ foreign policy in the Middle East. As chairman of the Democrat leadership, he seems to be applying the valuable lesson learned on his ill-fated campaign – don’t mess with the Israeli lobby ninety days before a mid-term election.

Some Arab-Americans still entertain silly notions about changing the minds of their congressmen by explaining the other side of the story. Fat chance. One hundred Senators gave unequivocal support to Israel. Under normal circumstances, you can’t line up that many Senators to support their own children. True enough, you can always find the occasional Senator willing to express concern about war crimes committed by US marines. But when it comes to Israel, they all studiously avert their eyes from the deliberate targeting of civilians and the systematic destruction of vital infrastructure.

The Israelis can nuke the entire Middle East and still have the audacity to bill the American government for the cost of the operation. Any dissenting Senator can and will be taken to the shed for re-education sessions – but not before getting a campaign crippling lashing from Israel’s spiritual brethren who toil in the mass media monopolies.

Every member of our parliament of whores has innocent Palestinian and Lebanese blood on their hands. By giving their unconditional blessings to the mayhem in Lebanon, the Senate was just making the obvious point that no Arab child is safe while the U.S. Congress is in session.

Of the many actors responsible for this blood bath, the Israelis are perhaps the easiest to understand. They never had a need for fig leaves to begin with. As far as Tel Aviv is concerned, this is just an exercise in low intensity warfare. The Israelis simply do whatever they can get away with. Without ever bothering to charge them, Israel can hold thousands of Palestinian and Lebanese civilians prisoner. But if the other side decides to detain a few soldiers, Lebanon and Gaza can be incinerated. In exercising the ‘right to defend itself’, Israel reserves the privilege to indiscriminately carpet bomb South Lebanon with guided missiles and cluster bombs. And America gets to replenish Israel’s arsenal.

The newest Israeli rule is that all the fighting, killing, abductions and mass destruction can only take place in designated ‘Arab’ areas. The Israeli army can murder, maim and terrorize anyone on the other side of the Green Line or the Blue Line. In fact, they can cross any red line they want and commit any war crime that satiates their appetite for brutalizing their subjects. And to engrave that rule in stone, Tel Aviv has secured a permanent American license to use collective punishment measures up to and extending to starvation and the systematic destruction of vital infrastructure. Any resistance to Israeli unilateral measures is considered the work of terrorists. Any questions?

As for the United Nations and ‘Coffin’ Annan, they have become nothing more than an annex of the State Department. Following in the footsteps of his son, Annan is not the kind of man to refuse a lucrative offer – like killing the investigation of how his first born looted Iraqi oil revenues. He has presided over the gutting of the world organization to the point where the UN is now merely another tool of convenience in the arsenal of the Bush administration.

To their credit, some European nations – notably France and Italy – have used their limited influence to bring the hostilities in Lebanon to an end. But, the Bush administration had no problem circumventing these efforts. For an American politician, Israel is more important than the entire continent of Europe.

Moving on to Egypt - a country that no longer matters. Does it really make a difference that 99% of Egyptians are against the war in Iraq and the fire bombing of South Lebanon? The Egyptian government granted a tacit endorsement of Israeli aggression against Lebanon. Both Hamas and Hezbollah are seen as extensions of the Muslim Brotherhood – the only real domestic opposition to the Mubarak regime. As they say in this corner of the planet, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

As always, the real Arab elephant in the room is the House of El Saud and its allies in the surrounding oil sheikdoms. Why exactly did the influential Gulf monarchs decide to cast their lot with Tel Aviv? Here we are at peak oil. Petro dollars are flowing by the tens of billions into Gulf coffers. And Saudi Arabia drops its last fig leaf and demonstrates to one and all that it has struck an alliance of convenience with Israel and given the Israeli war machine a green light to ravage Arabs in Lebanon and Gaza.

On the face of it, it doesn’t make much sense. The one Arab country that has the leverage to shelter the region from American-financed Israeli mass murder decides to publicly turn on its own people. And King Abdallah has announced that he will pick up the bill for some of the damage inflicted by the Israeli bombings. Israelis bomb. Saudis pay. Such a deal.

Unfortunately, for all their wealth, the Saudis have yet to perfect a way to bring back the dead or reattach missing Lebanese limbs. For the Saudis, the Lebanese and Palestinians are ‘throw away’ people. All this nonsense about Arab solidarity is merely a circus act to shore up the legitimacy of the kleptocrats in the Gulf.

We may never know the precise nature of the secret Saudi agreements with the United States and Israel. In this case, the Saudis probably signed on to fight a proxy war with Iran – which is seen as the sponsor of Hezbollah. The Saudis are experts at proxy wars – having supported and financed Saddam’s war against Iran – a conflict that lasted eight long years and cost a million lives on both sides. They participated with gusto in the systematic decimation of the secular Arab national movement. It’s no secret that the Saudi monarchy was elated at the outcome of the six-day war – hoping it would bring down Nasser’s regime. And the Kingdom’s role in the first and second Gulf war is a matter of public record.

Still, it’s worth taking a guess as to why the oil monarchies went public with their support for Israel’s plan to bomb Lebanon into rubble. Perhaps the Bush administration promised to dampen the influence of Iranian-backed militias in Iraq. Can it be a mere coincidence that Washington is suddenly increasing its troop levels in Baghdad and taking on Moqtada Sadr’s militias? Did the Saudis strike a bargain to increase Israeli influence in Lebanon in exchange for a decrease of Iranian influence in Iraq?

Any proxy war against the government in Tehran always finds ready support on the Arab side of the Gulf. As administration insiders have already hinted, ‘the new Middle East’ will revolve around Saudi leadership of the Arab camp with a supporting cast that includes Egypt and Jordan. It’s doesn’t seem to matter that the Saudi regime is not exactly a brilliant model of democratic evolution in the region.

It matters not that Israeli guns are now battering the two most democratic governments in the Arab Middle East – the popularly-elected leaders of Lebanon and the Palestinian authority. All Bush's talk of democracy is nothing but a marketing campaign for domestic American consumption. The Arab intellectuals taken in by this neo-con ruse need to start taking commonsense supplements on a regular basis.

To harness this moment of clarity, it is essential to understand that America’s invasion of Iraq needs to be divorced from the Likudnik fantasies of reshuffling the Levant to suit Israel’s expansionist whims. At the end of the day, America’s military entanglements in the Gulf are a service performed for the richest families in the history of the world. Far from supporting democracy, the grunts in Iraq are there as a mercenary expedition to protect the absolute monarchs who act as custodians of the oil plantations. When it comes to wagging the tail of the American dog, Saudi Arabia and the Israelis get equal opportunity access.

Saudi Arabia and their Gulf allies are major partners in American-Israeli ventures. Most astute observers know that King Abdallah can permanently end all foreign military adventures in the region without firing a single shot. Every last American soldier would be home for Christmas if the oil sheikdoms stopped taking dollars in exchange for their oil.

No oil cut off is required. If the Arabs just stopped accepting American currency – the dramatic effect on world economies would lead to major realignments that neutralized American influence in the region. The economic rationale for the American Empire would dissipate into thin air. Washington would pressure Israel to implement resolution 242 in the same manner that it is squeezing Lebanon to implement resolution 1559.

Of course, King Abdallah and his ruling clan are fully aware of this. While they feign impotence, they retain immense leverage over developments in the region. It’s not about their lack of ability to influence events in Lebanon. Rather, it is because the Saudis have other priorities – like smuggling oil revenues denominated in petro-dollars to American and European capital markets.

The business of the House of Saud is money laundering on an epic scale.The business of America is currency exporting. Together, the Saudis and Americans impose the dollar as an international currency that accounts for eighty per cent of all international transactions. This allows the United States the luxury of running huge trade deficits by obliging other countries to maintain huge reserves of the only currency the Saudis accept in exchange for their black gold – the American dollar.

The Saudi support for the devastating Israeli assaults on Lebanon and Gaza is nothing more than a political transaction to maintain their lucrative money-laundering franchise. Lebanese and Palestinian civilians need to understand that this is not personal. It’s just the way the Saudis do business.

For years, Saudi sponsored media outlets have propagated an image of a benevolent regime that defends the faithful against foreign crusaders. Most recently, the Saudis regime took a high profile role in confronting the insolent Danish publication that insulted the prophet. They went so far as to recall their ambassador. But here we are – a few short months later – and the Saudis are making nice with the American-financed Israeli campaign to dismantle Lebanon and enforce the “Condi/Weisglass” accord – the secret agreement that will allow Olmert’s government to annex half of the West Bank.

The key to Arab salvation is in passive resistance to American-Israeli designs on the region. Unfortunately, that key is locked away in the House of Saud. All Arab intellectuals need to harness their efforts to open a public debate to help explain why the Saudis are feigning impotence while Lebanon and Gaza are being mercilessly torched.

To effect a full disclosure of Saudi rationales for supporting the invasion of Iraq and Lebanon, we need to understand and propagate the nature of the American imperial project in the Gulf and the full extent of the Saudi money-laundering racket. Once the average citizen in the Middle East and the US understands that this is a war to protect the almighty dollar – we can call on people of good will around the world to dump that blood soaked currency. The onus will then fall on the House of Saud to explain why they will not participate in a straightforward dollar boycott to defend their ‘Arab brothers.’

Of course, Arab intellectuals can always revert to their old habits of taking inventory of how many innocent women and children are being slaughtered. They can continue to document the vicious destruction of infrastructure and make a fuss about collective punishment and American double standards. There will still be those Arab-Americans who will continue to bang their heads on the wall and waste endless efforts in letter-writing campaigns to convince a single senator that Palestinians and Lebanese are part of the human race.

Forget all that. George Bush doesn’t care about Arabs – unless they have deep Saudi pockets. It’s a waste of time to appeal to non-existent American compassion. And it’s a pipe dream to expect a sudden moral awakening among the policy makers in Washington. You can parcel post a dismembered Lebanese or Palestinian child to the homes of every Senator in Washington and still be met with a blank stare. One of the qualifications for career advancement at the State Department is to demonstrate complete indifference to the death and mutilation of innocent Arabs. That’s just the way America is, and Arabs – especially Arab-Americans – should stop deluding themselves about what makes Washington tick.

So, what to do now that all the fig leaves have fallen? Gather them and burn them with the dollar.


Monday, July 31, 2006

"Israel has lost the battle for hearts and minds"

A desperate Lebanese family awaits evacuation in Tibnine.

FDQL: Fire Dept. Qana Lebanon, 7/30.

Zheia Bateool, age 2, is released from a hospital in Lebanon after she was treated for burns and shrapnel wounds suffered when her family home was bombed by Israelis.

"The perception that Israel has lost the battle for hearts and minds, and that Hezbollah and Iran have won, was reinforced by the Israeli attack on the Lebanese village of Qana, which killed dozens of civilians, including many children."
— Michael Slackman, New York Times, Aug. 1, 2006

The Qana Tipping Point
Jefferson Morely, Washington Post, Aug. 1, 2006

The Israeli air strike on the Lebanese village of Qana early Sunday morning did more than kill 57 civilians. According to a wide range of commentary in the international media, it inflamed already boiling public opinion in the Arab world against Israel, undermined what little support the United States has among the Lebanese people, and illuminated the continuing inability of Israel and the United States to achieve their goal of decisively weakening Hezbollah.

On Monday, the leading English-language news sites in the Arab world -- including Aljazeera.net, the Jordan Times, the Beirut "Daily Star," and the Arab News -- featured photos of rescue workers carrying the dusty bodies of children from the wreckage of a Qana apartment building where they had taken refuge. The headlines were blunt: "Israel Massacres Kids," said the Arab News in Saudi Arabia. The Qana attack wiped out concerns in the Sunni Arab world, voiced early in the conflict, about Hezbollah and its allies in Shiite Iran.

The Daily Star and many other sites emphasized a historical angle that most Americans were probably unaware of: that Qana had been the site of an unprovoked Israeli attack on a refugee camp in 1996 that killed 106 civilians. "The Israeli butchers have added a new line to their bloody record," said Al Ahram, the leading daily newspaper of Egypt whose editor is appointed by the country's pro-American leader Hosni Mubarak. "This dark chapter resembles the one that took place ten years ago. The place is the same... the butchers are the same and the victims again are innocent children and women."

Almost ninety percent of all respondents agreed that the United States “is not an honest mediator” in the Middle East. The Bush administration has said that its goal is bolster Lebanese democracy. The vast majority of Lebanese don’t believe it...

Lebanon's Daily Star newspaper said July 31 that the Qana massacre has boosted support for Hezbollah. “Now that fresh images of the broken bodies of the women and children of Qana are being shown on our television screens, the idea of forgetting has become all the more unthinkable. These images have stirred the anger and outrage of even the most moderate Lebanese, proving that Israeli brutality - not Hizbullah - has become Israel's own worst enemy. Israel's unabashed butchery in Qana has only demonstrated to many of those who were on the fence that there is indeed a legitimate need for resistance.”



On Jul 31, 2006, at 21:11, B.F. wrote: Re: "Israel has lost the battle for hearts and minds."

This has truly been my experience. The information gathering efforts of so many people on the internet has been stellar. May God bless them all, and most especially yourself. Any sincere person with half a brain could piece the story together from the information available. And as you say, many people are tracing the pathology back to it's source in rabbinic Judaism, which is a very positive development.

From the work I've been doing on internet forums it's obvious that the big guns of Zionist apologetics are sitting this one out. It has been a great window of opportunity to get the message out in places where I'm certain that I would have been tarred, feathered and then lit on fire before being banned from the forum at any other time.

It's a small triumph, and sadly it came at the expense of the suffering of an entire nation, but it's a triumph nonetheless.

As one who always attempts to keep a level head, I wonder, what do we make of it all?

I am of the opinion that at some point Zionists are going to attempt to create anti-"Jewish" sentiments on a much greater scale as a means of drawing the more liberated Judaics into the fold. Could that be related to what's happening here?

Sincerely, B.F.


Yes, I agree, the Israelis may generate their own atrocity sympathy through black ops.

Second, they commit crimes and massacres in Lebanon based in part on psychological and other studies that determine that the carnage will be but a hazy memory a year from now.

The April, 1996 Israeli massacre at Qana, which according to Amnesty International was deliberate and unprovoked, was described by both the NY Times (Steve Erlanger) and the LA Times yesterday, July 31, as having been an accident. There is no price to pay for this holocaust denial on the part of the these major newspapers. Even if the blame were pinned squarely and deservedly on the Israelis by the US media, Qana '96 has not been indelibly memorialized in any way: no monumental statue, no annual commemoration, no documentary movie with interviews with the survivors; no stirring song, renowned poem or gripping theatre to enshrine it for all time.

Furthermore, Beirut was horribly firebombed throughout the summer of 1982 by the Israelis, including schools and hospitals. No one remembers it today, not even the victims. The Arab memory for 1982 is mainly of the September massacre at the Sabra and Chatila refugee camp, not the city of Beirut (particularly in August) under Israeli terror-bombing.

Whenever the bombs stop falling in Lebanon, the world will turn its eye to some other disaster zone, perhaps in Asia or America's own hurricane alley. At that point it will be up to the Arabs to kindle the memory of what transpired in Lebanon in the summer of 2006. Let's hope they change their apathetic, amnesiac ways, otherwise, as time progresses, the memory of Israeli war crimes will recede, as it always has, even as the memory of what the Nazis did to Judaics (real and imagined) more than 60 years ago, becomes, by some perverse wizardry, ever more vibrant and compelling.

This is the psychology which the White House and Jerusalem are banking on to extricate themselves over the long term. Yes, I believe the Israelis are losing the battle for hearts and minds in the short-term. But in the long view, this loss is by no means certain, as yet.