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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Error has no Rights?

 Error has no Rights?

  Michael Hoffman 

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The Zionist and “Woke” position on book-banning and cancel culture is consonant with the “Error has no rights" dictum of the papal church, which many Protestants shared—cf. Presbyterian Samuel Rutherford’s influential book—Free Disputation Against Pretended Liberty of Conscience. Whereas, the open-minded libertarian standard upholding the Jeffersonian “Error has rights" concept, insists that claims of authoritative Truth must be debated, investigated and if necessary resisted, as conscience requires. 

This radical freedom, the legacy of the New World's American Revolution, rigorously opposes the Old World dogma that “Error has no rights.” That dogma and the inquisition that almost always follows in its wake, has been revived on the Left by Critical Race Theory, and on the Right by hypocrites such as Bari Weiss and Ben Shapiro.

Wesley Yang, Kimberly Strassel, Christopher Rufo, Rod Dreher and other leading Right wing critics of cancel culture, have little to say contra the censorship of pro-Palestinian speech advocated by their heroine, cancel commissar Bari Weiss when she was a New York Times writer (a record she has not repudiated), and calls from nationally syndicated talk show host Ben Shapiro to cancel Minister Louis Farrakhan on social media. These two are only the tip of the "conservative" censorship lance.

Their selective indignation subverts the whole weltanschauung of supposed conservative free speech advocacy. Their hypocrisy ensures that the noble ideals of the First Amendment will be circumscribed by the partisan requirements of Right wing obeisance to Israeli idols, while Left wing subservience to canonical Marxist and gender axioms cripple the Left’s self-advertised aspiration to build a better world. 

Error has rights because we do not trust any earthly power to decide for the people what is right or wrongan authority that belongs to God alonenot the fallible, totalitarian zealots in government, media and academia who are perennially prone to declare their opinions as fact, while compelling the rest of us to conform to their dictated "truths." 

My right to dissent from your certitude cannot exist unless, commensurate with the presumption that I am in error, my inalienable right to the expression of and belief in my “error” is nonetheless guaranteed. History teaches that many of those condemned in the past as being in heresy and error have been found in subsequent centuries to have been visionary inventors, scientists, writers and activists. 

The advancement of knowledge and the progress of the human race depends upon the absolute right to be wrong.

Michael Hoffman's books include Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare (2001), and Twilight Language (2021) available at this link.

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Friday, December 24, 2021

Merry Freedom from Bondage for You and Yours

 A Very Merry Freedom from Bondage for You and Yours

By Michael Hoffman • Christmas Eve, MMXXI

Amid all of the worldly distractions calling to you this day, I hope you have a few minutes to spare to consider that among the “angels heard on high” and the “shepherds keeping their sheep,” the son of God, who was also the son of the Blessed Virgin Mary, being incarnated over 2,000 years ago, broke many man-made, slave-customs of the Pharisees. The Apostle Paul distilled the chain-breaking liberation that personified the Good News of Jesus in one sentence:

Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.” (Galatians 5:1)

I think of those words and then compare them with the captivity of the Catholics under Pope Francis — particularly Catholics whose form of worship is the 1,000-year old Tridentine Mass. The “Holy Father” is resurrecting Thomas Cranmer and the penal laws of the Crown of England which suppressed that Mass and drove English, Scottish and Irish Catholics to bankruptcy, imprisonment and even death.  

When Vatican Council I voted for papal infallibility, those prelates put the whole of the Catholic Church in the yoke of bondage. 

Yeah, yeah, the pope is "only infallible” when he speaks “from the chair” ("ex cathedra") in the strictly formal sense of promulgating a solemn dogma. The Talmudic loophole in that argument is located  in the concept of the “ordinary magisterium,” which the pontiff is said to possess as part of his daily office

Moreover, the man who has the charism of a direct pipeline to heaven for infallible statements (even if not directly utilized), is held in awe and treated as a living saint figure by millions. 

Lastly, the Church of Rome is set up so that the bishop of Rome is alone sovereign. He alone has absolute power over every detail of the Church. In Revisionist History® we have documented the covert role of Freemasonry in ensuring that the papal infallibility fraud was rammed through the Council in the 19th century. Now why would the Freemasons do that? As Catholic philosopher Lord Acton stated when he quit Rome, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” When the pontiff became absolutely corrupted by his infallible power, the Masons were confident they could place their own initiates on the pontifical throne. How right they were.

In the Protestant world, “evangelical" preachers and pastors who are “anointed" by Israeli army generals and Talmudic gedolim, and who draw their churchian faith from John Nelson Darby and Scofield’s commentary on the Bible, hold sway over millions, including most of the Republican Party, as well as state legislatures in the “buckle of the Talmud belt,” i.e. Tennessee, Texas, Arkansas etc. This is a species of Ku Kluxery, of race worship, in this case of the alleged children of Abraham. Jesus rebuked that false doctrine and declared that the children of Abraham are defined as only those who have Faith in Him (John chapter 8). But why believe Jesus when you’ve got Hagee, Huckabee and Hell on your side?

People claim they want to be free, but you’d be surprised what a tall order it is for most of them to avoid volunteering for one yoke of bondage or another. Being a slave to Protestant evangelicals, or Rome’s popes and prelates, is just as Antichrist and soul-rotting as being an abortionist or a Communist.

That little babe in the manger was the greatest freedom-fighter ever born into this world. Don’t betray His mission for the sake of allegiance to a bureaucrat, politician, pulpit huckster or pope.

This is my prayer for you this glorious Christmas, 2021 

Michael Hoffman


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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Biblical permission for the celebration of Christmas

Biblical permission for the celebration of Christmas


1. “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” and its roots in the Advent tradition of Anglo-Saxon England

2. Is the expression of joy from December 24 onward banned to Biblical Christians?

3. The "Christmas Comet” of 2021 Appears in the Heavens 


“O Come, O Come Emmanuel” and its roots in the Advent tradition of Anglo-Saxon England

This past Sunday was the fourth Sunday in Advent, a season misrepresented as “Christmas time.” It’s not.

The Christmas season begins on Christmas Eve and traditionally proceeds for a minimum of twelve days (hence, Shakespeare’s reference to “Twelfth Night”). This knowledge is mostly lost now, except to the very elderly among us, who in their youth, did not put up a Christmas tree until December 24.

The time of Advent, from late November until December 23, is a mildly penitential season of expectancy, when Christians of the early and medieval Church meditated upon the longing of the patriarchs and people of ancient Israel in exile, yearning for the coming of our Messiah.

The Clerk of Oxford (https://aclerkofoxford.blogspot.com/2017/12/the-anglo-saxon-o-antiphons-o-caelorum.html) writes:

 “Of all the poetry you might read in Advent...the very best choice may be the Anglo-Saxon poetry inspired by the 'O Antiphons'. The last week of Advent has for centuries belonged to these ancient songs of appeal to Jesus, which are sung each day at Vespers as Christmas draws closer. These texts are best known via J. M. Neale's hymn 'O Come, O Come Emmanuel.' They have inspired poets since the earliest days of verse.” (End quote)

In English this Advent tradition is twelve hundred years old.

Last Sunday in church we sang the last three stanzas of  'O Come, O Come Emmanuel.’ 

Here is the entire hymn:

Draw nigh, draw nigh, Emmanuel,

And ransom captive Israel,

That mourns in lonely exile here,

Until the Son of God appear;

Rejoice! rejoice! Emmanuel

Shall be born for thee, O Israel!

Draw nigh, O Jesse's Rod, draw nigh,

To free us from the enemy;

From Hell's infernal pit to save,

And give us victory o'er the grave.

Rejoice! rejoice! Emmanuel

Shall be born, for thee, O Israel!

Draw nigh, Thou Orient, Who shalt cheer

And comfort by Thine Advent here,

And banish far the brooding gloom

Of sinful night and endless doom.

Rejoice! rejoice! Emmanuel

Shall be born for thee, O Israel!

Draw nigh, draw nigh, O David's Key,

The Heavenly Gate will ope to Thee;

Make safe the way that leads on high,

And close the path to misery.

Rejoice! rejoice! Emmanuel

Shall be born for thee, O Israel!

Draw nigh, draw nigh, O Lord of Might,

Who to Thy tribes from Sinai's height

In ancient time didst give the Law,

In cloud and majesty and awe.

Rejoice! rejoice! Emmanuel

Shall be born for thee, O Israel! 

Certain verses resonate in particular, with brief, powerful prayers: 

“Make safe the way that leads on high, And close the path to misery.” 

 “Thou Rod of Jesse, free Thine own from Satan's tyranny.” 

(You can hear the entire hymn in its original form here: 


At her blog, the Clerk of Oxford provides us with the original Old English verse. Here is her translation into modern English:

O holy Lord of the Heavens, from of old you were with your Father --

equal-being in the glorious home.

Not one angel had yet been made,

nor one of the mighty and majestic host

which guards the kingdom in the skies,

the splendor-dwelling of the Prince and his thegns,

when first you were with the eternal Lord

yourself establishing this vast creation,

the wide and spacious lands. One with you both

is the sheltering Spirit. Savior Christ,

we all pray to you in humility

that you may hear the voice of the hostages,

of your captives, Liberating God,

how we are sore pressed by our own desires.

The cursed spirits, hate-filled hell-foes,

have cruelly confined the exiled race,

bound with bale-ropes. The remedy is

dependent entirely on you alone, eternal Lord.

Help the heart-sore, that your coming here

may comfort the wretched, though we

through our desire for wickedness have made a feud against you.

Have mercy now on your servants and think on our sorrows,

how we stumble on, weak at heart,

wandering hopelessly. Come now, king of men,

do not delay too long! We need kindness,

for you to rescue us and give us the true

grace of salvation, so that we may henceforth

always be able to do the better thing

to thrive among the people: your will.

The Clerk adds:

“In the Advent poem desire is a powerful force. We are in captivity, bound not just by the ropes of devils (bealorapas) but by our own desires: we sind geswencte þurh ure sylfra gewill. By our love of sins (firena lust) mankind has enslaved itself, and placed itself in 'feud' with God. 

“If the O Antiphons take their power in part from the force of their desire for God, this poem suggests what happens when that potent desire is misdirected. The only cure is liss, one of those far-ranging Old English words which means many beautiful things: mercy, favor, grace, gentleness, kindness, joy. Alliteratively speaking, liss often collocates in Anglo-Saxon poetry with life and with love; but here it is ne lata to lange, a cry of impatience: 'Do not delay too long.” (End quote)

 Is the expression of joy from December 24 onward banned to Biblical Christians?

There are conservative Protestants who dismiss Christmas as a pagan holiday. It has indeed been paganized, and for that matter so has Resurrection Sunday (“Easter”).  And marriage has been degraded by adultery. Shall we let the observance of Christ’s Resurrection pass unnoticed because of the abuse of it? Shall we forego marriage because of its violation? Of course not. 

No one knows when Jesus was born — does that  signify that we should fail to set aside any day or any season to express our gratitude for the miracle of His incarnation? To mark it with Bible reading and prayer, contemplation and liturgy,  and yes — rejoicing and festivity?  

Every Christian has the right to leap and rejoice at the birth of Jesus, as did the unborn St. John the Baptist, who celebrated from inside his mother’s womb. Is the expression of joy from December 24 onward banned to Biblical Christians? How can it be, when the scriptures testify of it and the Early Church celebrated it. The Anglo-Saxon Church of 900 A.D. did so as well, and for  twelve hundred years this was the holy legacy of God's people.  But today we know better?

Jesus’s birth represents His Father’s abundance. Jesus is God's generosity. Serve the Holy Trinity with festal joy and gladness of heart! Here is a fine sermon along those lines by a conservative Presbyterian pastor, offering Biblical grounds for permission for the celebration of Christmas. Set aside 46 minutes to lend your ear to his learned homily, encouraging “righteous festivity:”


The "Christmas Comet” Appears in the Heavens in 2021

Lastly, we draw your attention to what appears to be a remarkable synchronicity. As Christmas approaches, so too does a comet: “C/2021 A1,” which surprised astronomers yesterday when it suddenly brightened ten-fold

This newly magnified comet is now visible to the naked eye, in the sunset sky, near the planet Venus. 

A photo of the Christmas Comet is here:


This December Mr. Biden and his corporate media have endeavored to immerse us in a world of darkness. 

But we Christians glimpse a celestial light.

Behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord.…And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest.

Michael Hoffman


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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Hitler's 1935 Talmud: An Enigma

Hitler’s 1935 Talmud 
The enigma of the book-banning dictator permitting the publication of the Goldschmidt Talmud.

In this video, revisionist historian Michael Hoffman, author of the book Adolf Hitler: Enemy of the German People, reports on the anomalous fact that during the Third Reich the Nazi tyrant permitted, without censorship or obstruction of any kind, the publication and distribution in Berlin by the Judischer Verlag, of Lazarus Goldschmidt's multi-volume Der Babylonische Talmud, the finest contemporary German language translation of the Talmud Bavli ever to appear in Germany.

Hitler's 1935 Talmud 

For further research:

YouTube: A lengthy discussion of the Goldschmidt Talmud, with interviews with researchers and surviving members of Mr. Goldschmidt’s family.

Banned book: Judaism Discovered 

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