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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Schönborn: Zauberlehrling of the Black Nobility

The "Sorcerer's Apprentice” 
Cardinal Christoph Schönborn and the Black Nobility 

To understand Roman Catholic Austrian Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, a scion of the Black Nobility and a product of the Joseph Ratzinger (future Pope Benedict XVI) school of theology, one must understand the extreme Left/Liberal Austrian milieu. For example, the pontificating Austrian Catholic bishops and cardinal were in favor of the government of Austria's imprisonment for more than a year of English historian David Irving, even as they pose as champions of civil liberties and human rights.

Furthermore, the Austrian Catholic Church in this century has a shameful track record of Orwellian re-writing of history to please not Christ but the rabbis who execrate him. After the ritual murder in Austria of a little Catholic child named Andreas of Rinn (Anderl von Rinn) by Judaics on a rock ("Judenstein"), a Catholic church was built around the rock. Andreas was later beatified. In 1985, under Pope John Paul II, the bones of the martyr were removed from the church and in 1994 veneration of the "Child of Judenstein" was officially banned by Austrian Bishop Reinhold Stecher [1921-2013] of Innsbruck.  

"Especially, he (Bishop Stecher) wanted to make sure that we would visit the village of Rinn, where for a couple of hundred years the faithful had gathered to commemorate the martyrdom of a little boy who had supposedly been murdered by a group of Jews in the 15th century.  The Anderle cult, as it was known, caused immeasurable pain to Jews in the region. Stecher considers it one of the major triumphs of his tenure as bishop that he was able to have this cult officially stopped and the anti-Jewish plaques in the chapel replaced by appropriate markers.” —Source. (An old postcard of the "Jew stone” can be seen here).

Austrian Catholicism is heavily influenced by its former leading position in the Holy Roman Empire, which in 1700 banned Johann Andreas Eisenmenger's Entdecktes Judenthum which, after the New Testament, is the most revealing volume ever written about Judaism (Entdecktes Judenthum was a book which the Austrian Adolf Hitler mysteriously ignored in favor of the promotion of the disputed and vastly inferior "Protocols").

Cardinal Schönborn served as Cardinal Archbishop of Vienna, Austria under Pope Benedict XVI, a pontiff described in the media as an arch-conservative.

Schönborn remains Cardinal Archbishop of Vienna under Pope Francis, a pontiff described in the media as an arch-liberal. 

Last October Cardinal Schönborn was honored by B'nai B'rith, a Judaic masonic lodge charged with thought control and suppression of freedom of speech and inquiry.

Catholic Herald: "...Austrian Cardinal Christoph Schönborn is often described as a reformer who comes out of Pope Benedict’s intellectual tradition. Nicknamed the Zauberlehrling (“Sorcerer’s Apprentice”) he studied under Joseph Ratzinger (future Pope Benedict) in Regensburg and is an active member of the Ratzinger Schülerkreis, a group of the Pope’s former students who meet annually with the Holy Father to discuss theological issues. He was secretary of the body which put together the compendium of Catholic teaching in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, first published in the 1990s."

Cardinal Schonborn's press secretary is Erich Leitenberger:

"...a Schönborn spokesperson told National Catholic Reporter Aug. 22 (2006) that '...all historians are of the opinion that Mozart was a Mason. There is much evidence for this,' Erich Leitenberger said. 'But at the same time it is necessary to understand that Freemasonry in the 18th century was a completely different thing from [that of] the 19th or 20th centuries. There was no problem to be a deeply convinced Catholic and a Mason at the same time, as is illustrated by the examples of many priests, abbots, etc. [who were Masons] in the late 18th century.' In other words, according to Leitenberger, Cardinal Schönborn’s position is that Mozart was a Mason, but he was fully Catholic too.” 

From the blog of our colleague Maurice Pinay:

"Schönborn is a descendant of old nobility of the Holy Roman Empire known for its sheltering of usurers, rabbis, intelligencers and the Talmud itself (see: Judaism Discovered) and peddling of alcohol on credit via Judaic front-men to the poorest of Christian peasants.

"The Schönborn clan was made at Kazenelnbogen, coincidentally (or, rather, not), where the Katzenellenbogen rabbinic dynasty originates, whose descendants allegedly include the Rothschilds, Karl Marx, Rabbi Abraham Heschel, 'Messiah' Schneerson, among many others (see: The Unbroken Chain by Neil Rosenstein, himself allegedly a descendant of Katzenellenbogen..."


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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Debunking PBS television's NOVA “Cold Case JFK”

Fifty years later and the coverup continues

The latest coverup:

Debunking the Public Broadcasting System’s shameful propaganda:

"Cold Case JFK" vs. Cold Hard JFK Facts

NOVA Cold Case JFK: A Case Study in Cherry-Picking and Misrepresentation


Breast-Cancer Report Helps Trace the Origins of Fake "Jews"

New York Times Breast-Cancer Report Helps Trace the Origins of Fake "Jews"

By Michael Hoffman

Zionist publications such as the New York Times are usually exceedingly guarded when it comes to genetic studies demonstrating that so-called "Jews" are actually descended from the 8th century A.D. Turko-Mongolian "Khazar" nation of the east Caucasus region, rather than Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The Khazar nation comprised one of the largest medieval states in Eurasia. Dr. Eran Elhaik is a former Israeli soldier currently serving as a post-doctoral researcher in genetics at Johns Hopkins University. Elhaik earned a doctorate in molecular biology from the University of Houston. In December, 2012, the journal Genome Biology and Evolution published the 33-year-old Judaic scientist’s learned study, “The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses,” in which Elhaik claims that the roots of the Ashkenazi “Jews” are in the Caucasus, not the Middle East.

Elhaik's genetic findings can be summarized in the following points: Khazars posing as Jews do not have a common Levantine ancestor. The Roman exile after the destruction of the Temple did not result in a "Jewish diaspora" in Europe. So-called "Ashkenazi Jews" did not originate from a small founder group. All Jews are not related to one another.

Proceeding from early findings in books such as Arthur Koesltler’s The Thirteenth Tribe and Paul Wexler’s The Ashkenazic Jews: A Slavo-Turkic People in Search of a Jewish Identity, scientists like Dr. Elhaik have traced the origins of most "Jews" in the West to a Turkic people who converted to Judaism in the eighth century, lived in the Eurasian state of Khazaria, and then migrated to Eastern Europe in the 12th and 13th centuries where gullible churchmen accepted them as the Jews, God's wayward but chosen people.

In Khazaria the word "Kagan" (also spelled Khagan) denoted ruler or emperor. Observe some of the fake "Jews" who rule over us and who have that moniker or prefix: Robert Kagan, neocon architect of the Iraq war (co-founder of the Project for the New American Century with William Kristol); Elena Kagan, Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court; Lazar Kaganovich, Bolshevik Commissar of the propaganda department of the Red Army, destroyer of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and Secretary of the Moscow Branch of the Communist Party under Stalin; Rabbi Meir Kagan, Polish-born author of the Talmud-derived law book Mishnah Berurah that rules the lives of hundreds of thousands of Khazar adherents of Orthodox Judaism.

The Zionist-dominated American media typically surround pioneering scientific data like that of Dr. Elhaik with a plethora of extreme skepticism, conflicting reports and disputation from contrary sources, so as to sow doubts among those who might otherwise be willing to accept the data as credible. Such acceptance would completely undermine the Israeli justification for appropriating Palestinian land and extruding the indigenous population. It would also expose the diabolic bankruptcy of the doctrine of recent popes and Protestant Fundamentalists, which insinuate that having rejected Christ, Israelis will nevertheless be granted eternal life as a result of an "irrevocable covenant" based on their alleged carnal descent from the Biblical patriarchs.

In the case of the following New York Times article of Nov. 27, 2013, the propaganda mechanisms usually in place are absent. This is an unguarded study of hereditary breast cancer genes occurring among Khazar women who are identified as "Ashkenazi” (of course we sympathize with the Khazar ladies —and all women afflicted with breast cancer  — and we advise that all married women have many children and breast feed them, because statistically, mothers of large, breast-fed families often have significantly lower rates of breast cancer).

No attempt has been made in this Times report on Ashkenazi breast cancer to explain how millions of so-called Jews occupying Palestinian land are shown in scientific and medical literature to have an east European rather than a Middle Eastern origin.

Substitute the word "Khazar" for "Ashkenazi" in the Times report: “In Israel, a Push to Screen for Cancer Gene Leaves Many Conflicted,” and you'll have the true racial identity of half the population of “Jews” in counterfeit "Israel," and most of the population of "Jews" in the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe.

It is for this reason that we never call these people Jews. Instead we have coined the term "Judaics" to describe them, based on their religious/nationalist affiliation with or nostalgia for Talmudic Judaism and/or the folk culture of Yiddishkeit, the medieval ghetto, and the accompanying legends of tribal solidarity during persecution. An equally or even more appropriate term would simply be Khazar, but this word remains at present too opaque to be widely recognized as a synonym for those who say they are Jews and are not, although hopefully that will change in the near future.

Michael Hoffman is the author of Judaism's Strange Gods, and Judaism Discovered, and the introduction to Prof. Alexander McCaul's classic study, The Talmud Tested, reprinted this year by Independent History and Research.

Eran Elhaik’s 33-page scientific study is for sale from Independent History and Research for $12 in the U.S., $17 to Canada and $20 overseas, from Independent History and Research, Box 849, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 83816. (Payable in US funds from a US bank. In the case of payment by Paypal add an additional 3.5% to the total). Caveat emptor: this is a technically dense research paper intended for geneticists. It is difficult reading for the average layman. Also a caution on the length: the 33 pages are widely-spaced so the content amounts to closer to fifteen typeset pages than 33].

In Israel, a Push to Screen for Cancer Gene Leaves Many Conflicted

By Roni Caryn Rabin

Read more here: 

KFAR SABA, Israel — Ever since she tested positive for a defective gene that causes breast cancer, Tamar Modiano has harbored a mother’s fear: that she had passed it on to her two daughters. Ms. Modiano had her breasts removed at 47 to prevent the disease and said that the day she found out her older daughter tested negative was one of the happiest of her life.

Now she wants her younger daughter, Hadas, 24, to be tested so she can start a family early if she is positive and then have a double mastectomy too. Ms. Modiano’s elder daughter, Suzi Gattegno, 29, disagrees.

“You’re keeping her from living her life,” Ms. Gattegno told her mother. “You want to marry her off early.”

“If she’s a carrier, she should marry early,” her mother countered.

Israel has one of the highest rates of breast cancer in the world. Mortality is very low, in part because of intense screening.

“She doesn’t even have a boyfriend,” the daughter said. “You need to stop pressuring her.”

“I want to protect her!” Ms. Modiano replied.

Such family debates are playing out across Israel these days. The country has one of the highest rates of breast cancer in the world, according to a World Health Organization report. And some leading scientists here are advocating what may be the first national screening campaign to test women for cancer-causing genetic mutations common among Jews — tests that are already forcing young women to make agonizing choices about what they want to know, when they want to know it and what to do with the information.

The so-called Jewish breast cancer genes have preoccupied women here for years, but after the actress Angelina Jolie revealed in May that she had undergone a double mastectomy because she had tested positive for such a mutation, coverage here exploded, with radio and TV talk shows featuring Israeli women grappling with similar decisions.

Jews of Ashkenazi, or central and eastern European, backgrounds, who make up about half the Jews in Israel and the vast majority of those in the United States, are much more likely to carry mutations that increase the risks for both breast and ovarian cancers, according to the National Cancer Institute.

A number of influential geneticists and cancer doctors from various medical centers here say that the Israeli Health Ministry should pay for free voluntary genetic testing of all Ashkenazi women over the age of 25. About a million women would be covered, at a cost of less than $100 per test. Jews of Iraqi descent, whose families also often carry a harmful mutation, might also be screened. The goal of a proposed universal screening program would be to identify an estimated 30,000 Israeli women who have the mutations.

So far, with sporadic testing, about 6,000 of them have been found, many only after a cancer diagnosis, said Dr. Ephrat Levy-Lahad, the coordinator of the Israel Genetics Consortium.

“That’s our target population,” said Dr. Oded Olsha, a breast surgeon at Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem. “If we can find them, we can save their lives.”

Women who tested positive for mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, which suppress tumors, would be strongly encouraged to complete child bearing by their late 30s so they could have their ovaries removed by age 40. Risk-reducing mastectomies would also be offered.

The profoundly controversial idea of broad-based screening has already set off debate in Israel among advocates for women and those in the medical and scientific fields. Critics say it may lead to social stigma and a rash of unnecessary operations, and also burden some women with information they may not want or know how to use.

The choice is not a simple one. Removing the breasts and ovaries sharply reduces the risk of cancer, but mastectomies are disfiguring and women often experience scarring and numbness after breast reconstruction. Loss of the ovaries plunges women into menopause, potentially leading to hot flashes, a reduced sex drive and heightened risks of heart disease and bone loss.

But already demand for genetic testing is very high here — there are yearlong waiting lists — and national health insurance generally covers it as long as a woman is referred by her doctor or a genetic counselor.

While poor countries struggle to provide even basic cancer care to women, wealthier societies like Israel and the United States are increasingly using sophisticated technologies to identify those at greatest risk in an effort to thwart the disease before it gets started. Several American Jewish organizations have recently undertaken a campaign to raise awareness about the genetic susceptibility to breast and ovarian cancer among Ashkenazi Jews.

The cancer divide here in Israel is more ethnic than economic. Will only Ashkenazi Jews be routinely tested? Though they are much more likely to carry one of the common harmful mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, Israel is a melting pot of both Arab citizens and Jews from all over the world, and only half of the country’s six million Jews are of Ashkenazi ancestry.

Under the proposal being put forward by some Israeli geneticists, it is likely that Israeli Arab citizens and Jews of Sephardic ancestry — whose families originate in North Africa and the Middle East — would not routinely be included among those screened for BRCA mutations, a point of contention in a country where a social and ethnic rift already divides Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews.

Families of Iraqi origin, like Ms. Modiano’s, may be covered because of their higher genetic risks. She always knew there was cancer in her father’s family. Three of his sisters died of breast cancer at young ages.

But she was tested for cancer-causing mutations only three years ago after finding out her relatives were being screened. The result stunned her. “I thought about what it meant for me, and then I thought, ‘What about my daughters?’ ” Ms. Modiano said recently, shuddering slightly. “I was petrified. I still am.”

Within three months, Ms. Modiano had a risk-reducing double mastectomy and an operation to remove her ovaries. But the decisions facing her daughters, both in their 20s, were far more complicated. Neither was married, and each had a 50 percent chance of carrying the mutation.

Ms. Gattegno, who was in nursing school at the time, decided to be tested. “I told my boyfriend that if I turned out to be a carrier, I would quit school for a while and we’d have kids right away,” she said. “And then I’d have a prophylactic mastectomy.”

Difficult Questions

At the Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem, Dr. Levy-Lahad, who started one of the first genetic testing programs in Israel, is among the main champions of universal screening for Ashkenazi women. She has worked closely with the American scientist who identified the BRCA1 gene, Mary-Claire King.

“If you’re only testing women after they’ve been affected, you’ve lost the game,” Dr. Levy-Lahad said. “Genetic testing is about prevention.”

She pointed to the risks. One in 40 Ashkenazi women carry a harmful genetic mutation, compared to less than one in 100 women generally.

Women with these mutations are four to five times more likely to develop aggressive breast cancers, according to the National Cancer Institute. The disease often comes at an early age and in both breasts, said Dr. Gad Rennert, the director of Israel’s National Cancer Control Center.

The potential for preventing ovarian cancer, a rarer but more lethal disease, is even greater. The common harmful mutations found in Ashkenazis are implicated in about 30 percent of ovarian cancers in Israeli women — and 40 percent or more of cases in women under 60, Dr. Rennert said.

Practical and ethical questions abound. Should men — who are just as likely to pass the mutations to their children and who are themselves at increased risk for some cancers — also be tested? Will ultra-Orthodox Jews participate in screening, knowing a positive test could hurt their family’s chances of making a good marriage match?

Identifying people as carriers can change their perceptions of themselves and the way they envision their futures, said Dr. Gail P. Jarvik, the head of the division of medical genetics at University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle.

Even though the testing would be voluntary, women could feel pressured to participate, said Barbara A. Koenig, a professor of medical anthropology and bioethics at the University of California, San Francisco. “When you institute mass screening, you’re making a collective decision that this is a good thing.”

There are also lingering scientific questions. While much is known about the three common Ashkenazi BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations, the risk they confer varies. Some families may have other genetic factors that modify their risk, which explains why some carriers never develop cancer while others die in their 20s.

Women identified as mutation carriers are showered with resources for early detection and prevention. These women’s risk for developing breast cancer ranges from 45 to 65 percent or higher, depending on family history, and their risk for ovarian cancer can be as high as 39 percent.

Routine mammography screening for most Israeli women starts at 50, but carriers are eligible for frequent clinical breast exams and expensive magnetic resonance imaging of the breast, all covered by national health insurance. They are also eligible for regular blood tests and vaginal ultrasounds to screen for ovarian cancer.

Cultural Obstacles

Many Israeli women who have the harmful mutations complain that male doctors display sexist attitudes about the importance of breasts and are loath to do mastectomies on healthy women.

Dr. Moshe Inbar, an outspoken oncologist in Tel Aviv who opposes preventive mastectomies, has said that a woman cannot have an orgasm after her breasts are removed, an assertion not supported by evidence.

“Would you like to live without your breasts?” Dr. Inbar, the director of the oncology division at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, asked. “I try to dissuade women from doing this. Surgery is not something that should be done on patient demand; it should be done when indicated.”

While more than a third of American women carrying the harmful genetic mutations choose preventive mastectomies, only 4 percent of Israeli women do, according to a 2008 International Journal of Cancer study that compared risk-reducing procedures for samples of BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutation carriers in Canada, the United States, Israel and six European countries.

By contrast, well over half the carriers in all countries but Poland had their ovaries removed, a procedure that also reduces breast cancer risk.

But there are signs that attitudes are beginning to change here, as women take to the Internet to research their options, challenge the medical profession and shop for doctors.

Tamar Horesh, 35, a computer programmer from central Israel, has vivid memories of her mother’s painful death from ovarian cancer at 51.

When Ms. Horesh tested positive for a BRCA1 mutation, she said her husband supported her decision to surgically remove her ovaries and breasts. They had three young children to raise.

Finding a doctor to do it was another matter. “The first doctor I went to said I was insane, and he said, ‘If you have brain cancer, are you going to chop off your head?’ ” said Ms. Horesh. “The second doctor said that he noticed I had a small chest, and he thought I just wanted an excuse to have my breasts enlarged.”

A third doctor told her what many women hear, “Come back when you have cancer,” and “Nobody dies of breast cancer nowadays.”

In fact, some 900 Israeli women die of breast cancer each year, according to the Israel Cancer Association.

Ms. Horesh eventually got referrals from Bracha, a group founded to raise awareness by Lisa Cohen, who has a BRCA mutation.

Ms. Cohen’s mother died of cancer at 49, and then her sister, who had four young children, died at 36. “I felt like I was going to be next in line,” said Ms. Cohen, a divorced mother of three who was determined to stay alive for her children.

A Personal Decision

Hadas Modiano, a university student in Jerusalem, is waiting a couple of years before she seriously considers being tested as her mother insists. But her mother’s example has given her strength.

“I think I’m not as scared as I might have been because I saw what my mother went through,” she said. “It was hard, but she has managed and overcome.”

But for many women, the choices are harrowing. A Tel Aviv lawyer, 43, who asked that her name not be used to protect her privacy, was devastated when she found out at 26 that she had one of the bad mutations.

The lawyer, who was only 4 when her mother died of breast cancer, said she was among the first to line up for the genetic test when it became available in Israel in the 1990s.

“You may think you’re prepared for this information, but you aren’t,” she said. “My blood went cold when I found out.” Afterward, she said she realized, “The only solutions are so radical — amputating parts of your body.”

When she first met the man who became her husband, she told him that she could never marry or have children. He convinced her otherwise. She goes for frequent scans and checkups but postponed having a mastectomy so she could breast-feed their children.

She chose to become pregnant through in vitro fertilization so female embryos that did not carry harmful mutations could be selected in the lab.

“Finally, there was something positive to do with the information,” she said.
Preventive surgeries are not always successful. Tali Shalev had what was supposed to be a preventive double mastectomy, but pathologists found a cancerous lesion in the removed breast tissue. “I’m an example of someone who did everything possible,” said Ms. Shalev, 40, who has three children.

The dilemmas of genetic testing are compounded in the ultra-Orthodox community, where the emphasis on modesty often dampens open discussion.

Still, Tziporah, 38, a Canadian-born Orthodox mother of seven who now lives in Israel, talks openly about her experience because she wants to reach other religious women. Tziporah, who goes by her nickname, Tzippy, asked that her last name not be used to protect the privacy of her extended family members, who also may carry the gene. Her mother died of breast cancer at 42, when she was 5, and when Tzippy was pregnant with her last child a few years ago, she tested positive for a BRCA1 mutation.

She sought advice from several rabbis about whether she should go forward with risk-reducing surgeries. They reassured her that preserving life is one of the supreme values of Judaism.

So three years ago, after her youngest child was born, she had her breasts and ovaries removed. The operations were grueling, but she said she wanted to make sure her children would not suffer the same loss she had. And she said she felt she had a mission to encourage other women to be tested.

“You know why God did this to me?” she said. “Because I’ve got a really big mouth.”

So she is spreading the word within the Orthodox community that genetic screening can save lives.

“Women don’t have to be dying on their kids,” she said.

End quote from New York Times


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pope Francis: Judaism is not engaged in idolatry; serves the true God

"Evangelii Gaudium of the Holy Father Francis"
A Palimpsest of Papal Prevarication

By Michael Hoffman • Copyright ©2013 

On Nov. 24 Pope Francis issued an "Apostolic Exhortation." Two sections in the 50,000 word-document are of interest. One is centered on the Money Power, but Francis, like all his predecessors since the Renaissance, merely issues a lot of hot air and toothless semantics. The empty rhetoric will mollify some activists no doubt, but it will do little or nothing to curb the power of the corporate-financier elite or the bought-and-paid for churchmen who have been serving them since the days of the Medici. The only way to curb the Money Power is to restore the infallible doctrine that charging interest on loans of money is a mortal sin and absolution for this sin of theft requires restitution in the form of a return of the ill-gotten gains. Then the Overlords of the Cryptocracy would howl and then Francis would feel their wrath, rather than their adulation.

The "Apostolic Exhortation" also contains a section on Judaism, rendering it immune to missionary activity, which is the non-negotiable demand of the rabbis to which Rome has submitted, as promulgated by Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI. Hence, there’s nothing particularly new from Francis here, though his post-Vatican II colleagues presented this revolutionary distortion of St. Paul with far more guile and sophistication, whereas Francis blurts it out without much theological embroidery:

247. "We hold the Jewish people in special regard because their covenant with God has never been revoked, for “the gifts and the call of God are irrevocable” (Rom 11:29). The Church, which shares with Jews an important part of the sacred Scriptures, looks upon the people of the covenant and their faith as one of the sacred roots of her own Christian identity (cf. Rom 11:16-18). As Christians, we cannot consider Judaism as a foreign religion; nor do we include the Jews among those called to turn from idols and to serve the true God (cf. 1 Thes 1:9)." [Source: Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium of the Holy Father Francis to the Bishops, Clergy, Consecrated Persons and the Lay Faithful on The Proclamation of the Gospel in Today's World].

The historic Church never taught this distortion of Romans 11:29, though it is a fixture of the theology of the soon-to-be-saint John Paul II and the supposedly arch-conservative counter-pope to Francis, Benedict XVI. JP II and Benedict were firmly in the Talmudic/rabbinic camp and Francis is no different. Twisting Romans chapter 11 into a saved-by-race pledge of eternal security is about as anti-Christ as it gets. If the Jews of first century Palestine had an irrevocable covenant with God, why would the Son of God have bothered to incarnate on earth and be crucified for their sake?

Jesus declared to the Jewish Pharisees, whose ideological descendants today are the rabbis of Orthodox Judaism: “If you were Abraham’s children, you would be doing the works Abraham did, but now you seek to kill me, a man who has told you the truth that I heard from God.” (John 8:39-40). 

Why didn’t Jesus speak as the popes of Rome do, and acknowledge the Pharisees on the basis of their flesh, and their racial prestige? Jesus rejected the doctrine of salvation by race. He taught that the children of Abraham are those who do the works of Abraham. 

By Our Lord’s definition, the spiritual heirs of those who have built a religion on the refusal to accept Jesus as the Messiah of Israel, are most certainly not the children of Abraham. The modern popes are guilty of contradicting Christ. They obstinately continue to disseminate the same error as the Pharisees, that the racial prestige of “Jews,” whether of the first or the twenty-first century, is sufficient to qualify them as heirs of the promises which God made to Abraham in Genesis 12:3. 

John the Baptist, the greatest of the prophets (Luke 7: 26-28), declared to the Jews:  “Do not presume to say to yourselves, ‘We have Abraham as our father,’ for I tell you, God is able from these stones to raise up children for Abraham. Even now the axe is laid to the root of the trees. Every tree therefore that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.” (Matthew 3: 9-10).

“Who is the liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is the antichrist, he who denies the Father and the Son. No one who denies the Son has the Father. Whoever confesses the Son has the Father also.” (1 John 2:22-23).

Why are so many persons strongly deluded into believing that those who deny Jesus Christ, are somehow Abraham’s children? Because: "...they refused to love the truth and so be saved. Therefore God sends them a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false, in order that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.” (2 Thessalonians 2:10-12).

Bob Burrdige writes, "In the time between Abraham and Jesus, the tree was the nation of the Jews. In the time after Jesus, the tree is the Apostolic church, God’s Spiritual Israel (see Romans 9:6). As the elect from all nations are evangelized and brought in, the tree grows toward fulness. As the apostate and unbelieving are removed, the tree improves in purity. It is in this way that all of God’s true Israel will be saved. The New Testament Church does not replace Israel. The Church is Israel in her completed form."

This was the infallible official teaching of the Church until the coming of Popes Paul VI, John Paul II, Benedict XVI and the now rather uncouth Francis, who is not quite as adept at accompanying the betrayal of the Gospel with high-falutin' theological dissembling, and therefore the hellish papal doctrine of Jew-worship is more obvious in his pontificate than in previous ones that had undeserved reputations for "conservatism."

We have saved the most flagrant papal lie for last. In Evangelii Gaudium Francis exhorts: "...we cannot...include the Jews among those called to turn from idols and to serve the true God." 

Pope Francis insists that the "Jews" do not follow idols and have not rejected the true God. Really? What did we just read in 1 John 2: 22-23? What are the words out of the mouth of Jesus Himself in John 8: 39-40? And from John the Baptist in Matthew 3: 9-10? All of those Scriptures have to be abolished or explained away in order to claim that contemporary “Jews” are not engaged in idolatry. Moreover, the rabbis are witnesses against themselves in this matter of idolatry:
"Since God already gave the Torah to the Jewish people on Mt. Sinai we no longer pay attention to heavenly voices. God must submit to the decisions of a majority vote of the rabbis.” —Babylonian Talmud, Bava Metzia 59b.
Let's see now, the rabbinic halacha declares that Judaics no longer pay attention to heaven and that God must submit to them, and the pope of Rome declares that Judaism gives service to the true God and is not engaged in idolatry.

The only people who could possibly fall for this risible papal bunkum are those who want to be deceived, who "take pleasure in unrighteousness" and who "refuse to love the truth and be saved." 

Every tree that does not bear good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire.

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Saudi Prince announces Israeli-Saudi alliance

No Christian churches are allowed in Saudi Arabia

From the Kingdom that gave us the 9/11 hijackers comes news of a Saudi/Israeli alliance 

"Saudi Arabian interests and Israel are almost parallel," says Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. "He notes the startling alliance of Saudi Arabia and the Jewish state." 

 — From an interview in the Wall Street Journal, November 23, 2013, p. A11. 

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hoffman on radio stations nationwide discussing JFK

Michael Hoffman will be speaking about the JFK assassination conspiracy on the nationally syndicated "Ground Zero" radio program, hosted by Clyde Lewis, Thursday, Nov. 21 at 8 p.m. Pacific. 

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New Orleans: WRNO-FM 99.5

Honolulu: KHVH-AM 830

Portland, Oregon: KXL 101.

Portland, Maine: KVQM-FM 101.3

Hoffman is the author of Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, and "King-Kill/33 Fifty Years Later" (Revisionist History no. 69, October-November 2013)


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Control • Number • 23

23 people were killed in a terror bombing of the Iranian embassy in Lebanon today, and also today, the “thisTV” television channel in Spokane, Washington, broadcast from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. “Support Your Local Gunfighter,” a movie in which the star James Garner advises his friend to never gamble on a roulette wheel. The Garner character then does so immediately, placing his bet on number 23 and losing $4500. When asked to explain his behavior, he states that he had number 23 on his mind.

Pope John 23rd is regarded by some Catholic traditionalists as the first anti-pope of modern times and that he and all popes since are not true popes, ergo the See of Peter is vacant. In Piers Compton's 1984 book, The Broken Cross, Pope John the 23rd is depicted as a masonic initiate. Angelo Roncalli (John the 23rd) was the second 23 pope named John. The first Pope John 23rd was Baldassare Cossa, who reigned in the 15th century and was also regarded as an “anti-pope."

The number has been the subject of not one but two films: the 1998 German movie, “23," and "The Number 23," starring Jim Carrey. Each has a main character obsessed with the number.

23 is one of the most commonly cited prime numbers - a number that can only be divided by itself and one. Twenty three is the lowest prime that consists of consecutive digits, and it add up to another Prime number. Primes have been described as the "atoms" of mathematics - the building blocks of the world of numbers. An American businessman has put up a US$1m (£500,000) prize for the first mathematician to find a pattern in primes - a problem known as the Riemann hypothesis.

John Forbes Nash, the Nobel Prize-winning economist who was the subject of the film, "A Beautiful Mind," starring Russell Crowe, was obsessed with 23. It featured prominently in his battle with mental illness.

Charles Darwin's Origin of Species was published in 1859 - 1+8+5+9 = 23.

The Hiroshima bomb was dropped at 8.15am - 8+15= 23.

The most famous and most quoted of the Psalms is number 23.

Each parent contributes 23 chromosomes to the start of human life. The nuclei of cells in human bodies have 46 chromosomes made out of 23 pairs. Egg and sperm cells in humans have 23 chromosomes which fuse and divide to create an embryo.

The most detailed account of the assassination of Julius Caesar, written by Nicolaus of Damascus, claims numerous enemies stabbed the Roman emperor 23 times. The wounds ranged from superficial to mortal.

The first morse code transmission - "What hath God wrought?" - was from the Bible passage Numbers 23:23. In telegraphers code 23 means "break the line.”

The Birthday Paradox states that a group of 23 randomly-selected people is the smallest number where there will be a probability higher than 50 per cent that two people will share the same birthday.

 While living in Tangiers, William S. Burroughs, grandson of the inventor of the modern adding machine, allegedly met a Captain Clark who ran a ferry between Spain and Morocco. One day, Clark told Burroughs that he had been doing the route for 23 years without incident. Later that day, the ferry sank, killing the captain. While Burroughs was thinking about the incident, a radio bulletin announced the crash of a Flight 23 on the New York-Miami route. The pilot was another Captain Clark. The events prompted an obsession which saw Burroughs record every occurrence of the number 23 for the rest of his life.

The average human physical biorhythm is 23 days.The human Biorhythm cycle is 23 days

Geosynchronous orbit occurs at 23,000 miles above Earth's surface.

2/3= .666 the number of the beast.


Monday, November 18, 2013

JFK Assassination Conspiracy: Select Bibliography

The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, publishers of a blizzard of disinformation on the killing of our President, dare not mention any of these important sources of information on the conspiracy behind the killing. Books Michael Hoffman regards as particularly indispensable for study are marked with an asterisk (excluding his own study in the 69th issue of Revisionist History newsletter).

*DiEugenio, James, Reclaiming Parkland (New York: 2013).

*Douglass, James, JFK and the Unspeakable (Orbis, 2008).

*Feister, Sherry, Enemy of the Truth: Myths, Forensics, and the Kennedy Assassination (2012).

*Fonzi, Gaeton, The Last Investigation: What Insiders Know about the Assassination of JFK (New York, 2013).

Hoffman, Michael, “King-Kill//33 Fifty Years Later” (Revisionist History newsletter, issue no. 69, Oct. - Nov. 2013).

McKnight, Gerald, Breach of Trust (University of Kansas Press, 2005).

*Mellen, Joan, A Farewell to Justice (New York: 2013).

*Palamara, Vincent Michael, Survivor’s Guilt: The Secret Service and the Failure to Protect President Kennedy (NY: 2013).

Summers, Anthony, Not in Your Lifetime (Open Road, 2013).

Ventura, Jesse, They Killed Our President (New York, 2013)

Photographic evidence of the conspiracy to kill our President:
The sitting duck: Secret Service agents withdrawn from the back of his limousine; motorcycle escort pulled back: no motorcyles along his side. According to testimony of the agents themselves and contrary to establishment propaganda, the withdrawal was not done by order or request of President Kennedy.


For further research:

Hoffman, Michael, Revisionist History Newsletter no. 69: “King-Kill/33 Fifty Years Later.” http://revisionisthistorystore.blogspot.com/2013_06_01_archive.html (scroll down to issue no. 69)

Debunking PBS Television’s “Cold Case”


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

German culture at its zenith

Munchener Bach-Chor and Orchester conducted by Karl Richter; with Gundula Janowitz (soprano), Hertha Topper (contralto), Horst Laubenthal (tenor) and Herman Prey (bass). Recorded September 12-28, 1969 in the Klosterkirche, in Diessen am Ammersee. (The entire 129 minute performance is available on DVD).

Despite the fact that the instruments used were not manufactured according to “period” standards, this is a magnificent Bach interpretation, faithful to the traditional German standard of performance in its profound devotion. Bach composed for an audience of four: himself and the three divine persons of the Holy Trinity. 

When we hear the human race described as “made in the image and likeness of God” here is the proof. 

Consider watching the video all the way to the end (a little more than eight minutes). After the violin soloist and soprano, the whole choir and orchestra perform (beginning at 4:51). 

If you don’t have time for this, you don’t have time for anything.

Along with medical and humanitarian aid, this what the West should be exporting, instead of guns, bombs, drones and troops.

 —Michael Hoffman


 The Latin texts are pronounced in the Latin style – most memorably so in the case of Hermann Prey's solo, "Kvoniam tu zolus zanctus." 

"Credo," say the faces of the chorus members and the soloists, and Richter asserts his belief through the rock-solid steadiness and devotion of his conducting.  A gloriously vital testament of Christian belief. 

—Raymond Tuttle


King-Kill/33 Fifty Years Later

Announcing Revisionist History issue no. 69

 Symbolism, Psychological Warfare and Revelations in the John F. Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy

Michael Hoffman, author of Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, has been on the trail of the assassins since the 1970s. Here is his monumental, 20,000-word report packed with the latest research concerning the conspirators and the coverup, with unique insights into the theatre of masonic mind contol in which the murder of our President was situated for purposes of psychological warfare against the American people. Special edition: 20 page magazine, illustrated. 

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Sunday, November 03, 2013

US Congress: Occupied Israeli territory by Prof. James Petras

Israel Buys the US Congress:  
Sabotaging the US-Iran Peace Negotiations
James Petras 
Pro-Israel Policy groups such as AIPAC work with unlimited funding to divert US policy in the region (Middle East)”  --Jack Straw, Member of Parliament and former Foreign Secretary of the British Labor Party
 The United States should drop a nuclear bomb on Iran to spur the country to end its nuclear program”    --Sheldon Adelson, biggest donor to the Republican Party and major fundraiser for pro-Israel political action committees,  speech at Yeshiva University, New York City, October 22, 2013.
            The question of war or peace with Iran rests with the policies adopted by the White House and the US Congress.  The peace overtures by newly elected Iranian President Rohani have resonated favorably around the world, except with Israel and its Zionist acolytes in North America and Europe.  The first negotiating session proceeded without recrimination and resulted in an optimistic assessment by both sides.  Precisely because of the initial favorable response among the participants, the Israeli government escalated its propaganda war against Iran.  Its agents in the US Congress, the mass media and in the Executive branch moved to undermine the peace process.  What is at stake is Israel’s capacity to wage proxy wars using the US military and its NATO allies against any government challenging Israeli military supremacy in the Middle East, its violent annexation of Palestinian territory and its ability to attack any adversary with impunity.
            To understand what is at stake in the current peace negotiations one must envision the consequences of failure:  Under Israeli pressure, the US announced that its ‘military option’ could be activated – resulting in missile strikes and a bombing campaign against 76 million Iranians in order to destroy their government and economy.  Teheran could retaliate against such aggression by targetingUS military bases in the region and Gulf oil installations resulting in a global crisis.  This is whatIsrael wants.
            We will begin by examining the context of Israel’s military supremacy in the Middle East.  We will then proceed to analyze Israel’s incredible power over the US political process and how it shapes the negotiation process today, with special emphasis on Zionist power in the US Congress.
The Context of Israeli Military Supremacy in the Middle East
           Since the end of World War IIIsrael has bombed, invaded and occupied more countries in the Middle East and Africa than previous colonial power, except the US.  The list of Israel’s victims includes:  PalestineSyriaLebanonEgyptIraqJordanSudan and Yemen.  If we include countries where Israel has launched quasi-clandestine terrorist attacks and assassinations, the list would be greatly expanded to include a dozen countries in Europe and Asia – including the US through its Zionist terror network.
            Israel’s projection of military power, its capacity for waging offensive wars at will, is matched by its near-total impunity.  Despite their repeated violations of international law, including war crimes,Israel has never been censored at an international tribunal or subjected to economic sanctions because the US government uses its position to veto UN Security Council resolutions and pressure its NATO-EU allies.
            Israel’s military supremacy has less to do with the native techno-industrial ‘brilliance’ of its war-mongers and more to do with the transfers and outright theft of nuclear, chemical and biological technology and weapons from the US (Grant Smith “Ten Explosive US Government Secrets of Israel” IRMEP).  Overseas Zionists in the US and France have played a strategic (and treasonous) role in stealing and illegally shipping nuclear technology and weapon components to Israel, according to an investigation by former CIA Director Richard Helms. *
            Israel maintains huge nuclear, chemical, and biological weapon stockpiles refusing any access to international arms inspectors and is not obliged to abide by the non-proliferation treaty, because of USdiplomatic intervention.  Under pressure from the local ‘Zionist power configuration’ (ZPC), the USgovernment has blocked any action which might constrain Israel’s production of weapons of mass destruction.  In fact the US continues to provide Israel with strategic weapons of mass destruction for use against its neighbors – in violation of international law.
            US military aid and technology transfers to Israel exceed $100 billion dollars over the past half century.  US diplomatic and military intervention was crucial in rescuing Israel from defeat during the 1973 war.  US President Lyndon Johnson’s refusal to defend the unarmed intelligence ship, the USS Liberty in 1967, after it had been bombed and napalmed by Israeli fighter planes and warships in international waters, constituted a tremendous victory for Israel thanks to Johnson’s Zionist advisers.  Because of its impunity, even in killing American servicemen, Israel has been given a free hand to wage aggressive wars to dominate its neighbors, commit acts of terrorism and assassinate its adversaries throughout the world without fear of retaliation.
           Israel’s uncontested military superiority  has converted several of its neighbors to quasi-client collaborators:  Egypt and Jordan have served as de facto allies, along with the Gulf monarchies, helping Israel repress the region’s nationalist and pro-Palestinian movements.
            The most decisive factor in the rise and consolidation of Israel’s power in the Middle East has not been its military prowess but its political reach and influence via its Zionist agents in the USWashington’s wars against  Iraq and Libya, and its current support of the mercenary assault againstSyria, have destroyed three major secular nationalist opponents of Israel’s hegemonic ambitions.
            As Israel accumulates more power in the region, expanding its colonization of Palestinian territory, it looks eastward toward destroying the last remaining obstacle to its colonial policies:  Iran.
            For at least two decades, Israel has directed its overseas agents - (the ZPC) – to destroy the government of Iran by destabilizing its society, assassinating its scientists, bombing its military establishments and laboratories and strangling its economy.
            After the ZPC successfully pushed the US into war against Iraq in 2003 – literally shredding its complex secular society and killing over a million Iraqis - it turned its sights on destroying Lebanon(Hezbollah) and the secular government of Syria as a way to isolate Iran and prepare for an attack.  While thousands of Lebanese civilians were slaughtered in 2006, Israel’s attack of Lebanon failed, despite the support of the US government and the ZPC’s wild propaganda campaign.  Hysterical at its failure and to ‘compensate’ for its defeat at the hands of Hezbollah and to ‘boost morale’, Israel invaded and destroyed much of Gaza (2008/9) – the world’s largest open air prison camp.
            Lacking military capacity to attack Iran on its own, Israel directed its agents to manipulate theUS government to start a war with Teheran.  The militarist leaders in Tel Aviv have unleashed their political assets (ZPC) throughout the US  to work to destroy Iran – the last formidable adversary toIsrael supremacy in the Middle East.
            The Israeli-ZPC strategy is designed to set the stage for a US confrontation with Iran, using its agents in the Executive branch as well as its ongoing corruption, bribery and control of the US Congress.  ZPC control over the mass media enhances its propaganda campaign:  Everyday the New York Times and the Washington Post publish articles and editorials promoting Israel’s war agenda.  The  ZPC uses the US State Department to force other NATO states to likewise confront Iran.
Israel’s Proxy War with Iran:  US Political Pressure, Economic Sanctions and Military Threats
           Alone, Israel’s ‘war’ with Iran would not amount to much more than its cyber sabotage, the periodical assassinations of Iranian scientists using its paid agents among Iranian terrorist groups and non-stop brow-beating from Israeli politicians and their ‘amen crowd’.  Outside of Israel, this campaign has had little impact on public opinion.  Israel’s ‘was’ on Iran depends exclusively on its capacity to manipulate US policy using its local agents and groups who dominate the US Congress and through the appointments of officials in key positions in the Departments of Treasury, Commerce, and Justice , and as Middle East ‘advisors’.  Israel cannot organize an effective sanction campaign against Iran; nor could it influence any major power to abide by such a campaign.  Only the US has that power.  Israel’s dominance in the Middle East comes entirely from its capacity to mobilize its proxies in the United States who are assigned the task of securing total submission to  Israel’s interests from elected and appointed government officials – especially in regard to Israel’s regional adversaries.
           Strategically placed, ‘dual US-Israeli citizens’ have used their US citizenship to secure high security positions in the Government directly involved in policies affecting Israel.  As Israelis, their activities are in line with the dictates of Tel Aviv.  In the Bush administration (2001-2008) high placed ‘Israel Firsters’ dominated the Pentagon (Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith), Middle East Security (Martin Indyk, Dennis Ross), the Vice President’s office (‘Scooter’ Libby), Treasury (Levey) and Homeland Security (Michael Chertoff).  In the Obama administration the ‘Israel Firsters’ include Dennis Ross, Rahm Emanuel, David Cohen, Secretary of Treasury Jack “Jake the Snake” Lew, Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker and Michael Froman as Trade Representative among others.
            Israel’s Proxy Power within the Executive branch is matched by its dominance of the US Congress.    Contrary to some critics, Israel is neither an ‘ally’ or ‘client’ of the US.  Evidence of the gross asymmetry of the relation abounds over the past half century.  Because of these powerful proxies in Congress and the Executive branch, Israel has received over $100 billion dollar tribute from the USover the past 30 years, or $3 billion plus a year.  The US Pentagon has transferred the most up-to-date military technology and engaged in several wars on Israel’s behalf.  
The US Treasury has imposed sanctions against potentially lucrative trading and investment partners in the Middle East (IranIraqand Syriadepriving US agricultural and manufacturing exporters and oil companies of over $500 billion in revenues.  The White House sacrificed the lives of over 4,400 US soldiers in the Iraq War – a war promoted by Israel’s proxies at the behest of Israel’s leaders.  The State Department has rejected friendly and profitable relations with over 1.5 billion Muslims by backing the illegal settlement of over half million Jewish colonists on military-occupied Palestinian land in the West Bank and Jerusalem.
            The strategic question is how and why this one-sided relation between the US and Israel persists for so long, even as it goes counter to so many strategic and elite US interests?  The more immediate and pressing question is how this historically lopsided relation effects contemporary US-Iran sanctions and nuclear negotiations?
Iran and the Peace Negotiations
            Undoubtedly the newly elected Iranian President and his Foreign Minister are prepared to negotiate an end to hostilities with the US by making major concessions ensuring the peaceful use of nuclear energy.  They have stated they are open to reducing or even ending the production of highly enriched uranium; reducing the number of centrifuges and even allowing intrusive, unannounced inspections, among other promising proposals.  The Iranian government proposes a roadmap with end goals as part of the initial agreements.  The European Union’s Foreign Secretary Lady Ashton has commented favorably on the initial meeting.
            The US Administration has given conflicting signals following the Iranian overtures and the opening meeting.  Some individual comments are guardedly positive; others are less encouraging and rigid.  Administration Zionists like Jack ‘Jake’ Lew, the Treasury Secretary, insists sanctions will remain until Iran meets all US (read ‘Israeli’) demands.  The US Congress, bought and controlled by the ZPC, rejects the promising Iranian overtures and flexibility, insisting on military ‘options’ or the total dismantling of Iran’s legal and peaceful nuclear program – ZPC positions designed to sabotage the negotiations.  To that end, Congress has passed new, more extreme, economic sanctions to strangle the Iran’s oil economy.
How Israel’s Political Action Committees Control the US Congress and Prepare War with Iran
            The Zionist Power Configuration uses its financial firepower to dictate Congressional policy on the Middle East and to ensure that the US Congress and Senate do not stray one iota from servingIsrael’s interests.  The Zionist instrument used in the purchase of elected officials in the US is the political action committee (PAC).
            Thanks to a 2010 US Supreme Court decision, Super PACs-linked to Israel spend enormous sums  to elect or destroy candidates – depending on the candidate’s political work on behalf of Israel.  As long as these funds do not go directly to the candidate, these Super PACs do not have to reveal how much they spend or how it is spent.  Conservative estimates of ZPC- linked direct and indirect funds to US legislators run close to $100 million dollars over the past 30-year.  The ZPC channels these funds tolegislative leaders and members of Congressional committees dealing with foreign policy, especially sub-committee  chairpersons dealing with the Middle East.  Unsurprisingly, the largest Congressional recipients of ZPC money are those who have aggressively promoted Israel’s hard-line policies.  Elsewhere around the world, such large scale payoffs for legislative votes would be considered blatant bribery and subject to felony prosecution­ and imprisonment for both parties.  In the US, the purchase and sale of a politician’s vote is called ‘lobbying’ and is legal and open.  The legislative branch of the USgovernment has come to resemble a high-price brothel or white slavers’ auction – but with the lives of thousands at stake.
            The ZPC has purchased the alliance of US Congress people and Senators on a massive scale:  Of 435 members of the US House of Representatives (sic), 219 have received payments from the ZPC in exchange for their votes on behalf of the state of Israel.  Corruption is even more rampant among the 100 US Senators, 94 of whom have accepted pro-Israel PAC and Super PAC money for their loyalty toIsrael.  The ZPC showers money on both Republicans and Democrats, thus securing incredible (in this era of Congressional deadlock), near unanimous (‘bipartisan’) votes in favor of the ‘Jewish State’, including its war crimes, like the bombing of Gaza and Lebanon as well as the annual $3 billion dollar plus US tax-payer tribute to Tel Aviv.  At least 50 US Senators have each collected between $100 thousand and $1 million in ZPC money over the past decades .  In exchange, they have voted for over$100 billion in tribute payments to Israel … in addition to other ‘services and payments’.  The members of the US Congress are cheaper:  25 legislators have received between $238,000 and $50,000, while the rest got peanuts.  Regardless of the amount, the net result is the same: Congressional member pick up their script from their Zionist mentors in the PACs, Super PACs and AIPAC and back all of Israel’s wars in the Middle East and promote US aggression on behalf of Israel
The most outspoken and influential legislators get the biggest chunk of Zionist payola: Senator Mark Kirk (Bombs over Teheran!) tops the ‘pigs at the trough’ list with $925,000 in ZPC payoffs, followed by John McCain (Bombs over Damascus!) with $771,000, while Senators Mitch McConnell, Carl Levin, Robert Menendez, Richard Durban and other Zionophilic politicos are  not shy about holding out their little begging bowls when the pro-Israel PAC bagmen arrive!  
 Florida Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen tops the ‘House’ list with $238,000 for her 100% pro-Israel record as well as for being more war-mongering than even Netanyahu!  Eric Cantor got $209,000 for championing ‘wars for Israel’ with American lives while cutting Social Security payments to US seniors in order to increase military aid to Tel Aviv.  House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, got $144,000 for ‘whipping the few wobbly’ Democrats back into Israel’s ‘camp’.  House Majority Leader John Boehner was paid $130,000 to do the same among the Republicans.
            The ZPC has spent huge amounts to punish and destroy a dozen or so dissident legislators who had stood up to Israel’s wars and grotesque human rights record.  The ZPC has poured millions into individual campaigns, not only financing opposition candidates who pledged allegiance to the Israel but mounting scurrilous character assassinations of Israel’s critics in office.  These campaigns have been mounted in the most obscure parts of the US, including in majority African-American districts, where local Zionist interests and influence are otherwise absolutely nil.
            There are no comparable PACs, Super PACs, party leaders, or civic organization that can contest the power of Israel’s Fifth Column.  According to documents archived by the courageous researcher, Grant Smith of IRMEP, when it comes to Israel, the US Justice Department has adamantly refused to enforce its own federal laws requiring the prosecution of US citizens who fail to register as foreign agents while working for a foreign country – at least since 1963.  On the other hand, the ZPC, through the so-call ‘Anti-Defamation League’, has successfully pressured the Justice Department, the FBI and NSA to investigate and prosecute law-abiding, patriotic US citizens critical of Israel’s land grabs in Palestine and the Zionist corruptors of the US political system on behalf of their foreign master.
            The corruption and degradation of US democracy is made possible by the equally compromised and corrupted ‘respectable press’.  Media critic, Steve Lendman, has pointed out the direct link between Israel and the mass media in his investigation of the New York Times.  The leading (‘fair and balanced’) journalists reporting on Israel have strong family and political ties to that country and their articles have been little more than propaganda.  Times reporter Ethan Bronner, whose son served in the Israel Defense Forces, is a long-time apologist for the Zionist state.  Times reporter Isabel Kershner, whose ‘writing’ seem to come straight out of the Israeli Foreign Office, is married to Hirsh Goodman an adviser to the Netanyahu regime on ‘security affairs’.  The Times bureau chief in Jerusalem, Jodi Rudoren, lives comfortably in the ancestral home of a Palestinian family dispossessed from that ancient city.
            The Times unflinching pro-Israel posture provides a political cover and justification for the corrupted US politicians as they beat the war drums for Israel.  It is no surprise that the New York Times, like the Washington Post, is deeply engaged in disparaging and denouncing the current US-Iran negotiations – and providing ample space for the one-sided rhetoric of Israeli politicians and their US mouthpieces, while studiously excluding the more rational, pro-rapprochement voices of experienced former US diplomats, war-weary military leaders and representatives of the US business and academic communities.
            To understand Congress’ hostility to the nuclear negotiations with Iran and their efforts to scuttle them through the imposition of ridiculous new sanctions, it is important to get to the source of the problem, namely the statements of key Israeli politicians, who set the line of march for their US proxies.
In late October, 2013, Former Israeli Defense Intelligence Chief Amos Yadlin spoke of ‘having to choose between ‘the bomb’ or the bombing’ – a message which immediately resonated with the 52 Presidents of the Major American Jewish Organizations (Daily Alert, October 24, 2013).  On October 22, 2013, Israel’s Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz, called for harsh new sanctions on Iran and insisted that the US use them as leverage to demand that Iran agree to entirely abandon its peaceful nuclear energy and enrichment program.  Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon affirmed that ‘Israel will not accept any deal that allows Iran to enrich uranium’.  It is Israel’s position to threaten war (via the US) if Iran does not submit to unconditional surrender of its nuclear program.  This defines the position of all the major pro-Israel PACs, Super PACs and AIPAC.  They in turn proceed to dictate policy to their ‘lick-spittles’ in the US Congress.  As a result, Congress passes even more extreme economic sanctions onIran in order to sabotage the ongoing negotiations. 
Those who have received the biggest Zionist pay-offs from the pro-Israel PACs are the most vociferous:  Senator Mark Kirk ($925,379), author of a previous sanctions bill, demands that Iran end its entire nuclear and ballistic missile program (!) and declared that the US Senate “should immediately move forward with a new round of economic sanctions targeting all remaining Iranian government revenue and reserves” (Financial Times, 10/18/13, p. 6).  The US House of Representatives (sic) has already passed a bill sharply limiting Iran’s ability to sell its main export, oil.  Once again, the Israel- ZPC – Congressional axis seeks to impose Israel’s war agenda on the American people!  In late October 2013, Secretary of State Kerry was ‘grilled’ for 7 hours by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu with the craven Kerry promising to promote Israel’s agenda on dismantling Iran’s nuclear enrichment program.
To counter the campaign to strangle Iran’s oil economy, promoted by Israel’s flunkeys in the Congress, the Iranian government has offered generous contracts to the US and EU oil companies (Financial Times 10/29/2013, p 1).  Existing nationalist provisions are being removed.  Under the new terms, foreign companies book reserves or take equity stakes in Iranian projects.  Iran hopes to attract at least $100 billion dollars in investments over the next three years.  This stable country boasts the world’s largest gas and the fourth largest oil reserves.  Because of the current US (Israel)-imposed sanctions, production has fallen from 3.5 million barrels per day in 2011 to 2.58 million barrels per day in 2013.  The question is whether ‘Big Oil’, the giant US and EU companies have to power to challenge the ZPC-stranglehold over US-EU sanction policy.  So far, the ZPC has dominated this critical policy and marginalized ‘Big Oil’ using threats, blackmail and coercion against US policymakers.  This has effectively shut out US companies from the lucrative Iranian market. 
            As the US and the 5 other countries attempt to negotiate with Iran, they face enormous obstacles overcoming Israel’s power over the US Congress.  Over  past decades Israel’s agents havebought the loyalties of the vast majority of Congress people, training them to recognize and obey the whistles, signals and script from the war mongers in Tel Aviv.
            This ‘Axis of War’, has inflicted enormous damage on the world resulting in the deaths of millions of victims of US wars in the Middle East, Southwest Asia and North AfricaThe gross corruption and widely recognized bankruptcy of the US legislative system is due to its slavish submission to a foreign power.  What remains in Washington is a debased vassal state despised by its own citizens.  If the ZPC controlled Congress succeeds once again in destroying the negotiations between the US and Iran via new war-like resolutions, we, the American people, will have to pay an enormous price in lives and treasure. 
            The time to act is now.  It is time to stand up and expose the role played by the Israeli PACs, Super PACs and the 52 Major American Jewish Organization in corrupting Congress and turning “our” elected representatives into flunkeys for Israel’s wars.  There has been a deafening silence from our noted critics –few alternative media critics have attacked Israel’s power over the US Congress.  The evidence is openly available, the crimes are undeniable.  The American people need real political leaders with the courage to root out the corrupted and corruptors and force their elected members in the House and Senate to represent the interest of the American people.
(Emphasis supplied)
* Prof. Petras needs to supply documentation for his claim that Helms stood up to the Israeli lobby. Helms is believed to have been in on the planning of the assassination of President Kennedy and Michael Collins Piper in his study of Mossad influence over the CIA regards Helms as part of the conspiracy and not independent of it (cf. Final Judgement, Wolfe Press, 1995).