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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Monday, January 16, 2017

Martin Luther King: The Cryptocracy’s Secret Weapon

Martin Luther King: The Cryptocracy’s  Weapon Against Black and White America

By Michael Hoffman ©2017

Why has Martin Luther King been made synonymous with Black American advancement? Mr. King destroyed the right of every American (Black and White) to choose who they will hire in their business, and who they may house on their private property. We don’t see how the abridgment of these rights has come to be known as “civil rights.” Is this not purely Orwellian?

The psychologically-crippling notion of Black entitlement and victimhood is advanced by the cult of King. Any good parent knows that if you raise your child to believe he or she is “entitled” to special treatment, and is a “victim” of injustice, you will create a psychological basket case. Why is this considered “empowerment”? Is it not likely that the Cryptocracy, through Orwellian-hypnotic “civil rights movement” cant, is attempting to enslave Black people mentally?  

Is not true empowerment predicated on taking personal responsibility for one’s life, and blaming one’s self first for setbacks and failures? Is this not the mentality of a free person, rather than a slave?

Al Sharpton held a rally over the weekend with a cabal of identity-politics’ demagogues. They put forth a laundry list of grievances and demands. These contained not a word about the need to end Black-on-Black murder and mayhem, which is the single greatest act of anti-Black violence in America, as we see in Chicago. 

Neither were there any words against those teachers' unions that obstruct school choice and charter schools for Black youth, who otherwise fail because their schools fail them. Contrary to White racist assumptions, if Black students were accorded a classical education from first grade onward, such as the Boston Latin School once provided, and a home environment that nurtured that education, Blacks could compete successfully, and the blight of endless cycles of poverty and crime could be broken. The public schools since the late ‘60s have failed America’s children, urban and rural, White and Black. “Civil Rights icons” like John Lewis and Al Sharpton are offering only more of the same catastrophic failure.

Martin Luther King is a bizarre exemplar for Blacks. His FBI file containing evidence of his lecherous doings with a long string of White floozies with whom he copulated and physically assaulted, is sealed until 2027. It is a matter of public record however, that he was a serial adulterer who cheated on his wife and his PhD. thesis. His doctorate has not been withdrawn solely for reasons of political correctness. He was murdered by the Establishment itself when his usefulness began to unravel as his pose as a pacifist was increasingly compromised by the violence attending his appearances.

Ronald Reagan sealed the imposition of the King-cult on America when he made King’s birthday a national holiday, which has ushered into the public schools an indoctrination course for even young children in how “Martin Luther King saved us.” 

The media terms Trump-hater Rep. John Lewis (D-Georgia), a Civil Rights “icon.” This is Leftist dogma imposed as an axiom. When do we ever read about a “Right to Life icon” who saved the human rights of babies from abortionists? Or of a patriot like Phyllis Schlafly who fought for Biblical standards in America, being lauded and commemorated “iconically"?

There is more at work here than just an agenda of divide-and-conquer-the-races. There is a hidden and ancient anti-Black racism flourishing in the shadows of our Overlords’ domain. It stems from a midrashic theology which has taught for millennia the lie that it was a Black man who shamed Noah on the Ark. It is derived from a formal doctrine that Black people are sub-human (Maimonides, Guide of the Perplexed, Shlomo Pines translation). 

It emanates from an American pop cultural trend of non-Christian immigrants from Eastern Europe arriving on these shores, gaining influence in Hollywood in the early 20th century, and then using it in movies and on the stage to systematically mock Black people, whose ancestors had been in this country for 300 years —  as “Steppin Fetchit” retards and buffoons — just as the same Hollywood has given similar treatment since the 1970s to rural white “Deplorables.”

Lo and behold, Blacks and Whites of good will have the same enemy — an enemy which is hell-bent on guaranteeing that they never realize that fact. 

The on-going idolization of Martin Luther King ensures that we remain divided, and that Black Americans continue to wear the chains of illusion and defeat.

Michael Hoffman is the author of They Were White and They Were Slaves: The Untold History of the Enslavement of Whites in Early America. His work is made possible through the sale of his books, newsletters, CDs and DVDs; and by truth-seekers who send donations.