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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Another chapter in Secret History of Church of Rome

Another Chapter in the Secret History of the Church of Rome

On Nov 30, 2019, at 8:35, Charles Saunders wrote:

During the time when Paul VI-during Vatican II in the 60's-was talking about "the smoke of Satan" in the Church, the Great grand nephew of Vatican Secretary of State of Leo XIII(Rompollo del Tindaro) who almost became Pope in 1903 except for the Austrian Emperor's veto & who was a OTO member & Freemason, well His great grand nephew, who was head of THE OTO of Bern, Switzerland came & addressed the Vatican Council. Coincidence? I don't think so. I translated a booklet in French that Michael Hoffman sent me about this incident by a former associate of The OTO relative of Rompollo del Tindaro who had addressed the Coucil in the 60's when Paul VI stated his famous statement. OTO is an organization that was headed by Aleister Crowley at one time.
Dear Charles

The Austrian emperor was of the Habsburg dynasty. That dynasty gained firm purchase over Austria and Germany (‘the Holy Roman Empire”) by bribing the seven “Prince Electors” (comprised of three archbishops and four aristocrats), with 1.5 million gold florins borrowed in 1519 principally from papal usury-banker Jakob Fugger (as you know Fugger was a goy, not a Judaic). This is how the Habsburg’s Charles V gained the office of “King of the Romans” (signifying the Germans). To me, the post Renaissance-Catholic “battle” in the 20th century with Freemasonry/OTO was between two sides of a counterfeit coin. The papal hierarchy and its allied dynastic families in many cases were no less Kabbalistic in 1903 that they had been four hundreds years prior. 

When you mention losing the papal election in 1903 by one vote, I am reminded of Cardinal Reginald Pole, the English reforming prelate who lost by one vote in 1550, with opposition to his election led by Cardinal Gian Pietro Carafa (the future Paul IV). Pole is portrayed by the occult mafia that thrives in “traditional Catholic” circles tied to the island of Malta and its “Sovereign Order of Knights,” as a “heretic.” In fact, Pole had no use for the papal usury networks. His friend and colleague Cardinal Giovanni Morone was sympathetic to the original movement of Franciscans faithful to the militantly anti-mammon teaching of Francis of Assisi. They were denounced and attacked by the papal usury party as “heretical Spirituali.” The Money Power knows how to turn the tables on its enemies.

The Italian Inquisition of the 16th century was largely in the hands of the Neoplatonic-Hermetic papalism that had rescued the Talmud from extinction and was disseminating (and also rescuing) the Kabbalah from a similar fate. These were the occultists in charge of the Inquisition in Italy and Iberia as I documented in The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome. They made certain that the true medieval legacy of Catholicsm in England, of which Pole was representative, would be derogated, if not utterly destroyed (as a Plantagenet Cardinal Pole had a better claim to the throne of England than Tudor King Henry VIII, who had Pole’s mother murdered — by literally butchering her). Henry covertly consulted both members of the papal court and the Bomberg Talmud printed under license from Pope Leo X, to find looopholes to justify his divorce from the servant of God, Catherine of Aragon.

Michael Hoffman

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Dr. Flanagan reviews Hoffman’s book “Enemy of the People"


Hoffman tells people not what they want to hear, but what the undeniable facts of history shout from the housetops

By Dr. Patrick Flanagan

Michael Hoffman has written a new book entitled Adolf Hitler: Enemy of the German PeopleBy writing it he freely admits he is tilting his lance at the fortress of the pro-Hitlerite establishment of which there is a cheerleading sect in the movement of historical revisionism that thinks the official and received historiographical narrative written by the Allied victors needs a tuning up.  And they have a done a good job in resurrecting and rehabilitating Hitler’s historical baggage so that he is beginning to look like the Lord of Lords and King of Kings.  

When Hoffman first began to publish some of the more sinister suppressed details of Hitler’s political life (starting in 2015 with his Revisionist History® newsletter No. 80 on the political assassination of Gregor Strasser), he understood some people were not going to like him for this.  He wasn’t wrong.  In the aftermath, when the hate mail began to subside, much to his dismay he found out he was going to lose out big time on major contributions.  The age-old adage that the truth hurts came home to roost on Hoffman’s Revisionist History website in a way that caused him to lose about 20% of his income.  Ouch!

On his website is this quote, “Revisionist history consists in the art of discerning fraud and the courage to publicly strip illusion, even when the whole world is clamoring violently for it.” A self-fulfilling prophecy, what?  But Hoffman tells people not what they want to hear but what the undeniable facts of history shout from the housetops.  And it costs him.  Needless to say, by publishing this book he will again have to suit up for battle, in effect to put on the armor of God and draping himself in the mettle of his deceased foxhole friend Canadian attorney Doug Christie who when fighting battles against the world was wont to quote from Ephesians 6:12, “For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places.”  May God rest his soul  a great warrior for truth and goodness.  Hoffman knew him well.

Well, the title of his book should have come with a monitum:  Hitlerphile historical revisionists beware: the book you are about to read may cause mental and physical upset.

So who is John Galt?  Oops!  Sorry Ayn, wrong book.  So who is Dietrich Eckart?  Here is a name that is going to become better known.   Until I read Hoffman’s newsletter No. 97 (June/July 2018) that name did not mean much to me.  In 2011 I read Mein Kampf for the first time,  and  I could not remember this name.  So after beginning to read Hoffman’s book, I  looked him up in the Encyclopedia Britannica (1990 ed.)  and could not find him either by his name alone or under Hitler’s.  

But in the present book under review Herr Eckart figures prominently in young Adolf’s psychical, political and philosophical formation even going so far as to say that there was indeed a mystical/magical influence conferred by Eckart to Adolf, which in later years inculcated a megalomaniacal ubermensch type of mindset that is subtly intuited in Hitler later in life, if the historian is perceptive enough, and objective enough,  to detect it.  And those who do study these little known facts, like Hoffman, came to conclude that Hitler was about the worst thing that could happen to the German nation.  This is borne out today in what remains of what was once an advanced leader of Christian civilization now in ruins both materially and formally.

In Mein Kampf at the end of volume II,  Hitler mentions Eckart as somebody he really looked up to—sort of a mentor.  (The translator of my copy footnoted that Eckart was a drinker and seemed to die from alcoholic disease in 1923.)  Eckart and some others were the spiritual founders of the National Socialist party. The party took its roots from the Thule Society composed of intellectual elites from German society holding up the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion as a sort of secret Jewish production that exposed the Jewish nation’s plans for world hegemony.  Later some experts showed that the author was actually not a Jew but a high ranking White Russian expatriate formerly in the service of Czar Nicholas II.    Hitler became enamored of this document; thus, his public animus toward Jewish people.  

For some reason Hitler and the Thule Society never picked up on Johannes Eisenmenger’s Entdecktes Judenthum ("Judaism Discovered") a scholarly magnum opus from 1700 that explained Judaic psychology on the basis of the Babylonian Talmud, which glorifies the Jewish people as humans and everyone else as humanoid simulacra without rational souls.  In other words—beasts of burden not subject to legal rights.  

Some of the Thule Society’s belief system is a derivative from Western secret societies which, if not directly involved with Satanic worship, are leaning toward it.  Following his exploits in World War I, Hitler linked up with these folks and became politically energized.  Anyone who didnt like it had to go.

This brings us to Hoffmans account of Gregor Strasser. He was raised in a conservative Catholic family and went on to become a pharmacist as his vocation. But he had a keen interest in economics,  modern finances and a hatred for speculative business practices that put filthy Mammon ahead of agriculture, the industrial arts and just plain hard work which in his estimation suborned the virtues of European culture. With his natural penchant for oratory and inborn leadership qualities, he became a very successful figure in German politics during the Weimar administration. His anti-usury platform was especially quite appealing to Hitlers followers and consequently Hitler incorporated Strasser and Gottfried Feder's advocacy of making Germany free of usurious banking practices that controlled the economy. This platform made him the popular frontrunner of the election in which he was elected Chancellor. And that is where the honeymoon ended.    

Hitler and Strasser had a falling out after he Adolf got into office. By then, Hitler needed mmoney to create his quasi-Great Society. Eschewing the Jewish banking consortium, he was befriended by the non-Jewish banking cartel in Germany who bankrolled Hitler’s plans for German expansion into Poland. Of course, this would mean a huge war; and, as we  know, the bankers absolutely love wars because they loan out money at compound interest and get ever more filthy rich,  along with their depositors in the armaments industry who make the war machines, guns and ammunition. Meanwhile the brown bag schleppers go into debt. Thereafter, Strasser became a political threat  a witness to Hitlers treachery  hence, without even so much as a show trial, Hitler had him shot, along with dozens of other political rivals during the Night of the Long Knives in 1934.  The way it happened was that Strasser was actually having lunch at his house with his wife and two kids when the SS came  and arrested him.  They took him to a local jail and shot him right there.  To add insult to injury, they cremated his body (against Catholic canonical  law) and told his wife she could pick up his ashes for a fee.

In Mein Kampf Hitler brings up the term lebensraum (living space) multiple times ostensibly meaning that Germany needed to expand its borders to hold its ever expanding population.  (This was a bad joke because a massive chunk of Germany’s reproductive DNA content was sacrificed on the bloody fields of Europe not even 10 years before he was writing this treacle.)  He had got into his head the idea to take over Russia, which by then was Judeo-Bolshevist. He needed the lebensraum and he desperately needed Russias oil and raw materials.

Napoleon had tried and failed in Russia, but somehow Hitler, now a product of Eckart’s expansionist mind control where all you have to do is click your heels and get back to Kansas, Hitler is going to take over Soviet Russia.  Not only is he going to take it over and crush Stalin’s war machine, but he is going to do it in only three months!  This kind of nightmarish thinking should have got his general war staff to put him in the loony bin, but they too were infected with his delirium. 

In June 1941 he launched Operation Barbarossa initially making great tactical inroads with his blietzkrieg method of war.  Unfortunately, and right after the good news started rolling out of the Ministry of Truth of Dr. Goebbels, the macabre results of this onslaught tallied up to 180,000 German dead by the end of only three months, a number exceeding the total number of Americans killed in a one year of combat in the First World War, 1917-1918.  Hello? And they had not got to Moscow yet with cold weather appearing.

When winter came the troops had no proper winter clothing, war industrial production having been unilaterally and prematurely diverted by Hitler’s orders to naval and air force purposes.  At a public forum Hitler proudly declared that the Soviet campaign was already a done deal and he was basically just waiting for the final word from the Eastern front.  It never came and actually the troops had to be supplied by stealing clothing from Norwegians (more ex-friends) and shipping them to the front because supply centers on the home front (under orders from Oberkommando Wehrmach) had not been informed of winter requirements.  These delusional pie-in-the-sky predictions had to be gigantic epiphany for the big shot brass.   But nobody saw the elephant in the room.   People like General Keitel could unashamedly defend his Führer who, according to his way of not seeing things, seemed to know everything in advance before it even happened. 

Back in the day Roman orators liked to bring up the question, “Cui bono?” ("For whose good?"), when a proposal was moved for the procurement of anything for the support of the empire. A few calamities that did happen to the Germans, and not for their good,  were: the incineration of about 60% of the major population centers by the strategic carpet bombing campaign of the Allies (Hitler never visited these cratered areas); the compulsory sterilization of “inferior quality” girls to the tune of 300,000 by 1945; the euthanasia of the weak-minded and physically infirm (beginning in 1939 230,000 souls carried off before it was stopped by a public sermon given by the Catholic Bishop of Munster Count Clemens August von Galen August 3, 1941); and the horrible rape, pillage and plunder of the remnants of the German volk left undefended in the maelstrom of the lustful bloodthirsty savagery of the vengeance-seeking Red Army pouring in from the East at the end.  That is a short list.  Without going any further, there is much to admit that the actions of one man brought so much death and destruction that it is virtually impossible to regard him worthy of a friendly historical honorable mention. 

I liked Adolf Hitler: Enemy of the German People.  Without a doubt Hoffman does little more than bring up basic salient facts, supported by citations, which after 74 years a point can be logically, historiographically and syllogistically concluded that there was something in Hitler’s mind that would have told a wiser man that, for instance,  taking on Soviet Russia was the mark of a mad man.  As the Bard would have it, wisdom cries out in the streets and no man hears it.  He could not expect to win in three months.  The average house wife could have known that.   History is replete with the carnage and carcasses of the invading armies of truly great military minds who thought they could do it. What made Corporal Hitler think he was better than Napoleon?  In Mein Kampf he makes the remark that for Germany to expand its borders to the east, one million men by his estimates would be lost. Flatly he tossed it off as some type of noble sacrifice. What mother hearing that would not look at her fair-haired little boy and like to think of him killed on the field of battle as a sacrifice? In her eyes Mr. Hitler would not be invited over for dinner ever.  Go to the devil, that one.

The book is an easy read, and the author has organized it in the order of real time except for the items on Eckart as they happen at the front and back ends of the book.  But they eventually gibe with each other well explaining Eckart’s influence at the beginning and carrying on in to the type of l’enfant terrible that Hitler had morphed into. From the remote armchair perspective of a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist, (and I am a urologist whose subject matter is south of the beltline),  Hitler does not meet the definition of a schizophrenic because he never evinced hallucinogogic behavior. Yet he was afflicted with classical delusions of grandeur which does put him in the category of schizoid personality.  (Lots of folks think they are bigger and more important than what they are.  They run for political office.)  His main problem, from the philosophical perspective, is that he started out from the wrong major premise which was There is no God but it is good for the people to pray to me.  So, Heil Hitler, ya’ll!  And then, from my teeny perspective, he seemed to distill a type of Kantian subjectivism into something like this: the world is what you make it.  Well, no, the world is what it is and we can’t change our sex, race and hair color no matter the diktats of the cryptocracy.

One thing the book lacks is an index.  But perhaps he ran out of money.  Further, much of the material in his book has been extracted in liberal quantities from four of his previous newsletters that have been carefully included in the new format giving the subject matter a bigger and more credible effect.                                                                                           

Until this book came along, David Irving’s magnum opus Hitler’s War pretty much had the last say on Hitler.  But Irving never did really come out and state unequivocally, at least as far as I can remember, that Hitler was the reason the German people today are at the bottom of the national pecking order. Quite often when Hollywood wants to create a villain, he tends to be a former Nazi.  The news coming out of the Zionist controlled mediocracy cannot say enough unjust things about the German people, especially when some German gets uppity and resists giving their money to the Israelis for reparations, especially since the people living there today were not even adults during the Reich years.  

Lastly, it is hoped that those folks who read the history of the second war with a penchant toward the revisionist side will not get up in arms at this new material which Hoffman lays out for the reading public’s serious consideration.  Hitler never started out this way, but as he grew up he ran into some very intellectual and influential people who steered him into a way of thinking that was not objectively reality oriented.  And he tended to want to place the blame on the Jews when there was so much more culpability to be laid on the British and French whose geopolitical and imperialistic hopes to crush Germany were more to blame for Germany’s woeful position after the first war than the Big Jews. As it turned out World War I was fought to get Palestine for the Zionists and World War II was fought so the Zionists could conquer Palestine.  Q.E.D.  

Now let’s all of us wait and see if Mr. David Irving would like to add his two cents.  


Dr. Flanagan is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps.

For further reading

Adolf Hitler: Enemy of the German People
Order from Amazon or here

Monday, November 18, 2019

Attacks on Hoffman and his book "Adolf Hitler: Enemy of the German People" are increasing

Attacks on Hoffman and his book Adolf Hitler: Enemy of the German People are increasing

On Nov 17, 2019, at 1:55, Nicholas Landholdt <nlandholt@hotmail.comwrote:

Have you seen this film “The Greatest Story Never Told”? In spreading the word around social media and links about your latest work on Hitler, the neo-Nazis and their useful idiot detractors of yours are referencing that pro-Hitler film as if it debunks all the criticism of Hitler.

Dear Mr. Landholdt:

The movie you reference is standard neo-Nazi propaganda and it neither anticipates nor refutes the information in my book about Hitler’s suicidal invasion of Russia, his lawless murder of Gregor Strasser,  the derogation and internal exile of Gottfried Feder and the betrayal of the NSDAP anti-usury platform which was a major factor in Hitler’s appeal to the German people.

Like the Talmudists, the Hitlerites won’t study that which contradicts their dogma. They furnish no coherent counter-arguments to my thesis, which they mostly haven’t read, even as they denounce it. They mindlessly parrot the party line, "Stalin was about to invade Germany."

Even if that disputed claim were true, it in no way vitiates the thesis of my book, but to understand that fact, the Hitler cultists would actually have to think. You'd be surprised what a tall order that is for many of them.

The Hitler cult includes mass shooters and potential mass shooters misled by the Cryptocracy into attacking synagogues. My book is the antidote to this madness and manipulation, but because I wrote it I am facing attacks almost equaling in fury those I have received from the Talmudists. Does anyone seriously imagine that the Cryptocracy wants my book to gain a significant readership among the young and impressionable?

The ADL is doing all in its power to have my presence online entirely canceled, as witness their role in removing all of my videos from YouTube on August 26, five days before the publication of Adolf Hitler: Enemy of the German People

For anyone who understands what the result of Hitler's catastrophic Masada-rule actually was, it is no surprise that when it comes to suppressing Hoffmanthe neo-Nazis and the ADL are on the same page.

For the past 35 years I have expended my professional career as a journalist and historian defying the powers-that-be. Hitler fans who imagine that aspersions on my integrity, sneak attacks in Internet forums, and whispering campaigns to boycott my books and Revisionist History® newsletter are going to deter me from my truth mission, are seriously deluded. Come hell or high water, I will reveal the revisionist truth about Hitler, just as I have done with the Babylonian Talmud, the history of white slavery, and the Israeli holocaust against the Palestinians.

I welcome informed criticism and exchange of research in light of new discoveries, since that is the essence of re-visioning history, without which there is no revisionism, only an empty shell exploited by those who are determined to resurrect the führer’s legacy. I deplore the Zionist tactics now being used contra my book, with the aim of continuing the whitewashing of the reputation of the most guilty Zionist of them all, Adolf Hitler, true founder of the "state of Israel."

Michael Hoffman

Softover, illustrated. 216 pages.

Friday, November 01, 2019

"Adolf Hitler: Enemy of the German People" reviewed by Counter-Currents Publishing

Adolf Hitler: Enemy of the German People was published in softcover on September 1 and none of the revisionist institutes, organizations and magazines seeking to rehabilitate the Hitler hologram have vouchsafed to review it, until now. 

Other than a couple of less than stellar two-line attacks at Amazon terming it “Garbage, garbage….” it has otherwise been given the infamous silent treatment, which has also been the fate of The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome, which “conservative” and “traditional Catholic” intellectuals cannot refute and are hoping will fade into the woodwork. (You will note that this is the tactic of Zionist media when confronting books at radical variance with their own world view).

On Oct. 31, at the website, Counter-Currents Publishing, a writer with the byline “P.J. Collins” ventured a quick dismissal of Hitler Enemy of the German People. You can read the critique here:

Counter-Currents has also published a reply from this writer, in the comments section following the “review” on their website. 

Here below is that reply (the book can be purchased at this link).

Reply to P. J. Collins by Michael Hoffman

The insouciance with which the reviewer greets the murder of Gregor Strasser—the casual dismissal of a great crime with profoundly negative consequences for Germany, is representative of other iniquities, for example, Hitler’s betrayal of the anti-usury platform that helped elect him, and his mass suicide operation in Russia—that are blithely mentioned and then dismissed with indifference to the facts.

Moreover, outside the corpus of the "review" itself, P. J. Collins offers the following in a rejoinder to a comment:

"... it was a weak argument to say Stalin wasn’t a threat in 1933 or whatever..."

I have never said any such thing. I refer in Adolf Hitler: Enemy of the German People to the "Molech of the Soviet Union," and acknowledge Stalin's horrendous crimes.

P.J. Collins also writes in his rejoinder:

"The reason the rank-and-file populace gave Hitler a pass on such excesses as the Night of Long Knives, is that the NatSocs crushed the communist menace. That wasn’t a side worry but the central issue. Hoffman knows this, but is giving us sophistry to buttress the rest of his argument."

This claim of clairvoyant knowledge is always noteworthy. It is reminiscent of the mind-readers who say that they "know" that WWII revisionists do indeed believe in the homicidal gas chambers of Auschwitz, and are "denying" them out of sheer perversity.

According to documents related to the ascendance of the NSDAP and Hitler's popularity prior to his gaining rule, the "central worry" for the German people was the Money Power, as weaponized by usury, including by "Aryan" banks. I document how Hitler turned his coat in this matter after he achieved power. I don't "give sophistry" to prove this. There are facts in my book for those who actually wish to cite or debate them, rather than issue a quick, sarcastic dismissal.

The murder of Gregor Strasser and other innocents was not mere "excess." Hitler killed dozens over the course of the "Night," some guilty, many innocent, and all without due process of any kind, not even a show trial having been accorded them. Hitler demonstrated that he was the law. How can anyone regard Hitler's murderous dictatorship as only excessive? What he did to Gregor and the others was a harbinger and template of what this "gambler at the map table" would do to millions of Germans with his grotesque incompetence and magical thinking.
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