Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Give thanks for our Founding Fathers

Our Annual Independence Day Message

Give thanks for our Founding Fathers

July 42018

242 years after our Declaration of Independence, the Left insists that “America was never great.” They allege that our nation was always a hellhole of evil compared with benevolent colored nations (oops, I meant to say “nations of color”), that are supposedly "compassionate and caring, with human rights and dignity for all. Uh-huh. 

In the black slavery reparations' debate the heartless Africans who captured their fellow blacks and sold them on an industrial scale for centuries to (mostly) Judaic slave-traders, are almost never held responsible, or exposed as criminal sadists produced by ghoulish  cultures. 

Furthermore, why have China, India and Africa never produced a Bill of Rights that has the force of law, recognizing that every human being has divinely endowed rights that no government can remove? Because only a Christian nation, however flawed, bases its laws on the premise that every human being is the imago Dei  Almighty God’s image-bearing creature. 

Awareness of this truth epitomizes the heart and soul of our nation at its founding, which Third World barbarians, latter-day Stalinists and Talmudists cannot fathom or embrace.

The Supreme Court recently upheld the privacy rights of cell phone users, something which the government of China or that of almost any other Asian, Latin American or African nation violates (or would violate if they possessed the technical means), every nano-second. 

The spoiled-rotten Leftist punks infecting our universities, media and body politic, are fundamentally self-hating ingrates, having no gratitude to the dead white men (and women) who bequeathed Constitutional rights unequaled by all but a handful of nations on this planet.

Our (imperfect) Founders bequeathed to us liberty. It can be preserved against the Deep State and its controlled street mobs, only if we are eternally vigilant against the entropy that inevitably decays over time that which was once fresh and new. It is our perpetual duty as Americans, with each successive generation, to guard and renew the liberty born on July 4, 1776.

Let us give thanks for America’s Independence Day and our Founding Fathers!

 Michael Hoffman
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Monday, July 02, 2018

"Usury Fighter’s Manual" just published!

Christians! Do you believe the Bible when it says the love of money is the root of all evil? 
Do you know that usury is the engine of the love of money? 
This new “usury fighter’s manual” can help defeat the Money Power in accordance with God’s law:

History of Money and Usury in America: A Usury Fighters Manual
By Daniel Krynicki

This is a digital Kindle book. It is not a printed work.

Read a free preview here:

Daniel Krynicki is a masterful researcher into financial chicanery and an activist for money reform and social justice. He is a self-trained economist and a pipefitter with more than thirty-five years in the trade. He retired from Detroit Edison Company with 25 years’ seniority. Upon retirement, Local 223 of the Utility Union Workers of America conferred upon him a lifetime membership. 

Krynicki is a student of the writing of attorney Howard B. Rand (1889-1991). Mr. Rand employed his background as a legal scholar (LL.B, University of Maine), in his analysis of Scripture. Among his more than twenty-five books and pamphlets, Rand’s classic work, Digest of the Divine Law (1943), had a significant impact on Krynicki’s formation. In 2013, Mr. Krynicki encountered Michael Hoffman’s study, Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not. Mr. Krynicki’s History of Money and Usury in America expands on Rand and Hoffman.

The contemporary movement to abolish the Federal Reserve Bank and institute honest money has been a failure because the leading advocates are either usury-proponents or, if they claim to oppose usury, are unwilling to work for its complete abolition. Daniel Krynicki has gone another way, faithful to the Word of God — which never intended for us to be burdened with either decades of personal debt, or for our nations to be ruled by a financial power which derives its dominion from the renting of money. Krynicki demonstrates that there is no substitute to ending usury: there is no other means for defeating the stranglehold which the Money Power exerts over the West.

Think you know this subject from A to Z? Daniel’s research will surprise you. He is neither Right wing nor Left wing. The facts he unearths are both enlightening and liberating, on the path to national renewal through the enactment of real Biblical economics, not the counterfeits pushed by Ron Paul or Congressman Dave Brat (though the latter two may be well-intentioned and err only through ignorance). Yet they are inspired by the Christ-hating Ludwig Von Mises, a fact that must be faced.

Daniel Krynicki operates the "Christians Against Usury" study group on Facebook:
This digital book of 189 pages is affordably priced so almost anyone can access its truths and begin to successfully combat the Money Power: