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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Monday, October 18, 2021

Degenerative Occult Programming and Dave Chapelle

Alchemical Process and the Revelation of the Method in the "Conservative" Reaction to Netflix's Dave Chapelle 

By Michael Hoffman 

Copyright©2021 www.RevisionistHistory.org 

Alchemy’s Great Work is in essence the action of dissolution and congealing, expansive dissipation and contracting recomposition.  Cf. Charles Nicholls, The Chemical Theatre

Degenerative occult programming consists in the devolutionary Hermetic-Alchemical process of “Solve et Coagula” whereby once high standards of ethics, civility and deportment are incrementally eroded. Humans become less human and the resulting decay becomes the new normal. Our books: Twilight Language; Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare; and The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome, deconstruct this ritual process. 

The latest example is on Netflix cable television where “comedian” Dave Chapelle’s pornographic patter and misogyny no longer shocks. 

His show is being applauded by heavily processed, burned-out “Conservatives” like Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal, Rupert Murdoch's New York Post newspaper, Townhall's Matt Vespa, and others on the Right who are praising Mr. Chapelle for defending the free speech rights of J.K. Rowling and others amid the debate on “Transphobia.” (Rowling is herself much enamored of transformative alchemy). 

That’s the bait, and the "Conservatives" have taken it, while exhibiting a depraved indifference to the rank pornography in Chapelle's very same October Netflix “comedy show,” wherein the word Fk is the lingua franca of discourse, and his despicable Jesus “prayer,” nauseatingly filthy story about his youthful sexual encounter with a pedophile preacher, and references to nearly all women as “bitches,” are the source of mirth and plaudits. 

Twenty years ago no Conservative in their right mind would offer accolades for such a foul stench. It would have been mind-boggling to congratulate the merchant who peddles this ugly degeneracy. Yet, in 2021 the show is celebrated on the Right, or if not extolled, greeted with the shoulder-shrugging apathy of the frazzled and bestialized inhabitants of the Twilight Language Zone. Witnessing this psychological operation is witnessing history from the ground floor of the laboratory where alchemical process is formulated before our eyes. 

It is not hidden. No masonic handshake or password is required to enter its temple precincts. We're far beyond the era of occult secrets-keeping. The programming is revealed in public to the tens of millions who have access to Netflix. Americans succumb to this operation without caring about how far they are debasing their humanity in what is an unmistakable process of mass occult initiation. They are far gone in a civic magic as obvious as a full moon on a cloudless evening. 

Why can't Americans see it? Ah, but many do see, and they don't care. In this stage of Solve et Coagula they are initiates hogtied to a psychological warfare gnosis imparted by good old American pop culture. What could possibly go wrong?

Historian Michael Hoffman is the author of ten books and the editor of the periodical Revisionist History®. 

His work is made possible by donations from truth seekers


Friday, October 08, 2021

A Halachic Observation in the Context of the Vaccine Crusade

 One Small Victory: A Precursor of More to Come   

A Halachic Observation in the Context of the Vaccine Crusade 

By Michael Hoffman • October 8, 2021

Take heart and and witness one small victory. 

In an article online today titled,“The Cult of the Vaccine:’ The Jab’ is Just the Latest Story to be reported as Mantra,” Substack columnist Matt Taibibi puts forth an audacious halachic observation concerning the editors of the corporate media and their “Cult of the Vaccine.” 

The context is the media’s imposition of moralizing dogmatic cultism. Taibibi writes:

“...This was the beginning of an era in which editors became convinced that all earth’s problems derived from populations failing to accept reports as Talmudic law…”


The connotation is not difficult to spot: Talmudic law is dictatorial; it brooks no disagreement. 

Witness too another of Matt Taibibi's sardonic insights: all of earth’s problems stem from the refusal to place the media on the same commanding dogmatic pedestal as Talmudic law. 


The corollary is the profound abasement of reason. Reason has no part in the proposition that the media are to be believed the way the Talmud commands belief. How is the Talmud of Babylon believed? With blind obedience.

As noted, the stating of these facts in a nationally circulated column is a tiny triumph and the author may be coerced into recanting his candor. Nonetheless, it’s a leak — a pin-sized hole in what is otherwise an insurmountable dike. Yet behind the dike, pressuring and probing, is an ocean of truth that cannot be forever held back. So take heart and fear not.

It is true that the Cryptocracy sows the conviction that it is invincible, infallible and omniscient. But look at the meltdown at Facebook on October 4, removing it from the Internet for several hours. Facebook has infinite resources and the top tier of network performance engineers, yet Facebook personnel issued a networking command that yanked it off the worldwide web for hours. How does something like that happen? Does it not subvert the theater wherein the supposed invincibility, infallibility and omniscience of our Overlords is propagated?

The world is run by those who show up. If the Hermetic-Alchemical Process has captured you, then in that case you’re too lobotomized to undermine Talmudic suzerainty, or accomplish much of anything else that obstructs or diminishes the Cryptocracy. But if you have stayed free of The Process and kept faith with the theological virtue of hope, then you are enlisted in that army of fools for Jesus, and weaklings (in the eyes of the world), who will, it is prophesied, manage by divine grace to “confound the mighty” (I Corinthians 1:27). 

Furthermore, Mr. Taibibi makes his observation outside of the “hate speech” stage-direction which the Cryptocracy subliminally induces in a surfeit of critics of the Babylonian Talmud. The Cryptocracy conditions its army of dupes to employ intemperate rhetoric which discredits educational efforts to debunk the fantasy that Talmudic theology is a benevolent ally of western civilization and —wait for it — Christendom itself. (This imbecility is an article of faith intrinsic to the prattle of influential Right-wing talk radio host Ben Shapiro and other "Conservative" spokesmen too numerous to name).  

Ah, but you dissent: Taibibi’s one sentence is not really that much, Hoffman.

Perhaps. But it is a start toward imparting positive speech direction of our own, contra the Cryptocracy—of the victorious kind that states facts about Talmudism credibly, with matter-of-fact objectivity, sans vitriol. Is there a learning opportunity here?

As for my assessment being too hopeful—well, I’m the kind of guy who looks for what there is to celebrate, even in the darkest penal hole.

Michael Hoffman is a former reporter for the New York bureau of the Associated Press and the author of two fact-based and compassionate studies: the textbook, Judaism Discovered (1,102 pages), as well as a condensation for the general reader, Judaism’s Strange Gods (381 pages).  


Twitter: @HoffmanMichaelA