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Sunday, May 17, 2020

Pope John Paul II: Saint of the Bipolar Church of Rome


Pope John Paul "the Great" 
Canonized Saint of the Bipolar Church of Rome

By Michael Hoffman

1992: The Carmelite nuns convent in Auschwitz, as photographed from Block 11

New York Times headline, April 15, 1993

This is the pontiff who, in 1993, ignominiously threw the Carmelite nuns out of Auschwitz, where they had been praying for all victims, Judaic and gentile. The crosses which the devout Polish peasantry had erected around Auschwitz were dismantled, also by papal directive. 

He was money-mad, like all the recent pontiffs, including that favorite of the “traditionalists,” Pope Pius XII who, in 1942, founded the money-laundering operation known as the Vatican Bank. It is officially titled the “Institute for the Works of Religion,” because, according to the Pharisee Hillel, the works of holy religion are necessarily founded upon debt-peonage and usury. In his Notes On the Correct Way to Present the Jews, promulgated June 24, 1985, John-Paul taught: “An exclusively negative picture of the Pharisees is likely to be inaccurate and unjust.” (Contrast this teaching with that of Jesus in Matthew 23:14-15).

Talk about the offense of suppressing the Council of Trent’s Latin Mass all you like, but the papal money mania is among the most egregious abominations of the post-Renaissance papacy. The dogmatic Catechism of the Council of Trent allows for not one farthing of profit above the return of the principal, on any loan. Oh, well, out the window with that disposable dogma, while oblivious “traditionalists” fight to the death for the restoration of the Latin Mass. These bipolar situation ethics breed more of the same, as we shall see.

1991: Papal Bag man Fr. Marcial Maciel embraced by his protector, Saint John Paul the Great

Moneybags Rev. Fr. Marcial Maciel was in special favor with John Paul. Father Maciel was founder-director of Mexico’s Legion of Christ society, “the greatest fundraiser of the modern Roman Catholic Church.” Therefore, long after he and his band of priestly perverts had molested hundreds of boys, and thirty of his seminarians sent urgent testimony to Pope John Paul alerting him to these crimes, the pontiff kept Maciel close to his pectoral cross, embracing and showering him with access and accolades, as the cash registers at the “Institute for the Works of Religion” filled with molester’s gold.

Beyond Fr. Marcial Maciel and the misnamed Legionaries of Christ, there were countless molestations of youth throughout the U.S., Ireland, Britain, Canada, Australia and Europe, of which John Paul was informed and about which he did nothing. Much of the horrendous child molestation that cost Rome billions of dollars in the pontificates of his successors, occurred during his papacy.

When Cardinal Bernard Law fled Boston, rather than risk facing prosecution for multiple counts of repeatedly facilitating the molestation of children by priests under his command, John Paul not only provided him safe haven in Rome, he awarded Law the prestigious post of Archpriest of the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, an office which confers upon the holder citizenship in Vatican City, and therefore certain protections from extradition by foreign law enforcement. 

1986: A penitent Pope Saint John Paul the Great contritely bows his head to Grand Rabbi Elio Toaff at the synagogue in Rome

John Paul was a novel theologian. One of his novelties was his concoction of the doctrine that the followers of the Talmudic creed are “Our elder brothers in the Faith,” which, if you think about it, is a confession of the pope’s actual Faith, which certainly was not the Catholicism of the pre-Renaissance popes, or saints such as Vincent Ferrer. He obliquely condemned all of them after Rabbi Elio Toaff admitted him to Rome’s Great Synagogue, in 1986. There, the two sat on identical thrones. Speaking in the synagogue, John Paul denounced opposition to Judaism “at any time and by anyone. I repeat, ‘by anyone,” he said, in a statement that was interpreted (correctly), as a repudiation of every Catholic apostle, saint and pontiff who had fervently sought the salvation of Judaic souls through their conversion to Christ. John Paul insinuated that Judaics were saved by their race; an unscriptural, racist deceit compounded by the fact that many of them are descended of the non-Jewish Khazars, not Abraham. Is there a more pernicious act of Jew-hate than to swindle Judaic persons into imagining that they don’t need faith in Jesus Christ to be saved? (Matthew 10:5-7).

Also in 1986, John Paul II invited Buddhists and African witch doctors to the church of St. Francis of Assisi where a statue of Buddha was placed on the tabernacle and the pontiff joined in a parliament-of-religions group prayer. 
“Seeds of the Word” 
The papal saint greets a voodoo high priest in Benin 

In 1993, in the course of his African “pilgrimage” to formerly Catholic Benin, he told the chieftains of voodoo in that country, that their idolatrous superstitions, which had held Black people in bondage for centuries, contained “seeds of the Word” of God (cf. L'Osservatore Romano, February 10, 1993).  After that favorable assessment was pronounced by “the Vicar of Christ on earth,” voodoo surged in Benin, and three years later the government conferred upon voodoo the status of "an officially recognized religion" (cf. Associated Press dispatch, January 11, 1996).

The fact that John Paul II was infallibly judged to be a saint, and canonized in 2014 by Pope Francis, an act “concelebrated" by 150 cardinals and 700 bishops, to the acclaim of an estimated 800,000 pilgrims present in Rome, and tens of millions of devotees around the world, tells us all we need to know about today’s bipolar “Catholic” Church.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

NY Times: Vaccine May be Required to Fly, Attend School or Enter a business

Ready the Troops"

People May be Required to take a COVID19 Vaccine before Flying on Airlines, Attending School or Entering businesses

By Michael Hoffman

The New York Times is no longer engaged in journalism. It’s fighting a war and recruiting “troops” who’ve decided in advance that a Coronavirus vaccine will generally be safe. Those who express significant doubts are dangerous “propagandists.” 

In today’s NY Times “On Tech” column, Shira Ovide writes: 
“Ready the troops for a misinformation war: 
My colleague Kevin Roose worries that anti-vaccine activists will spin reasonable concerns about a potential coronavirus vaccine ‘into widespread, unfounded fears about its safety.’ He says that public health officials, internet companies and all of us must lay the groundwork now to restore people’s faith in medicine, stop bogus information from spreading and reach loved ones who are susceptible to anti-vaccine propaganda.” 

Here's Mr. Roose, a zealot masquerading as an open-minded journalist, writing in today's NY Times. His first paragraph is the most ominous, but the rest of what he writes is a not-so-subtle push to criminalize doubts about vaccines, indicting skeptics as "polluters" of people's minds (Mr. Roose's own word). Neither Ovide or Roose or their cited "medical experts" (high priests to whom we are expected to kneel), have a word to say about building natural immunity.

The NY Times announces support for a good idea":
"... if and when a Covid-19 vaccine is approved for widespread use, people may be required to take it before being allowed to fly on certain airlines, attend certain schools or enter certain businesses. That’s a good idea, public health-wise, but it would play into some of the worst fears of the anti-vaccine movement.”

Question for Mr. Roose (and one he should have raised in his column): How are the airlines, the schools and businesses going to identify someone who has submitted to the vaccine? By what mark, sign, or other identification will vaccination submission be determined? Is it permissible for us to ask a question George Orwell would have probably raised, or is he obsolete in the midst of the current misinformation war”? 

[Note to Conspiracy Theorists: some of you are predicting that if a Coronavirus vaccine is developed its use will be mandated for every American, except those few who obtain medical exemptions. I think you're wrong. The Cryptocracy is too clever to incite widespread resistance and rebellion by such a move. They will slow cook the frog rather than boil it. The NY Times forecast is the more accurate: you’ll need to show proof of COVID19 vaccination in order to engage in many of the common place activities of ordinary life. If you don’t plan on ever entering a store or any school, or flying anywhere on commercial aircraft, then you won’t need to submit to the vaccine. In this way vaccine compliance is “shaped” rather than absolutely forced, and the Cryptocracy avoids a general uprising of the people. Is their stratagem unconstitutional and unethical? Yes, but when did that ever stop tyrants?]. 

Kevin Roose of the New York Times:

"...seeing platforms like Facebook and YouTube struggle to contain the spread of videos...makes me worry that when the time comes to persuade billions of people to take a critical coronavirus vaccine, our public health officials and social media companies will be outgunned by a well-oiled anti-vaccine movement that has already polluted the air with misinformation and conspiracy theories."

Mr. Roose next calls on the Chinese Communist Party-allied "World Health Organization" (W.H.O.) to intervene in the internal affairs of the United States of America and commence a "a hearts-and-minds campaign" to persuade the American people to take the vaccine:

"We can prevent that, but only if we start laying the groundwork before it’s too late. Organizations like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the W.H.O. need to understand the dynamics of online anti-vaccination communities and start waging a hearts-and-minds campaign to restore faith in the medical establishment while a vaccine is being developed."

The NY Times is pressuring social media into becoming a clone of the suppressive legacy media. While Roose does not employ the word censorship, nevertheless, he opines that "millions of lives and and trillions of dollars" are at stake and his message is clear: Twitter, Facebook and YouTube must join the NY Times in demonizing and obstructing COVID19 vaccine skeptics: 

"Social media companies need to take the threat of vaccine-related misinformation seriously...Millions of lives and trillions of dollars in economic activity may depend not just on producing a vaccine, but on persuading people to accept it."

New York Timesthe newspaper of record," has dropped all pretense of objectivity. The paper is engaged in a war on skepticism. Since all wars entail the use of propaganda ("bodyguard of lies," as Churchill termed it in the course of advocating it), they will use all the tools they utilized to make Americans believe that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and Brett Kavanaugh is a rapist, to take down those of us who have little or no faith in the profit-driven pharmaceutical giants and their prostitute-physician front-men

These all-knowing priest-experts, most of whom have signed off on abortion-on-demand at any stage of  pregnancy (infanticide), are complicit in going along with or actually inducing cancer and ruinous side effects in people who the doctors surgically and chemically transform into another gender. 

This is the physician-priesthood that has yet to insist en masse that the chemical-laden slop (meals) fed to patients in most hospitals be made healthy. 

The NY Times cannot conceive of how anyone other than a "Bible-reading troglodyte" would raise objections to the medical mafia in the wake of their discrediting perpetration of these horrors.

The medical priesthood, and the politicians and media who are subordinate to them, are now ruling our nation, just as kings once ruled the Old World. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights have been suspended, and the next step is shaming  and yes, coercion   to push us into submitting to their vaccination needle. If you cant fly, go to school or enter a store without somehow first proving youve taken Big Pharmas vaccine  that's coercion, and your body is decidedly not your own. It belongs to the state.

The abortionists' "pro-choice demands, built on their "It's my body claim to sovereignty, seem to apply only to abortion. When it comes to vaccines, it's suddenly not your body. Apparently, body sovereignty can be turned on and off, and we had better not dare to question the hypocrisy. We are expected to exhibit the unquestioning conformity to this double-standard that the New York Times demands of us, if we want to be considered decent and caring people.

If the Times were a genuinely freedom-oriented newspaper rather than the house organ of Leftist statism, it would raise the questions we raise, give a fair hearing to both sides of the controversy, and seek a meeting of the minds, respecting the views of people like Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and his very real and well-informed concerns. But it is Bill Gates who is favored with extensive coverage and supportive writing, while Mr. Kennedy is consigned to near oblivion. Journalism? Forget about it.

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. More than ever our engagement with that duty is a requirement. "Millions of lives and and trillions of dollars" are at stake.

Michael Hoffman is a former reporter for the New York bureau of the Associated Press and a professional historian.

Sunday, May 03, 2020

God's "Offensive" Name Removed from the Bible

This blog post has been significantly expanded and is now published in hard copy, in a sixteen page illustrated dossier:


The Suppression of Yahweh’s Name in Christendom 

And the Use of Yahweh’s Name in the Ceremonial Sorcery of the Western Secret Societies 

By Michael Hoffman


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