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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas, Mary

Merry Christmas, Mary

By Michael Hoffman

“Merry Christmas, Mary” is the title of a lovely bucolic song performed and recorded by the late Johnny Cash, an American Country and Western singer of international repute.

Mary is often less honored among some Christians than saints of the Old Testament such as Sarah, Rebecca, Judith and Deborah. 

On Christmas Eve, while the mentally sick rabbis of Hasidic Judaism are making toilet paper intended to insult Jesus and Mary, our thoughts turn to Jesus and His mother, Mary. Outside of Catholic circles, we rarely see the respect accorded to her which she deserves.

Most non-Catholic churches believe that she was born, like the rest of humanity, stained with what is known as “Original Sin,” stemming from the disobedience of our first parents. Romans 3:10 (“None are righteous, not even one”) is the “proof” text cited in this regard.

The better Protestant theologians have nonetheless wrestled for centuries (mostly intra muros) with a profound dilemma: Adam was born on the undefiled soil of Eden. Jesus Christ is the New Adam. Would He have been conceived on defiled “soil”, the allegedly sin-stained body of the Blessed Mother?

The ancient Catholic doctrine that she was conceived without sin would seem to correspond to the requirement of a New Adam being born under the same circumstances as the first Adam: in an undefiled Eden; that “Eden” being the body of Mary. She had a role in the incarnation of Jesus Christ that would be difficult to underestimate, for she was the perfect vessel chosen by God as the “soil” upon which His Divine Son would incarnate.

In 1950 Pope Pius XII angered Protestants (and sent rabbis into paroxysms of rage) when he declared the dogma of the Assumption  that the Blessed Virgin Mary had not been buried on earth where Her body— the one that had carried within her the infant Lord Jesus Christ —would be subject to decay, but “assumed” into heaven.

We anticipate the guffaws and cackles of our science-minded readers who will shake their heads in derision. Of course we cannot establish to the agnostic or atheist mind that such a thing is possible, but we can remind the world of a recently discovered scientific fact which confirms the dignity of the body of Mary:

“Microchimerism is the presence of a small population of genetically distinct and separately derived cells within an individual. Microchimeric fetal cells migrate into the mother from the fetus during pregnancy. Fetomaternal transfer occurs in all pregnancies and in humans the fetal cells can persist throughout the life of the mother.”

As a result of this discovery we now know that the DNA of Jesus Christ was implanted in His mother during her pregnancy through microchimerism. The awesome fact is that throughout her life Mary bore within her the DNA of God.

Pius XII was right. God would not allow such a human vessel to decay and rot on earth. The discovery of microchimerism gives new significance to the words of the angel in Luke 1:28, “Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women.”

Merry Christmas, Mary!

Copyright 2015 by Revisionisthistory.org

Michael Hoffman is the editor of Revisionist History newsletter

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Israeli leader: Christians are “blood-sucking vampires"

Israeli leader calls Christianity that accursed religion 

 Ben-Zion Gopstein, leader of Lehava, says Christians are blood-sucking vampires"

By Michael Hoffman

Ben-Zion Gopstein

Jerusalem, December 22, 2015  The head of the Israeli “Lehava,” an Orthodox Judaic organization, has called Christians "blood-sucking vampires." Ben-Zion ("Bentzi") Gopstein has published an op-ed calling for Christians to be expelled from the Israeli state.  Gopstein, leader of the Talmudic Lehava organization, wrote the article published on the rabbinic Orthodox “Kooker” website denouncing the “lack of spiritual security” he’s felt in Jerusalem of late because of “our deadly centuries-old enemy — the Christian church.”

In November  Lehava protesters headed by Gopstein demonstrated outside a Christmas event at Jerusalem’s YMCA, decrying what they termed the “murder” of Jewish souls. Shouting, “You murdered us in exile,” and condemning European accusations of Judaic ritual murder and "persecution of the Jews," the group waved Israeli flags and sang Hanukkah songs outside the venue, with some signs urging all the “impure” Christians to leave the Holy Land.

In his "Kooker" article published December 17 in Israeli-Hebrew, Gopstein called the establishment of the Israeli state in the mid-20th century, “The most ringing slap in the face the Church ever received,” after centuries of alleged failed attempts to eliminate the  ews." Since violent methods failed, Gopstein writes, “It was decided to invest billions of dollars over the years in order to gain a foothold in the Holy Land and disseminate spiritual poison” through missionary work.

“The Christian is no longer considered a threatening vampire, rather a pleasant, friendly tourist and partner in the Western culture that dominates our lives,” he said, blaming the Israeli education system for not instilling enough Judaic education in students. “The vampires can send a message of thanks to the government of Israel for making their work much easier.”

He called on all Jews to raise a cry “and fight the devious phenomenon,” referring to Christianity as “that accursed religion.” 

“Christmas has no place in the Holy Land,” he concluded. “Missionary work must not be given a foothold. Let’s throw the vampires out of our land before they drink our blood again.”

Gopstein's Lehava organization was established to prevent marriage between Judaic persons and Arabs, which is prohibited according to rabbinic law. The group has been seen patrolling Jerusalem on some evenings, looking for integrated couples.  Their vigilante patrols have often degenerated into physical attacks, and there were several instances over the past year where members of the organization have beaten Arabs. 

Advocates the burning of churches

At a panel debate on an arson attack at the Catholic Church of the Multiplication in the Galilee by Judaic terrorists in June, Gopstein declared that rabbinic law mandates the burning of Christian houses of worship.  He cited Rabbi Moses Maimonides as urging that churches be burned. Asked if he was encouraging the burning of churches, Gopstein replied, “Of course I am.” 

Two Judaic suspects, both subscribing to the anti-Christian ideology of Talmudic Judaism, were arrested in July for their alleged role in the arson attack. Yinon Reuveni and Yehuda Asraf are suspected of vandalizing the church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes in Tabgha, on the shore of the Sea of Galilee.

Gopstein was arrested and then released in 1990 in a case involving the murder of an Arab couple. The crime has never been solved. 

Monday, December 14, 2015

The Jew Haters in the Vatican

The Jew Haters in the Vatican

by Michael Hoffman

“Childhood’s End Starts Tonight” reads the online advertising banner for the Syfy network television series based on Arthur C. Clarke’s novel. It forecasts a future when the devil himself will walk openly on earth and no one will care.

 Last week the Church of Rome issued a document entitled, The Gifts and Calling of God are Irrevocable, which teaches that so-called Jews are not to be “institutionally” offered conversion to faith in Jesus Christ. The alleged descent of these Judaic unbelievers from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is said to be sufficient to define them all as follows, Jews are bearers of Gods word. Even the Jew who wrote in the Babylonian Talmud that Jesus is in hell burning in human manure, is a bearer of Gods word. Even Ariel Sharon, who terror-bombed downtown Beirut, Lebanon in August, 1982, is a bearer of God’s word. Even Moses Maimonides, who decreed that Christians should be killed, is a bearer of God's word. 

Surely learned theologians far above this writer in mastery of ecclesiastical texts, will hold forth on this document, mainly pro, but some contra.

I have no intention of following their lead. I don’t believe that those who have a sufficient love for the truth will require extensive catechesis in order to penetrate to the heart of this Vatican document. Neither shall I add to the critiques of pundits and wordsmiths who will, with multisyllabic eloquence, endeavor to prove that the true Catholic Church always opposed Judaism, until recently.

I won’t add to it due to the fact that it is not true. The statement on the Jews coming from the pontificate of Pope Francis has its roots in the secret occult rapport which has existed between Judaism and the papacy since the Renaissance.

Oh, Hoffman you have gone too far this time! What about the burning of the Talmud by the pope on September 9, 1553 in the Campo dei Fiori in Rome, or the encyclical fulminations of Leo XIII, and many others!

Watching ignorance stew in its own sauce is dull. Reading boiler plate from propaganda (pseudo) fide, proffered as some sort of riposte, is sad.

Here is a recondite fact submitted for your consideration: in the past, whenever Catholic saints, or just as importantly, informed laymen, began to discern the contours of the clandestine papal treason with the occult rabbis, and were on the verge of lifting the lid on the charade, the Vatican would engage in an extensive, public theatrical display of opposition to Judaism, for the benefit of the simple-minded goyim, for whom image is reality.

In 1553 while copies of the Talmud were being incinerated, Florentine Catholic humanists at the highest level and with the blessing of the pope, were continuing their secret get-togethers with rabbis in which veneration of the Talmud was the primary focus of the meeting.  Daya Chakimah Ramiza.

During the pontificate of Pope “Saint” John Paul II, the covert Renaissance papal gnosis became overt for the first time in history, and the texts on Judaism issued by the papal “saint” and his successor, the “conservative” Pope Benedict XVI, all attest to this, and serve as precedent for the current document from the pontificate of Francis.

 The Gifts and Calling of God are Irrevocable is no new thing. The revolution in the Church’s relations with Judaism has been 550 years in the making, and their emergence now is part of the gradual process of revelation, which is the hallmark of the Machiavellian psychological conditioning and transformation at which the Vatican is expert.

What this writer learned from studying the gradual papal derogation of the mortal sinfulness of profits from loans (often termed “usury”), is that we arrived at the usurious omega point (in the pontificate of Pius VIII), over the course of a long series of pastoral and sub-rosa moves that were designed to interdict any attempt to label them for what they were; hence, their chameleon power to effect radical change without being detected, denounced or exposed.

Almost immediately after the masters of deceit in Rome issued their decree of irrevocability last week, they covertly circulated this disclaimer through their mouthpieces: “The text is not a magisterial document or doctrinal teaching of the Catholic Church.” 

Here we gaze upon the two-faced genius of the Cryptocracy, born from hundreds of years of learning Talmud and Kabbalah at the feet of Florentine rabbis. To the Left they give this document, which negates all attempts to launch missions to convert people self-described as “Jews.”

To the Right they whisper, don’t worry, it’s not a teaching of the Catholic Church.

As a result of this duplicity, each wing of the Church of Rome, Right and Left, remains in the fold and continues within the papally-induced alchemical psychodrama, despite the fact that The Gifts and Calling of God are Irrevocable is one of the greatest monuments to the nullification of the Gospel of Jesus Christ on record.

Concerning salvation, Jesus said He will only confess us to His Father if we confess Him before men.

In terms of refuting the text of the Vatican document itself, we note that pride is a deadly sin; that the religion of Judaism is the religion of self-worship, and the Vatican, in upholding this self-worship by insinuating that “Jews” are saved by their race, is guilty of Jew hate.

Only the vilest haters of Jews would refrain from informing them that they, no less than all other humans, need Jesus to be saved.

Instead, the Vatican affirms the central “saved by race” dogma of Ku Klux Judaism, that by virtue of a supposed direct, genetic descent from the patriarchs, this is all that is absolutely necessary for their salvation. What does the Bible say? "No one who denies the Son has the Father" (1 John 2:23).

There is laughter in hell when, in the name of loving Jews, papist Jew haters encourage dereliction of the duty to convert Jews to Christ — which is a Jewonly chance for eternal life. Witness the efficacious power of sophistry.

The light goes out in our civilization and innocence dwindles like a guttering candle, and the epitaph is written by Arthur C. Clarke, “childhood’s end.”

Copyright©2015. All Rights Reserved.

Michael Hoffman’s hard copy executive intelligence journal, Revisionist History, is published six times a year for subscribers. His forthcoming book, “The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome,” will be printed in 2016. Michael’s work is made possible by donations from truth-seekers.

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Friday, December 11, 2015

Judgment on America

Judgement on America
By Michael Hoffman

As America treats the Hanukkah Menorah this week with utmost reverence, Seth Rogen’s Talmudic movie-blasphemy of Christmas Midnight Mass, “The Night Before” has earned $34 million at the box office in just three weeks.

This Antichrist "holiday" movie is number six on the list of top ten most popular films currently playing in theaters in the U.S.

Read the recent domestic terror headlines and then contemplate the damage done to the honor of Jesus Christ by the millions of Americans who pay to see this Talmudic filth.

Imagine if there was a Hollywood movie playing now featuring gross-out vomiting at a high holidays synagogue service? Faithful Judaics would be in such an uproar you’d have to cross a picket line to buy a ticket to see it. Protests and leafletting would be intense.

But any faithless goy anywhere in America can amble up to his local movieplex and buy a fistful of tickets for “The Night Before” and nobody, including church-goers, will give a hoot, or notice, or care, except for perhaps a handful of true Christians.

I care.

What about you?

What are the newsletters, organizations, magazines and websites that you support doing about it?

Defend Christ. Stand up for Truth in public (not just behind your computer screen).

Here's what we did:  http://bit.ly/1NncMii

The Judgment on America will not be lifted as long as Seth Rogen and his partners in crime in Hollywood can make tens of millions off of puking on the Midnight Mass; and so-called “Christians” could not care less.

God is not mocked. 

Woe unto America — and the not-so-innocent Americans.

Monday, December 07, 2015

Hatred for Christmas

Hatred for Christmas 
Facts suppressed by the fake news media

Copyright ©2018 By Michael Hoffman
Independent History and Research, Box 849, Coeur dAlene, Idaho 83816  

 The rabbinic term for Christmas Eve is Nittel Nacht, a night they regard as accursed

Christmas is a problematic time for Orthodox rabbis and their followers since it celebrates the birth of the Messiah they despise. We have researched the relevant Christmas-hating  halacha (law) and minhag (custom) and submit them to the public for the purpose of the advancement of learning and the defense of the Name of Jesus Christ. We challenge any ordained Orthodox rabbi to debate our facts. This has not happened, however. The response has been ever more behind-the-scenes pressure to censor our work and make it more difficult for people to access it. 

Christmas-hating halachos and minhagim

• There is a rabbinic tradition of refraining from marital relations on Christmas Eve (Nitei Gavriel Minhagei Nittel 5:1).According to Rabbi Baal Shem Tov, the founder of Hasidic Judaism, to conceive a child on Christmas Eve will result in the birth of either an apostate or a pimp (Sefer Baal Shem Tov Vol. 2:43a).
• The most prominent rabbinic custom commonly observed on Christmas Eve is to abstain from studying the “Torah” (i.e. Talmud). There is an anxiety that one’s Talmudic study may unwillingly serve as merit for Jesus’ soul, corresponding to the rabbinic teaching that studying the Talmud gives respite to the souls of all the wicked.
• Refraining from Talmud study on Christmas Eve also serves as a sign of mourning, corresponding to the rabbinic belief that Jesus “was a false messiah who deceived Israel, worshipped a brick, practiced the magic he learned in Egypt” (Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedrin 107b); and “was born of a harlot who conceived while she was niddah (menstruating)” (Babylonian TalmudKallah 51a).

• There is a Talmudic custom of eating garlic on Christmas Eve. The reason for this is attributed to the odor of the garlic, which is reputed to repel the demonic soul of Jesus, which is supposed to wander on Christmas Eve (cf. Nitei Gavriel Minhagei Nittel).  

• Another rabbinic custom in Orthodox Judaism is to make toilet paper on Nittel Nacht (Christmas Eve) as an insult to Jesus, a practice made popular among Hasidic Judaics by the Chiddushei Harim (cf. Reiach Hasade 1:17). 

Contrast these grostesque “Nittel Nacht” mockeries with the heavenly story of the Holy Family in Bethlehem: the radiant Virgin and Christ child, humble shepherds, and angels offering glad tidings of peace on earth to men of good will. Frankly, there is no comparison between Talmudic Judaism and true Christianity, and those who attempt to assert that Christianity has ecumenical similarities with the religion of the Talmud are more deluded than the degraded practitioners of Nittel Nacht

This year Christmas Eve falls on a Monday. As you merrily celebrate the birth of the Messiah of Israel this Christmas Eve with friends and family, spare a thought and a pray for the pitifully bitter and tormented toilet paper-making Talmudists whose “colorful Christmas Eve custom will not be reported by the New York Times or CNN. The Orthodox rabbinic loathing for Christmas is the right kind of hate-filled bigotry. 

Rabbinic detestation of Christmas is also reflected in the rulings of modern American Federal judges: a 1989 Supreme Court case about a nativity scene in a Pennsylvania government building banned the crèche but permitted a Hanukkah symbol; a 2006 federal appeals court decision in New York forbade a Nativity scene in a public school but permitted a Hanukkah symbol.

Where are the defenders of King Jesus? 

Michael Hoffman is the author of Judaism’s Strange Gods: Revised and Expanded, which was banned by Amazon last August; and the textbook Judaism Discovered, which has been removed from the Amazon Kindle. Michael's truth ministry is dependent for its survival on donations and the sale of his publications and broadcasts.


Rabbinic Hanukkah: A man-made tradition of self-worship 

Hanukkah is a Talmudic holiday that is a burlesque of the Biblical account of the Maccabees. Hanukkah is celebrated  cursorily  in  the  Israeli state and observed in the United States as competition for Christmas, in order to symbolically assert the supremacy of Klal Yisroel (the Judaic people) over the rest of humanity. The secret of Hanukkah was disclosed by Rabbi Levi Isaac ben Meir of Berdichev (renowned as “the Kedushat Levi” after his eponymous treatise), a prominent eighteenth century halachic (legal) authority. Rabbi Meir revealed a secret known only to a few: that lighting the Hanukkah menorah does not commemorate the victory of the Biblical Maccabees.  

The arcane traditional doctrine of Chazal (i.e. the “sages” of the Talmud) concerning Hanukkah is that it commemorates God’s “delight in the Jewish people” themselves, and their vainglorious celebrations. The secret teaching of Hanukkah is that God supposedly provided a mythical eight days of oil not as a means of facilitating a victory, or of guaranteeing the successful completion of a sacred duty, but rather as a sign (halacha osah mitzvah), of His continuing adoration of the Judaic people, which all the rest of us are supposed to emulate, as we do indeed whenever a menorah is erected where a Nativity scene is banned. 

Hanukkah is Talmudism’s principal means for pushing the religion of the Talmud into the civic life of our nation in December, at a time when Christianity and its symbols, such as Nativity scenes, are increasingly marginalized or banned completely from the public square, in favor of menorah lightings, “Sanny Claws” and the collective jingle of cash registers. The lower Jesus, Mary and Joseph are made to descend during the Christmas season, the higher the Menorah and the Judaic self-worship it represents rises.

The Hanukkah menorah is not a symbol of a Biblical occurrence. Hanukkah is a man-made Talmudic tradition intended for self-idolatry. It represents the victory not of the Maccabees over the pagans, but of the selective memory of the rabbis over history. Hanukkah is an enduring commitment to the dark racial and religious conceit of the rabbinic Zionists, disguised as holiday light and cheer for all, and as such it is a kind of abbreviation for and summation of the strange god of self-adulation which is the central idol of the votaries of Orthodox Judaism, and the central violation of the First Commandment of Exodus 20:3: לא יהיה־לך אלהים אחרים על־פני. 

Christians are the true sons and daughters of Abraham who celebrate in the public square our gratitude to Jesus, the Messiah of Israel and Sovereign of all Creation. Rejoice! “For unto you is a born a Savior, which is Christ the Lord.” 

Michael Hoffman is the author of the textbook, Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit; and the editor of The Talmud Tested and Traditions of the Jews.


Hoffman replies to a critic of this column

"Its very interesting that Michael Hoffman, who is a Catholic, takes such a negative stance against Hanukkah.  Especially when ones considers that the New Jerusalem Bible, the Catholic version of the Bible, contains the apocryphal book of I Maccabees. The rededication of the Jerusalem Temple described in I Maccabees 4:36-59 is the origin of the Jewish feast of Hanukkah.  These same events surrounding the origin of the celebration of Hanukkah are described in the Daniel 11:20-35.  There is also New Testament support for Hanukkah.  In John 10:22-23, Jesus Christ Himself was in the Jerusalem temple on Hanukkah."  James C.

Dear James:

Granted, the rededication of the Jerusalem Temple described in I Maccabees 4:36-59 is the origin of the Israelite feast of Hanukkah.  

However, the Orthodox rabbinic-Judaic Hanukkah exploits the Biblical story of the Maccabees merely as a cover for a holiday of self-worship which is not the point of the Biblical feast, needless to say.

Hanukkah celebrations in our day are mainly dictated by rabbinic, and not Biblical sources, as I have specified with relevant citations from halachot and minhag.

There is a Biblical Hanukkah and a Talmudic Hanukkah. There is a Biblical Noah and a Talmudic Noah. There is a Biblical Moses and a Talmudic Moses. In each case the Talmudic (and post-Talmudic) Biblical events and patriarchs are burlesqued and falsified. To imagine that such founts of falsification as the historic rabbis of Orthodox Judaism are faithfully channeling the Old Testament holidays and beliefs is, I regret so say, exceedingly gullible. 
 Michael Hoffman

Thursday, December 03, 2015

San Bernardino Massacre News for Dec. 3

Researched and compiled by Michael Hoffman

* Some investigators doubt that the massacre can be attributed to a workplace dispute, due to intricate planning necessary for an attack on this scale utilizing IED bombs.

*There is video of the San Bernardino shootings: Farook and his wife wore GoPro cameras during their massacre. 

* Farook recently visited the ISIS terrorist haven of Saudi Arabia.

* Fox News now calls police reports of a 3rd suspect a "rumor." But who started the rumor? Was third perpetrator the controller/commander? 

*No mention thus far of video surveillance footage from inside or outside the massive county building, or of any security guards present during the attack.

* “Obama calls for tougher gun laws” after San Bernardino shootings —which will only ensure more massacres of unarmed Americans. 

* President Obama ignores the fact that America is under judgment: for millions of abortions, support for the Israeli Antichrist and Hollywood's Talmudic blasphemy of all things related to Christ. 

America, repent!


Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Gutless “Christian" wimps mummified by the Internet

In the movie "The Night Before" Seth Rogen indulges in filth and degrades Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve.

Are any readers of this blog willing to do anything about this or is everyone a mummified corpse when it comes to defending the honor of Christendom?

It's a fairly simple matter: print out our flyer exposing this movieCall the local media  (TV and newspaper) and inform them at what time you will be distributing the flyer in front of the movieplex showing the movie. Afterward, send us a report of your activity and we'll publicize it. Do something!

It is the stupor and sloth of Christians of the past, ceaselessly bitching about Muslims and Islam, who have mounted no sustained protest concerning Zionist Hollywood enabling the urination on a portrait of Christ by Larry David on his "comedy" show and, in another sewer-surfing "hit" movie, to equate Christmas with filth ("Bad Santa").

In both of the preceding cases, perpetrator Larry David's career is flying higher than ever, as is that of the producers and director of "Bad Santa." 

The Internet is a much ballyhooed tool, yet we have witnessed people mummified and paralyzed by it. Reading your computer screen does not constitute activism!

Here's our flyer on "The Night Before. Distribute it and show yourself worthy of the name Christian.

We remind Right wing super-patriots in our midst who have fashioned Islam into the West's threat number one, what Jesus Christ said of those, like the Hollywood malefactors who destroy our souls, as opposed to certain Salafist Muslims who only destroy our bodies:

“Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.” (Matthew 10:28).

In remaining passive and apathetic in the face of Hollywood’s assault on the souls of our children, about which we have little fear compared with our fear of those who kill our bodies, we are defying the divine wisdom and warning of Christ.

Surely there is laughter in hell at the spectacle of gutless, pseudo-Christian wimps ranting and raving about Muslims, while turning a blind eye to the soul-rotting fare at neighborhood theatres across America.

Historian Michael Hoffman is a leading campaigner for the Kingship of Christ, having taken to the streets numerous times to picket the Simon Wiesenthal Center, leaflet college campuses and confront Israeli-American terrorists, in addition to writing or publishing five books, dozens of newsletters and pamphlets, and hundreds of columns exposing Talmudism and Zionism.