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Thursday, December 03, 2020

Trump’s Far-Right Endorses Suspending The Constitution

 Trump’s Far-Right Endorses Suspending The Constitution

By Michael Hoffman


General Michael Flynn, fresh from his pardon by the president, has endorsed a statement by the Right-wing “We the People Convention,” stating that Trump must “declare a limited form of Martial Law, temporarily suspend the Constitution, have the military oversee a national re-vote and silence the media.” 

The “We the People Convention” is calling for a re-vote to include “only registered voters with photo IDs, to be limited to only paper ballots, to be hand counted and with members of both Democrat and Republican parties observing.” 

Yes, indeed, all U.S. voting ought to be conducted like that. But Trump needed to have that in place prior to the November election, not after his defeat. 

For any “conservative” GOP group to advocate suspension of the United States Constitution makes a mockery of everything for which patriots stand. And Trump's ex-National Security Advisor, who is so IQ-challenged he was entrapped with ease by the FBI when he was serving in the White House, is complicit in this Fascist, precedent-setting treason, thereby fulfilling Leftist predictions, reflective of Cass Sunstein’s stratagem for “cognitive infiltration” of the easily duped and misdirected Right-wing, now identified as an anti-Constitutional force.

Here we observe the cultivated chaos that has swirled around Donald Trump for four years. Mr. Trump is not a detail man and the “detail” of only paper ballot voting by citizens with photo IDs should have been his prime focus, raised repeatedly and emphatically before November. 

The objective of the current chaos is to throw the key Georgia senatorial election in January into a too-close-to-call contest wherein the Democrats’ candidates squeak through, thereby handing control of Congress to Kamala Harris and Joe Biden. Trump’s sloppy, lazy and unfocused handling of the election controversy has been indicative of his whole presidency, with its myriad lost opportunities, together with an off-putting, blowhard persona that has exhausted and alienated many of his erstwhile supporters. 

President Trump should be projecting a calm, statesman-like demeanor. He can effectively retaliate against his perceived enemies in the media and the crooked elections establishment, by campaigning energetically from one end of the state of Georgia to the other between now and January 5, narrowly focused on demanding an exclusive in-person, paper ballot, photo ID election. Even if that goal is not implemented in January it can intimidate and preempt a planned vote fraud. 

The end result of a focused campaign in the Peach Tree State, one which eschews whining and projects dignity in the face of a possibly stolen presidential election, while generating sympathy for Mr. Trump and the GOP, would very likely be victory in Georgia, retention of Republican control of the Senate and consequently, a crucially important brake on the revolutionary schemes of Harris and Biden. 

If however, he continues to play the part of a petulant sore loser while his allies urge suspending the Constitution (which includes the Bill of Rights), you can bet those derisory images and dire threats will turn up in Democratic attack ads, and a majority Republican U.S. Senate will have been sacrificed to the engorged ego of Donald Trump and the native Fascism of his most fanatical partisans.

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