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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Talmudic contempt for Palestinians results in collective punishment

The Spiritual Source of Israeli War Crimes and Collective Punishment of the Palestinian People:

 According to the Babylonian Talmud, and many post-Talmudic halachic authorities, no mercy is to be shown to subject nations

By Michael Hoffman

"If a non-Jew killed another non-Jew, or a non-Jew killed a Jew, the killer is liable for execution; if a Jew killed a non-Jew, he is exempt from punishment.” — Quoted from the Babylonian Talmud: Steinsaltz Edition. Sanhedrin 57A, 107.)

In his book Tanya, a text sacred to Chabad-Lubavitch Judaism, Rabbi Zalman teaches that Gentiles are "waste and refuse." In chapter one of Tanya, Rabbi Zalman imparts the teaching that non-Jewish souls, "emanate from the unclean kelipot which contain no good whatever.” — Quoted from the Lubavitch-authorized edition of Likutei Amarim Tanya by Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Lyady, Bi-Lingual Hebrew-English edition [Brooklyn, New York, Kehot Publication Society, 1993].

"The Jew by his source and in his very essence is entirely good. The goy (non-Jew), by his source and in his very essence, is completely evil. This is not simply a matter of religious distinction, but rather of two completely different species ('shnei minim nifradim').” — Quoted from Rabbi Sadya Grama, Romemut Yisrael Ufarashat Hagalut. (Rabbi Grama is a graduate of Beth Medrash Govoha, a renowned Orthodox yeshiva in Lakewood, New Jersey)

"What he (Rabbi Grama) seems to be saying is that Jews have a 'ruchniyus' (spiritual) dimension that is part of their essential makeup and that renders them inherently distinct and superior.” — Quoted from Chaim Dovid Zwiebel, executive vice president for government and public affairs of Agudath Israel of America, describing the thesis of Rabbi Grama.

Two Israeli “settler” rabbis, have issued a religious guide for Israeli soldiers in their book Torat Hamelech: Dinei Nefashot Bein Yisrael Le'Amim ("The King's Torah: Laws of Life and Death between Jews and the Nations”). “The prohibition ‘Thou Shalt Not Murder' applies only 'to a Jew who kills a Jew,' write Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira and Rabbi Yosef Elitzur of the West Bank settlement of Yitzhar. Non-Jews are 'uncompassionate by nature' and attacks on them 'curb their evil inclination,' while babies and children of Israel’s enemies may be killed since 'it is clear that they will grow to harm us.”

 Many prominent rabbis including Dov Lior, Ya’acov Yosef and Yitzchak Ginsburg have endorsed Shapira and Elitzur’s genocidal  Torat Hamelech book, which has been distributed to Israeli leaders and army commanders and sold in Israeli bookshops.

Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburg is the founder and senior dean at the Od Yosef Chai yeshiva in Yitzhar. Ginsburg wrote the book Barch HaGever in praise of Israeli mass murderer Baruch Goldstein, who slaughtered dozens of Arabs as they prayed in the Ibrahim Mosque in Hebron. Ginsburg is also the rabbi who decreed that it is acceptable to kill a non-Jew for his liver if a Jew needs a liver transplant. 

Don't be hoodwinked: the ideology that fuels Israeli oppression, dispossession and violence against Paletinians is the Israeli state religion of Orthodox Judaism. In the following article you will observe the attitude of contempt toward the Palestinians exhibited by the Israeli army as taught by Talmudic Judaism. Collective punishment of the Palestinian people is the result of this teaching. Palestinians are less than human in the eyes of the Orthodox rabbis of counterfeit "Israel," the Israeli army, and the executives of the American news media.

Hoffman is the author of Judaism’s Strange Gods; and Judaism Discovered. He is a former reporter for the New York bureau of the Associated Press. Hoffman’s writing is funded by donations and the sale of his publications and speeches.

Wall Street Journal reports that 250,000 Palestinians “will suffer” for the kidnapping of three Talmudic youths:

Hebron Bears the Brunt of Israeli Manhunt
Dozens of Palestinians Detained in Nighttime Raids by Soldiers Searching for 3 Teenagers Who Disappeared a Week Ago

By Nicholas Casey • The Wall Street Journal
June 21, 2014 • Page A8

HEBRON, West Bank—Israeli soldiers came after dark to the house of Akram Qawasmi, a 50-year-old Palestinian construction worker who lives in the hills overlooking this city. He says they used explosives to knock down his door, blindfolded him and his family and took one of his sons away.

The nighttime raid was just one of many conducted on homes and businesses in and around Hebron since three Israeli teenagers disappeared last week while hitchhiking nearby.

Dozens of Palestinians have been detained in a crackdown that has raised fears that the city, long a tinderbox in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, could reignite. On Friday, clashes erupted between Palestinian youths throwing rocks and the Israeli military, resulting in the killing of a teenage boy by soldiers in the Hebron village of Dura.

Over the past week, Palestinian security forces have mostly withdrawn from the streets they guarded for years, giving way to convoys of the Israeli Defense Forces as they pass. No Hebron resident under the age of 50 is allowed to leave the region.

"If the escalation on the Israeli side is going to continue, my fear is this could have reactions from the Palestinian people and this is in no one's favor," said Dauod Zatari, Hebron's mayor. (This is one objective of the collective punishment of Hebron’s Palestinian population, to incite a violent response from the Palestinians which the American media would then exploit to reinforce the Palestinians-are-terrorists image, while omitting the context — Palestinian armed resistance being reprisal for Israeli collective punishment — Hoffman). 

A senior IDF commander said in an interview that the military believes measures aimed at the civilian population can be useful in rooting out Hamas, the Islamist group the military says was behind the June 13 disappearance of the teenagers. Hamas is based in Hebron.

"There is a dilemma of how much pressure to put on the terrorists themselves and how much to put on the population," the commander said.

"I think the Palestinians understand the situation: Someone did something outside the rules of the game." He added: "If there is kidnapping in Hebron, then they will suffer.”

Tradition holds Abraham was buried in Hebron in a holy site claimed by both Muslims and Jews. Following the Six-Day War, an early Jewish settlement was built and now 700 settlers live among 250,000 Palestinians.

That has created a city ripe for clashes, what many see as a microcosm for the overall conflict. Massacres here include a 1929 pogrom of Jews and the 1994 mass shooting by settler Baruch Goldstein, who killed 39 Muslims and injured 100 more at the Tomb of Abraham.

More recently, Palestinian snipers have gunned down Israeli soldiers and banners on the Jewish side bear slogans against Palestinian aspirations for a state.

"Every child learns the name 'Hebron' here, it's the cradle of history and religion," says Noam Arnon, a council member in the Jewish settlement. That means extremists on both sides "come to use this place as a stage.”

Hisham Sharabati, a researcher at Al-Haq, a Ramallah-based human-rights group that documents alleged abuses by both Israelis and Palestinians, said a crackdown this broad hasn't been seen in Hebron since 2002, when Israeli soldiers moved in after the second Palestinian uprising.

At that time, much of the population of Hebron was fighting the Israeli occupation, whereas he said the alleged kidnapping would have involved only a few individuals who have likely already fled town.

In Taffuh, a village of 1,800 residents on the north side of the city, Mr. Sharabati said Israeli soldiers have so far raided 80% of homes there. The military also searched two mosques, and converted a youth center and 10 houses as bases for soldiers, he said.

Mr. Qawasmi, the construction worker, said his home was first raided this past Sunday.

Two days later, Mr. Qawasmi said soldiers raided his home a second time and kept his family in the kitchen while they searched through his sofas. Thursday night his two brothers, age 47 and 42, were summoned for questioning by Israel's internal security service. "We haven't heard from them since," he said. [End Quote; emphasis supplied]


Friday, June 13, 2014

It’s okay to believe Establishment-approved conspiracy theories

By Michael Hoffman

Richard Hofstadter's shopworn tome, The Paranoid Style in American Politics (1964) is dusted off whenever the Establishment wants to discredit a consiracy theory that comes too close for comfort concerning its own crimes and treachery.

George W. Bush's Attorney General, Michael Mukasey, recently used Mr. Hofstadter’s book to discredit Edward Snowden. One might gather from Mukasey’s disinformation and that of another penman in this field, Cass Sunstein, author of Conspiracy Theories and Other Dangerous Ideas (2014), that, to be consistent, these Establishment factotums would pour just as much derision on conspiracy theories when they are circulated about enemies of the Establishment.

(Mr. Sunstein's book seeks to discover why "perfectly rational people sometimes believe crazy conspiracy theories." The insinuation being that if you believe in conspiracies you're crazy).

Actually, it's this premise itself which is “crazy." Establishment-approved history is replete with thousands of claims of conspiracies, from the genuine one that killed Julius Caesar, to the dogmatic one that a bunch of Arabs from the caves of the Third World were solely responsible for destroying part of the Pentagon and three skyscrapers, while killing thousands of Americans on Sept. 11, 2001.

What Sunstein, Hofstadter, Mukasey and now Andrew Kramer of the New York Times are trying to assert are the prerogatives of royalty. These Establishment-anointed spokesmen are telling us, the peasants, not to believe conspiracy theories about the U.S. System, but that we should definitely believe conspiracy theories about the Russian government. Take the example at hand. Here below is Mr. Kramer, foreign correspondent for the NY Times, writing in the June 13 online edition:

Ukraine Claims Control of Port City
By Andrew E. Kramer 
June 13, 2014

"...Over the long term, Ukraine, with its far larger though badly equipped and poorly trained army, has more forces, and it is unclear how long the separatists can hold out without more support from Russia. That is something Moscow cannot offer openly without risking more severe Western sanctions. The result is misdirection and sleight of hand, and a conflict of endless puzzles and mind games.” (End quote)

Here is a copy of an e-mail which we sent to Kramer June 13:

Dear Mr. Kramer,

You wrote concerning alleged Russian government acts in Ukraine: “...The result is misdirection and sleight of hand, and a conflict of endless puzzles and mind games.”

This statement of yours would be denounced as conspiracy theory if written about the United States government's operations in Iran, Syria or Kiev. It’s interesting to observe how alert you are to alleged machinations by Moscow. I haven’t read anything similar from you about CIA actions in Ukraine. Perhaps “our side” is always above board and devoid of “mind games”?

Michael Hoffman

(End quote)

As of June 16 Mr. Kramer had not replied.


For further research:


Monday, June 09, 2014

Demon-possessed “Joker" cop killers strike in Las Vegas

By Michael Hoffman

Suspected killers Jerad and Amanda Miller 
Jerad is dressed in purple with a green tie and holding a Joker playing card. Jerad Miller is also believed to have dressed as "Slender Man"

Actor Heath Ledger playing the part of the Joker in the film, "The Dark Knight,” dressed in purple with a green tie and holding a Joker playing card

"Dark Knight Rises" mass murderer James Holmes playing the part of the Joker in court

The religion of agnostic secularism admits of no demons. Those who abort babies, bomb civilian populations in Iraq and shoot up schools and shopping malls are described by the mainstream media as either extremists or mentally ill. This is the typical evasion employed by revolutionary enemies of our traditional civilization and the wisdom which for thousands of years has recognized the fact of demon possession of human beings.

The alleged killers in Las Vegas of two policemen at a restaurant, and a bystander at a shopping center, are being variously described as white supremacists, Constitutionalists etc. They may be all or none of those things, but they are most certainly demon-possessed individuals initiated into a devil cult by immersion in the soul-killing Hollywood movies and television and New York entertainment “culture” that permeates the US like the fumo di Satana.

Examining the photos of the supposed killers of three people, we see the extent to which they have inculcated the Batman meme, which has been occult-saturated since the first, 1989 film in the series, and which reached its apogee with the most notorious and soulless entry (“The Dark Night”) starring the late Heath Ledger, who died at age 28.

On July 20, 2012 James Holmes, a PhD. candidate in the science of the brain (neurology), entered a theatre in Aurora, Colorado that was screening the most recent Batman movie, “The Dark Knight Rises,"slaughtering 12 people. (The two “Dark Night” movies have grossed more than $2 billion).

The establishment media dubbed Holmes “the Dark Knight shooter” and “the Joker.” He appeared as a Joker in his first court appearance. His July 2012 massacre was embedded with occult significance (see Revisionist History newsletter no. 63, "Predictive programming and ritual stagecraft: The Batman movie shooting synchronicities").

Prior to the attack by Holmes, the name “Aurora” (i.e. the goddess of the dawn), showed up in the movie trailer for the Dr. John Dee (“007") "Skyfall” movie. The words "Sandy Hook" appeared in "The Dark Night Rises" Batman film prior to the school shootings at Sandy Hook.

In the case at hand, we have Jerad and Amanda Miller, the putative Las Vegas cop killers leaving behind unmistakable links to the Joker of the Batman genre. No extensive investigation was needed to elicit this clue. It was online for all the world to see on “Facebook." The perps themselves revealed it in the Revelation of the Method, part of the pattern of self-revelation which the Cryptocracy permits and encourages in this time in which we live, the last stage of the age-old process of human alchemy, when Satan can walk openly among us and the American people don't give a hoot at any fundamental level of their waking consciousness.

If the Prince of Darkness were to turn off the lights during the Stanley Cup or the latest round of the NBA Finals however, then we might see some signs of revolt from the sheeple. Otherwise, ever more frequent, “random” mall and school massacres, and the media-dissolution of the souls of our children is not a major cause for concern, beyond proposing gun control legislation and more pharmaceutical medication for the "mentally ill.” But when most of America might be mentally ill, then what? Beyond cases of depression and nervous exhaustion or shock, is not "mental illness" often a euphemism for someone who is controlled by malevolent spiritual forces?

The New Testament was not lying when it gave accounts of Jesus Christ driving out demons. Are we supposed to believe that there are fewer demon-possessed persons now, than in the time of Christ? How can this be when there have been millions of abortions in America? How can this be when a man who inserts his sexual organ in the rectum of another man is celebrated as a noble civil rights activist? How can this be when Satan's initiatory Cryptocracy rules the air waves and the cinema screens, making initiates of our children merely by broadcasting into our living rooms?

These days Americans have trouble calling anything by its correct name. Consequently, we cannot proceed to a true comprehension of the evils which have befallen our nation and the remedies that must be implemented for the sake of the innocent.

Whatever the Las Vegas killers' political affiliation may be — whether contrived by the System or genuine —  these suicide shooters, like James Holmes, are first and foremost demon-possessed. These murderers worship Satan, whether under that name, or as “Joker" or “Slender Man.” The people they kill are a propitiation to the god of this world. As Jerad Miller wrote, using what we believe to be a double entendre on his Facebook page hours before his alleged murder spree, "The dawn of a new day. May all of our coming sacrifices be worth it.” As suicides, he and his wife were among those “sacrificed.”

Slender man

The Satanic force manifesting as Slender Man* may have inspired a wave of civic terrorism
Chronology of recent attacks beginning with the Slender man knifing

 May 31, 2014 Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier, 12-year-old girls in Wisconsin, repeatedly stabbed and seriously wounded another 12-year-old, to propitiate Slender Man, an Internet meme.

June 4 Justin Bourque, 24, allegedly shot and killed three Royal Canadian Mounted Police and wounded two others in Canada.  The suspect, dressed in fatigues and armed with a rifle, went on a rampage in Moncton, New Brunswick, authorities say.

June 6 a 19-year-old man was fatally shot and two other young people were wounded after accused gunman Aaron R. Ybarra, 26, entered Otto Miller Hall on the Seattle Pacific University in Washington state campus and opened fire. 

June 8 the Millers wreaked their havoc in Las Vegas.

June 10: One student, Emilio Hoffman, 14, a freshman, was murdered by a suicide shooter at Reynolds High School in Troutdale, Oregon. “This shouldn’t happen in Troutdale,” Max Maydew, grandfather to two Reynolds students, told The Oregonian. President Obama said, “This is becoming the norm.” 

Is there an antidote to this state of evil, this “norm"? Certainly there is. Pray Psalm 94.
After which, read aloud, in one sitting, the whole of Tintern Abbey by William Wordworth, slowly and meditatively, with deep contemplation of each word, line, and stanza, and if thou canst savor it and weep over it tears of joy and gratitude —  for its depth of truth and beauty —  thou art still human, and for the present, friend, that is all thou needs to know. 

*Slender Man is sometimes erroneously referred to online as Der Ritter (“The Knight”) based on a 16th century woodcut by Hans Freckenberg (above) that features a faceless figure dueling with an armored knight. (Note the hour glass lying on its side, symbolic of the conflict being timeless). The Slender man figure on the right in the engraving is actually known to history as Der Grossmann, a faceless creature from the Schwarzwald (Black Forest), who abducts children (thanks to our colleague Pierre for this information). 

A popular image of “Slender man.” Note the transvestite attire.

To Hoffman: "I’m an atheist. How am I supposed to understand the force you say is behind these killings?"

Hoffman replies: "If you are a complete materialist, then you can’t understand it. If not, then I recommend you think of this force as the spirit of predation, always needing blood, like a wolf or a lion, or some other ravening beast, but unnaturally so. These killings are not Green Man/Fertility Rites. Quite the opposite. These instances of predation comprise a serial ritual, accomplished for purposes of blackening, not greening; for worldwide sterility, not fertility; for the thanatos metropolis, not the verdant earth.”

Copyright ©2014. All Rights Reserved

For further research: Cereal Murder and the Group Mind


Hoffman is a former reporter for the New York bureau of the Associated Press, the editor of Revisionist History newsletter and the author of Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, and seven other books.

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Thursday, June 05, 2014

Movie Advisory: "Edge of Tomorrow"

By Michael Hoffman

While it’s not exactly a Rosetta Stone of the sub-rosa, nonetheless, the epistemology at the center of the movie "Edge of Tomorrow,” which is being officially released to American theatres by Warner Bros. on D-Day, 2014, is intriguing on a couple of levels.

At first glance it resembles another assembly line, CGI summer blockbuster, with Tom Cruise in the lead, yet in the midst of the pro forma mayhem and other visual appeals to adolescent boys, is an epistemology of conspiracy theory and a doctrine of eternal recurrence as manifested in a ubiquitous youthful pastime which I will not mention because it would be a spoiler.

There is about ten to fifteen seconds of sexual innuendo, and other than that, it's practically chaste. The violence is of the antiseptic kill-the-aliens variety, rather than beheadings and evisceration of humans.

I bought the cheapest ticket -- no 3D or Imax. I was there for the message, not the medium. There are some lessons here, at the surface as well as closer to the bottom of the waters where dwells the "Omega."

I recommend you do not consult reviews or anyone who has seen "Edge of Tomorrow." The less you know about this film going in the better in terms of the arcana being imparted, which appears beguilingly simple once the viewer gets the drift of the mystery.

As for what is being conveyed, I’ll leave that discernment to the viewer, who can revisit the subject again, and again, and...

"Edge of Tomorrow." Directed by Doug Liman; written by Christopher McQuarrie and Jez and John-Henry Butterworth, from the novel “All You Need Is Kill,” by Hiroshi Sakurazaka; director of photography, Dion Beebe; edited by James Herbert; music by Christophe Beck; production design by Oliver Scholl; costumes by Kate Hawley; visual effects supervisor, Nick Davis; produced by Erwin Stoff, Tom Lassally, Jeffrey Silver, Gregory Jacobs and Jason Hoffs; released D-Day, June 6, 2014 by Warner Bros. Pictures. Running time: 1 hour 53 minutes.

WITH: Tom Cruise (Cage), Emily Blunt (Rita), Bill Paxton (Farell), Brendan Gleeson (Brigham), Jonas Armstrong (Skinner), Tony Way (Kimmel), Kick Gurry (Griff), Franz Drameh (Ford), Dragomir Mrsic (Kuntz) and Charlotte Riley (Nance).

Rated PG-13 (Parents strongly cautioned).

Hoffman is the editor of Revisionist History newsletter and the author of Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare; a sequel is due in 2015.