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Friday, June 26, 2015

Israelis obstruct Christian worship in Jerusalem

At King David's Tomb, Jews Block Christians From Entering Holy Site In Jerusalem

By Morgan Winsor
International Business Times • June 1, 2015 

Later-day Talmudic Pharisees in Jerusalem with a sign that reads, “ Pope! Stay in Rome!!! King David’s Tomb belongs to the Jewish people!!!

On Monday June 1, hundreds of Jewish protesters tried to block Greek Orthodox Christians from entering King David’s Tomb in the Old City of Jerusalem. The protesters held a mass prayer service and (Talmud) study session near the site in an effort to prevent the Christian worshippers from entering the complex, the Jerusalem Post reported.

One of the organizers, Yedudah Puah, said the Jews had gathered “to prevent the desecration of King David’s Tomb by an idolatrous ceremony of the Greek Church.” Jerusalem police were able to ensure access for the Christian worshippers to conduct their ceremony. No protesters were arrested at the site Monday, the Jerusalem Post reported.

The sacred complex houses sites considered holy to both Jews and Christians. Jewish tradition says the lower level holds the tomb of King David, and Christian tradition says Jesus’ Last Supper took place in a separate room above. The Israeli government allows Christian ceremonies at the site three times a year. Still, protests by Jewish radicals have increased in recent months to stop Christian worshippers from reaching the complex, the Jewish Daily Forward reported.

 Rumors that the Israeli government would hand over the site to the Vatican have also intensified demonstrations. 

The Jewish protesters argue the Christian services at the site breach Jewish prayer rights. 

In addition, opponents say, those services will prevent Jews from worshipping in the complex because Jewish law forbids using a building which is used for idol-worship. The use of effigies, icons and other rituals practiced by Christian worshippers fall under the definition of idol worship according to Jewish law, Israeli news outlet Arutz Sheva reported. “I’m shocked and am left shaking from the great desecration of God’s name,” Jerusalem activist Efraim Holtzberg, who was on scene during the protest, told the media Monday. 

“Here the previous government made a mistake, there are unwise people who made mistakes and allowed the Christians to hold a ritual once a year. It’s similar to a wedding ceremony in which the groom and bride sign a contract that the bride can cheat on her husband once a year,” Holtzberg said.

Michael Hoffman’s Afterword:
In Talmudic (“Orthodox” and “Haredi”) Judaism the worship of Jesus Christ as the Son of God is regarded as idol worship, not just the “icons and effigies” associated with Him. These same Judaic persons who object to Greek-Christian icons venerate photos and drawings of rabbinic “sages” and often wear magical amulets designed by pagan Kabbalists who worship the goddess Shekhinah and wave a Kapporat chicken over their heads in order to transfer their sins into the bird. Who are the actual pagans, the followers of the traditions of the men who were the ancient Pharisees, or the disciples of the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Hoffman is a former reporter for the New York bureau of the Associated Press. He is the author of Judaism Discovered and Judaism’s Strange Gods and has written lengthy scholarly introductions to new editions of Johann Andreas Eisenmenger’s Traditions of the Jews and Alexander McCaul’s The Talmud Tested. Hoffman is the editor of Revisionist History, a printed journal published six times a year. His columns online are made possible by donations and the sale of his publications and broadcasts.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Other Casualties of the Charleston Massacre

Other Casualties of the Charleston Church Massacre

By Michael Hoffman

As readers of this column are aware, over the last few days, since I returned from the “America’s Promise” conference in Sandpoint, Idaho, I have been writing about Dylann Roof, the massacre in Charleston and the state of the black and white races in 21st century America.

In those columns I recommended two books, Black Serial Killer by white Christian author Justin Cottrell, and Out of America by the black journalist Keith Richburg.

As many of you also know, the continuing existence of these columns and our Truth Mission is precarious and often teetering on the edge of extinction. My vocation as a voice of independent thinking and a teacher of the ways of detecting fraud and misdirection, does not always contribute to our bottom line.

In Revisionist History Newsletter no. 74 I wrote of “Right wing myths with an endless shelf life,” focusing on how deep cover forces of the Cryptocracy burn us out by persuading us to sucker in for counterfeit history and a defective epistemology. I used as examples the persistent legends that King Charles I of England was overthrown by Puritan agents of the Judaic Money Power, and that it was the Puritan Republic that legalized the re-entry of Judaics to England after their long absence. I demonstrated from the documentary record that both of these notions were flagrant lies disseminated by the revered Catholic author Hilaire Belloc and the Right wing icon, Capt. Archibald Ramsay in his famous book, The Nameless War

Belloc is to conservative Catholicism what Babe Ruth is to baseball and a number of our Catholic readers and donors quietly dropped their subscriptions and stopped their donations after I wrote the essay in question. No one contested the truth of my assertions, presumably because there was nothing to contest. My “offense” was that I had dared to say that Emperor Belloc had no clothes. Well, since I have said the same about rabbinic “emperors,” why would I allow myself to be cowed into failing to alert Catholics (and everyone else) to the misdirection and false witness by which an eminent wordsmith had misled generations of conservatives? Apparently some Catholics believe that falsehood somehow serves the cause of Christ. It is important to note that to their credit, some of our Catholics readers and supporters stayed with us even after newsletter 74.

Over the years our exposure of the hidden aspects of Adolf Hitler’s biography, lately in Revisionist History no. 75, “Corporal Hitler in the First World War,” has cost us, and it cost us again after that writing appeared. Recently a friend who is a pastor learned of my plan to write a booklet or short book on the attempt, stronger than ever in 2015, to rehabilitate Hitler. This pastor who is not by a long shot any sort of neo-Nazi, warned me against it, suggesting that it would sow “disunity” in the ranks. But since a pro-Hitler “documentary’ movie has appeared on YouTube, beguiling even Christians into believing that Adolf Hitler was a “basically good man” who”fought the bankers,” it is more than ever imperative to show how a revival of Hitler’s movement would be a fatal dead end for our people. 

I do not factor a possible loss of income when planning the books or columns I write. Having forfeited, because I had defied the Zionists in the 1980s, what looked to be a lucrative career in the Establishment media, I believe that to please God and fulfill my destiny I must continue to defy the dogmas and dead ends by which the Cryptocracy, through its useful idiots, attempts to dupe and neutralize us. 

Now comes the racially inflammatory Dylann Roof murders and the Confederate flag tempest. My columns this week on this subject have led to the departure from among those who could be called my supporters, those whites who feel my criticism of the murderous moron who slaughtered black folk at prayer, was intemperate, and failed to take into adequate account the roots of white rage.

From the other end of the spectrum meanwhile, a man in Florida who has been a major donor to my writing and research has bid me and our Truth Mission farewell, because those same columns are allegedly “pandering to white nationalists” and offering “excuses” for the mass murder in the church.  It was American evangelist Lorenzo Dow (1777-1834) who coined the phrase, “You will damned if you do and damned if you don’t,” which is more or less the story of my life.

Last May revisionist author Michael Collins Piper with whom I often disagreed but nevertheless respected, died alone in a flophouse motel here in Coeur d’Alene. To the best of my knowledge he wasn’t even accorded a funeral or memorial service and I know not the disposition of his remains. I was privileged to see him on the shore of Lake Coeur d’Alene a week before he died, writing furiously in a notebook, a penman to the end.

I thought some of Mike’s material was off the wall, particularly his role in the rehabilitation of Hitler, but the mistakes he made (in my opinion) were honest ones. He didn’t write for money first, but for principle first, and his loyalty to his employers at the newspaper where he toiled for years was renowned, and some would say, ill-requited.

Yet the circumstances of Mike’s death is perhaps his most profound epitaph and while I do not invite suffering or penury and would very much wish to be prosperous, I understand that suffering and loss is sometimes the writer’s lot; particularly curmudgeons who obstinately pursue at all costs what they believe to be true.

Puritan William Prynne was branded on both cheeks, had his ears cut off in the pillory and was sentenced to life imprisonment for defying the king’s archbishop. In 1655 he wrote, “...desiring to do nothing against, but for the truth, for which I shall ever contend, and to which I shall ever subscribe; reputing it to be my greatest felicity to conquer with it or be conquered by it, and if occasion require, to suffer cheerfully, gladly for it.”

As our base of support dwindles as a casualty of the war to stay true to devotion to the pursuit of truth, I pray God grant me the strength to soldier on, cheerfully and gladly.

Copyright ©2015

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

What are the forces keeping Blacks in misery?

What are the forces keeping blacks in America in misery?

By Michael Hoffman

Two of those forces are the racial resentment and entitlement induced in black Americans which cripples them; the other is the lack of gratitude that is instilled. They live in a white nation that granted them high levels of personal rights largely unknown in Africa; most live free of white violence. Black journalist Keith Richburg’s book (Out of America) amply points this out after his years in Africa.

Few attitudes are more destructive in any human being than a sense of resentment, entitlement and ingratitude. Any parent worthy of the name would never dream of instilling those habits of mind in their children, yet the Civil Rights movement in the U.S. has done precisely that to black people. Coupled with this is the conspiracy to paint all whites almost without distinction as highly privileged haters and oppressors. Poor whites look at their lives and do not recognize themselves in this caricature, which in turn breeds destructive resentment on their part, and the vicious cycle is enlarged and perpetuated.

Peace between the races cannot prevail where truth is banished.

The campaign to ban the Confederate flag

The New York Times in its online edition for June 23 is claiming there is a “groundswell” movement to ban the Confederate flag in America. In fact, this supposed “groundswell" is more a case of media hubris than an accurate reading of the national pulse. I abhor a media stampede. Many Americans are too cowed by the stampede to express their true feelings. 

The hypocrisy of claiming that the American flag that was the ensign of the campaign to exterminate the American Indian on the Great Plains of North America by Union Army officers Custer, Sherman and Sheridan and the Federal government that supported them — as being morally superior to the Confederate flag — constitutes a tragic farce.

Censorship and bans contribute to historical amnesia, smack of the Bolshevik re-writing of history and are not the answer. Neither Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee or Stonewall Jackson would have had anything but utter disgust for the coward who massacred Black people at prayer. Above all, the Confederate flag stands for the human right of secession, no matter how many maniacs attempt to appropriate it for their demented 21st century causes.

Michael Hoffman is the author of They Were White and They Were Slaves. His column is funded by donations from readers and the sale of his books, newsletters and recordings.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Violent Racists: White AND Black

By Michael Hoffman

I have returned from the Sandpoint, Idaho conference this past weekend, where Oklahoma native Justin Cottrell, who now resides in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho with his family, presented a visual slide program based on his excellent book, Black Serial Killer.

To briefly summarize what many of you may already know, Whites are vastly more victimized by Blacks than the other way around, and the violence in the Black community in the U.S. (against each other, the police and Whites) is overwhelming compared to the relative peace that obtains in majority White neighborhoods. Mr. Cottrell makes these points with seemingly irrefutable statistics. 

The Other Ferguson

Cottrell also jogged my memory concerning the other Ferguson, Colin Ferguson, the racist Black killer who gunned down five Whites and wounded many others, and who is now largely forgotten. On December 7, 1993, Ferguson murdered five Whites including two White women who were passengers on the Long Island Rail Road in Garden City, New York. He also killed an Asian person. He wounded 19 others, most of them White. Ferguson had written notes about “filthy Caucasian racist females.” In 1994 Ferguson stated, “I wiped out six devils (White people).”

The pattern of media amnesia toward bigoted Black victimizers of Whites is documented in Cottrell’s Black Serial Killer. The author demonstrates that time after time, Black serial killers are usually publicized only locally, and in the case of newspapers, sometimes only in the back pages. Whites who victimize Blacks however, like Roof in Charleston, become planetary-wide symbols of the supposedly inherent wickedness of the White race; part of our “DNA” as President Obama recently alleged. It’s a fraud that perpetuates cycles of violence and misunderstanding by libeling White people and providing an alibi for more racist Black violence. 

President Obama and White “DNA”

Obama’s use of the phrase DNA (a reference to the basic genetic
Whites who victimize Blacks however, like Roof in Charleston, become planetary-wide symbols of the supposedly inherent wickedness of the White race; part of our “DNA” as President Obama recently alleged. This type of talk is a fraud that perpetuates cycles of violence and misunderstanding by libeling White people as a group, and providing an alibi for more racist Black violence. Obama’s use of the phrase DNA (a reference to the basic genetic code) is particularly outrageous in that any negative remarks about African-American “DNA” would elicit a deluge of denunciation and outrage, as they have in the past when scientists have generalized about alleged genetic characteristics of Black people. The Orwellian standard of “some are more equal than others” is becoming more prevalent. Relentless equalitarian rhetoric has resulted in Whites becoming “less equal,” to paraphrase George Orwell’s Animal Farm satire. One wonders what the DNA in the African sub-continent consists of, in that right up to the present time, Black tribes butcher rival Black tribes without remorse or concern for the “civil rights” of their millions of victims. Washington Post reporter Keith Richburg in his important work, Out of America: A Black Man Confronts Africa, offers gratitude for his life in the USA, compared with his years reporting from Africa, where he says he could easily ended up as one of the numerous bloated corpses of the victims of inter-tribal wars which he saw floating down rivers and streams. 

From a political point of view, the President’s anti-White remarks will surely hurt the Democrat Party and benefit Republicans in the 2016 Presidential election. War-Zionist neocon candidates like Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush will play the Caucasian card against the Democrats during the campaign. Whites in the South, Midwest and rural areas will likely vote for Wall Street’s Republican war profiteers who are eager to engage in a disastrous, Israeli-driven foreign policy entailing attacking Russia and Iran and involving the US in another costly foreign war quagmire in the Middle East. For American voters in 2016 it looks to be another case of a “choice” between havoc and calamity.

Shall we become what we oppose?

Some White nationalists are taking the low road on the despicable and cowardly massacre in the Charleston Church, by failing to adequately condemn Roof’s heinous acts and by subtly endorsing - to one degree or other - Roof’s supposed “manifesto.”

The political views of a homicidal terrorist are of no interest to this writer. Both Dylann Roof and Colin Ferguson should be hanged in public after a fair trial and an appeal process. Caucasians of all political persuasions who are worthy representatives of White Christian America, ought to express condolences and sincere sympathy to the Black survivors of this terrible atrocity, and condemn in no uncertain terms what this coward perpetrated.

Anything less is a sign that we ourselves have degenerated and become bestialized by the process of conditioning which the Cryptocracy has imposed on our nation, as evinced by the increasingly soul-rotting media of news and “entertainment.” 

There are no extenuating circumstances for a gunman who enters a church while people are praying and shoots unarmed civilians. He is a degenerate. Decent White people Right and Left need to say so unambiguously. This is one way we show forth the merits of our civilization. In “The Merchant of Venice” William Shakespeare contrasted two mutually exclusive archetypes as represented by the vengeance-seeking Judaic, Shylock, and the mercy-seeking gentile, Portia.

It’s a tragedy whenever we become what we oppose. I pray that our people will not sink to the level of the Zionists who made excuses for Baruch Goldstein’s massacre of 40 worshippers at the mosque in Hebron in 1994. Some Zionists even made a martyr out of that monster.

A White man deranged and filled with rage due to the vicious anti-White racism that is not an issue for the chattering classes, might at some level of his anguish be understood if he entered the headquarters of the heavily armed Los Angeles “Crips” street gang and engaged them in armed combat. It would still be wrong (because he would be breaking the law and acting as a vigilante), but in that case there would be extenuating circumstances, and no one could rightfully term the White assailant in that situation a punk, which is what Dylann Roof surely is. 

Cass Sunstein’s spirit at work

There are conspiracy theories circulating to the effect that no one was really killed in the Charleston Church. Apparently all of the bereaved relatives are actors, and the eyewitnesses are liars. I can find no evidence for this grave claim. When conspiracy theories are based on supposition or wishful thinking, proper and healthy skepticism toward the mouthpiece media and official government accounts is discredited.

There are aspects of Roof’s crime toward which one may be rightfully skeptical. We continue to question the timing of his rampage, which, on the day of his apprehension, coincided with publicity for the Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of the state of Texas and against the Confederate flag. It’s almost too convenient. This “coincidence,” coupled with Roof’s history of ingesting the drug Xanax, causes us to ask whether he was some sort of government Manchurian candidate. But since we do not possess the resources to follow up our questions with an investigation of Roof, we can only hope that some news organization with the integrity and the means, will do so. Until they do, our tentative doubts have the status of questions and nothing more.

The Cryptocracy’s academic patrician, Cass Sunstein, famously advocated infiltrating the ranks of conspiracy theorists so as to discredit them. People who claim Roof shot no one must either produce evidence demonstrating why the relatives faked their bereavement and why the surviving witnesses lied. Empty speculation masquerading as sleuthing does a huge disservice to those who survived the savagery in Charleston, as well as to scrupulous conspiracy theorists who want no part of irresponsible rumor-mongering.

May all of the innocent victims of racist hatred in America, both the Black victims memorialized by the world, and the White ones consigned to the memory hole, be equally mourned and remembered.

Michael Hoffman’s column is funded by donations from readers and the sale of his books, newsletters and recordings.

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Friday, June 19, 2015

Roof’s Storm of Bloodshed in Charleston


By Michael Hoffman

Dylann Storm Roof was shown in the national media with a Confederate States of America license plate on June 18, the day which began with the breaking news that the US Supreme Court had upheld the ban on Confederate license plates by the state of Texas (as far as those plates being issued by the state itself). Coincidence? 

A “Texas Masons” license plate complete with the Square and Compass symbol, is officially issued by the Texas department of motor vehicles.

Roof’s heinous killings occurred on the 33rd degree of north parallel latitude in Charleston, South Carolina, headquarters of the most powerful masonic body in the world, the Scottish Rite. Coincidence?

Other news media have reported that Mr. Roof has in the past taken the psychotropic drug Xanax. (He was facing felony drug charges prior to the massacre he perpetrated). Was he drugged during his shooting spree? The Establishment media don't ask, and they also don’t ask why he wasn’t tested for drugs or alcohol being present in his system when he was apprehended. Many other youths who initiated massacres (Kip Kinkle and the Columbine High killers for example) were under the influence of a hypnotic pharmaceutical drug when they committed their crimes.

The New York Times issued a graph yesterday purporting to show that Black people are the chief victims of hate crimes in the United States, but these statistics are cooked. It is very difficult to have black on white crime officially listed as a hate crime. Such crimes are too often dismissed as non-racial, random violence. 

An inanimate object is taking some of the blame for the murders. If Roof had killed the nine Black people with an automobile would the media be filled with questions concerning “How did he get the car?” And “What can we do to keep cars out of the hands of people like Roof?” Certainly not. But because he killed with a gun that piece of iron is being scapegoated. Calls for “gun control” are simply a means for disarming poor people and people who do not have “connections.” Millionaires, lawyers, judges and the “connected” will always have gun permits, even in states with the tightest “gun control,” or they can afford bodyguards who will have the permits.

The politically correct issues here are racism and gun control, and the suppressed issues are mind control pharmaceuticals and Manchurian candidates. 

Wish me luck: I’m giving a speech this weekend at a “historically” white church. Only unlike those unfortunate unarmed Black victims of this murderous degenerate, the congregation I will be addressing in north Idaho will not be quite so vulnerable. 

Michael Hoffman’s column is funded by donations from readers and the sale of his books, newsletters and recordings.

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Thursday, June 04, 2015

Bruce Jenner is not a woman

He's a chemically and surgically castrated female impersonator

By Michael Hoffman

The media are ablaze with enthusiasm and laurels for Bruce Jenner, now known as "Caitlyn Jenner.” On June 3 the New York Times published an editorial, "The Price of Caitlyn Jenner’s Heroism.  The Times opines: "She advances our acceptance of transgendered individuals by celebrating the strictures of womanhood. Vanity Fair introduced her" to the world in a photo feature and most of the rest of the Establishment media have gone crazy over “her” too. 

How is Bruce Jenner a woman? He can’t have children and can’t menstruate —  he never has and he never will. His DNA is that of a man. The fact is, Mr. Jenner is not a woman. He's a chemically and surgically castrated female impersonator.

But we’re not supposed to state that truth, which would be “hurtful” and may constitute hate speech. Reality is outlawed. Illusion rules our supposedly science-based, post-modernist world.

Bruce Jenner is a symbol of the increasingly wrenching disconnect between fact and fiction on countless issues such as immigration, foreign affairs, religion and history. We dare not cross the fixed boundaries established to determine who is compassionate and on the side of the angels, and who is not. To do so is to invite the merciless wrath of the fallen angels.

Clown-like burlesque of femininity

The only thing female about Mr. Jenner is that like many mentally disturbed men whose illness is encouraged by our decayed culture, he has chosen to burlesque a caricature of a woman. This burlesque, aided by surgeons' scalpels and pharmaceutical drugs, somehow makes his psychosis both “heroic” and a “celebration…of womanhood.” 

The caricature impersonated is usually of the buxom Marilyn Monroe type, and one wonders how it is that feminists don’t term it “sexist.” Perhaps female impersonation is so politically correct that imitating the last century's parody of a woman is suddenly laudable. It’s a contradiction in terms —  the mental equivalent of the physical hieroglyph of confusion that is Bruce Jenner, and thousands of unfortunates like him.

DNA vs. chemically-induced illusion

Nature tells us that it is impossible for someone whose DNA is male to be a female, but we are expected to believe the impossible, otherwise the revolutionaries who lord it over us will stigmatize us as bigots and haters. 

The miracles of the Bible are scoffed at as impossible, while the “miracles" wrought by the merchants of surgery and drugs are accepted, indeed “celebrated" as genuine. 

No wonder the Bible has been rendered an object of derision. In Rev. 18:23 and 22:15 the Greek New Testament warns of a form of Satanic deception, pharmakos” (φάρμακοςοὁ) which employs drugs to sustain illusion.

Copyright©2015. All Rights Reserved.

Michael Hoffman is the editor of Revisionist History newsletter. 

His online columns are funded by donations from readers.


Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Michael Collins Piper, 1960-2015

Mike Piper has died

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — Populist/revisionist author Michael Collins Piper, age 54, died in this lake city in northern Idaho May 30 at the Budget Saver Motel. 

Mr. Piper worked for two decades as a reporter for the Spotlight and from 2001 until recently, for the American Free Press newspaper. 

He is the author of numerous books including Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy; The Judas Goats: The Shocking Story of the Infiltration and Subversion of the American Nationalist Movement; and Best witness: The Mel Mermelstein affair and the triumph of historical revisionism

We don’t yet have information on the cause of his death, funeral arrangements or any survivors.

This writer last saw Mike alive in Lakeside Park in downtown Coeur d’Alene in the early afternoon of May 23. He was writing in a notebook with great concentration and his usual energy. 

Michael Collins Piper, July 16, 1960 - May 30, 2015

Requiescat in pace.

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