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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Physician accuses rabbi of circumcision torture infants


Chief physician accuses chief rabbi of circumcision torture of Judaic infants 

In Danish with English subtitles. Approx. 6 minutes.

Is it "anti-semitic" for a courageous Danish physician to defend the human rights 
of Judaic baby boys from Talmudic sadism? 

Who are the “Jew haters”? The people trying to defend Judaic baby boys, or those heirs of the Pharisees who impose their cruel rites upon them?

Caveat:  this video refers to rabbinic circumcision as “Mosaic.” That’s wrong. Moses and the Bible have nothing to do with the painful circumcision procedure mandated by the Talmud and successor halachic texts.

Judaism is Talmudic, not Biblical!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

From Moscow to Jerusalem, Always the Talmudic Double Standard

By Michael Hoffman  

From the Jewish Daily Forward newspaper of August 21: On August 17, a mob of several dozen Israeli teenagers — some reports say as many as 50 — assaulted four Palestinian youths in the center of Jerusalem, in an attack that even the Jerusalem police have labeled an attempted "lynching." The Judaic youths shouted "death to Arabs" as they chased down and beat the Palestinians. One of the four Palestinian victims remains in critical condition after being resuscitated. Some of the alleged perpetrators have already been arrested. As the indictments and trials proceed, it is likely that a story will emerge of a few "bad apples" who don't represent Judaic youth as a whole. But this incident holds up a mirror to the faces of those who consider themselves part of the global Zionist movement.

It can be easy to write off these incidents as the work of a few radical Israeli "settlers," who do not represent the Israeli populace or the American diaspora. But this attack was different. It took place in Zion Square, in the heart of downtown Jerusalem, where every tourist to the city has stopped to eat a falafel or to browse displays of tallitot. According to some eyewitnesses, as many as 100 people — presumably ordinary Israelis and tourists — watched passively, without trying to stop the beatings. This attack was not a one-time event. It comes just a few months after a group of Israeli teenagers stormed the Malha Mall — the major shopping center in Jerusalem — yelling racist epithets and singling out Arab workers and shoppers for beatings. (End quote)

The worldwide Zionist movement complains constantly about so-called "anti-Semitism" within occupied Palestine. But among Israelis one regularly hears descriptions of Palestinians as a group that would be condemned as virulent anti-Semitism if one were to substitute the word "Jew." Offensive caricatures of Palestinians are displayed in synagogues. Dismissals of Palestinian identity, and callous denial of their history and the atrocities committed against them, are commonplace. Orthodox rabbis write authoritative books like Torat Hamelech which contain religious declarations based on the Talmud calling for the murder of Palestinian infants. "Torah sage" Rabbi Ovadia Yosef calls for the extermination of the Palestinians themselves. Is it any wonder that some Judaic youth hate Palestinians and Arabs and seek to beat and even lynch them?

None of these events are surprising given the contents of the Talmud and subsidiary texts, and the kind of racial worship which Israeli "Jews" are accorded by Protestant Fundamentalists in America, and the modern Church of Rome.

Judaic exceptionalism nullifies these horrors. This exceptionalism is a fixture of the Zionist controlled media in the U.S., Britain, Canada, Australia and Europe. Judaism's Talmud is whitewashed and presented to the public as a series of debates without halachic authority. 

Israeli massacres and war crimes against Lebanon and Palestine are never commemorated in the media -- the same media which annually notes every date associated with persecution of Judaics in World War II, from the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising to the liberation of Auschwitz. Meanwhile, all memory of the liberation of the brutal El Khiam concentration camp in Lebanon -- which was built under Israeli direction and staffed by their proxies -- has long since faded into the dust of history, just as the holocaust the Israelis perpetrated in Beirut in the summer of 1982 has vanished from the media's memory banks. Attacks committed by the Assad family in Syria in 1982 have been recently described as the worst in the region in that era -- the Israeli holocaust in Beirut in the same time period doesn't merit a blip on the radar screen of selective indignation. Lebanon was attacked again in the first decade of the 2lst century, as was Gaza. It's all forgotten now.

How do we account for this perverse amnesia? My answer would be that it perfectly reflects Talmudic doctrine, which holds that the "Jews" are above every other nation, may not be judged by goyim (gentiles), and are the only truly human beings on the planet. I have written two books exploring the fact that this dogma is indeed halacha (the law) in Orthodox Judaism, emanating from the Mishnah and Gemara (i.e. the Talmud Bavli), Rashi, Maimonides, the Shulchan Aruch, Mishnah Berurah, etc. ad nauseam. 

These facts cannot be acknowledged or discussed in the conservative, liberal or middle of the road American media. The tool of intimidation, the "anti-semitism" canard, is used to keep timid souls -- ranging from the John Birch Society on the Right, to The Nation magazine on the Left -- from accepting advertisements for my books or reviewing and critiquing them. It's not just my books of course that suffer this infamous "silent treatment." 

Every other religion, from Islam to Christianity, is open to scrutiny and denunciation except Talmudic Judaism. Valdimir Putin is now a far more villainous character in the eyes of the West for defending the sanctity of the rebuilt Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow, than the Saudi sheiks of Wahabi Islam who will not allow a single Christian chapel open to the public anywhere in their nation. The media fail to mention that the cathedral Putin and the Russian judiciary defended against the defilement of a rock band with a name as degraded as the band members themselves, had been razed in the 1930s by a top Judaic Communist, Lazar Kaganovich, who exulted at its ruin, declaring, "Mother Russia is cast down!"

If any "punk" band had entered a synagogue in Germany that had been rebuilt after Nazis had torn it down, and then performed a mime against Binyamin Nentanyahu set to filthy lyrics on the Internet, most of the same "defenders of free speech" now caterwauling against the Russian government for its repression of "art and satire," would be howling for the heads of the punks who invaded the synagogue. The prerogatives of the artist would be dismissed as a "flimsy cover" for "anti-semitic hate speech," and off to Germany's jails they would be carted, just as revisionist satirists and historians have been imprisoned in Germany when they have blasphemed against the sacred icon of the evanescent gas chamber of Auschwitz.

Always the Talmudic double standard. 

In the name of democracy, tolerance and liberty for all, we are ruled by the spirit of the Talmud.

Michael Hoffman is the author of Judaism Discovered and Judaism's Strange Gods, and the editor of the newsletter, Revisionist History.


Monday, August 13, 2012

A mysterious and enduring anomaly


A Pharisaical Legacy


Quiet acquiescence to the destruction of our nominal United States Christian society by Talmudist Judaism is a mysterious and enduring anomaly

“Judaism pays elaborate lip-service to the Bible (Tanakh), yet, in truth, the Bible is not a factor in the rise, formation, progress, and emendation of Rabbinic law, except as a prestigious cover and front for what are, in fact, entirely man-make enactments, figments of the rabbinic imagination and extensive revivals of pagan anachronism.” Michael Hoffman, Judaism’s Strange Gods Pg. 72

”Our youth have "Bats in the Belfry" because Jews put them there. We are at war and we have a police state and our prisons are full of people wrecked by drugs, pornography, economic privation, crazy-maker sugar/fat/additives diet, alcohol, elevating sexual perversion to a political interest group, why everywhere assaulting the values and religious faith necessary for an economy to thrive with strong middle classes and no lower class that is not full of opportunity and means to self-improvement (for example, most people are landless while the country is mostly empty land that the elites have closed to development). The monopoly of real property reinforces in a symbiosis the monopoly of lending and of new money creation by Jews. The state of our morals, laws, politics all stem from this monster of Jewish control. And this monster uses false flag attacks -- at the world trade center or at a Batman movie - to move people with fear to give up more and more of those things Jefferson, Madison, Paine, Patrick Henry and others told us to hold on to as the safeguard of our freedom.” Dick Eastman (Internet post).

“For they bind heavy burdens and grievous to be borne, and lay them on men’s shoulders; but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers. (Matthew 23:4) Therefore, behold, I am sending you prophets and wise men and scribes; some of them you will kill and crucify, and some of them you will scourge in your synagogues, and persecute from city to city, that upon you may fall the guilt of all the righteous blood shed on earth, from the blood of righteous Abe, to the blood of Zachariah, the son of Berechiah, whom you murdered between the temple and the altar. (Matthew 23:34-35) O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her! How often I wanted to gather your children together, the way a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you were unwilling. Behold, your house is being left to you desolate! For I say to you, from now on you shall not see Me until you say, Blessed is He Who comes in the Name of the Lord!” (Matthew 23:37-39) The Words of the Savior, Jesus, The Christ.

Quiet acquiescence to the destruction of our nominal United States Christian society by Talmudist Judaism is a mysterious and enduring anomaly. Judaism is generally thought to be a Biblical, Old Testament religion. However, according to a new book Judaism’s Strange Gods by Michael Hoffman, the Torah is insignificant in the thoughts and considerations of most Jewish Rabbis. The Torah is the truncated Word of God while the Talmud is a compilation of the historic thoughts of Jewish Rabbis; a collection of humanist books being used as the foundation of a religion. It is an arrogant, racist, Law defying, screed compiled by Jewish scholars who have never repented from the judgment God brought on ancient Israel for rejecting His Savior.

Hoffman offers an in depth analysis of the religion of Judaism with its surreptitious emphasis on the Talmud and the words of Rabbis who study and comment on its contents. Jewish actions throughout the world reveal an extensive use of Talmudic principles; principles that have grievously affected American society. The imprisonment of Palestinians and the incremental theft of their land is legally permissible under Judaism. Stealth is commonly used to deceive Gentiles (Goyim); who are not considered human and can be deceived, stolen from, enslaved, and in certain instances murdered. The Talmud forbids the worship of Jesus and condones the death of Christians.

"Hoffman offers an in depth analysis of the religion of Judaism with its surreptitious emphasis on the Talmud and the words of Rabbis who study and comment on its contents." 

Creating conflict and division is useful in weakening and enslaving a nation. Judiacs are and have been busy creating divisions in the United States for decades. Black/ White relations are worse today than they were fifty years ago. Multiculturalism has created language barriers as well as social and religious divisions. Unlimited immigration has destroyed the culture and demeaned the benefits created by our ancestors by throwing them away to foreigners who take our money but not our culture. Feminism and the blatant promotion of fornication, adultery and homosexuality have destroyed the basic family unit and debased morality here and abroad.

The Trayvon Martin case is an excellent example of Talmudic principles being used to create potential violence. George Zimmerman who had not criminal record was attempting to protect an apartment complex from a rash of robberies committed by Black youth when Trayvon Martin, a Black teen with marijuana in his system and previous brushes with the law, ambled into the area. Martin was shot and Zimmerman had bloody wounds to show why. The Sanford police believed Zimmerman and released him under a Florida Stand your Ground Statute. The media immediately began showing pictures of a young, innocent looking Martin beside an ugly looking Zimmerman while emphasizing the fact the Martin was “unarmed”. This mobilized the Jewish supported Black juggernaut and created dangerous, emotional Black sympathy for Trayvon Martin. Fear of Black violence resulted in the removal of the Sanford police chief and the unwarranted arrest of Zimmerman.

Zimmerman and his wife are now entangled in a dangerous legal mess that may destroy their lives and add them to the plethora of innocents that are already imprisoned. The case will further divide Whites and Blacks and in the unlikely event that justice prevails and Zimmerman is released, Blacks may riot; if not, the Zimmermans, whose record was clean and whose actions were justifiable, will suffer an inexcusable injustice.

Kindness is not the motivation for Jewish creation and support of the Black agenda. Blacks are being used as a tool to disrupt society. They are being used to create angry separation and hate with riots like those in Los Angeles in 1965 and 1992. As James Jaeger points out in this excellent article on Cultural Marxism, it is not love for Homosexuals that causes the promotion of their agenda but, as with Blacks, a desire to disrupt the culture. Divisive emotional issues are cleverly exploited to create serious conflict.

There is a startling resemblance between the Third Reich of Hitler’s Germany and Talmudic Judaism: Racial superiority is common to both; both capture and dominated; both emphasize intellect excellence, both are deceitful and ruthlessly ambitious.

In a sense, the Holocaust was a religious war that set the stage for the rise of the Judiac. It was a Trojan Horse that created sympathy for a dangerous enemy of the Christian West an enemy that has now successfully captured most of its strongholds. Sympathy derived from the Holocaust is still a prominent reason for support of Judaism in spite of the fact that the sympathy seekers are among the world’s most wealthy and powerful.

Jewish ownership of the American press and media has resulted in censored, biased, and manipulated news coverage that has not only failed to report the breadth of the news but has purposely distorted the stories it covers. United States has been gutted; its industry has been stolen and its citizens have been robbed of their wealth because the people were not properly informed. As prison camps are constructed and plans are made to use the army to control the civilian population the press and media remain silent.

Centralized power is a prime objective for Godless Jews. They created the Revolution in Russian and were leaders in murdering millions of its citizens. In America they act as a Fifth Column for the new world order keeping the public ignorant of impending dangers.

There are interesting parallels between the Trayvon Martin case and the creation of neo-Israel. Both used a powerful latent emotion to create a scenario that demanded gross injustice. Both created a situation that cannot be equitably resolved. War and strife have constantly plagued neo-Israel since its inception and Black/White rancor will be a result of the Martin case regardless of the verdict.

Ariel Sharon was quoted as saying that Jews control America. If he said this, he was correct, they do! The tail is wagging the dog. Less than three percent of the population of the United States is controlling the remaining 97 percent. Talmudic Jews own the media which controls politics. They use that power to promote their own agenda through propaganda and control of coverage. If President Barak Obama had been properly covered before the 2008 election he would never have been elected. Congressmen and Senators consistently vote for pro-Israeli legislation because if they fail to do so the media will soon return them to civilian life.

Neo-Cons have infiltrated our government and become media spokespersons for wars that benefit Israel at American expense. Our money has been under Judiac control since the Federal Reserve Act was passed by congress in the early Twentieth Century. Control of interest rates and the money supply has allowed our wealth to be siphoned off by low interest rates, manipulated markets, and inflation.

Ninety nine percent of our citizens do not have a clue. We are in the midst of a religious war between Christianity and Judaism. Islam is a foreign religion but it is weak compared to the prevailing evil power of Talmudic Judaism. Vulnerable Christians have been deceived into supporting this wicked agenda; the same agenda that the Savior vehemently condemned. Being constantly reminded that Israel is our only ally in the Middle East we forget that before the creation of neo-Israel we had no enemies in the Middle East.

Christians are guilty of the same dishonesty that afflicts our press and media, they fail to provide a full report on the evils in our society. The War on Christianity, abortion, homosexuality, unrestricted immigration, multiculturalism, war for the State of Israel, socialism, torture, worldwide control of currencies, restrictions on freedom of speech, and the centralization of power, all of these and more have Talmudic Jewish roots.

For decades D. James Kennedy railed against the ACLU for its role in removing Christianity from the public square. Stalwart soldier that he was, he never mentioned that the ACLU could not exist without support from powerful Jews.

Wake up America, the enemy is in your church, school, television, government, armed forces, bedroom, the wombs of your pregnant women, the nationality of your population, the sexual orientation of your children, and the civility of your culture!

“Orthodox Judaism is a religion of lies, a tangled web of deceit compounded by duplicity and wrapped in guile. We will never restore America’s Christian roots, its Constitution or its Republic as long as Judaism can masquerade as a family values partner with patriots against the forces of evil. Judaism is a religion founded upon the defiance and nullification of God’s law.” Michael Hoffman, Judaism’s Strange Gods, pg. 208

Al Cronkrite is a respected Christian writer. View his website at http://www.verigospel.com/#


Saturday, August 04, 2012

Of Human Alchemy and the Gay Science

The Truth is Out in the Open for all Who Have Eyes to See

Of Human Alchemy and the Gay Science

By Michael Hoffman
Copyright ©2012 www. revisionisthistory.org 

My mentor, the late James Shelby Downard, looked at conspiracy data from many angles, including geo-occultic. He wondered why the creation and destruction of primordial matter (the world's first atomic bomb blast) occurred near the 33rd degree line of north parallel latitude; why it was was named the Trinity site, and occured on the ancient Jornada del Muerto ("Journey of the Dead Man"). He saw none of these sitings as "coincidental." He firmly believed that sorcery was not abandoned when Satanists engaged in science.

In my book Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare I pursued these research leads in terms of magical and masonic rites which were once secret and now very much in public, open-air -- a kind of civic magic, which is part of the human alcehmy of The Process.

By way of illustrating human alchemy let us recall that Friedrich Neitzsche popularized the nickname for alchemy, the "gay science."

In 1996, according to Pew Research, 65% of the American public opposed homosexual "marriage." That figure seems artificially low, but for purposes of argument, let's accept it, for the time being. Pew reports that in 2012 only 44% of the American people oppose homosexual marriage.

Even if the latter figure is also too low, there is no question that in a mere 16 years homosexual marriage has gained acceptance among an increasing number of Americans. The gay science marches on and manages to process Americans away from a bedrock of Christian civilization. We are not being processed toward a more conservative, Biblical America, but away from it. How is this done? The techniques are numerous, but one of them involves the Name Game. Homosexuality came to be called "gay" beginning in the 1970s, losing some of its stigma in the process. "Gay" marriage came to be called "same sex marriage" beginning in the late 1990s. Even that term was not sufficiently comsetic and neutral enough, so the alchemists cooked up the phrase "marriage equality" in the 21st century, and that too has been widely adopted as Newspeak. Who has the power to impose these name changes on our language? The purveyors of human alchemy.

What does this have to do with our patriotic nuclear weapons program that produced our patriotic holocausts in Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Everything. The atomic bomb was the zenith of the gay science that is also producing "marriage equalty," a "marriage equality" of which Jesus Christ was ignorant, since He defined marriage as follows: "From the beginning of the creation God made them male and female. For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife; And they twain shall be one flesh: so then they are no more twain, but one flesh" (Mark 10:6-8).

One perversion is a reflection of another, but most people will not see this, nor do I expect them to see it. But those who do will have the "knowledge of the equilibrium." Modern Christians mostly do not have that discernment, though it is their patrimony by the Holy Spirit. God's enemies do possess it, by another spirit, a counterfeit Trinity Sight. It is a sad spectacle to witness the willful blindness of so many who blab about their allegiance to Jesus Christ.

In the following letter, the symbolism mentioned at the top of this note is linked to a phenomenon beyond the atomic bomb --the next stage of Skynet's alchemical advance: ubiquitous drones imposed not on Afghans, but the American people, as part of the same chimerical "war on terror" police state that "Veterans Against Obama" will inherit if and when they elect Masonic Mormon Mitt Romney, just as surely as it will still be in place if Obama is reelected.

I say "chimerical" because the US government sponsors the terror so it can keep extending and justifying a domestic police state to fight it. Certainly our support for the Al Qaeda terror bombers in Syria who recently killed the Syrian government's top Christian general, is evidence of that. For those who have eyes to see, that is. Most do not, because they have not the love of the truth by which they might be saved: "And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved" (2 Thessalonians 2:10).

Revelation of the Method = The 33rd degree of Truth or Consequences.


Dear Mr. Hoffman

While perusing the "Antiwar.com" site I ran across an article concerning the next advances in "drone" warfare and the training facility for drone warfare personnel at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico. The details of the article deal with the usual talking points concerning drone warfare which you may review at:


The real "revelation" in the article is found in the paragraph which I have lifted in its entirety from the article:

"Such critics may consider it apt that Holloman straddles the Jornada del Muerto 'Journey of the Dead Man’ -- the macabre Spanish name for the perilous, waterless shortcut through the wilderness once used by Billy the Kid. Situated on a high desert plain, the base bakes by day, shivers by night and witnesses spectacular lightning storms. It has evocative neighbors. To the east, Roswell, which the conspiratorially minded already associate with humanless aircraft; to the west, Truth or Consequences, a town named after a 1950s radio quiz show."

As you stated so eloquently in Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, the evidence is all around us out in the open for all to see!


The latest issue of Michael Hoffman's hardcopy Revisionist History newsletter no. 63 is now being mailed to subscribers. 


The Quadrennial Return of the 'Lesser of Two Evils’ Meme For the umpteenth time in recent memory, our hidden rulers have given us no choice in the upcoming presidential election. Michael Hoffman analyzes the implications of this lesser of two evils rerun in the 2012 election in terms of Mitt Romney and his criminal politics. We propose an effective alternative to this scam!  

Romney's Masonic Mormonism: Big players at high levels of the Mormon Church are backing Romney's presidency. What is Mormonism? What are its historic links to Freemasonry? Is Temple Mormonism a secret society? Is Mormonism part of the dictatorship of secret societies that rule America? Mormon Temple rituals are secret: we'll penetrate the curtain and reveal them to you, along with the secret history of the "God makers" - the Mormon church in America. 

Predictive programming and ritual stagecraft: The Batman movie shooting synchronicities: Hoffman examines the Aurora, Colorado movie theatre shootings: the hidden cryptocracy connections and ritualistic symbolism of yet another spectacular massacre in the American heartland, which the media are blaming on a "lone nut." 

Also: A Forgotten Sept. 11 Massacre • Israeli law-maker Michael Ben- Ari tears pages out of the New Testament and calls it "garbage" (Romney and Obama are silent). • The 007 Olympics • Gangster Mickey Cohen, and more 

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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Morris Herman Interviews Michael Hoffman

British-based journalist Morris Herman interviews Michael Hoffman, August 1, 2012. 
Approx. 11 minutes.


The “Jews” Behind the Second Vatican Council

Jewish-Born Clerics Helped Push Vatican II Reforms

50 Years Ago: Vatican II changed the Vatican’s positions on key issues including the church’s teachings on Jews. Many of the intellectual forces behind the reforms were converts from Judaism

Forward (NY Zionist newspaper) July 30, 2012

With an Afterword by Michael Hoffman:
Catholics will only be absolved of the charge of “anti-semitism” when they have completely abandoned the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Fifty years ago this fall, Catholic bishops gathered in Rome for a council that would bring the church “up to date” by making it speak more directly to the modern world. After three years of deliberation, the bishops voted on and accepted statements that permitted the faithful to attend mass in their own languages, encouraged lay reading of scripture and entreated Catholics to think of other religions as sources of truth and grace. The council referred to the church as “people of God” and suggested a more democratic ordering of relations between bishops and the pope. It also passed a statement on non-Christian religions, known by its Latin title, Nostra Aetate (“In our times”). Part four of this declaration, a statement on the Jews, proved most controversial, several times almost failing because of the opposition of conservative bishops.

Nostra Aetate confirmed that Christ, his mother and the apostles were Jews, and that the church had its origin in the Old Testament. It denied that the Jews may be held collectively responsible for Jesus Christ’s death, and decried all forms of hatred, including anti-Semitism. Citing the Letter of St. Paul to the Romans, Nostra Aetate called the Jews “most beloved” by God. These words seem commonsensical today, but they staged a revolution in Catholic teaching.

Despite opposition from within their ranks, the bishops knew that they could not be silent on the Jews. When the document stalled in May 1965, one of them explained why they must push on: “The historical context: 6 million Jewish dead. If the council, taking place 20 years after these facts, remains silent about them, then it would inevitably evoke the reaction expressed by Hochhuth in ‘The Deputy.’” This bishop was referring to German playwright Rolf Hochhuth’s depiction of a silent and uncaring Pius XII in the face of the Holocaust. That was no longer the church these bishops wished to live in.

The problem was, they had possessed no language of their own with which to break the silence. More than most academic disciplines, theology is a complex thicket with each branch guarded by a prickly coterie of experts. Those wanting to grasp the complexities of the church’s relations to Jews had to study eschatology, soteriology, patristics, Old and New Testament, and church history through all its periods. The bishops thus found themselves relying on tiny groups of experts who had cared enough to amass the unusual intellectual qualifications for this task.

As I discovered while researching my recently published book, From Enemy to Brother: The Revolution in Catholic Teaching on the Jews, 1933–1965, these experts did not begin their work in the 1960s. From outposts in Austria and Switzerland, several had tried to formulate Catholic arguments against anti-Semitism under the shadow of Nazism three decades earlier. They were as unrepresentative of Catholicism as one can imagine. Not only were they, Central Europeans, brave enough to stand up to Hitler when it counted, but they mostly had not been born Catholic. The Catholics who helped bring the church to recognition of the continuing sanctity of the Jewish people were converts, many of them from Jewish families.

Most important was Johannes Oesterreicher, born in 1904 into the home of the Jewish veterinarian Nathan and his wife, Ida, in Stadt-Liebau, a German-language community in northern Moravia. As a boy, he took part in Zionist scouting and acted as elected representative of the Jews in his high school, but then, for reasons that remain inexplicable (he later said he ”fell in love with Christ”), Oesterreicher took an interest in Christian writings (Cardinal Newman, Kierkegaard and the Gospels themselves), and under the influence of a priest later martyred by the Nazis (Max Josef Metzger) he became a Catholic and then a priest. In the early 1930s he took over the initiative of the Diocese of Vienna for converting Jews, hoping to bring family and friends into the church. In this his success was limited. Where he had an impact was in gathering other Catholic thinkers to oppose Nazi racism.

To his shock, Oesterreicher found this racism entering the work of leading Catholic thinkers, who taught that Jews were racially damaged and therefore could not receive the grace of baptism. His friends in this endeavor included fellow converts like philosopher Dietrich von Hildebrand and the theologian Karl Thieme and political philosopher Waldemar Gurian. In 1937, Gurian, Oesterreicher and Thieme penned a Catholic statement on the Jews, arguing, against the racists, that Jews carried a special holiness. Though it constituted orthodox teaching, not a single bishop (let alone the Vatican) signed on.

Oesterreicher escaped Austria when the Nazis entered, in 1938, and continued work from Paris, broadcasting German-language sermons into the Reich, informing Catholics that Hitler was an “unclean spirit” and the “antipode in human form,” and describing Nazi crimes committed against Jews and Poles. In the spring of 1940 he barely eluded an advance team of Gestapo agents, and via Marseille and Lisbon he made his way to New York City and ultimately Seton Hall University, where he became the leading expert on relations with Jews in America’s Catholic Church.

Oesterreicher gradually abandoned his “missionary” approach to the Jews and increasingly called his work ecumenical. He and like-minded Christians tried to figure out how to ground their belief in continued vocation of Jewish people in Christian scripture.

If the battle before the war was against the superficial assumptions of Nazi racism, after the war it took aim at the deeply rooted beliefs of Christian anti-Judaism. In the former period, the converts argued that, yes, Jews can be baptized. In the second period, even if they continued to believe that Jews must be baptized to escape the curse of rejecting Christ, these thinkers began pondering the nature of the supposed curse.

If history was a series of trials sent to punish the Jews for failing to accept Christ, then what meaning did Auschwitz have? Were the Nazis instruments of God’s will, meant to make the Jews finally turn to Christ? To answer yes to this question was obscene, but it was the only answer Catholic theology provided as of 1945. In the years that followed, the converts had to stage a revolution in a church that claimed to be unchanging. They did so by shifting church teaching to Paul’s letter to the Romans, chapters 9–11, where the Apostle, without speaking of baptism or conversion, proclaims that the Jews remain “beloved of God” and that “all Israel will be saved.”

Like Oesterreicher, the thinkers who did the intellectual work that prepared this revolution were overwhelmingly converts. Soon after the war, Thieme joined with concentration camp survivor Gertrud Luckner to publish the Freiburger Rundbrief in southwest Germany, where they made crucial theological breakthroughs on the path to conciliation with the Jews. In Paris, the Rev. Paul Démann, a converted Hungarian Jew, began publishing the review Cahiers Sioniens and, with the help of fellow converts Geza Vermes and Renée Bloch, refuted the anti-Judaism in Catholic school catechisms.

In 1961, Oesterreicher was summoned for work in the Vatican II committee tasked with the “Jewish question,” which became the most difficult issue to face the bishops. At one critical moment in October 1964, priests Gregory Baum and Bruno Hussar joined Oesterreicher in assembling what became the final text of the council’s decree on the Jews, voted on by the bishops a year later. Like Oesterreicher, Baum and Hussar were converts of Jewish background.

They were continuing a trend going back to the First Vatican Council in 1870, when the brothers Lémann — Jews who had become Catholics and priests — presented a draft declaration on relations between the church and Jews, stating that Jews “are always very dear to God” because of their fathers and because Christ has issued from them “according to the flesh.” Without converts to Catholicism, it seems, the Catholic Church would never have “thought its way” out of the challenges of racist anti-Judaism.

The high percentage of Jewish converts like Oesterreicher among Catholics who were opposed to anti-Semitism makes sense: In the 1930s they were targets of Nazi racism who could not avoid the racism that had entered the church. In their opposition, they were simply holding their church to its own universalism. But by turning to long-neglected passages in St. Paul’s letter to the Romans, they also opened the mind of the church to a new appreciation of the Jewish people.

What were the impulses behind their engagement after the war? In a generous review of my book in The New Republic, Peter Gordon suggests that the converts’ willingness to advocate for the other was driven by a concern for the self. They had retained a sense of themselves as Jews even in the Catholic Church. 

Gordon reminds us of Sigmund Freud’s skepticism about the possibility of love of other. True love, Freud believed, “was always entangled with narcissism: it is not the other whom I love but myself, or at least it is only that quality in the other which resembles me or resembles the person I once was.” Yet in Oesterreicher we see an enduring solidarity with the community that once was his, most immediately his family. In 1946 he pondered the fate of his father, who had died of pneumonia in Theresienstadt (his mother was later murdered at Auschwitz). Contrary to the ancient Christian idea that there is no salvation outside the church, Oesterreicher did not despair for his father. Nathan Oesterreicher had been a just man, to whom the “beatitude of the peacemakers applied.” If Oesterreicher, the son, had been a true narcissist, he might have rested content in the belief that he was saved through baptism. Yet intense love and longing for his Jewish father began opening Oesterreicher’s mind to the possibility that Jews could be saved as Jews.

The lasting gift of the converts who helped rewrite Catholic teaching on the Jews was to extend their familial sense of solidarity to us, to Jews and Christians. In 1964, Oesterreicher personally crafted that part of Nostra Aetate according to which the church no longer speaks of mission to the Jews, but looks forward to the day when all “peoples will address the Lord in a single voice and ‘serve him shoulder to shoulder.’” (The last phrase is taken from Zephaniah 3:9.) With this new teaching, the church gave up the attempt to turn the other into the self, and after this point Catholics involved in Christian-Jewish dialogue tend not to be converts. They live out of the new understanding that Jews and Christians are brothers. The converts crossed a border to the other while in some deep sense remaining themselves, but by recognizing the legitimacy, indeed the blessing, of our differences, they helped bring down a wall separating Jews and Christians.

(Emphasis supplied
John Connelly is professor of history at the University of California, Berkeley

Catholics will only be absolved of the charge of “anti-semitism” when they have completely abandoned the Gospel of Jesus Christ

An Afterword by Michael Hoffman

This essay by Mr. Connelly is based on a flagrant misrepresentation of the doctrine of St. Paul. Clearly Catholics will only be absolved of the charge of “anti-semitism” when they have completely abandoned the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and adhere to a false Christ and a false Gospel in the name of Christ.

There are a few lines toward the end of Romans 11 (not Romans 9 and 10), that when taken out of context can be used to support the Talmudic racial pride of persons who describe themselves as “Jews.”

Romans 11: 26-27: And so all Israel shall be saved, as it is written, There shall come out of Sion the Deliverer and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob, for this is my covenant unto them when I shall take way their sins.

This is very different from the spin Connelly has applied. Israel is going to be saved by the Messiah Jesus Christ (“the Deliverer”). Saved from what? Saved from their sins by turning away from their ungodliness. Does Prof. Connelly even once mention the sins of ancient Jews and modern Judiacs, or their ungodliness? No, he is too busy aggrandizing their racial pride. For this reason he is an enemy, not a friend, of the Judaic people. Encouraging self worship is a grave transgression of God’s grace and plan of salvation, and a sure path to destruction for any people.

Notice what Connelly has omitted. The Apostle Paul does not say that all the Jews of every age would be saved. He showed that a majority of them in his time were lost to sin. Connelly in his fabrication of a Pauline Jewish utopia dare not mention why St. Paul is hated by Orthodox rabbis. It was Paul who said that the Jews killed the Lord Jesus Christ and are contrary to all men (I Thessalonians 2:15). The basis of Nostra Aetate just went out the window in one fell swoop of St. Paul’s pen. Paul wasn’t speaking racially, but spiritually/ideologically. He himself was a Jew as were all the apostles of the earliest days of the Church. But when a person converts to the Gospel of Jesus Christ he is no longer of Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam or Judaism. He is a new person and a new identity in Christ. The supposed “converts” from Judaism to Catholicism who are the subject of the preceding essay never abandoned their Judaic race pride. Connelly approves of a reviewer's statement that, "They had retained a sense of themselves as Jews even in the Catholic Church.”

Romans 11: 28-31: As far as the gospel is concerned, they are enemies for your sake; but as far as election is concerned, they are beloved on account of the patriarchs, for God's gifts and his call are irrevocable. Just as you who were at one time disobedient to God have now received mercy as a result of their disobedience, so they too have now become disobedient in order that they too may now receive mercy as a result of God's mercy to you.

How has the Church from its inception, publicly interpreted this passage, until the revolution of the 20th century? “Beloved” — this signifies that God still looks up on them with interest and intends to do them good. Nothing here implies that God approves of their conduct or their disobedience. What is the mercy of God toward them? That Israelites alive some time in the future will be converted to Christ.

Connelly the Jew-hater tries to give “the Jews” security in their sins, as all diabolically inclined ecumenicists do. He is encouraging them to continue in their disobedience and refusal of Christ. Why not, since they are saved by their race. Authentic Christians know from the words of Jesus Christ and John the Baptist that this cannot be true, and that this is a new and false Gospel.

Connelly doesn’t even take all of Paul in context, much less Jesus and John the Baptist. In Romans 2: 5-7 and 8-10, St. Paul declares: “In the rigid obstinancy of your heart you are laying up for yourself a store of retribution for the day of retribution, when God’s just judgment will be revealed and he will pay every man for what he has done...Those who are governed by selfish ambition, who refuse obedience to the truth and take the wrong for their guide, there will be the fury of retribution. There will be grinding misery for every human being who is an evil-doer, for the Jew first and for the Greek also.

Romans 2:11: For God has no favorites. Romans 3:9: Are Jews any better off? No, not at all!

Throughout his essay, Prof. Connelly encourages Judaics in their racial self-worship and attempts to make gentiles guilty for not encouraging this destructive pride. Is this of Christ? Connelly writes: “Jews carried a special holiness...Jews are always very dear to God...because Christ has issued from them according to the flesh...intense love and longing for his Jewish father began opening Oesterreicher's mind to the possibility that Jews could be saved as Jews.”

In other words, they don’t need Jesus Christ to be saved. We ask Mr. Connelly if it is true that race is the basis of their salvation and not the Messiah of Israel, why was Jesus' first mission of conversion “to the lost sheep of the House of Israel”? Was He mistaken and confused? (These are negative characteristics attributed to Him by the Babylonian Talmud). Or did Jesus know what He was talking about when He said to the Jews who bragged of being Abraham’s progeny: “If you were Abraham’s children you would do the works Abraham did, but now you seek to kill me, a man who who has told you the truth that I heard from God” ((John 8: 39-40).

St. Paul is not God. We don’t filter the words of Jesus Christ through the apostle Paul. Paul’s words must be understood in conformity to the light of the doctrine of Jesus Christ, who told the Jewish braggarts who were boasting of their racial status that they were Abraham’s children only if they did the works of Abraham. By this Jesus was referring to the faith of Abraham. These Jews had no faith in Jesus and hence they were not Abraham’s children.

They were indeed Abraham’s children according to the flesh. By rejecting their Messiah and committing their accursed oral traditions of Babylon and Egypt to writing after the crucifixion of Israel’s Messiah, they created a “Synagogue of Satan”consisting of the religion of carnal, counterfeit Israel, as was foretold in Rev. 2:9 and 3:9.

The Pharisees also bragged to John the Baptist concerning their presumed status as The Holy People. This race pride is the very hallmark of the Pharisee, then as now. The Pharisees told St. John, “We have Abraham for Our Father.” If John the Baptist had been a Second Vatican Council modernist, he would have replied, “I know that. Your racial status absolves you of your sins and of any obligation to believe on Jesus Christ to be saved.”

Unfortunately for con-artists like Professor John Connelly of the University of California at Berkeley, St. John replied, “Do not presume to say to yourselves ‘We have Abraham as our father,’ for I tell you, God is able from these stones to raise up children from Abraham. Even now the axe is laid to the root of the tree. Every tree that does not bring forth good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.” (Matthew 3: 9-10).

Jesus said the children of Abraham are defined as those who do the works of Abraham. St. John the Baptist stated that the children of Abraham are identified as those who bear good fruit. For this reason St. Peter declared that it was the Christians of whatever nationality who "are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation.” No racial qualification applied, but people like Connelly and a host of other illusionists are trying to inject racism back into the Church in the double-crossing name of combating racism: "Oesterreicher and Thieme penned a Catholic statement on the Jews, arguing, against the racists, that Jews carried a special holiness.”

Do you see the diabolic double-mind being pushed on Catholics, and by extension, all people? We’re not holy, as St. Peter declared, but those who reject Jesus Christ are specially holy and confirming this exalted, Christless racial status is a means of being “against the racists.”

Zionist and Talmudic racists are not an issue. Why doesn't Prof. Connelly refer to the racists among the rabbis who declare that a thousand Arabs are not worth one Jewish finger nail? Or that Jewish blood is worth more than gentile blood? Or that Arab babies can be murdered as a form of preventive warfare, and Palestinians should be exterminated?

And what of the people today who imagine they are the genetic descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and in fact are not? Are these Christ-denying gentiles saved by claiming to be Jews? Are descendants of the Khazars who say they are Jews saved by — what? Race? Which race? This is the type of ambiguity, confusion and uncertainty sown by any race-based theology of salvation.

Connelly is so ignorant of the beliefs of key 20th century rabbis that he writes, "If history was a series of trials sent to punish the Jews for failing to accept Christ, then what meaning did Auschwitz have? Were the Nazis instruments of God's will, meant to make the Jews finally turn to Christ? To answer yes to this question was obscene...”

Well, Prof. Connelly, you just condemned as “obscene" Shas Grand Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, as well as Grand Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the late messiah of Chabad-Lubavitch, both of whom taught that Hitler was God’s avenging angel on masses of  “Jews” who had abandoned the study of the Talmud. (Cf. Judaism’s Strange Gods [2011 edition], pp. 37-39).

In spite of his ignorance, Connelly accuses the Church of being ignorant of the basics of the New Testament, having taught in public for 1900 years contrary to the Second Vatican Council: "In the years that followed, the converts had to stage a revolution in a church that claimed to be unchanging. They did so by shifting church teaching to Paul's letter to the Romans, chapters 9–11.”

Connelly wants us to believe that until Judaic converts to Catholicism got to work in the late 19th and 20th centuries, all of the early Church Fathers, Councils, popes, theologians and saints were ignorant of the true meaning of Paul’s letter to the Romans! This kind of absurd hyperbole robs Connelly of any chance of being taken seriously by anyone conversant with historic Christianity.

Another diabolic dimension to Connelly’s subtle Jew-hate consists in him putting the onus for the revolution almost entirely on the backs of Judaic converts, repeatedly apportioning to them alone the falsification of the Gospel. Here’s a bulletin for you, professor: the modernist movement at work inside the bowels of the Church was led and directed by gentiles throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. The men most responsible for the revolution were four popes: Roncalli (John XXIII), Montini (Paul VI), Wojtyla (John Paul II) and Ratzinger (Benedict XVI); gentiles everyone, along with a legion of their cardinals, bishops and periti; again almost exclusively gentiles.

Is it not somewhat strange that Connelly seek to stigmatize Judaic converts generally as subversive of tradition, without offering any countering examples of loyal Catholic Judaics? He makes no mention in his essay in Forward newspaper of the fact that the Catholic Church was well-served by many illustrious Judaic converts who left their ethnic identity behind them when they took up Christ’s Cross. St. Theresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross (in whose writings one will find not an iota of Talmudic mentality), were descended of such Judaic converts. In the 1950s, Catholic convert David Gordon, father of author Mary Gordon, carried a heavy wooden cross through Harvard Square at noon in repentance for his sins in his past life as a Judaic. Gordon, and thousands of other unsung converts like him, were loyal sons of the Church, untainted by any revolution. Many converted under the unreconstructed papacy of Pope Pius XII.

Berkeley Professor of History John Connelly fairly gloats at the idea that, thanks to the revolution inside the highest levels of Catholicism, “the church no longer speaks of mission to the Jews.” With friends like him, Judaic people don’t need any enemies.

Michael Hoffman is the author of Judaism’s Strange Gods and the editor of Revisionist History newsletter.


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Romney’s Masonic Mormonism: Lesser of Two Evils?

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The Quadrennial Return of the 'Lesser of Two Evils’ Meme For the umpteenth time in recent memory, our hidden rulers have given us no choice in the upcoming presidential election. Michael Hoffman analyzes the implications of this lesser of two evils rerun in the 2012 election in terms of Mitt Romney and his criminal politics. We propose an effective alternative to this scam!

Romney’s Masonic Mormonism: Big players at high levels of the Mormon Church are backing Romney's presidency. What is Mormonism? What are its historic links to Freemasonry? Is Temple Mormonism a secret society? Is Mormonism part of the dictatorship of secret societies that rule America? Mormon Temple rituals are secret: we'll penetrate the curtain and reveal them to you, along with the secret history of the "God makers" - the Mormon church in America.

Predictive programming and ritual stagecraft - The Batman movie shooting synchronicities: Hoffman examines the Aurora, Colorado movie theatre shootings: the hidden cryptocracy connections and ritualistic symbolism of yet another spectacular massacre in the American heartland, which the media are blaming on a "lone nut."

Also: A Forgotten Sept. 11 Massacre • Israeli law-maker Michael Ben- Ari tears pages out of the New Testament and calls it "garbage" (Romney and Obama are silent). • The 007 Olympics • Gangster Mickey Cohen, and more

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