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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Friday, September 04, 2020

One Summer of Riots has led us to Forget the Crimes of Cryptocracy

One Summer of Riots has led us to Forget the Crimes of the Cryptocracy

Critical reaction to our "Bad Optics" column

To Hoffman:

"In your essay on 'Bad Optics' you side with the Left and against the police. What’s happened to you?"

— E.W.

Michael Hoffman replies:

Nothing has "happened to me” and that’s the problem for mind-controlled, processed people. God has given this writer the grace to resist the Trump enchantment and participation in the Left/Right reaction-counter-reaction. The 9/11 terror attacks triggered the 21 Blackjack gateway to the present, post-programmed, burned-out and burned-over humanity—  barely-human percipients who do the bidding of the string-pullers even while they imagine they are "patriot fighters for freedom and against the Left.”

The “Left” and the “Right” are products of the seating arrangement of the French National Assembly of 1789. Whoever pledges their fealty to one direction or the other is already lost in the coils of delusion, and can easily be made to march to the tune of the infernal musician.

Let us consult the Scriptures concerning allegiance to the Right or the Left wings: 

“Do not swerve to the right or to the left. Turn your foot away from evil” (Proverbs 4:27). 

The Bible receives a great deal of lip service and very little true submission. This largely unheeded wisdom from Proverbs is a case in point.

In the age of the Revelation of the Method our not-so-hidden masters are only half-disguised. This summer of 2020, here in the United States of Amnesia, the summer of urban riots and anarchy, each robot is expected to choose one of two sides: Black Lives Matter Left, or Trump super-patriot Right.

Every year in post-Processed America is Year One. Why? Because Boobus Americanus has great difficulty remembering the year that came before. Like Joe Biden’s neurological state, it’s a tall order to recall it. Let’s try: in the summer of 2019 the Cryptocracy engineered mass shootings by “lone nuts.” How can they get away with these pantomimes without the cooperation of the police? “Mass shootings by lone nuts” from Aurora, Colorado to Las Vegas, Nevada could only have been successfully pulled off with the assistance of corrupt cops. 

You may also try to recall that when George W. Bush was President in the wake of the 9/11 terrorism, the police state was put on steroids. Every police officer was a “hero," and the Soviet-like "Homeland Security” legions were thoughtlessly welcomed into our country’s bosom. The concept of a cop-on-every-corner gained acceptance under a “conservative Republican” president. There is nothing truly conservative about such a development. It’s bipolar.

2,000 years ago, Juvenal, the Joe Rogan of the Roman empire, asked, “Who shall police the police themselves?” Juvenal grasped that a nation of people need the checks and balances on government forces which many of the Founders of the United States, with their skepticism toward authority, would eventually hardwire into our legal system. In so far as honest and sincere elements on the Left are asking Juvenal's question, which formerly was asked by some on the Right, they are making a correct inquiry that is worthy of our support and solidarity.

This writer has expended more than half his life engaged in the investigation of serial murders such as Double Initial and Son of Sam, in which corrupt cops were complicit in concealing the identity of the perpetrators. 

Why is Freemasonry a threat? When Jack Kennedy spoke of the power of the secret societies, to what was he referring?  He was alluding to any oath-driven organization that compels one to swear to keep secrets on penalty of death. Such groups are a threat to Truth and a free people. There are dozens, but off the top of my head I can think of two: employees of the Federal government who hold a top secret clearance, and the Freemasons. 

If I am not a puppet, why would I join in the Trump-Fox News crusade to defend the graven images of the secrets-keeping masonic conspiracy from being toppled? 

Is the enormous masonic obelisk erected in the heart of Washington D.C. long after President Washington was dead, with its correspondence to the towering Pharaonic obelisk dominating St. Peter’s Square in Rome, something sacred to me as a believer in Christ Jesus?  In truth, these two “sentinels” are part of the apparatus of Babylon the Great. Consider the demonic mockery at work in the defense of these hideous occult control-objects by “conservative Christians.”

After the Creation and Destruction of Primordial Matter (atomic incineration) at the 33rd degree Trinity Site in New Mexico (the “Land of Enchantment”) in 1945, it was the Killing of the King rite at masonic Dealey Plaza, near the Triple Underpass and the 33rd degree of north parallel latitude on November 22, 1963, that catapulted our nation into a psychic Oz from which we have yet to emerge. In fact, the virtuoso managers of this occult conspiracy have over the years gone from victory to victory, while we who have been given the power of Jesus Christ to foil them, have done next to nothing toward that end.

I cannot join in the subtle disparagement of radical black people as they make their demands, however at times incoherently, contra the criminal politics that rules America. Their defiance of the glittering paraphernalia of ersatz patriotism that presidents from G.W. Bush to Trump have trotted out for purposes of misdirection and distraction, is a welcome one.

If we have learned anything over the course of forty years of sleuthing mass shootings and serial killings it is that a unit of the Cryptocracy deep inside the United States government propitiates dark forces with human sacrifices, such as occurred with Son of Sam, Hillside Strangler, Double Initial, Columbine High School, the Aurora Colorado theater, and in front of the pomps and props of Pharaonic Egypt in Las Vegas. 

In each case, while there was occasionally one genuinely heroic police officer who leaked information at the risk of his or her life (in the Son of Sam one Catholic NYPD officer in particular I will never forget), the majority stood down in fear and trembling, or actively made a coverup possible while shielding the directors of the murders. How soon we forget, after one summer of riots.

When Jim Garrison arose, largely alone in New Orleans, to take on the criminal participants in the JFK assassination conspiracy that he could discern in his bailiwick, he faced withering attacks on his life, reputation, family and career. Time and again white masonic forces attempted to frame him and expel him from office. It was all-black juries that stood in the breach and kept him in office. Am I making saints out of blacks? The answer is no, although those juries had about them a certain resistance to power that can be considered the essence of what it means to be holy. 

Am I aware of black crime and corruption? Yes, sir! But nonetheless I  wish to remind my fellow whites, as Jeremiah of old told the Israelites, that we have our own transgressions to repent of. Perhaps we should see that we have the opportunity now to take this populist movement away from the iniquitous Democratic party by joining with the majority of justice-oriented blacks and other Americans of color, and after a hundred years, uproot the Satanism concealed under all the flag-waving. 

You remember, don’t you, when U.S. Secretary of State Madeline Albright informed Lesley Stahl of CBS News that the deaths of a half million Iraq children as a result of U.S. sanctions was "worth it"?

And you remember, don’t you, when the World Trade Center’s twin towers, as well as building 7 which was not struck by aircraft, were brought down by controlled demolition on September 11, 2001? 

Have the perpetrators of these heinous U.S. government crimes all died off? Have their U.S. government conspiracy networks and methodology died too?

I will not give a blank check to law enforcement in this country, no matter how many members of antifa burn how many buildings. Let’s establish some proportionality: none of the crimes antifa has committed begin to approach in magnitude the burning that occurred on September 11 in the year 2001. 

Law enforcement in this country never arrested and convicted the actual killers of John or Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King or Malcolm X. The elite perpetrators of 9/11, the rapists and suffocaters of the little girls of Rochester, New York; the planners of the Aurora shootings, the perps and planners of the Las Vegas mass-murder, all have walked.

And yet this writer is expected to march behind Trump in his amnesiac Right-wing parade for the boys in blue?

When will we ever remember? When will we ever learn?

Michael Hoffman is a revisionist historian. He resides with his family in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho where he is at work on his tenth book, “Twilight Language.” 

Copyright©MMXX by Independent History and Research

Thursday, September 03, 2020

Bad Optics for the Cryptocracy

Bad Optics for the Cryptocracy

Thinking outside the Dialectic

By Michael Hoffman

As I work on my forthcoming book “Twilight Language” (the sequel to Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare due for publication in January), I’m immersed in the details of the alchemical programming of the people of the West, which makes me more attuned than usual to the intricacies of “The Process.”

Mayor Muriel Bowser 

In this connection, the Thesis/Antithesis of the Dialectical method employed by Hegel and Karl Marx, is before our eyes: in the controversy raging since the black mayor of the District of Corruption, Muriel Bowser, called for the dismantling of several monuments, among them shrines devoted to Freemasons, including the Satanic-racist Albert Pike, and “good old” Ben Franklin. Permanently removing their icons and the occult obelisk known as the “Washington Monument” (about which our First President knew nothing and had no hand in), might clear up a good deal of spiritual smog hanging over our nation’s capitol. 

(It has been appointed that Pharaonic obelisks occupy commanding places in many of the major cities of the West. The most dominating of this type, after the misnamed Washington monument, is the Egyptian obelisk installed in “St. Peter’s Square,” in Rome. For its occult significance cf. chapter 10, “The Grand Egyptian Lodge of Vatican City” [pp. 372-391] in The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome).

But of course the super-patriot Trump Antithesians will not hear a word of this. “God forbid that anyone should tamper with the (masonic) heritage of America!”

 Of course, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Franklin Graham and the rest of the motley Right-wing crew, would omit that masonic descriptor. Their opposition is cast in refrains of “My Country ‘tis of Thee...” (Sweet land of felony).

Now is the time when all good Hegelian robots will come to the aid of the Dialectic and denounce Mayor Bowser’s initiative. “How dare she demean Albert Pike! And what of wise old Ben Franklin, famous for announcing that he gave us a Republic — “if we can keep it.” 

But some of us ask, what of the secret masonic history of these United States—the murders, stolen elections, suborned juries, corrupt prosecutors and judges—the whole epoch of secret society betrayal of that Republic which Master of Masons Franklin “gave” us?

Do the Hegelian “Conservatives” now running amok in opposition to the black leaders of Washington, D.C. imagine that the son of founding father John Adams, President John Quincy Adams, would mourn the loss of statues honoring Albert Pike, or even Benjamin Franklin, were he to learn of Franklin’s dark past?

Quincy Adams was one of the earliest charter members of the Anti-Masonic movement in America, which was born from the outrage over the masonic abduction and assassination in 1826 of ex-Mason William Morgan, author of a book revealing masonic secrets. New York Governor DeWitt Clinton helped to protect Morgan’s killers from prosecution. 

A goodly number of Abraham Lincoln’s inner circle were sworn opponents of the Freemasons, including Secretary of State William Seward. They knew that the existence of an “Invisible Empire” within the commonweal would rot it from the inside. We saw the culmination of that rot in the assassination of John F. Kennedy, swathed as it was in masonic symbolism (cf. King-Kill/33 by James Shelby Downard and this writer).

Pike’s evil is fairly self-evident. His masonic handbook, Morals and Dogma, was a recruiting piece for “Set-An,” through the veneration of Sirius, represented as “the “Blazing Star” of the lodge — an emblem in Egyptian mythology of the dog-headed deity, Anubis. Pike was also a vicious and relentless hater of black people. 

With “good old” Ben the iniquity is not as transparent. His prestige is so high as to be virtually unassailable. He of Poor Richard’s Almanack fame, with its wise saws and pithy observations, “Early to bed and early to rise...”

The problem is, Franklin himself didn’t get much sleep when he was a member of Sir Francis Dashwood’s Hellfire Club in England, where all-night Satanic rites with harlots were part of the aristocratic “fun.” 

Even more damaging is Franklin’s complicity in the masonic murder of Daniel Rees in Philadelphia.

When he was 33-years-of-age, Franklin was implicated in the still mysterious masonic killing of Rees by members of the Philadelphia masonic lodge. The American Weekly Mercury newspaper accused Franklin of involvement in the gruesome murder (Rees was set on fire and burned to death). A “Satanic oath” had been administered to Rees. Franklin biographer Thomas Kidd does not deny that Franklin boastfully showed the oath to his friends, while mocking Rees.

Franklin was subsequently a witness at a criminal trial of Evan Jones, a Mason believed to have been the one who actually set Rees on fire. Jones was convicted of manslaughter—and then released without fine or imprisonment, or any other punishment for having taken the life of Rees (other than being branded on one hand). Franklin walked free, without being convicted. (Cf. Thomas S. Kidd, Benjamin Franklin, pp. 118-120).

Prof. Kidd exhibits zero curiosity about how it was that the colonial court set free a perpetrator convicted of manslaughter. What role, if any, did the masonic brotherhood have in this miscarriage of justice? Kidd is oblivious. The Rees case is the most serious major scandal at the center of Franklin’s entire life, whether religious or diplomatic. (This writer’s review of Kidd’s book can be read in its entirety online).

In 2020, many American blacks are less tolerant of political corruption in high places than some of their fellow Americans. Historical “prestige,” secret society pedigree and Pavlovian hup-two-three appeals to march behind Donald Trump and Israeli-lobby propaganda outlets such as Fox News and the Wall Street Journal, don’t suit. 

The toppling of the idols of the masonic imperium, constructed when the Lodge was at the apex of its civic influence, would constitute a severe case of what the Chinese call a “loss of face,” and which post-modern scribes term, “bad optics.” 

Whether or not the mayor of our nation’s capitol is misinformed on other topics is not the point here. Certainly a vote for Joe Biden is a vote for sentencing black youth to further confinement in failing public schools wholly captive to teachers’ unions, whose top priority is their own emolument and comfort.  

However, before we join the Republicans in holding Bowser in sarcastic contempt, let us consider what a vote for Trump entails the continuation of treasonous subservience to an Israeli-First mandate that George W. Bush propelled into the stratosphere, and which shreds Trump’s claims to an America-First mission. If Binyamin Netanyahu ordered Trump to jump into a war with Iran, Syria or even Russia, Trump’s only question would be, how high? Biden is likely to do the same, and thus we say, a pox on both their houses.

This writer shall never forget that when the corrupt courts of Louisiana repeatedly attempted to hound, disbar and remove from office New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, the intrepid inaugural prosecutor of the JFK assassination conspirators, it was all-black juries that defiantly returned not-guilty verdicts.

Americans are being played in a race-card game that too often pits us against each other while obscuring the highest truths which are at stake in the struggle for our country’s destiny: eradicating criminal politics. 

If the graven images of occult intriguers fall in Washington, it will be a time to rejoice and look to see what it is we have in common with those who will permit no Invisible Empire to keep our nation mired in judicial corruption, police brutality and diabolic wars.

Michael Hoffman is a revisionist historian without institutional affiliation. His writing and research are made possible by donations from truth-seekers and the sale of his books and recordings. He resides with his family in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

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One Summer of Riots has led us to forget the Crimes of the Cryptocracy

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Friday, August 28, 2020

Biblical Law and America’s Rotten Criminal Justice System

Biblical Law, which is neither Right wing nor Left wing, is the Answer to the Injustice of Americas Rotten Criminal Justice System

By Michael Hoffman

The Bible has been falsified by Marxists and liberal Democrats on the one hand, and on the other by the type of Churchianity that operates in the misnamed “buckle of the Bible belt” of rural America. The fact is, Scripture is neither Right wing nor Left-wing.

Here in Idaho, a predominately “Christian conservative” state where Mr. Trump will be re-elected—probably by a landslide— the legal rate of interest on a loan is more than 500%. Carlo Gambino would have been green with envy.

Alabama, another overwhelmingly Right-wing Christian redoubt, has for decades operated one of the most disgraceful and criminal prison systems in the country, where inmates convicted of crimes such as check-cashing fraud and car theft are routinely malnourished, sodomized, beaten and killed.

The blabbermouths of “Conservative Christendom” who rail against abortion and homosexuality rarely, if ever, consistently utter prophetic admonishment of the government-approved loansharks and their usurious oppression of the poor, or of shameful prisons that have no place in Biblical law.

The churches are emptying in the West not mainly due to atheists, but to the horrible example given by those who call themselves Protestant or Catholic representatives of Jesus Christ. People see their corruption and hypocrisy and figure, “If that’s of Christ I want none of it.” Young people’s antennae are particularly sensitive when it comes to detecting corrupt double standards.

Too often we read about an innocent person convicted, and either executed, or spending decades of his or her God-given precious life unjustly locked away.

Most of the churches of Christendom don’t teach the Biblical law on prisons, or financial sins like renting money. Neither do they teach the Bible’s solution to perjury. 

The Biblical penalty for perjury consists in the perjurer receiving the sentence that would have been imposed on the innocent person he or she falsely accused

“If a malicious witness arises to accuse a person of wrongdoing,  then both parties to the dispute shall appear before the Lord, before the priests and the judges who are in office in those days.  The judges shall inquire diligently, and if the witness is a false witness and has accused his brother falsely,  then you shall do to him as he had meant to do to his brother. So you shall purge the evil from your midst.” [Deuteronomy 19:16-19]

When God's Law is enforced there will be far fewer innocent people executed or imprisoned, and at least “some of the evil in our midst” will be purged. Respect for the law will increase.

The “jailhouse informant” who sent Mr. Duboise to prison for 37 years, along with the Florida District Attorney who enabled this travesty of justice, should both be made to serve 37 years of incarceration. If this were to occur whenever false witness led to punishment of the innocent, these miscarriages of justice would be drastically reduced.

The Darkness tells us that the God of Old Testament Israel is a deity of harsh justice, but His is a better law by far than what the rotten “criminal justice” system of these United States imposes too often on the poor and marginalized of our nation.

Michael Hoffman is a Christian historian who lives with his family in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Attacks on our work have accelerated coming from both the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (ADL). 

We are at work on three books  (you can get a sneak peek at the cover of our hoped-for volume “Twilight Language” at this link  and many other vital projects. These cannot be accomplished if our ability to market and sell our publications and recordings continues to be harassed and interdicted.

Please consider sending a donation or purchasing a book or other items from our secure online store. Your assistance to our Truth Mission is very much needed and will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Michael Hoffman
Independent History and Research

Box 849 • Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 83816

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Our Ruination: Internet Fever Swamp and its Antidote

Our Ruination 
The Internet Conspiracy Fever Swamp 
— and its Antidote

After announcing the publication of our Revisionist History® newsletter for September (issue no. 110), we received the following e-mail from a correspondent:

On Aug 17, 2020, at 9:51, Joe xxxxx <xxxx@gmail.com> wrote:

I wonder if your main essay in Revisionist History #110 touches upon Black Lives Matter and its involvement in satanism as it is still practiced in parts of West Africa. I only recently came upon this information:


To which we protested in reply:

Dear Joe:

This video is evidence? History? On the contrary, this is our ruination —  the Internet fever swamp —  a substitute for deep study, reading and research.

Michael Hoffman

We left the gentleman dangling at that juncture, and then thought better of it, following up the next day, with this addendum:

Dear Joe

I feel we left you without recourse in our last e-mail and wish to redress that omission, if you are willing.

If you haven’t yet returned to the realm of deep reading, I am hoping you will at least begin to encounter it in terms of the spoken word, as part of what Herman Melville termed "thought-diving," by studying from beginning to end, “Fiction and the Age of Lies,” a video of Colin Burrow’s lecture on the history — from antiquity onward — of truth and fiction

Keep your finger ready to hit the pause button on your remote control; have a notebook at hand so you can jot down and commit to memory the more pithy of his citations and insights. I found myself doing so, for example when Burrows quotes Cicero at 10 minutes 46 seconds into his talk:

“That thing is plausible (probabile) which generally happens, or which is a matter of general belief…whether it is true or untrue.” (De Inventione, I.29.46)

I wish I could induce a million Americans to undertake the study of Burrow's lecture so we might begin to return, first to an appreciation of what learning actually constitutes, in comparison with the anecdotal conspiracy effluvia online on the various video showcases, and second, that we ourselves might begin the lifelong task and duty of cultivating critical and profound investigative thought, so that we might not be gulled, as we are currently, by the dissolute and puerile fare too often masquerading as “Must See Blockbuster Revelation!!!!” of this or that eschatological oracle, or accusation of crime and coverup, much of which is only rendered credible predicated on what psychologists term, “confirmation bias,” the enemy of authentic history and journalism. 

However, we have taken notice of late of an ever-expanding, deceptive spirit on the Internet, seeded by the Cryptocracy itself, which uses useful idiots in the online anti-Establishment community as mouthpieces, to disseminate lies and half truths of various hues, so as to mislead, misdirect, and in the confusion, generate demoralization and burnout among those earnestly seeking alternative information and the restoration of our republic. 

At present (August 2020), one of these threadbare notions in circulation is the assertion that the devastating explosion at the port of Beirut was caused by a low-yield Israeli nuke

The credulous people who are inclined to hold this impression to be true on the thinnest of premises (viz. Cicero’s “matter of general belief"), believe it on the basis of their need to believe it. What could be more subversive of truth? How could anyone not in a cult, and who has been trained in critical thinking, accept such a poorly-sourced hypothesis as genuine? 

We suffer from miseducation, or perhaps one might say no education whatsoever in the higher levels of what Edgar A. Poe termed “ratiocination," perhaps because, like anything truly worth acquiring, training in deep thinking entails application and hard work, which too many are unwilling to invest. Hence, the surfeit online of lazy delusions and misdirection which seriously retard our lucidity and ability to act judiciously.

Serve your apprenticeship in the work of plumbing the origins of “Fiction and the Age of Lies”:

This writer does not endorse all of Colin Burrow’s remarks or conclusions, particularly when he draws contemporary analogies and in certain instances displays Leftist partisanship with regard to Brexit and the examples he proffers of news media bias (all on the Right). 

However, none of what he expounds with which we disagree or dissent, detracts in any significant way from his erudition and historical sleuthing as it pertains to the origins of these issues in the chronicle of western civilization. His talk is worthy of our attention all the way to the end (his answer to the final question posed [at 1:07.05], is perhaps his best).

The point of viewing his lecture is to compare Mr. Burrow's presentation of his arguments, and the documented sources he employs—with the fever swamp’s fantasy conspiracy talks and videos—which depend for their credibility almost entirely on confirmation bias and duplicitous and aggressive huckstering. We earnestly wish more Americans would learn to discern the difference. It is a matter of some urgency.

Michael Hoffman

Independent History and Research
Box 849 • Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 83816

Friday, August 07, 2020

My Testimony Concerning WWII Japanese Surrender Offer

My Testimony Concerning the World War II Japanese Surrender Offer

By Michael Hoffman
Former reporter, New York bureau of the Associated Press

During the observation of the 75th anniversary of the atomic incineration holocaust of Hiroshima, the corporate media have been circulating various allegations that the Japanese had not attempted to surrender prior to the bombing.

 One of these disgraceful justifications for the American government’s Machiavellian extermination of Japanese civilians is titled, "Back to Hiroshima: Why Dropping the Bomb Saved Ten Million Lives."

The following is my testimony.

The problem with the claims that the Japanese were not going to surrender is that they contradict first person testimony.

Walter Trohan, White House correspondent and Washington D.C. Bureau Chief for the Chicago Tribune

In the course of my career in journalism I was privileged to come to know Walter Trohan, a star reporter for the Colonel R.R. McCormack newspaper, the Chicago Tribune. He was its Washington bureau chief. Mr. Trohan covered the White House and had known and interviewed every president from FDR to Nixon.

In a conversation with Walter Trohan, he told me about information disclosed to him by FDR’s Chief of Staff, Admiral William Leahy, who served in the same position under President Truman. 

As early as 1943 Leahy informed Trohan that the White House was receiving peace feelers from the Japanese and a surrender offer, predicated on the exemption of the Emperor from any punishment or incarceration. 

Leahy also told Walter that if he printed those facts before the war ended he would be imprisoned. 

One week after the Japanese surrendered, the account of Japan’s surrender offer was published on the front page of the Chicago Tribune.

In his memoirs, published in 1950, Admiral Leahy wrote that prior to the dropping of the atomic bombs: 

"The Japanese were already defeated and ready to surrender.” 

Few people were in a better position to know.

Attempting to justify the deliberate mass murder of men, women and children establishes one of the most frightening, depressing and barbaric precedents for future wars. What is more, the justification furnished — that Japan adamantly refused any surrender terms prior to the Hiroshima and Nagasaki holocausts — is a pathetic, flimsy lie.

HESS: Speaking of General MacArthur, what was your reaction to the firing, or to the dismissal of General MacArthur?
TROHAN: To tell you the truth, I was flabbergasted because I didn't think he (Truman) would do it. I didn't see how he could do it, because he had in the White House Admiral [William D.] Leahy, his aide and Mr. Roosevelt's top military
advisor, and Leahy was very high on MacArthur. He said MacArthur was our greatest general, not excepting Robert E. Lee. I didn't see how Truman could fire him. 
MacArthur was a hell of a guy, because he pulled that Inchon landing, you remember, and got back in behind the enemy and he was running here, there, and every place doing a terrific job. He was doing a great job in Japan and I just couldn't believe that Mr. Truman would fire him. However, Mr. Truman got the idea, rightly or wrongly, that MacArthur was considering himself bigger than he was and he had to remove him. He felt that he must do it. And I will say for him it took courage when he did it. I don't agree with it even to this day.
HESS: You think it was an error?
TROHAN: I think he -- see, I think -- unlike most of my colleagues who think that Mr. Truman's going down as the greatest President of this time -- I do not. And I'll tell you why I do not. One, is the firing of MacArthur which I think is going to be held to be a mistake, they should have left him in there and they should have let him win that one and we wouldn't have this one (the war) in Vietnam. Also the other
one (there's no malice on this on my part), he dropped that pineapple on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and we've got...
HESS: What's your opinion on that?
TROHAN: We've got ourselves a guilt complex about that and always will have and we will not make a great man out of Mr. Truman because of that. I don't think he should have dropped that bomb. 
End quote