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Sunday, August 18, 2019

The “Aryan” Kabbalah

The “Aryan” Kabbalah

Mr. Hoffman: Since the Kabbalah is rabbinic, how would Hitler be influenced by it, as you have claimed?

HoffmanSince the Renaissance, the syncretic religion of the western occult has conceived of the Kabbalah as a book of ancient Aryan wisdom, allegedly pre-dating rabbinic Judaism. This claim was summarized by Éliphas Levi: 

“All religions have preserved the remembrance of a primitive book, written in hieroglyphs by the sages of the earliest epoch of the world. This book was the symbolical summary of primitive tradition, called subsequently Kabbalah” (cf. Gnosis, Summer, 1997, p. 64). 

Éliphas Levi (1810-1875), was a black magician and “traditional Catholic” whose occultism was harbored and shielded by every notable 19th century Church authority we could locate in the annals of the pontificate of Pope Pius IX, himself a supposedly spotless paragon in the eyes of contemporary Right-wing papalists. 

Levi was the arch Kabbalist situated at the gateway to the fin de siècle era in the decadent France he helped to shape. Apart from his sorcery and demonism, Levi led the attack on the Old Testament as the Word of God. Levi was one channel of the esoteric doctrine that the occult teachers of Adolf Hitler passed to him. 



Saturday, August 10, 2019

Epstein’s Death: Contract killing ordered by Talmudic authorities?

Jeffrey Epstein’s Death in Custody: 
Contract killing Ordered by Talmudic authorities? 

The following is authored by the Historical Research Department of the Nation of Islam 
August 10, 2019

Jeffrey Epstein was the central figure in Mossad’s blackmail operation, by which they controlled the U.S. government. But through his own malfeasance he had put Israel at risk. That bleak outlook called into play a little-known Talmudic option that is afforded to Jews in such a predicament. In Hebrew it is called din moser (“law of the informer”) and din rodef (“law of the pursuer”), and they are concepts found in the Babylonian Talmud (Tractate Sanhedrin, 73a). These are literally contract killings ordered by Jewish authorities against a Jew that is thought to have betrayed or will betray Jewish interests. The Epstein case had now involved the highest Jewish authorities in America and put their reputations and their constituencies in league with a truly rogue character who had outlived his strategic value.

Scholars have now acknowledged that the 1995 assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was just such a din rodef contract murder, ordered by a special court of Israeli rabbis. By conceding to the Palestinians land that many Jews believed was conferred to them by God Himself (in Genesis 15:17), Rabin was said to have betrayed the Jewish people. The assassin, rabbinical student Yigal Amir, justified his act on that very basis, telling police that he was acting on the basis of a rabbinical din rodef ruling. “Once something is a ruling, there is no longer a moral issue,” said Amir.

The Nation of Islam Research Group make a strong circumstantial case that the lynching of Leo Frank—the father of the ADL—was just such a din rodef contract murder (this is discussed in The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Volume 3, pages 328-330).

Last, Epstein’s alleged partner in procuring the blackmail bait (young girls) was Ghislaine Maxwell, whose father was Mossad agent and billionaire publishing/media magnate Robert Maxwell (real name: Ján Ludvík Hyman Binyamin Hoch). He was also “suicided” by Mossad—found floating in the ocean near his yacht

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