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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Friday, January 25, 2019

"Occult Renaissance" book: read first 95 pages free!

The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome

The standard disinformation of many so-called “traditional Catholics” is that the decline of the Church only began with the rise of the masonic French revolution in 1789, was beaten back by Popes Pius IX, Leo XIII and Pius X, and then emerged in full flower with the Second Vatican Council of the 1960s.

The truth is, during those three pontificates the Church was in hock to the Rothschilds and not withstanding the pious texts and double-talk from these pontiffs, they continued the Renaissance papal legacy of enabling the renting of money (usury) while protecting Rome’s sub-rosa Kabbalistic command ideology upon which Freemasonry is founded. Therefore, contrary to the nonsense peddled to dupes by writers who have not done their homework, the core conspiracy against the Church was not interrupted or obstructed by these popes. In fact, it only grew stronger, including massive child molestation rings which were not exclusive to the hedonistic era of the 1960s and ‘70s or our post-modern era.

Popes Pius IX, Leo XIII and Pius X were masters of deception who spoke and wrote against greed while they kept the engine of usury intact.  They spoke and wrote against Freemasonry while they maintained the Kabbalah, the source of masonic rituals, as the fount of the esoteric theology of the papal hierarchy.

The Roman Catholic Church was infiltrated and eventually overthrown by the Church of Rome in the sixteenth century, not in the twentieth. The subversion obtained a foothold circa 1450, more than 300 years before the French revolution, with the founding by the Medici of the Platonic Academy in Florence, of which Savonarola was among its most dynamic opponents. Of course he was executed by papal order.

These and many more shocking, revolutionary revelations are laid out in 723 pages of The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome

Not one Catholic newspaper, be it Culture Wars, The Remnant, National Catholic Register, or Catholic Family News has dared to review this book. They have no answer so they suppress it. The “traditional Catholic” sheeple are not interested in having their world of comforting myths turned upside down, so the old Zionist tactic of the “silent treatment” has been put into play, in the expectation that The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome will sink into obscurity.

• All of the Introduction

• All of Chapter One: "More Catholic than the Pope"

• Part of Chapter Two: "Neoplatonic Hermeticism"

Our problem is that we don’t provide enthusiasts with what they want to hear. Too many people don’t wish to learn anything new, they only want confirmation of their bias. This is particularly true in the matter of religion. They forget that Jesus Christ is truth and where there is truth, He is there. 

In undertaking a study of the 1947 death in Los Angeles of Elizabeth Short, the “Blue Dahlia murder,” in conjunction with the January 28 TNT television miniseries (“I Am the Night”), we came across this description of her diabolic killer:

He had a gift for manipulating intelligent people by telling them exactly what they want to hear.

If there’s a better profile of the devil I haven’t seen it. 

Satan is an enchanter. He always tells you what you want to hear. If you wish to be charmed, he’s your man.

Whereas others have a different vocation — that of obstreperous, intractable disenchanters, upon which the road to reality is paved. What a lonely road it is. 

Michael Hoffman 

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