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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rabbis Order the Pope to Condemn Bishop Williamson's Biblical Preaching

Editor's note: Bishop Richard Williamson's "Eleison Comments" column, grounded in Scripture and the position of the Catholic Church for one thousand nine hundred sixty-five years (until the Second Vatican Council), was published in On the Contrary on Oct. 14 ("How Can Pope Benedict Let Go of Ancient Truths?"). With the usual chutzpah, the Conference of European Rabbis is demanding today that the Catholic pope condemn a Catholic bishop for preaching Catholic truth.

When is the pope going to call on Judaics to condemn murderous, racist rabbis for preaching Talmudic lies?

 We support Bishop Williamson's right to publicly preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Pope called on to condemn bishop’s new anti-Semitic slur
October 19, 2011

Chief Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt

BERLIN (Jewish Telegraph Agency) -- A group of European rabbis has called on the pope to condemn the latest anti-Semitic remarks by a Holocaust-denying Catholic bishop.

The Brussels-based Conference of European Rabbis slammed comments by Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson in which he allegedly blamed Jews for deicide. Williamson, a member of the radical Catholic Pius Brotherhood sect, reportedly made the comments in the latest issue of his newsletter, “The Eleison Comments." He has  been living in London.

“Comments like these take us back decades to the dark days before there was a meaningful and mutually respectful dialogue between Jews and Roman Catholics,” conference President Chief Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt of Moscow said in a statement issued Wednesday.

Goldschmidt called for the Church to "suspend negotiations with extremist Catholic tendencies until it is clear that these groups show a clear commitment to tackling anti-Semitism within their ranks."

In his newsletter, Williamson wrote that “only the Jews were the primary agents of the deicide because Pontius Pilate would never have condemned Jesus if the Jews had not asked for blood.”

Williamson was found guilty of Holocaust denial in Germany in 2010 and fined about $14,000. He has previously denied the existence of gas chambers and the murder of 6 million Jews during the Holocaust.

In 2009, Pope Benedict XVI lifted the excommunication against Williamson, but the Vatican also reportedly declared that "in order to be admitted to episcopal functions within the Church, (he) will have to take his distance, in an absolutely unequivocal and public fashion, from his position on the Shoah, which the Holy Father was not aware of when the excommunication was lifted."

During meetings with Pope Benedict in Berlin last month, German Jewish leader Dieter Graumann said that one of the issues that troubled Jewish-Catholic relations was the Church's refusal to condemn Williamson.

In his statement Wednesday, Goldschmidt said the pope "has shown a commitment to fostering a spirit of positive dialogue with Jews both before and during his papacy. But he must clearly show that there is no room in the Catholic Church for purveyors of hate."


Bishop Williamson's website:

Gilad Shalit affair is an Israeli propaganda triumph

The focus of the Gilad Shalit-Palestinian prisoner exchange has been kept off the conditions of the concentration camps where the Israelis imprison the Palestinians. The media elicit no curiosity whatsoever about conditions in Israeli concentration camps (“prisons”) that confine large numbers of Palestinian inmates. Torture of Palestinians is also off the agenda.

The Palestinian prisoners themselves, including children, are written off as terrorists: none of them are innocent. All of them received a fair trial and a just sentence.

The media's focus is almost entirely on Judaic victims of Palestinians. Palestinians who offer armed resistance to Israeli occupiers are denounced as terrorists. The World War II Allied doctrine of rightful resistance against occupation by any means necesary is not a factor for the media in evaluating the Palestinian resistance to Israeli occupation. The slogan of the French Resistance "Chacun son boche" ('Let everybody kill a German') incited the killing of individual Germans. The French Resistance bombed cinemas, restaurants and buses where Germans were known to congregate. Today the French Resistance are lauded as among the noblest and most heroic fighters in western history.

The Shalit affair is a nearly 100% Israeli propaganda triumph in the American media. The Israelis are made to appear as benevolent, compassionate humanitarians; the Palestinians as irrational savages.

What  coincidence! This is exactly the Babylonian Talmud's view of Jews and goyim.


Friday, October 14, 2011

How can Pope Benedict let go of ancient truths?


By Bishop Richard Williamson, SSPX
Eleison Comments • CCXXII (222)

London, England -- In his second volume on the life of Jesus published several months ago, Pope Benedict XVI made remarks enabling journalists to jump to the conclusion that the Jews must no longer be held responsible for deicide, i.e. the killing of  God. Worse, on May 17 the executive director of the US Bishops’ Conference’s Secretariat for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs said that one cannot charge the Jewish people with deicide at any time in history without falling out of communion with the Catholic Church. Against what many people today want to believe, it is time to recall, however briefly, what the true Church always used to teach on the judicial murder of Jesus.

Firstly, the killing of Jesus was truly “deicide”, i.e. the killing of God, because Jesus was the one of the three divine Persons who in addition to his divine nature had taken a human nature. What was killed on the Cross? Only the human nature. But who was killed on the Cross in his human nature? None other than the second divine Person, i.e. God. So God was killed, deicide was committed.

Secondly, Jesus died on the Cross to save all of us sinful human beings from our sins, and in this sense all men were and are the purpose of his death. But only the  Jews (leaders and people) were the prime agents of the deicide because it is obvious from the Gospels that the Gentile most involved, Pontius Pilate, would never have condemned Jesus to death had not the Jewish leaders roused the Jewish people to clamour for his crucifixion (Mt. XXVII, 20). Certainly the learned leaders were more guilty than the unlearned people, says St. Thomas Aquinas (Summa III, 47, 5), but they all cried together for Jesus’ blood to come down upon them and their children (Mt. XXVII, 25).

Thirdly, at least Pope Leo XIII considered there to be a real solidarity between the Jews clamouring then for Jesus to be killed and the collectivity of Jews of modern times. Did he not in his Act of Consecration of the Human Race to the Sacred Heart of Jesus have the entire Church, from the end of the 19th century onwards, pray to God that he turn his “eyes of mercy towards the children of that race, once God’s chosen people: of old they called down upon themselves the Blood of the Savior; may it now descend upon them a laver (i.e. washing) of redemption and life”?

But Leo XIII is by no means alone in observing such a continuity amongst Jews down the centuries. Do they themselves not lay claim today to the land of Palestine on the grounds that it is theirs by right from the God of the Old Testament? Has there ever been a race-people-nation on the face of the earth more proudly self-identifying as identical down the ages?

Originally raised by God to cradle the Messiah, alas, when he came they refused, collectively to recognize him. Collectively also, meaning there are always noble exceptions, they have remained faithful to that rejection, so that they changed their religion from that of Abraham and Moses and the Old Testament to that of Anas, Caiphas and the Talmud. Tragically, their very messianic training by God drives them to go on rejecting the one whom they hold to be a false messiah. Until they convert at the end of the world, as the Church has always taught they will do (cf. Rom. XI, 26-27), they seem bound to choose to go on acting, collectively, as enemies of the true Messiah.

How can the Pope let go of such ancient truths?

Kyrie eleison.

Emphasis and link in the preceding issue of "Eleison Comments" supplied by On the Contrary.

Listen to me, you who know what integrity means,
people who take my laws to heart: do not fear the taunts of men, 
nor be dismayed by their insults,
for the moth shall eat them like garments,
the grub devour them like wool,
but my integrity will remain forever.

Isaiah 51: 7-8 


Thursday, October 13, 2011

More credibility gaps in US government’s story of Iranian plot

Claiming that the government of Iran hired a used-car salesman and a Mexican criminal drug gang that is known to be riddled with both Mexican and US intelligence agents to organize a hit against a Saudi ambassador on US soil is an insult to our intelligence

By Michael Hoffman

The Austin Statesman newspaper (Oct. 11 online) reported that Manssor Arbabsiar was arrested on a felony drug charge in 2010 and then all charges were dropped by the local prosecutor. Was this done in exchange for some kind of deal to become a patsy in this goofy “plot”? (The Austin Statesman took the report of the arrest down on Oct. 12 — see the “Correction” at the bottom of the page).

Watching Congress and the government’s mouthpiece media buying this story of a "plot" without question, automatically assuming the Federal prosecutor’s case is 100% infallible, that Iran is certainly guilty as charged, and then calling for sanctions and military action in response to what the media are calling (herehere and here): “Iran’s Act of War” — is testimony to the abysmally low mental state of "our" leaders.

Reuters reports that: "Kenneth Katzman, an Iran specialist at the Congressional Research Service, said there were elements of the alleged plot that did not make sense: 'The idea of using a Texas car salesman [suspect Manssor Arbabsiar] who is not really a Quds Force person himself, who has been in residence in the United States many years, that doesn't add up,' Katzman said. 'There could have been some contact on this with the Quds Force, but the idea that this was some sort of directed, vetted, fully thought-through plot, approved at high levels in Tehran leadership I think defies credulity."

As for Arbabsiar, The New York Times writes this morning that he "seems to have been more a stumbling opportunist than a calculating killer. Over the 30-odd years he lived in Texas, he left a string of failed businesses and angry creditors in his wake, and an embittered ex-wife who sought a protective order against him. He was perennially disheveled, friends and acquaintances said, and hopelessly disorganized...Many of his old friends and associates in Texas seemed stunned at the news, not merely because he was not a zealot, but because he seemed too incompetent to pull it off."

The Christian Science Monitor reports: But Iran specialists who have followed the Islamic Republic for years say that many details in the alleged plot just don't add up. "It's a very strange case, it doesn't really fit Iran's mode of operation," says Alireza Nader, an Iran analyst at the Rand Corp. in Arlington, Va., and coauthor of studies about the Revolutionary Guard.


"This [plot] doesn't seem to serve Iran's interests in any conceivable way," says Nader. "Assassinating the Saudi ambassador would increase international pressure against Iran, could be considered an act of war ... by Saudi Arabia, it could really destabilize the government in Iran; and this is a political system that is interested in its own survival."

Iran has been trying to evade sanctions, strengthen relations with non-Western partners, while continuing with its nuclear program, notes Nader. He says it is "difficult" to believe that either Qassim Soleimani – the canny commander of the Qods Force – or Iran's deliberative supreme religious leader, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, would order such an attack that "would put all of Iran's objectives and strategies at risk."

Muhammad Sahimi, in an analysis for the Tehran Bureau website of the Christian Science Monitor states:"It is essentially impossible to believe that the IRI [Islamic Republic of Iran] would act in such a way as to open a major new front against itself."

That view has been echoed by many Iran watchers, who are raising doubts about the assassination plot allegations. "This plot, if true, departs from all known Iranian policies and procedures," writes Gary Sick, an Iran expert at Columbia University and principal White House aide during the 1979 Iranian revolution and hostage crisis. While Iran may have many reasons to be angry at the US and Saudi Arabia, Mr. Sick notes in a posting on the Gulf2000/Columbia experts list that he moderates, "it is difficult to believe that they would rely on a non-Islamic criminal gang to carry out this most sensitive of all possible missions."

"Are we to believe that this Texas car seller was a Qods sleeper agent for many years resident in the US? Ridiculous," said Katzman, who authored a study of the Revolutionary Guard in the 1990s. "They (the Iranian command system) never ever use such has-beens or loosely connected people for sensitive plots such as this."

"There is simply no precedent — or even reasonable rationale — for Iran working any plot, no matter where located, through a non-Muslim proxy such as Mexican drug gangs. No one high up in the Quds, the I.R.G.C. command, the Supreme National Security Committee, or anywhere else in the Iranian chain of command would possibly trust that such a plot could be kept secret or carried out properly by the Mexican drug people. They absolutely would not trust such a thing to them, given Iran's undoubted assumption that the Mexicans are penetrated by the D.E.A. and F.B.I. and A.T.F., etc — and indeed this plot was revealed by just such a U.S. informant," Mr. Katzman concluded.


Hamid Serri, an Iranian-American scholar at Florida International University who contributes to Mr. Sick's online forum, suggested another alternate explanation for the plot: that it could have been the work of a non-Iranian intelligence agency or even a terrorist organization with an interest in creating "a confrontation that involves the U.S., Iran and Saudi Arabia."

Referring to the fact that the only money that apparently changed hands before the alleged plot was exposed was $100,000 wired from what was said to be an Iranian-controlled bank account to a man posing as a member of the Mexican cartel Los Zetas (who turned out to be an informant for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency), Mr. Serri observed that this would be a "cheap price" for an enemy of Iran to pay for the damning headlines that have appeared since the alleged plot was exposed.


As the Guardian newspaper's diplomatic editor Julian Borger explained, the money could not have been wired directly from Iran, "because such transfers are impossible under U.S. law." So the money must have come from an account in a third country that American officials concluded was under the control of someone in Iran.

Mr. Serri, who is originally from Iran, added that it is perhaps too easy for anyone with an interest in stirring up trouble between the two countries to do so, given the lack of diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Iran.

Once again, this crisis shows the tremendous danger of lack of direct communication between Iran and the U.S. — to the extent that someone with a telephone line in Iran and $100,000 cash in pocket can bring the two countries so close to confrontation. Direct, in-person contact between the national security councils of Iran and the U.S. is a necessity. It's time to grow up.

Another possibility is that such a plot could have been carried out by one of the Iranian exile groups such as the MEK, that have used terror to wage a long, murky struggle to weaken and overthrow Iran's Islamic Republic since it was founded three decades ago.

It's intriguing to know that there are many FBI and DEA agents placed in the Los Zetas drug cartel. How strange that their presence has not radically curtailed drug importations or murders, which are on the increase. The notion that Iranians would use this mechanism to clumsily kill the Saudi ambassador is absurd. It's "Remember the Maine!" and Gulf of Tonkin all over again. Maybe, just maybe, the Israelis have something to do with it? It's got low farce written all over it.

For further research:






Thursday, October 06, 2011

Kaparot and Kol Nidrei: A Dissenting View

Kaparot and Kol Nidrei: A Dissenting View

By Michael Hoffman  

Yom Kippur—the western world will watch in awe as sins are transferred to a chicken.

Say what? 

 It's called kaparot. It doesn't fit the misty, gauzy, Spielbergian image of Orthodox Talmudism. Talmudists shlugging (twirling) a chicken over their heads in the belief that by reciting the Mahzor prayers while doing so, they are transferring their sins to the chicken. In charity, let us pray for those deluded into these anti-Scriptural traditions in the name of the Bible.

Kaparot is the pre-Yom Kippur superstition that the media report cosmetically
usually omitting the twirling and the belief in sin transference to the unfortunate fowl. In 2011 China's news agency, in covering the kaparot rites in Jerusalem, reduced them to nothing more than "the symbolic slaughter of chickens as an act of atonement." The kaparot ritual is a patently anti-Biblical rite.

Kol Nidrei

After the kaparot concludes, the deeply troubling Kol Nidrei ceremony commences, almost always explained to the outside world as a blessed ritual of begging God for forgiveness for oaths that were violated, contracts that were broken, and promises that were not kept in the past year.

The trouble is, that pious claim is disinformation.

Kol Nidrei is actually a ceremony whereby: 1. All the perjury you will commit in the coming year and 2. all contracts you will sign and violate in the coming year, and 3. all the promises you will break in the coming year, are absolved, with no heavenly punishment accruing as a result. 

"And he who desires that none of his vows made during the year shall be valid, let him stand at the outset and declare, 'Any vow which I make in the future is void."

—The Babylonian Talmud, tractate Nedarim 23a

"And one who desires that his vows not be upheld for the entire year should stand at the New Year and say: "Any vow that I take in the future should be void. And this statement is effective, provided that he remembers at the time of the vow that his intent at the beginning of the year was to render it void."

—The Babylonian Talmud, tractate Nedarim 23b

This is the censored, don't-you-dare-mention-it, actual law governing Yom Kippur's Kol Nidrei rite, and it's one reason why Yom Kippur is the best-attended of all annual synagogue ceremonies. Why should  a researcher who provides these facts from the documentary record be subject to character assassination?

Of course the halacha from the Talmud Bavli is an embarrassment, and we can understand why some would feel it necessary to falsify it, but their intent is misplaced. The falsification weaves a tangled web of deceit, obstructs the advancement of knowledge, and leads to futile wrangling and heated disputations about the actual halachic foundation of Kol Nidrei which detract from respectful dialogue and communal good will. If we care deeply about education, then it follows that scholars who disinter evidence which authenticates facts at variance with devout pieties, should be defended when targeted with obloquy and cancellation.

Admittedly all of humanity, whether Judaic or gentile, are prone to behaving unethically. There is no special dishonesty in any ethnicity, though the New York Times has had the chutzpah to single out members of the Shiite Islamic faith as being prone to lying:

“Complicating matters further, some analysts say that Ayatollah Khamenei’s denial of Iranian nuclear ambitions has to be seen as part of a Shiite historical concept called taqiyya, or religious dissembling. For centuries an oppressed minority within Islam, Shiites learned to conceal their sectarian identity to survive, and so there is a precedent for lying to protect the Shiite community.” 

— James Risen, “Seeking Nuclear Insight in Fog of the Ayatollah’s Utterances,” New York Times, April 14, 2012, page A4 (emphasis supplied). This was a news report, not an opinion piece or editorial.

It seems that every autumn, highly inaccurate information portraying the rite as utterly benign, while grossly misrepresenting its content, is propagated with distressing uniformity throughout the corporate media. A prime example of that imposture appeared in the Wall Street Journal on page C5 of the Saturday, September 24, edition, titled, "The Meaning of a Yom Kippur Prayer":

"...Many Jews who do not attend synagogue regularly make sure to be present for the evening prayer service that marks the start of Yom Kippur, when worshipers recite Kol Nidrei, perhaps the most famous passage in Jewish liturgy—and one of the least understood...As the Day of Atonement approached, many Jews were aware that they might have impetuously uttered vows for which God would call them to account. They therefore gathered in the synagogue right before the onset of the holiday to seek the dissolution of these vows, publicly declaring that all vows taken in the past year should be dissolved. 

"...Medieval rabbis were summoned to the courts of kings and accused, in public debate, of communal dishonesty. Jewish sages responded to such charges by explaining, accurately and honestly, that legal dissolution of vows applied only to promises to God and that agreements with human beings could not be dissolved....rabbinic tradition makes clear that repentance before God does not undo misdeeds against another human being..." (emphasis supplied; read more at wsj.com)

Woe to any insufficiently reverent scholar who dares to offer contrary data about Kol Nidrei. The reputational and career consequences can be severe.

The act of telling the truth by citing the relevant halachos from the Gemara concerning Yom Kippur's Kol Nidrei ritual, is almost always hysterically denounced as an act of hatred.

The sleuth who excavates the rabbinic law governing Kol Nidrei becomes a pariah, guilty of a "loathsome anti-semitic canard," or an "anti-semitic calumny." This accusation is hurled in the expectation that researchers will be intimidated into silence, and the public, being unable to know where to find contradictory documentation, will instead accept at face value the word of the American "news" media. 

By standing for the truth in the face of persecution, those who love Judaic people are helping to compassionately liberate them from practices that are harmful to everyone, both in mind and spirit. 

To go along with the disinformation about kaparot and Kol Nidrei is the real "anti-Semitic" act harmful to Judaics. Veritas is always preferred to self-delusion, and knowledge to obfuscation.

Historian Michael Hoffman is the author of Judaism Discovered and nine other books. He is a former reporter for the New York bureau of the Associated Press and the editor of the periodical, Revisionist History®.


Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Judaism's Strange Gods and the Struggle for the Soul of the West

Revised and Expanded
was first published December 1, 2011

 Quality paperback. 381 pages. Illustrated.

Only $19.95 plus shipping

In Pursuit of First Principles
Judaism's Strange Gods and the Struggle for the Soul of the West
by Michael Hoffman  

In the summer of 2008 Judaism Discovered was published in high quality smyth-sewn (stitched) hardcover, a massive, nearly indestructible textbook-sized 1102 pages, profusely illustrated, with numerous photographic reproductions from the Talmud and cognate rabbinic texts (it’s now available in softcover). Despite receiving only one review (a libelous farrago), and being boycotted by people and groups who purport to be Christian activists contra the Talmud, in three years this encyclopedia-like reference work went through three printings and sold nearly 4,000 copies.

Since 2008 I have been approached by numerous persons asking us to reprint my original, slender groundwork study, Judaism's Strange Gods, which was first published in 2000 and was superseded by Judaism Discovered. Their plea was that only a small, elite group of specialists would have the time or inclination to digest a work as large as Judaism Discovered and that I should not neglect a book for general readers, for the masses.

At first I rejected the idea. I bristled at the proposition of a "dumbed down" edition. I felt that with the intensity and prolixity of propaganda for Judaism and rabbis in western society, that 1100 pages was the bare minimum necessary to provide the reader with a sufficiently persuasive and documented antidote, and that one didn't have to be "elite" in order to study and benefit from a textbook. High school and college students do it everyday.

Over time however, it dawned on me that while my proposition was correct, I was wrong to neglect the ordinary person with limited time who would otherwise be left to their own devices if a book refuting and debunking Judaism was not offered for their benefit.

Reprinting Judaism's Strange Gods in its original 2000 form, "as-is," was out of the question. Too much additional material had been unearthed to stick with the first edition. I decided instead to condense Judaism Discovered and issue the "reader's digest"version as Judaism's Strange Gods: Revised and Expanded. 

This is the work that has consumed me these past several weeks - distilling the contents of Judaism Discovered to a manageable paperback that would nonetheless constitute a solid case for the prosecution, and contain some new research that has come my way since 2008.

Voila: Judaism's Strange Gods: Revised and Expanded Edition has been printed, thanks to donors and investors who wanted a pithy guidebook to Judaism that could be read and understood by non-specialists. At 381 pages it represents just slightly more than one-third of the contents of Judaism Discovered. But the gist of the larger book is in the condensed volume, and if I do say so myself, the material in Judaism's Strange Gods is better organized and more cogently presented.

 Judaism's Strange Gods: Revised and Expanded is set in easy-to-read type. A professional graphic designer and artist combined to produce the cover. The contents have been reorganized to be more contiguous. I have included new material. If it were possible to get tens of thousands of copies of this book into the hands of American Christians of good will and an open mind we could undercut and correct the current mad direction our nation has embarked upon (our goal is to distribute 100,000 copies of Judaism's Strange Gods: Revised and Expanded over the next ten years).

Americans are living a lie, or rather a series of lies, among them that the 9/11 terror attacks were committed by a handful of Arabs; that we can spend trillions of dollars on foreign wars and 700 military bases around the world and still maintain quality of life for our own people; and that we can sell Communist China the rope to hang us with and we'll still have a viable economy.

What does all this have to do with Talmudism?

Traditional western education was always based on inculcating first principles, not symptoms.  I have never been interested in attacking symptoms because it is a path to defeat, and like most Americans I detest defeat. Let us have the victory by proceeding from a first principle: our woes all have the same root: the defiance and overthrow of God's law.

First principles: I knew the “gay" lobby would not be stopped because most of the campaigners in favor of family values believe that artificial birth control is permissible. Contraception is the root of sodomy. That's crazy, you say? Then you don't know your Christian history. As Charles D. Provan demonstrated in his book The Bible and Birth Control, not just the pope, but all the reformers, including Luther and Calvin, regarded birth control as sodomy. Why? The answer is found in first principles. Sodomy and contraception share the same toxic root: the destruction of the seed of the male. Once you have one, the other will inevitably follow.

But before we look smugly down upon homosexuals, let us recall that Dante, perhaps the most eminent visionary of the high Christian Middle Ages, in his Inferno, equated usury with sodomy and this was the view of Christendom generally. Like artificial contraception, usury is sterile, breeding money from money. It is as sterile as “gay” sex. This truth will be missed by most post-modern minds, but it is the ancient Catholic view taught everywhere and always until the Renaissance. Consequently, if you derive your income from the renting of money, then according to the early and medieval Catholic Church, you have no bragging rights over a sexually active “gay” person. We need to abandon our bourgeoise hypocrisy, humble ourselves, and take a radical look at our money-loving society. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

First principles: We knew America's economy would fall from 2008-2010 because even the majority of campaigners for "honest money" (as opposed to fractional reserve banking), such as Rep. Ron Paul, believe that usury (interest on money above the rate of inflation) is permissible. The root of the Federal Reserve Bank and all financial fraud is in the love of money as expressed by usury, which was condemned as a mortal sin ( a sin leading to eternal damnation for the impenitent practitioner) by the Bible, the early church and all the saints, for fifteen hundred years, until the Fugger banking dynasty found a Roman Catholic theologian to commence the process of nullification of God's law

America has a usury-based economy that violates the Bible and the foundation of western Christian civilization. This is the first principle which is our compass that indicates that the fall of our economy is inevitable. God hates the bondage of perpetual indebtedness! One of the first things the Pharisees did when they got control over Israel was to nullify the seven year release from debt that God has instituted (see p. 370 of Judaism's Strange Gods). Ron Paul, Paul Ryan, the libertarians, the Austrian School, Ayn Rand are all followers of the ancient Pharisees, whether they know it or not, because they all consent to the nullification of God's laws on usury and indebtedness.

First principles teach me that we will never restore America's Christian roots, its Constitution or its Republic as long as Talmudism can masquerade on the Right as a family values partner with patriots against the forces of evil. Talmudism is a religion founded upon the defiance and nullification of God's law. If you truly are a scholar of Orthodox Judaism then you know that the rabbis consider themselves superior to God; they instruct God; He admits they are right and He is wrong; and they make the law, not God. God is only a prop in Orthodox rabbinic theology. Judaism's gods are the strange ones that Yahweh commanded us not to have in Exodus 20:2-3. If the Republican Right wing continues to ally with Talmudism, then sodomy and the money power will rule over us, until America is little more than an effeminate colony of Red China and counterfeit-Israel.

Whom God would destroy He first makes mad. In I Samuel 23:7 the insane King Saul, after committing all kinds of crimes against God, still thinks he has God on his side! The Republican Right, the Tea Party and the “conservative" Protestant and Catholic churches are all like King Saul. They think they can make common cause with rabbinic Pharisees, Kabbalists and Christ-haters and still be accounted followers of Christ and receive a blessing on themselves and our nation!

How can we sit by and allow this madness to continue? Where is a truth weapon we can wield to cut through the delusions? Judaism's Strange Gods, being easy-to-read, fully indexed, equipped with a glossary of terms and packing the same basic irrefutable documentary facts as my bigger book, can and will make a huge difference in correcting this madness if people who understand what is at stake will overcome their inertia and ennui and get behind it.

One aspect of our writing which differs from that of others and which renders it lethal for the proponents of Talmudic Judaism, is the fact that we will not write an anti-Judaic book, and we refuse to allow our books to be misperceived as such, as far as we can help it.

The missionary societies of England in the 19th century had tremendous success converting thousands of elite Judaics to Christianity. This wondrous act of charity, mercy and true evangelism bore significant good fruit: first, by retarding the Talmudizing of the Church for about a hundred years.

The other impact of the missionary zeal of the 19th century Christians was the Judaic reaction - the rabbis were to forced to create a watered-down version of Judaism in response ("Reform Judaism"), that  was advertised as eschewing the Talmud and repudiating the Kol Nidrei festival of Yom Kippur. The rabbis had to concoct Reform Judaism in order to present a philanthropic, liberal front.

Growing up in New York, our boyhood Judaic friends were all from agnostic homes or were involved in Reform Judaism. Back then, modern Judaics did not want to be viewed as rabbinic and Talmudic. Mr. Levine even had a Christmas tree. Judaic writers like Rod Serling of "Twilight Zone" fame had genuine respect for Christianity. That would change as Holocaustianity infiltrated Christianity, the modern popes and Protestant TV preachers insinuated that Judaics were saved by their race, and Zionism became the de facto religion of Reform Judaism from 1967 onward. But it mainly changed because the Church lost its savor and indeed its first principle of being —  to convert the "Jews" (Matthew 15:24).

I pray for the conversion of one brilliant and articulate Orthodox rabbi, completely fluent in Aramaic, Hebrew and Yiddish, learned in the Mishnah, Gemara, Rashi's Chumash, Rambam's Mishneh Torah, Karo's Shulchan Aruch, the Y.D. and O.C., Zohar, etc., and who would be willing to give speeches and write books exposing Judaism from the inside

I would do all I could for such a Christian convert. If this hypothetical ex-rabbi wasn't shot or intimidated into silence, he could turn the American Right wing upside down and help return millions of Christians to the bedrock first principles of Scripture.

Judaism's Strange Gods is written to appeal to just such a potential convert and less eminent persons whose souls matter just as much to God. "You're a dreamer, Hoffman, no oberjuden is going to step forth and cry mea maxima culpa because of you or your books."

No doubt that's true. On my own merits my scholarship is nothing. But a rabbi might heed Christ's call by means of God using my book to shower a Judaic with His grace. On that basis I am duty bound to write the best book I possibly can and to be certain that nothing in it contains anything hateful or prejudicial that would blind a Judaic to truths and facts that could lead to his or her conversion.

The first part of Judaism's Strange Gods: Revised and Expanded establishes its credentials as a Christian book of love. Only after having provided that fairly substantial groundwork do I venture into the main corpus of the exposé itself.

In respect to the latter, there is new material here, including on reincarnation, which I have crafted as an outreach to the fairly substantial body of Christians who are convinced that the Kabbalah is black evil but who have been persuaded that mainstream Orthodox Judaism is antithetical to Kabbalah. To prove Orthodox Judaism's pagan doctrine I had to approach one of its occult dogmas using non-Kabbalistic sources. Judaism's belief in reincarnation ("gilgul") served this objective perfectly.

We used the derush and sod-levels of their own Pardes exegesis to unlock a famous Biblical story which mainstream Orthodox Judaism elucidates specifically in terms of reincarnation, and I did this without using a Kabbalistic text. As a result, Orthodox Judaism stands convicted of inculcating the most basic dogma of the universal pagan psychodrama: belief in reincarnation.

Many people claim to have a knowledge of Judaism. I wonder. One of the most bitter critics of my book Judaism Discovered claims that there is no reincarnation dogma in Judaism. Others who are allegedly knowledgeable about Judaism scratch their heads in wonder over why Israeli leaders won't cut a just peace deal with the Palestinians. The reason is — and I have never heard this articulated —  the Talmud, as understood by the Zionist Orthodox rabbis, won't let them.

More specifically, "religious Zionist" rabbis among the Israeli "settlers” —  the ones who enjoy the most support from conservative American "Christians” — will order the equivalent of a fatwa on Binyamin Netanyahu or any Israeli who would exchange land for peace.  All it would take is for a posek or "council of Torah sages" (gedolim) to rule that Netanyahu is a din rodef. After that he’s a dead man; the last Israeli Prime Minister who tried to actually make peace with Palestinians, Yitzhak Rabin, was gunned down by a Talmudist.

Even the Zionist Wall Street Journal (Oct. 4, 2011, p. A12) notes that, "In recent years, several Orthodox Jewish religious figures who receive government support have published increasingly incendiary writings...radical rabbis...preach that the Israeli government and army don't have the authority to make concessions to Palestinians."

These "incendiary writings" are books such as Torat Hamelech, authored by two Israeli rabbis and published in 2009 by a prestigious religious school. This book decrees that non-Judaic infants should be killed by the Israeli army as well as even "righteous gentiles.”  

These decrees are not new. Books of this tenor were issued after Baruch Goldstein slaughtered 40 Palestinians in 1994. 

In 2003 a distinguished rabbi of the famed Lakewood Yeshiva of New Jersey published Jewish Superiority and the Question of Exile.  

The rabbis of the Israeli political party Shas regularly call for the extermination of the Palestinians. 

These bigoted, homicidal, anti-goyimitic teachings have always been at the core of Talmudism, as far back as the time of the first century A.D. Rabbi Shimon ben Yohai.  Why are we learning more about them now? Because they have always been wielded timed for assertion or suppression. 

Judaism's Strange Gods: Revised and Expanded in its handy and accessible 381 pages is meant to function as a compass for millions of people who are at present mystified and to a certain extent, bamboozled by the huge propaganda apparatus that at most times conceals Judaism's true face.

I wish I could say I also have the time to promote from the housetops and cajolebook wholesalers to distribute Judaism's Strange Gods: Revised and Expanded and to rally the 'troops' to get behind it, the conservative Republican boycotters to cease their boycott and review it, and so forth. But I cannot. I'm one man and this is a lone ranger who is primarily a writer and researcher, not an impresario.

Profit is not our primary motive in publishing this book, though we'd love to be able to have sufficient funding to continue in business, purchase advertisements for the book, host a national revisionist conference, hire a few helpers and acquire an office building. But at present our goal is to get as many copies of Judaism's Strange Gods: Revised and Expanded into the hands of as many thousands of new people as possible, and, if you're concerned about this issue, then you will help us in our mission.

By the grace of God I can honestly say I have sweated and toiled over this book in order to make it the best possible mass market paperback answer to Talmudism's claims, in English. Whether it has its intended effect will depend on the publicity and sales it receives. May God guide you as you prayerfully consider what your role will be in achieving this goal.

In the U.S. the book can be ordered with a check or money for $19.95 plus $3.50 shipping (see address below). Idaho residents add 6% tax.

Best wishes in this Great Battle,
Michael Hoffman
Independent History and Research
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