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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Wall Street Journal’s racist reaction to the kidnapping of Israeli youths

By Michael Hoffman

The Talmudic mentality suffuses the Wall Street Journal where there is one standard for The Holy People and another for Palestinians. Columnist Bret Stephens (July 1, p. A11) decrees that the Palestinian people are part of "a culture that celebrates murder" and "is not fit for statehood."

Can anyone imagine the Wall Street Journal declaring this about the Israelis, who celebrate most types of violence against Palestinians, and Arabs in Lebanon? Any negative stereotype about Israelis is instantly denounced with a litany of antisemitism tropes, but negative stereotypes of the Palestinian people proliferate in the American media with little outcry.

Thousands of Palestinians have been abducted by the Israeli army and imprisoned without trial for years. More than five hundred Palestinians have been arrested and detained without trial since the kidnapping of the Israeli youths. The status of Palestinians is so far below that of a human being that their mass abduction under color of law does not register among Israelis or the American media.

Eleven Palestinians including three Palestinian boys have been gunned down by Israelis since the three Judaic teens went missing. Two homes of the parents of alleged suspects have been demolished. The shooting of the eleven Palestinians in the past several days registers as not even a blip on the screen of moral indignation. The Talmud says they (and all gentiles) are less than human and voila, it is so.

Hundreds of Palestinian children have been murdered by the Israeli army in the 21st century. This fact is not mentioned as part of the "context" which the Israelis always demand for themselves and which reporters covering the kidnapping and death of the three Israeli youths do not bother to summon. Those hundreds of Palestinian children are less than human and therefore their deaths are down the memory hole.

Two "settler" rabbis have written a popular Israeli book, Torat Hamelech, which has been endorsed by leading rabbis. It advocates the murder of Palestinian children. If two Hamas clerics had written such a despicable book about Israeli children we would never hear the end of it. As the supposed moral supremacy of the Israelis is being contrasted to ill effect with the Palestinians who are rendered unfit to possess their own land, the Torat Hamelech volume by the rabbis is not mentioned. Perfidy of Palestinians is a brand, while the bloodthirsty reality of Talmudic-Israel is invisible.

We hear much about the "cycle of violence" in the Middle East, but the way the American media present it, violence begins with an act by Palestinians, against which the aggrieved Israelis only react defensively. The fact of the ongoing brutal occupation of Palestinian lands, the routine killings by the Israeli military, the theft of ever more land from Palestine —  these major causes of Arab rage and armed resistance to Israeli rule  —  are not allowed into the Mideast equation. Instead, we have Bret Stephens' stomach-churning generalization about Palestinian mothers, caricatured as irrational, contemptible, hate-filled women condoning atrocities against the high and noble civilization of the Talmud. “What kind of society produces such mothers?” he asks.

The co-author of Torat Hamelech, Rabbi Elitzur, wrote an article in a religious bulletin a month after the book's release saying that "the Jews will win with violence against the Arabs."

What kind of society produces such rabbis?

Rabbi Elitzur's viewpoint is not an aberration. He is fully representative of the Talmudic mentality which, according to the Wall Street fish wrapper, deserves to own Palestine lock, stock and barrel.


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Grg London said...

Bret Stephens is a so-called Jew and a card carrying member of the Zionist mafia, hence his prominent place within the hierarchy of Jewish media scribblers as resident Israel-first commissar for the Wall Street Journal, a position for which he is apparently eminently suited, having previously established his bona fides as a professional liar during a two year stint as hasbara editor-in-chief at the Jerusalem Post in the early 2000's. I was dismayed to run across this disgraceful op-ed piece your refer to in your criticism of the recent spate of the predictable boo-hoo news stories about the kidnapping of three holy chosen pimples from their divinely appointed abode in the occupied West Bank, after having chanced to catch a televised interview with Herr Stephens on the "Shalom" English-language Israeli news channel that is broadcast 24/7 on cable toilet-vision, channel 138. Video available for viewing here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VatwDCE1Oo
I was randomly flipping the channels a few days ago, and suddenly there he was, the WSJ big shot himself, a purported paragon of prestige and journalistic integrity, donning what looked like a brown satin yarmulke, and with the full breadth of the very same racist, megalomaniacal Talmudic mentality that finds expression in the odious emissions of the lunatic settler Rabbis, candidly and shamelessly on full display before a packed synagogue of bloodthirsty Zio-fanatics. Among the many precious nuggets of timeless wisdom shared by this illustrious paladin of Judeo-Western high moral rectitude, a few main ideas emerged, the gist of which are as follows:

1) Jews are a special people set apart from all the nations of the world and endowed with superior ability and intelligence, and that this fact inevitably leads to "anti-Semitism" by inducing envy in the masses of the inferior churls among whom Jews live and prosper in the teeth of every disadvantage and of the unceasing "irrational" hatred always and everywhere stacked against them.

2) Muslims are content to reside in "backwards, corrupt, third world kleptocracies, where the toilets do not properly flush", and terror substitutes for statecraft, yet Israel is an oasis of Western kumbaya liberalism in a desert of medieval LGBT stoning savages. Until Hamas is officially disavowed and homosexuality is actively endorsed by all institutions of higher learning under the control of the Palestinian authority, Palestinians do not deserve to be made free of Israeli occupation.

3) If Iran does not desist from its pursuit of nuclear technology, then in must, for the sake of Israel's security, be made to do so forcibly. In other words, bomb Iran, bomb bomb Iran.

Grg London said...


4) Jews will always and everywhere be viciously hated for their inherent superiority and for serving, through their perpetual victimhood, as a stark and unsettling reminder that "humanity has yet to be redeemed".

5)Jews must therefore make a concerted effort to "stick together", to forego sympathy for the suffering of other ethnic groups (especially the Palestinians), and to firmly support the interests of Jews and of Israel, no matter the costs.

And there you have but a small sampling of the nausea inducing Judeofascist boilerplate emanating directly from the unhallowed corridors of hijacked America's seared journalistic conscience. Hardly surprising, when one correctly discerns the stamp of the Talmudic philosophy at the heart of the two bit hypocrisy and blatant double standard that never fails to rear its head whenever "all the news that's fit to print" fails to favorably comport with "all the news that's good for the Jews". And notwithstanding the insipid moralizing and prosy 4
platitudes which, with characteristically solemn indignation, issue from the usual cast of characters wherever even the faintest hint of the agency of non-Jewish, non-minority ethnic bias has been detected, it is clear that Stephens et al, having taken a brazen page from what Mr. Hoffman has in more than one place poignantly described as that "palimpsest of deceit", the Babylonian Talmud, is perfectly content to preach one standard for me and mine, and quite another for thee and thine. To this I cannot but echo the words of the greatest authority on Judaic moral philosophy ever to walk the earth, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, in exclaiming, ye hypocrites!