Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Monday, July 28, 2014

Slaughter Gaza and it’s minimized. Attack Israelis and it's magnified

By Michael Hoffman

Slaughter Gaza and it’s minimized. 
Attack Israelis and it's magnified.
 This is a Talmudic mentality.

July 29: A Palestinian firefighter tried to put out a fire at Gaza's main civilian power plant, which was bombed by the Israelis overnight, as part of Binyamin Netanyahu's “Operation Protective Edge.”

The destruction of the power plant threatened to create a humanitarian crisis. The facility powers Palestinian water and sewage systems as well as hospitals, and it had been Gaza’s main source of electricity. Rafiq Maliha, director of Gaza’s power plant, said it would likely take “months or a year” to repair it. 

In Gaza City, the streets were nearly empty Tuesday, July 29. Most shops were shuttered as civilians hunkered down after what residents described as a night of terror, with flares fired by Israeli forces constantly lighting up the sky, and explosions resounding across the area. In the Al Bureij refugee camp in central Gaza, an airstrike from an F-16 killed the mayor, Anis Abu Shamala, and four others in his home, some of whom had taken refuge there from intense artillery shelling nearby, witnesses said. In Khan Younis, 17 members of the Najjar family, which lost 21 people in a previous Israeli terror bombing, were killed in the latest one. These people are not Judaic. The Talmudic mentality, which has captured the soul of the West, will not mourn them. 

Palestinian civilians can be butchered like sheep or cattle, a thousand or two thousand Palestinians —  or as many as the Israelis choose to slaughter —  and the Congress of the United States will continue to applaud and send taxpayer money to kill more. 

This bald moral deparavity is summed up in the oft-heard phrase in the American media, “Israel’s right to self-defense.” The idea that the Palestinians have the same right has never occurred to them.  Palestinians are mere goyim. They are not the Talmudically certified Holy People who suffered the Holocaust of the 64 Million. 

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