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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Human Rights Watch Issues Interim Report on Israeli War Crimes in Gaza

By Michael Hoffman

July 16, 2014 -- A Human Rights Watch report released today cites United Nations data showing that, as of July 14, more than three-quarters of the Palestinians killed by Israeli bombs and tank shells in Gaza have been civilians. The Israelis have killed at least 36 children. Approximately 7,500 Palestinians have been displaced. The Israelis have bombed 1,255 homes in Gaza, destroying most of them.

The Human Rights Watch report investigated four Israeli terror bombings – on the Fun Time Beach Cafe in the southern city of Khan Younis; on a car carrying municipal workers in the Bureij refugee camp; and on two homes where victims included a pregnant woman and small children.

“Israel’s rhetoric is all about precision attacks, but attacks with no military target and many civilian deaths can hardly be considered precise,” Sarah Leah Whitson, the Middle East director of Human Rights Watch, said in the report.

“Recent documented cases in Gaza sadly fit Israel’s long record of unlawful airstrikes with high civilian casualties.”

The report also criticized Israel’s tactic of warning residents to evacuate, saying it “does not make an otherwise unlawful attack lawful” (end quote).

Of course, no Judaic population on earth could be treated in the manner in which the people of Gaza have suffered, without immediate military intervention by the USA, a constant outcry from the western media with daily updates and graphic photos and video of the carnage, and crippling sanctions against the government that perpetrated the bombings.

Why isn't this happening in the case of "Israel"? Because the West is ruled by a Talmudic standard. According to Talmudic Judaism "Jews" have a higher soul, the Neshama HaElyonah. This is a type of soul that goyim, including Palestinians, do not have.

The front page headline in this morning's Wall Street Journal amply reveals this less than fully human status:

"Palestinians Told to Clear Out."

The sub-heading reads:

"Israel Warns Thousands to Leave Northern Gaza as Army Readies Broader Offensive."

This is a population transfer for which Stalin and Hitler have been condemned in no uncertain terms. Now it is a source of pride that the "humane" Israeli military is warning up to 100,000 Palestinian civilians to flee for their lives so the Israelis can flatten their homes to rubble without being accused of war crimes.

Imagine the uproar if the Wall Street Journal headline read, "Jews Told to Clear Out."

The reaction would be in terms of Pogrom! Holocaust!! Bigotry!!! Nazism!!!!

Academics would haunt guilt-ridden goyim with the specter of “a repetition of the antisemitic expulsions which Jew-haters have committed throughout European history."

But to order the Palestinian population out is a Talmudically kosher move undeserving of alarm. The West shrugs its shoulders, mutters a few token criticisms, grumbles about Israeli "intransigence" and otherwise is okay with it. Business as usual.

Human Rights Watch asks us to recall, "...Israel’s long record of unlawful airstrikes with high civilian casualties.” But since there are no museums and not many books or films commemorating those “airstrikes,” few outside the Muslim and Arab world  remember or care about it. Just as one Judaic soul is worth more than a non-Judaic soul, one holocaust is worth more than another. The “Holocaust” motto, “Never Again!” clearly does not apply to Arabs, who the Israelis holocaust time and again to applause from news executives and elite opinion-makers in Britain and the U.S., including its Arab-hating Congress.

Beginning with the carpet-bombing of Beirut in the summer of 1982, the Israelis have killed tens of thousands of Arab civilians in Lebanon and Palestine without sanctions or consequences of any kind. After the Israeli massacre in Jenin, when a U.N. investigation seemed imminent, Israeli leader Shimon Peres blocked it, declaring, “No one judges Israel!”

As long as the Judaic-supremacist spirit of the Talmud rules the West, the terror bombing and the massacres by counterfeit "Israel" will continue unpunished and unrestricted.

If you’re a Palestinian man, woman or child your life isn’t worth a plug nickel.


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Maurice Pinay said...

That the most surveiled and guarded concentration camp in the world, Gaza, manages to procure 'weapons' which are just 'dangerous' enough to be misrepresented as a threat to the world via the media, but barely able to cause any real harm to the Israelis is noteworthy.

In fact, the Judaic squatters at the 'settlements' nearest to Gaza are well known to pass their time sitting outside on lawn chairs and couches watching the 'conflict' as entertainment which puts paid to the lie that these rockets are 'deadly' 'terror' weapons. Israelis are terrorized more by their own government's scare propaganda than anything organically materializing among Palestinians.

It's been reported that Hamas somehow took control of an Israeli television station and broadcast terrorizing messages and images of explosions, etc. Really?

I think all of this needs to be viewed in the context of Judaic culture being the most pernicious and expansive protection racket in history. It needs manageable threats to sustain itself. Hamas and its inconsequential rockets fit that bill perfectly.

It's a fact that Hamas, and most other Palestinian resistance groups were at some time aided, if not founded by the Israelis. This goes a long way towards explaining how the fruits of Palestinian 'resistance' are always reaped by the Israelis.


GodSend said...

Zionist Israel has been engaged in a slow-motion ethnic cleansing of the Gaza Gulag for many years, while the entire world looks on and occasionally some organizations utter meaningless warnings and express outrage - but nothing remotely effective is EVER done to stop the atrocities by the Israeli sub-humans. Why???