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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Sunday, July 13, 2014

“The Jews eliminated an entire family"

...Palestinians expressed anger over the previous day’s Israeli strikes on a center for people with disabilities and on a home in an attack that killed 17 members of one extended family....the funeral on Sunday (July 13) for the 17 relatives who died in a bombing late Saturday (July 12) when Israel tried to kill Gen. Tayseer al-Batsh, the Hamas police chief. General Batsh, who was seriously wounded, was visiting his aunt’s house, which was reduced to rubble, neighbors said, by bombs that sent body parts at least 100 yards.

...Local officials and relatives searched Sunday for more bodies before burying the family, including seven children, and a neighbor, in 18 graves dug in the same compound. Mahmoud al-Batsh, 48, a relative, said it was too dangerous now to bury them in the cemetery, which is near the border with Israel in northeast Gaza. “The Jews don’t differentiate between the police commander and ordinary citizens,” he said.

...The attack left scores wounded by shattered glass and explosive compression. There was no warning, residents said; Israeli officials have said they do not warn prime targets whom they are trying to kill.

Munzer al-Batsh, the police commander’s brother and a gardener, said at the scene: “The Jews eliminated an entire family — grandfather, father, mother, even the children, who were sleeping in the homes. They were civilians.”

He said he had heard the bombs but could not see through the smoke and dust. When the air cleared, he said, “there was a three-story house wiped out. I couldn’t remember at first that there was a house there,” he added.

The (Israeli terror bombing) campaign’s death toll among Palestinians was 158, more than half of them noncombatants, and more than 1,100 people have been hurt, the Health Ministry said.

By Steven Erlanger And Isabel Kershner • NY Times • July 13, 2014

[In its Monday, July 14 edition (it does not publish on Sunday), The Wall Street Journal devoted a single paragraph to the massacre of this Palestinian family. The skimpy paragraph was buried inside an article on another topic. No photos of the massacre victims, of course. This is a clear indication of the Talmudic standard of American “journalism." A Palestinian massacre of 17 members of an Israeli family would be front page news accompanied by graphic photos of the victims. The Talmud rules that Palestinians are sub-human and American-Zionist media like The Wall Street Journal treat them as such].


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