Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Monday, December 10, 2012

Hoffman Talks About Usury

Our new book, Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin That Was and Now is Not, has been published and is in print. If you purchased a copy in advance of publication, your book is either in transit or may have already arrived. If your copy has not yet arrived, please be patient. Books to US residents ship by US Postal Service "Media Mail," which can be slow at this time of the year. Shipments to Canada and overseas are sent by air mail but are subject to the vicissitudes of a foreign nation's particular customs office. While supplies last (there is no guarantee of a second printing), Usury in Christendom may be purchased from our online store here, or from Amazon.com here. We are also offering a new DVD:

The author of the book Usury in Christendom gives a passionate talk in a private home on interest on debt in light of Biblical doctrine and western history. Production values are not high on this DVD, but the content is! 34 minutes. $16.95 plus shipping. The DVD may be purchased online here.

It is too early to offer an assessment of how Usury in Christendom is being received. Preliminary reactions have ranged from hostility (including, from former friends and supporters, promises of economic retribution and revenge against the author), to appreciation. We have yet to receive enough feedback, however, to offer an accurate and representative spectrum of reaction. It would be a mistake to draw any conclusions at this stage.

We have not managed to raise the funds for an advertising budget for the book, but we did set aside a batch of review copies which are being mailed to a broad swath of newspaper, magazine and newsletter editors, economics professors, theologians, philosophers and anti-debt activists, in the hope that one or more of them will rescue Usury in Christendom from obscurity and publicize or review it; otherwise, until our circumstances change, we are wholly dependent on word-of-mouth and the publicity we ourselves generate in our Hoffman Wire column, at our website (www.revisionisthistory.org), on Twitter (@HoffmanMichaelA), in our blog (http://revisionistreview.blogspot.com) and to our mailing list, via the Post Office.

The book was written Soli Deo Gloria. In our straitened circumstances, my attitude toward its promotion is the same attitude I have taken toward the basic needs of my children when I was pressed for resources. I went to God in the knowledge that ultimately they were His children; asking, on that basis, would He please provide for them. He never failed to do so. It is my opinion (I grant that I may be deluded in this respect) that God wanted Usury in Christendom written, and while any mistakes in its pages are my responsibility alone, it is His book, and He will move those He needs to move to assist in its dissemination, according to His will.

The Money Power in the Middle East

Everywhere I turn I see the Money Power obstructing revival and restoration. We learned last week that Obama and Romney each spent the staggering sum of approximately one billion dollars in seeking the presidency. We find that even the heavens are being merchandized: a private corporation is endeavoring to offer flights to the moon, including a walk on its surface, for $750 million per passenger.

Our fellow Americans are slaving under an immense debt burden, both personal and national. The Republicans who are eager to cut the social safety net out from under the poor, sick and elderly, don't emphasize that a considerable portion of the Federal deficit is due to America's role as world policemen, with the military-industrial complex reaping the profits. One of our friends is a low-ranking, frontline grunt in the U.S. military. Men such as this man -- the proverbial cannon fodder -- are most certainly not enriching themselves from America's endless foreign wars, which are so lucrative to the upper echelon of the Cryptocracy, which has turned a blind eye toward the operations of the Nusra Front ("Jabhat al-Nusra”) of  Syrian rebels  — an arm of Al Qaeda in Iraq -- which has killed American troops. If this Nusra Front organization had been linked to Iran we would be hunting it with drones and sanctioning their sponsors. But Al Qaeda's Nusra Front in Syria is part of the ordained overthrow of the Assad government, as protected, funded and armed by the fabulously wealthy kingdoms of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. In the wake of this outrage, there are few if any saber-rattling howls of indignation from the Right wing members of Congress who are based in the Deep South.

The killers of American troops are seizing power in Syria, and this suits the Israeli network that seeks perpetual war by building up enemies which they then shape and secretly control at the highest levels (it was the Israelis who helped to found Hamas).

Only after these enemies are in power, Senators like Lindsay Graham and John McCain will call for a multi-billion dollar military crusade to dislodge them -- only after elements of Al Qaeda are part of the new ruling coalition in Syria. A similar scenario unfolded in Libya with the "Allies" helping to put Al Qaeda type elements in power and now screeching about the assault on our embassy and the death of our ambassador.

From whence comes this cowardice, treason and duplicity, and the apathy of our people in the face of it? There are many symptoms, yet only one root: the love of money, and the power that comes to those who control oil, the greatest material prize of our age, or the Money Power's core power plant: compound interest on debt.



Jason said...

People never cease to amaze me. Not agreeing with a book's position is one thing, but seeking retribution about a publication that doesn't affect them personally (i.e. salacious gossip) sounds pretty low. Too much "Real Housewives"? Maybe they should instead seek solace in the Gospels, where Christ seeks revenge against no one, and take inspiration from that.

Mr. Mcgranor said...

As far as i know Christ did not say to not bury your money; the rich man did.

I ask you all and Christ right now. Is The Lord a populist, skeptical of banks; or a banker?

Sulpiz said...

The answer to the question why the charging of interest is a prerequisite for any thriving economy can be found in Thomas Sowell's classic introduction Basic Economics, now available in its fourth edition. The fallacious concept of 'usury' must be counted among the reasons why the European nations and their respective economies developed only hesitantly for centuries after the demise of the Roman Empire.

Jason said...

^ Ha! Indeed - they gained the world and lost their soul!