Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bishop Williamson expelled from the SSPX

Catholic Bishop Williamson has been expelled from the SSPX 
By Michael Hoffman

The announcement has come that Roman Catholic Bishop Richard N. Williamson of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX)  has been expelled from this priestly fraternity by his fellow Bishop, Bernard Fellay.

Bishop Williamson has publicly stated that he does not believe anyone was gassed to death in the alleged "gas chambers" of Auschwitz-Birkenau. The Vatican suspended all of his episcopal functions until such time as he would recant his doubts. In spite of enormous ecclesiastical pressure, worldwide media calumny, loss of his post as rector of the SSPX seminary in Argentina, and expulsion from Argentina, the bishop refused to recant. He was subsequently exiled to London, at the SSPX headquarters there. 

The purge of Williamson follows the recent expulsion of two other priests from the SSPX, Fr. Francois Chazal and Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer. Fr. Chazal has reported the degree to which the SSPX in Germany has tyrannized any opinion that dares to question politically correct dogmas, and that this Establishment-conforming spirit has spread to other SSPX districts and regions.

Bishop Williamson has impressed revisionist activists worldwide with his courage. He is probably the highest placed Christian churchman ever to maintain a sustained challenge to the homicidal gas chamber allegations.

When he was rector of St Thomas Aquinas Seminary in Winona, Minnesota, Williamson hosted a talk by Ernst Zundel's defense attorney, Doug Christie. Bishop Williamson encouraged his seminarians to read this writer's The Great Holocaust Trial, copies of which were amply provisioned in the seminary library.

All it takes for a man to be dehumanized in this day and age is to be stigmatized as a "holocaust denier" and an "anti-semite," and his career as a human being is over and his life as a monster begins. This process has infected even the SSPX fraternity founded by the staunchly anti-masonic, anti-Talmudic Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, who served as Pope Pius XII's legate to all of French Africa in the 1950s.

Denial of Allied holocausts in Dresden and Nagasaki, and Israeli holocausts in Jenin, Beirut and Gaza are of course fully approved. Anti-goyimite hatred, as enshrined in the religion of Judaism's canonical texts, is also fine and dandy.

Catholics traditionally have honored those who bear a stigmata and we have little doubt that the stigma upon Bishop Williamson will one day win him a crown in heaven and a place of honor here on earth, when better days come 'round again for the Church.

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For Further Research:

The announcement of the expulsion is here:

Information on Williamson's continuing prosecution by the government of Germany for casting heretical doubt on the relics of the religion of Holocaustianity, is here:


LaSalette said...

Frs. Pfeiffer and Chazal will be in North Idaho from THU, 10/25 thru TUE 10/30.

Be there!!!!

Michael Hoffman said...

Here is the meeting schedule for Frs. Pfeiffer and Chazal's visit to Post Falls, Idaho. All meetings will be held at the American Legion Hall at 1138 E. Poleline, Post Fall.

A Tridentine Mass will be celebrated each day, and on Sunday, followed by discussions. Schedule is as follows:

Thursday, Oct. 25 7PM - 9:30PM

Friday, Oct. 26 7PM - 9:30PM

Saturday, Oct. 27 8AM - 11AM

Sunday, Oct. 28 8AM - 11AM

If you are coming to some or all of the events, feel free to invite other relatives and friends. Fr. Pfeiffer feels that anyone who attends is free to agree or disagree with the stand which he and Fr. Chazal have taken. Don't let that hold anyone back. Now that Bp. Williamson has been formally expelled from the Society of St. Pius X, it makes the crisis even more urgent.

anastasia said...

All these heinous,uncharitable, narcissistic, immature, and tyrannical actions are being taken vs. Bishop Williamson under the guise of legitimate names like "disobedience", "prudence", disrespect", "uncharitableness"

And these words are simply a present-day "Catholic's" way of saying that the person disagreeing and protesting not obscurely enough is a a "right ring extremist", "Nazi" and/or "terrorist".

Paul said...

On one hand, the traditionalists opine that the church has become morally lax, and on the other hand assert that it's becoming infected with a talmudic spirit. If the latter were so, we'd see more legalism in the church, not less. That, however, is not the case. Indeed, the church has made an effort to abandon the excessive, neurotic jesuitical sophistry (which was nothing more than the catholic variant of talmudic exception) that characterized it for a period of time. One only needs to peruse a moral theology manual from the "glory days" of the church to find multiple chapters devoted to what did or did not constitute corruption (and to what degree). An obsession with ritual and rules combined with an insular, "chosen" sense of community based on their observance are judaic, not catholic, hallmarks. The desire to look for a french prelate (or his acolyte) to "deliver" the church is a judaic impulse that substitutes a temporal figure on the world scene for the messiah that was already revealed, Our Lord Jesus Christ. And which is His true church? The SSPX? The SSPX of the strict observance? The SSPX of the super-strict observance? The CMRI? The SSPV? Or maybe, just maybe -- quelle horreur -- the one in Rome . . . 

Michael Hoffman said...

Dear Paul

The spirit of the Talmud for gentiles entails our acquiescence to the racial conceit and pride of the religion of Judaism, which teaches that Judaic persons are saved by virtue of their race (unless they become apikorsum [heretics] like they say Jesus Christ was; in that case, those Judaic persons are said to be boiling in excrement in hell).

astro3 said...

The good Bishop was expelled for refusing to cease his 'Eleison' email-circular comments. He had a ring of a couple of thousand friends or supporters who wanted to receive these. So it was a private circular statement. He had totally shut up as regards any public comments over these last 3 years, as instructed. He was not allowed to give sermons.
His refusal to absolutely silence himself, by not even putting out this e-mail circular of his, on sundry topics, was the 'cause' of this 72 year old Bishop being expelled.

Peter said...

His true church? It's not a visible institution or a corporation Paul. So I wouldn't believe it's the "Church of Rome" or the "Church of England" or any other man-made "church" that claims to be "the true church" which is usually the first sign of a cult.

Jason said...

^ And claiming there is no physical Church is usually the first sign of Gnosticism.

Study and learn the history the Church.

James said...


Thanks much for the quick and common Catholic sense to say what you did. It is RIGHT ON!

James B. Phillips

Pete Schnapp said...

Since the "holocaust" never set well with me even as a young man, I feel a certain kinship with the Bishop. The science of it never met even the most basic muster to be true.
regardless of what a corrupted/cowardly system may label you as, you will remain a very moral, courageous man whom I will always support and admire.

Thank you and others with your courage for exposing this garbage for what it truly is.

hib said...


The Offertory prayers in the Novus Ordo rite actually come from the Talmud! The Jews are not faithless anymore but our fathers in the Faith and they are allowed to join the Jesuits.