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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Hoffman’s remarks are “radically counter-productive” and “untruthful"

Hoffman’s remarks are “radically counter-productive” and “untruthful”

The following is a reply from a reader to our note on Hate Mail 

Hoffman's rejoinder follows the critic’s e-mail

On Feb 19, 2020, at 9:31, E.P.G. wrote:

"rising attacks on Judaic people and synagogues by mentally fragile persons who have proven susceptible to the whitewashed image of Hitler"

For what it is worth, these attacks you're speaking about are almost uniformly carried out by African Americans in New York city.  I'd be surprised if any of them knew who Hitler was or admired him.  And if any do, I think you have the causation backwards: these people are not attacking Jews because Hitler and neo-Nazis told them to; rather, they like Hitler or sympathize with neo-Nazis because they have personal experience with Jews.  The attacks on orthodox Jews in NYC are in all likelihood motivated by run-of-the-mill ethnic tensions that arise where one ethnic group encroaches, expands or takes over previously diverse communities or communities previously the exclusive preserve of another ethnic group.  

I'm entirely sympathetic to your critiques of National Socialism and Hitler, but the idea that the black individuals attacking orthodox Jews in New York City are being influenced by neo-Nazis or Hitler whitewashing is frankly preposterous.  Even occult processing, methinks, requires a certain level of sensitivity and intelligence that many diverse New Yorkers are fundamentally lacking.  

As it relates to broader instances of "anti-semitic attacks" against Jews, these are almost entirely fabricated by the ADL and SPLC, as you are well aware.  Any time a person posts a flier with the innocuous phrase "its OK to be white" the ADL chalks that up as an "anti-semitic attack." 

 I think it is radically counter-productive (not to mention untruthful) to lend credence to the idea that Jews in America are a threatened or persecuted group.  

They are the most powerful, privileged and secure ethnic group in America.  Of course it is always unfortunate and legitimately deplorable when an innocent person - Jew or Gentile - suffers retribution for the actions of another just because they belong to the same group, however to the extent that Jewish individuals are persecuted in America, it is almost entirely because of the perceived collective behavior of Jews as a group, not because of the influence of "neo-Nazism".  So if you are legitimately concerned about the safety of Jews in America, you should go back to putting the blame where it belongs: on Jewish behavior, not on long-dead and moldering ideologies like Nazism. The only bona fide "neo-nazis" in America are hollywood actors and federal assets.  

Dear Mr. E.P.G.

Your timeline for synagogue attacks is captive only to the most recent events of the past few months. 

It seems you have forgotten the attack on the Overland Park Jewish Community Center in Kansas. There was also the Poway, California synagogue shooting, the Pittsburgh synagogue mass murder, as well as the attack on the synagogue in Halle, Germany. These tragedies are not exactly ancient history.

Not to mention untruthful” allusions, accusing this writer of generalizations, such as saying that "Jews in America are a threatened or persecuted group” — an inexactitude I have never stated. You may traffic in sweeping enormities about “Jews in America.” I do not have the luxury of ill-defined categorizations.

Why not deal with the realpolitik at hand? Because of a few, very high profile atrocities against Judaic people, the perception of the American people is that Judaic people are under siege. It is the perception that is at issue, assuming you are interested in analyses that advance our cause in the face of what has been almost relentless defeat. 

You wrote:

“...you should go back to putting the blame where it belongs: on Jewish behavior”

How the rabbis savor your expression, in all its imprecise, approximate grandeur: “Jewish behavior.” Not Zionist behavior, or Talmudic behavior, but Jewish behavior. Here is your indictment of the whole people, including all those endeavoring to escape Zionism and the Talmud. Thus you confirm an oracle of the rabbis, who impart to Judaic youth the following doctrine: 

"Halacha b'yaduah, ‘Esav sonei es Yaakov.” (“It is a universal law, ‘Goyim [“Esau”] will hate the Jew [“Jacob”] — [no matter what he does]. Hence, according to this rabbinic augury, there is no escape from being a Jew. However benign the Jew tries to become, in the eyes of the goyim, his behavior will always be subject to group libel. This is the teaching of the rabbis of Orthodox Judaism to Judaic youth: you will be hated no matter what you do, so stay loyal to us. 

Hitler served as fulfiller of the rabbinic prophecy. He acted that role with virtuosity. You are doing the same. I have been revealing the blowback from this for almost 20 years, while beseeching our people not to succumb to the Hitlerian stupidity that empowers it. Yet the same hateful, self-sabotaging generalization about Judaics continues to be used by people who imagine they are defying the rabbis, when they are actually being out-witted by them, by obtusely acting parts in their Talmudic theater.

Most people don’t seem capable any longer of engaging in deep study and sustained thought. Social media and cell phones have reduced our cognition to sound bites, videos, slogans, tropes, and memes—compact segments of truncated mentation that enervate our spirits and degrade our powers of reason by offering the illusion of thought and an appearance of fact, while confining us to traversing a perpetual circle of paralysis and self-defeat.

Nazism, you say, is a dead, moldering ideology? Really? Is the movement to rehabilitate the image and reputation of its leader also dead and moldering? To take but one glaring example, can you be unaware of the escalating campaign online by significant websites, web personalities and columnists backed by more than one deep-pockets’ donor, to paint Hitler as the “savior of western Europe” due to his attack on Soviet Russia? That’s only the introductory line in their Hitlerian catechesis. From that absurdity, they proceed to escort the would-be initiate to the revelation that poor, pitiful Adolf was a victim who was not responsible for the apocalypse that befell Germany on his watch, during his murderous dictatorship. 

I wrote a book about the disaster for the German people that was Hitler’s invasion of the USSR, so I need not recite the details in e-mail. You can read it; or not.

If, as you allege, there are few, if any, followers of Hitler outside of Tinseltown and “Federal assets,” who has written and published for more than a decade a glossy magazine promoted by a nationally known populist newspaper that features, on a regular basis, panegyrics to Hitler and his NSDAP?

Who has penned the numerous negative diatribes on Amazon for Adolf Hitler: Enemy of the German People

Who has sparked a whispering campaign since the book came out, alleging that this writer is a “Jew” who is working for the Zionists, and no longer worthy of support? 

Who has boycotted our Truth Mission, canceled subscriptions to our newsletter and stopped assistance since the book was written? 

Who are the editors online who eagerly published our work back then, i.e. prior to the distribution of Enemy of the German People, and are giving us the silent treatment now? Is this a coincidence?

This writer’s life has been a battle from the beginning. There’s nothing unique in that. Many people have a similar experience. When threatened, I work harder. When told to sit down, I stand up. I will not be silenced. The ADL has learned that fact. Now it is time for Hitler’s contemporary promoters to learn it too: by the grace of God, we will issue, in a year or less, a much expanded edition of Adolf Hitler: Enemy of the German People.

In February 2020 the accelerating revival of the Hitler template permits no debate and brooks no dissent—no more than Hitler did 87 years ago in February 1933 from the KDP or the Center Party. If the revival continues to grow, it will spell the continuing negation and defeat of the life-and-death struggle for our rights and a future for our children. Why? Because in the fullness of time, Hitlerism is a self-exploding Kabbalistic mechanism. The people who will mock this esoteric verity are the same goyim who fulfill the rabbinic prophecy of Halacha b'yaduah, ‘Esav sonei es Yaakov.’

Michael Hoffman 



Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Hoffman, I', saddened to conclude, that you too, despite the persona of non-biased truly objective scholar you put on, are a hypocrite for not daring to publish the trush about the German holocaust of Poles.

Michael Hoffman said...

Dear Anonymous

Because I have not published a column on the history of the war crimes against Poland does not therefore indicate that I deny the Nazi/Soviet holocaust against the Polish people.

In this article I did not publish anything about the Turkish genocide of Christians and Armenians, or Mao’s massacre of 50 million, or anything about Pol Pot in Cambodia, or the war crimes in Kashmir after the partition. It does not therefore signal that I deny those terrible crimes. I am writing a column, not an encyclopedia.