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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Hate Mail

Hate Mail

For those who may care, and for the record, we make public the following:

On February 18, 2020 we received hate mail, written in cursive longhand and signed with the author's actual name, from a suspected agent of the Cryptocracy who termed this writer “another Molech” for having written the book, Adolf Hitler: Enemy of the German People. (Molech was the name of the monstrous Canaanite god of child sacrifice; cf. Leviticus 20:2 and Jeremiah 32:25).

I recognize the letter-writer as being affiliated with at least one of the unindicted 1995 Oklahoma City bombing suspects (there are more than a dozen co-conspirators who were never prosecuted; see here and here)—as well as the mysterious dispersion of the Zündel library in Tennessee.

Since I wrote Enemy of the German People last year, much has changed for our Truth Mission. Other than Zionist and rabbinic attacks, the whispering campaign, boycott, termination of friendships and alliances, and threats we have received, are among the most relentless and intense we have faced in our entire writing career of more than 35 years. These facts and others have led this writer to the detection of a loosely organized neo-Nazi reticulation inside the anti-Zionist Right wing. 

We are witnessing in the U.S. a powerful recruiting effort underway online, through various sophisticated white nationalist and “conservative” front groups, to rehabilitate Hitler and his policies and depict him as a “savior” of Europe against Stalin. 

We wrote the book partly as an antidote to this movement and the rising attacks on Judaic people and synagogues by mentally fragile persons who have proven susceptible to the whitewashed image of Hitler that increasingly prevails in some corners—though by no means all—of the anti-Zionist Right (for how could any sincere opponent of the Nazi-like Israeli state be sympathetic to Nazism?).

It is important to observe that the antidote to extemism and hate online is education and enlightenment, not censorship and de-platforming by self-appointed thought cops who only exacerbate the grievances of marginalized persons, further fueling resentment and violence at the sight of a politically correct monopoly being imposed on an Internet that originally served as a liberating alternative to the legacy media’s tunnel vision. 

Furthermore, the barely concealed unfairness and politicization of the censorship of social media is infuriating, in that seldom do thought cops such as the ADL or the Southern Poverty Law Center work to ban or cancel instances of Talmudic hate speech, or the legion of pro-Israeli spokesmen who espouse the dehumanization and subjugation of Palestinian and Lebanese Arabs. We ought to consider whether the intent of the flagrantly unjust application of censorship is intended as a sub-rosa means for stimulating the anger and hostility of aggrieved nationalists, and pushing them over the edge after dialogue and reason have been shut down.

If the hate mail we received February 18 was supposed to be a warning, it has had no effect whatsoever. By the grace of God, I will continue to research and write in the time allotted me in my tour of duty on this earth. 

Americans who desire peace and freedom for the United States and the restoration of our Republic and its Constitution will never find it in any revival of Jew-hate and Hitler’s murderous dictatorial model of rule.

We devoted a large part of the January issue of Revisionist History® to the fact that "Old Politics Cannot Defeat 21st Century Evil." We teach that, “A genuine movement for liberating the American people from Zionism and Talmudism should be deeply and truly founded on an abiding love and desire to see Judaic people free of the bondage of negative ideologies. This must be a well-publicized, very high profile aspect of our movement’s identity as a peace-loving fellowship.”

Nothing could be further from the spirit of loser-Hitlerism than the preceding path to victory. The last thing the Cryptocracy wants is to see our people victoriously regain the promise of America kindled in 1776, which is why shadowy forces continue to move against this writer and defame, interdict and threaten our Truth Mission. 

Michael Hoffman

In response to this column, a reader has sent e-mail stating that our remarks are “radically counter-productive” and “untruthful.” Here is the reader’s critique, followed by our rejoinder

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