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Friday, September 04, 2015

Orban Speaks in Defense of Christian Europe

The Invasion of Europe from North Africa:

The Prime Minister of Hungary Speaks Words of Truth in Defense of Christian Europe 

By Michael Hoffman

Our friend of many years, Dolores (“Dee”) Lawless of Long Beach, California, who passed away in 2014 at age 93, would often moan when we would inform her that one of her putative “Christian” heroes had feet of clay. Like most of us, Dee longed for a true leader and would sometimes become momentarily angry at this writer for deflating her belief in this-or-that “conservative” Republican or Catholic (Dee was a pre-Vatican II Catholic), who we would point out, was a faker, or worse. Later she would recover from her disappointment and thank us for assisting her in identifying and frauds and traitors and denying them support and allegiance.

We wish Dee were alive now to see Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in action. I know not his past record, or whether he will surrender in the future under the enormous force of the intimidation and outcry he is facing, but for the golden present how precious indeed are his words of truth, so seldom heard on the world stage from any national leader, least of all the self-extinguishing subversives who lead Germany and the Vatican, from whence Prime Minister Angela Merkel and Pope Francis issue decrees encouraging hundreds of thousands of aliens to settle in their land. 

We will believe that Merkel and Francis are sincere when they invite the hoards from Dar Al Islam who Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States will not harbor under any circumstances, into their private mansions and palaces. Merkel’s family home could probably house several hundred migrants and Vatican City could easily take 25,000 or so. It would be delightful to see a photo of both the migrant-welcoming German head of state and the pope of Rome  in a Bombay-like tableau with hundreds of people clinging to them and sharing, for the next several years, the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom of their palatial abodes. But of these scenes are ones we shall not see. The pattern of the  limousine liberals is always the same: it is we the peasants who will have to share our neighborhoods and pay taxes to fund the invasion and maintain the invaders, while the popes and prime ministers drive past in heavily guarded motorcades and wave, on their way to their specially reserved residences of serene tranquility.

Merkel and the pope are little more than managers of the decline and fall of Christian civilization and the white race; that is their mandate from the Money Power. Both the civilization and the race are slated to gradually disappear as part of the self-hating white-liberal genocide approved by politically correct, fellow white-liberals. 

Another aspect of the facilitation of the mass migration from North Africa is the imposition of ever more features of a police state to protect society from the crime and terrorism which the migrants will inevitably bring when they do not quickly obtain the gold, girlfriends and power to which they feel they are entitled as “oppressed people in a white society.” Gratitude toward that society is no longer present as it was among their far more humble grandparents who emigrated decades ago, when the Europeans and British respected themselves and fought back against the stereotype of their nations as wicked, racist white societies that nevertheless offer economic opportunities that are irresistible to Third World invaders.

Amid all of this insanity and treason has stepped forth Viktor Orban of Hungary, with words of startling and refreshing truth.

On Sept. 3 Mr. Orban, Hungary’s prime minister, wrote in a leading German newspaper that it was important to secure his nation’s borders from mainly Muslim migrants, “to keep Europe Christian. Those arriving have been raised in another religion, and represent a radically different culture. Most of them are not Christians, but Muslims,” Orban wrote in a commentary for Frankfurt Allgemeine Zeitung.

“This is an important question,” he said, “because Europe and European identity is rooted in Christianity. Is it not worrying in itself that European Christianity is now barely able to keep Europe Christian?” Mr. Orban asked. There is no alternative, and we have no option but to defend our borders. Our Christian obligation is not to create illusions. We think all countries have a right to decide whether they want to have a large number of Muslims in their countries. 

“If they want to live together with them, they can. We don’t want to, and I think we have a right to decide that we do not want a large number of Muslim people in our country. We do not like the consequences of having a large number of Muslim communities that we see in other countries, and I do not see any reason for anyone else to force us to create ways of living together in Hungary that we do not want to see.”

Dee, we have at last, this day at least, a leader!

Missing from mainstream news reports and editorials related to the controversy is the fact that the western-supported Israeli state is a specifically Judaic nation which Prime Minister Netanyahu recently warned could be overwhelmed by Arab voters. The Israelis deny to hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees the right of return to their homeland. Conservative and liberal partisans of “Israel” all say that these Arabs must be denied entry, otherwise they will predominate over the Judaic inhabitants. Why don’t the Christian leaders of Europe have the right to speak in this way about their nations’ preservation? If Christian leaders such as Hungary’s Viktor Orban are wrong, how is it that Judaic leaders in the Israeli state are correct? Or do Israelis alone have right to preservation of religion and heritage denied to the nations of the West? 

E-mail to the Hungarian Ambassador (ambassador.was@mfa.gov.hu) 

H.E. Réka Szemerkényi  
Ambassador Exraordinary and Plenipotentiary 
Embassy of Hungary, Washington D.C.  

Dear Ambassador Szemerkényi  

Please convey on my behalf and that of my colleagues and friends here in Idaho, USA, our deep appreciation to Prime Minister Orban for his courageous remarks defending Christian Europe and on behalf of its preservation. Our prayer is that the Prime Minister will continue to speak and act as he has, and not be intimidated by the pressure being placed upon him. May Jesus Christ grant Mr. Orban many blessings, and may God preserve the Christian people of Hungary. 

Michael Hoffman 



Tomás said...

The Hungarian in me feels pride.

Unknown said...

That smirking Villain-in-a-dress comes to America to attempt damage control concerning the orchestrated immigration mess that his minions
have deliberately created. See the dead Little One laying on the beach
photograph to get a grip on the totality of the Vatican's Evil.

MaryC said...

I have e-mailed your article to the Prime Minister's office in Number 10, since what you've written about Merkel and Bergoglio applies also to David "My Values Are Jewish Values" Cameron.
I am not naive enough to think that Cameron will actually read it, since he probably has an army of flunkies to weed out anything he'd rather not see.
Justin, I don't think it was the Vatican that engineered the current refugee crisis. Rather, I believe it was Israel and its puppet Western powers which destroyed the homelands of these people for the benefit of Israel.

SL said...

Please sign this petition to shut down the borders of Britain and prevent any more immigration:


Feldmarschall said...

Dear Mr. Hoffman,

I'm a Hungarian by birth. I have to tell you Sir, that my impression reading your article was one of extreme surprise and disbelief.

Lets get to the point.

Viktor Orbán is known by everyone as a populist, meaning, he says what the pople want to hear. So far so good, but since he came to power the second time (2010) he has shoved down the people's throats the biggest austerity package of Hungarian history. More than six hundred thousand Hungarians emigrated to the West, bc the living conditions are more and more unbearable here.

Orban instituted a peculiar system of neo-feudalism. He gave the state lands to his buddies, the so-called "Oligarchs" (that is what they are called in Hungary), also, he redistributed the tobacco-trade into 4000+ shops (so called "traffik" in Hungarian) where again, his lackeys and vassals gained the rights to sell tobacco products. Only in those shops can one buy tobacco products.

Under the special presidential decree of Orbán, 2014 was designated as a Holocaust Memorial Year. Orbán and his government is on very good terms with the jewish religious communities of Hungary. holocaust museums, jew festivals all around, all with gov. help. Every single holocust occasion is fithfully reported by the state media.
Stomach-turning is a serious understatement to describe how disgusting all this is.


The title of the book: "Jewish prayer book".



Orbán is hardly anything but a snake-oil salesman, a deceiver of people.

Mr Hoffman, i respect the tremendous work you have done. They were whites and they were slaves, Tales of the holohoax and your presentation about the talmud i forgot its exact name are forever etched in my memory, that is how well presented and crystal clear they are in their message.

Please dont soil your name by associating yourself in any ways with this piece of garbage.

Yours truly,

a Hungarian National Socalist.