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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Evidence of Hitler’s Gangsterism is Given the Silent Treatment

A Challenge to the Hitlerites

Revisionist Evidence of Hitler’s Gangsterism is Given the Silent Treatment — by “Revisionists”

By Michael Hoffman

Neo-Nazis and Hitler-sympathizing World War II revisionists, even though they claim to abhor the tactics of the Zionists, are giving our new study of the Führer’s gangland-style rub-out of Gregor Strasser, silent treatment worthy of the Zionist media, and for the same reason the Zionists do  — because they have no answer to our facts. The Führer, the object of their cultic adulation, must, like the Israeli state, be upheld at all costs.

We witnessed another revisionist anomaly last January when the eyes of the world were focused on the fate of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists in Paris. We sought to focus that massive publicity and support for irreverent cartoon satire on the fate of Simon Sheppard and Steven Whittle, two revisionists in Britain who had gone to prison for publishing this writer’s comic-book satire, Tales of the Holohoax. (The court’s lengthy legal judgment against the publication and its distributors is here).

Alone among the revisionist editors who were aware of our campaign, only Bradley Smith of CODOH mentioned the parallels (he recently drew attention to our research concerning gentile bankers and usury). All other revisionist editors and publications of which we are aware, ignored a world-historic opportunity to gain publicity for revisionism and spotlight the hypocritical disparity between critics of Islam and critics of gas chamber orthodoxy by noting the imprisonment of Sheppard and Whittle and the contents of the outlaw-satire for which they were jailed.

We have the dubious distinction of being persona non grata in both the Zionist media and among our own revisionist fraternity, (assuming that our skepticism toward the claims of the Hitler cult has not vitiated our status as revisionists in the view of persons whose raison d’etre is the rehabilitation of Hitler and to make his life a template for the sought-after future leader of our people).

In the current September issue of our Revisionist History newsletter, we have provided the latest research in English into the life and ideology of Gregor Strasser, one of the greatest Germans of the 20th century, whose influence on the movement of German national renaissance is almost incalculable. This man of vision, this fighter against the banks and oligarchs, a hero of front line combat in World War I, was murdered  in 1934 by Adolf Hitler’s SS, at age 42.

Strasser was everything that Hitler had abandoned after 1933 so as to placate Germany’s Money Power sector and military-industrial complex. Likened by the German people to an oak tree for his incorruptibility, Strasser had to be liquidated if Hitler’s personal cult of messianic narcissism was to seize total control of the nation, as Von Papen had warned in his Marburg University speech of 1934, several days before Strasser was murdered in cold blood.

World War II revisionism is advertised by its adherents as a “great adventure in taboo-breaking and intellectual discovery.” Consequently, it follows that it should have no taboos of its own, least of all a de facto loyalty test to the Führer before one can be considered a member in good standing whose publications are worthy of discussion and debate.

Strasser joined the NSDAP in 1922. This writer became a committed gas chamber doubter as an adolescent in 1969 (after encountering Dr. David Hoggan’s pamphlet, The Myth of the Six Million)

We don’t know where many of the revisionists today — who will not read our evidence or facilitate an encounter with our data — were in ’69, but after a lifetime of writing, research and activism, we will not be policed out of the revisionist movement by self-appointed  suppressors who decry the censorship and silent treatment of rabbis and Zionist media, while, with a chutzpah that is comical, impose it on those who dissent from their own foibles and mythologies.

What kind of movement is it that can only maintain support for Adolf Hitler by ignoring the toughest challenges to that support? 

Fo those who are willing to fulfill the revisionist mandate, our study, “Hitler Had Him Murdered: Gregor Strasser, the German Visionary who could have led his nation to a new birth of freedom,” is available at this link: http://revisionisthistorystore.blogspot.com

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