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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Kim Davis in jail - some thoughts

Some thoughts on the imprisonment of Kim Davis

By Michael Hoffman

Suppose I choose to marry my sister or my mother — is that incest my “right”?

The move to make morality and ethics totally subservient to situation ethics reveals its bankruptcy. This is and always has been a matter of right and wrong. 

Incest is wrong and sodomy are wrong. The revolutionaries, with ethics born of the past 60 years, insist we obey their dictates. But what the rest of us want to know is, at what point does this mad revolution stop? Marriage for incestuous couples?  What if they "love each other"? 

There are consequences for tossing away three thousand years of Biblical-Christian civilization. 

Who decides what is bigotry? The new politburo? After which, those of us who adhere to thousands of years of Biblical morality instantly become “bigots.” 

Orwellian language strictures are imposed and the Thoreaus of our time, like Kim Davis, become targets for imprisonment and hate. Who really are the bigots? Is there such a thing as liberal bigotry?

I don’t see much “tolerance” from liberals on this issue; more like supremacist tactics advanced through appeals to tolerance. There ought to be far more compassion and understanding for Kim Davis’ conscience-stricken position than the derision we see poured on her by the commissars of political correctness who cheer her imprisonment. 

The Inquisition is back. 
Meanwhile, one enforcement question lingers: has anyone been jailed in San Francisco for violating Federal law by operating a sanctuary city for an illegal alien who murdered an American?

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Jeff Masters- San Francisco said...

A "Savonarola" of our time rather than a "Thoreau" would probably be a better term for Kim Davis. I doubt that she would ever eulogize a John Brown-type terrorist.