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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

The Conscience of a Biblical Christian

Editor’s Note: It looks like all those appeals to conscience and civil disobedience that I heard during the Vietnam War, when laws were being broken by anti-war protestors and dissenters “for a higher good in the spirit of Thoreau,” are now down the drain when the conscience being violated is a Biblical one. 

Liberal = hypocrite. Their “tolerance” is a ruse to gain supremacist power over us and impose their revolutionary intolerance of 3,000 years of western morality. 

Their appeal is solely to situation ethics; their morality is as fluid as the zeitgeist. They have reduced the Ten Commandments to one, “Whatever.”

 They are building a sewer society on quicksand. They say “don’t judge” and “Christianity is love.” Persons engaged in incest claim they love each other and ask that we not judge them. How far down the rungs of the sewer do we descend, and how do we halt the descent based on nothing more substantial than situation ethics? 
— Michael Hoffman

Kentucky Clerk Denies Same-Sex Marriage Licenses, Defying Court

County Clerk Kim Davis 

A county clerk in Kentucky who objects to same-sex marriage on religious grounds denied licenses to gay couples on Tuesday (Sept. 1), saying she was acting “under God’s authority,” just hours after the Supreme Court refused to support her position. 

…(Kim) Davis told the Supreme Court that her Apostolic Christian faith forbade her to affix her name to a document endorsing the view that the marriages of gay men and lesbians were authentic. “This searing act of validation would forever echo in her conscience,” her lawyers told the court. 

…On one side, Ms. Davis’s supporters held signs with messages including, “Don’t give up. The answer’s on the way.” The clerk’s critics raised their own equally blunt placards with the declarations: “Small town, not small mind” and “You don’t own marriage.” 

Flavis McKinney, 72, who sipped a soda as he watched the dueling demonstrations, said he was unmoved by Ms. Davis’s opponents and that he had come to the courthouse “to stand up for God and his word, and to stand up for our clerk.” “I’ve raised five children, 13 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren,” said Mr. McKinney, who is retired. “Been married 52 years to the same wife, and God has blessed us because we’ve done it God’s way, not man’s way. We’ve obeyed God.” 

But Ms. Davis’s critics, many of whom appeared to be in their 20s and 30s, argued that she personified a dated approach to marriage. “It really just blows my mind that people can be so closed-minded,” said Shaina Cercone, a 22-year-old student at nearby Morehead State University. “…It’s 2015. Times have changed, and I think everyone that’s an American citizen needs to realize that. And if you’re a part of America, then you’re going to realize that change is a good thing, and you’ve got to go with it.” 

Ms. Davis’s supporters, including Mr. McKinney, said they were frustrated by the legal system that had brought Rowan County to Tuesday’s standoff. “Every court system that she’s had to go before is a rigged court,” he said. “If she should be fined or jailed, either one, I think it could be one of the most disgraceful things that ever happened in this county.” But he also said he was confident that with God’s help, Ms. Davis would ultimately prevail, even though her odds appeared to be narrowing. “He delivered Daniel from the lion’s den,” Mr. McKinney said. “So I trust he will deliver her.” 

Comment from NY Times reader Eric J

“I have no sympathy for Miss Davis if she gets imprisonment.” 

Many of the comments from the liberal readers of the Times are of this tenor: jail her. 

Read more at NY Times.com



aferrismoon said...


This December the Catholic church embarks on a 'Year of Mercy', while the 'liberalist' agenda moves relentlessly in the opposite direction.


JMoore said...

May God richly bless and protect St. Kim of Rowan. As a Catholic I am sadly unaware of a single Catholic person in any simaler position even close to her Christian witness and integrity.

The Militia Guy said...

Before we canonize St. Kim of Rowan, allow me to play "promotor fidei" or Devil's advocate. It was reported recently that Kim Davis has been married 4x...twice to the same man. What I find disconcerting is she, like millions of other "Christians", appears to have no problem being a public sinner (living in an adulterous relationship she considers "authentic"). However, when it comes to sodomy, she (correctly) has a problem dishing out a license for two sodomites to "marry". My point being, let's not get carried away with designating those in the quandary of a double-mind as members of the Church Triumphant.

That said, one solution is "sooo eeeasy", as Donald Trump terms predicaments like Ford moving their operations from Detroit to Mexico. In this case Kentucky, and all states, can simply repeal their laws requiring couples to have permission from the state to marry. Oh, but then that would take away money from their coffers in which to persecute "Christians" and their (Judeo )-Christian values.

messianicdruid said...

Applying for a licence to make something legal which is unlawful (1 John 3:4) empowers the ungodly. Calling it a marriage does not make it a marriage.

Returning to her husband after being married to another man is against the law, so of course, this is where attention is focused.

All have sinned. Do we want to be saved from sin, or in sin?