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Monday, September 14, 2015

Britain’s Labor Party ditches the Israeli Lobby

Francis Carr Begbie | September 13, 2015

With an Afterword by Michael Hoffman

“What was not so long ago unthinkable has come to pass.” Thus the Jewish Chronicle‘s verdict on the election of hard-left pro-Palestinian Jeremy Corbyn as leader of Britain’s Labor Party. It was a typically astonished reaction to the news that, for the first time in decades, there would be a British party leader who was not in the pocket of the Israel lobby. Two Jewish shadow cabinet members, Ed Miliband and Rachel Reeves, have already led an exodus of senior resignations from Labor’s front bench, of those not prepared to work for Corbyn. Virtually all of them are members of Labor Friends of Israel. Rather than settle anything, it seems Corbyn’s election will trigger a civil war in Britain’s main opposition party.

There has been a palpable shock amongst Jewish commentators on both left and right that this could have happened. For months former Blairites like David Aaronovitch and dyed-in-the wool Conservatives like Lord Finkelstein have been united in their position that Corbyn would be a disaster for Labor and Britain. Although Nick Cohen did the definite anti-Corbyn hatchet job. The decision was unanimous — Corbyn was bad for the Jews.

One wag commented that Jewish journalists are so quick to trot out a heart-rending tales of their own refugee family’s flight to Britain.  Now they have got a refugee-friendly politician who would flood Britain with refugees in a moment, if he could, and all they do is offload on him. What is their problem, he asks disingenuously.

It is so true. The tide of vitriol shows no signs of abating. ‘The problem” was highlighted by the aforementioned Stephen Pollard. He was beside himself in the Mail on Sunday but it wasn’t Corbyn’s policies for Britain that concerned him.

Pollard was worried that Corbyn did not approve of a British drone strike in Syria that killed two UK-born Jihadis. (Corbyn did not think it was legal.) Pollard was especially perturbed at Corbyn’s insistence that Britain speak to Hamas and Hezbollah. That is rich given that Britain eventually negotiated with many terrorist groups including the IRA, Stern Gang and Irgun. But Pollard wasn’t letting go easily.

The point is that in the Corbyn world-view any enemy of the West is worthy of support. Any ally is opposed. So he was happy to invite Raed Salah, a 9/11 conspiracy theorist with a conviction for spreading the blood libel (that Jews drink the blood of gentile children), to take tea with him at the Commons.

Bizarre and dangerous as these alliances may be, they are wrapped up in the language of concern — for the poor, for the rule of law and for the powerless.
Given that Pollard belongs to an ethnicity who are never slow to appropriate “the language of concern” so ruthlessly when their own interests are involved, that is a particularly breathtaking remark. The gall of the man takes one’s breath away.

So why should White advocates welcome the election of a Marxist immigrant-loving left-wing extremist who would obviously abolish all borders and flood the country with every refugee who wants to come here?

Well, not for anything that he himself stands for, himself of course, but more for the destabilising hammer blow his election represents to the current system. His election is a huge defeat for the state mechanism of containment with which popular opinion is suppressed across the West.

For months his candidacy has undergone saturation shame-bombing from the controlled media. Jewish commentators and Israeli issues have been central drivers in this. For once the smear machine has been beaten back. It has now been proven possible to survive allegations of anti-Semitism even in the face of a total media onslaught.

Like the support for Donald Trump, it shows that the media control on opinion is not 100% and that people can rebel against it and can succeed if they are provoked hard enough.

The good news is that British politics is becoming increasingly ethnically driven. There is no doubt that Corbyn’s support for the Palestinian cause won him the rapidly growing Muslim membership of the Labor Party.  With the Labor Party having been wiped out in their Scottish heartland they are well on the way to becoming totally identified with the public sector unions. And Muslims.

It is ironic that the Blairite pro-business side of the party which has worked so hard for immigration should be effectively undone by the people they have championed.

Corbyn’s appointment is also a disaster for the ruling Conservative Party. One of the first cries that went up when Corbyn was elected was “If Labor can have a real socialist leader, can we have a real Conservative?”

Good question. The Conservative Party adopted Tony Blair’s New Labor pro-business and social agenda so wholeheartedly that it completely removed the need for a Labor Party. In fact Cameron described himself at one point as the “heir to Blair”.

Now there is no need for the fragile coalition that kept the Tories together. There is a chance of a civil war in the Conservative Party and there is no doubt what the spark would be.  With a referendum on membership in the EU looming, right-wing Tories are becoming extremely agitated.  Much of UKIP’s senior membership left the Conservatives on the issue of European Union membership and immigration. Cameron came to power on the promise that he would reduce immigration to “tens of thousands” a year. Instead, this year it reached record levels of 330,000 per year — higher than any year under Labor.

For the Jews, however, it is all about Israel. One of the shrewdest articles about the implications of Corbyn has come from Haaretz which said that his election creates an opportunity for the anti-Israel BDS (“Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions”) campaign to go mainstream. This seems more than likely. In an interview last month Corbyn appeared to back the boycotting of British universities carrying out Israeli arms research. According to the Blairite corporate lobbyist Dan Hodges, Corbyn’s election means the death of Labour.  It’s all good.

Michael Hoffman’s Afterword

The media’s “saturation shame bombing” has failed in Corbyn’s case. This is indeed a milestone. The other revolution, not mentioned here, is the overthrow of the dictates of Britain’s old boy masonic network, which has had a stranglehold on Britain’s two leading political parties (as well as the British police and law courts) for decades.

Mr. Begbie makes another interesting point: “It is ironic that the Blairite pro-business side of the party which has worked so hard for immigration should be effectively undone by the people they have championed.” 

This suicidal dimension is worthy of study. British, European and American butchery of millions of their own pre-born progeny in abortion seems to have subtle, unforeseen consequences for collective mental health and the ability to sustain a nation and its land and culture, that one can describe in terms of self-slaughter. In the end the battle comes down to the spiritual realm.

As for Donald Trump, can anyone deny that he terrifies the Establishment media in spite of his Zionist views? He is opening a Pandora’s box of revolutionary resentment and anger which the Cryptocracy understands it may not be able to coopt and secretly manage anytime soon. 

On the populist American Right there is a sense that a rug has been pulled out from underneath them with the utmost contempt for the values which have sustained the nation from its founding. The high court’s legalization of homosexual marriage and the policing of thought and language which must accompany that legalization if it is to obtain mass acceptance, is at a level of revolutionary, coercive change that is reminiscent of the Soviets. Many Americans understand this at some level of their cognition.

Their response is a defiant rejection of the “saturation shame bombing” which the media are directing at Trump. This defiance is a source of panic for the powers-that-be. In essence Americans are saying to Big Brother, if you have the right to defy western civilization itself we have the right to defy your petty claims on civility in the presidential campaign. If you can bestow upon the act of male sex conducted in the sewer of the human body the title of holy matrimony, we have the right to support a politician who aspires to control our nation’s borders. 

In an unprocessed world Trump’s views would not shock, whereas “gay marriage” would, to the core of our being, as it has for three thousand years and as it continues to shock many millions of still mentally and spiritually healthy Americans.

Standing at the point in cosmic time where we can see the wheel of history turning and the civilization of our forefathers discarded as part of an occult revolution which is becoming less occult and more naked with each passing week, we are not going to be “civil” in the presence of obvious shills for the System like Jeb Bush. 

Revolutions unleash raw emotions and a sense of desperation, which is what Trump is channeling. It is heartening to observe the horror of the media prostitutes as they fail to domesticate Trump’s supporters. Unhinged by the revolution which the Establishment has unleashed in matters of sex and death (55 million abortions, and the euthanasia of “useless eaters” in Oregon and now California), Americans are beginning to notice that the “Let’s be nice” advisory of the Liberals only applies to us. They are permitted, indeed encouraged, to be ruthless in pushing their dictatorial revolution. The disparity is not lost on Trump’s fans and it has made them oblivious to the “shame on you” petards aimed at them. 

It’s true that Donald Trump is not a social conservative or a militant opponent of sodomite marriage, but the psychological dimension of defiance is nonetheless present, in reaction to a Liberal revolution which the media are desperate to normalize and institutionalize. Trump is not our omega point. He may be bought off or assassinated. Our omega point is beyond Trump. It is a peregrination  a journey to the place where Americans rediscover their vision and find their courage again. It is this potentiality, freed from the contours of the media’s shaping and shepherding processes, that offers the promise of a future restoration of our nation.

Whether it’s Donald Trump on the Right or Corbyn and Bernie Sanders on the Left, these lightning rods for defiance, as error-filled and reprehensible as they may be in many respects, are a fillip to business-as-usual, and to leaders such as Mrs. Clinton and Prince Jeb, who have been preordained to rule us as the anointed “choices” of the oligarchy. 

The usefulness of Trump, Corbyn and Sanders in the present is their cultivation of a defiant movement against certain features of the System which are sacred to the Cryptocracy. For the future we must build a movement in the U.S. that transcends Sanders and Trump and which expands Sanders’ struggle with the Money power into a crusade for an end to usury, while surpassing Trump’s struggle for an American-First domestic populism by implementing the foreign policy of a Ron Paul, and a social conservative rebuilding of our people’s psychological and spiritual health through a repudiation of the ABCs of our demise (Abortion, Birth Control, ad nauseam), and the revival of the Christian morals and ethics which in the past made America into a beacon of freedom, health and happiness to the Old World.

Michael Hoffman is the author of Judaism Discovered and Usury in Christendom, and six other volumes of history and literature. He is executive editor of Revisionist History newsletter, published six times a year. 

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Sam said...

All the absurd unethical legislation adopted by the western world in recent times, the latest being same sex marriage, is an attack on Christianity and Christian values. What amazes most is the laissez-faire attitude of the hierarchy of western churches who seem to bend over backwards to accommodate the clear anti-Christian offenders. Strange, to say the least!

Northsider said...

Begbie's article mentions that Britain eventually "negotiated with terrorist groups" including the IRA and the Irgun. He conveniently neglects to mention that the British Masonic state founded, funded and directed several Masonic loyalist terror groups including TARA, which was led by William McGrath, the notorious homosexual paedophile, leading member of the Protestant Orange Order, and close political and religious associate of the spiritual and political leader of Northern Irish Protestants, the late Dr Ian Paisley. The British Masonic state also founded and directed other Protestant terrorist groups (the Ulster Volunteer Force, the Red Hand Commandoes, the Ulster Defence Association, etc.) most of which were also led by homosexual paedophiles such as John McKeague (the Red Hand Commandoes). When Paisley died two years ago no one in the western corporate Zio-Masonic media mentioned his close political and personal connections to known Protestant terrorist homosexual paedophiles such as McGrath and McKeague, or that the Orange Order and Unionist parties facilitated the activities of these men.

Peter said...

I agree with Northsider and take it to it's next step logical conclusion. The British Masonic state is capable of founding, funding and directing any assortment of disenfranchised constituencies, including Jeremy Corbyn followers.

Henry said...

"Labour" not "Labor"...It's a proper noun.

Northsider said...

Peter I agree with that, though for what it's worth I'd be inclined to give Corbyn the benefit of the doubt on some issues at least (on others - immigration, the cultural Marxist agenda and so on - there's not much to choose between him and his Blairite-Cameron critics in the BBC, the Telegraph, etc.)

Over the last couple of days the British and Irish Masonic media have been making a hero out of a Paisleyite Democratic Unionist MP, Nigel Dodds, for comments he made in the House of Commons condemning Corbyn's finance spokesman's supposed support for the IRA. This was Zio-hypocrisy of a very high order. Paisley not only openly supported loyalist terrorists such as the aforementioned McGrath and Mckeague, as well as the almost equally notorious Billy Wright, and many others, but he also set up his own terrorist group, "the Third Force". Significantly he was a rabid supporter of Israel and western wars and military interventions on behalf of Israel. He was in many respects a Northern Irish version of John Hagee (who knows? - Hagee may well have copied some of his schtick from him - their rhetorical styles are quite similar). The British loyalist terrorist groups Paisley associated with have close connections to Mossad and are heavily involved in trafficking huge numbers of illegal migrants to Ireland - in conjunction with the "Russian" Zionist mafia. Paisley's son, Ian Jr., is an equally vocal shill on behalf of Israel in the Westminster parliament.

Peter said...

Hopefully, you are right Northsider about Corbyn.I alas, have become most jaded at their (the Establishment's) "faint hopes",provided by the elite media to give false hope to the proles. It is a tried and true social engineering toolused over and over again with resounding efficiency. This tool allows the public to imagine change will occur with the next election (hello Obama). Today, anyone in the public eye is being kept around solely to serve the "Establishment". Corbyn, in my jaundiced eye, is the new incarnation.
I came upon this video today. The fellow mentions the Fabian Society and their emblem, a wolf in sheep's clothing. Spot on in my opinion.