Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Monday, August 17, 2015

New Revisionist History DVDs

Right Wing “Patriots" 
— Usurers Inc.

Your editor briefly stopped by the Independent Idaho Republicans conference held at a local hotel here in Coeur d’Alene over the weekend. The meeting might just as well have billed itself as Usurers Inc. or Shylock and Co., so numerous were the members of the Birchers, Mormons, Ludwig Von Mises Austrian School of Economics and Ayn Rand institute for enlightened godless selfishness. (Like Rand, Von Mises also detested Christ). Not one of them was familiar with 1500 years of Christian teaching against profiting from loans. Independent Idaho Republicans is a front for the kind of dog-eat-dog, predatory capitalist society that dumps unwanted children in abortion dumpsters. Idaho’s legal rate of usury is more than 450% on loans. These “patriots" could not care less. Usury simply is not an issue for them. In their indoctrinated minds, to restrict usury would be “socialism.” 

These people are dupes of the plutocracy. The Conservative movement is lost in the money vault of its own grasping avarice. “Conservatives" worship a God-forsaken idol, “The Market.” If these “Conservatives” ruled America, nothing about the reign of the love of money would change. And what else matters in comparison? 

We do not recognize usurers or usury-enablers as allies. For fifteen hundred years Christian civilization believed as we do. The First Revolution was the one that made profit on loans legal and moral, thereby making parasites (bankers and “wealth managers”) supreme over most creators: farmers, manufacturers, inventors, scientists, builders, mechanics, teachers, poets, writers and cognate vocations. Most in the latter category cannot accumulate wealth like usurers can. Hence, the Money Power becomes the supreme power in the land while “Conservatives" chase after symptoms, rather than this root of evil.

The following set of DVDs will help to educate men and women of good will who dwell in enforced ignorance on this vital subject. These DVDs are a relatively quick and painless way to learn the suppressed basis of western civilization and what made it great: the subjugation of the Money Power, which is the most important campaign of our time. Every other issue is a palliative in comparison, because all evil emanates from the Love of Money and from perverse defiance of and disobedience to the Words Jesus Christ clearly stated (Luke 6:30-36). How can we be blessed when the Austrian School of Economics continues to triumph over the Nazareth school, among the Right wing? If you think there are New Testament quotes that justify taking profit from loans, think again. These revisionist history DVDs prove otherwise—  and much more concerning medieval theology, Renaissance banking in Italy and Germany, and other learned topics vital to your understanding.

DVDs: Catholics, Protestants and Usury in the Renaissance and Early Modern Europe: 
A College-level Course in the Christian Theology of Money in Under Two Hours

In this fascinating lecture, given at Lansing Michigan in April of 2015, historian Michael Hoffman covers the contents of his book Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not and answers challenging questions from the audience. Here is a unique opportunity to learn and understand what Christ, the Bible, the medieval thinkers and the Church taught about profit from loans and how that sacred doctrine, faithfully upheld for nearly 1500 years, was first overthrown by the situation ethics of revolutionary change agents within the Church of Rome. Hoffman’s history of how God’s law was slowly whittled away and how usurious bankers began to choose the personnel of the Church at the highest levels, represents a fascinating rebuttal to the laissez-faire Shylock economics which today controls the Conservative movement, the Church of Rome and most Protestant churches, rendering us powerless against our plutocratic enemies and making a mockery of true Christianity. Set of two all-region DVDs. In color and digitally recorded before a live audience. Approximately two hours. 

"It truly amazes me how you are able to deliver so much information in such a short space of time, and yet with such accuracy and in accord with all of the pasages in Scripture which pertain. You not only have studied the documentary record of history in great detail, you have also not missed the important parts of the historical narrative... And your oral delivery is flawless."  — Daniel Krynicki, Michigan


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