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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Monday, June 22, 2015

Violent Racists: White AND Black

By Michael Hoffman

I have returned from the Sandpoint, Idaho conference this past weekend, where Oklahoma native Justin Cottrell, who now resides in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho with his family, presented a visual slide program based on his excellent book, Black Serial Killer.

To briefly summarize what many of you may already know, Whites are vastly more victimized by Blacks than the other way around, and the violence in the Black community in the U.S. (against each other, the police and Whites) is overwhelming compared to the relative peace that obtains in majority White neighborhoods. Mr. Cottrell makes these points with seemingly irrefutable statistics. 

The Other Ferguson

Cottrell also jogged my memory concerning the other Ferguson, Colin Ferguson, the racist Black killer who gunned down five Whites and wounded many others, and who is now largely forgotten. On December 7, 1993, Ferguson murdered five Whites including two White women who were passengers on the Long Island Rail Road in Garden City, New York. He also killed an Asian person. He wounded 19 others, most of them White. Ferguson had written notes about “filthy Caucasian racist females.” In 1994 Ferguson stated, “I wiped out six devils (White people).”

The pattern of media amnesia toward bigoted Black victimizers of Whites is documented in Cottrell’s Black Serial Killer. The author demonstrates that time after time, Black serial killers are usually publicized only locally, and in the case of newspapers, sometimes only in the back pages. Whites who victimize Blacks however, like Roof in Charleston, become planetary-wide symbols of the supposedly inherent wickedness of the White race; part of our “DNA” as President Obama recently alleged. It’s a fraud that perpetuates cycles of violence and misunderstanding by libeling White people and providing an alibi for more racist Black violence. 

President Obama and White “DNA”

Obama’s use of the phrase DNA (a reference to the basic genetic
Whites who victimize Blacks however, like Roof in Charleston, become planetary-wide symbols of the supposedly inherent wickedness of the White race; part of our “DNA” as President Obama recently alleged. This type of talk is a fraud that perpetuates cycles of violence and misunderstanding by libeling White people as a group, and providing an alibi for more racist Black violence. Obama’s use of the phrase DNA (a reference to the basic genetic code) is particularly outrageous in that any negative remarks about African-American “DNA” would elicit a deluge of denunciation and outrage, as they have in the past when scientists have generalized about alleged genetic characteristics of Black people. The Orwellian standard of “some are more equal than others” is becoming more prevalent. Relentless equalitarian rhetoric has resulted in Whites becoming “less equal,” to paraphrase George Orwell’s Animal Farm satire. One wonders what the DNA in the African sub-continent consists of, in that right up to the present time, Black tribes butcher rival Black tribes without remorse or concern for the “civil rights” of their millions of victims. Washington Post reporter Keith Richburg in his important work, Out of America: A Black Man Confronts Africa, offers gratitude for his life in the USA, compared with his years reporting from Africa, where he says he could easily ended up as one of the numerous bloated corpses of the victims of inter-tribal wars which he saw floating down rivers and streams. 

From a political point of view, the President’s anti-White remarks will surely hurt the Democrat Party and benefit Republicans in the 2016 Presidential election. War-Zionist neocon candidates like Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush will play the Caucasian card against the Democrats during the campaign. Whites in the South, Midwest and rural areas will likely vote for Wall Street’s Republican war profiteers who are eager to engage in a disastrous, Israeli-driven foreign policy entailing attacking Russia and Iran and involving the US in another costly foreign war quagmire in the Middle East. For American voters in 2016 it looks to be another case of a “choice” between havoc and calamity.

Shall we become what we oppose?

Some White nationalists are taking the low road on the despicable and cowardly massacre in the Charleston Church, by failing to adequately condemn Roof’s heinous acts and by subtly endorsing - to one degree or other - Roof’s supposed “manifesto.”

The political views of a homicidal terrorist are of no interest to this writer. Both Dylann Roof and Colin Ferguson should be hanged in public after a fair trial and an appeal process. Caucasians of all political persuasions who are worthy representatives of White Christian America, ought to express condolences and sincere sympathy to the Black survivors of this terrible atrocity, and condemn in no uncertain terms what this coward perpetrated.

Anything less is a sign that we ourselves have degenerated and become bestialized by the process of conditioning which the Cryptocracy has imposed on our nation, as evinced by the increasingly soul-rotting media of news and “entertainment.” 

There are no extenuating circumstances for a gunman who enters a church while people are praying and shoots unarmed civilians. He is a degenerate. Decent White people Right and Left need to say so unambiguously. This is one way we show forth the merits of our civilization. In “The Merchant of Venice” William Shakespeare contrasted two mutually exclusive archetypes as represented by the vengeance-seeking Judaic, Shylock, and the mercy-seeking gentile, Portia.

It’s a tragedy whenever we become what we oppose. I pray that our people will not sink to the level of the Zionists who made excuses for Baruch Goldstein’s massacre of 40 worshippers at the mosque in Hebron in 1994. Some Zionists even made a martyr out of that monster.

A White man deranged and filled with rage due to the vicious anti-White racism that is not an issue for the chattering classes, might at some level of his anguish be understood if he entered the headquarters of the heavily armed Los Angeles “Crips” street gang and engaged them in armed combat. It would still be wrong (because he would be breaking the law and acting as a vigilante), but in that case there would be extenuating circumstances, and no one could rightfully term the White assailant in that situation a punk, which is what Dylann Roof surely is. 

Cass Sunstein’s spirit at work

There are conspiracy theories circulating to the effect that no one was really killed in the Charleston Church. Apparently all of the bereaved relatives are actors, and the eyewitnesses are liars. I can find no evidence for this grave claim. When conspiracy theories are based on supposition or wishful thinking, proper and healthy skepticism toward the mouthpiece media and official government accounts is discredited.

There are aspects of Roof’s crime toward which one may be rightfully skeptical. We continue to question the timing of his rampage, which, on the day of his apprehension, coincided with publicity for the Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of the state of Texas and against the Confederate flag. It’s almost too convenient. This “coincidence,” coupled with Roof’s history of ingesting the drug Xanax, causes us to ask whether he was some sort of government Manchurian candidate. But since we do not possess the resources to follow up our questions with an investigation of Roof, we can only hope that some news organization with the integrity and the means, will do so. Until they do, our tentative doubts have the status of questions and nothing more.

The Cryptocracy’s academic patrician, Cass Sunstein, famously advocated infiltrating the ranks of conspiracy theorists so as to discredit them. People who claim Roof shot no one must either produce evidence demonstrating why the relatives faked their bereavement and why the surviving witnesses lied. Empty speculation masquerading as sleuthing does a huge disservice to those who survived the savagery in Charleston, as well as to scrupulous conspiracy theorists who want no part of irresponsible rumor-mongering.

May all of the innocent victims of racist hatred in America, both the Black victims memorialized by the world, and the White ones consigned to the memory hole, be equally mourned and remembered.

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